Jusuf Nurkic

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Ease PositionC
Draft2014 (Pick 16)
NBA Salary$1,921,320
Projection Updated10/22/2016
Starting  Open link
4/8/2016 1:02 PM
Nurkic is starting Friday vs SAS next to Nikola Jokic. Kenneth Faried will come off the bench.
Playing illness Open link
4/2/2016 7:55 PM
Nurkic missed the past 3 games and is playing Saturday vs SAC.
Probable illness Open link
4/2/2016 2:13 PM
Nurkic missed the past 3 games and is probable Saturday vs SAC.
Out illness Open link
3/31/2016 10:51 AM
Nurkic missed the past 2 games and is out Thursday at NOR.
Out illness Open link
3/30/2016 11:13 AM
Nurkic missed last game and is out Wednesday at MEM.
Out illness Open link
3/28/2016 7:01 PM
Nurkic is out Monday vs DAL.
Probable shortness of breath Open link
3/24/2016 12:56 PM
Nurkic is probable Friday at LAL.
Playing left knee soreness
3/23/2016 8:39 PM
Nurkic is playing Wednesday vs PHI.
Note knee soreness Open link
3/21/2016 7:29 PM
Nurkic started the second half next to Nikola Jokic on Monday.
Probable knee soreness Open link
3/21/2016 9:56 AM
Nurkic is probable Monday at CLE.
Probable knee Open link
3/19/2016 11:07 AM
Nurkic is probable Saturday at CHA.
Playing left knee Open link
3/17/2016 5:56 PM
Nurkic missed the past 2 games and is playing Thursday at ATL.
Probable left knee Open link
3/17/2016 1:16 PM
Nurkic missed the past 2 games and is probable Thursday at ATL.
Active knee Open link
3/15/2016 6:31 PM
Nurkic missed last game and is active Tuesday at ORL. It's unknown if he'll actually play.
Questionable knee Open link
3/15/2016 2:52 PM
Nurkic missed last game and is listed questionable Tuesday at ORL, but he said he will be available to play.
Playing knee Open link
3/14/2016 5:43 PM
Nurkic is playing Monday at MIA. He'll be available to play.
Doubtful knee Open link
3/14/2016 5:15 PM
Nurkic is doubtful Monday at MIA.
Questionable knee Open link
3/14/2016 10:34 AM
Nurkic is questionable Monday at MIA. He's a game-time decision.
Questionable knee Open link
3/13/2016 10:08 AM
Nurkic is questionable Monday at MIA.
Playing knee soreness Open link
3/8/2016 7:40 PM
Nurkic missed the past 7 games and is playing Tuesday vs NYK. He's not on the pregame injury report, but he's also not really in the rotation.
Probable knee soreness Open link
3/5/2016 4:13 PM
Nurkic missed the past 6 games and is probable Sunday vs DAL.
Probable knee soreness Open link
3/4/2016 2:39 PM
Nurkic missed the past 5 games and is probable Friday vs BKN.
Playing ankle Open link
2/8/2016 7:31 PM
Nurkic will return Monday at BKN. He briefly left the game with a twisted ankle.
Playing ankle, knee Open link
1/21/2016 7:18 PM
Nurkic missed the past 3 games and is playing Thursday vs MEM.
Playing ankle, knee Open link
1/19/2016 2:18 PM
Nurkic missed the past 2 games and is playing Tuesday vs OKC.
Doubtful ankle, knee Open link
1/18/2016 3:12 PM
Nurkic missed the past 2 games and is doubtful Tuesday vs OKC.
Out ankle, knee Open link
1/16/2016 1:45 PM
Nurkic missed last game and is out for Sunday vs IND.
Out ankle Open link
1/15/2016 1:14 PM
Nurkic is out for Friday's game. He sprained his ankle Wednesday and may have tweaked something in his surgically-repaired knee. The team is having him undergo tests to better assess his status moving forward.
Questionable ankle Open link
1/14/2016 2:24 PM
Nurkic is questionable for Friday's game.
Playing minutes limit Open link
1/5/2016 5:53 PM
Nurkic was under a 15-minute limit, and that has been increased a little.
Playing knee Open link
1/1/2016 3:11 PM
Nurkic is active for Saturday's game (knee). He will play Saturday but will be on a minutes restriction.
Playing torn tendon Open link
12/29/2015 7:53 PM
Nurkic is active for Tuesday's game (torn tendon). He is dressed for the game but WILL NOT PLAY Tuesday or Wednesday. They are targeting a possible return Saturday against the Warriors.
Injured torn tendon Open link
12/29/2015 6:36 PM
Nurkic is injured for Tuesday's game (torn tendon). He will be out Wednesday against the Blazers, too, but Nurkic could make his season debut as soon as Saturday's game against the Warriors. If he plays, he will be limited to 15 minutes in his return.
