Chris Paul - LAC - G

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Draft2005 (Pick 4)
NBA Salary$22,868,827
Projection Updated1/17/2017
Injured - torn thumb ligament - Projected Return 3/9/2017

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1.0d ago Open link
Injured Injured (torn thumb ligament)
He will miss 6-8 weeks
1.8d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Monday vs OKC (sprained left thumb)
1.8d ago Open link
In the Locker Room In the Locker Room Monday vs OKC
11.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @SAC (hamstring)
Coach Rivers says Paul has no minutes restriction.
12.2d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @SAC (hamstring)
Coach Rivers said Paul will "most likely" play Friday at SAC.
21.3d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday @NOR (hamstring)
Coach Doc Rivers said that Paul will be a game-time decision Wednesday at NOR but that Paul is "probably doubtful" to play.
23.3d ago Open link
Injured Injured (hamstring)
Paul is out Monday but could play Wednesday.
23.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (hamstring)
He will miss the next two games
23.9d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @LAL (hamstring)
Late change, Paul is now out after being declared good to go
26.8d ago
Questionable to return Questionable to return Thursday vs SAS (hamstring)
He is in the locker room after what looked like he tweaked his hamstring
61.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @SAC (shoulder)
Paul is playing Friday at SAC.
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Tempted to throw out a super low offer like Brogdon or Tyreke for CP3. My playoffs start right at the 8-week mark. Are CP3's restrictions gonna hurt him too much to have for playoffs? I'm worried it'll be a waste of a roster spot
#62090 -- The 6-8 week time period puts CP3 back in action pretty much right with the start of your playoffs, so I'd keep him. I'd put CP3 in the IR and just hope Kristaps is back sooner than later. Since you're in a good spot in the standings, I would try to just weather the storm for now. I wouldn't drop CP3. If you're concerned about keeping him, I'd trade him. Someone will be intrigued by the prospect of having him in your league's playoffs.
Osteo21 -- They should both be picked up in most standard leagues. Rivers should provide slightly more threes and points, while Felton offers slightly more rebounds, assists, and steals. Until Blake Griffin returns in a couple weeks, both Rivers and Felton are worth rostering, but it's kind of a toss up as to who ends up with the better production. Felton will likely get more counting stats than Rivers, but Felton's usually poor FG% might turn some managers away from him.
#kylemckeown16 tied for 2nd with an 8 game lead over the 4th spot.
@kyle, who do you like more with cp out, felton or rivers?
#62090 -- Where are you in the standings?
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CP3 owner with 1 IR Spot, also own Porzingis currently also in and out of IR. My leagues playoffs start March 13th. (Up) to hold CP3, (Down) to drop to waivers?
Also wrong side of thirty and different hand injuries in the past.
6-8 weeks standard for this type of injury/surgery. Wouldn't expect him back before then.
Anyone have any ideas on if CP's injury is the type to keep him out full length or any chance he comes back ahead of schedule? Any known NBA history (besides current JR Smith) on injury timetable?
86% (7) agree 
Rivers (up) or terrence ross (down)
50% (2) agree 
back for my finals if thats right so I'm not as worried
75% (4) agree 
buy low on paul? no IR spot, only 3 bench spots but i am in first place
100% (2) agree 
damn, josh with the premonition
67% (15) agree 
Who is the primary beneficiary here? Felton (up) or Rivers (down)?
67% (3) agree 
Yeah. Sucks as a Clipper fan but watching him walk off the court kicking chairs and shaking his head to the trainer was enough to make me pull the trigger.
Agreed. I was certainly wrong in assuming it wasn't going to be serious
89% (9) agree 
That Chris Paul for John Wall trade is looking pretty good now...
100% (3) agree 
#15147 -- Rivers looks like he will stay in the starting lineup until Blake Griffin returns, regardless of whether Chris Paul is playing or not. Rivers should be rostered in most 10 and 12-team standard leagues right now. Felton will get big minutes if Paul is out, so he'll be a stream option then, too.
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So is Rivers the pickup or Felton, if CP3 misses time?
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X-rays negative, but that only tells us he didn't break a bone. It could turn out to something like JR Smith's injury, with torn ligaments. He is not out of the woods yet.
