Kelly Olynyk - BOS - C

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Draft2013 (Pick 13)
NBA Salary$3,094,013
Projection Updated2/19/2017

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36.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs CHA (ankle)
He missed Sunday's practice.
101.5d ago Open link
Starting Starting Friday vs NYK
Olynyk is starting Friday vs NYK. Tyler Zeller moves to the bench.
103.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @WAS (shoulder)
Olynyk is playing Wednesday at WAS.
103.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @WAS (shoulder)
Olynyk is probable Wednesday at WAS.
104.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @WAS (shoulder)
Olynyk is questionable Wednesday at WAS. He is traveling with the team.
105.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @WAS (shoulder)
Olynyk is questionable Wednesday at WAS. He practiced Monday, but Olynyk also said that he doesn't want to rush back early. The team wants him to get through a practice with his shoulder still having some stamina left in it before he gets cleared for game action. A Wednesday return seems unlikely given the perspective offered Monday.
106.5d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday vs DEN (shoulder)
Olynyk is out Sunday vs DEN.
107.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday vs DEN (shoulder)
Olynyk is questionable Sunday vs DEN.
112.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (shoulder)
Olynyk is expected to return "soon" but "probably not this week" according to coach Brad Stevens.
117.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (shoulder)
Olynyk is injured Wednesday vs BKN. He remains a couple weeks away from returning.
33% (6) agree 
RHJ (UP) or Olynyk (DOWN)? Trying to place waiver on Pau Gasol..
100% (1) agree 
100% (3) agree 
Brad Stevens happened.
Played only 12 min tonight after 20+ mins in the past 5 games. What happened?
43% (7) agree 
Best stream tonight? Olynyk (UP) or Kyle O'Quinn (DOWN)?
I wouldn't look at either of them as "ROS" potential, unless there are a few injuries or trades to their respective teams. They're both quality streamers when they're on a hot streak or getting minutes. If John Leuer was dropped in your league, he's probably a stronger ROS add with similar position/stats, just more consistent and great efficiency, albeit lower upside.
Thoughts on Mirotic vs. Olynyk ROS? Currently have mirotic rostered and torn on whether or not to swap them.
100% (1) agree 
TheNorthSide -- I'd keep Carroll. Olynyk is worth a flier right now, but the Celtics frontcourt rotation ebbs and flows. I don't think we can count on Olynyk's minutes to remain high. The same could be argued for Carroll, but there are more reasons to believe Carroll's minutes will stay high than there are for Olynyk's.
Upgrade to Olynyk or need to see more games 25+ minutes.
17% (6) agree 
Up Olynyk Down Demarre Carroll, id appreciate any help, I like olynyk's fg% and the 3s are nice, he fits well with my team, but I feel like demare has more potential to do well regularly, please and thank you
75% (8) agree 
(up) olynyk (down) terrence jones
100% (1) agree 
I would take Olynyk and I'm not overly worried about Zeller. Still worried about Stevens though
@Josh, how likely do you think it is that he gets over 25 mpg...even after Zeller returns? I've asked about stashing Sully vs. Olynyk - most seem to favor Olynyk. What's your take ROS?
That Horford/Olynyk combo has been nice.
Hopefully when Zeller is back those 8-10 mins come from Amir or he is completely out of the rotation. Also does anyone know if he started the 2nd half?
100% (1) agree 
He plays big minutes when zeller isn't playing, do we worry about zeller's return?
100% (4) agree 
If he gets over 25 minutes, he's pretty much must own
100% (3) agree 
Assuming he gets a 25-30 minutes role, worth adding in a 9-cat 12 teamer?
75% (4) agree 
16 teamer H2H. Pickup Olynyk (UP) or Stash Sullinger (DOWN). Thanks!
Performing well as of late, hopefully Brad Stevens keeps this rotation!
20% (5) agree 
Will you spend a waiver priority on him in a 16 team league?
The annual Olynyk roller coaster continues... def one to watch imo
0% (2) agree 
Is Bostons PF/C minutes finally settling? Think he can carve out value with Zeller and Amir around?
started this piece of garbage tonight pretty much cost me the week
Big minutes tonight. Will "President Brad Stevens" keep it rolling when Al comes back?
Evil genius
Olynyk, Harkless or T. Thompson? 10 team roto league 9 cat
100% (1) agree 
Olynyk or Leuer in a 14 team 9cat h2h?
