Jordan Farmar

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Draft2006 (Pick 26)
StatusUnrestricted Free Agent  Unrestricted Free Agent -

Season Stats

   173-0.34Current SeasonLAL4122.310.
   224-0.47Last MonthLAL524.
   318-0.69Last WeekLAL423.
   155-0.29NBA 11-12BKN3921.310.
   400.10NBA Preseason 13LAL423.313.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment3/18/2014 3:21 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (4)All Lakers minutes/projections have been updated to account for the Farmar injury.
 Comment3/17/2014 10:08 PMbalogunad 0% (4)Any updates on his injury. Considering using a waiver request on him tonight.
 Injured3/17/2014 3:37 PMKoalaballa 100% (1)groin. out. marshall.
 Comment3/1/2014 12:13 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (1)It's not particularly likely. 30 is his ceiling because of the hamstring concerns, and Mike D says "Kendall will come back" and "whoever players better finishes the game." []
 Underrated3/1/2014 10:09 AMotisbirdsong 100% (2)With Blake gone, Nash out, and Marshall imploding, is 30 mpg out of the realm?
 Comment3/1/2014 9:02 AMj_diggs 100% (1)seems to be off his 20 mpg cap, thoughts?
 Comment2/28/2014 11:33 PMtomm0 100% (3)Having quite a game tonight
 Comment2/28/2014 3:47 PMfforney 0% (1)Whack projections- really? The guy is on a minutes restriction and can't stay healthy this year. Add in the Lakers have nothing to play for so they are getting a good look at all players
 Comment2/21/2014 9:25 PMthatch16 6% (18)What is up with your completely whack projections for him? 16 mpg? Really been disappointed in BBM this season....
 Comment12/28/2013 5:44 PMliam4 100% (1)Weekly projections seem reasonable, but rank 120 -- not a fantasy friendly game? Have him in 2 leagues but low steals, FG% don't help him.
 Comment12/25/2013 8:38 PMbrandonislegend 100% (4)biggest thing is he made some nice moves just didn't finish, also had huge minutes considering his struggles...can only get better.
 Comment12/25/2013 8:30 PMliam4 100% (1)No Christmas present tonight, bit rusty. Merry Christmas all
 Comment12/24/2013 3:25 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Yeah, just limited because it's his first game back. We have him at 26-28-30-30-32 over his next five games, then at 32 until Blake/Nash return.
 Comment12/24/2013 3:22 PMk-rok 0% (0)Active and projected to play 26 this just because its his first game or is this the projection going forward as well?
 Comment12/24/2013 2:13 PMmmcc1029 100% (4)Ultrasound showed hamstring comepletely healed, Merry Christmas Farmar owners!!!
 Comment12/22/2013 4:13 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Weekly Projections give you a good look at the medium-term projections.
 Comment12/22/2013 3:54 PMbrandonislegend 0% (0)how do I check that? Isn't Nash and Blake out until ATLEAST Feb? or did I read something wrong.
 Comment12/22/2013 3:53 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)His short-term projections are much more aggressive, with Blake and Nash known to be out. What we can't assume is that neither will never be back.
 Comment12/22/2013 3:22 PMbrandonislegend 50% (2)Are these projections accurate? Steve Nash and Blake seem like they will never be back and he is the starter for a while no?
 Comment12/19/2013 8:30 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)Marshall is merely a stopgap until Farmar returns. Farmar will be the undisputed starter when healthy; Marshall will back him up, Henry will play PG in a pinch but will return to backing up Meeks.
 Comment12/19/2013 8:20 PMpwhleung 0% (0)Lakers signed Kendall Marshall today...not that he has showed much so far in his career
 Comment12/19/2013 3:24 PMbolt 100% (2)Nash out another month, Kobe out 6 weeks..I'd hold Farmar
 Comment12/19/2013 4:24 AMfac541 0% (0)Small injury setback, wondering if I should pick up Wroten while he's on waivers....
 Comment12/16/2013 6:28 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Just added to Status Updates page: could return as soon as Friday, and almost certainly as a starter. Good speculative add in deeper formats.
 Comment12/13/2013 6:56 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Might is a good word to use, because it depends on his health, Nash's health, and D'Antoni's rotation. Things certainly could line up for him right, though, particularly with Nash so doubtful.
