Mike Conley - MEM - G

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Draft2007 (Pick 4)
NBA Salary$26,540,100
Projection Updated4/28/2017

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144.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday @SAC (toe)
He'll be a game-time decision. He will test his injury and try to play.
159.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs SAC (back)
Conley will be on a minutes restriction (based on his pain tolerance) Friday vs SAC.
159.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs SAC (back)
He went through Friday's shootaround and said "Hopefully I'll be able to play."
160.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (back)
Conley could return as early as this weekend.
176.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (back)
Conley is expected to miss 6 weeks and will be re-evaluated in a month.
176.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (back)
Conley is out indefinitely with a transverse process fracture in the vertebrae.
177.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @TOR (back)
Conley is questionable Wednesday at TOR. He will be re-evaluated Tuesday after failing to finish Monday's game with a back injury.
177.4d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Monday vs CHA (back)
Conley will not return Monday vs CHA.
177.4d ago Open link
Questionable to return Questionable to return Monday vs CHA (back)
Conley is questionable to return Monday vs CHA. He was wincing in pain after a hit to the back. Headed to the locker room
180.5d ago Open link
Note Note (rest)
Conley is not starting but is expected to play Friday.
186.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday vs MIN (achilles)
Conley is playing Saturday vs MIN.
186.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs MIN (achilles)
Conley is listed as questionable Saturday vs MIN. One of the team's beat writers has suggested that whenever Conley tweets out "#gamedayfocus" that he will play. That suggestion has merit. Conley has tweeted that hashtag on every day that he's played, but he did not tweet it on 11/1 when he sat out for rest. Conley tweeted Saturday, so it appears he should play even though the team has him listed as questionable. Don't rely on this report entirely, but he could be considered "playing".
187.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @DAL (right quad contusion)
Conley is playing Friday at DAL.
187.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @DAL (right quad contusion)
Conley is listed as probable Friday at DAL. One of the team's beat writers has suggested that whenever Conley tweets out "#gamedayfocus" that he will play. That suggestion has merit. Conley has tweeted that hashtag on every day that he's played, but he did not tweet it on 11/1 when he sat out for rest. Conley tweeted Friday, so it appears he should play even though the team has him listed as probable. Don't rely on this report entirely, but he could be considered "playing".
188.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @DAL (right quad contusion)
Conley is probable Friday at DAL.
191.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @UTA (hamstring)
Conley is playing Monday at UTA.
191.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @UTA (hamstring)
Conley is questionable Monday at UTA. One of the team's beat writers has suggested that whenever Conley tweets out "#gamedayfocus" that he will play. This suggestion does have some merit. Conley has tweeted that hashtag on every day that he's played, but he did not tweet it on 11/1 when he sat out for rest. Conley tweeted Monday, so it appears he should play even though the team has him listed as questionable. Don't rely on this report entirely, but he could be considered "probable".
193.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @MIL (hamstring)
Conley is playing Saturday at MIL.
193.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Saturday @MIL (hamstring)
Conley is probable Saturday at MIL. One of the team's beat writers has suggested that whenever Conley tweets out "#gamedayfocus" that he will play. This suggestion does have some merit. Conley has tweeted that hashtag on every day that he's played, but he did not tweet it on 11/1 when he sat out for rest. Conley tweeted Saturday, so it appears he should play even though the team has him listed as probable.
197.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs DEN (hamstring)
Conley is playing Tuesday vs DEN.
197.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday vs DEN (hamstring)
Conley is probable Tuesday vs DEN. One of the team's beat writers has suggested that whenever Conley tweets out "#gamedayfocus" that he will play. This suggestion does have some merit. Conley has tweeted that hashtag on everyday he's played, but he did not tweet it on 11/1 when he sat out for rest.
198.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday vs DEN (hamstring)
Conley is questionable Tuesday vs DEN.
199.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday vs POR (left achilles)
Conley is playing Sunday vs POR.
200.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday vs POR (left achilles)
Conley is questionable Sunday vs POR.
203.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs NOR (rest)
Conley missed last game and is playing Wednesday vs NOR.
