Clint Capela - HOU - C

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Draft2014 (Pick 25)
NBA Salary$1,296,240
Projection Updated4/26/2017

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17.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs MIN (achilles)
18.4d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs MIN (achilles)
He is not on the injury report.
19.2d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @LAC
22.3d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs DET (rest)
88.5d ago Open link
Note Note (expected starter)
Capela is expected to start at center Tuesday vs SAC ahead of Montrezl Harrell.
96.5d ago Open link
Note Note (expected starter)
Capela is expected to start at center Monday at MIL with Montrezl Harrell playing off the bench
101.2d ago Open link
Off the Bench Off the Bench Wednesday vs MIL
Capela will play off the bench behind Montrezl Harrell and will be on a minutes restriction.
102.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday @MIA (left fibula)
Capela will play and start at center Tuesday at MIA.
104.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left fibula)
Capela is expected back Tuesday or Wednesday.
106.2d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left fibula)
Capela is progressing well and could be back as soon as within a week.
130.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left fibula)
Capela has a broken left fibula and is estimated to miss 4-6 weeks.
186.3d ago Open link
Starting Starting Wednesday @LAL (starting)
Capela is starting Wednesday at LAL. D'Antoni said he plans on a 24-24 split between Capela and Nene
I took Capela when I could have taken Gobert. Man, does that hurt right now. Can he get a strong top 50 rank going into a new season?
His FT% has improved since he entered the NBA. The last two weeks are a small sample size, but the trend is there. I don't know if he will become a contributor, but hopefully not a punt category player.
0% (2) agree 
FT% is good over last 2 week! Is this for real!?!
100% (4) agree 
Capela ROS (UP) or Cauley-Stein ROS (DOWN)
86% (7) agree 
Capela (UP) or Darren Collison (DOWN)?
50% (6) agree 
With both guys in deep rotations, Capela (Up) or Noel (Down) ROS?
Traded away Capela in a keeper league for Horford + Milsap a few weeks ago. Man I hope I win this season...
88% (8) agree 
ROS Capela UP, Tristan Thompson DOWN ?? thanks guys
50% (2) agree 
nchristie -- Ariza is the choice there.
14% (14) agree 
Capela up, Ariza down.
20% (5) agree 
he's baaaaack! up: he plays tomorrow in 2nd of back to back; down: he sits.
100% (6) agree 
Capela(UP) T.Jones(Down), He doesn't fit my build(Punt FG TO) but he's too good to be sitting on the wire i think.
100% (2) agree 
As a rox diehard i can say clint owners have nothing to worry about. we have literally no interior defence since he's been gone and our win streaks has been fueled but unsustainable shooting thats not regressing unfortunately. i think he's safe for high 20's to low 30's depending on matches with harrell getting mid to high teens as the backup with spot mins to nene when we vs giant teams.
100% (2) agree 
time to scoop him up in 12 team league? what's his outlook like going forward with harrell stepping up
100% (1) agree 
#27156 -- I'd be OK dropping Taj Gibson for the right player, but I'm not sure I'd be in a rush to stash Capela right now. With the way Harrell and Nene are playing, there's a chance none of them have consistent value from game to game after Capela returns.
62% (8) agree 
would y'all drop Taj Gibson for Clint Capela (on waivers)? UP yes, DOWN no
67% (3) agree 
Would it be worth trying to get Noel for Capela? Or do you think his Clint's value will still be higher?
athornton and jamesw -- Harrell's play has certainly put Capela's season-long value into question. It's possible Capela will return on a minutes limit at first, but even if he's cleared to play a full load, there's a good chance we see a time share develop at the center position for a while, and the Rockets could just play the best 2 guys each night while one of Capela, Harrell, or Nene gets left out depending on the matchups. I wouldn't be going out of my way stash Capela right now unless you're playing in deeper leagues. I haven't seen any declarations from D'Antoni about how the rotation will work when Capela is back, so if anyone has seen any reports I may have missed, please share them.
Today's report didn't really change the situation. He was always going to be re-evaluated after 4 weeks, and that's all that was reported today. Capela will be re-valuated in about a week, and hopefully the Rockets will provide an updated timeline for him then. He was expected to miss 4-6 weeks.
