Dion Waiters - MIA - G

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Draft2012 (Pick 4)
NBA Salary$2,898,000
Projection Updated4/11/2017

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17.9d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs WAS (ankle)
19.1d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs WAS (ankle)
19.9d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs CLE (ankle)
20.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs CLE (ankle)
If Waiters plays, coach Spoelstra said Waiters would likely only be used as a plug in the rotation to fill a hole created by an injury or foul trouble.
21.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs CLE (ankle)
26.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
Waiters remains out. He will not travel with the team to begin their 3-game road trip.
33.2d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
An MRI on Waiter's ankle came back clean, but there's still no timetable for his return.
42.0d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
He hopes he can return before the end of the season, but not guaranteed
43.4d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
There's currently no timeline for Waiters to return from a sprained ankle though he did miss three games with a similar sprain last month.
43.8d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Friday vs MIN (ankle)
He was unable to shoot his free throws after getting hurt so he cannot return. X-rays came back negative, and they're calling it a sprained ankle.
Left with game about 44% complete
43.8d ago Open link
In the Locker Room In the Locker Room Friday vs MIN (leg)
Waiters had to be carried off the court after injuring his right leg.
Left with game about 42% complete
76.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Monday vs ORL (ankle)
Coach Spoelstra said that Waiters will "warm up with the intention to play." We still have him marked as probable, but pretty much any time the Heat say a player will warm up with the intent to play, they play.
77.9d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @PHI (ankle)
Waiters is out Saturday at PHI, but he said he will be ready to play Monday vs ORL.
113.9d ago Open link
Note Note (mins restriction)
Waiters remains on a 10-15 minute restriction Friday at LAL.
117.1d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @PHO (groin)
Coach Spoelstra said that Waiters will come off the bench when he returns to action.
118.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday @PHO (groin)
He is traveling with the team on their 6-game road trip.
118.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday @PHO (groin)
Waiters hopes to travel with the team on their 6-game road trip which begins Tuesday. If he does travel, he should play at some point on the trip.
125.1d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Tuesday vs OKC (groin)
He sat out practice Monday.
144.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (groin)
Waiters is expected to miss the next 4 games.
150.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (groin)
Waiters will be out for at least 2 weeks and then re-evaluated. He has a Pectineus tear.
152.2d ago Open link
Injured Injured (hip flexor)
Waiters missed last game and is out the next three games. He will not travel with the team on their 3-game road trip.
153.1d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs BOS (hip flexor)
Waiters is out Monday vs BOS.
154.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs BOS (groin)
Waiters is questionable Monday vs BOS.
155.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs MEM (groin)
Waiters is listed as questionable Saturday vs MEM.
155.8d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @MEM (strained right groin)
Waiters is playing Friday at MEM.
155.9d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @MEM (strained right groin)
Waiters is probable Friday at MEM. He is expected to play.
156.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @MEM (strained right groin)
Waiters is probable Friday at MEM. Coach Spoelstra said he is "likely" to play.
156.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday @MEM (strained right groin)
Waiters is questionable Friday at MEM.
157.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @DET (strained right groin)
Waiters is playing Wednesday at DET.
157.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @DET (groin)
Waiters is questionable Wednesday at DET.
159.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @PHI (groin)
Waiters is playing Monday at PHI.
160.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @PHI (groin)
Waiters is questionable Monday at PHI. He'll be a game-time decision.
161.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @WAS (groin)
Waiters is playing Saturday at WAS.
162.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday @WAS (groin)
Waiters is questionable Saturday at WAS. He'll be a game-time decision.
185.9d ago Open link
Starting Starting Wednesday @ORL
Waiters is starting Wednesday at ORL.
100% (1) agree 
Would this be a good time to drop for Jr Smith as the playoffs are entering the second week?
Mostly in Cleveland, guessing some in OKC.
10% (10) agree 
Where y'all at who were downvoting the hell out of me a month a ago?
0% (1) agree 
Seems obvious Waiters is a top 60 player at this point - maybe time to update his projection? 157 for the ROS seems out of wack.
100% (1) agree 
i hope this injury won't keep him out for 1.5 months again...
0% (1) agree 
@Woofie - I hope you dropped Hood, despite the down-voting trolls. Good luck.