100% (2) agree 
Olynyk is absolutely an interesting flier to take right now. There may be nights that coach Stevens limits his minutes in the rotation when Amir or Tyler are playing well, but even if Olynyk comes off the bench behind Amir when Horford is back, Olynyk should still end up playing the second most minutes behind Horford most nights. I'm adding him most places to see how things shake out over the next couple weeks.
100% (5) agree 
Up for Kelly O, down for Kirkpatrick
100% (1) agree 
As an end of roster flier in a 12 team league, I think he's a decent add with some upside given the limited competition at his position (Zeller and Johnson). If blocks are not an issue, and having to choose between a low ceiling player like Z. Randolph and Kelly Olynyk, Olynyk gives me more reason for optimism.
Evil genius
0% (2) agree 
What happens when Crowder comes back? Olynyk still worth a hold in 10 team roto leagues?
100% (4) agree 
Here we go... let the annual Kelly Olynyk begin
100% (6) agree 
I own and drop this guy multiple times every single year.
Also keep in mind that Sullinger is out of the picture now. Olynyk's upside has been clear for past years, but the crowded frontcourt and Stevens' tendency to play the matchup limited his MPG. Could this be the year we've been waiting for Kelly? I'm taking a flier, but I wouldn't recommend dropping anyone with consistent value for him.
100% (3) agree 
Horford has spoken about the want to play PF most of his career, so if the Celtics can accommodate Horford by playing him with Olynyk, I think he'd like that. Brad Stevens has played the matchup game in the frontcourt since he's been in Boston, but there's definitely a chance Olynyk could end up staking his claim to the starting job over Johnson and Zeller. He is certainly the most talented of the three.
Has there been any report that suggest possibility of Olynyk starting alongside Horfold or is it just your speculation? I think he struggles both offensively and defensively when playing as a PF. He's too slow to guard many PFs and he doesn't have quickness advantage against opponent PFs like he does when playing C. I don't see him starting alongside Horford unless you think that Horford will play PF.
100% (1) agree 
I just dropped Mirotic for Olynyk. They are both players with enormous upside but Olynyk seems to have an easier path ATM.
100% (2) agree 
It's also possible Olynyk will end up as the starter next to Horford
I just figure Mirotic is subject to the same limitations minute wise. Olynyk has a higher ceiling due to his FG/stocks output and might still get backup 5/4 minutes. All he'd need is about 26 or so to be 12 team relevant.
I think I can admit to being "Mirotic-blind" but his best games are still coming w/ Gibson on the floor. I understand Olynyk will be limited when Horford comes back any day now. Just my two cents
100% (1) agree 
drop mirotic for kelly?
I have him in my 14-team but only as a flyer and with Horford out. While I think he has the skill set to put up sustainable numbers, I don't think he's in the right situation for that to happen with Brad Stevens giving every single big men some playing time, not to mention Crowder/Brown stealing minutes at the 4.
50% (2) agree 
Love the upside and the lines he can provide, but worried about how many minutes he'll get a night. Is he worth a grab in a 14 team?
Drafted him because he didn't have a questionable/injury flag. Should he?
Per Game
121-0.21Projection 16-17BOSSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
137-0.30Short-term (3/12)BOS1021.
136-0.28NBA 16-17BOS5021.
370.34Last WeekBOS428.716.
750.02Last 2 WeeksBOS823.813.
120-0.21Last MonthBOS1522.711.
130-0.22Last 2 MonthsBOS3021.810.
128-0.25Last 3 MonthsBOS4520.
142-0.27NBA 15-16BOS6920.
118-0.22NBA 14-15BOS6422.
202-0.41NBA 13-14BOS7020.
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75-0.06Projection 16-17BOSSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
68-0.05Short-term (3/12)BOS1021.
75-0.12NBA 16-17BOS5021.515.
350.20Last WeekBOS428.721.
370.11Last 2 WeeksBOS823.820.62.310.
91-0.11Last MonthBOS1522.718.
65-0.07Last 2 MonthsBOS3021.817.
52-0.05Last 3 MonthsBOS4520.716.
470.02NBA 15-16BOS6920.
69-0.06NBA 14-15BOS6422.
127-0.16NBA 13-14BOS7020.