203.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs NOR (rest)
Conley missed last game and is probable Wednesday vs NOR. He is expected to play Wednesday after sitting out the first game of the Grizzlies' back-to-back set Tuesday.
204.5d ago
Out Out Tuesday @MIN (rest)
Conley is out Tuesday at MIN.
204.6d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @MIN (rest)
Conley is out Tuesday at MIN.
205.6d ago
Note Note (b2b - possible minutes restriction)
Conley may have a minutes restriction either Tuesday or Wednesday as the Grizzlies have a back to back set, and he was restricted in one game across the weekend
208.8d ago Open link
Note Note (minutes restriction on b2b sat and sun)
Conley will have a tighter minutes restriction in the Grizzlies' B2B set Saturday and Sunday.
80% (10) agree 
Punt AST & STL build. Conley (UP) Oladipo (DOWN) Who you got?
Baldwin got called up. Does this mean Conley will miss some games?
0% (3) agree 
I got Curry recently in a trade, but now my Punt Rebs & Blks build doesnt value Porzingis as highly. Should I trade him for Conley straight up?
50% (2) agree 
There's a position limit of 3. I sent multiple trade offers out so I wont have to drop one for nothing. I sent out Russell for Fournier, was countered with my Russell and Gobert for Fournier and B Lopez. Its a points league, do I ACCEPT this offer or DROP Russell for nothing
i have the same issue have to drop a PG. We have PG/SG/SF/PF/C/G/F/PF-C/UTIL. This leaves only 3 positions i can play PG only player (PG, G, UTIL). Conley, Dragic, Bledsoe are the main guys i run there. so now ill have to drop deron williams or elfrid payton. already have the sitatuion sunday were its not a full day but i have guards on the bench because i cant get them in.
100% (1) agree 
Why do you have to drop a PG? Is there a position limit of 3 PGs?None of those guys are droppable unless you league is 6 teams deep.
Someone in league dropped Conley when he 1st got hurt, I picked him up and had him stashed in my IR spot. Now he's back, I need to drop 1 of my pgs, can only hold 3. I have J Holiday, Lavine, D Russell. Leaning towards dropping Russell, thoughts?
89% (9) agree 
I just got offered Conley for my Jrue Holiday in a punt rebs and blocks build. What do you guys think? Conley (UP) Holiday (DOWN)
100% (4) agree 
Conley is a gamer
Just read the comments here on him. This was somewhat expected. Football players have come back in a week from this injury. It is not the same sport and use of the back but some MDs said it is just a matter o fpain tolerance.
Any idea how he goes from being out 6-8 weeks to playing only 3 weeks later? Thats wild.
69% (16) agree 
Im doing pretty terribly in my league. Someone offered to pick Conley up and trade him to me for Avery Bradley. Up to take him and risk him staying injured, and down to stay with Bradley
7% (15) agree 
Up - Dragic Down - Conley
It's happening, boys. According to Woj himself, could return before the end of December.
I'm not getting my hopes up until Mr. Conley actually steps on the court.
0% (3) agree 
As said before, many athletes have come back from this injury quickly. Seems like Conley is one of them :D
Chris Smith
50% (2) agree 
Just read a report that Conley is going to be back much much sooner than expected... I'm afraid him playing at less than 100% could put a damper on his potential value this year.
100% (1) agree 
Wow this hurts me badly! I have him in both of my money leagues. What's worse is I already have Noel & Gary Harris on IR, grrrr.... Hopefully the quicker projected recovery times is correct :-)
As Nate Duncan mentioned on today's pod, the football comparisons to Conley's injury are meaningless. I guess MEM has done some really dumb things with injuries (Gasol last yr), but it would be a massive risk to hurry him back. I see no reason to be optimistic about him beating the 6-8 wks.
http://instreetclothes.com/2016/11/29/understanding-mike-conleys-fractured-transverse-process/ "History suggests a quicker return to action is possible. Transverse process fractures in the NBA are not unheard of with multiple players including Jason Thompson and Hedo Turkoglu suffering the injury in recent seasons. These players, along with others, missed an average of 6.5 games or roughly two to three weeks. A cross-sport comparison also suggests a quicker recovery time with NFL quarterbacks Tony Romo and Cam Newton each returning to action two weeks after sustaining the injury during the 2014 season. Still every injury is, and should be, handled on an individual basis and look for the respected Memphis medical staff to provide Conley with ample time to recover."
