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By thatch16 57m ago
0 votes
23.0h left
Isaac, Jordan bell or Jarrett Allen in keeper?
Settings: [10 Active = 3 r a s b fg% ft% fg ft to]
By nostraduckus 7.0h ago
4 votes
17.0h left
Who should fill Steph's shoes next week for 3's, AST's, STL's and efficiency?
Settings: [9 Active = p 3 r a s b fg% ft% 3%]
By kaisersozejan 7.8h ago
3 votes
16.2h left
Does Nerlens Noel play tonight?
Settings: [10 Active = p 3 r a s b fg% ft% 2d to]
100% (3)
By ummmiono 1.8d ago
12 votes
Poll Closed
I’m winning my match up this week. I have on streaming spot. Who should I stash? Already stashing John Wall.
By sawedoff 2.3d ago
3 votes
Poll Closed
Better stream tonite for Points?
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By cucopper 2.3d ago
8 votes
Poll Closed
Am I crazy to think about dropping Draymond for warm bodies like Aminu? In a tight semi-final this week (toss up on steals), and next week, I think Draymond will not play all 4 games due to this injury or rest or suspension.
Settings: [6 Active = r a s b fg% to, 3 Punted = p 3 ft%]
Drop Draymond
25% (2)
Hold Draymond
75% (6)
By mooner25 2.5d ago
9 votes
Poll Closed
Best big man to stream for points, boards, steals and blocks this last week?
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