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<November 2023>
box scoreCLE 116@ IND 1217:00 pm
CLE by 2.0 o/u 230.0CLE 116 @ IND 114
box scoreNYK 105@ MIL 1107:30 pm
MIL by 5.0 o/u 223.5NYK 109 @ MIL 114
box scoreGSW 141@ OKC 1398:00 pm
GSW by 6.5 o/u 225.0GSW 116 @ OKC 109
box scoreWAS 114@ MIA 1218:00 pm
MIA by 8.5 o/u 224.5WAS 108 @ MIA 116
box scoreBKN 109@ CHI 1078:00 pm
CHI by 4.0 o/u 221.0BKN 108 @ CHI 112
box scoreMEM 113@ POR 11510:00 pm
MEM by 3.5 o/u 220.0MEM 112 @ POR 108
box scoreDAL 114@ DEN 12510:00 pm
DEN by 6.0 o/u 229.5DAL 112 @ DEN 118

Central Standard Time

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CLE 116 @ IND 121

 31.37Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF35:5114010534.53813.00002.0002.63611218.6+11-0.47-1.691.620.535.995.690.910.00-0.25
 100.98Donovan MitchellPG/SG  CLESG36:393845910.61921.800103.5717.64314134.403.442.22-0.292.320.14-1.243.93-0.16-1.51
 41-0.05Jarrett AllenC  CLEC21:071007012.6676.66731.0000.6676417.5-1-1.12-1.690.47-1.710.142.221.54-1.341.02
 44-0.07Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG31:591400621.455111.00044.0002.5569123.3-10-0.47-1.69-2.210.983.070.49-0.572.52-2.77
 52-0.19Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLE 23:00511220.6673.000011.0001.500247.7-19-1.93-0.72-1.83-0.823.07-1.240.770.001.02
 58-0.35Georges NiangPF  CLE 27:071225100.44491.00020.3336.6673216.2+9-0.790.26-0.29-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.601.262.28
 86-0.65Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLE 30:241305401.41712.75041.0004.6258221.6-1-0.63-1.69-0.290.08-2.780.49-1.29-0.711.02
 91-0.70Max StrusSG/SF  CLESF28:171011011.4449.50021.16761.0003217.1+3-1.12-0.72-1.83-1.710.140.49-0.60-1.971.02
 119-1.08Tristan ThompsonPFSUSP 10g  CLE 2:48001000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -8-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.78-
 123-1.12Dean WadeSF/PF  CLE 2:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -9-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-
   Craig Porter Jr.   CLE                            
   Ricky Rubio X  CLE                            
   Damian Jones   CLE                            
   Ty Jerome X  CLE                            
   Sam Merrill   CLE                            
   Isaiah Mobley GLG CLE                            
   Emoni Bates GLG  CLE                            
  0.00Totals   239:5811683527109.52484.8002513.28628.6435620156.4-
 81.20Myles TurnerC  INDC30:372749022.64314.83363.8005.5569425.0+111.652.221.24-1.713.
 340.02Buddy HieldSG/SF  IND 30:131445201.5569.00001.5717.5002223.6+16-0.472.22-0.29-0.82-2.780.490.850.001.02
 36-0.01Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SG  INDPG34:1918021320.35714.88994.0005.5569224.9+30.18-1.69-1.444.123.07-1.24-2.712.44-2.77
 54-0.23Bruce BrownPG/SG/SF  INDSG37:241937200.53315.00002.5006.5569217.8+90.351.240.47-0.82-2.78-1.240.940.00-0.25
 60-0.36Jalen SmithPF/C  IND 17:251315201.7508.000031.0001.7147224.6-4-0.63-0.72-0.29-0.82-2.780.493.020.00-1.51
 73-0.52Aaron NesmithSF/PFQ  IND 27:281325021.6258.25042.5004.7504316.7+1-0.630.26-0.29-1.713.070.491.57-7.16-0.25
 100-0.78Obi ToppinPF  INDPF20:30604100.5006.00000.0001.6005211.40-1.77-1.69-0.68-1.27-2.78-
 118-1.08Andrew NembhardPG/SG  IND 17:55600300.40051.00022.0000.4005017.1-7-1.77-1.69-2.21-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.651.26-0.25
 138-1.46Bennedict MathurinSG/SF  INDSF24:06513510.2867.00031.5002.2005115.1-4-1.93-0.72-1.060.530.14-1.24-2.08-7.781.02
   T.J. McConnell   IND                            
   Daniel Theis   IND                            
   Jordan Nwora   IND                            
   Isaiah Jackson   IND                            
   Kendall Brown   IND                            
   Jarace Walker   IND                            
   Ben Sheppard   IND                            
   Isaiah Wong GLG IND                            
   Oscar Tshiebwe   IND                            
  0.00Totals   239:5712115402875.52386.6672418.48431.5455518176.0+
Josh: You'd love a bit more offensive aggression, bvut that is likely coming in the next year or two. The rest showed why he could be lite.