Sounds like January 17th-20th is a realistic possibility from recent reports.
50% (2) agree 
Any chance he comes back sooner than the projections? It seems like he has a real chance to come back on the earlier side of the initial timetable.
17% (6) agree 
I kind of agree with NMV, a little worried about what the minutes split will look like now that Harrell has proven himself and the Rockets are looking for a center. Considering trying to get Noel for Capela in some kind of package. Capela+Tyreke (UP) vs Noel+Lin (DOWN)?
what's his ros outlook? how long will it take him to play meaningful minutes following an injury like this?
100% (3) agree 
I don't think so. I think BBM is too heavy on his minutes by at least 6 a game (should probably be <20m/g). I can see both him and Harrell (and Nene) splitting time going forward with Harrell also getting 4th quarter due to better FT%.
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Must stash at this point? 3 weeks in
40% (5) agree 
Would you drop Alex Len to stash Clint Capela in 12team 9cat H2H?
jhiller -- I'm guessing you don't have an IR spot, so it mostly depends on where you are in the standings. If it's a daily lineups league, and you're not in a good spot in the standings (or don't have a ton of rebs and blks), I would strongly consider dropping him. I might make more of an argument for holding him if his minutes hadn't been settling into the low 20s lately, but it just doesn't seem like he's slated for a big enough role to justify holding for 4-6 weeks without an IR unless you have the buffer in the standings. Also, with the way Harrell is playing, the Rockets might end up deciding to play Capela in an even smaller role when he returns. It's also somewhat worrisome that the Rockets are connected to trade rumors about acquiring Kosta Koufos, another hurdle in the frontcourt if it happens.
Is he worth a hold in a 14-team league? I loved his production in FG%, reb, and occasional blocks when he was healthy but I look at the waiver wire and there are guys that are similar to him on it. I think if I dropped him he'd get picked up but not immediately...Projected return at the end of January. Is he a hold (UP) or drop to stream (DOWN)?
20% (5) agree 
Would you drop Tyreke and stash Capela?
100% (4) agree 
He was just dropped in my 12team 10CAT H2H league. UP for Capela Stash, Down for Nerlens Noel Stash.
0% (3) agree 
Dropped in our 12team 9cat H2H. Currently #5 in standings. Im considering to drop Reke Evans for Capela.
10% (10) agree 
He is dropped in 2 of my leagues. (12 teams and 18 teams both no IR spot). Shall I pick him off waiver? (Got Waiver rank #2 and #1 in these leagues)
100% (2) agree 
pdx_chainsaw_masacre -- It mostly depends on where you are in the standings. If it's a daily lineups league, and you're not in a good spot in the standings (or don't have a ton of rebs and blks), I would strongly consider dropping him. I might make more of an argument for holding him if his minutes hadn't been settling into the low 20s lately, but it just doesn't seem like he's slated for a big enough role to justify holding for 4-6 weeks without an IR unless you have the buffer in the standings.
0% (5) agree 
Hold or drop in 9-cat 12-team format with no IR slot?
0% (2) agree 
So you think it might have been an issue before, and KAT's knee finally made it a lot worse? Also, Harrell or Speights for the next few weeks?
100% (1) agree 
In wondering if Capela has been bothered by this for a a little while. It would explain why he was playing less minutes recently
Harrell gets more of a bump than Nene, but he's going to be borderline and if you added him, he'll be your worst player. Anderson at the five, more minutes for Dekker as well. I've added Harrell in a couple of leagues, but only where I had someone to drop. I'm not going all out for him
Probably a little bit of both. Capela was only playing 20 MPG in his last 7 games and neither player has been anything worth a damn. Add in that the Rockets will probably just want to run small ball lineups with Ariza/Anderson at 4 and 5 I don't think either Nene or Harrell will benefit enough to be considered in anything but 16 team leagues. If I had to pick one tho I'd go for Harrell since he has more potential and isn't a rest candidate.
Who do we expect to get the bump? Nene or Harrell? Maybe its too early to tell
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Not surprised the injury is more serious than initially reported. He looked to be in pain. Agree with Josh, they will likely play more small ball and Nene/Harrell will be a time share on the big minutes (Nene isn't able to handle a bigger work load at this point in his career). I do think Harrell's fantasy value will increase, but still not enough to be standard league relevant.
