Jared Sullinger

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Ease PositionPF
Draft2012 (Pick 21)
NBA Salary$5,628,000
Projection Updated10/24/2016
CURRENTLY - Injured - fifth metatarsal surgery - Projected Return 1/1/2017
Playing dehydration Open link
3/11/2016 4:47 PM
Sullinger is playing Friday vs HOU.
Probable dehydration Open link
3/10/2016 1:06 PM
Sullinger is probable Friday vs HOU.
Playing skin infection Open link
3/9/2016 4:16 PM
Sullinger is playing Wednesday vs MEM.
Questionable skin infection Open link
3/8/2016 12:37 PM
Sullinger is questionable Wednesday vs MEM. He has a skin infection that forced him to be hospitalized. Sullinger has been released, but he missed Monday's and Tuesday's practice.
Questionable illness Open link
3/7/2016 12:47 PM
Sullinger is questionable Wednesday vs MEM. He sat out Monday's practice.
Playing STARTING Open link
1/13/2016 5:17 PM
Sullinger is active for Wednesday's game and back in the starting lineup. Kelly Olynyk moves back to a bench role.
Playing wrist Open link
1/4/2016 5:12 PM
Sullinger is active for Monday's game (wrist). He is available but coming off the bench Monday. Kelly Olynyk is starting.
Probable wrist Open link
1/4/2016 2:37 PM
Sullinger is probable for Monday's game (wrist). Coach Brad Stevens told the media about Sullinger's wrist injury to detail that most of the team is dealing with nagging injuries, but it doesn't seem that Sullinger is at any added risk of missing the game. It appears he should play his usual role.
Playing back spasms Open link
12/23/2015 4:32 PM
Sullinger missed last game and is active for Wednesday (back spasms). He is playing and staring in the frontcourt next to Kelly Olynyk. Amir Johnson is still out, and David Lee is going back to the bench.
Probable back spasms Open link
12/23/2015 10:00 AM
Sullinger missed last game and is probable for Wednesday (back spasms).
Out back spasms Open link
12/21/2015 3:30 PM
Sullinger is out for Monday's game (back spasms). Amir Johnson is out with plantar fasciitis, too. Tyler Zeller gains 24 minutes. Jonas Jerebko gains 10 minutes. David Lee gains 6 minutes. Kelly Olynyk gains 6 minutes.
Playing  Open link
11/4/2015 4:41 PM
Sullinger is starting with Amir Johnson on Wednesday. David Lee and Tyler Zeller move to the bench. [Tyler Zeller loses 7 minutes] [Jonas Jerebko loses 5 minutes] [Amir Johnson gains 5 minutes] [David Lee loses 5 minutes]
I agree, although I'm a bit biased as I'm a Celtics/Sully fan, but what you're saying makes sense. He's a late round target of mine for sure.
100% (5) agree 
I am a huge Raptors fan and a season seat holder and I highly disagree with the current BBM projection on Sullinger. I don't see any way that Sullinger plays less than 28 minutes on this team. He is currently projected to play only 24 not to mention his per 36 stats are projected downwards. He is in a better system with more open looks now (need I remind you that Scola shot 40% from 3 last year without being anywhere close to that in his career previously?) and he is going to be the best rebounder on a team starved for it. Not to mention it has already been reported that apart from playing the 4 he will also play backup minutes at the C. I see him as playing anywhere between 18-24 minutes at the 4 while playing 10-12 minutes at the 5 backing up JV (Nogueira/Poetl are projects and won't play many minutes). If he plays that even at his per 36 stats from last year when he was heavier he will be an easy top 100 play reaching up to top 75. I would suggest reassessing Sullinger.
Per Game
140-0.29Projection 16-17TORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
113-0.20NBA 15-16BOS8123.610.
239-0.46Last MonthBOS1621.
126-0.20Last 2 MonthsBOS2724.
114-0.18Last 3 MonthsBOS4323.
72-0.05NBA 14-15BOS5827.
130-0.23NBA 13-14BOS7427.613.
193-0.40NBA 12-13BOS4519.
270-0.45NBA Preseason 16TOR123.
Per 36
131-0.18Projection 16-17TORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
75-0.07NBA 15-16BOS8123.615.70.512.
214-0.27Last MonthBOS1621.815.50.710.
107-0.07Last 2 MonthsBOS2724.016.50.412.
77-0.01Last 3 MonthsBOS4323.216.90.412.
46-0.01NBA 14-15BOS5827.
136-0.17NBA 13-14BOS7427.617.
192-0.28NBA 12-13BOS4519.810.
278-0.52NBA Preseason 16TOR123.310.
224-0.54Projection 16-17TORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
77-0.11NBA 15-16BOS811914:34834296731877547.435807.640161102-0.47-0.761.41-0.210.01-0.06-0.59-0.740.46
176-0.37Last MonthBOS16348:56150710432122.409154.6542619-0.64-0.700.79-0.30-0.35-0.92-1.04-0.560.36
105-0.18Last 2 MonthsBOS27648:572988216632511.442285.6555830-0.49-0.831.05-0.27-0.12-0.44-0.50-0.660.65
82-0.09Last 3 MonthsBOS43995:55467113431054320.443449.6678752-0.38-0.851.29-0.130.22-0.30-0.53-0.580.45
107-0.21NBA 14-15BOS581566:22770524411344442.440707.74412978-0.66-0.350.24-0.50-0.85-0.11-0.41-0.130.88
119-0.22NBA 13-14BOS742041:18982566011183549.427899.778203119-0.20-0.310.91-0.69-1.240.06-0.880.040.35
251-0.61NBA 12-13BOS45891:322701264352223.493225.7466329-2.15-1.07-0.73-1.20-1.73-0.620.16-0.061.88
452-0.87NBA Preseason 16TOR123:167010011.3336.75043-2.61-1.21-1.29-1.37-1.57-0.74-0.20-0.041.23