Draft Kit for NBA 23-24

The Draft Kit is included with the Monster and Super Monster Memberships.

Draft Kit articles will be added throughout the pre-season.

Main Articles

Categorical Scarcity Sep 25 by Matt Smith
Dynasty: Rookie Draft Recap Sep 22 by Matt Smith 6
Matt's Sleepers, Busts and Breakouts Sep 20 by Matt Smith 12
Sleepers to Consider Sep 18 by Kyle McKeown 10

BBM fantasy analyst Kyle McKeown runs down his list of Sleepers to Consider drafting in standard and deeper leagues this season. 

The Backup Plan Sep 15 by Matt Smith 4
DURANT Sep 15 by Josh Lloyd 75

The DURANT ranking method. What is it, how does it work?

Drafting for Upside in Fantasy Basketball Sep 7 by Josh Lloyd 21

Exploring the Importance of Upside in Fantasy Basketball Drafts: This article delves into why upside is crucial when drafting your fantasy basketball team. Moving beyond the stress of early-round picks, it offers a detailed strategy for focusing on players who can significantly outperform their draft position. Through examining various draft rounds and possible outcomes for players, the article provides a nuanced approach to maximizing your draft's effectiveness.

Breakout Candidates Aug 31 by Kyle McKeown 9

Which players are walking into more opportunity this season and have the chance to breakout or at least take a step up in their fantasy value? Fantasy analyst Kyle McKeown takes a look through the league to talk about all the players he thought deserved a mention.  

Welcome (or Welcome Back) Aug 14 by Josh Lloyd