Joel Embiid - PHI - C

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Draft2016 (Pick 3)
NBA Salary$4,826,160
Projection Updated1/18/2017
Playing - illness

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4.0h ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs TOR (illness)
4.1h ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs TOR (illness)
9.7h ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs TOR (rest, illness)
1.3d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs TOR (rest, illness)
Coach Brett Brown said that he doesn't believe there's a possibility of Embiid playing more than his current 28-minute restriction this season.
1.3d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs TOR (rest)
4.3d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @WAS (rest b2b)
5.0d ago
Doubtful Doubtful Saturday @WAS (rest b2b)
7.0d ago Open link
Available to return Available to return Wednesday vs NYK (left ankle sprain)
It was his right foot that had the surgeries, while this sprain is his left ankle. He appears to be fine
7.0d ago
In the Locker Room In the Locker Room Wednesday vs NYK (ankle/foot)
Embiid came up limping after a dunk attempt and headed to the locker room with a minute left in the first half
33.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs LAL (left knee contusion)
He'll be on his 28 minutes limit if he plays.
33.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs LAL (left knee contusion)
He did not participate in shootaround.
45.1d ago
Probable Probable Monday vs DEN (rest)
Embiid missed last game and the Sixers have a back-to-back Monday-Tuesday. He will likely miss one of those games, probably Tuesday @ Memphis, so he should be back in the lineup Monday vs Denver
46.9d ago
Out Out Saturday vs BOS (rest)
Embiid is out Saturday vs BOS.
49.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs SAC
Embiid missed last game and is playing Wednesday vs SAC. His minutes limit has been raised to 28 minutes.
52.1d ago
Out Out Monday @TOR (rest)
Embiid is out Monday at TOR.
53.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday vs CLE (rest)
Embiid missed last game and is playing Sunday vs CLE. He will then sit out Monday's game at TOR for rest. Embiid will remain on his 24-minute restriction.
55.9d ago
Out Out Friday vs CHI (rest)
Embiid is out Friday vs CHI.
56.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs MEM (ankle)
Embiid is playing Wednesday vs MEM.
58.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs MIA (foot)
Embiid is playing Monday vs MIA.
59.3d ago Open link
Probable Probable Monday vs MIA (rest/ankle)
Embiid is probable Monday vs MIA.
60.1d ago Open link
Starting Starting Saturday vs PHO (left ankle sprain)
Embiid is playing and starting Saturday vs PHO.
60.1d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday vs PHO (left ankle sprain)
Embiid is out Saturday vs PHO. Coach Brown isn't planning on playing Embiid.
60.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs PHO (left ankle sprain)
Embiid is questionable Saturday vs PHO. He's a game-time decision.
60.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs PHO (left ankle sprain)
Embiid is questionable Saturday vs PHO.
61.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs PHO (rest)
Embiid is questionable Saturday vs PHO.
63.0d ago
Playing Playing Thursday @MIN (rest b2b)
Embiid missed last game and is playing Thursday at MIN.
63.4d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs WAS (rest b2b)
Embiid is out Wednesday vs WAS. He will play Thursday in the second game of their back-to-back set.
64.0d ago
Probable Probable Wednesday vs WAS (rest b2b)
Embiid is probable Wednesday vs WAS. Embiid has played home halves of B2B, so likely to sit Thursday
65.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @HOU
Embiid missed last game and is playing Monday at HOU.
67.3d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @ATL (rest on b2b)
Embiid is out Saturday at ATL. He still isn't allowed to play in both games of a back-to-back set. He is traveling the with team on their road trip but won't play Saturday at ATL.
68.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs IND (rest)
Embiid missed last game and is playing Friday vs IND. He'll remain on a 24-minute limit.
68.3d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs IND (rest)
Embiid missed last game and is probable Friday vs IND. He is expected to play Friday and sit out Saturday.
69.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs IND (rest)
Embiid missed last game and is probable Friday vs IND.
71.3d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @IND (rest)
Embiid is out Wednesday at IND. He is not traveling for the game. The Sixers are holding Embiid out for "load management," but there have been no setbacks. Embiid is healthy. The Sixers are just being super cautious with his minutes, etc. Embiid is expected to play in one of the Sixers' back-to-back games this Friday/Saturday.
74.2d ago Open link
Note Note (minutes limit)
Coach Brett Brown said that he doesn't expect Embiid's 24-minute limit to be increased until Christmas.