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It was the reaction that got me. Long time clipper fan. The playoffs last year still haunt me. He immediately walked off the court cussing and kicking things. A bad sprain could be a long recovery too especially since they are dinged up already. Figured Wall is about 95 cents on the dollar
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X rays already came back negative
25% (4) agree 
Panic set in after cp3 kicked the chair and left. Traded him for wall. Did I blow it? Or was it worth taking a slight discount. His reaction was the same as when he broke his hand in the playoffs so it made me nervous.
100% (1) agree 
I still think this is relatively minor. Doc said Paul would be playing if these were playoff games and they just want him at 100%. I don't think he's lying
it was considered minor earlier but now \ it become a bigger problem. and I really hate that coach gives totally wrong information. He wad doubtful to plan Wed but played and was told to play Friday but out. if you don't know just say it.. it's ok but please don't lie.
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Considering he was testing it in the lockeroom to try to play, I am hopeful it isn't too serious. Seemed like he would have tried to play if the game was a little closer
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Wow I literally just traded for him.. Hopefully it doesn't linger?
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A Lakers fan just offered me his Chris Paul for my D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Nick Young... LOL. No brainer accept right?
7% (27) agree 
ended up doing a monster trade Paul + Thompson + conley for Derozen + holiday + fournier + bledsoe up if won down if lost
90% (10) agree 
up - Paul Down Bledsoe/fournier
100% (3) agree 
Scott -- Even though it's a dynasty, I'd still take CP3 over Kyrie. The extra steals and assists from CP3 are too awesome to pass up in that trade, imo.
Dynasty L (30 tm/h2h) question: Kyrie or CP3, have a young team with some vets that's currently stacking up as a .500 team. I currently have Kyrie but CP3 seems attainable for him.
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Joey_B -- I agree completely with what @away0921 and @TreborG said.
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I agree with the previous comment. Would say that Paul will likely be considerably better than Embiid for at least one more season too, so it would for sure be a build for the future type deal. Me personally would probably keep Paul for now until we're more certain about Embiid's health. Will he be able to keep it up for a full season or will his injuries continue to bother him.
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@Joey_B it's not a crazy question, it depends on your circumstances. If you are in contention to win this year, than I absolutely would not trade CP3 for Embiid. If due to the rules of your league you'd realistically only be able to keep Embiid for 1 season, than i probably would make the deal either. But if you likely aren't competing for the title this year, and you would be able to keep Embiid for multiple seasons (assuming health of course), than I think it's a fine deal to make. I'd still try to get more out of the deal just because it never hurts to try, but I'd be ok dealing CP3 for Embiid in that scenario.
I hope this is not a crazy question, but it might be. Would you trade Chris Paul for Joel Embiid in a keeper league?
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Getting hurt in hyper intense playoff series when ur undermanned (kindly see Blake Griffins injury history) and operating at 250% is very different then knowing how to navigate an 82 game regular season. I've had Paul three years in a row now and while he's not an iron man like DeAndre hes not an auto red flag. The Clippers look angry as hell and this is looking like his best season. He's currently ranked 1 on Yahoo so if there ever was a time to trade him i Guess it would be now. But Ima just sit back and watch him single handedly win me assists and steals without hurting me in fg% or TOs. Talk about a #unicorn
I'll kindly suggest that you look in to CP3's injury history. Last year he broke his hand, it just so happened to be in April. The year prior was the first season in his 12 year career that he made it through a full 82 games. Prior to 2014/15 he's missed ample games during the fantasy season.
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You must be thinking of someone else...Chris Paul has missed 8 games total in the last two years...
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I would sell high, CP3 seems to bust a shoulder or knee just about every other season right around mid-point. Great time to cash in and get a great return on his value.
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I'll second this. I have CP3, Blake and JJ in a 16 team keeper and they are playing incredible team ball right now. CP3 on a per minute basis has easily been the top fantasy player, they're just blowing guys out so they all have less minutes. Chris looks absolutely dominant out there, in complete control.
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Gotta give some love to CP3. Dude has been unreal to start the year and the Clips are fun as hell to watch.
