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Draft2007 (Pick 3)
NBA Salary$26,540,100
Projection Updated3/25/2017

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17.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @GSW (elbow)
He said he will play.
57.3d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs ORL (groin)
Horford is out Friday vs ORL, but he'll be probable for Saturday at MIL.
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Playing Playing Wednesday vs DET (personal)
Horford missed last game and is playing Wednesday vs DET. He rejoined the team for Tuesday's practice and will play Wednesday.
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Out Out Monday @MIA (personal)
Horford is out Monday at MIA. His wife is having a baby, and Horford is expected to be back for Tuesday's practice.
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Playing Playing Saturday @DET (concussion)
Horford missed the past 9 games and is playing Saturday at DET.
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Probable Probable Saturday @DET (concussion)
Horford missed the past 9 games and is listed as probable Saturday at DET.
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Out Out Friday vs GSW (concussion)
Horford missed the past 8 games and is out Friday vs GSW.
127.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs GSW (concussion)
Horford missed the past 8 games and is questionable Friday vs GSW. He'll be a game-time decision.
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Doubtful Doubtful Friday vs GSW (concussion)
Horford missed the past 8 games and is doubtful Friday vs GSW.
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Out Out Wednesday vs DAL (concussion)
Horford missed the past 7 games and is out Wednesday vs DAL.
129.4d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs DAL (concussion)
Horford missed the past 7 games and is listed as doubtful Wednesday vs DAL.
129.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs DAL (concussion)
Horford missed the past 7 games and is doubtful Wednesday vs DAL.
130.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs DAL (concussion)
Horford missed the past 7 games and is questionable Wednesday vs DAL. He went through a full practice Tuesday.
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Out Out Monday @NOR (concussion)
Horford missed the past 6 games and is out Monday at NOR.
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Questionable Questionable Monday @NOR (concussion)
Horford missed the past 6 games and is questionable Monday at NOR. He'll be a game-time decision.
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Out Out Saturday @IND (concussion)
Horford missed the past 5 games and is out Saturday at IND.
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Questionable Questionable Saturday @IND (concussion)
Horford missed the past 5 games and is questionable Saturday at IND. He did travel with the Celtics on their two-game road trip, coach Stevens said that Horford would only travel if he had a chance of playing.
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Out Out Friday vs NYK (concussion)
Horford missed the past 4 games and is out Friday vs NYK.
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Doubtful Doubtful Friday vs NYK (concussion)
Horford missed the past 4 games and is doubtful Friday vs NYK.
137.5d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @WAS (concussion)
Horford missed the past 3 games and is out Wednesday at WAS. He won't even travel with the team for the game.
138.2d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday @WAS (concussion)
Horford missed the past 3 games and is doubtful Wednesday at WAS. He has not advanced in the concussion protocol
138.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @WAS (concussion)
Horford missed the past 3 games and is questionable Wednesday at WAS. He sat out practice Monday, and coach Stevens said that Horford hasn't advanced in the concussion protocol. At this time, he should be considered very questionable for Wednesday's game.
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Out Out Sunday vs DEN (concussion)
Horford missed the past 2 games and is out Sunday vs DEN.
143.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (concussion)
Horford is out Wednesday vs CHI. He will also miss Thursday's game vs. the Cavs.
143.6d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs CHI (concussion)
Horford is out Wednesday vs CHI. He has been placed in the league's concussion protocol, and his status for Thursday's game should be considered in doubt as well.
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Probable Probable Wednesday vs CHI (illness)
Horford is probable Wednesday vs CHI.
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Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs CHI (illness)
Horford is questionable Wednesday vs CHI. He was sent home from practice Tuesday.
To be clear I am talking about not keeping him over the summer not dropping him in season. It's a small chance but if he puts up another 115 ranked month this month like the last one I would look at it.