Google translate says: The MRI revealed on Monday a microfracture of the head of the fibula of the left leg, according to our information. Consequently, the Swiss interior will no longer play in 2016, and will have to observe a rest period of several weeks.
'fractured left fibula' it says. I'm in 16 team, Harrel with more minutes is something usable in my league right now. We'll see.
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I would think if he misses neither Nene or Harrell is going to be a must-add standard league guy. When he left the last game, the Rockets ran heaps of Ariza/Anderson as the 4/5 combo, with Gordon/Beverely/Harden. They would likely split minutes, with some extra for Dekker as well
Can you translate this lol
jkentro According to Lequipe (a pretty serious paper) several weeks out. IF true, Harrel or Nene?
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The emergence of Harrell is taking 5-10 mins away from Capela.
Great per/36 numbers over the last week, but only 20mpg; no apparent foul trouble. Will he settle in closer to 25mpg rather than 30?
88% (8) agree 
Capela/Beal (up); Embiid/Henson (down). 12T, 9CAT ROS
100% (4) agree 
Now he's played 7-8 games in a row over 30 minutes I don't think he's going to be played any less going forward
100% (3) agree 
minutes need a said hes going to get 30+ a night..last 2 weeks avgs look about right
100% (1) agree 
Being a rockets fan, I've closely watched his season. His ft% has been and will continue to be above the projected number. Time for an update
He hasn't played any minutes at PF though, so it's a moot point. I expect ESPN will change Bradley's position right about when Crowder returns at SF and Bradley slides back to the 2 ;)
Avery Bradley is starting at SF for Boston and ESPN still hasn't updated his Position, so i wouldn't expect them to look at Capela as a PF even if he plays 20min per night there.
would like to work him in somehow but already have boogie/dwight/deandre all running at C only. im punting FT so capela is ideal just am worried i cant use him half the time when there are full game days.
I would doubt it. He has not played a single minute next to Nene this season
any chance capela every becomes PF eligible in ESPN? I dont watch a lot of his games, is he always coming in at C? isnt he only like 6'9"?
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hoopsD&D -- I'd go with Capela. What Nogueira is doing is interesting and in many ways real, but his role should be slightly reduced once Valanciunas is back at full strength. Capela's role seems to be growing slowly over time.
100% (1) agree 
7-cat no-percentages league, Capela or Nogueira?
FT aside, Capela or Kanter ROS?
100% (2) agree 
That's the thing. Management loves him, but if the coach doesn't, it doesn't mean much until pressure starts coming. It's frustrating, for sure
It pains me to see the revised projection, but I think it's justified. He looks not so great out there, isn't blocking anything, has trouble catching and/or finishing anything but a lob, and MDA has a very short leash with him.
100% (1) agree 
The management can have all the confidence in the world in him, but if the coach wont play him, hes not going to have the value. that being said, i am still holding, but looking for a good trade option.
100% (3) agree 
I'm holding too. He's only 22 years old and management obviously had a lot of confidence in him to come into the season with him as their starter. He's not going to block fewer shots in more minutes, mboyd. Also, he's looked good on the court when I've watched so far this season.
I think Clint needs some adjustments. The minutes aren't there and he just isn't that great of a per minute shot blocker.
Yikes, only 21 mins with no Nene. Lets hope Montrezl Harrell doesn't become Pringles' new favorite toy.
I'm personally holding - the upside is still there. I doubt they're gonna start Nene or someone else. Sure the numbers are dire right now, but it's so early. I srsly don't understand these type of comments this early in the season.
Have Punt ft% team and thinking of dropping. 8 and 8 with less than a block a game is not rosterable in 12 team.
50% (2) agree 
Blocks need to be revised down. He's not even close to touching 2.1. I'd be surprised if he even matches last year.
0% (1) agree 
Blocks need to be revised down. He's not even close to touching 2.1. I'd be surprised if he even matches last year.
just traded him and clarkson for BG - can't deal with timeshare torture even though i'm sure he'll eventually lock up the minutes.
Very weird to me, I don't see it lasting
24-24 time share with nene? wtf MDA
Thanks for the insight Action and Fisher!