79.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs ORL (b2b set)
Embiid is playing Tuesday vs ORL. He will sit out Wednesday's game at CHA on the second night of the back-to-back set. His minutes limit is expected to be 24 minutes Tuesday.
82.4d ago Open link
Note Note (minutes)
Embiid is expected to be limited to 20 minutes on Saturday.
85.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs OKC (limited minutes)
Embiid is playing Wednesday vs OKC and will be limited to 20 minutes.
71% (7) agree 
I love Jojo. But I can't reason having him taking a slot over Lebron, Giannis or butler. Those are my frontcourt picks
67% (3) agree 
He should be a starter for the all-star game
50% (6) agree 
Take some aspirin and get on the court! We only get you three times this week, sheesh.
100% (1) agree 
There are many people claiming that Embiid up late last night drinking Shirley Temples on Instagram Live! Did anyone notice that?
20% (5) agree 
Trade a 12th rd Paul George for a 7th rd Embiid in a keep 5? Up for Agree. Thanks.
100% (3) agree 
Ankle sprain but available for second half
Just hopefully it wasn't his foot
100% (1) agree 
Looks like an ankle
44% (9) agree 
Should I trade Whiteside for Embiid? 8 Cats ROTO
Only if this is a keeper league. Otherwise, the Cousins/Rubio side should be better total value this season.
0% (4) agree 
Giving up Cousins and Rubio for Embiid and DeRozan - is Embiid worth the risk?
He complained about being a PF and not having any action on the court and that it was the first time he didn't trust what was going on. Since those comments they've largely been apart from each other.
Hi @ehrenberg where did you see Embiid said doesn't like playing with Okafor? Thx
0% (1) agree 
Less of a mess when they make the right call and just DNP-CD Noel so that EMBIIIID can do his thing. God I love Embiid.
100% (1) agree 
Already hinting that he doesn't like playing with Okafor. The big man situation is a mess in philly
100% (2) agree 
@benron: magic 8-ball says: "Maybe"
Embiid got the start last night at PF. I am currently in a 12 team CBS weekly league. I would need 4 more starts from Embiid at the PF spot for him to qualify at forward. We use 2 centers, 4 forwards, and 4 guards in our league. I already start Drummond and Jordan at center so Embiid qualifying for forward eligibility would be huge for me. Will Embiid get those 4 more starts?
100% (2) agree 
He has to be cleared for back to backs at some point this season. The cotton wool the Philly training staff have him in cant be that thick. Must have trust in his health at some point.
50% (14) agree 
Up Batum Down Embiid. Does it worth the risk for Embiid, if he starts playing back to backs i will be the winner of this trade. What do you think?
100% (2) agree 
theo156 -- I think that trade would be reasonable if we knew that Embiid would eventually be able to play in both games of a b2b by the end of the season. Since we don't know if he will, I'd likely be sticking with the Whiteside/Clarkson side of the deal. It's definitely intriguing.
0% (5) agree 
Trade Whiteside+Clarkson for Embiid and LaVine?
100% (2) agree 
My understanding is they are constantly evaluating his restrictions. Nothing is set in stone. Right now I would guess he won't play in any back to backs. If he does they might do something like limit him to 20 minutes in each part of the back to back scenario
Will they rest him back to back all season long? Any info?
100% (1) agree 
76ers and Kings related note, game looks to be canned?
Probably not with all those 3s he is taking.
bump on his fg%? His season/college averages are hovering around 48-50%
100% (1) agree 
Props to this guy, He was so upset he can't play in the 2nd OT
60% (5) agree 
Probably could have lived without the embiid isn't playing update lol
100% (1) agree 
just to add, I also have Dieng. given same scenario as below, who would you rather trade or Embiid? Up for Dieng, Down for Jok. ROS and obviously 2 more yrs to be taken into consideration
12T, H2H, 3 yr max hold (this yr is 1st yr), 4 keeper league. Including injury and real life roster risk, Embiid > Jokic? I'd be selling low on Jokic given I drafted him at 48.
No way @Joey_B Embiid will be even more beast next year. 1st round value especially if you keep 6 players. Assuming a 10team league, hes well over Top 60. Pau is just garbage. And will regress every year from now
50% (2) agree 
Got offered Embiid for Pau Gasol and a first rounder next year. We keep six players every year. 9 cat h2h. Pull the trigger?
