Jabari Parker

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Ease PositionPF
Draft2014 (Pick 2)
NBA Salary$5,374,320
Projection Updated10/18/2016
Playing starting at PF Saturday Open link
12/5/2015 6:16 PM
Parker is active for Saturday's game and back starting at PF.
Playing minutes limit 20-25 Open link
11/30/2015 6:20 PM
Coach Kidd said that the Bucks are trying to keep Jabari Parker's minutes between 20-25 right now but didn't say how long that is planned to last. This may be a reaction to the foot issue Parker had two weeks ago. This somewhat helps to explain why Parker is coming off the bench at this time, but they also said the move was made to get more shooters on the court with the starting lineup.
Playing moved to bench role Sunday Open link
11/29/2015 11:35 AM
Parker is active for Sunday's game, but he has been moved to bench role in an effort to get more shooters with the starters. OJ Mayo is starting in Parker's place. Parker's minutes shouldn't change much as he was still on a general limitation.
Playing sprained foot Open link
11/19/2015 10:15 AM
Parker missed last game but has been cleared to play on Thursday (sprained foot). His foot healed well with a couple days off, and coach Jason Kidd said he'll continue to up Parker's minutes limit moving forward.
Questionable sprained foot Open link
11/18/2015 3:18 PM
Parker who was expected to be out longer, indents to play Thursday at PHI (sprained foot).
Injured sprained foot Open link
11/17/2015 5:46 PM
Parker wasn't supposed to travel with the team on their current three-game road trip; however, it's now possible that he could join up with the team for their game in Cleveland on Thursday. We'll keep you updated as the news comes.
Playing minutes limit could go up 30 soon Open link
11/14/2015 6:10 PM
Parker will have his minutes limited to 25 again Saturday, but coach Jason Kidd said that Parker could start playing closer to 30 minutes sometime over the next week. That's great for his season-long value if it happens.
Out back to back Open link
11/11/2015 2:16 PM
Parker won't play Wednesday. The Bucks let him play in their back-to-back set last week, but Parker will be rested for Wednesday's game against the Nuggets.
Doubtful back to back Open link
11/6/2015 10:06 PM
Parker is unlikely to play the second half of the back to back, after logging 18 minutes Friday.
Playing knee Open link
11/4/2015 5:20 PM
Parker will be active Wednesday and in the starting lineup. Expect him to play limited minutes for a while, so he may not be worth using in daily games at first.
Injured knee Open link
11/2/2015 3:03 PM
Parker will make his return from ACL surgery Wednesday against the Sixers. He is NOT playing Monday but will warm up with the team.
100% (1) agree 
Parker's potential gives him a little extra mystique this season, but any way you shake it, his percentages will be great for Roto, and he's a 20-pt scorer that you can get in the 6th round or later. He's a great pick this season at a good value in drafts.
100% (1) agree 
While I'm not as optimistic as the numbers you posted, I do think you make a good point that he could be in for a big season. I think the BBM projection is pretty spot on and is a great target in the 75-90 range. Nice source of points for that round.
100% (2) agree 
I think he's been a big off-season winner. Middleton/MCW gone, Monroe minutes down should give him more shots, rebs, and play-making opportunities. Looks like he might start attempting 1.5-2.0 3pm per game as well. I don't think it'd be shocking if he averaged 19-20 pts, 6-7 rebs, 3+ dimes per game. Not a good pick if you need blocks/3's, but great otherwise.
Per Game
78-0.05Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
114-0.20NBA 15-16MIL7631.714.
140-0.23Last MonthMIL1534.716.
82-0.03Last 2 MonthsMIL2836.518.
92-0.10Last 3 MonthsMIL4135.916.
143-0.27NBA 14-15MIL2529.512.
380.08NBA Preseason 16MIL628.517.
Per 36
159-0.22Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
209-0.29NBA 15-16MIL7631.716.
250-0.35Last MonthMIL1534.717.
200-0.24Last 2 MonthsMIL2836.518.
238-0.30Last 3 MonthsMIL4135.916.
232-0.33NBA 14-15MIL2529.515.
109-0.19NBA Preseason 16MIL628.521.
610.02Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
97-0.15NBA 15-16MIL762407:591,07093961296929.493899.7682281160.12-1.05-0.10-0.57-0.17-0.490.71-0.070.23
108-0.19Last MonthMIL15520:2325268332134.479213.72458280.82-0.770.18-0.30-0.19-0.680.14-0.56-0.37
580.01Last 2 MonthsMIL281023:22528917061318.498432.767116601.15-0.790.36-0.300.40-0.640.75-0.14-0.67
79-0.07Last 3 MonthsMIL411472:136739243884316.503553.750144860.60-0.900.26-0.320.22-0.480.81-0.22-0.59
315-0.71NBA 14-15MIL25738:25308413842315.490263.6976647-2.06-1.15-1.31-1.11-1.25-0.980.21-0.191.45
280.15NBA Preseason 16MIL6171:11103441872.51979.68025111.62-0.401.12-0.530.44-0.431.05-1.03-0.47