Darren Collison - SAC - G

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Draft2009 (Pick 21)
NBA Salary$5,229,454
Projection Updated1/19/2017

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56.2d ago Open link
Starting Starting Wednesday vs OKC
Collison is starting Wednesday vs OKC. Kings put out incorrect information with Lawson starting
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Not Starting Not Starting Wednesday vs OKC
Collison is benched Wednesday vs OKC. He will come off bench with Afflalo starting
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Starting Starting Sunday vs TOR (starting)
Collison is starting Sunday vs TOR.
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Playing Playing Tuesday vs NOR (returning from suspension)
Collison is playing Tuesday vs NOR in his return from an 8-game suspension.
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Who to own ROS? Lawson or Collison?
Eldar7 -- Absolutely. Collison is a good flier with Ty Lawson questionable with a face injury, and Rondo simply doesn't seem to have a path to minutes right now.
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Add him over Rondo?
50% (6) agree 
UP for Wilson Chandler or DOWN for Darren Collison
25% (4) agree 
Drop him for Mirotic?
17% (6) agree 
Would any of you trade Clarkson to get Collison? Thanks guys and Merry Christmas! (Up for yes, Down for no)
I think the coach's system is not pg friendly either (reminded me Conley' stats drop for last two years). I totally agreed since I drafted him and it's frustrating.
It's weird because one of his strength has been very high FG% for a PG. When you are getting outplayed by Ty Lawson, it's a worry. I am still holding, but it's frustrating
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Drop for Brogdon?
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Josh recommended to be patient with this guy, but he is kind of terrible right now and basically can not shoot the ball. Just wonder how much patience I should hold. Other 5 games?
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he is shooting just terrible, and it is not looking good for him right now
Any thoughts on his struggles recently?
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Koki, his per 36 is essentially the same as it was the previous 2 seasons. What exactly were you expecting from him? I think the only thing I would be disappointed with is that he is playing less minutes than we expected...at least to this point. His production on the other hand has been just fine.
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The kings are one of the slowest pace teams in the league this year. Last year they were one of the top pace teams. Collision has been pretty good but less possessions is effecting his counting state
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I was expecting a lot better from him.
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Not sure why. Collision has the same stat as last year after promoted to be a starter. Hopefully it will get better (it should, right?). His fg% is way better than Rubio for sure
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Rest of season value h2h 10 team yahoo. Punting points. Up for rubio down for D. Collison... (I'm short in both FG and asts)
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up for collison, down for parker
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He is 85th per-game in just under 30 min. I see you mention his last 5 games where he has a 3 and over a steal a game during that time. What's the issue here? He's never been a huge three or steals guy but he is more than serviceable there and he has always had nice percentages. Seems like your expectations for him may be unrealistic. I would clearly be holding.
I think Frazier is worth a look but I would not drop Collison for him, especially with the uncertainty of what a returning Tyreke will do to Frazier's usage. Collison's FG% makes him a very valuable commodity for teams looking to improve there, so if you are really discouraged by Collison try trading him to a team looking for FG% help.
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Starting to doubt this guy's potential for the season. Only 25 mins tonight? Even with 30+ mins over the last 5 games, his avg steals and 3's are much lower than expected. Drop for Tim Frazier?
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Any reason why he isn't starting yet when he is clearly superior to Lawson??? I'm tossing up dropping either Collison or Schroder in my H2H 9CAT league (shallow - 6 teams, 12 active players, 4 bench & 1 IR) as I've got Jrue coming off the IR and my other PGs are Irving, Lillard, Russell, Rubio and Paul. I'm punting FG, REB, BLKs - who would you rather drop? Up for Collison to be dropped, down for Schroder to be dropped.
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Someone dropped him in my 10 team H2H & thinking about dropping Marcus Smart or Steven Adams for him to claim off waivers at #4. Good or bad call?
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Someone dropped him in my 14 team 2 days ago. I was able to grab him off waivers at #7. Happy about this, jus sharing the excitement!
It's largely presumed that Collison will take the starting PG when he's back, but if the Kings are on a good roll, who knows? It has been suggested that Collison and Lawson might play together a lot, so maybe they both carry value, but the assists would come down, and that's Lawson's bread and croissant.
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Is Lawson going to fade away once Collison comes back? Can we expect the projected 32 minutes? He just got dropped in my 14 team.
They should never have been given IR/IL designation, but once they did and it was there for over a month, you can't change on the eve of the season. Yahoo sucks
I totally agree with you Josh that this change is completely bogus. I've been trying to argue against it for Jrue on their support pages here: https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/16336345-jrue-holiday Hopefully they don't do the same for Jrue as many drafted these guys thinking they could be IR stashed.