0% (6) agree 
Trade my Dieng for Embiid? My FG is very strong ATM but Embiid will kill my TO
He reminds me of a young Hakeem Olajuwon with range. Absolute freak. Really hope he just stays healthy and has a long career.
100% (4) agree 
I would pay zero attention to his turnover numbers. I believe Embiid can become a top 20 fantasy player without too much issue and could easily be a 20/10 guy with 1 three and 2+ blocks on good %
What's up with these crazy turnover numbers? Let's say those settle down as he gets more experience, what kind of numbers overall are you forecasting him to grow into? Need to know to make decisions in keeper league.
Are they gonna rest Embiid all season long?
100% (1) agree 
So what are the chances of the league correcting one of Embiid's stats for the Pacers game? He should have had 2 blocks credited to him. Instead, one of the blocks was given to Ilyasova even though it was clearly Embiid who blocked the shot. Proof is in the game highlights if you search it up on Youtube. 4th quarter with about 4 minutes to go. Hits a big three then down the other end gets a block on Jefferson.
I want to trade Jokic for Embiid as well, but I doubt the guy in my league will take it. Thinking it would have to be a 2 for 1, but not sure if that is putting too much value on Embiid.
Was looking forward to the Embiid-Turner matchup. Both of them have two fouls within the first 2 minutes of the game...
88% (8) agree 
trade my Jokic for Embiid? I also have an option for Marc Gasol. Which is better? I think Embiid is more fun to own, I want to trust the process.
Most likely to win a 2017 auction league based on keeper value
100% (1) agree 
So this guy is the real deal? His lines in ~25 minutes are awesome minus the TO's.
100% (3) agree 
Don't get me wrong, this guy has shown more promise in 20 minutes than Len has in his entire life
100% (3) agree 
You can't ignore his usage rate though. Sure, he's only playing 20-25 minutes but if his usage rate hovers around 30%-35% then he will have value regardless.
He played like 15 minutes in the second game. We have no idea how B2Bs will affect his minutes either. Noel is out and Okafor is also on a minutes restriction. His Fouls/36 is 6.7 (two games in, granted) – minute restrictions might not be the only thing to limit his minutes. So, a season projection of 23 minutes seems fair.
His minutes restriction has already been raised to 24m after 2 games - his current 23 m/g projection for the season seems low.
Philly isn't trying to win games right now. They priority is working on developing their prospects -- Embiid mostly. They are being smart in being super cautious in limiting his minutes. Limiting him to 20-24mpg and sitting him in b2b's will still afford Okafor an average of 24-30mpg off the bench. Then both of them are getting their playing time in the optimal setting as the lone C on the floor.
0% (1) agree 
Embiid is easily as athletic as Porzingas currently is at PF. Both Okafor and Embiid are superior ball handlers in the halk court as well, unlike Noel, who did nothing but kill any chance at running a half court offense. Noel is best on a team with superior guards. The Sixers have never had that, hence why Noel must go. Starting both Embiid and Okafor takes pressure off of the lousy backcourt and off one another. It's a no brainer to eventually have Okafor starting next to Embiid.
67% (3) agree 
Kinda seems like Embiid's usage projection is in need of a substantial upward revision based on my eye test of the Philly games.
I dont think they share the court a great deal. Moving Embiid to PF youd lose his rim protection and together theres less space to work on offense. Made that mistake with Noel and Okafor last year. Id imagine Okafor will be Embiids backup.
It's becoming clear that Brown wants to play Embiid with Okafor once the minutes restriction is lifted. I would think Embiid starts at PF with Okafor at center. Once Simmons comes back, I believe Brown wants Simmons as his PG going forward. He hinted at this during the preseason. I think this would then open the door for Stauskas to start at SG to give them another shooter.
While he won't have Towns' first year impact, Embiid is going to be the guy that wins auction keeper leagues next year.
100% (2) agree 
On the plus side he has requested to be nicknamed "The Process" which is the best and most self aware nickname in sports
100% (5) agree 
Towns put up first round value last year and appears to be an MVP candidate for the foreseeable future. Embiid is currently restricted to 20 minutes, has major long term durability concerns after multiple foot surgeries kept him off the court his first two years in the league and has played one game. It's a little early
43% (7) agree 
Is it too early or too late to call Embiid this year's Towns?
ak murthy
80% (5) agree 
Minutes restriction be damned. This guy is just oozing talent and he's hungry to prove himself. With Noel likely to be traded and increased minutes throughout the season, I think we many people will regret passing on him by the end of the season. It may take some time, but this guy is going to be a fantasy star.