100% (7) agree 
PhillyBoy, I'd say there's one key difference between Dwight and Capela. Dwight wants the offense to be slowed down and the ball dumped into him in the post so he can work in iso (and probably turn the ball over). That's the kind of play MDA has zero interest in. Capela does not want to do that.
100% (5) agree 
Capela has the backing of upper management and more importantly, Harden. Whatever Harden wants, he gets. To suppose D'Antoni starting Nene (who isn't the healthiest or fastest big) in a run-and-gun scheme, over Capela who has young legs and only needed a bigger "tank" per Harden, is quite a reach. If MDA really wants to play Anderson at the 5 for the run-and-gun scheme and punt defense and repeatedly gives up dunks and layups, yea sure. But as soon as they start losing games because no one plays defense ... So the only thing I'm afraid about is MDA's stupidity, but it looks like the upper brass and Harden should keep him in check.
My concern with Capela is MDA. MDA wasn't a fan of dwight and isn't Capela similar to Dwight?
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Can't say this reporting is iron-clad, but as a Capela owner, this gives me hope of a productive season
100% (6) agree 
Just spoke with Ben DuBose who covers the Rockets, and he isn't concerned about Rockets moving away from Capela. Think he played less minutes due to hamstring. Here is the tweet
Likewise getting concerned.. Took him at the start of the 7th (86nd pick) in a 14-team league as part of a FT% punt build. Thought it was steal at the time, now not so sure.
It was a similar experience last year. He has some great per 36 numbers but wasn't on the court long enough. He carried a 4th round valuation (per my league settings) for a few short days before being rapidly downgraded unfortunately. I do agree with @pricker98 that Nene isn't likely to make it through the first month unscathed so hopefully Capela soaks up the minutes.
took him in the sixth, we had drafted start of Oct. now i'm really nervous. :'(
could see it being a minor downgrade but you know its just a matter of time before Nene comes down w some injury
I moved him down to 27 mpg
Did his projections get downgraded already??
There is some danger there, but the Rockets are going to get murdered if they don't playCapela and use Nene and Harrell at centre.
Spent 6th round pick on him, hope he's gonna do well
Looks like his minutes are in danger from Nene.
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Go to the settings tab. Then select team players. And then import from yahoo. This will update all roster changes
I added Clint Capela on my Yahoo fantasy league. I was wondering how long it will take until that change shows on here?
Harden/Capela pnr has looked pretty deadly so far
I like that he's the only center on the roster, but I'm not sure he's a great fit for D'Antoni ball. He has quickness, but is he a good quick pick n roll option? He'll have to rely on OReb and put backs plus hack-a FTs for his scoring.
100% (1) agree 
Last season he played out of position for most of the season. When he was on the court and Howard was on the bench, his FG%, block rate and rebound rate was significantly higher and that is the situation he is in this season
Why is Capela ranked so high? I dont see it based off last year. Is it the departure of Howard?
100% (2) agree 
If you're punting FG%, it doesn't make much sense to keep Capela on your roster long term. One of his biggest positive is his FG%. He would make a great trade target to a punt-FT% owner though, and I would definitely keep him going into the draft with the intent to trade him ASAP post-draft.
I'm tempted to throw him back for a better fit. But I think the value I can keep him at ($7 in a $250 cap league) should make him very tradeable and I should just keep him for now for value and figure out fit down the road. Thoughts?
Is he ownable in H2H leagues if you're not punting ft%? Can Paul George, James Harden, Jimmy Butler, DA Russell, Eric Bledsoe (all my keepers) and others keep me competitive/winning in FT%? (I'm punting fg%)
100% (2) agree 
Punt FT% builds, eat your heart out.
Per Game
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71-0.07NBA 16-17HOU7023.712.
73-0.31Last WeekHOU219.
50-0.13Last 2 WeeksHOU522.
93-0.09Last MonthHOU1124.
74-0.05Last 2 MonthsHOU2524.912.
600.00Last 3 MonthsHOU3524.412.
185-0.38NBA 15-16HOU7719.
474-1.02NBA 14-15HOU127.
