Using Basketball Monster & The Difference Between Rankings & Projections (free article)

September 28, 2021 by Josh LloydView Comments (8)

I see the same questions cropping up a fair bit in player comments, on my Twitter feed, and in the forums, so I thought I would put out a quick article explaining how the projections/rankings page works.


First things first, you need to set up your league on the league settings page. Here is where you put in your league ID, whether your league is roto or H2H, categories or points, and what scoring is used for your league. You put in how many teams and the size of the roster and importantly, if you are running an auction league, you need to enter how many dollars you have in your auction budget, so we can display the value of players.


Next, our rankings page shows you past performance. It is not a ranking list to draft off or showings anything that will happen in the future. It is for past performance.


If you are looking for projections, then it’s our projections page to head to. This projects all NBA players in the categories you have set up in league settings and determines the standard score for each category based on your league sample size, allowing the players to be put into some sort of order. If you are in a points league, the order in which the players are displayed on this page shows you highest to lowest fantasy points per game projections and can almost be used as a draft list, although, with per-game numbers, it isn’t taking into consideration injuries and absences. Those can somewhat be figured out by selecting the ‘Use Replacement Players’ check box.


In a category league, though, you mustn’t view players on the projection page to be listed in an absolute order which converts into ‘rankings’ for your draft. Heading into a draft with a straight list to draft off will lead to sure failure. The projections and the values attached to players are there to guide you, along with categorical scarcity and dynamic value, which can be seen in the draft tracker. If you just take the player at the top of the draft tracker or projections page, you will lose. 


You need to be looking at what particular positions and categories you need and whether or not those can be found in later rounds or if they are drying up right now.


So, while it may seem a bit overwhelming, it is imperative that you don’t view Basketball Monster as a site that provides a cookie-cutter rankings list to draft off, checking off names as you go down the list.


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Just to add things like the smart tool are just that, tools. It's not a one size fits all approach to making decisions on adding/dropping players. it's just another source to get information to make a decision. Dont just do something because smart tool told you it was most efficient option. those who have played in fantasy basketball a while probably have some good intuition on what they should do and go with gut in those instances if you see some advice that doesnt make sense.
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236.9d ago
Looking at previous years stats, like 14-15 or 15-16, most of the top 20 guys were close to 2 spg. Looking at last year, there's maybe 2. Blocks are also trending in the same direction. Do you think we're nearing a season where steals and blocks are too scarce to have as a category?
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237.0d ago
Besides Bradley Beal, what other players are due for a big usage spike this season?
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237.4d ago
If I put in my league ID will it tell the commissioner I am using an external tool? When I win comfortably I would rather be seen as a basketball genius than a geek who spends a disproportionate amount of time and money on a casual league.
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240.1d ago
I'm big into paying attention to who plays the most games when my leagues tournament comes around. I see on my projections that info showed up as well. I'd much rather have a guy playing twelve games in three weeks than a guy playing nine. So, I just wanted to say, stop tell other people that stuff! ??
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240.1d ago
Great advice @letsget2it.
240.5d ago
cheers Josh, just a PSA for all those in point leagues who are about to reach for players say in the 2nd round when they could have got them in the 5th. Remember to pay attention to the draft sites rankings (a good indication of who league mates will draft) and use BBM projections to get great value picks. My 2 cents.
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240.5d ago
josh, ive been here for a long time and this is the 1st time youve posted something like this. a lot of ppl come on here fresh yearly and this is a good ref for them to get the hang of how things work. good on you.
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