100% (8) agree 
He took a knee to the back. It's not like he reinjured a previous injury. It was a total fluke that could have happened to anyone.
100% (2) agree 
https://twitter.com/ProFootballDoc/status/803709385524420608 To clarify, believe #MikeConley could play in 2-4 weeks but may need 6-8 wks to be 100%. Point Guard harder than QB.
100% (2) agree 
https://twitter.com/ProFootballDoc/status/803697663350685696 #MikeConley Bad news: spine fracture Good news: not structural, doesn't need to heal. Return based on pain, 2-4 wks.
100% (1) agree 
Broken back. Yikes. Someone just dropped Frazier. I guess I'll put in a claim and hope he can hold decnet value once tyreke is back.
down for 6-8 weeks as per bleacher report but BBM projected return is only at 12/31. When will really he be back?
57% (7) agree 
Up for Harrison, down for Tony Allen for value while Conley is out.
100% (1) agree 
I traded for him yesterday. Gave up Kyrie in a punt points build. Felt like I totally fleeced the other guy with the other pieces I got. Fantasy bad beat.
Chris Smith
100% (1) agree 
i definitely wouldn't drop him if you can help it. If your team is in solid playoff position and you think you can maintain a playoff spot he's definitely a hold imo. If you are in the middle of the pack and you think this will cost you the playoffs then I would try and trade him first at reduced value before dropping. I'd consider targeting Tim Frazier/J Holiday, G Dragic, D Rose, M Ellis. Maybe one of the top teams in your league would consider taking him on and you can get a semi decent player in return.
So a quick literature search shows that isolated transverse process fractures are typically neurologically and structurally stable, so hopefully Conley can come back within the 4-6 weeks timeframe. (http://www.worldneurosurgery.org/article/S1878-8750(16)30693-3/abstract)
80% (5) agree 
Ugh...i traded for conley and dirk 2.5 weeks ago. gave up oladipo and booker. wow, that trade couldn't have gone any worse.
100% (1) agree 
0% (5) agree 
Gotta drop him in 12team leagues without IR spot right? :\
100% (5) agree 
Wonder if they'll give Phoenix a call and check on Brandon Knight's asking price
Yeah grizz are in trouble and don't even have their pick this year. Rio time? Reported a couple weeks ago he should be cleared to play by early december...
100% (16) agree 
Somewhere in a forest.....Mario Chalmers lifts his head, as if he senses something is amiss in the universe
100% (1) agree 
This is really rough for the Grizzlies. They just made him the highest paid player ever and they just don't have a backup plan for something like this. I think it's likely they will add somebody via trade/free agent. Parsons will handle the ball a lot when/if he's back to 100%
baldwin isnt very good. many they will sign some??
Right now MEM has Harrison, Baldwin, Troy Williams, Tony Allen, and Troy Daniels available as guards....ANY of these guys worth a pickup? Jeez this is sad
Harrison has been bad. There is no strong PG pick up. Tony Allen will likely play more, but we know who TA is at this point. Baldwin has more upside.
I don't think there is an instant pick up with this news, right?
who is the pickup with conley out?
Right.....so how bad is this injury?
100% (1) agree 
Please not be anything serious. Fingers crossed.
0% (19) agree 
Do you think Conley is a liability for weekly H2H 9cat lineups? Having a heated conversation with a mate - I'm saying he's a lot better than Gordon Hayward and he sees Conley as an injured mess. Upvote for Conley being a liability, downvote for him being fine.
I would not. I obviously had pretty high hopes for him coming into the season, and so far he has exceeded them, but I don't think a massive drop off is coming
0% (3) agree 
Massive line. Sell high?
100% (1) agree 
Regarding the steals, his steals had dropped because Dave Joerger coached a more passive defensive system, whereas Fizdale showed and has stated he wants to get aggressive. In his last five games, Conley is averaging 2.0 steals per game after a slow start, where he didn't get a steal in the first three games
Memphis injury news is up there with the worst in the league
100% (2) agree 
lmao that status update talking about his tweets makes me happy I don't do DFS.