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490.13Last 2 WeeksHOU5111:04380334313.53330.46213415.2-0.41-1.140.76-0.60-
59-0.01Last MonthHOU11263:5511709314719.58990.440251618.0-0.42-1.231.12-0.67-0.602.001.33-1.720.12
480.03Last 2 MonthsHOU25621:303100222281531.614220.556723419.1-0.25-1.261.34-0.77-0.821.252.01-1.600.33
520.03Last 3 MonthsHOU35855:354480295362341.653297.5661064719.1-0.26-1.321.02-0.84-0.751.082.46-1.560.41
152-0.33NBA 15-16HOU771470:455420494475992.582397.3792116016.3-1.21-1.190.43-1.07-0.471.021.24-2.821.15
475-0.96NBA 14-15HOU1289:3832036219.48329.17423522.2-2.90-1.21-1.83-1.37-2.17-0.880.02-0.512.23

Game Log
4/25/2017OKCW 105 - 99Y0.40HOU22:11809014.6673.66761312.9 
4/23/2017@ OKCW 113 - 109Y-1.02HOU17:37405100.4005.00002215.6 
4/21/2017@ OKCL 113 - 115Y-0.54HOU23:17502013.4005.33331213.4 
4/19/2017OKCW 115 - 111Y-0.15HOU23:007010104.3758.33330218.1 
4/16/2017OKCW 118 - 87Y0.67HOU24:591407212.7789.00010116.0 
4/12/2017MINW 123 - 118Y0.97HOU29:5122010213.91712.00032121.1 
4/10/2017@ LACL 96 - 125HOU               
4/9/2017@ SACW 135 - 128Y0.64HOU23:4818060011.00081.00021217.7 
4/7/2017DETL 109 - 114HOU               
4/5/2017DENW 110 - 104Y-0.41HOU23:3915011100.70010.33332322.3 
4/2/2017@ PHOW 123 - 116Y-0.69HOU24:458012310.36411.00004323.0 
3/31/2017@ GSWL 98 - 107Y-1.08HOU26:178014410.30813.00023126.7 
3/30/2017@ PORL 107 - 117Y0.28HOU24:31807012.50061.00020311.1 
3/28/2017GSWL 106 - 113Y0.45HOU30:252107001.90010.75042418.9 
3/26/2017OKCW 137 - 125Y0.41HOU22:051109012.8336.50021515.9 
3/24/2017NORW 117 - 107Y0.32HOU28:3510013202.7147.00002312.3 
3/20/2017DENW 125 - 124Y0.73HOU27:021209411.7508.00000512.8 
3/18/2017@ DENW 109 - 105Y0.41HOU24:191608011.538131.00020424.8 
3/17/2017@ NORL 112 - 128Y-0.89HOU19:16604012.3339.00021223.6 
3/15/2017LALW 139 - 100Y-0.51HOU21:0315010200.7147.62582222.8 
3/12/2017CLEW 117 - 112Y-0.29HOU26:158011111.5008.00020314.3 
3/10/2017@ CHIW 115 - 94Y0.03HOU23:351707100.7789.75041019.6 
3/8/2017UTAL 108 - 115Y-0.69HOU31:4419012200.69213.16761424.0 
3/6/2017@ SASL 110 - 112Y-0.10HOU24:521209010.54511.00001421.4 
3/4/2017MEMW 123 - 108Y0.31HOU28:5324011200.57114.800100428.2 
3/1/2017@ LACW 122 - 103Y-0.55HOU25:5914012000.4449.85773523.4 
2/27/2017INDL 108 - 117Y0.13HOU23:32807022.6676.00004117.0 
2/25/2017MINW 142 - 130Y0.68HOU21:531609211.77891.00022220.7 
2/23/2017@ NORW 129 - 990.46HOU18:531508003.8758.50022523.3 
2/15/2017MIAL 109 - 117Y-0.48HOU15:491202000.7147.66730323.1 
2/11/2017PHOW 133 - 102Y-0.28HOU17:53905201.7504.75041214.7 
2/9/2017@ CHAW 107 - 95Y0.20HOU26:001107231.7147.33333418.8 
2/7/2017ORLW 128 - 104Y-0.24HOU28:191709011.7789.37580118.6 