He's barely top 70 the last 2 months and will be 31. Got to consider it. In my league you can keep 0 to 13. The players not kept and rookies are the redraft pool. My top 2 are Jokic and Kyrie. I'd like to get players on their timelines. Last year the 3rd round redraft still had Jokic, G. Dieng, Conley, Gay, Galinari, George Hill. The year prior, Rubio, Conley, Jrue, Porzingis, CJ McCullum etc. Plus this year has a deep rookie class.
100% (4) agree 
If you're seriously considering dropping him, I'm not sure what to say. Unless it is a 20 team, 4 man roster league, you don't drop him.
100% (3) agree 
He's ranked 34 on the year. It seems pretty crazy to cut him in a 20 team league. I can't imagine there is anybody with near his upside on the wire
14% (7) agree 
I'm seriously starting to consider dropping him this summer in my 20 team dynasty if he doesn't improve. That sounds crazy bur I punt assist and that's really the only thing he's been doing since the first month and it's pretty useless to my team this year.
Peter Porker
100% (1) agree 
Since missing a couple of games late January, he's ranked 127th in 9cat. Such a bummer. I haven't caught many Boston games. He's still ranked 32nd(!!!) on the year. Looks like the early blocks really lifted his value. Anyone watching these games have some input? Thanks.
What is up with Big Al? Anyone have an idea of this slump over the last 3 weeks?
50% (10) agree 
Adams/Ariza UP or Horford DOWN?
9 cat? he is 44th in 8 cat.thank you, all i asked for is a reason lol i just feel he could improve, but i don't know how he is going to when i watch the games.
100% (1) agree 
He's ranked #34 over the past 30 days. Rebounds and FG% are off, but he's been great across all categories. Collectively he's an awesome fantasy player.
0% (1) agree 
please, give me a reason not to trade this guy.
40% (5) agree 
Hey BBM. Am I giving up too much trading Ariza/Adams for Horford? Appreciate your reply.
100% (1) agree 
Hobbled with a groin injury and made some concerning postgame comments, but he's apparently probable for next game.
0% (1) agree 
Did he suffer an injury?
0% (1) agree 
If he misses time, Olynyk finally gets minutes?
100% (1) agree 
Made a comment, he comes back with two top 10 games.
His last month is concerning. I know he's now 30 years old but he has been one of the more dependable top 20 players outside a couple of freak peck injuries. You would think he would age well adding a 3 in the last year but his rebounds are just pathetic. It's more or less FG%. Hopefully that can comeback more like last year.
100% (4) agree 
Buy low opportunity here?
0% (1) agree 
al is very up and down and sometimes just feels like he's not even helping his boston squad in real life. is he still adjusting or what?
50% (16) agree 
Al Horford (Down), Nikola Jokic (Up). Thanks BBM.
100% (2) agree 
Time to buy low to an owner that is panicking? Thinking about offering Steven Adams
0% (1) agree 
Justin Morneau missed half of the 2010 MLB season with a concussion. They can be scary serious and linger for a long time, but I'm also pointing out a dramatic example to make a point. Horford sounds like he could be back as soon as Monday night.
Ersan missed something like 20 games in 2014 from the concussion
@draftstreetking - Vucevic once missed 12 games over 23 days with a concussion in 2014. Longest I can remember.
0% (1) agree 
I owned him didn't remember it that bad. That stuffs seems pretty scary if it cause you to miss multiple weeks. McDermont just got his 2nd of the young season. That can't be good.
100% (1) agree 
I remember a couple of years ago Ilyasova missing a ton of games from concussion.
What is the most games you guys have seen someone miss for a concussion. He's already missed 7 in a row. It's not like you would think he even had a bad one. They were calling it an illness at first like they didn't even know he got hit in the head.
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It looks like he might be trading a few points/FGA for assists in the Celtics offense this year, lots of high post ball reversals. Still elite.
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Horford had a crazy high ADP on Yahoo of around 20 and he was going to struggle to reach that. No need to panic, though
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He doesn't have a "me-score" mentality, so he's never going to take enough shots to score much. His minutes will stay low as Brad Stevens loves to play a deep bench and we don't even have Olynyk in the mix yet. He will finish the season with solid out of position assists and great %s though. I'd try to sell when you think you can get decent value back. I'd rather have Gorgui Dieng who will def get minutes.