50% (2) agree 
His projection of 1.6 stls/g seems overly optimistic, given he hasn't averaged that number since the 13-14 season (at 1.5 stls) and that he plays with minute restrictions on B2B games. 1.2 or 1.3 feels more realistic.
Unfortunately, we only allowed to move '17 and '18 picks this year. So the pick and Ulis aren't worth the cap hit?
Get his 2019 1st rounder as well, that 12M difference in the 4th year is huge. Tyler Ulis might not be in the league during that time as well.
Guys, I am in a 30-team salary dynasty league, and I have been offered the following deal for Mike Conley: Kevin Love $ 27,611 $ 29,681 $ 31,907 $ 34,301 Tyler Ulis $ 864 $ 903 $ 944 $ 1,703 '17 CLE 1st Round Draft Pick **Cleveland is one of the better teams in the Easter Conference; should be in the mid-to-high 20s** for my Mike Conley $ 27,995 $ 25,895 $ 23,953 $ 22,157 As you can see, there won't be much of a cap difference this year. However, Conley's deal is front-loaded, and Love's is back-loaded; there's a huge discrepancy in money in the third and fourth year of both deals. So is Ulis and the extra 1st rounder enough of a sweetener to take on Love? Is Love the better player to own over Conley moving forward, or should I keep Conley?
In a weekly lock league, punt PTS, would you rather roll with Conley v DEN @ MIL or Dellevedova v NO v MEM. Both have 2 games, but there has been a lot of chatter RE: Conley's lower body.
The back to back restrictions may last all year. But beyond that he doesn't have any minutes restrictions. He logged 37 minutes a few nights ago and he may end up playing that many tonight as well .
Any insight into how long Conley's minutes restriction and B2Bs limit will last? I imagine this won't last too long, but I'm trying to decide if it's worth trying to trade him for someone more consistent.
The only positive thing from this rest is that they got blown out. I think, they are just easing Conley (and Gasol) since he is coming from an injury from last season.
100% (3) agree 
Good decision to rest Conley and Gasol. Only lost by over 30 points to 0-2 Minnesota!
100% (1) agree 
I can't see them shortening the season. That would mean surrendering so much tv/ticket revenue
I think Kevin Pelton did some research on it last year as well. Might push the league towards a shorter season if it continues/becomes more popular. I mean it's understandable and is science-based, especially for a team like MEM that was decimated last year and gave Conley such a huge contract, but it's definitely not good for general public perception.
I'm sure there is significant research, a lot that came to light in that Tom Haberstroh article last last season. It's going to be happening a bit I feel
I'm curious about the trend. A lot of teams are more heavily going towards strategies of resting players. I wonder what kind of research exists on this. As in how many wins is this expected to add towards the end of the season
100% (2) agree 
I'm pretty supportive of teams resting players but for a team that could very well be on the edge of not making the playoffs and don't own their pick this seems pretty risky...
100% (13) agree 
also not exactly a constructive comment. comments re: projections are most useful when they actually address specifics. if I want empty attacks and snark there's plenty of that on other forums. sticking to data and generally being respectful is what makes BBM so great...
100% (3) agree 
It's only been two games.
17% (12) agree 
15th? 1.9 steals? lmao
I'm much less concerned with Conley than Lopez. Very different situations and I don't think they'll continue the resting all year. I'm buying...
100% (1) agree 
Owning both Conley and Lopez will be the death of me this year
They are going to limit his and Gasol minutes in back to backs to star the year.
What happened to him? Only played 6 minutes the entire first half.
100% (2) agree 
Josh, are there any other players that changed significantly within the last few days? Thanks!
100% (4) agree 
I've been doing a lot of reading on Memphis and I believe the steals are real. They are playing at an increased pace but Fizdale has them focused on forcing turnovers and we know Conley has this ability. The drop in his steals coincided with Joerger taking over so it seems to be a scheme rather than a talent issue
100% (1) agree 
Not banking on his steals going back to 2.2 per36, after 3 straight seasons of sub 1.6 per36, but I hope you're right as he's definitely a target of mine.