29% (7) agree 
Y'all are acting like he is doing this with unsustainable percentages -- he is still the same old Dion but now he is defending well and picking his shots better. The talent has always been there. Great chemistry with Goran. The heat are winning. I'm holding my real estate on Waiters Island.
100% (4) agree 
All-time sell high moment is right now. He is the 2000 dot com waiting to tank.
100% (1) agree 
woofie -- I'd want to ride out the good streak that Waiters is on, but if you have to drop someone now, it might be best to just preemptively cut ties with him. It's unlikely Waiters keeps up his recent production in points, 3s, and assists once Tyler Johnson is playing his full minutes and Josh Richardson returns.
100% (2) agree 
Amazing to me he is getting this much love. Dude is in his best case situation/scenario since coming into the league in 2012 and he still can't crack the top 200 in almost 31 minutes a game. Hence, he isn't very good.
100% (5) agree 
I dropped him last night to stream Powell. I know he's balling out but I cant take those percentages.
0% (2) agree 
I would drop Hood.
33% (3) agree 
I need to drop someone, pls help. Waiters, Seth Curry, Lou Williams, Marcus Smart, Rodney Hood. My 5 categories are FT%, Points, 3's, Assists and Steals
33% (6) agree 
These comments going back all season caution "his minutes will go down! soon his minutes will go down!" and it has yet to happen. The heat are winning playing Waiters big minutes and he is producing. Outside of a 3 game stretch, Richardson has been mostly hurt and terrible. Johnson also can't stay healthy and the heat have invested in him long term, they gain little by forcing the issue. If anything, McGruder, Ellington, and Babbitt will see cuts in PT first. Dion is playing well and with a lot of confidence, I don't see him going back to 28 a night.
100% (2) agree 
Waiters' minutes and usage are going to go down as Tyler Johnson takes on more minutes in his return, and they'll take an even bigger hit when Josh Richardson is up to speed.
100% (2) agree 
A projection adjustment is probably warranted given the volumes have been there for a while, but it doesnt make him any better as a fantasy player. His deficiencies with his shooting percentages get exacerbated with higher volume, and his defensive counting stats have actually decreased. He's unusable outside of punt strats and deep leagues IMO.
0% (8) agree 
The Heat are terrible and their guards can't stay healthy, yet still no love for Dion? The minutes have been there for him all season. Time for a bump.
It looks like the heat are just going to keep running him out there until his level of play slows down. I assume it will happen every night, but he just keeps on pruducing
100% (1) agree 
The Dion Waiters train is about to drop off a cliff. It was a fun ride and lasted much longer than I expected. But realistically was never going to last. His days of 33 m/g & 18 fga/g about to go to 25 m/g and 10 fga/g.
100% (2) agree 
His short-term and or daily projections have been reflecting that. For instance yesterday he was projected at 34 min. He won't see this type of playing time and production once Richardson is back. Also, Tyler Johnson has missed the last 5 games and that's clearly benefited Waiters as well. Sure, the Heat have been banged up this year so he could continue this type of playing time...but the ROS projections assume a healthy Richardson and Johnson, as they should.
It's time to bump Waiters. Feel that you're underestimating his PT. On this Miami team it seems likely he will continue to get well over 26m/g & therefore his other stats will increase - especially scoring. Putting him at 12.5pts/g is def low.
100% (2) agree 
Waiters (up) or shumpert (down)? Not sure if waiters can sustain what he's doing, and not like shumpert can sustain either
I just picked him up to ride the hot hand but I dont think its sustainable. He's shooting way over his season and career % from the field this last few games. Unless he's truly had a profound moment of satori he'll regress sooner or later.
Looking good lately but it's not like waiters hasn't gone on runs like this before. Jury is still out on him long-term, will be interesting to see how he goes over the next few weeks
last week 23rd overall in punt FT and TO build. never though he could reach that level with punt any build.
100% (1) agree 
He's making me rethink everything I know about the world. I was convinced he was one of the worst rotation players in the league not long ago. I have no clue what to make of him anymore
17% (6) agree 
Dion Waiters though! Waiters (UP) or Rivers (DOWN) ROS?