Kyle: Even with a shift back to PF in Allen's return, Mobley was amazing on defense with 4 blocks and 3 steals. Hopefully this keeps up to some degree. It's also great to see Mob's assists stay up with Garland back. He seems to be unlocking more of the all-around game we've seen flashes of but not consistently used. Mobley might be worth trying to get in a trade in dynasty and redrafts if you think his recent improvements stick even with the roster getting healthy.
Kyle: Great all-around performance from Turner, including a big block late to help bring the win home. If you're worried about his general injury risk, this could be a time to look at sell-high options, but I'd likely just be rolling with Turner most places to see how good he can be this season.
Josh: Staggering good production, even with everyone back. I would say sell high, but just enjoy it
Josh: More minutes than Mathurin as he is a better player. I wonder if they keep the role the same though. More a fringe guy
Kyle: Big minutes from Hield, and while he's fine to ride out whatever role it is the Pacers are working him through this season, hoping that he ends up traded to a starting job. I'd also consider treating this as a sell-high moment in case Hield ends up stuck in a more limited role than seems reasonable all season.
Kyle: Haliburton was back in action carry the normal load.
Josh: First game back and had some foul trouble too. Safe to activate from IR.
Kyle: Allen put up a useful line despite being on a minutes restriction in his return from injury and season debut. The minutes should get back close to what we've seen in recent seasons, though there is some risk of a dial back if coach Bickerstaff decides to play Mobley at center more often this season.
Josh: Minutes should ramp up soon
Kyle: Garland was on a bit of a restriction in his return, and the production isn't great, but if he can stay healthy, he should improve as we go. I'd consider sending out a buy-low offer, but I'd be careful not to overpay in case the injury lingers or the production stays down as the Cavs reorganize their offense some.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: With players back, not enough for him to do to be a 12 or 14 team guy.
Droppable Kyle: With the Cavs getting healthy, Okoro is going to be best rostered in deeper leagues and just someone for watch lists in case streaming opportunities open again as we go.
Kyle: I wouldn't be leaving Brown on the wire in 12-team leagues, but his early lack of assists and poor defensive stats are a slight concern. In most respects, I'd be looking at buying low on Brown, especially in deeper leagues, expecting his production to improve some and appreciating his secure role with great minutes.
Kyle: Great minutes from Niang even with the Cavs healthy, but he won't play quite this much most games. It's a bit of a sell-high moment for very deep leagues.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: If Turner goes down, he will be an add, let's just hope it isn't as bad as last season
Kyle: Smith was back in action after missing the previous game. He continues to play great in his modest role. Be aware of him for conditional streaming and in case a bigger role opened due to injury.
Watch Kyle: Nesmith put up a great line and is carving out a good bench role that could eventually nudge into the starting lineup if the Pacers ever give up on the Toppin nonsense.
Josh: I think he will be.a drop soon. HOld for now
Kyle: Strus' minutes were down some with the Cavs healthy. It's surprising how much the minutes dipped, and it's OK to treat Strus as a streamer or flier, dropping as needed in most leagues, but I also wouldn't be in a rush to let him go, willing to roll through Sunday's game before deciding on whether he's worth riding with through a 2-game week (probably not).
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Starter in name only and a drop in 12 team leagues.
Kyle: Nembhard came off the bench in a modest role with Haliburton back and starting.
Josh: Woof. He stinks at the moment. It will be interesting if they pivot to the better player (Hield) or keep the young guy for development. A hold for now, but barely.
Kyle: Mathurin is struggling to command big enough minutes and touches right now to be of much use beyond deeper leagues and streaming. He's OK to have as a luxury upside flier for now, holding, though how long to do so would depend on if you're competing and who else is on the wire. In deeper leagues, I'd be buying low with his role looking secure and upside to eventually come.
Kyle: Out of the rotation a lot of nights when the Pacers frontcourt is healthy.