2/3/2017CHIW 121 - 117Y0.36HOU31:381409001.8758.00001412.3 
2/2/2017ATLL 108 - 113Y1.09HOU31:132209021.81811.80052220.3 
1/31/2017SACW 105 - 83Y-0.86HOU20:0212011100.6258.40052526.7 
1/29/2017@ INDL 101 - 1200.24HOU22:251004111.66761.00020213.8 
1/27/2017@ PHIW 123 - 1180.37HOU21:231706021.636111.00034331.4 
1/25/2017@ BOSL 109 - 120Y-1.14HOU20:271207102.50010.28671230.5 
1/23/2017@ MILL 114 - 127Y-0.38HOU22:121603100.58312.66730326.2 
1/21/2017@ MEMW 119 - 95-0.60HOU16:00504201.5004.50020314.1 
1/20/2017GSWL 108 - 1250.81HOU20:5422012111.625161.00022336.1 
1/18/2017MILW 111 - 92-0.44HOU10:54503002.6673.50020115.1 
1/17/2017@ MIAL 103 - 109Y-0.85HOU8:39005101.0003.00000013.4 
1/15/2017@ BKNW 137 - 112HOU               
1/13/2017MEML 105 - 110HOU               
1/11/2017@ MINL 105 - 119HOU               
1/10/2017CHAW 121 - 114HOU               
1/8/2017@ TORW 129 - 122HOU               
1/6/2017@ ORLW 100 - 93HOU               
1/5/2017OKCW 118 - 116HOU               
1/2/2017WASW 101 - 91HOU               
12/31/2016NYKW 129 - 122HOU               
12/30/2016LACW 140 - 116HOU               
12/27/2016@ DALW 123 - 107HOU               
12/26/2016PHOW 131 - 115HOU               
12/23/2016@ MEML 109 - 115HOU               
12/21/2016@ PHOW 125 - 111HOU               
12/20/2016SASL 100 - 102HOU               
12/17/2016@ MINW 111 - 109Y-0.26HOU15:0010040001.0005.00001117.4
Questionable to return
12/16/2016NORW 122 - 100Y-0.47HOU22:108011002.6676.00022616.7 
12/14/2016SACW 132 - 98Y-0.10HOU18:061402211.70010.00012130.8 
12/12/2016BKNW 122 - 118Y-1.01HOU18:598062001.0004.00040412.0 
12/10/2016DALW 109 - 87Y-0.44HOU27:2613010300.5008.71471421.8 
12/9/2016@ OKCW 102 - 99Y-1.00HOU17:131306000.50010.60052233.4 
12/7/2016LALW 134 - 95Y0.67HOU20:121209222.60010.00002223.4 
12/5/2016BOSW 107 - 106Y0.15HOU21:361109111.7147.50021118.2 
12/2/2016@ DENW 128 - 110Y0.16HOU26:0113010101.75081.00012317.1 
12/1/2016@ GSWW 132 - 127Y-1.08HOU24:521004002.6258.00033420.2 
11/29/2016@ UTAL 101 - 120Y0.16HOU28:25806111.6676.0000039.5 
11/27/2016@ PORW 130 - 114Y0.81HOU32:372109002.75012.75040319.0 
11/25/2016@ SACW 117 - 104Y0.05HOU30:0317010002.50014.75041224.6 
11/23/2016TORL 102 - 115Y1.05HOU30:331206005.8577.0000009.7 
11/21/2016@ DETW 99 - 96Y0.33HOU35:0115012202.70010.50022516.4 
11/19/2016UTAW 111 - 102Y-0.10HOU30:312008501.52619.00020328.7 
11/17/2016PORW 126 - 109Y0.32HOU26:481507112.7789.50023319.3 
11/16/2016@ OKCL 103 - 105Y0.64HOU27:3113014003.6258.75040114.7 
11/14/2016PHIW 115 - 88Y0.60HOU25:328013105.4297.66730013.1 
11/12/2016SASL 100 - 106Y0.08HOU24:4512010201.55691.00021418.5 
11/9/2016@ SASW 101 - 99Y-0.72HOU17:511205001.6258.50042429.1 