0% (4) agree 
(up) waiters, (down) shumpert. 12 team h2h
75% (4) agree 
12 team yahoo H2H 9-cat, Hold (UP) Dion Waiters or (Down) stream for Evan Turner?
100% (2) agree 
3rd beneficiary of winslow's injury?
0% (2) agree 
will he continue to be relevant after he comes back from injury? was beasting right before injury, hope that the injury won't slow him down.
Because I don't believe they will start Winslow at PF and I don't think Williams is getting huge minutes, more that he will retain his starting spot. Richardson was also getting up to full speed in those games. We haven't seen a fully healthy Waiters/Winslow/Dragic/Richardson combo yet. I can't see Miami starting Dragic/Richardson/Waiters/Winslow yet. Williams will likely start and play his mid teens in minutes, similar to what you have quoted there with averages
In the 5 games with both Richarsdon and Winslow playing, Dion Waiters averaged 28.4 minutes. In the same 5 games, Derrick Williams averaged 13 minutes (with 2 DNPs). It's pretty obvious to me who's higher on the depth chart. Why do you think Waiters will get shafted?
What makes you sure that Winslow replaces Williams? I would think Winslow will replace Waiters, Williams will continue starting and James Johnson plays the bulk of the minutes at the five. When Richardson first came back and Dragic was healthy, Waiters was palying in the low 20s and nothing about his on court play makes me think he deserves a bigger role.
0% (1) agree 
Is he allowed to take 20+ shots a night? %s and Tos are brutal but the points, steals and assists could be useful if this trend continues. Over Tyler Johnson though?
We all know he is a bad player in real life, but it looks like he might have locked down a starting spot. He started even with Dragic back and has room to start with Winslow returning since Winslow will take Derrick Williams spot. Worth a pick up?
100% (1) agree 
I don't think so. He's had one decent game and will surely see his minutes drop when Josh Richardson returns. He isn't in the top 150 at the moment and that will likely get worse. Deep leagues, sure.
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Game Log
4/12/2017WASW 110 - 102MIA               
4/10/2017CLEW 124 - 121MIA               
4/8/2017@ WASW 106 - 103MIA               
4/7/2017@ TORL 94 - 96MIA               
4/5/2017@ CHAW 112 - 99MIA               
4/2/2017DENL 113 - 116MIA               
3/31/2017NYKL 94 - 98MIA               
3/29/2017@ NYKW 105 - 88MIA               
3/28/2017@ DETW 97 - 96MIA               
3/26/2017@ BOSL 108 - 112MIA               
3/23/2017TORL 84 - 101MIA               
3/21/2017PHOW 112 - 97MIA               
3/19/2017PORL 104 - 115MIA               
3/17/2017MINW 123 - 105Y-0.61MIA11:456023001.0003.00002018.5
Will not return
He was unable to shoot his free throws after getting hurt so he cannot return. X-rays came back negative, and they're calling it a sprained ankle.