100% (1) agree 
Panic mode? Im starting to feel draft regret...I know its two games
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360.19Last 3 MonthsBOS391263:44531512611973242.484446.750647119.2-
120.56NBA 15-16ATL822634:361,2498859726367122.5041,049.79812910720.50.580.101.000.26-0.231.741.140.100.38
110.44NBA 14-15ATL762318:131,156115442446897.538965.75914110022.20.52-1.030.760.22-
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Game Log
3/24/2017PHOW 130 - 120Y0.58BOS30:1615010620.70010.50022216.5 
3/22/2017INDW 109 - 100Y0.22BOS30:381518810.50010.80052120.5 
3/20/2017WASW 110 - 102Y0.20BOS35:391609512.54511.57171016.6 
3/19/2017@ PHIL 99 - 105Y1.54BOS33:012718612.68816.80051124.1 
3/17/2017@ BKNW 98 - 95Y0.41BOS28:571418414.37516.50021426.6 
3/15/2017MINW 117 - 104Y1.30BOS29:552019802.750121.00011022.1 
3/12/2017CHIW 100 - 80Y0.58BOS31:571227612.7147.00004115.2 
3/10/2017@ DENL 99 - 119Y-0.29BOS33:091515210.63611.00005221.5 
3/8/2017@ GSWW 99 - 86Y0.38BOS31:351016620.50081.00011113.4 
3/6/2017@ LACL 102 - 116BOS               
3/5/2017@ PHOL 106 - 109BOS               
3/3/2017@ LALW 115 - 95Y0.22BOS31:441714300.66712.00000116.1 
3/1/2017CLEW 103 - 99Y0.31BOS32:1391101001.50061.00022113.4 
2/27/2017ATLL 98 - 114Y-0.55BOS27:33606511.3339.00003517.7 
2/26/2017@ DETW 104 - 98Y-0.75BOS36:28409501.18211.00000312.8 
2/24/2017@ TORL 97 - 107Y-0.33BOS29:44805110.60051.00022212.6 
2/16/2017@ CHIL 103 - 104Y-0.67BOS27:12712301.30010.00000119.2 
2/15/2017PHIW 116 - 108Y-0.26BOS29:251225220.5008.66734318.3 
2/13/2017@ DALW 111 - 98Y-0.39BOS31:511115410.41712.00002120.7 
2/11/2017@ UTAW 112 - 104Y0.01BOS34:151629301.6679.66734220.9 
2/9/2017@ PORW 120 - 111Y-0.25BOS32:321215401.417121.00011217.8 
2/8/2017@ SACL 92 - 108Y-0.19BOS31:551016111.50081.00013116.7 
2/5/2017LACW 107 - 102Y0.93BOS34:3713315622.308131.00022520.2 
2/3/2017LALW 113 - 107Y-0.58BOS30:451118801.36411.50042220.8 
2/1/2017TORW 109 - 104Y-0.42BOS31:491113610.308131.00021320.3 
1/30/2017DETW 113 - 109Y0.21BOS34:301316602.60010.00003017.1 
1/28/2017@ MILW 112 - 108BOS               
1/27/2017ORLW 128 - 98BOS               
1/25/2017HOUW 120 - 109Y1.69BOS33:382023932.60015.00001219.5 
1/24/2017@ WASL 108 - 123Y0.82BOS33:182222401.750121.00021318.6 
1/21/2017PORL 123 - 127Y-0.26BOS38:091729500.46213.60051617.8 
1/18/2017NYKL 106 - 117Y-0.46BOS33:475171011.14314.00000018.6 
1/16/2017CHAW 108 - 98Y0.32BOS33:442216400.571141.00052125.6 
1/13/2017@ ATLW 103 - 101Y-0.10BOS34:411026611.5008.00021113.1 
