Brook Lopez

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Draft2008 (Pick 10)
InjuryOut for season - Fractured metatarsal
Projected Return 4/17/2014  Out for season - Fractured metatarsal - Projected Return 4/17/2014
3/22/2014 12:05 AM
Out for season Broken foot Open link
Nets general manager Billy King says that Lopez underwent a second surgery on March 3 to "clean out" his left ankle and repair a torn tendon. The procedure "included tightening the lateral ankle ligaments, as well as repairing a torn tendon." King added that Lopez is healing well from both that surgery and his prior right foot surgery, and is on track to be back doing on court work in June. Lopez had his first surgery on Jan. 4 to repair his broken foot, where doctors "repositioned another bone" so the sole "will bear weight more evenly than before." That was done in order to decrease the likelihood of re-injury, and Lopez is expected to shed his walking boot in a few weeks. The fact that he had to undergo a second surgery (albeit for his ankle, not foot) is at least somewhat concerning. Since playing 82 games in each of his first three seasons, Lopez has played just 96 of a possible 230 games since and has undergone three surgeries on his right foot since Dec. 2011.

Season Stats

   120.39Current SeasonBKN1731.420.
   280.22NBA 12-13BKN7430.519.
   220-0.44NBA 11-12BKN527.
   78-0.05NBA Preseason 13BKN620.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment12/21/2013 10:17 AMkslight 0% (0)When he missed two games a week ago, Blatche averaged 29 and Mirza 25. Evans also got more minutes.
 Comment12/21/2013 9:50 AMwhateverzisfine 0% (0)blatche for sure...
 Injured12/21/2013 9:49 AMehrenberggreg 0% (0)Broken foot out for the year, who gets boosted in his place?
 Comment12/12/2013 10:21 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (1)Re-sprained his left ankle, same one that caused him to miss 7 games last month. More details here:
 Comment10/19/2013 1:27 PMCardTerp 25% (4)
 Comment10/18/2013 10:55 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)What kool-aid? We've got him projected to do well again this season, so I guess it depends on your initial expectations.
 Comment10/18/2013 9:25 AMsalemso 0% (2)Anybody else drinking the Bro-Lo kool aid? Pretty strong preseason so far. Buser, what do you make of all this? Could he surprise us again this year?
 Comment1/15/2013 7:24 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)Moved him up closer to his career norms - looks like he has indeed settled in.
 Underrated1/15/2013 3:23 PMthatkellenguy 100% (1)FT% bump? Dec = 77.4%, Jan = 79.4%, Career = 78.9%...
 Comment1/4/2013 5:01 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Slight bump but let's give him a bit more time before we go all in. 64% FT in Nov is hard to whitewash.
 Underrated1/4/2013 12:41 PMthatkellenguy 100% (2)Shooting 78% from the stripe since returning from injury and is a career 79% FT shooter. Has he put his early season FT woes behind him? Time for a ROS bump?
 Comment11/26/2012 4:34 AMkslight 100% (3)Yes, he needed a boost in FGA and blocks. If he can get his FT% back to normal levels, he'd be great.
 Comment11/26/2012 12:08 AMdasein 100% (2)Less than 2 blks in only 3/12 games. A bump seems justified here. Same for FG%

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014@ CLE BKN             
4/15/2014NYK BKN             
4/13/2014ORL BKN             
4/11/2014ATL BKN             
4/9/2014@ ORL BKN             
4/8/2014@ MIA BKN             
4/5/2014@ PHI BKN             
4/4/2014DET BKN             
4/2/2014@ NYK BKN             
4/1/2014HOU BKN             
3/30/2014MIN BKN             
3/28/2014CLE BKN             
3/26/2014@ CHA BKN             
3/24/2014@ NOR BKN             
3/23/2014@ DAL BKN             
3/21/2014BOS BKN             
3/19/2014CHA BKN             
3/17/2014PHO BKN             
3/15/2014@ WAS BKN             
3/12/2014@ MIA BKN             
3/10/2014TOR BKN             
3/9/2014SAC BKN             
3/7/2014@ BOS BKN             
3/5/2014MEM BKN             
3/3/2014CHI BKN             
3/1/2014@ MIL BKN             
2/27/2014@ DEN BKN             
2/26/2014@ POR BKN             
2/23/2014@ LAL BKN             
2/22/2014@ GSW BKN             
2/19/2014@ UTA BKN             
2/13/2014@ CHI BKN             
2/12/2014CHA BKN             
2/9/2014NOR BKN             
2/7/2014@ DET BKN             
2/6/2014SAS BKN             
2/3/2014PHI BKN             
2/1/2014@ IND BKN             
1/31/2014OKC BKN             
1/27/2014TOR BKN             
1/26/2014@ BOS BKN             
1/24/2014DAL BKN             
1/21/2014ORL BKN             
1/20/2014@ NYK BKN             
1/16/2014@ ATL BKN             
1/11/2014@ TOR BKN             
1/10/2014MIA BKN             
1/8/2014GSW BKN             
1/6/2014ATL BKN             
1/4/2014CLE BKN             
1/2/2014@ OKC BKN             
12/31/2013@ SAS BKN             
12/28/2013@ IND BKN             
12/27/2013MIL BKN             
12/25/2013CHI BKN             
12/23/2013IND BKN             
12/20/2013@ PHI120 - 121 (-1)Y-0.18BKN44:0222070210.474190.571725
12/18/2013WAS107 - 113 (-6)Y-0.02BKN31:5422053000.636110.889944
12/16/2013PHI BKN             
12/13/2013@ DET BKN             
12/12/2013LAC102 - 93 (+9)Y-0.15BKN27:4416071000.462131.000413
12/10/2013BOS104 - 96 (+8)Y0.66BKN37:2324032010.769130.800514
12/7/2013@ MIL90 - 82 (+8)Y1.79BKN40:0732074020.846130.9091125
12/5/2013NYK83 - 113 (-30)Y0.60BKN34:3124091110.500180.857711
12/3/2013DEN87 - 111 (-24)Y-0.08BKN21:1412021110.33391.000614
11/30/2013@ MEM97 - 88 (+9)Y-1.27BKN31:1620091000.438160.5451121
11/29/2013@ HOU95 - 114 (-19)Y0.16BKN21:2516010020.55690.857700
11/27/2013LAL BKN             
11/26/2013@ TOR BKN             
11/24/2013DET BKN             
11/22/2013@ MIN BKN             
11/20/2013@ CHA BKN             
11/18/2013POR BKN             
11/16/2013@ LAC BKN             
11/15/2013@ PHO100 - 98 (+2)Y0.64BKN36:0327070030.563160.9001044
11/13/2013@ SAC86 - 107 (-21)Y0.98BKN26:3916090050.500121.000413
11/9/2013IND91 - 96 (-5)Y0.11BKN32:0616070110.462131.000424
11/8/2013@ WAS108 - 112 (-4)Y0.22BKN37:1123050010.714140.600513
11/5/2013UTA104 - 88 (+16)Y1.38BKN25:0027072210.769130.778912
11/3/2013@ ORL86 - 107 (-21)Y1.41BKN32:5421060150.533151.000511
11/1/2013MIA101 - 100 (+1)Y0.04BKN20:1913060120.57170.833635
10/30/2013@ CLE94 - 98 (-4)Y0.26BKN33:3721051040.500180.600513