Do preseason steals project well to the regular season in general?
100% (2) agree 
Interesting. I won't be taking him anywhere in the first 2 rounds, but he could be a nice target after that.
Big bump in steals
Looks like both his assists and steals projections have increased, perhaps reflecting his play in the preseason so far. Conley is a nice player to target this year.
what was added to his projection on 10/21? Hes suddenly jumped into top 15 rank for me.
He's battled lower limb injuries the last couple of seasons - Achilles, ankles, that's why he is low 70s
Was the 71 game projection mainly due to his Achilles injury last year?
Yes I do think that's part of it as well as increased tempo
Anyone been watching Conley play this preseason? Think his steals are up because he's getting more freedom with the new coaching staff?
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4/27/2017SASL 96 - 103Y0.23MEM44:542632510.38918.900102428.1 
4/25/2017@ SASL 103 - 116Y1.61MEM35:162622641.58817.80052131.4 
4/22/2017SASW 110 - 108Y1.10MEM41:523549810.56523.71473331.9 
4/20/2017SASW 105 - 94Y0.54MEM34:022421800.538131.00082028.7 
4/17/2017@ SASL 82 - 96Y0.65MEM37:322441811.44418.80051127.2 
4/15/2017@ SASL 82 - 111Y0.34MEM30:011325731.35714.50022228.4 
4/12/2017DALL 93 - 100Y0.08MEM17:181522210.5569.75040027.8 
4/9/2017DETL 90 - 103Y-0.09MEM23:241512310.6258.80052326.5 
4/7/2017NYKW 101 - 88Y1.57MEM33:433173610.70617.00003029.9 
4/5/2017OKCL 100 - 103MEM               
4/4/2017@ SASL 89 - 95Y-0.04MEM32:551922620.471171.00015332.3
Will not return
4/2/2017@ LALL 103 - 108Y0.91MEM35:4420431211.353171.00040325.1 
3/31/2017DALW 99 - 90Y0.95MEM34:162825611.53315.909113333.0 
3/29/2017INDW 110 - 97Y2.78MEM37:573673640.619211.00031128.6 
3/27/2017@ SACL 90 - 91Y-0.66MEM40:062213900.34823.83362129.8 
3/26/2017@ GSWL 94 - 106Y0.71MEM36:342941610.600151.00076129.5 
3/23/2017@ SASL 90 - 97Y-0.35MEM36:032212600.389181.00073232.4 
3/21/2017@ NORL 82 - 95Y-0.33MEM31:121626300.429141.00022225.7 
3/18/2017SASW 104 - 96Y0.70MEM35:511937621.41712.85773024.2 
3/16/2017@ ATLW 103 - 91Y0.23MEM33:2722141210.40020.83361130.7 
3/15/2017@ CHIW 98 - 91Y1.46MEM36:092759710.667121.00064323.8 
3/13/2017MILW 113 - 93Y0.77MEM36:1820311030.50014.75043324.8 
3/11/2017ATLL 90 - 107Y0.91MEM31:541611550.417121.00053222.9 
3/9/2017LACL 98 - 114Y-0.72MEM35:481303410.214141.00072224.9 
3/6/2017BKNL 109 - 122Y0.79MEM39:083233610.60015.786142525.9 
3/4/2017@ HOUL 108 - 123Y0.97MEM38:542326721.471171.00053423.1 
3/3/2017@ DALL 100 - 104Y1.07MEM35:503032410.60015.900101426.8 