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Assuming Whiteside is already taken, who is the best player to pair with CP3 on the turnaround? 12 team league, 9 cat h2h
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1/16/2017OKCW 120 - 98Y-0.15LAC13:47823610.6005.00003025.4
Will not return
1/14/2017LALW 113 - 97Y0.75LAC30:3220251320.467151.00044231.1 
1/11/2017ORLW 105 - 96Y0.54LAC32:411817640.46213.83365327.8 
1/8/2017MIAW 98 - 86Y1.42LAC28:5219161820.63611.80051421.8 
1/6/2017@ SACW 106 - 98Y0.99LAC31:2614161230.6005.87583217.6 
1/4/2017MEMW 115 - 106LAC               
1/2/2017PHOW 109 - 98LAC               
12/31/2016@ OKCL 88 - 114LAC               
12/30/2016@ HOUL 116 - 140LAC               
12/28/2016@ NORL 98 - 102Y0.72LAC30:362128610.467151.00051324.1 
12/26/2016DENL 102 - 106LAC               
12/25/2016@ LALL 102 - 111LAC               
12/23/2016DALL 88 - 90LAC               
12/22/2016SASW 106 - 101Y0.72LAC23:231927620.54511.83362230.6
Questionable to return
He is in the locker room after what looked like he tweaked his hamstring
12/20/2016DENW 119 - 102Y0.60LAC26:2816281510.50014.00003130.1 
12/18/2016@ WASL 110 - 117Y-0.16LAC37:0213141220.40015.00013421.3 
12/16/2016@ MIAW 102 - 98Y-0.60LAC34:261715600.40015.66761324.9 
12/14/2016@ ORLW 113 - 108Y0.05LAC31:5316131010.5569.83364323.2 
12/12/2016PORW 121 - 120Y1.29LAC36:2521351420.500141.00042320.8 
12/10/2016NORW 133 - 105Y1.67LAC29:5020352030.50016.50020325.0 
12/7/2016GSWL 98 - 115Y0.01LAC32:101516510.50014.00002420.7 
12/4/2016INDL 102 - 111Y0.16LAC35:1218221110.5569.85775320.7 
12/2/2016@ NORW 114 - 96Y0.86LAC34:0017181310.545111.00042220.1 
12/1/2016@ CLEW 113 - 94Y0.79LAC24:521636910.455111.00030421.2 
11/29/2016@ BKNL 122 - 127Y1.02LAC44:30264101321.42326.00004229.6 
11/27/2016@ INDL 70 - 91Y-0.16LAC32:041304421.273111.00074126.5 
11/25/2016@ DETL 97 - 108Y-0.48LAC33:098131510.22291.00035422.4 
11/23/2016@ DALW 124 - 104Y1.50LAC25:381823440.600101.00040120.0 
11/21/2016TORW 123 - 115Y1.35LAC35:1626331220.571141.00074126.9 
11/19/2016CHIW 102 - 95Y0.30LAC34:131934820.50014.66734227.0 
11/18/2016@ SACW 121 - 115Y0.07LAC32:5911191230.20010.75083423.0 
11/16/2016MEML 107 - 111Y-0.04LAC33:45912650.27311.50042420.0 
11/14/2016BKNW 127 - 95Y2.35LAC25:052144950.727111.00011221.5 
11/12/2016@ MINW 119 - 105Y0.97LAC31:521934820.57171.00084220.5 
11/11/2016@ OKCW 110 - 108Y0.58LAC35:4717261010.357141.00050219.3 
11/9/2016PORW 111 - 80Y0.60LAC23:281934710.500141.00021230.4 
11/7/2016DETW 114 - 82Y2.07LAC24:342456821.80010.75040123.1 
11/5/2016@ SASW 116 - 92Y0.23LAC28:359081020.364111.00011219.4 
11/4/2016@ MEMW 99 - 88Y2.55LAC32:5527141162.37516.933151430.8 