11/7/2016@ WASW 114 - 106Y0.36HOU27:111406014.70010.00022321.8 
11/5/2016@ ATLL 97 - 112Y-0.18HOU21:0912010010.8577.00005523.7 
11/2/2016@ NYKW 118 - 99Y-0.87HOU21:04806110.6676.00031315.7 
11/1/2016@ CLEL 120 - 128Y-0.55HOU18:31804101.6005.66731317.2 
10/30/2016DALW 93 - 92Y-0.97HOU26:264010112.2867.00040215.2 
10/28/2016@ DALW 106 - 98Y-0.54HOU25:07409011.4005.00003115.0 
10/26/2016@ LALL 114 - 120Y0.08HOU25:401609001.72711.00011220.3 
4/13/2016SACW 116 - 81-0.10HOU22:526017103.6005.00031212.7 
4/11/2016@ MINW 129 - 1050.04HOU15:3510010011.6258.00011224.4 
4/10/2016LALW 130 - 110-0.52HOU14:57505001.50041.00011114.5 
4/7/2016PHOL 115 - 124-0.31HOU18:097021121.0003.25040311.9 
4/6/2016@ DALL 86 - 88-0.27HOU12:17204111.5002.0000017.8 
4/3/2016OKCW 118 - 1100.86HOU23:00906024.50081.00010614.3 
3/31/2016CHIL 100 - 1030.07HOU17:38805020.5717.00000316.9 
3/29/2016@ CLEW 106 - 1000.27HOU16:589010121.5717.50021022.3 
3/27/2016@ INDL 101 - 1040.02HOU17:36907110.8005.50020514.2 
3/25/2016TORW 112 - 109-1.39HOU15:558010001.4297.25080427.8 
3/23/2016UTAL 87 - 890.38HOU18:341005022.8005.50040317.3 
3/22/2016@ OKCL 107 - 111-0.38HOU9:48502011.6673.50020115.9 
3/19/2016@ ATLL 97 - 109-0.89HOU9:30505000.4005.50020024.7 
3/18/2016MINW 116 - 1110.10HOU14:21803011.8005.00000015.8 
3/16/2016LACL 106 - 122-0.98HOU7:213030001.0001.50021018.3 
3/14/2016MEMW 130 - 81-1.38HOU24:031005001.4297.44491321.2 
3/12/2016@ CHAL 109 - 125-1.02HOU14:06904101.5717.20050027.6 
3/11/2016@ BOSW 102 - 98-0.93HOU10:29601001.6005.00020224.0 
3/9/2016@ PHIW 118 - 104-0.63HOU10:233020101.0001.5002017.7 
3/6/2016@ TORW 113 - 107-1.19HOU10:28503102.5002.37580125.3 
3/5/2016@ CHIL 100 - 108-0.41HOU13:52605000.7504.00000211.6 
3/2/2016NORW 100 - 95-0.20HOU16:154051121.0002.0002007.3 
2/29/2016@ MILL 121 - 128HOU               
2/27/2016SASL 94 - 104HOU               
2/25/2016@ PORW 119 - 105HOU               
2/23/2016@ UTAL 114 - 117-0.57HOU12:49204201.3333.00000310.2 
2/19/2016@ PHOW 116 - 100-0.60HOU17:561107001.7147.25041521.1 
2/10/2016@ PORL 103 - 116-1.63HOU16:371010000.0001.1676029.2 
2/9/2016@ GSWL 110 - 123-0.51HOU13:25406101.5004.00001216.0 
2/6/2016PORL 79 - 96-0.35HOU14:11006002.0000.000003  
2/4/2016@ PHOW 111 - 105-0.22HOU15:1910040021.0005.00021419.0 
2/2/2016MIAW 115 - 102HOU               
1/30/2016WASL 122 - 123-2.16HOU17:25104012.0003.12582421.9 
1/29/2016@ OKCL 108 - 116-0.14HOU22:531203001.7147.66730513.8 
1/27/2016@ SASL 99 - 130-1.86HOU14:13505003.2504.300102532.3 
1/25/2016@ NORW 112 - 111Y-0.30HOU15:461005000.8005.66730217.8 
1/24/2016DALW 115 - 104Y-0.99HOU24:06805200.5717.00030415.6 
1/22/2016MILW 102 - 98Y0.05HOU23:506092121.0003.0002168.7 
