Damian Lillard

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Draft2012 (Pick 6)
NBA Salary$24,328,425
Projection Updated10/22/2016
Playing ribs Open link
3/28/2016 1:26 PM
Lillard is playing Monday vs SAC. He is not on the injury report after taking a knee to the ribs in his last game.
Probable illness Open link
3/16/2016 3:09 PM
Lillard is probable Thursday at SAS. He did not practice on Wednesday.
Playing personal Open link
1/22/2016 2:30 PM
Lillard is playing Saturday vs LAL. Contrary to an earlier report, he was back at practice Friday and will play Saturday.
Probable personal Open link
1/22/2016 2:22 PM
Lillard is probable Saturday vs LAL. He missed Thursday and Friday's practices to attend to a family matter, but there's been no indication that he will miss any games.
Playing plantar fasciitis Open link
1/4/2016 7:17 PM
Lillard missed the past 7 games and is active Monday (plantar fasciitis). He will play, start, and isn't expected to have any minutes restrictions.
Probable plantar fasciitis Open link
1/4/2016 2:14 PM
Lillard missed the past 7 games and is probable Monday (plantar fasciitis). The Blazers are calling Lillard probable, and some of the team's beat writers believe that Lillard will return to the court Monday.
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
1/3/2016 7:20 PM
Lillard missed the past 6 games and is out Sunday (plantar fasciitis).
Questionable plantar fasciitis Open link
1/3/2016 12:26 PM
Lillard missed the past 6 games and is questionable Sunday. He is listed as the starter in today's game notes which hopefully is a good sign. He'll be a game-time decision tonight.
Questionable plantar fasciitis Open link
1/2/2016 2:31 PM
Lillard missed the past 6 games and is questionable Sunday (plantar fasciitis). He said he'll be a game-time decision Sunday.
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/31/2015 7:31 PM
Lillard missed the past 5 games and is out Thursday (plantar fasciitis).
Out plantar fasciitis
12/30/2015 6:43 PM
Lillard missed the past 4 games and is out Wednesday (plantar fasciitis).
Questionable plantar fasciitis Open link
12/29/2015 2:50 PM
Lillard missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday. He'll go through Wednesday morning's shootaround and then determine his status. Coach Stotts said that if there was a game Tuesday, Lillard probably wouldn't play, which obviously doesn't sound good for his chances of playing Wednesday. However, Lillard also told reporters that his foot is pain-free, so he is improving.
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/27/2015 1:19 PM
Lillard missed the past 3 games and is out Sunday (plantar fasciitis).
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/26/2015 1:30 PM
Lillard missed the past 2 games and is out Saturday (plantar fasciitis). CJ McCollum will likely start at PG again. Allen Crabbe started at SG last game.
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/23/2015 12:16 PM
Lillard missed last game and is out for Wednesday (plantar fasciitis). He said he plans on returning for Saturday's game against the Cavaliers.
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/22/2015 1:14 PM
Lillard missed last game and is out for Wednesday (plantar fasciitis).
Out plantar fasciitis Open link
12/21/2015 6:34 PM
Lillard is out for Monday's game (plantar fasciitis). He said that he doesn't think the injury will keep him out long. Plantar fasciitis lingers. He might have it for a considerable amount of time going forward, so it's possible Lillard will just play through the injury most nights moving forward, or the team could ask him to sit out and rest it for a couple games to see how it heals. Monday's game is the first regular season game Lillard has missed in his career, so there's a good chance he tries to play through the injury as long as he can moving forward.
Probable plantar fasciitis Open link
12/20/2015 3:03 PM
Lillard is probable for Monday's game (plantar fasciitis). He insisted to reporters that his foot issue is "not particularly worrisome." It sounds as if the iron man will continue to play through it.
Playing ankle Open link
12/18/2015 5:46 PM
Lillard is active for Friday's game (ankle). He is not on the injury report, and he said after Wednesday's game that the ankle issue wouldn't hold him out Friday.
Probable ankle Open link
12/16/2015 10:01 PM
Lillard sprained his ankle in the second quarter of Wednesday's game but was able to play through it. He says it will not keep him out of Friday's game.
Playing abdominal pain Open link
12/1/2015 7:33 PM
Lillard is active for Tuesday's game (abdominal pain). He will try to play Tuesday, but the illness limited him to just 17 minutes Monday. Lillard did say he feels better.
Probable abdominal pain Open link
12/1/2015 6:26 PM
Lillard is probable for Tuesday's game (abdominal pain).
Questionable abdominal pain Open link
12/1/2015 2:42 AM
Lillard is questionable for Tuesday's game (abdominal pain).
Playing missing thumbnail Open link
11/13/2015 5:38 PM
Lillard is active for Friday's game (missing thumbnail).
Probable missing right thumbnail Open link
11/13/2015 12:52 PM
Lillard had most of his right thumbnail come off in the Blazers' last game, but he remains probable to play Friday.
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Damian shooting great so far in the pre-season. Can we expect to see a bump in efficiency after his output so far? He is shooting over 50% so far
We do monitor that when making adjustments, but a players A/TO rate won't stay constant during his career, it will fluctuate like many other stats, but it is something we look at closely.
Cases I noticed on A/T (not saying they are necessarily wrong): Matthews's A/T is the lowest in the last 4 years; Melo's A/T is projected to be highest (by a somewhat clear margin) in his career; Smart's A/T got a significant bump after remaining constant for past 2 years; Similarly for Beverley.
For example, after the assist number of a player is set, it may make sense to set the turnover number by projecting a A/T rate, instead of looking at the TO numbers from the past years and this year’s changes and try to project.
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Thanks Josh! Those changes made sense. In general, it would be greatly appreciated if the A/T rates could be monitored a bit more when adjusting the projections for assists, as more leagues now chose to include A/T as a category.
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We did drop the TO rate of both McCollum and Lillard over last season, and I've gone in and had a look at Aminu as well and made some adjustments. You bring up a good point, the changes in A/To for CJ is not huge, in fact with the adjustment made, Dame's rises, but it's fairly similar to last season
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Regarding the impact of adding Evan Turner to Blazer's players, it made sense that the assists number of Lillard, CJ, and Aminu all decreased as a result, but should their A/T numbers all decrease as well? It did not seem to happen to the Boston players when Turner went there.
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Thanks everyone on the BBM team to make the site even better than before!
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