2017 NBA Mock Draft/D'Angelo Russell Trade

June 21, 2017 by Josh Lloyd

Josh reacts to the Los Angeles Lakers' decision to trade D'Angelo Russell and mocks the entire 2017 NBA Draft.

The only benefit I see with trading for PG and having Lopez expiring contract is that it seems, tell me if I'm wrong, that theoretically we could sign 2 max contracts after next year and extend PG and Lopez right? so we could theoretically have 4 max contract right? That being said I would I would only give 1 of those 2 picks and either randle or clarkson depending what we can draft. Do you think trading our 2 for Sac's 5 and 10 is a realistic possibility? I would love to have a crack at getting Smith and isaac.
Unless the Lakers trade for PG it's not guaranteed at all that he becomes a Laker. A lot can change in a year for him if he experiences a winning environment on another team. Trading 27, 28 and Clarkson or Randle (contract year) is worth it in my opinion. Cheers Josh.