100% (1) agree 
He might beat the projection for 3pts (6 for the season) by Week 2. Nice bonus and amazing upside.
His Yahoo ADP is 122? Is that right? I'd guess the public would be higher on him.
100% (2) agree 
what do you guys think of his free throw %? hes been doing excellent in the pre season.
100% (2) agree 
It's pretty high in a dynasty, I think top 50 easily if you like risk taking
People in my league seem to be targeting Embiid. I think they will reach for him. any idea where his ranking is proper? i mean around when should we take a potential player like him for a dynasty league?
100% (2) agree 
I know that, it's more so it allows him to be filtered in the rookies when you look at projections and rankings
100% (1) agree 
I get that Embiid is in his rookie season, but he wasn't drafted in 2016.
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Game Log
1/16/2017@ MILW 113 - 104Y0.72PHI27:5122112225.4449.722184331.9 
1/14/2017@ WASL 93 - 109PHI               
1/13/2017CHAW 102 - 93Y0.69PHI28:032408123.50012.857145536.7 
1/11/2017NYKW 98 - 97Y0.13PHI26:5421114111.35020.85771336.1
Available to return
It was his right foot that had the surgeries, while this sprain is his left ankle. He appears to be fine
1/8/2017@ BKNW 105 - 95Y0.12PHI23:592005402.57114.80053432.3 
1/6/2017@ BOSL 106 - 110Y0.64PHI25:532318302.500121.000104635.9 
1/3/2017MINW 93 - 91Y-0.13PHI29:492518312.40020.727113339.6 
12/30/2016@ DENW 124 - 122Y0.60PHI28:302316523.38513.857145635.7 
12/29/2016@ UTAL 83 - 100PHI               
12/26/2016@ SACL 100 - 102Y0.16PHI28:522518122.47117.88998544.2 
12/23/2016@ PHOL 116 - 123Y0.59PHI28:042717102.53315.909113334.6 
12/20/2016NORL 93 - 108Y-0.90PHI24:431106111.33312.60052530.0 
12/18/2016BKNW 108 - 107Y2.11PHI27:1933210123.70617.87583236.0 
12/16/2016LALL 89 - 100Y-1.51PHI28:311524202.35714.37583229.4 
12/14/2016TORL 114 - 123Y-0.42PHI27:01906512.5006.60054519.4 
12/11/2016@ DETW 97 - 79PHI               
12/8/2016@ NORW 99 - 88Y0.45PHI27:031407234.33315.80053333.6 
12/6/2016@ MEML 91 - 96PHI               
12/5/2016DENL 98 - 106Y-0.09PHI25:321614105.33315.83363333.0 
12/3/2016BOSL 106 - 107PHI               
12/2/2016ORLL 88 - 105Y0.61PHI26:5625310400.476211.00020335.4 
11/28/2016@ TORL 95 - 122PHI               
11/27/2016CLEL 108 - 112Y0.19PHI25:112239403.44418.60053239.8 
11/25/2016CHIL 89 - 105PHI               
11/23/2016MEML 99 - 104Y-0.27PHI27:1012111313.40010.75047531.0 
11/21/2016MIAW 101 - 94Y0.63PHI23:182215013.53813.77891236.8 
11/19/2016PHOW 120 - 105Y0.85PHI20:232637202.64314.83363441.4 
11/17/2016@ MINL 86 - 110Y-0.85PHI22:2610010001.4449.50042325.4 
11/16/2016WASW 109 - 102PHI               
11/14/2016@ HOUL 88 - 115Y-0.06PHI22:3113010112.600101.00016531.2 
11/12/2016@ ATLL 96 - 117PHI               
11/11/2016INDW 109 - 105Y-0.66PHI25:452517201.33318.857145349.7 
11/9/2016@ INDL 115 - 122PHI               
11/7/2016UTAL 84 - 109Y-0.82PHI19:121409011.5008.66795540.9 
11/5/2016CLEL 101 - 102Y0.99PHI25:152246214.538131.00046336.3 
11/2/2016@ CHAL 93 - 109PHI               
11/1/2016ORLL 101 - 103Y-0.07PHI24:5218010304.50012.66794236.3 
10/29/2016ATLL 72 - 104Y-0.08PHI15:281412112.5569.75043341.1 
10/26/2016OKCL 97 - 103Y-0.42PHI22:252017002.37516.87584447.1