Injured knee rehab Open link
12/15/2015 2:56 PM
Nurkic will visit his doctor Thursday in the hopes of getting cleared for full-contact practices. If he does get cleared, it would signal a big step in Nurkic's path to playing in games sooner than later, though the Nuggets could still be cautious with him and keep him working exclusively in practices for an indefinite period of time. Nurkic has said he already does everything in practice beside contact work and that he feels good.
Injured knee - out another 3-4 weeks Open link
11/27/2015 6:34 PM
Nurkic is doing non-contact work in practice, but he remains 3-4 weeks away from returning. It appears that it will be at least the middle of December before Nurkic returns, and Jokic may have the starting C job locked up by then.
I think they CAN play together but it's not maximizing Jokic's skill at all. Nurk isn't really affected but Jokic can't really operate as the great playmaker he is when Nurkic is also there clogging things up. I love them both but I feel like they're wasting Jokic playing them together. Starting them and then playing them 8 min a game or so together would be fine and that's what I hope Malone ends up doing.
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This double big thing is a ruse, both Jokic and Nurkic are great centers, too slow to play side by side though. Something's gonna give.
Davis was toasting everybody tonight. I think the part of the thought process was to just keep throwing fresh bodies at him. Faried is still a capable player that will be getting playing time. I suspect at some point this season there is a good chance he will either get hurt or traded which should open up more frontcourt minutes
really? Nurk was doing alright I think against NOR frontline during the 1st 3 qtrs. Jok i see had 4 TOs. Interesting that DEN went small.
The brow.
Didn't watch the game. Any thoughts on why Nurk/Jok didn't play much (at all) during the 4th Q?
I've been working from the position that Nurkic was going to be the starter for the last few weeks
Does Nurkic's position now change that he's a starter, or was that figured in already?
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I like Bogut a lot for this season, but I'd take Nurkic over him
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Who would you pick? Nurkic or Bugot? I really like Bugot in Dallas, but based on the preseason Nurkic seems to have a bigger upside. Appreciate your thoughts. Tnx
That's true Brendan, I'll continue looking at it
2/8 at the line tonight tho...one thing with Nurkic is things really seem to get in his head. When he struggles he starts really rushing shots even more than he usually does (1/8 fg tonight), turning it over, missing FTs, etc.
Last season he took 99 FTA and he has already taken 42 in preseason, converting at 81%, so while five games is small, it's half of his total attempts from last season and looks like he has improved significantly. Maybe it's a tad optimistic, but it's safe to say he has improved
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What makes BBM think Nurkic is going to shoot .702 this season? At best his form over the last 2 years (.616 and .636). indicates mid 600's which allows for some improvement. I suspect he's going to be a big FT drain this season with extra minutes.
Is the FT shooting in the preseason for real?
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Thanks john. Lots of talk about Nurkic and Jokic. Is Jokic really that much more desirable or just a lot of hype? razy one is targeted at 2n round and the other at like 10 (Nurkic)
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Gobert all day here. Nurkic is looking good, but Gobert has second round upside - especially if he keeps making his FTs.
turn of 5fth round, i can choose between nurkic or gobert. Am i missing something here about Nurkic?
I have always been a fan of Nurki.nator. Hopefully he becomes a real steal to whoever bets on him this coming Fantasy season.
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Frothing over this guys performance in pre-season so far. He's like an Eastern European Boogie. The FG%/FT% and volume is hugely encouraging.
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93-0.10Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
290.26NBA 16-17DEN126.
245-0.51NBA 15-16DEN3217.
162-0.27Last MonthDEN1124.
156-0.27Last 2 MonthsDEN1520.910.
233-0.46Last 3 MonthsDEN2617.
202-0.40NBA 14-15DEN6217.
116-0.15NBA Preseason 16DEN723.412.
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180.19NBA 16-17DEN126.
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197-0.24Last 2 MonthsDEN1520.917.
232-0.30Last 3 MonthsDEN2617.616.
147-0.20NBA 14-15DEN6217.813.
136-0.23NBA Preseason 16DEN723.419.
113-0.20Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
290.26NBA 16-17DEN126:012309301.69213.833610.96-0.990.990.03-0.920.311.630.000.31
326-0.75NBA 15-16DEN32547:032630174402444.417242.6169955-1.91-1.19-1.31-1.12-1.53-0.13-0.29-0.531.23
203-0.42Last MonthDEN11264:24126074241322.464112.5374130-0.98-1.17-0.08-0.56-0.191.47-0.10-1.69-0.53
245-0.56Last 2 MonthsDEN15312:52153088271728.473129.5965237-1.52-1.13-0.87-0.87-0.810.690.02-0.860.34
263-0.61Last 3 MonthsDEN26458:272120137372335.435191.6307351-1.59-1.14-0.84-0.90-0.930.40-0.30-0.650.48
213-0.47NBA 14-15DEN621103:184260382505268.446383.63613285-1.70-1.21-0.06-1.06-0.600.50-0.15-0.670.75
380.09NBA Preseason 16DEN7163:47880751475.43957.73152200.96-1.213.770.110.440.51-0.39-1.00-2.38