121-0.25Projection 16-17BOSSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
124-0.26Short-term (3/12)BOS10210:009610482153.52172.721161119.1-0.74-0.21-0.23-0.39-1.17-0.620.68-0.290.64
129-0.27NBA 16-17BOS501077:04473552411003220.516349.707826318.6-0.84-0.20-0.35-0.44-0.86-0.480.54-0.340.54
210.31Last WeekBOS4114:37679281232.66739.60010720.90.681.030.930.20-0.20-0.062.03-1.56-0.27
440.12Last 2 WeeksBOS8190:2510912561943.58973.647171022.40.240.450.90-0.12-0.79-0.281.45-1.000.27
110-0.21Last MonthBOS15340:5317215892865.598117.654262220.5-0.44-0.260.20-0.47-1.26-0.571.36-0.690.21
94-0.15Last 2 MonthsBOS30652:4931033154651714.555218.660533919.4-0.56-0.12-0.01-0.28-0.82-0.261.03-0.690.32
102-0.16Last 3 MonthsBOS45929:1642149210913119.531303.694725318.7-0.71-0.09-0.19-0.36-0.56-0.330.72-0.440.47
141-0.29NBA 15-16BOS691394:51687852811055233.455556.7501287421.1-0.840.06-0.73-0.72-0.68-0.39-0.11-0.110.92
136-0.28NBA 14-15BOS641423:29656613041086439.475528.6841369821.0-1.00-0.20-0.46-0.67-0.24-0.180.21-0.450.51
183-0.41NBA 13-14BOS701399:58607403651093527.466502.81112210620.6-1.21-0.56-0.26-0.75-1.24-0.470.000.170.58

Game Log
2/16/2017@ CHIL 103 - 1040.31BOS32:151737400.60010.66730218.3 
2/15/2017PHIW 116 - 1080.20BOS25:501627310.7508.66733218.9 
2/13/2017@ DALW 111 - 98-0.08BOS29:181517200.600101.00022421.0 
2/11/2017@ UTAW 112 - 1040.93BOS27:141937322.72711.00022525.5 
2/9/2017@ PORW 120 - 1110.03BOS22:581327100.55691.00010517.9 
2/8/2017@ SACL 92 - 108-0.24BOS14:49908201.5717.50020324.6 
2/5/2017LACW 107 - 102-0.17BOS22:061314210.500101.00022426.1 
2/3/2017LALW 113 - 107-0.86BOS15:55709200.3758.50021227.0 
2/1/2017TORW 109 - 104BOS               
1/30/2017DETW 113 - 109-0.33BOS20:25504011.6673.5002018.7 
1/28/2017@ MILW 112 - 1080.17BOS35:561717310.58312.66731418.4 
1/27/2017ORLW 128 - 980.29BOS17:1016251001.0007.00002124.1 
1/25/2017HOUW 120 - 109-1.17BOS16:58504200.5004.50023319.2 
1/24/2017@ WASL 108 - 123-0.84BOS21:59603001.3758.00001218.1 
1/21/2017PORL 123 - 127-0.38BOS25:1010081001.00041.00024414.9 
1/18/2017NYKL 106 - 117-1.04BOS12:50402200.3336.00001124.3 
1/16/2017CHAW 108 - 980.40BOS26:111529410.6679.50021220.0 
1/13/2017@ ATLW 103 - 1011.73BOS31:542648310.818111.00040418.4 
1/11/2017WASW 117 - 108-0.16BOS22:59626302.4005.00002113.6 
1/10/2017@ TORL 106 - 114-0.69BOS25:231314101.60010.00022422.8 
1/7/2017NORW 117 - 108-0.02BOS22:231224400.5569.00000317.5 
1/6/2017PHIW 110 - 106-0.76BOS18:16814500.2867.75041522.5 
1/3/2017UTAW 115 - 104-0.26BOS20:31507312.3336.50021218.9 
12/30/2016MIAW 117 - 114-1.16BOS18:46502301.2867.50022124.9 
12/29/2016@ CLEL 118 - 124-0.64BOS12:52201210.3333.00000010.6 
12/27/2016MEMW 113 - 103-0.25BOS17:32517301.5004.00001511.9 
12/25/2016@ NYKW 119 - 1140.15BOS23:281622200.7789.00001319.0 
12/23/2016OKCL 112 - 117-1.01BOS13:08001100.0001.0000023.2 
12/22/2016@ INDW 109 - 102-0.13BOS19:591125210.50081.00012321.9 
12/20/2016@ MEMW 112 - 1090.25BOS25:481013132.2867.83362121.4 
12/18/2016@ MIAW 105 - 95-0.92BOS12:46402030.2005.50042129.0 