3/15/2017NORW 120 - 112Y-0.73MIA29:181411320.33315.75043129.4 
3/12/2017@ INDL 98 - 102Y-0.27MIA36:012038600.44418.33331224.0 
3/11/2017TORW 104 - 89Y-0.43MIA33:132041511.60010.50085127.3 
3/8/2017CHAW 108 - 101Y0.49MIA26:582453510.50016.75042332.4 
3/6/2017@ CLEW 106 - 98Y0.82MIA35:192952501.50024.00000231.3 
3/4/2017CLEW 120 - 92Y-0.68MIA23:39821210.30010.00001221.1 
3/3/2017@ ORLL 99 - 110Y-1.84MIA19:57302400.09111.50021227.7 
3/1/2017PHIW 125 - 98Y-0.88MIA24:161504200.58312.50024030.0 
2/27/2017@ DALL 89 - 96Y-0.73MIA32:401223620.33312.40052322.8 
2/25/2017INDW 113 - 95Y0.17MIA31:222232320.533151.00036131.7 
2/24/2017@ ATLW 108 - 90Y-0.05MIA30:4214231012.31619.00002127.6 
2/15/2017@ HOUW 117 - 109Y0.46MIA36:302349700.47117.75041324.6 
2/13/2017ORLL 107 - 116Y-0.18MIA34:142312620.52619.66736433.7 
2/11/2017@ PHIL 109 - 117MIA               
2/10/2017@ BKNW 108 - 99MIA               
2/8/2017@ MILW 106 - 88MIA               
2/6/2017@ MINW 115 - 113Y0.24MIA33:231203522.308131.00041120.9 
2/4/2017PHIW 125 - 102Y1.36MIA26:152151721.700101.00023022.7 
2/1/2017ATLW 116 - 93Y1.04MIA29:492027322.60015.00003225.2 
1/30/2017BKNW 104 - 96Y-0.15MIA35:471936901.38918.50041026.7 
1/28/2017DETW 116 - 103Y-1.25MIA34:251713700.38918.50044232.7 
1/27/2017@ CHIW 100 - 88Y-0.37MIA33:581935110.33318.80051228.2 
1/25/2017@ BKNW 109 - 106Y0.00MIA36:132425800.55618.50042327.1 
1/23/2017GSWW 105 - 102Y1.44MIA32:573365410.650201.00013130.3 
1/21/2017MILW 109 - 97Y0.33MIA33:083353310.63219.50083137.3 
1/19/2017DALW 99 - 95Y-1.09MIA31:431213300.41712.50023224.2 
1/17/2017HOUW 109 - 103Y-0.31MIA27:581715310.46715.66732326.9 
1/13/2017@ MILL 108 - 116Y-0.83MIA30:581322600.294171.00011228.9 
1/10/2017@ GSWL 95 - 107Y-0.73MIA37:41803820.23517.00001421.2 
1/8/2017@ LACL 86 - 98-1.11MIA15:06812000.2867.75041228.9
1/6/2017@ LALL 100 - 127-0.43MIA20:33901220.333121.00010324.9 
1/4/2017@ SACW 107 - 102-1.22MIA9:56401100.5004.00003132.2 
1/3/2017@ PHOL 90 - 99MIA               
1/1/2017DETL 98 - 107MIA               
12/30/2016@ BOSL 114 - 117MIA               
12/29/2016@ CHAL 82 - 91MIA               
12/27/2016OKCL 94 - 106MIA               
12/23/2016@ NORL 87 - 91MIA               
12/22/2016LALW 115 - 107MIA               
12/20/2016ORLL 130 - 136MIA               
12/18/2016BOSL 95 - 105MIA               
12/16/2016LACL 98 - 102MIA               
12/14/2016INDW 95 - 89MIA               
12/12/2016WASW 112 - 101MIA               
12/10/2016@ CHIL 100 - 105MIA               
12/9/2016@ CLEL 84 - 114MIA               
12/7/2016@ ATLL 95 - 103MIA               
12/6/2016NYKL 103 - 114MIA               
12/3/2016@ PORL 92 - 99MIA               
12/1/2016@ UTAW 111 - 110MIA               
11/30/2016@ DENW 106 - 98MIA               
11/28/2016BOSL 104 - 112MIA               
11/26/2016MEML 107 - 110Y0.38MIA36:272845600.52619.66761229.7 
11/25/2016@ MEMW 90 - 81Y0.25MIA35:121514430.400151.00022124.1 
