2017 NBA Draft Review

June 23, 2017 by Josh Lloyd

Josh looks back on the 2017 NBA Draft, including the mega Jimmy Butler trade.

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I'll answer the $ question in your forum post.
Hey, I was wondering how the dollar $ value which you can find in rankings or projections page is calculated. I mean, what's the formula behind it? Thanks in advance.
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It would be really on brand for the Bulls to hold onto Rondo and start him over Dunn now. I'm not a Dunn fan, but there is no reason he shouldn't play as many minutes as possible next year.
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Just absolutely ludicrous decision making. They are going to be terrible, so maybe they can get a top 3 pick, but remember, they also won't don't have their second rounder, which could be as high as 31st. Idiots.
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Was waiting for your breakdown, Josh. Appreciate the work you did on this podcast. Although I'm not a CHI fan, am still confused with what the Bulls were doing at the draft. They traded Butler and felt the need include #16 as sweetener. Then gave away Bell to the world champs. smh.