12/16/2016CHAW 96 - 880.28BOS17:38723222.4005.50020115.4 
12/14/2016@ SASL 101 - 108-0.29BOS18:42713110.50041.00021314.0 
12/11/2016@ OKCL 96 - 99-0.40BOS22:14818220.2229.75041324.0 
12/9/2016TORL 94 - 101-0.34BOS23:28509321.2867.50022119.3 
12/7/2016@ ORLW 117 - 87-0.20BOS20:26904210.50081.00010118.9 
12/5/2016@ HOUL 106 - 107-0.27BOS15:21715210.5006.00001219.6 
12/3/2016@ PHIW 107 - 106-1.05BOS11:266101001.0002.50023425.5 
12/2/2016SACW 97 - 92-0.79BOS17:23205100.3333.0000037.7 
11/30/2016DETL 114 - 1210.49BOS26:211933200.77891.00021419.1 
11/28/2016@ MIAW 112 - 1040.45BOS20:161426402.71471.00023425.0 
11/25/2016SASL 103 - 1090.41BOS20:25911130.6676.00000013.7 
11/23/2016@ BKNW 111 - 92-0.16BOS19:111022120.33391.00021423.8 
11/21/2016@ MINW 99 - 93-0.64BOS12:41313100.5002.0000027.3 
11/19/2016@ DETW 94 - 92-0.70BOS13:52511100.6673.00001114.2 
11/18/2016GSWL 88 - 104Y-1.25BOS17:03003200.0005.00000113.5 
11/16/2016DALW 90 - 83Y-0.65BOS28:301004000.6258.00002316.3 
11/14/2016@ NORL 105 - 106Y-1.09BOS35:22518100.12581.00022612.8 
11/12/2016@ INDW 105 - 99Y-0.56BOS27:541626401.46213.50043528.1 
11/11/2016NYKW 115 - 87Y0.46BOS29:541937310.545111.00043320.2 
11/9/2016@ WASL 93 - 118-1.04BOS26:08206100.1676.00000110.8 
4/13/2016MIAW 98 - 880.34BOS18:241101330.44491.00030126.8 
4/11/2016CHAL 100 - 1140.04BOS23:0914111100.417121.00030424.3 
4/9/2016@ ATLL 107 - 118-0.47BOS18:44612301.5002.75041110.4 
4/8/2016MILW 124 - 1090.66BOS22:3616171201.0005.71471217.2 
4/6/2016NORW 104 - 97-0.42BOS11:29710210.33361.00020227.6 
4/3/2016@ LALW 107 - 100-0.98BOS13:12401000.5004.00001216.4 
4/1/2016@ GSWW 109 - 106-0.66BOS17:19712210.25081.00021224.4 
3/31/2016@ PORL 109 - 116-0.73BOS17:29820101.5006.00020116.3 
3/28/2016@ LACL 90 - 114-0.56BOS22:57825100.3339.00000216.1 
3/26/2016@ PHOW 102 - 99-0.06BOS22:271623000.70010.00002222.8 
3/23/2016TORW 91 - 79-1.13BOS18:08302100.2504.50020213.4 
3/21/2016ORLW 107 - 961.35BOS21:262245220.583121.00040528.3 
3/20/2016@ PHIW 120 - 105-1.47BOS20:17402000.2508.00002120.6 
3/18/2016@ TORL 91 - 105-0.98BOS29:39514300.2867.00002313.9 
3/16/2016OKCL 109 - 130-1.05BOS21:40804100.1437.85771120.9 
3/15/2016@ INDL 98 - 103BOS               
3/11/2016HOUL 98 - 102BOS               
3/9/2016MEMW 116 - 96BOS               
3/5/2016@ CLEL 103 - 120BOS               
3/4/2016NYKW 105 - 104BOS               
3/2/2016PORW 116 - 93BOS               
2/29/2016UTAW 100 - 95BOS               
2/27/2016MIAW 101 - 89BOS               
2/25/2016MILW 112 - 107BOS               
2/22/2016@ MINL 122 - 124BOS               
2/21/2016@ DENW 121 - 101BOS               
2/19/2016@ UTAL 93 - 111BOS               
2/10/2016LACW 139 - 134-0.48BOS10:52712200.25041.00040323.0 
2/9/2016@ MILL 111 - 1120.25BOS15:501513010.55691.00040328.7 
2/7/2016SACW 128 - 119-0.38BOS16:311024000.6676.00002018.6 
2/5/2016@ CLEW 104 - 103-0.82BOS11:58200010.00011.00021110.1 
2/3/2016DETW 102 - 95-0.85BOS18:57607100.30010.00000322.5 