NYK 105 @ MIL 110

 180.58Josh HartSG/SF  NYKSF35:586010531.22291.00020.0004.4005410.8+1-1.77-1.691.620.535.990.49-3.511.262.28
 200.50Jalen BrunsonPG  NYKPG41:374525410.56730.818114.2508.68222336.8+24.570.26-
 39-0.04Quentin GrimesSG/SFQ  NYKSG33:341754200.54511.00001.500101.0001317.3+30.023.20-0.68-0.82-2.78-1.240.880.001.02
 70-0.50Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 21:491413100.500101.00031.3333.5717122.1-1-0.47-0.72-1.06-1.27-2.78-
 96-0.75Mitchell RobinsonCINJ 9g  NYKC29:270015100.0004.00000.0000.000445.4-4-2.74-1.693.54-1.27-2.78-1.24-2.850.002.28
 115-1.04Julius RandlePFINJ 2g  NYKPF38:5916112520.25020.55691.1119.36411425.2-5-0.14-0.722.390.533.07-1.24-6.99-7.241.02
 122-1.12Isaiah HartensteinCQ  NYK 18:15403000.6673.00002.0000.6673310.8-1-2.09-1.69-1.06-1.71-2.78-1.240.770.00-0.25
 131-1.20Miles McBridePG  NYK 2:06000000.0001.00000.0001.0000018.8-10-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.710.002.28
 137-1.40Donte DiVincenzoSG/SF  NYK 18:13314000.1258.00001.2504.0004019.5-10-2.26-0.72-0.68-1.71-2.78-1.24-
   R.J. Barrett   NYK                            
   Evan Fournier   NYK                            
   Duane Washington   NYK                            
   Jericho Sims   NYK                            
   Charlie Brown   NYK                            
   DaQuan Jeffries   NYK                            
   Dylan Windler   NYK                            
   Ryan Arcidiacono NOTE  NYK                            
   Jacob Toppin   NYK                            
  0.00Totals   239:5810510561861.39696.7602510.25639.4915722166.6-
 110.96Damian LillardPG  MILPG36:043044411.467151.000124.5717.3758027.8+22.132.22-0.680.080.140.49-0.527.55-2.77
 120.92Brook LopezC  MILC35:321345019.26715.50021.40010.0005219.6+1-0.632.22-0.29-1.710.1414.36-4.88-1.971.02
 210.42Jae CrowderSF/PF  MIL 23:441446210.6258.00000.6676.5002113.9+3-0.472.220.09-0.820.14-1.241.570.002.28
 46-0.09Khris MiddletonSF/PFINJ 2g  MILSF21:011229400.50010.00000.6673.4297119.7-2-0.790.261.240.08-2.78-
 64-0.41MarJon BeauchampSG/SF  MIL 13:061332200.7147.00010.60051.0002223.5+5-0.631.24-1.44-0.82-2.78-1.242.28-2.592.28
 99-0.78Bobby PortisPF/C  MIL 16:33402020.20010.00000.0002.2508125.0-2-2.09-1.69-1.44-1.713.07-1.24-
 107-0.87Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MIL 23:55202210.2504.00001.0002.500228.6-4-2.42-1.69-1.44-0.820.14-1.24-1.390.001.02
 113-1.00Malik BeasleySG/SF  MILSG22:22003300.0002.00000.0001.000123.7+6-2.74-1.69-1.06-0.37-2.78-1.24-1.420.002.28
 134-1.29Cam PaynePG  MIL 11:56000100.0001.00001.0000.0001212.6+3-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.710.001.02
 139-1.61Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/CP  MILPF35:472238601.60010.5381371.0003.4297326.2+130.831.240.850.98-2.780.491.60-11.17-6.56
   Andre Jackson Jr.   MIL                            
   AJ Green   MIL                            
   TyTy Washington GLG MIL                            
   Robin Lopez   MIL                            
   Lindell Wigginton Q  MIL                            
   Marques Bolden   MIL                            
   Thanasis Antetokounmpo   MIL                            
   Chris Livingston Off Inj  MIL                            
  0.00Totals   240:00110204124611.42782.7142814.51339.3494316180.6+
Josh: Griffin changed defensive scheme so Lopez can play drop and we got rewarded. Let's hope this form returns for good.
Kyle: Congrats if you bought low on the slow start because the window slammed shut with Lopez's 8-block performance and huge minutes. If you don't think Lopez continues to produce well, this would be a sell-high moment to consider.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: While Barrett is out, he is an add. We would have to see minutes like this when he returns to justify holding though
Watch Kyle: Hart made another start with Barrett out and was pretty good. Hart is worth watching for more streaming opportunities like this, but when the team is healthy, his role has been too modest.
Josh: Thibs had been holding minutes bacl, but unleahsed here for a huge line
Kyle: Brunson blew up for a season-high 45 points. He was looking like a potential buy-low target early this season, but that window has likely closed with this performance. This is a sell-high moment to consider with with Barrett being out.
Kyle: Really good production, and Crowder has value as a streamer and for deeper leagues. I wouldn't be chasing him in standards, though. His role is too middling.
Josh: He can turn it on, just isn't given the chance most nights. Likely only due to Barrett being out
Sell High Kyle: Grimes finally shined through the early-seaso much to post a good line in big minutes, but this is mostly just something to watch in case he continues to play at an elevated level even when Barrett is back. I'd be looking at sell-high options in deeper leagues if available.
Josh: Much better game. Still a way offf his best, but encouragement to hold.
Must Add Kyle: Middleton;s situation has been frustrating, but if he can offer useful lines in short run while he ramps up, then he should be on someone's roster in most leagues. If you want in on his upside, he's sitting on some wires but won't last there long most likely.
Josh: Went with Grimes and Hart. His minutes and very up and down. Hold, but I can see him only being a late round guy all season
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I think he is wasting a roster spot in a 12 team league. He is a backup centre only, basically.
Droppable Kyle: Coach Griffin isn't using big lineups often enough to look at Portis as more than a streamer and someone for deeper leagues as long Lopez is healthy.
Buy Low Josh: He is painful to watch and painful to roster, but there will be a stretch of better player coming
Buy Low Kyle: Awful shooting. If you think Randle improves as we go, it's worth trying to buy low on him. There is a belief he's still getting into shape from offseason ankle surgery.
Kyle: The big minutes are great, and the assists, but the key to Giannis having a true re-emergence in fantasy is if his defense can be consistent again.