11/2/2016OKCL 83 - 85Y1.22LAC32:4515211960.36411.83365123.9 
10/31/2016PHOW 116 - 98Y0.93LAC29:572425820.53315.85772428.6 
10/30/2016UTAW 88 - 75Y0.52LAC28:56913940.37581.00023118.8 
10/27/2016@ PORW 114 - 106Y0.64LAC33:152735510.47419.85771228.3 
4/13/2016@ PHOL 105 - 114LAC               
4/12/2016MEMW 110 - 84Y0.16LAC26:3112221320.44491.00025127.7 
4/10/2016DALW 98 - 91Y-0.26LAC35:145071110.200101.00010213.9 
4/8/2016@ UTAW 102 - 99LAC               
4/6/2016@ LALW 91 - 81Y0.09LAC24:261315800.500101.00021223.7 
4/5/2016LALW 103 - 81Y1.99LAC23:052524821.714141.00030130.9 
4/3/2016WASW 114 - 109Y0.83LAC32:4127131210.52619.85772231.7 
3/31/2016@ OKCL 117 - 119LAC               
3/30/2016@ MINW 99 - 79Y0.84LAC30:3120181610.375161.00072132.8 
3/28/2016BOSW 114 - 90Y0.32LAC26:1913141430.357141.00024232.6 
3/27/2016DENW 105 - 90Y0.25LAC25:531426911.36411.80052126.3 
3/24/2016PORW 96 - 94Y0.60LAC30:562505710.533151.00094232.1 
3/23/2016@ GSWL 98 - 114Y-0.77LAC35:211316810.25016.80053427.0 
3/20/2016@ NORL 105 - 109Y1.64LAC35:3124361340.35714.846131524.0 
3/19/2016@ MEML 102 - 113Y0.32LAC31:532533600.50014.88993232.4 
3/16/2016@ HOUW 122 - 106Y0.29LAC31:5315041620.38513.83363027.7 
3/15/2016@ SASL 87 - 108Y1.06LAC33:152214830.563161.00033131.8 
3/13/2016CLEL 90 - 114Y0.66LAC29:4817351020.455111.00044227.5 
3/11/2016NYKW 101 - 94Y0.84LAC33:5924441520.52917.50044130.2 
3/9/2016@ OKCL 108 - 120Y1.04LAC37:2612131651.333151.00013323.7 
3/7/2016@ DALW 109 - 90Y1.82LAC27:492724730.667181.00011331.5 
3/5/2016ATLL 97 - 107Y0.03LAC37:0117261110.375161.00034225.1 
3/2/2016OKCW 103 - 98Y0.85LAC39:4921141311.471171.00042422.0 
2/29/2016BKNW 105 - 95Y1.19LAC36:0823161220.533151.00063326.9 
2/26/2016@ SACW 117 - 107Y3.01LAC36:2040481320.650201.000102132.6 
2/24/2016DENL 81 - 87Y1.28LAC35:1317361040.429141.00022321.5 
2/22/2016PHOW 124 - 84Y1.01LAC26:4916121420.545111.00031320.8 
2/20/2016GSWL 112 - 115Y0.93LAC34:542437610.526191.00011224.4 
2/18/2016SASW 105 - 86Y1.54LAC36:5728351211.500181.00072227.9 
2/10/2016@ BOSL 134 - 139Y2.11LAC47:3835351331.61921.66792524.6 
2/8/2016@ PHIW 98 - 92Y0.29LAC39:391906740.27818.900103327.9 
2/7/2016@ MIAW 100 - 93Y-0.04LAC34:002222710.348231.00041235.8 
2/5/2016@ ORLW 107 - 93Y0.52LAC35:382114640.53315.80056329.1 
2/3/2016MINL 102 - 108Y1.05LAC35:442244820.429141.00062224.1 
1/31/2016CHIW 120 - 93Y0.54LAC32:331911720.500161.00021025.3 
1/29/2016LALW 105 - 93Y1.26LAC31:032731720.611181.00022132.0 
1/27/2016@ ATLW 85 - 83Y0.06LAC32:4911041030.333151.00012123.9 
1/26/2016@ INDW 91 - 89Y0.64LAC36:062646710.52421.00004332.2 
1/24/2016@ TORL 94 - 112Y0.90LAC31:0523341121.52917.66734433.7 