1/11/2017WASW 117 - 108Y1.05BOS32:341629322.58312.00002219.0 
1/10/2017@ TORL 106 - 114Y0.05BOS34:381429410.455111.00023118.8 
1/7/2017NORW 117 - 108Y-0.94BOS34:53817802.167181.00012225.0 
1/6/2017PHIW 110 - 106Y0.64BOS32:2519412402.46715.50021521.9 
1/3/2017UTAW 115 - 104Y0.60BOS30:542135410.56316.00001527.6 
12/30/2016MIAW 117 - 114Y0.82BOS31:242136410.667121.00022123.0 
12/29/2016@ CLEL 118 - 124Y-0.53BOS29:06601403.3339.00002217.4 
12/27/2016MEMW 113 - 103Y-0.81BOS34:031114502.35714.00005324.0 
12/25/2016@ NYKW 119 - 114Y1.35BOS34:501517532.53813.00000016.2 
12/23/2016OKCL 112 - 117Y0.98BOS32:332336421.471171.00042425.8 
12/22/2016@ INDW 109 - 102Y-0.69BOS33:008011101.250121.00021217.7 
12/20/2016@ MEMW 112 - 109Y-0.31BOS39:4817114301.42119.00012325.7 
12/18/2016@ MIAW 105 - 95Y0.80BOS31:101707821.467151.00031124.1 
12/16/2016CHAW 96 - 88Y1.46BOS34:321808525.54511.75081020.9 
12/14/2016@ SASL 101 - 108Y-0.58BOS34:301315400.333121.00042221.0 
12/11/2016@ OKCL 96 - 99Y0.25BOS33:171934601.47117.00001124.5 
12/9/2016TORL 94 - 101Y-0.28BOS31:341937611.38513.66794229.5 
12/7/2016@ ORLW 117 - 87Y0.24BOS29:231006802.33391.00040216.6 
12/5/2016@ HOUL 106 - 107Y0.24BOS34:492116912.409221.00024332.3 
12/3/2016@ PHIW 107 - 106Y-0.31BOS33:461114301.400101.00021216.7 
12/2/2016SACW 97 - 92Y2.56BOS35:322648326.556181.00021224.2 
11/30/2016DETL 114 - 121Y0.23BOS31:39915402.60051.0002129.8 
11/28/2016@ MIAW 112 - 104BOS               
11/25/2016SASL 103 - 109Y0.06BOS35:2712010403.46213.00003320.9 
11/23/2016@ BKNW 111 - 92Y0.99BOS30:241735812.58312.00002219.4 
11/21/2016@ MINW 99 - 93Y0.92BOS36:032026513.45020.00000226.2 
11/19/2016@ DETW 94 - 92Y1.73BOS33:4518211523.583121.00021220.3 
11/18/2016GSWL 88 - 104BOS               
11/16/2016DALW 90 - 83BOS               
11/14/2016@ NORL 105 - 106BOS               
11/12/2016@ INDW 105 - 99BOS               
11/11/2016NYKW 115 - 87BOS               
11/9/2016@ WASL 93 - 118BOS               
11/6/2016DENL 107 - 123BOS               
11/3/2016@ CLEL 122 - 128BOS               
11/2/2016CHIW 107 - 100BOS               
10/29/2016@ CHAW 104 - 98Y0.35BOS31:111414312.60010.50021218.1 
10/27/2016@ CHIL 99 - 105Y-0.28BOS30:031107501.4449.75041519.1 
10/26/2016BKNW 122 - 117Y0.66BOS27:091115604.6258.00002215.3 
4/13/2016@ WASL 98 - 109Y0.89ATL29:571928211.600101.00052219.3 
4/11/2016@ CLEL 94 - 109Y0.76ATL33:0320011212.58817.00011224.7 
4/9/2016BOSW 118 - 107Y0.26ATL32:341228611.38513.00001418.4 
