Derrick Rose

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Draft2008 (Pick 1)
Projection Updated2/4/2016
Playing back/hamstring Open link
1/28/2016 12:54 PM
Rose is playing Thursday at LAL.
Probable back/hamstring
1/27/2016 7:42 PM
Rose is probable Thursday at LAL.
Questionable back/hamstring Open link
1/26/2016 1:12 PM
Rose is questionable Thursday at LAL. He did some non-contact work at practice Tuesday and is still sore.
Not returning back/hamstring Open link
1/25/2016 8:18 PM
Rose is not returning Monday vs MIA.
Playing knee Open link
1/15/2016 5:17 PM
Rose missed last game and is active for Friday vs DAL. He will play.
Out knee Open link
1/14/2016 4:50 PM
Rose is out for Thursday's game. He says he expects to play Friday night.
Questionable knee Open link
1/13/2016 2:49 PM
Rose is questionable for Thursday's game. He is traveling with the team to Philly, but it is unclear if he'll play.
Out kneecap Open link
1/12/2016 9:17 PM
Rose left Tuesday's game with left patella tendinitis. He returned to the game briefly but was taken out and went to the locker room. With a few minutes left in the game, he will not return.
Playing hamstring Open link
1/5/2016 6:29 PM
Rose missed the past 3 games and is active Tuesday (hamstring).
Probable hamstring Open link
1/5/2016 10:57 AM
Rose missed the past 3 games and is probable Tuesday (hamstring). He went through today's shootaround, and the coach is optimistic Rose will play though it's a game-time decision.
Questionable hamstring Open link
1/4/2016 1:08 PM
Rose missed the past 3 games and is questionable Tuesday (hamstring). He underwent an MRI that came back clean. Rose practiced Monday but remains day-to-day with the injury. He is being called a game-time decision for Tuesday.
Out right hamstring tendinitis Open link
1/3/2016 1:01 PM
Rose missed the past 2 games and is out Sunday (right hamstring tendinitis). He is hopeful to play on Tuesday.
Out right hamstring tendinitis Open link
1/1/2016 6:15 PM
Rose missed last game and is out for Friday (right hamstring tendinitis). Kirk Hinrich will start, Aaron Brooks will probably receive most of the PG minutes.
Doubtful right hamstring tendinitis Open link
1/1/2016 5:16 PM
Rose missed last game and is doubtful for Friday (right hamstring tendinitis). He's getting treatment but unlikely to play.
Questionable right hamstring tendinitis Open link
1/1/2016 11:14 AM
Rose missed last game with a sore right hamstring and is a game-time decision for Friday.
Out right hamstring tendinitis
12/30/2015 6:01 PM
Rose is out for Wednesday's game (right hamstring tendinitis).
Playing illness Open link
12/16/2015 10:58 AM
Rose is active for Wednesday's game (illness).
Probable illness Open link
12/15/2015 12:39 PM
Rose is probable for Wednesday's game (illness). He was ill during Monday's game against the Sixers and almost sat out the second half according to coach Hoiberg. The Bulls don't practice Tuesday, so we're considering Rose probable for Wednesday.
Playing ankle Open link
11/24/2015 1:02 PM
Rose missed the past 2 games and is active Tuesday (ankle). This just confirms yesterday's news, but Rose will play and start Tuesday against the Trail Blazers. Rose won't have any restrictions.
Playing ankle Open link
11/23/2015 1:46 PM
Rose missed the past 2 game, but the Bulls expect him to be active for Tuesday's game against the Trail Blazers (ankle).
Questionable ankle Open link
11/22/2015 2:55 PM
Rose missed the past 2 games and is questionable Tuesday (ankle), but he went through a full practice Sunday, which implies he is nearing a return.
Doubtful ankle Open link
11/19/2015 1:55 PM
Rose missed last game and is doubtful for Friday (ankle). The Bulls are saying Rose will "try" to play Friday but that he'll also be a game-time decision, so we're considering him doubtful for Friday.
Out ankle Open link
11/18/2015 8:04 PM
Rose is out for Wednesday's game (ankle). Hinrich will start in his place.
Doubtful ankle Open link
11/18/2015 1:01 PM
Rose missed Wednesday's shootaround and remains very doubtful for Wednesday's game (ankle). He'll likely be questionable for Friday and is expected to be ready by Tuesday at the latest.
Doubtful ankle Open link
11/17/2015 4:39 PM
Rose is doubtful for Wednesday's game (ankle). Aaron Brooks gains 14 minutes. Kirk Hinrich gains 13 minutes.
Questionable ankle Open link
11/17/2015 12:43 PM
Rose is questionable for Wednesday's game (ankle). He was non-committal on is status for Wednesday, and we're still wating on an official injury report.
Playing still dealing with double vision Open link
11/15/2015 12:48 PM
Rose is still dealing with some double vision resulting from the facial fracture he suffered in the preseason. The Bulls were told the double vision could last up to three months, which means Rose may have to cope with it until late December.
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252-0.42Last 2 MonthsCHI2831.919.
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228-0.31NBA 14-15CHI5130.
307-0.71NBA 13-14CHI1031.
370.04NBA 11-12CHI3935.
290.11NBA 10-11CHI8137.324.
DNQ-0.40NBA Preseason 15CHI110.327.
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221-0.50NBA 15-16CHI431387:06682241492022712.413681.7931211150.16-0.62-0.980.64-0.92-0.71-1.370.13-0.82
80-0.08Last WeekCHI4140:37851232541.43880.77818151.67-0.850.391.780.15-0.49-1.100.06-2.29
144-0.32Last 2 WeeksCHI7217:361171343552.412119.81822170.52-0.99-0.190.98-0.58-0.64-1.430.28-0.78
109-0.21Last MonthCHI15468:1027885858104.452250.89849400.85-0.58-0.670.44-0.65-0.69-0.501.01-1.08
178-0.39Last 2 MonthsCHI28892:234771596111197.444448.81079790.58-0.62-0.840.45-0.67-0.71-0.640.24-1.28
218-0.48Last 3 MonthsCHI371197:03602241301682512.418594.788104990.14-0.56-0.970.51-0.87-0.65-1.260.08-0.74
230-0.51NBA 14-15CHI511529:53904761612513616.405835.813187161-0.250.04-1.190.26-1.10-0.72-1.290.28-0.65
403-0.91NBA 13-14CHI10311:1515916324351.354164.8443234-2.41-0.93-1.90-1.19-2.18-1.10-0.460.081.90
103-0.17NBA 11-12CHI391374:29852541313073528.435695.8122391190.190.04-1.121.04-0.93-0.27-0.580.39-0.28
110.45NBA 10-11CHI813024:002,0221283286238551.4461,592.8575532772.491.13-0.372.270.420.07-1.001.53-2.47
462-0.87NBA Preseason 15CHI110:19800100.6676.00010-2.51-1.27-2.00-1.37-1.90-0.960.30-0.342.20