Rondo put up fantasy stats, but he was actively terrible as a real life player and George Karl just didn't care. I'm not sure Dave Joerger views it the same way. That's the major difference to me. Also Lawson has never been as good of a player as Rondo has been and he was much worse last season than Rondo was in Dallas
Is it just me or does this seem really similar to the Rondo pre-draft discussion last year. Both former top 30 fantasy players, late twenties, bad team fit in previous year, talk about bad character, move teams to SAC, worried about playing time due to Collison. Trying to figure out why Lawson can't have a turn around like Rondo?
Yes, but if that player no longer has IR status you can not make any transactions (trades, FA or Waiver adds/drops).
correct me if I'm wrong, but can't a fully healthy, active playr remain on IR, so long as they were placed there as initially injured (and haven't been remvoed since)?
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I agree wih him not being injured, but to make that change now is completely unfair. Absolutely nothing has changed with his status since they first assigned him INJ and it screws a lot of people over
Good to see Yahoo finally making the change from INJ status to OUT which means he isn't IR eligible. Hope they do the same for Jrue. Unfortunate for those that drafted and Yahoo waiting until the last minute.
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I'd still have Lin over him, unless you can't afford the FG% hit. He's in the Reggie Jackson zone to me, just depends on how it fits your team. Still a slight risk if Joerger likes Lawson (yuck)
I commented in the wrong area. I meant to post my Collison comment here. So, solid low-end pg2? Very fantasy friendly game. Targeting DC or Lin if I miss on Russell/Dragic
Yeah it is, easier to draft him now
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Per Marc Stein from ESPN suspended for 8 games that is good news vs the projections
Per Game
113-0.20Projection 16-17SACSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
104-0.19NBA 16-17SAC3329.612.
270.46Last WeekSAC328.915.
380.27Last 2 WeeksSAC629.914.
79-0.09NBA 15-16SAC7430.
460.12NBA 14-15SAC4534.816.
102-0.15NBA 13-14LAC8025.911.
Per 36
133-0.20Projection 16-17SACSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
130-0.22NBA 16-17SAC3329.615.
210.40Last WeekSAC328.918.
310.17Last 2 WeeksSAC629.917.
88-0.10NBA 15-16SAC7430.
79-0.09NBA 14-15SAC4534.816.
67-0.05NBA 13-14LAC8025.915.
95-0.15Projection 16-17SACSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
133-0.29NBA 16-17SAC33975:154213665142332.468331.843895019.4-0.58-0.34-1.420.31-0.34-1.08-0.020.330.49
500.08Last WeekSAC386:3445441560.59327.81811217.8-0.17-0.15-1.380.551.11-0.950.820.130.79
530.04Last 2 WeeksSAC6179:368810102390.55959.85714517.8-0.160.22-1.360.150.65-1.140.880.330.80
66-0.06NBA 15-16SAC742218:511,03587169318764.486776.85822612919.30.040.09-1.340.610.04-1.090.470.630.01
130-0.27NBA 14-15SAC451564:43725601432516714.473550.78818411221.0-0.79-0.22-1.280.26-0.14-0.770.170.110.26
71-0.05NBA 13-14LAC802069:19911711882979315.467694.85722413220.0-0.39-0.08-1.130.490.58-0.760.020.700.11

Game Log
1/18/2017INDL 100 - 106Y0.81SAC37:051102940.5008.75040312.0 
1/15/2017OKCL 118 - 122Y0.84SAC27:292121220.7789.83361418.6 
1/13/2017CLEL 108 - 120Y-0.26SAC22:001321400.500101.00011222.9 