GSW 141 @ OKC 139

 21.64Stephen CurryPG/SG  GSWPG31:233058720.600151.00073.50010.8005126.8+
 140.80Dario SaricPF/C  GSW 19:482046310.66791.00041.57171.0002223.7+30.512.220.09-0.370.14-1.242.312.521.02
 350.01Gary Payton IIPG/SG/SF  GSW 22:04913120.6676.00001.33331.0003212.7+9-1.28-0.72-1.06-1.273.07-1.241.540.001.02
 37-0.01Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSG32:381843100.600101.00021.6676.5004414.500.182.22-1.06-1.27-2.78-1.241.601.261.02
 57-0.34Kevon LooneyPF/C  GSWC11:27403411.50021.00022.0000.5002417.0-5-2.09-1.69-
 59-0.35Draymond GreenPF/C  GSWPF28:581525301.455111.00033.5004.4297521.1-1-0.300.26-0.29-0.37-2.780.49-0.571.89-1.51
 65-0.42Chris PaulPGOff Inj  GSW 27:471021320.0006.50020.0002.000419.9+6-2.58-1.69-1.444.123.07-1.24-4.28-1.972.28
 71-0.50Moses MoodySG/SF  GSW 17:31821210.4297.00001.4005.5002318.2+4-1.440.26-1.83-0.820.14-1.24-0.630.001.02
 111-0.97Andrew WigginsSF/PF  GSWSF26:321705100.54511.62580.0001.60010121.8-140.02-1.69-0.29-1.27-2.78-1.240.88-4.642.28
 114-1.02Jonathan KumingaPF  GSW 21:481902100.60015.50023.0002.69213234.6+30.35-1.69-1.44-1.27-2.78-1.242.39-1.97-1.51
   Brandin Podziemski   GSW                            
   Trayce Jackson-Davis   GSW                            
   Cory Joseph NOTE  GSW                            
   Jerome Robinson   GSW                            
   Usman Garuba   GSW                            
   Lester Quinones   GSW                            
  0.00Totals   239:5614118383692.53392.8333015.45040.5965225200.4+
 41.33Chet HolmgrenPF/C  OKCC31:592428511.77891.000821.0002.7147418.8-
 220.40Luguentz DortSG/SF  OKCSF30:122965000.75012.714711.0006.5006422.0-51.974.18-0.29-1.71-2.78-1.244.53-2.051.02
 61-0.37Isaiah JoePG/SG  OKC 26:131630100.6676.83361.60051.0001015.2-2-0.141.24-2.21-1.27-2.78-1.241.540.551.02
 66-0.47Aaron WigginsSG/SF  OKC 16:45712010.5006.00000.3333.6673114.8-3-1.61-0.72-1.44-1.710.14-
 84-0.61Cason WallaceSG  OKCPG36:191312100.60010.00001.5002.6258112.5+4-0.63-0.72-1.44-1.27-2.78-1.241.600.001.02
 92-0.73Jaylin WilliamsPF/C  OKC 15:11605300.40051.00021.00031.0002118.7-2-1.77-1.69-0.29-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.651.261.02
 102-0.80Vasilije MicicPG  OKC 12:05511300.4005.00000.5002.3333123.3-2-1.93-0.72-1.83-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.650.002.28
 112-0.98Josh GiddeySG/SF/PF  OKCSG30:341805400.533151.00026.0003.66712229.6+40.18-1.69-0.290.08-2.78-1.240.941.26-5.30
 120-1.08Ousmane DiengSF/PFGLG OKC 5:21311100.3333.00001.3333.0000030.9-3-2.26-0.72-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.680.001.02
 128-1.17Jalen WilliamsSG/SF/PF  OKCPF35:191803810.66712.40056.0000.66712623.700.18-1.69-1.061.870.14-1.243.08-6.53-5.30
   Shai Gilgeous-Alexander   OKC                            
   Tre Mann   OKC                            
   Davis Bertans Q  OKC                            
   Kenrich Williams   OKC                            
   Aleksej Pokusevski NOTE  OKC                            
   Olivier Sarr   OKC                            
   Lindy Waters III Q  OKC                            
   Keyontae Johnson GLG OKC                            
  0.00Totals   239:5813915322631.60283.8003019.51729.6485420209.5-
Kyle: The lower minutes of late are something to watch, but Curry is dominating in his run, so it may not matter much.
Josh: He will be inside the top 20 next season without doubt. Might get there this season
Kyle: To see Holmgren's all-around game popping out already makes his upside in dynasty (and redrafts) look even rosier.
Josh: Amazing line, but it's not realistic to expect this each night in under 20 minutes. I wouldn't add.
Sell High Kyle: Saric was amazing, and he's playing well in his modest bench role, but there's not much upside if the Warriors are healthy in the frontcourt, making it hard to view Saric as much more than someone for streaming and deeper leagues.
Josh: His huge game. Next game will stink, it's a pattern. Lots will rush to add him, but it won't stick.
Sell High Kyle: Dort scored a season-high 29 points with SGA out. This is mostly a sell-high moment, not something to chase beyond conditional streaming if SGA misses more time.
Josh: Had some foul trouble, but assists have been very good all season. Strong ranking, but he isn't for every team
Josh: Weird line. Turning into an assists specialist, which is still valuable of course.
Kyle: The Warriors' depth is giving everyone on the team a shorter ceiling for fantasy, but most the main guys are still producing.
Watch Josh: Not the flashiest line, but he is already so comfortable and I think this a future top 100 guy easily.
Watch Kyle: Wallace made a spot start with SGA out and was given a team-high 36 minutes, which is crazy and speaks to how much coach Daigneault seems to trust the rookie already. Keep tabs for conditional streaming and at least use in deeper leagues as Wallace seems to be carving out a good bench role that might stick all season and have some upside.
Josh: Better, but still so far away from his best and they are using Payton over him now. It's tough, but I think you hold
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Wiggins has fallen into being a streamer and upside flier. What a bizarre situation. Will the Warriors consider moving him to the bench at some point, or would they look to trade him before doing that?
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Scored well, but there are better ways to use his roster spot.
Josh: Nice assists without Shai.