 Comment12/13/2013 5:55 PMmhubes 0% (0)So does Farmar get a bump? Might have a starting pg job and 25-30 mins pretty soon. Can't trust Nash to play much, wouldn't be shocked if Blake was out much longer than 6 weeks.
 Comment10/30/2013 10:10 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)The one to pay attention to for our purposes is clearly Farmar, even if he's not dominating the minutes. Farmar worth the BN spot with Nash complaining after the game.
 Comment10/30/2013 8:41 AM#29652 0% (0)who is primary beneficiary of nash DNPs? blake or farmar?
 Comment10/30/2013 3:34 AMsrelizalde 100% (1)Will Farmar keep his great start going? Nash not looking good.
 Underrated10/30/2013 1:46 AMAlphaBlitzer 50% (2)D'Antoni + Nash + Kobe = perfect storm.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014@ SAS113 - 100 (+13)-0.61LAL20:2810226000.364110.000021
4/14/2014@ UTA119 - 104 (+15)-0.90LAL21:594016000.16761.000211
4/13/2014MEM90 - 102 (-12)-1.36LAL24:275137000.200100.000041
4/11/2014GSW95 - 112 (-17)-0.64LAL28:539233300.273110.500240
4/8/2014HOU130 - 145 (-15)1.10LAL26:3315258320.500101.000340
4/6/2014@ LAC LAL             
4/4/2014DAL LAL             
4/2/2014@ SAC LAL             
4/1/2014POR LAL             
3/30/2014PHO LAL             
3/28/2014@ MIN LAL             
3/27/2014@ MIL LAL             
3/25/2014NYK LAL             
3/23/2014ORL LAL             
3/21/2014WAS LAL             
3/19/2014SAS LAL             
3/14/2014@ SAS85 - 119 (-34)-0.54LAL20:057121100.33390.000002
3/13/2014@ OKC102 - 131 (-29)-0.47LAL25:5513323100.44490.500422
3/9/2014OKC114 - 110 (+4)-0.50LAL20:5412303100.44490.333312
3/7/2014@ DEN126 - 134 (-8)1.08LAL21:2324424210.571141.000442
3/6/2014LAC94 - 142 (-48)-1.48LAL21:104103000.20050.500232
3/4/2014NOR125 - 132 (-7)0.86LAL26:0520218100.583121.000415
3/3/2014@ POR107 - 106 (+1)-0.30LAL22:109106200.44490.000033
2/28/2014SAC126 - 122 (+4)1.75LAL28:4830807100.643140.800512
2/26/2014@ MEM103 - 108 (-5)0.46LAL23:5316413210.500120.000031
2/25/2014@ IND98 - 118 (-20)-0.43LAL21:145127100.28670.000011
2/23/2014BKN102 - 108 (-6)-0.67LAL24:393114200.16760.000022
2/21/2014BOS101 - 92 (+9)-0.73LAL25:138234000.33390.000021
2/19/2014HOU108 - 134 (-26)-0.89LAL19:399334000.50060.000061
2/13/2014OKC LAL             
2/11/2014UTA LAL             
2/9/2014CHI LAL             
2/7/2014@ PHI LAL             
2/5/2014@ CLE119 - 108 (+11)Y0.88LAL33:2021518200.533150.000033
2/4/2014@ MIN LAL             
1/31/2014CHA LAL             
1/28/2014IND LAL             
1/26/2014@ NYK LAL             
1/24/2014@ ORL LAL             
1/23/2014@ MIA LAL             
1/20/2014@ CHI LAL             
1/19/2014@ TOR LAL             
1/17/2014@ BOS LAL             
1/15/2014@ PHO LAL             
1/14/2014CLE LAL             
1/10/2014@ LAC LAL             
1/8/2014@ HOU LAL             
1/7/2014@ DAL LAL             
1/5/2014DEN LAL             
1/3/2014UTA LAL             
12/31/2013MIL79 - 94 (-15)Y-1.06LAL20:070047000.00050.000011
12/29/2013PHI104 - 111 (-7)Y-0.91LAL30:228138100.273110.500233
12/27/2013@ UTA103 - 105 (-2)Y0.45LAL31:4316177300.462130.750431
12/25/2013MIA95 - 101 (-6)Y-1.80LAL32:303052000.14370.500241
12/23/2013@ PHO LAL             
12/21/2013@ GSW LAL             
12/20/2013MIN LAL             
12/17/2013@ MEM LAL             
12/16/2013@ ATL LAL             
12/14/2013@ CHA LAL             
12/13/2013@ OKC LAL             
12/10/2013PHO LAL             
12/8/2013TOR LAL             
12/6/2013@ SAC LAL             
12/1/2013POR108 - 114 (-6)-0.68LAL0:560001100.00000.000000
11/29/2013@ DET106 - 102 (+4)-0.68LAL24:0313253100.455110.333331
11/27/2013@ BKN99 - 94 (+5)1.12LAL21:5015543220.55690.000021
11/26/2013@ WAS111 - 116 (-5)1.11LAL26:0522328100.818110.500214
11/24/2013SAC100 - 86 (+14)0.10LAL17:029123200.37581.000201
11/22/2013GSW102 - 95 (+7)0.65LAL19:0214228010.66790.000001
11/17/2013DET114 - 99 (+15)-0.61LAL12:536025000.50060.000012
11/15/2013MEM86 - 89 (-3)-1.48LAL14:510006000.00040.000032
11/13/2013@ DEN99 - 111 (-12)-1.31LAL14:141011000.00041.000110
11/12/2013NOR116 - 95 (+21)-0.07LAL20:339178010.44490.000021
11/10/2013MIN90 - 113 (-23)-1.34LAL14:244010100.14371.000230
11/8/2013@ NOR85 - 96 (-11)-0.88LAL22:3910042000.33391.000432
11/7/2013@ HOU99 - 98 (+1)-0.33LAL20:0111157100.417120.000034
11/5/2013@ DAL104 - 123 (-19)-0.36LAL24:1411237000.37581.000331
11/3/2013ATL105 - 103 (+2)-0.79LAL18:505153200.25080.000041
11/1/2013SAS85 - 91 (-6)-0.61LAL16:227134000.50060.000020
10/30/2013@ GSW94 - 125 (-31)-0.77LAL25:3512135000.385131.000131
10/29/2013LAC116 - 103 (+13)-0.14LAL27:1616246100.600100.500435