1/10/2017DETW 100 - 94Y-0.76SAC27:47910400.40010.00001018.1 
1/8/2017GSWL 106 - 117Y0.57SAC30:201421230.6679.00002116.5 
1/6/2017LACL 98 - 106Y0.43SAC34:552035200.538131.00030218.9 
1/4/2017MIAL 102 - 107Y-0.55SAC26:401012301.364111.00011321.6 
1/3/2017@ DENW 120 - 113Y0.95SAC35:402622710.625161.00042125.4 
12/31/2016MEML 98 - 112Y-0.32SAC38:401604200.50016.00000120.2 
12/28/2016@ PORL 89 - 102Y-0.72SAC19:59601500.28671.00020118.8 
12/26/2016PHIW 102 - 100Y-0.59SAC27:47911410.40010.00002017.9 
12/23/2016@ MINW 109 - 105Y-0.75SAC20:17311600.2005.00000212.4 
12/21/2016@ UTAW 94 - 93Y-0.92SAC22:08801100.4449.00001122.7 
12/20/2016PORW 126 - 121Y-0.79SAC21:101003300.3758.80051225.5 
12/18/2016@ DALL 79 - 99Y-1.56SAC24:48201300.1258.00010116.4 
12/16/2016@ MEMW 96 - 92Y-0.35SAC37:591112610.333121.00021316.1 
12/14/2016@ HOUL 98 - 132Y-1.11SAC29:28704900.200101.00034122.6 
12/12/2016LALW 116 - 92Y-0.32SAC31:412041410.63611.33362220.4 
12/10/2016@ UTAL 84 - 104Y-0.06SAC31:351731210.50014.00002122.8 
12/9/2016NYKL 100 - 103Y0.35SAC30:121413320.455111.00030118.6 
12/7/2016@ DALW 120 - 89Y-0.48SAC30:211923300.50010.87585127.6 
12/4/2016@ NYKL 98 - 106Y0.19SAC38:481313620.400101.00042314.0 
12/2/2016@ BOSL 92 - 97Y0.23SAC28:271310320.50081.00041316.3 
11/28/2016@ WASL 95 - 101Y0.08SAC31:31603321.33361.0002029.2 
11/27/2016@ BKNW 122 - 105Y-0.29SAC29:441822210.60010.66763122.7 
11/25/2016HOUL 104 - 117Y-0.03SAC24:47803420.33361.00041116.2 
11/23/2016OKCW 116 - 101Y0.10SAC31:222130600.583121.00044024.6 
11/20/2016TORW 102 - 99Y0.22SAC32:171510920.5008.75081117.6 
11/18/2016LACL 115 - 121-0.43SAC32:311612200.63611.50022317.4 
11/16/2016SASL 105 - 1100.21SAC29:331004620.57171.00022114.9 
11/11/2016@ PORL 120 - 122-0.15SAC37:492005400.563161.00023423.6 
11/10/2016LALL 91 - 101-0.59SAC22:51602920.182111.00022126.7 
11/8/2016NORW 102 - 94-0.35SAC27:34911420.4449.00003120.6 
4/13/2016@ HOUL 81 - 116SAC               
4/11/2016@ PHOW 105 - 101SAC               
4/9/2016OKCW 114 - 112Y1.14SAC36:472745810.625161.00034224.3 
4/7/2016MINL 97 - 105Y0.19SAC36:581912600.583121.00042417.9 
4/5/2016PORL 107 - 115SAC               
4/2/2016@ DENW 115 - 106Y-0.80SAC39:111404800.30813.85773221.7 
4/1/2016MIAL 106 - 1120.56SAC34:042612200.615131.00092323.6 
3/30/2016WASW 120 - 1110.66SAC30:5813141011.62581.00022115.0 
3/28/2016@ PORL 93 - 105Y-0.07SAC32:081002730.38513.00002220.0 
3/27/2016DALW 133 - 1110.55SAC26:481712410.636111.00020119.9 
3/25/2016PHOW 116 - 940.29SAC26:271103330.500101.00011117.7 
3/23/2016@ MINL 104 - 113-0.33SAC26:461213410.40010.75041119.2 
3/21/2016@ CHIL 102 - 1090.61SAC32:201944400.600101.00031216.1 
3/20/2016@ NYKW 88 - 80Y0.54SAC40:091333630.308131.00020215.7 
3/18/2016@ DETL 108 - 115-0.43SAC31:441010210.44491.00011015.3 
3/16/2016NORL 108 - 123Y0.57SAC27:132331400.533151.00040427.6 
3/15/2016@ LALW 106 - 98Y0.10SAC41:062211610.71414.50025321.1 
3/13/2016UTAL 99 - 108Y0.30SAC32:211402520.55691.00042318.8 
3/11/2016ORLL 100 - 107Y-0.50SAC36:45802630.21414.66730417.1 
3/9/2016CLEL 111 - 120Y0.83SAC39:021525821.417121.00031316.3 
3/7/2016@ NORL 112 - 115-1.56SAC34:49502610.200101.00016219.0 
3/5/2016@ SASL 94 - 1040.61SAC33:221203721.55691.00021014.3 
3/3/2016@ DALW 104 - 101-0.07SAC28:251411210.6258.75041217.7 
3/2/2016@ MEML 98 - 104-0.74SAC28:131740100.50010.75045524.9 
2/29/2016OKCL 116 - 131-0.09SAC33:511223400.50010.00000211.3 
2/26/2016LACL 107 - 117Y0.73SAC37:261833520.6679.75042114.9 