2/28/2017PHOW 130 - 112Y0.55MEM39:132933800.52619.75080225.5 
2/26/2017@ DENW 105 - 98Y1.14MEM35:273154520.56316.727111128.3 
2/24/2017@ INDL 92 - 102Y-1.18MEM32:071005700.5569.00041216.7 
2/15/2017NORL 91 - 95Y-1.08MEM32:501732401.31316.66764128.5 
2/13/2017@ BKNW 112 - 103Y1.22MEM37:193221610.62516.909111328.2 
2/10/2017GSWL 107 - 122Y1.04MEM33:242045930.375161.00042023.5 
2/8/2017PHOW 110 - 91Y0.98MEM30:512340520.700101.00054323.1 
2/6/2017SASW 89 - 74Y0.34MEM35:291212921.300101.00052018.5 
2/4/2017@ MINW 107 - 99Y-0.86MEM36:262003800.31316.833123231.0 
2/3/2017@ OKCL 102 - 114Y-0.21MEM34:251811230.43816.60052027.2 
2/1/2017@ DENW 119 - 99Y0.34MEM26:411824510.500141.00021125.7 
1/30/2017@ PHOW 115 - 96Y2.50MEM32:483876920.66718.87582231.4 
1/28/2017@ UTAW 102 - 95Y1.24MEM28:172333320.643141.00020228.0 
1/27/2017@ PORL 109 - 112Y-0.43MEM35:3117331010.31316.80054029.0 
1/25/2017TORW 101 - 99Y-0.76MEM35:541113510.250161.00021124.0 
1/21/2017HOUL 95 - 119Y-0.44MEM34:361534600.35317.00001122.0 
1/20/2017SACW 107 - 91Y0.55MEM34:011628820.462131.00023221.9 
1/18/2017@ WASL 101 - 104Y-0.58MEM30:352023600.38513.88995230.9 
1/15/2017CHIL 104 - 108Y1.44MEM36:302835820.529171.00072326.7 
1/13/2017@ HOUW 110 - 105Y0.53MEM38:411726921.500141.00015221.8 
1/11/2017@ OKCL 95 - 103Y0.26MEM36:272234630.40020.60052228.9 
1/8/2017UTAW 88 - 79Y-0.18MEM34:441912910.44418.66732529.8 
1/6/2017@ GSWW 128 - 119Y0.89MEM40:5427341210.52619.80052124.4 
1/4/2017@ LACL 106 - 115Y-0.44MEM36:0617171200.31316.85773527.1 
1/3/2017@ LALL 102 - 116Y-0.13MEM32:092131400.438161.00042128.9 
12/31/2016@ SACW 112 - 98Y0.50MEM29:182238301.72711.60052025.7 
12/29/2016OKCW 114 - 80MEM               
12/27/2016@ BOSL 103 - 113MEM               
12/26/2016@ ORLL 102 - 112Y-0.04MEM26:321702400.75081.00053124.9 
12/23/2016HOUW 115 - 109Y0.62MEM28:522433510.52917.75040130.1 
12/21/2016@ DETW 98 - 86Y0.01MEM23:31935420.30010.00001422.2 
12/20/2016BOSL 109 - 112Y-0.15MEM35:511935820.37516.66764328.2 
12/18/2016UTAL 73 - 82Y-1.11MEM28:331410410.18816.77890129.6 
12/16/2016SACL 92 - 96Y-0.30MEM28:39803621.2867.80053119.1 
12/14/2016CLEW 93 - 85MEM               
12/13/2016@ CLEL 86 - 103MEM               
12/10/2016GSWW 110 - 89MEM               
12/8/2016PORW 88 - 86MEM               
12/6/2016PHIW 96 - 91MEM               
12/5/2016@ NORW 110 - 108MEM               
12/3/2016LALW 103 - 100MEM               
12/1/2016ORLW 95 - 94MEM               
11/30/2016@ TORL 105 - 120MEM               
11/28/2016CHAL 85 - 104Y0.51MEM20:031421520.54511.00000224.6
Will not return
Conley will not return Monday vs CHA.