WAS 114 @ MIA 121

 130.80Jordan PoolePG/SG  WASSG28:251931640.57114.00012.7504.50010324.9-210.351.24-1.830.988.92-1.241.65-2.59-0.25
 38-0.04Johnny DavisSG/SF  WAS 13:0611110101.0005.000001.00011.0004016.4+19-0.95-0.72-1.83-1.710.14-1.243.710.002.28
 82-0.60Eugene OmoruyiSF/PF  WAS 6:364002101.0002.00001.00001.0002119.5+18-2.09-1.69-2.21-0.820.14-1.241.490.001.02
 83-0.60Deni AvdijaSF/PFQ  WASSF23:461414300.7508.50022.5002.8336119.7-14-0.47-0.72-0.68-0.37-2.78-1.243.02-1.97-0.25
 87-0.65Anthony GillPF/C  WAS 6:36602001.66731.00021.0000.6673131.8+18-1.77-1.69-1.44-1.71-2.780.490.771.261.02
 90-0.70Ryan RollinsPGGLG WAS 7:20711201.5004.667301.0001.3333130.0+15-1.61-0.72-1.83-0.82-2.780.490.06-1.342.28
 93-0.75Tyus JonesPG  WASPG24:10712500.6005.00002.5002.6673112.5-14-1.61-0.72-1.440.53-2.78-1.240.800.00-0.25
 94-0.75Kyle KuzmaSF/PF  WASPF31:032244300.421191.00025.4449.40010334.4-200.832.22-0.68-0.37-2.78-1.24-1.921.26-4.03
 95-0.75Daniel GaffordPF/C  WASC19:394051021.0001.66732.00001.000159.7-10-2.09-1.69-0.29-1.27-2.782.220.75-1.34-0.25
 116-1.04Bilal CoulibalySFOUT  WAS 26:17913300.8005.00021.50021.0003111.3+13-1.28-0.72-1.06-0.37-2.78-1.242.25-5.191.02
 117-1.04Mike MuscalaPF/C  WAS 12:22511100.4005.00001.25041.0001124.8-11-1.93-0.72-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.650.001.02
 125-1.13Delon WrightPG/SG  WAS 17:14002210.0003.00002.0000.0003012.9-11-2.74-1.69-1.44-0.820.14-1.24-2.140.00-0.25
 126-1.14Landry ShametPG/SGQ  WAS 14:03001200.0002.00000.0002.000006.1-13-2.74-1.69-1.83-0.82-2.78-1.24-1.420.002.28
 136-1.37Danilo GallinariSF  WAS 9:23603300.6005.00021.0001.7504030.3-4-1.77-1.69-1.06-0.37-2.78-1.240.80-5.191.02
   Corey Kispert Q  WAS                            
   Jared Butler   WAS                            
   Patrick Baldwin   WAS                            
   John Butler Jr GLG WAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011413303374.56881.5291720.46428.6235318284.2-350.
 91.10Tyler HerroPG/SGQ  MIASG36:3924410920.529171.00023.5717.50010324.9+
 150.76Jimmy ButlerSF/PFIN  MIASF31:232017230.63611.83362.5002.6679121.7+60.51-0.720.47-0.825.99-1.242.340.55-0.25
 270.28Duncan RobinsonSG/SF  MIA 29:321841610.63611.00002.50081.0003019.2+20.182.22-1.830.980.14-1.242.340.00-0.25
 330.05Jaime Jaquez Jr.SG/SF  MIA 21:36905310.80051.00010.00011.0004111.0+3-1.28-1.69-0.29-0.370.14-
 55-0.27Kyle LowryPG  MIAPG25:33313720.2504.00002.2504.0000115.9+2-2.26-0.72-1.061.433.07-1.24-1.390.00-0.25
 69-0.50Josh RichardsonPG/SGINJ 6g  MIA 25:321013500.66761.00012.5002.7504214.4-2-1.12-0.72-1.060.53-2.78-1.241.540.63-0.25
 101-0.80Bam AdebayoC  MIAC29:591804300.533151.00024.0000.53315328.9+60.18-1.69-0.68-0.37-2.78-1.240.941.26-2.77
 103-0.81Thomas BryantCSUSP 2g  MIA 18:011104001.7147.50022.0000.7147423.9+1-0.95-1.69-0.68-1.71-2.780.492.28-1.97-0.25
 108-0.87Haywood HighsmithSF/PF  MIAPF21:43820000.7504.00002.66731.0001312.1+10-1.440.26-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.241.510.00-0.25
   Kevin Love   MIA                            
   Caleb Martin   MIA                            
   R.J. Hampton NOTE  MIA                            
   Dru Smith X  MIA                            
   Nikola Jovic IN  MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson Q  MIA                            
   Cole Swider   MIA                            
   Jamal Cain   MIA                            
  0.00Totals   239:5812113373591.60080.8571419.48127.6605318172.1+350.
Josh: Unironically, he has been their best player this season
Kyle: Herro continues to get tons of minutes, and his season-high 9 assists are good to see after light production there so far this season.
Josh: Still low minutes and the rotation con tinues to be a mess. But, this is an okay line. Prepare for more frustration from the NBA's worst coach
Buy Low Kyle: The Wizards can't keep getting their butts whooped every night. Something will come to a head with this team that will result in better minutes and production for Poole. I'd continue considering my buy-low options.
Josh: I think the minutes get higher when Love/Martin are out. I wouldn't add him
Watch Kyle: Robinson's spot in the rotation may not stick, but as long as he's getting regular run, he'll have some interest as a specialist conditional streamer for threes.
Watch Kyle: Jacquez is someone to watch in case he earns a bigger role as the season goes. This is a nice line in just 22 minutes.
Josh: A very soft 12 team guy when looking for assists, but by no means a must.
Kyle: I wouldn't view Lowry as much more than a specialist, streamer, and someone for deeper leagues. His role should get squeezed more if the Heat are healthy.
Josh: Solid enough to stream, but that's it.
Watch Kyle: Not a bad base of a line. Watch Richardson in case he finds his way to the starting lineup or just better production nightly. Deeper leagues should already be taking notice.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Keeping his minutes low too, but he is producing. Worth a look, but by no means a must.
Watch Kyle: Avdija's minutes are suffering from the Wizards' ineptitude as a team, but he's showing enough to consider streaming or taking a flier most places.
Hold Kyle: Will Jones get sent to a bench role soon to add more defense to the starting lineup? I'd be holding for now, but the right situation could make Jones droppable for some rosters.
Josh: Kuzma is doing Kuz thins, socring and doing i at low efficiency. But that's what you signed up for.
Josh: Had foul trouble so low minutes, but delivered blocks. We know he isn't good, but they have no-one else. No one else who can really defend, so he will play.
Kyle: Gafford was back from injury but limited himself with foul trouble. The joys of rostering Gafford.
Josh: Has definitely underperformed so far this season
Josh: Started, but we only need to look his way in deeper leagues.
Watch Kyle: Highsmith started but only got modest run and isn't worth chasing much beyond deeper leagues and watch lists unless he starts commanding close to 30 minutes nightly with better touches.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Excited for his future, but it's not happening this season
Watch Kyle: Keep tabs on Coulibaly in case he finds his way into the starting lineup sooner than later and produces more consistently.
Kyle: Out of the rotation for the night.