1/22/2016@ NYKW 116 - 88Y0.42LAC27:4016261310.400151.00022331.4 
1/21/2016@ CLEL 102 - 115Y1.66LAC33:313013931.579191.00074435.4 
1/18/2016HOUW 140 - 132Y2.37LAC42:3128561261.53315.77895424.8 
1/16/2016SACL 103 - 110Y-0.05LAC27:121534710.364111.00044525.7 
1/13/2016MIAW 104 - 90Y0.97LAC30:2815261241.35317.50021127.7 
1/10/2016NORW 114 - 111Y1.42LAC40:0025351131.55618.50042524.4 
1/9/2016CHAW 97 - 83Y1.06LAC31:132537721.57919.00005435.6 
1/6/2016@ PORW 109 - 98Y0.45LAC35:3521041910.47419.75043431.5 
1/2/2016PHIW 130 - 99Y0.40LAC26:0215151410.333121.00062228.7 
12/31/2015@ NORW 95 - 89Y-1.03LAC32:369051220.16718.75043030.1 
12/30/2015@ CHAW 122 - 117Y-0.01LAC30:1619051111.30813.917125236.5 
12/28/2015@ WASW 108 - 91Y0.11LAC27:272315700.450201.00042140.2 
12/26/2015@ UTAW 109 - 104Y0.90LAC35:3319121120.500141.00041421.8 
12/25/2015@ LALW 94 - 84Y1.18LAC34:552305630.579191.00011226.5 
12/21/2015OKCL 99 - 100Y1.98LAC35:5832451020.579191.00062329.7 
12/19/2015@ HOUL 97 - 107Y0.97LAC31:2212211070.23113.80052223.9 
12/18/2015@ SASL 107 - 115Y1.57LAC34:2227221030.57114.900102528.6 
12/16/2015MILW 103 - 90Y1.01LAC33:122136820.583121.00044125.2 
12/14/2015@ DETW 105 - 103Y-0.02LAC37:5813051220.375161.00013523.9 
12/12/2015@ BKNW 105 - 100Y0.46LAC31:1515021430.400151.00033228.2 
12/10/2015@ CHIL 80 - 83Y-1.06LAC30:491220510.31316.00004329.0 
12/9/2015@ MILW 109 - 95Y0.73LAC37:4818231800.538131.00022418.2 
12/7/2015@ MINW 110 - 106Y-0.07LAC31:381411540.357141.00035426.2 
12/5/2015ORLW 103 - 101LAC               
12/2/2015INDL 91 - 103LAC               
11/30/2015PORW 102 - 87Y-0.58LAC24:051003620.273111.00044127.7 
11/29/2015MINW 107 - 99Y0.10LAC31:332002900.583121.00064227.2 
11/27/2015NORW 111 - 90Y0.77LAC28:361715820.45511.85770121.5 
11/25/2015UTAL 91 - 102Y1.65LAC34:562425830.667151.00022324.4 
11/24/2015@ DENW 111 - 94Y0.84LAC28:0715021030.54511.75040120.5 
11/22/2015TORL 80 - 91Y0.19LAC33:2313151120.385131.00023523.8 
11/20/2015@ PORL 91 - 102Y-0.38LAC28:311112810.333121.00022323.2 
11/19/2015GSWL 117 - 124Y2.14LAC31:303554830.591221.00043236.6 
11/14/2015DETW 101 - 96LAC               
11/12/2015@ PHOL 104 - 118LAC               
11/11/2015@ DALL 108 - 118Y-0.82LAC34:3311111100.18211.85772220.0 
11/9/2015MEMW 94 - 92Y-0.53LAC32:401414410.40010.83364523.8 
11/7/2015HOUL 105 - 109LAC               
11/4/2015@ GSWL 108 - 112Y0.94LAC30:532413930.56316.71472429.5 
11/2/2015PHOW 102 - 96Y-0.42LAC30:471713510.467151.00025331.4 
10/31/2015SACW 114 - 109Y-0.38LAC38:2817161110.38513.75085223.9 
10/29/2015DALW 104 - 88Y-0.07LAC24:23913510.37581.00020116.2 
10/28/2015@ SACW 111 - 104Y0.52LAC36:3418151120.42914.83362122.3