Meyers Leonard

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Ease PositionC
Draft2012 (Pick 11)
NBA Salary$9,213,484
Projection Updated10/22/2016
Out for season shoulder surgery Open link
3/26/2016 12:46 PM
Leonard's recovery from surgery will take 6-8 months.
Injured shoulder Open link
3/24/2016 9:15 PM
Leonard is out for the season and will undergo shoulder surgery.
Out shoulder Open link
3/16/2016 3:50 PM
Leonard is out Thursday at SAS. The injury occurred during today's practice.
Playing illness Open link
3/1/2016 6:54 PM
Leonard is playing Tuesday at NYK.
Starting  Open link
2/8/2016 6:58 PM
Leonard is starting Monday at MEM. Maurice Harkless goes to the bench.
Playing will continue coming off bench Open link
12/5/2015 6:07 PM
Leonard is supposed to continue coming off the bench behind Noah Vonleh for the foreseeable future, but he is also supposed to see his minutes rise moving forward. It's difficult to understand the reasoning here, but it is what it is.
Playing dislocated shoulder - listed as starter in pregame notes Open link
11/28/2015 1:32 PM
Leonard missed the past 7 games and is active Saturday (dislocated shoulder). He said he's been cleared and is good to go, and Terry Stotts said the team would probably use Leonard the way they usually do. Leonard is listed as the starter in the pregame notes released by the team.
Probable dislocated shoulder Open link
11/27/2015 7:00 PM
Leonard missed the past 7 games and is probable Saturday (dislocated shoulder). Noah Vonleh loses 10 minutes.
Injured dislocated shoulder Open link
11/23/2015 3:16 PM
Leonard's dislocated shoulder has been improving. He did 1-on-1 work Monday in practice. He's missed the past 6 games and will be OUT Tuesday but could possibly return Saturday against the Lakers.
Injured dislocated shoulder Open link
11/22/2015 12:40 PM
Leonard missed the past 5 games and is OUT Sunday (dislocated shoulder). The Blazers keep treating Leonard like he's day-to-day on injury reports, but he seems to be more week-to-week.
Injured dislocated shoulder Open link
11/19/2015 7:01 PM
Leonard will miss a fifth straight game with his dislocated shoulder Friday, and it remains unclear how long he'll be out. Leonard has been doing some controlled contact exercises and light shooting, and he's said he's day-to-day, but the Blazers keep ruling him out a day ahead of time. There's also the fact that he was reported to have suffered a complete separation of his shoulder, and while Leonard says he's day-to-day, it really just seems like the Blazers are being patient to see if the shoulder can heal on it's own while having no clear return date in mind.
Injured dislocated shoulder Open link
11/12/2015 1:07 AM
The time frame for a return is unknown at this point, but Leonard seems to think he'll heal quickly. We should have an update Thursday. [Gerald Henderson gains 10 minutes] [Maurice Harkless gains 8 minutes]
Playing right ankle Open link
11/5/2015 7:47 PM
Leonard who had been doubtful with a right ankle sprain has been updated to active for Thursday's game. [Ed Davis loses 8 minutes] [Allen Crabbe loses 4 minutes] [Al-Farouq Aminu loses 3 minutes]
Doubtful right ankle Open link
11/5/2015 2:26 PM
Leonard is doubtful for Friday after spraining his right ankle in Wednesday's game. [Maurice Harkless gains 6 minutes] [Ed Davis gains 6 minutes] [Al-Farouq Aminu gains 4 minutes]
Injured foot Open link
11/4/2015 8:46 PM
Leonard landed on a player's foot, limped out of the game, and will not return.
Per Game
235-0.56Projection 16-17PORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
210-0.45NBA 15-16POR6121.
236-0.45Last 2 MonthsPOR1417.
216-0.44Last 3 MonthsPOR2719.
220-0.45NBA 14-15POR5515.
373-0.78NBA 13-14POR408.
248-0.54NBA 12-13POR6917.
199-0.31NBA Preseason 16POR319.
Per 36
188-0.28Projection 16-17PORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
162-0.23NBA 15-16POR6121.813.
106-0.07Last 2 MonthsPOR1417.713.
132-0.13Last 3 MonthsPOR2719.814.62.910.
70-0.07NBA 14-15POR5515.413.
DNQ-0.33NBA 13-14POR408.
237-0.37NBA 12-13POR6917.511.
144-0.25NBA Preseason 16POR319.717.
260-0.64Projection 16-17PORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
221-0.52NBA 15-16POR611332:365118631492818.448435.7614677-1.280.07-0.55-0.80-2.01-0.75-0.16-0.020.87
287-0.69Last 2 MonthsPOR14248:279621761714.45375.778915-1.93-0.34-1.05-1.04-2.19-0.91-
250-0.60Last 3 MonthsPOR27535:14217431514136.461178.7141437-1.57-0.01-0.69-0.86-2.07-0.95-0.07-0.050.91
243-0.54NBA 14-15POR55846:3532747250321014.510245.9383239-2.01-0.44-0.74-1.17-1.89-0.770.330.201.60
354-0.84NBA 13-14POR40355:129801111875.45191.7622115-2.58-1.18-1.51-1.36-2.11-1.00-0.04-0.012.24
226-0.56NBA 12-13POR691206:153773255331138.545277.8098949-1.84-1.04-0.77-1.22-2.07-0.280.560.121.53
324-0.63NBA Preseason 16POR358:5828314201.50022.75043-1.68-0.61-0.98-1.16-1.91-0.740.19-0.041.23