11/26/2016@ MIAW 110 - 107Y0.38MEM34:202123700.462131.00071025.7 
11/25/2016MIAL 81 - 90-0.28MEM22:521614311.333151.00053138.4 
11/23/2016@ PHIW 104 - 99Y0.25MEM45:062539920.35020.800104229.3 
11/21/2016@ CHAW 105 - 90Y1.65MEM36:373154230.524211.00041330.4 
11/19/2016MINW 93 - 71Y0.36MEM33:321314312.33391.00061117.3 
11/18/2016@ DALW 80 - 64Y-0.07MEM28:31814312.28671.00032217.9 
11/16/2016@ LACW 111 - 107Y2.12MEM37:493075830.75012.83364221.9 
11/14/2016@ UTAW 102 - 96Y0.53MEM30:401823710.500141.00020022.2 
11/12/2016@ MILL 96 - 106Y-0.21MEM30:041515310.300101.00083126.5 
11/8/2016DENW 108 - 107Y-0.28MEM30:051003750.26715.50043129.2 
11/6/2016PORL 94 - 100Y0.93MEM30:371614722.455111.00052121.9 
11/4/2016LACL 88 - 99Y1.46MEM37:1330721012.45020.71470226.5 
11/2/2016NORW 89 - 83Y-0.19MEM38:162021310.429141.00064123.5 
11/1/2016@ MINL 80 - 116MEM               
10/30/2016WASW 112 - 103Y0.00MEM37:3824341100.421191.00055232.3 
10/29/2016@ NYKL 104 - 111Y-0.97MEM23:361105500.4449.75044227.0 
10/26/2016MINW 102 - 98Y0.42MEM29:392441401.57114.80052527.9 
4/13/2016@ GSWL 104 - 125MEM               
4/12/2016@ LACL 84 - 110MEM               
4/9/2016GSWL 99 - 100MEM               
4/8/2016@ DALL 93 - 103MEM               
4/5/2016CHIW 108 - 92MEM               
4/3/2016@ ORLL 107 - 119MEM               
4/1/2016TORL 95 - 99MEM               
3/30/2016DENL 105 - 109MEM               
3/28/2016SASL 87 - 101MEM               
3/25/2016@ SASL 104 - 110MEM               
3/22/2016@ LALL 100 - 107MEM               
3/21/2016@ PHOW 103 - 97MEM               
3/19/2016LACW 113 - 102MEM               
3/17/2016@ MILL 86 - 96MEM               
3/16/2016MINL 108 - 114MEM               
3/14/2016@ HOUL 81 - 130MEM               
3/12/2016@ ATLL 83 - 95MEM               
3/11/2016NORW 121 - 114MEM               
3/9/2016@ BOSL 96 - 116MEM               
3/7/2016@ CLEW 106 - 103MEM               
3/6/2016PHOL 100 - 109Y0.76MEM29:492231420.53813.83361225.6 
3/4/2016UTAW 94 - 88Y-1.20MEM28:171202400.30813.66761328.5 
3/2/2016SACW 104 - 98Y1.74MEM33:342432531.75012.75041118.4 
2/29/2016@ DENW 103 - 96Y-1.14MEM28:37701901.2229.60052022.0 
2/27/2016@ PHOL 106 - 111Y-0.19MEM30:191911810.37516.85772331.7 
2/26/2016@ LALW 112 - 95Y0.59MEM28:401721710.600101.00031219.5 
2/24/2016LALW 128 - 119Y1.28MEM29:242426810.714141.00022126.0 
2/21/2016@ TORL 85 - 98Y-1.26MEM34:55805400.16712.80051020.2 
2/19/2016MINW 109 - 104Y0.64MEM38:222524720.52619.75043327.7 
2/10/2016@ BKNW 109 - 90Y0.73MEM29:002034510.538131.00031024.4 
2/8/2016PORL 106 - 112Y0.36MEM33:222723310.58817.83364534.5 
2/6/2016DALL 110 - 114Y-0.37MEM34:131624700.50012.50042322.5 
2/5/2016@ NYKW 91 - 85Y-0.38MEM31:21802910.22291.00041119.0 
2/1/2016@ NORW 110 - 95Y1.22MEM28:2917141011.71471.00061119.6 
1/30/2016SACW 121 - 117Y-0.57MEM30:07804710.5006.50042314.5 