2/24/2016SASL 92 - 1080.28SAC31:231503610.8758.50022114.5 
2/23/2016@ DENW 114 - 110-0.47SAC32:20904510.4297.75042214.4 
2/19/2016DENW 116 - 1100.18SAC33:261712220.467151.00021220.6 
2/10/2016@ PHIW 114 - 1100.75SAC31:482523300.75012.83361120.6 
2/8/2016@ CLEL 100 - 120-0.25SAC21:141110400.42971.00040218.0 
2/7/2016@ BOSL 119 - 1280.56SAC28:291622420.545111.00021018.7 
2/5/2016@ BKNL 119 - 1281.36SAC25:222523120.77891.00092226.3 
2/3/2016CHIL 102 - 1070.18SAC29:461902200.72711.75040018.0 
2/1/2016MILW 111 - 104-0.77SAC21:361413000.45511.75042328.0 
1/30/2016@ MEML 117 - 1210.18SAC27:582012220.50014.83362425.1 
1/28/2016@ NORL 105 - 114-0.52SAC25:35801310.40010.00000216.6 
1/26/2016@ PORL 97 - 112-0.89SAC20:51612110.5004.50023115.9 
1/25/2016CHAL 128 - 1290.25SAC38:501513620.417121.00042418.3 
1/23/2016INDW 108 - 97-0.34SAC24:431122110.400101.00011119.0 
1/21/2016ATLW 91 - 88-1.25SAC16:19300010.2005.50021117.0 
1/20/2016@ LALW 112 - 93-0.60SAC21:161012000.6005.75041115.3 
1/16/2016@ LACW 110 - 1030.43SAC31:001724510.5569.83361318.2 
1/14/2016@ UTAW 103 - 101-1.26SAC23:36312110.2005.00021312.7 
1/13/2016NORL 97 - 109-0.67SAC28:421013410.4449.50023319.9 
1/9/2016GSWL 116 - 1280.36SAC31:291612610.500101.00051117.7 
1/7/2016LALW 118 - 115-1.12SAC17:53312200.3333.00003014.4 
1/5/2016@ DALL 116 - 117Y0.00SAC47:0114041220.42914.66733118.0 
1/4/2016@ OKCW 116 - 104-0.84SAC29:331410400.429141.00013023.0 
1/2/2016PHOW 142 - 1190.54SAC28:562122600.70010.83361519.4 
12/30/2015PHIL 105 - 110-0.09SAC28:421315410.455111.00022120.1 
12/28/2015@ GSWL 103 - 1220.08SAC33:1713161120.313161.00022022.5 
12/27/2015PORL 94 - 98-0.10SAC28:181002230.33391.00042319.4 
12/23/2015@ INDW 108 - 1060.96SAC35:122424510.64717.00001122.0 
12/21/2015@ WASL 99 - 113-0.24SAC30:531313800.5008.80052316.3 
12/20/2015@ TORW 104 - 94-0.10SAC26:241111210.57171.00021516.1 
12/18/2015@ MINL 95 - 99-0.47SAC26:481520100.60010.33330319.9 
12/15/2015HOUW 107 - 97Y0.01SAC40:5814171310.66791.00018317.5 
12/10/2015NYKW 99 - 97-0.31SAC24:551601300.583121.00022025.6 
12/8/2015UTAW 114 - 106-0.98SAC24:56600100.3758.00000114.8 
12/6/2015@ OKCL 95 - 980.40SAC33:151622520.400101.00062218.5 
12/5/2015@ HOUL 113 - 1200.68SAC21:401841610.53813.00000224.3 
12/3/2015BOSL 97 - 114-0.31SAC26:261201501.37581.00062020.5 
11/30/2015DALW 112 - 980.11SAC27:531515300.50081.00061318.0 
11/28/2015@ GSWL 101 - 120-0.09SAC26:591104330.385131.00012122.5 
11/27/2015MINL 91 - 101-0.54SAC23:141021310.4449.00003223.3 
11/25/2015@ MILW 129 - 118-0.04SAC26:041822300.50010.85771225.4 
11/23/2015@ CHAL 122 - 127-1.04SAC29:08703400.273111.00011217.3 
11/21/2015@ ORLW 97 - 91Y-0.73SAC35:43912130.182111.00044020.2 
11/19/2015@ MIAL 109 - 116-0.55SAC20:43900100.57171.00010015.3 
11/18/2015@ ATLL 97 - 103-0.40SAC27:44712520.3339.00002416.3 
11/15/2015TORW 107 - 101SAC               
11/13/2015BKNW 111 - 109SAC               
11/11/2015DETW 101 - 92SAC               
11/9/2015SASL 88 - 106SAC               
11/7/2015GSWL 94 - 103SAC               
11/6/2015HOUL 110 - 1160.40SAC31:202230920.43816.83363127.7 
11/4/2015@ PHOL 97 - 118Y-0.79SAC32:231301600.60010.50024220.4 
11/3/2015MEML 89 - 1030.05SAC30:451831110.40010.87581121.2 
10/31/2015@ LACL 109 - 114-0.57SAC35:001513600.375161.00022420.5 
10/30/2015LALW 132 - 114-0.19SAC23:501401310.53813.00001021.7 
10/28/2015LACL 104 - 111-0.77SAC30:221311610.41712.40051320.3