4/7/2016TORW 95 - 87Y0.35ATL32:511118620.44491.00022417.5 
4/5/2016PHOW 103 - 90Y-0.13ATL34:1416210320.38918.00004426.0 
4/1/2016CLEL 108 - 110Y-0.53ATL42:111409301.29417.80050319.7 
3/30/2016@ TORL 97 - 105Y-0.46ATL22:53717301.3339.00001219.6 
3/28/2016@ CHIW 102 - 100Y-0.02ATL33:5214010301.54511.50040017.0 
3/26/2016@ DETW 112 - 95Y0.31ATL29:581315512.40015.00000322.6 
3/25/2016MILW 101 - 90Y0.87ATL31:201408322.58312.00001117.4 
3/23/2016@ WASW 122 - 101Y-0.20ATL28:461333300.57171.00023116.4 
3/21/2016WASL 102 - 117Y1.32ATL36:041429931.50012.00001217.4 
3/19/2016HOUW 109 - 97Y0.79ATL32:412229112.52619.00002127.8 
3/17/2016DENW 116 - 98Y0.23ATL28:431103303.500101.00010216.6 
3/16/2016@ DETW 118 - 114Y0.87ATL35:0521211401.60015.50020218.7 
3/13/2016INDW 104 - 75Y0.37ATL24:511824100.66712.00000021.7 
3/12/2016MEMW 95 - 83Y1.39ATL30:321918204.667121.00020219.4 
3/10/2016@ TORL 96 - 104Y0.26ATL34:542034320.57114.50024324.4 
3/8/2016@ UTAW 91 - 84Y0.40ATL35:111117111.7147.00001110.7 
3/5/2016@ LACW 107 - 97Y-0.29ATL31:3611112100.364111.00021116.8 
3/4/2016@ LALW 106 - 77Y0.27ATL25:34805503.40051.00041216.0 
3/1/2016@ GSWL 105 - 109Y-0.12ATL41:521719310.50016.00004323.4 
2/28/2016CHAW 87 - 76Y-0.05ATL30:5013116601.35317.00002330.6 
2/26/2016CHIW 103 - 88Y1.42ATL33:581825414.72711.00002216.5 
2/22/2016GSWL 92 - 102Y2.52ATL39:2623116635.500201.00021124.3 
2/20/2016MILL 109 - 117Y1.14ATL44:171719213.57114.00000114.2 
2/19/2016MIAL 111 - 115Y0.38ATL38:151415312.364111.00051215.8 
2/10/2016@ CHIW 113 - 90Y0.56ATL28:521625202.63611.00001118.1 
2/8/2016ORLL 110 - 117Y1.40ATL39:092716302.667181.00020522.3 
2/7/2016@ ORLL 94 - 96Y-0.10ATL34:531116602.33315.00000118.1 
2/5/2016INDW 102 - 96Y0.54ATL34:132117610.500161.00042128.0 
2/3/2016@ PHIW 124 - 86Y0.35ATL22:18706412.7504.5002018.7 
2/1/2016DALW 112 - 97Y-0.42ATL28:231024201.5008.00003318.2 
1/31/2016@ MIAL 87 - 105Y0.65ATL34:021734212.600101.00023519.4 
1/28/2016@ INDL 92 - 111Y0.59ATL34:121404413.500121.00021318.4 
1/27/2016LACL 83 - 85Y-0.43ATL35:311518610.46213.40052221.3 
1/25/2016@ DENW 119 - 105Y0.59ATL27:031822111.66712.00001320.8 
1/23/2016@ PHOL 95 - 98Y0.06ATL38:349016512.33312.50022017.0 
1/21/2016@ SACL 88 - 91Y0.62ATL33:451118330.45511.00000214.2 
1/20/2016@ PORW 104 - 98Y-0.46ATL36:171618100.41217.50020121.6 
1/18/2016ORLW 98 - 81Y1.00ATL27:271517212.70010.00000217.5 
1/16/2016BKNW 114 - 86Y0.20ATL22:561001322.5569.00002423.1 
1/15/2016@ MILL 101 - 108Y-0.53ATL40:581808202.39123.00003027.6 