11/23/2016@ DETL 84 - 107Y-0.82MIA21:251112300.300101.00042330.6 
11/21/2016@ PHIL 94 - 101Y0.02MIA32:571923501.40015.83360322.3 
11/19/2016@ WASW 114 - 111Y-0.36MIA29:041614801.43816.50022427.7 
11/17/2016MILW 96 - 73Y-0.45MIA35:182307400.45522.60050329.1 
11/15/2016ATLL 90 - 93Y-0.85MIA33:411111231.27818.00005327.5 
11/14/2016@ SASL 90 - 94Y0.72MIA35:332732323.46226.00004537.3 
11/12/2016UTAL 91 - 102Y-1.58MIA18:57401200.2504.50042119.9 
11/10/2016CHIL 95 - 98Y-0.54MIA35:501624610.40015.50042323.3 
11/7/2016@ OKCL 85 - 97Y-1.26MIA26:53201410.1119.00001016.8 
11/4/2016@ TORL 87 - 96Y-0.72MIA23:47402311.2508.00001316.8 
11/1/2016SACW 108 - 96Y0.09MIA42:222014412.50014.71473121.9 
10/30/2016SASL 99 - 106Y-1.07MIA33:26922311.3339.50026322.2 
10/28/2016CHAL 91 - 97Y-1.05MIA34:061337310.31316.00023424.4 
10/26/2016@ ORLW 108 - 96Y-1.13MIA33:31906400.30813.50021218.2 
4/12/2016@ SASL 98 - 102Y-1.13OKC42:051715411.22722.85774130.8 
4/11/2016LALW 112 - 79-0.46OKC16:45911211.2867.80051123.9 
4/9/2016@ SACL 112 - 114-0.65OKC23:08412401.2504.5002018.9 
4/6/2016@ PORL 115 - 120Y-0.23OKC38:322514130.52619.66767229.1 
4/5/2016@ DENW 124 - 1021.21OKC23:411831540.6679.60050119.5 
4/3/2016@ HOUL 110 - 118-1.17OKC24:44301200.3333.5002118.0 
3/31/2016LACW 119 - 117-0.45OKC16:12713200.5006.00000116.1 
3/29/2016@ DETL 82 - 88Y-0.93OKC34:24405220.12581.00023415.1 
3/28/2016@ TORW 119 - 1000.90OKC27:321532331.60010.00002118.8 
3/26/2016SASW 111 - 92-1.67OKC17:35000000.0004.00002214.6 
3/24/2016UTAW 113 - 910.05OKC29:231712330.50016.00021227.5 
3/22/2016HOUW 111 - 1070.93OKC25:031734121.63611.00001119.8 
3/19/2016@ INDW 115 - 111-1.02OKC17:38911100.6676.00005226.8 
3/18/2016@ PHIW 111 - 97-1.20OKC23:49911200.30010.50040120.0 
3/16/2016@ BOSW 130 - 109-0.89OKC11:05511000.20051.00020121.6 
3/14/2016PORW 128 - 94OKC               
3/12/2016@ SASL 85 - 93OKC               
3/11/2016MINL 96 - 99OKC               
3/9/2016LACW 120 - 108OKC               
3/6/2016@ MILW 104 - 96-1.12OKC28:54203211.1258.00002414.2 
3/3/2016@ GSWL 106 - 121-0.83OKC20:37601100.33361.00020214.2 
3/2/2016@ LACL 98 - 103-1.28OKC26:56622000.2229.00002216.3 
2/29/2016@ SACW 131 - 1160.24OKC31:322232210.72711.60053021.4 
2/27/2016GSWL 118 - 121-1.29OKC30:57700100.4297.50022212.9 
2/25/2016@ NORL 119 - 1230.21OKC29:32822520.4297.00000210.3 
2/24/2016@ DALW 116 - 1030.28OKC26:541442310.6258.00002315.8 
2/21/2016CLEL 92 - 115Y-1.01OKC32:30403210.12581.00021213.7 
2/19/2016INDL 98 - 101Y-0.89OKC31:34002220.0006.0000027.9 
2/11/2016NORW 121 - 95Y-0.97OKC20:22602000.33361.00021016.6 
2/8/2016@ PHOW 122 - 106Y0.23OKC40:451521431.45511.60052215.8 
2/6/2016@ GSWL 108 - 116Y-0.28OKC36:43404130.2005.6673026.9 
2/3/2016ORLW 117 - 114Y-0.87OKC34:07802210.3336.66761211.6 
2/1/2016WASW 114 - 98Y0.22OKC37:14826331.27311.00001113.6 
1/29/2016HOUW 116 - 108Y0.30OKC32:191622010.66791.00021413.7 
1/27/2016@ MINW 126 - 123Y-0.23OKC34:431640100.42914.00000417.0 
