2017 NBA Draft Preview With Cole Zwicker

June 15, 2017 by Josh Lloyd

Josh looks over the 2017 NBA Draft prospects with Cole Zwicker from The Step Back and the What's On Draft podcast, tying in real life value with fantasy potential.

kk thanks! Guy in my league isn't interested in Ball so I could probably package the #4 pick with Jrue for Simmons + Richardson but I'm thinking that might be too steep a price. You think it's too steep?
Fultz to Philly seems like it is contingent on the Lakers not picking Jackson at two, so there is a little more doubt today than there was yesterday. Between Ball and Simmons, I wouldn't be surprised if Ball is the better fantasy player, but I would take my chances with Simmons. I would rather have Simmons over Ball as I feel like they could both have similar assist numbers, but Simmons should get more defensive numbers and better rebounds, and have a higher usage. It is close, though.
So it would seem that Fultz to Philly is all but a formality now. How do you think that affects Simmons fantasy potential? next year and dynasty? I've got the #2 and #4 picks in our rookie draft and could potentially trade the #2 pick and Adams for Simmons. Looking to draft DSJ either way with the #4 pick. So basically do you think Ball is the better prospect than Simmons both now and in the future? Also, I already have Jrue and Wall at the point and only Draymond at SF so that's a factor for me. Thanks!