1/28/2016MILW 103 - 83Y-0.67MEM23:48501910.12581.00031120.7 
1/25/2016ORLW 108 - 102Y0.22MEM38:341216921.30813.75041117.6 
1/23/2016@ MINL 101 - 106Y-0.22MEM24:01907610.22291.00051423.9 
1/21/2016@ DENW 102 - 101Y0.40MEM26:562023210.5569.800100324.3 
1/18/2016NORW 101 - 99Y0.32MEM27:0815311000.50012.00000421.4 
1/16/2016NYKW 103 - 95MEM               
1/14/2016DETW 103 - 101MEM               
1/12/2016HOUL 91 - 107MEM               
1/10/2016BOSW 101 - 98MEM               
1/8/2016DENW 91 - 84MEM               
1/6/2016@ OKCL 94 - 112MEM               
1/4/2016@ PORW 91 - 78Y-1.13MEM26:15912400.23113.66730022.9 
1/2/2016@ UTAL 87 - 92Y-0.71MEM40:561524411.31316.50061124.0 
12/29/2015MIAW 99 - 90Y-0.10MEM38:231613500.417121.00051120.0 
12/27/2015LALW 112 - 96Y1.63MEM24:181914540.636111.00040025.3 
12/26/2015@ CHAL 92 - 98Y0.35MEM30:531944731.35020.50023232.5 
12/23/2015@ WASL 91 - 100Y0.63MEM39:512123310.563161.00010020.7 
12/22/2015@ PHIW 104 - 90Y-0.08MEM32:171811610.46213.83362224.7 
12/19/2015INDW 96 - 84Y0.94MEM33:162014840.37516.87581128.7 
12/18/2015@ DALL 88 - 97Y0.34MEM34:562014210.500121.00072222.9 
12/16/2015@ CHIL 85 - 98Y-0.87MEM34:08817211.21414.50021221.3 
12/14/2015WASW 112 - 95Y0.84MEM37:2518241120.500141.00022121.6 
12/13/2015@ MIAL 97 - 100Y0.27MEM26:00911441.36411.00002424.7 
12/11/2015CHAL 99 - 123Y0.52MEM30:261623402.5008.85770216.4 
12/9/2015@ DETW 93 - 92Y-0.99MEM29:111111800.30813.66732124.4 
12/8/2015OKCL 88 - 125Y-1.27MEM21:48000610.0007.00001116.4 
12/6/2015PHOW 95 - 93Y-0.16MEM34:281221631.28614.50041320.7 
12/3/2015SASL 83 - 103Y0.08MEM28:151505402.385131.00051127.2 
12/1/2015@ NORW 113 - 104Y-0.60MEM24:231112300.50010.00002022.3 
11/29/2015PHIW 92 - 84Y0.05MEM36:492014512.42914.87585224.6 
11/27/2015ATLL 101 - 116Y-0.39MEM38:061621900.308131.00063122.8 
11/25/2015@ HOUW 102 - 93Y0.39MEM33:171911500.77891.00042217.3 
11/24/2015DALW 110 - 96Y0.53MEM29:592113610.471171.00040327.0 
11/21/2015@ SASL 82 - 92Y0.55MEM32:011603521.417121.00061223.7 
11/20/2015HOUW 96 - 84Y1.22MEM33:562633530.58817.75042527.9 
11/16/2015OKCW 122 - 114Y1.43MEM31:232244920.61513.66730119.8 
11/15/2015@ MINW 114 - 106Y0.44MEM32:492040720.50014.50041024.7 
11/13/2015PORW 101 - 100Y-0.80MEM33:201111900.30813.66731220.7 
11/11/2015GSWL 84 - 100Y-0.99MEM33:07402930.083121.00024523.0 
11/9/2015@ LACL 92 - 94Y-0.26MEM35:021616510.40015.75042024.1 
11/7/2015@ UTAL 79 - 89Y-0.76MEM39:382034510.320251.00014431.9 
11/5/2015@ PORL 96 - 115Y-1.28MEM31:10702300.2508.75042019.0 
11/3/2015@ SACW 103 - 89Y0.34MEM25:121413610.55691.00031219.7 
11/2/2015@ GSWL 69 - 119Y-0.39MEM26:271002510.2508.85770117.5 
10/31/2015BKNW 101 - 91Y1.12MEM32:262242810.583121.00041021.9 
10/29/2015@ INDW 112 - 103Y0.15MEM30:1613141020.455111.00024423.4 
10/28/2015CLEL 76 - 106Y-0.60MEM29:26804600.25081.00041116.6