BKN 109 @ CHI 107

 250.30Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF/C  BKNC32:452153001.57114.00000.5569.6005117.0-80.673.20-1.06-1.71-2.780.491.650.002.28
 300.17Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  BKNSG30:561023920.5717.00003.5004.6673013.0+15-1.120.26-1.062.323.07-1.240.830.00-1.51
 49-0.14Royce O'NealeSG/SF  BKN 31:46935801.30010.00000.3339.0001414.9-3-1.281.24-0.291.87-2.780.49-2.770.002.28
 53-0.20Cam ThomasSG/SFD  BKNSF30:551735401.333181.00020.3339.3339124.3-50.021.24-0.290.08-2.780.49-
 67-0.47Mikal BridgesSG/SF/PF  BKNPF33:282032300.47117.50020.3758.5569021.2-50.511.24-1.44-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.49-1.972.28
 72-0.51Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  BKN 15:511111101.50010.00000.2504.6676225.1+9-0.95-0.72-1.83-1.27-2.780.490.140.002.28
 75-0.52Ben SimmonsPG/SG/PFOUT  BKNPG32:44809610.5008.00004.0000.5008314.6-9-1.44-1.691.240.980.14-
 85-0.63Day'Ron SharpeC  BKN 15:0660100001.0003.00010.00001.000319.1+8-1.77-1.691.62-1.71-2.78-1.242.23-2.592.28
 104-0.84Dennis Smith Jr.PG/SG  BKN 16:27711110.3339.00001.5002.2867024.2+8-1.61-0.72-1.83-1.270.14-1.24-
   Nicolas Claxton   BKN                            
   Cam Johnson   BKN                            
   Jalen Wilson   BKN                            
   Dariq Whitehead X BKN                            
   Noah Clowney GLG  BKN                            
   Trendon Watford   BKN                            
   Keon Johnson GLG  BKN                            
   Armoni Brooks NOTE  BKN                            
   Harry Giles   BKN                            
  0.00Totals   239:5810918393244.45896.60058.40045.5105112163.3+
 320.08Zach LaVineSG/SFX  CHISG38:262417511.47621.75042.1676.60015229.4+81.16-0.720.470.530.140.49-0.44-0.71-0.25
 45-0.08DeMar DeRozanSG/SF/PF  CHISF33:282421400.450201.00040.5004.43816029.7-161.160.26-1.830.08-2.78-1.24-1.182.522.28
 48-0.14Nikola VucevicC  CHIC35:4313113300.46213.000001.0001.41712116.6+8-0.63-0.722.77-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.540.002.28
 63-0.38Patrick WilliamsPFX  CHI 20:531025101.6676.00002.6673.6673117.5+10-1.120.26-0.29-1.27-2.780.491.540.00-0.25
 68-0.48Torrey CraigSF/PFINJ 8g  CHIPF23:10316410.2504.00001.5002.000249.8+6-2.26-0.720.090.080.14-1.24-1.390.001.02
 74-0.52Coby WhitePG/SG  CHIPG35:251823201.412171.00022.2508.5569025.6+30.180.26-1.06-0.82-2.780.49-1.941.26-0.25
 78-0.58Alex CarusoPG/SG  CHI 26:17312201.5002.00000.5002.000023.5-9-2.26-0.72-1.44-0.82-2.780.490.030.002.28
 97-0.75Jevon CarterPG/SG  CHI 14:15511010.6673.00002.50021.0001216.0-11-1.93-0.72-1.83-1.710.14-1.240.770.00-0.25
 129-1.19Andre DrummondC  CHI 12:207040101.0003.25041.00001.0003121.3-9-1.61-1.69-0.68-1.710.14-1.242.23-7.161.02
   Ayo Dosunmu   CHI                            
   Lonzo Ball X  CHI                            
   Julian Phillips   CHI                            
   Justin Lewis GLG  CHI                            
   Adama Sanogo GLG CHI                            
   Terry Taylor   CHI                            
   Dalen Terry   CHI                            
   Onuralp Bitim   CHI                            
  0.00Totals   239:5710711422144.48389.7141410.39328.5256113169.4-
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: While players are out, he is absolutely an option.
Stream Kyle: DFS is a great streamer option and sell-high guy while Claxton is out, but if the Nets get healthy, Finney-Smith's role could fall back some.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Dinwiddie was back in action, started, and put up a great line that should be rostered in at least all 12-team leagues. This can be looked at as a sell-high moment, though, too, as if the Nets get healthy, Dinwiddie's role could shrink.
Josh: The ups and downs continue.
Josh: The early season assists from Royce are back. ONly a stream for now.
Stream Kyle: O'Neale is a fine stream option and someone to look at in deeper leagues, especially while Claxton and Johnson remain out.
Josh: The Thomas experience in full effect. But, he added assists and the minutes remain strong. But, I do wonder if Johnson and Claxton returning end his run as a 12 team guy
Sell High Kyle: Thomas may have solidified a bigger role than seems reasonable to project at the moment, but given the looming returns of Johnson and Claxton, I'd at least be looking at my sell-high options on Thomas in case his role falters.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Best game after getting benched. Still a clear drop
Kyle: Pat was sent to the bench with Craig starting. Keep tracking Pat in case he decides he wants to be the starter at some point again and actually plays consistently at some point this season.
Josh: I am not that surprised at Bridges' performances.
Kyle: Bridges has disappointed in some ways to open the season and might be worth targeting as a buy-low if you expect him to claim more of the offense as we go. If not, it might be best to just realign expectations for Bridges to be doing a little less scoring with Thomas getting buckets.
Josh: Started over Williams, but not a fantasy option.
Watch Kyle: Craig started at PF over Pat Williams. Craig was OK, but his minutes didn't change, and it's hard to expect him to be more than a conditional streamer and someone for deeper leagues even as a starter.
Josh: The shooting improved a little and he scored well. Still not great much better and it's so hard to find a starting PG on the wire playing 35 minutes. It's why I hold.
Stream Kyle: White is getting good minutes and is fine to have as a streamer or flier, but I also wouldn't be holding if I needed to take another flier or stream in standards, as White has shown enough to feel confident he'll continue to hold the starting job.