1/26/2016@ NYKW 128 - 122Y-0.26OKC42:311423100.60010.00002311.8 
1/24/2016@ BKNL 106 - 116-0.54OKC32:45920120.3339.50021213.7 
1/22/2016@ DALW 109 - 106-0.29OKC35:161334101.50010.00020213.4 
1/20/2016CHAW 109 - 95-1.24OKC27:45513310.2229.00004319.2 
1/19/2016@ DENW 110 - 104-1.39OKC23:04510210.20010.00003221.9 
1/17/2016MIAW 99 - 740.41OKC28:421811111.545111.00051121.8 
1/15/2016MINW 113 - 93-0.11OKC28:232021110.57114.50041127.4 
1/13/2016DALW 108 - 89-0.75OKC24:401831500.46213.60054232.7 
1/12/2016@ MINW 101 - 96-0.12OKC31:43514430.2508.00001312.3 
1/10/2016@ PORL 110 - 115-1.31OKC21:376001001.0002.50043013.3 
1/8/2016@ LALW 117 - 113-0.76OKC21:08202321.1437.00002018.1 
1/6/2016MEMW 112 - 94-0.15OKC31:201521300.6679.50021014.8 
1/4/2016SACL 104 - 116-1.14OKC19:27502110.1437.75041121.6 
1/2/2016@ CHAW 109 - 90-0.87OKC24:541014500.40010.33331121.7 
12/31/2015PHOW 110 - 106-0.11OKC28:10606321.5006.00003414.9 
12/29/2015MILW 131 - 123-1.34OKC23:39202100.1676.00001312.2 
12/27/2015DENW 122 - 112-0.50OKC18:55405010.4005.00000211.9 
12/25/2015CHIL 96 - 105-1.12OKC18:50200210.1676.00001014.7 
12/23/2015@ LALW 120 - 85-1.72OKC16:24201100.1258.00002225.2 
12/21/2015@ LACW 100 - 99-0.56OKC34:37912300.5717.00002111.8 
12/19/2015LALW 118 - 78-0.15OKC17:051106210.6258.50021125.6 
12/17/2015@ CLEL 100 - 104-1.35OKC21:00402010.1437.50040420.3 
12/16/2015PORW 106 - 90-0.15OKC27:571816110.60010.71473224.2 
12/13/2015UTAW 104 - 98-0.28OKC39:171333400.41712.00001117.2 
12/11/2015@ UTAW 94 - 90-0.52OKC29:391004100.5569.00001116.2 
12/10/2015ATLW 107 - 94-1.26OKC30:35911100.28614.00001322.1 
12/8/2015@ MEMW 125 - 88-0.48OKC25:541210110.50081.00033021.4 
12/6/2015SACW 98 - 95-1.05OKC26:471021200.167121.00041121.8 
12/3/2015@ MIAL 95 - 970.27OKC26:421313210.6679.00000115.0 
11/30/2015@ ATLL 100 - 106-0.88OKC31:18106320.0007.50020410.5 
11/27/2015DETW 103 - 87-0.95OKC27:04804310.30813.00002224.5 
11/25/2015BKNW 110 - 99-0.08OKC27:231623210.462131.00022226.6 
11/23/2015@ UTAW 111 - 890.78OKC28:311213641.5569.50022219.3 
11/22/2015DALW 117 - 114Y-0.15OKC29:131422210.417121.00021220.3 
11/20/2015NYKL 90 - 93Y-0.37OKC30:021604130.40015.80054029.0 
11/18/2015NORW 110 - 103-1.21OKC30:32404210.20010.00002215.9 
11/16/2015@ MEML 114 - 122-0.57OKC37:431417210.42914.50023220.0 
11/15/2015BOSL 85 - 100-1.24OKC29:00712010.27311.00003421.5 
11/13/2015PHIW 102 - 85-0.47OKC29:141413200.308131.00050121.1 
11/10/2015@ WASW 125 - 1010.82OKC23:232542100.700101.00072128.2 
11/8/2015PHOW 124 - 1031.19OKC24:451920231.6679.83360318.4 
11/5/2015@ CHIL 98 - 104-0.65OKC27:17405100.6673.0000137.0 
11/4/2015TORL 98 - 103-0.18OKC23:56716120.3758.00001216.9 
11/2/2015@ HOUL 105 - 110-0.79OKC32:23914110.3758.50041513.5 
11/1/2015DENW 117 - 93-0.13OKC23:551011410.37581.00030016.5 
10/30/2015@ ORLW 139 - 136-0.99OKC28:34317201.1676.00003312.3 
10/28/2015SASW 112 - 106-0.90OKC21:24804200.5008.00003221.9