1/13/2016@ CHAL 84 - 107Y-1.41ATL27:34202001.2504.00004412.9 
1/9/2016CHIW 120 - 105Y2.84ATL36:1833110614.714211.00020224.9 
1/7/2016@ PHIW 126 - 98Y1.90ATL24:281819333.583121.00030222.6 
1/5/2016NYKL 101 - 107Y0.21ATL33:1513110802.46213.00020318.6 
1/3/2016@ NYKL 97 - 111Y0.08ATL32:081313201.62581.00021113.7 
12/29/2015@ HOUW 121 - 115Y2.27ATL35:5530514211.73315.75040318.3 
12/28/2015@ INDL 87 - 93Y-0.73ATL30:4910010001.45511.00021118.7 
12/26/2015NYKW 117 - 98Y1.28ATL31:231906722.600151.00011124.3 
12/23/2015DETW 107 - 100Y0.04ATL30:071514011.50014.00001321.3 
12/21/2015PORW 106 - 97Y-1.16ATL24:09602300.3339.00002422.2 
12/20/2015@ ORLW 103 - 100Y0.00ATL29:411406511.46715.00002325.5 
12/18/2015@ BOSW 109 - 101Y0.52ATL35:5921010213.52619.50023426.8 
12/16/2015PHIW 127 - 106Y0.11ATL28:081714110.61513.00002025.7 
12/14/2015MIAL 88 - 100Y0.54ATL35:281314522.50012.00002318.3 
12/12/2015SASL 78 - 103Y-0.04ATL25:52907320.4297.75041017.3 
12/10/2015@ OKCL 94 - 107Y-0.78ATL32:38917301.214141.00021223.6 
12/9/2015@ DALW 98 - 95Y0.83ATL36:571408422.53813.00001217.5 
12/4/2015LALW 100 - 87Y0.33ATL33:171619511.54511.75043023.0 
12/2/2015TORL 86 - 96Y0.15ATL31:431219102.4449.75040414.7 
11/30/2015OKCW 106 - 100Y1.38ATL34:4721213112.533151.00030219.8 
11/28/2015@ SASL 88 - 108Y-0.57ATL21:551004300.364111.00020123.2 
11/27/2015@ MEMW 116 - 101Y0.19ATL29:481624200.500101.00040518.6 
11/25/2015@ MINL 95 - 99Y-0.85ATL33:3812012211.33315.40052224.4 
11/24/2015BOSW 121 - 97Y-0.27ATL26:411114401.50010.00002219.3 
11/21/2015@ CLEL 97 - 109Y-0.27ATL33:3310110301.333121.00011017.5 
11/18/2015SACW 103 - 97Y-0.27ATL31:381711102.400151.00042125.3 
11/17/2015@ BKNL 88 - 90Y0.93ATL33:311825212.72711.00002218.0 
11/15/2015UTAL 96 - 97Y0.28ATL30:411625511.43816.00001126.7 
11/13/2015@ BOSL 93 - 106Y0.90ATL32:231316812.54511.00000316.2 
11/11/2015NORW 106 - 98Y1.71ATL29:542648303.73315.00002025.8 
11/9/2015MINL 107 - 117Y-0.21ATL33:031426310.333151.00021323.0 
11/7/2015WASW 114 - 99Y-0.24ATL28:411409201.385131.00042124.4 
11/6/2015@ NORW 121 - 115Y0.10ATL30:201405412.46715.00002525.3 
11/4/2015BKNW 101 - 87Y1.48ATL29:542118402.800101.00040018.6 
11/3/2015@ MIAW 98 - 92Y0.26ATL33:4417013210.471171.00011122.4 
11/1/2015@ CHAW 94 - 92Y0.33ATL34:5516012103.500141.00023123.3 
10/30/2015CHAW 97 - 94Y0.19ATL34:521826301.53315.00002221.7 
10/29/2015@ NYKW 112 - 101Y0.81ATL30:342129123.50018.50023030.5 
10/27/2015DETL 94 - 106Y0.87ATL30:141514423.54511.66731120.5