MEM 113 @ POR 115

 11.98Desmond BaneSG/SFINJ 15g  MEMSG44:473338743.50026.80053.3339.58817528.9+112.621.240.851.438.923.960.36-0.08-1.51
 160.65Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/C  MEMC37:4230510313.64717.50064.6258.6679126.0+
 290.18Ziaire WilliamsSF  MEMSF27:031316311.62581.000221.0001.5717616.7-16-0.63-0.720.09-0.370.140.491.571.26-0.25
 40-0.05Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 24:03607512.3758.00001.0002.5006520.0-11-1.77-1.690.470.530.142.22-1.340.001.02
 76-0.52David RoddySF/PF  MEMPF32:181603000.57114.00000.0004.80010423.1-13-0.14-1.69-1.06-1.71-2.78-1.241.650.002.28
 88-0.67Luke KennardPG/SG  MEM 26:39518300.2867.00000.2504.3333110.9-10-1.93-0.720.85-0.37-2.78-1.24-
 105-0.85John KoncharSG/SFQ  MEM 10:36201001.5002.00000.0000.500207.8+13-2.42-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.780.490.030.002.28
 121-1.11Jacob GilyardPGNOTE  MEM 12:21000300.0000.00001.0000.0000020.0+17-2.74-1.69-2.21-0.37-2.78-
 133-1.29Vince Williams Jr.SG/SF  MEM 9:58002100.0002.00001.0002.0000112.5+15-2.74-1.69-1.44-1.27-2.78-1.24-1.420.001.02
 135-1.33Marcus SmartPG/SGINJ 15g  MEMPG39:29803410.33312.00005.0005.5717217.8-19-1.44-1.69-
   G.G. Jackson   MEM                            
   Santi Aldama   MEM                            
   Ja Morant X  MEM                            
   Bismack Biyombo   MEM                            
   Kenneth Lofton Jr. GLG MEM                            
   Jake LaRavia   MEM                            
   Derrick Rose   MEM                            
   Brandon Clarke INJ 8g  MEM                            
   Steven Adams X  MEM                            
  0.00Totals   264:56113104829810.49096.6921317.28635.6076125183.7-
 71.20Deandre AytonC  PORC36:1616012231.636111.00021.0000.63611415.3+10-0.14-1.692.39-0.825.990.492.341.261.02
 230.32Malcolm BrogdonPG/SGINJ 6g  PORPG44:2124271030.31619.833124.2229.40010127.5+
 310.17Robert WilliamsCX  POR 19:458010021.7504.66731.0000.7504113.8-5-1.44-1.691.62-1.713.070.491.51-1.341.02
 50-0.18Shaedon SharpeSG/SFX  PORSG46:262225211.41217.85773.4005.41712221.4-10.830.26-0.29-0.820.140.49-1.941.18-1.51
 77-0.53Matisse ThybulleSG/SF  PORSF18:30510002.5004.00000.33331.000119.3-3-1.93-0.72-2.21-1.71-2.782.
 79-0.58Skylar MaysPG/SG  POR 15:13911110.37581.00021.2005.6673030.1-9-1.28-0.72-1.83-1.270.14-1.24-1.341.261.02
 80-0.59Toumani CamaraPF  POR 31:29503120.25081.00011.0003.4005412.9+2-1.93-1.69-1.06-1.273.07-1.24-2.790.631.02
 110-0.92Jabari WalkerSF/PF  POR 9:16004001.0002.00000.0000.000229.3-7-2.74-1.69-0.68-1.71-2.780.49-1.420.002.28
 132-1.24Jerami GrantSF/PF  PORPF43:442638301.39123.55693.4297.37516029.5+91.481.240.85-0.37-2.780.49-3.32-7.24-1.51
   Anfernee Simons   POR                            
   Scoot Henderson INJ 2g  POR                            
   Duop Reath   POR                            
   Justin Minaya   POR                            
   Kris Murray   POR                            
   Moses Brown INJ 9g  POR                            
   Ish Wainright NOTE  POR                            
   Rayan Rupert P  POR                            
  0.00Totals   265:0011595019127.40696.7783614.28132.4696415169.2+
Sell High Kyle: Bane tried his best to end the Grizzlies' 6-game losing streak with an outrageous fantasy performance across the board. While he's fine to just roll with, this is also a sell-high moment given the ludicrous defense.
Josh: Continues to chug along despite the frustration we may have.
Josh: Big minutes as a centre and great defensive stats.
Kyle: Jackson shifted to center and played well. It'll be interesting to see how much this sticks going forward, especially when Aldama is available to start at PF.
Josh: He is going to cook as they have no point guards. I doubt any one buys, but it's a sell if you can.
Sell High Kyle: Brogdon was sensational in a spot start with Scoot out. This is a sell-high moment, and yes, Brogdon is a must-add in all standard leagues if still available.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Another solid line. Worth to stream in 12s, but more a 14 team guy
Stream Kyle: Ziaire had a nice line despite middling minutes. He remains worth watching for at least streaming use and his general upside while Morant is out.
Josh: Still can't even hit point blank layups, but the line is not a total disaster. I'm not sure the Roddy experiment worked, so I may give it a game, but if a free agent appears that you want, drop him.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Tillman had a pretty good game overall, despite his poor shooting and move to the bench. He's OK to hold and see if the Grizzlies go back to him starting soon, but it's also OK to drop Tillman for the right streamer or flier given the message this sends about his ceiling going forward.
Josh: His value looks strong for now, but I would be tempted in trading if someone offered a juicy option. Still, he is getting every chance now to do everything.
Josh: Started, but I would not be intereste din adding. He isn't a great shooter and I'm not sure he can stick in this role.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Roddy started at PF and got good minutes. He's OK to take a flier on, especially in deeper leagues, but I ultimately wouldn't consider him much more than a streamer and upside flier. When Aldama is back, Roddy's role could take a significant hit.
Watch Josh: Doesn't stuff the stat sheet yet, but those minutes make him deep league enticing.
Josh: Turning into someone I just don't like watching play. FG% is going to be a problem all season.
Josh: Big regression which we all knew was coming.
Kyle: Light night for Smart. Just a buy-low moment if anything with the monster minutes he got.
Hold Kyle: I'd be holding anywhere I can stash him or weather seeing how long this injury will sideline him.
Watch Kyle: With the Grizzlies playing smaller, Aldama is someone to be aware of in case he walks into a bigger role than many would expect when he does return.