2/2/2016@ NYKW 97 - 890.12BOS22:151315101.62581.00021320.1 
1/31/2016@ ORLL 114 - 119-0.94BOS24:33903300.3339.75041019.6 
1/29/2016ORLW 113 - 940.00BOS20:241614301.58312.50021230.9 
1/27/2016DENW 111 - 1030.16BOS17:191727300.429141.00030336.6 
1/25/2016@ WASW 116 - 91-0.27BOS22:041324210.3758.83362224.7 
1/24/2016@ PHIW 112 - 92-1.09BOS15:55500110.4005.50022519.2 
1/22/2016CHIW 110 - 101Y-0.02BOS26:261219201.455111.00011519.6 
1/20/2016@ TORL 109 - 1150.95BOS31:031834410.700101.00010215.3 
1/18/2016@ DALL 113 - 1180.75BOS25:471755012.54511.00002422.7 
1/16/2016@ WASW 119 - 117-0.18BOS20:311113101.44491.00020019.0 
1/15/2016PHOW 117 - 1031.05BOS26:322149131.50016.50022227.7 
1/13/2016INDW 103 - 94-0.65BOS15:161124000.6676.50023126.8 
1/12/2016@ NYKL 114 - 120Y-0.70BOS11:23514200.4005.00001324.7 
1/10/2016@ MEML 98 - 101Y0.11BOS21:58606123.3758.00002319.2 
1/7/2016@ CHIL 92 - 101Y0.11BOS32:321629200.429141.00020118.2 
1/6/2016DETL 94 - 99Y-0.91BOS29:171025400.36411.00021518.9 
1/4/2016@ BKNW 103 - 94Y-0.80BOS33:54914201.36411.00011216.5 
1/2/2016BKNL 97 - 100-0.68BOS12:25714000.6005.00002124.4 
12/30/2015LALL 104 - 112-0.11BOS20:37513311.4005.00000410.5 
12/27/2015NYKW 100 - 910.10BOS21:201119221.4449.50041524.8 
12/26/2015@ DETW 99 - 93-0.69BOS24:18917100.5008.00020316.2 
12/23/2015@ CHAW 102 - 89Y0.81BOS30:022019320.70010.83363422.7 
12/21/2015MINW 113 - 99Y0.30BOS28:471935101.70010.50041318.6 
12/18/2015ATLL 101 - 109-1.13BOS15:07812100.6005.50024428.1 
12/16/2015@ DETL 116 - 119-0.82BOS16:23002201.0002.0000015.1 
12/15/2015CLEL 77 - 89-0.69BOS21:39512010.2867.00000014.8 
12/12/2015@ CHAW 98 - 93-1.22BOS23:03804000.30813.00001127.7 
12/11/2015GSWL 119 - 1241.59BOS37:072836331.52421.75040326.0 
12/9/2015CHIW 105 - 1000.10BOS19:541524211.45511.75041528.4 
12/7/2015@ NORW 111 - 931.20BOS27:012123322.615131.00032226.7 
12/5/2015@ SASL 105 - 108-1.06BOS12:10602101.5006.00021528.7 
12/3/2015@ SACW 114 - 970.77BOS24:332134410.75012.00003326.2 
11/30/2015@ MIAW 105 - 95-0.80BOS9:31402210.25041.00022131.0 
11/29/2015@ ORLL 91 - 110-0.92BOS17:14314000.2005.00000113.0 
11/27/2015WASW 111 - 780.89BOS20:551244221.5717.00000113.3 
11/25/2015PHIW 84 - 80-1.08BOS14:24303101.0005.75040019.9 
11/24/2015@ ATLL 97 - 121-0.58BOS15:50202020.3333.00001210.9 
11/22/2015@ BKNL 101 - 111-0.24BOS18:50822110.33361.00020316.1 
11/20/2015BKNW 120 - 95-0.68BOS20:494010500.4005.00003617.0 
11/18/2015DALL 102 - 106-0.36BOS13:04513011.3336.00000619.0 
11/16/2015@ HOUW 111 - 95-0.89BOS22:34816211.27311.50023225.8 
11/15/2015@ OKCW 100 - 850.47BOS16:36717131.6005.00002618.2 
11/13/2015ATLW 106 - 930.24BOS16:391533102.46213.00000131.0 
11/11/2015INDL 91 - 102-1.04BOS14:40400110.20051.00022223.1 
11/10/2015@ MILW 99 - 83-0.56BOS22:031101200.62581.00012321.2 
11/6/2015WASW 118 - 981.41BOS26:551937441.63611.66733022.1 
11/4/2015@ INDL 98 - 100-1.16BOS10:32002002.0005.00001123.4 
11/1/2015SASL 87 - 95-0.75BOS13:00007111.0003.00002015.4 
10/30/2015TORL 103 - 113-0.27BOS16:361112020.40010.66730026.6