1/20/2016DETL 114 - 123Y-0.20HOU28:0810013011.35714.00001422.1 
1/18/2016@ LACL 132 - 140Y-1.16HOU16:47703001.4297.25040321.8 
1/17/2016@ LALW 112 - 95Y0.53HOU23:0614011010.75081.00021417.8 
1/15/2016CLEL 77 - 91Y-1.25HOU14:28704001.4297.25041131.4 
1/13/2016MINW 107 - 104Y-0.29HOU26:25707201.7504.50021210.1 
1/12/2016@ MEMW 107 - 91Y-0.84HOU26:25107111.0004.50021210.3 
1/10/2016INDW 107 - 103Y-0.10HOU19:47206232.5002.00005315.3 
1/7/2016UTAW 103 - 94Y-0.38HOU30:207010030.3336.50061314.9 
1/4/2016@ UTAW 93 - 91Y-0.81HOU20:11205100.5002.0000137.7 
1/2/2016@ SASL 103 - 121Y0.76HOU25:51807014.6676.00000210.6 
12/31/2015GSWL 110 - 114Y-0.69HOU23:36506001.5004.50021311.1 
12/29/2015ATLL 115 - 121Y0.19HOU29:4017010221.6679.55692421.7 
12/26/2015@ NORL 108 - 110Y0.02HOU28:43207412.2504.0000046.4 
12/25/2015SASW 88 - 84Y-1.28HOU31:59605101.3336.50043115.8 
12/23/2015@ ORLL 101 - 104Y-0.32HOU19:1510051011.0005.00021217.2 
12/21/2015CHAW 102 - 95Y-0.95HOU19:36308000.3333.50021510.8 
12/19/2015LACW 107 - 97Y-0.93HOU21:287010112.4005.37582120.5 
12/17/2015@ LALW 107 - 87Y0.91HOU28:0910012124.6676.50041112.5 
12/15/2015@ SACL 97 - 107-0.20HOU13:26409011.6673.00002516.0 
12/14/2015@ DENL 108 - 114HOU               
12/12/2015LALW 126 - 97Y-0.13HOU24:2911010121.6258.25042319.8 
12/9/2015@ WASW 109 - 103Y-0.48HOU21:101005210.7147.00030016.9 
12/8/2015@ BKNL 105 - 110Y-1.45HOU26:49609000.3758.00023218.6 
12/5/2015SACW 120 - 113Y0.17HOU20:44803220.6676.00000211.9 
12/4/2015@ DALW 100 - 96Y-0.69HOU28:172010212.0005.50041312.1 
12/2/2015NORW 108 - 101Y-0.85HOU15:34604000.4005.66730416.6 
11/30/2015@ DETL 105 - 116Y0.09HOU22:171105140.45511.50022326.0 
11/29/2015@ NYKW 116 - 111Y0.51HOU36:2418011031.63611.50081219.2 
11/27/2015PHIW 116 - 114Y-0.32HOU24:5613010002.46213.50022127.2 
11/25/2015MEML 93 - 1020.59HOU8:11602123.7504.00000223.3 
11/21/2015NYKL 102 - 107Y0.10HOU30:0416014110.7789.40052620.1 
11/20/2015@ MEML 84 - 96-0.62HOU12:24107001.0000.5002003.1 
11/18/2015PORW 108 - 103-0.36HOU12:43404011.4005.00000116.2 
11/16/2015BOSL 95 - 111-0.44HOU18:19507112.5004.25040013.2 
11/14/2015DALL 98 - 110Y-0.41HOU23:057010110.6673.50060110.5 
11/13/2015@ DENL 98 - 107-0.81HOU13:03403010.5002.50040012.6 
11/11/2015BKNL 98 - 106-0.14HOU10:46802002.8005.00001223.7 
11/7/2015@ LACW 109 - 1050.06HOU18:549080011.0003.75040410.7 
11/6/2015@ SACW 116 - 110Y0.54HOU26:2013012204.7508.33332518.0 
11/4/2015ORLW 119 - 1140.25HOU18:49805111.8005.00000111.3 
11/2/2015OKCW 110 - 105-0.34HOU10:434010111.0002.00001411.5 
11/1/2015@ MIAL 89 - 109Y0.06HOU14:0710050011.0005.00001219.5 
10/30/2015GSWL 92 - 112-0.02HOU17:45708102.75041.00012215.0 
10/28/2015DENL 85 - 105Y0.47HOU24:55907023.5717.50021214.7