DAL 114 @ DEN 125

 61.23Kyrie IrvingPG/SG  DALPG34:522211742.60015.75043.2005.80010125.1-120.83-0.72-1.831.438.922.222.39-0.71-1.51
 190.57Josh GreenSG/SFP  DAL 27:101335220.6258.00000.6005.6673213.1+4-0.631.24-0.29-0.823.07-1.241.570.002.28
 240.31Grant WilliamsPF/C  DALPF32:511335212.400101.00021.4297.3333420.3-21-0.631.24-0.29-0.820.142.22-1.311.261.02
 42-0.06Derrick JonesSF/PF  DALSF16:56711120.6005.00000.33331.0002013.1-16-1.61-0.72-1.83-1.273.07-1.240.800.002.28
 47-0.10Luka DoncicPGP  DALSG38:1634610801.45824.85779.54511.38513241.8-42.784.181.621.87-2.780.49-1.121.18-9.08
 56-0.28Dereck Lively IICP  DALC24:48404011.6673.00000.00011.000225.4-10-2.09-1.69-0.68-1.710.140.490.770.002.28
 81-0.59Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DAL 26:45913210.37581.00022.2005.6673318.0-10-1.28-0.72-1.06-0.820.14-1.24-1.341.26-0.25
 89-0.67Jaden HardyPG/SG  DAL 14:11623300.3336.00000.5004.0002218.8+8-1.770.26-1.06-0.37-2.78-1.24-1.370.002.28
 98-0.78Seth CurryPG/SGP  DAL 5:18001110.0001.00000.0001.0000110.6+4-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.270.14-1.24-0.710.002.28
 106-0.86Dwight PowellC  DAL 16:30601100.40051.00020.0000.4005215.8-2-1.77-1.69-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.651.262.28
 124-1.12Dante ExumPG/SGD  DAL 1:11000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-
 130-1.20Olivier-Maxence ProsperPFGLG  DAL 1:11000000.0001.00000.0000.0001037.5+2-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.710.002.28
   Richaun Holmes   DAL                            
   Markieff Morris   DAL                            
   Maxi Kleber P  DAL                            
   Greg Brown GLG DAL                            
   A.J. Lawson GLG DAL                            
   Dexter Dennis NOTE  DAL                            
  0.00Totals   239:59114173427126.47786.8821715.40542.5454419219.4-550.
 51.32Nikola JokicC  DENC35:3533214911.87516.600541.0002.85714324.7+172.620.263.152.320.140.498.95-3.30-2.77
 170.61Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF34:272449102.55618.00001.5008.60010221.8+
 260.29Aaron GordonPF  DENPF35:141828621.47117.00004.3336.54511223.6+
 280.24Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG39:1818221310.333151.00062.3336.3339419.8+20.180.26-1.444.120.14-1.24-3.433.77-0.25
 43-0.06Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG36:51825120.4297.00001.6673.250408.6+15-1.440.26-0.29-1.273.07-1.24-0.630.001.02
 51-0.19Christian BraunSG  DEN 14:38905010.75041.00031.0000.7504317.1-5-1.28-1.69-0.29-1.710.14-1.241.511.891.02
 62-0.37Reggie JacksonPG  DEN 19:51811240.30010.50023.2504.3336127.7+5-1.44-0.72-1.83-0.828.92-1.24-2.77-1.97-1.51
 109-0.88Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 12:30303102.2504.50020.0001.3333215.4-14-2.26-1.69-1.06-1.27-2.782.22-1.39-1.972.28
 127-1.14Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 11:354040001.0002.00011.00001.0002011.7-4-2.09-1.69-0.68-1.71-2.78-1.241.49-2.591.02
   DeAndre Jordan   DEN                            
   Justin Holiday   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Jay Huff   DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Julian Strawther   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson Q  DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   239:59125135133116.52793.7371917.43330.5716317170.3+550.
Kyle: Irving was back in action after sitting out the previous two games with a foot sprain.
Josh: Good to see minutes bounceback after last few games
Kyle: A great bounce-back game after a couple duds.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: I think we add now. He is producing consistently.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Grant is producing well enough of late to consider adding him as a flier or at least streaming most places.
Josh: Big minutes without Kyrie, back to nothing now. If you added you can drop and remember to try again if Kyrie or Luka sits.
Josh: Only a steals guy for now. And not a 12 team points player.
Josh: After a string of solid games, he dropped way off and is not a 12 team option.
Josh: Tough against Jokic, but not a terrible line. Worth a 12 team hold.
Kyle: Even with good minutes, Lively may not produce enough for fantasy to treat him as much more than streamer and upside flier this season.
Josh: We knew it would cool at some point, but when looking for points and threes he remains a stream guy
Kyle: Watson is at least worth being aware of for conditional specialist streaming for blocks.