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<December 2023>
box scoreWAS 125@ ORL 1306:00 pm
ORL by 10.5 o/u 236.5WAS 113 @ ORL 124
box scoreNYK 119@ TOR 1066:30 pm
TOR by 1.5 o/u 217.0NYK 108 @ TOR 109
box scoreMEM 108@ DAL 946:30 pm
DAL by 6.0 o/u 224.0MEM 109 @ DAL 115
box scorePHI 119@ BOS 1256:30 pm
BOS by 11.5 o/u 218.0PHI 103 @ BOS 115
box scoreSAS 106@ NOR 1217:00 pm
NOR by 13.0 o/u 237.5SAS 112 @ NOR 125
box scoreDEN 119@ PHO 1119:00 pm
DEN by 1.0 o/u 224.0DEN 112 @ PHO 112

Central Standard Time

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WAS 125 @ ORL 130

 160.53Tyus JonesPG  WASPG25:501333620.50010.00000.6005.4005215.7-4-0.631.24-1.060.983.07-
 210.42Bilal CoulibalySFOUT  WAS 31:371205030.8577.00002.0000.8577111.5+1-0.79-1.69-0.29-1.715.99-1.243.740.00-0.25
 360.01Daniel GaffordPF/C  WASC27:2018011303.70010.57171.0000.70010522.6-10.18-1.692.00-0.37-2.783.963.05-5.271.02
 370.01Kyle KuzmaSF/PF  WASPF37:202726112.55618.83366.3336.66712628.9-71.650.260.09-
 50-0.23Danilo GallinariSF  WAS 20:40716110.7504.000011.0001.6673211.3-4-1.61-0.720.09-1.270.14-1.241.510.001.02
 69-0.53Corey KispertSG/SFQ  WAS 22:391541300.36411.75040.6676.0005222.8-2-0.302.22-1.83-0.37-2.78-1.24-2.03-0.712.28
 79-0.65Jordan PoolePG/SG  WASSG30:201404410.25012.88992.0005.4297524.0-4-0.47-1.69-0.680.080.14-1.24-4.192.44-0.25
 82-0.73Deni AvdijaSF/PFQ  WASSF20:27603500.28671.00020.0002.4005115.6-5-1.77-1.69-1.060.53-2.78-1.24-
 118-1.24Johnny DavisSG/SF  WAS 6:10001000.0002.00000.0000.0002113.1-2-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.78-1.24-1.420.002.28
 123-1.43Landry ShametPG/SGQ  WAS 17:351330200.6258.000321.0003.4005426.1+3-0.631.24-2.21-0.82-2.78-1.241.57-7.78-0.25
   Delon Wright   WAS                            
   Mike Muscala   WAS                            
   Anthony Gill   WAS                            
   Jared Butler   WAS                            
   Eugene Omoruyi   WAS                            
   Patrick Baldwin   WAS                            
   Ryan Rollins GLG WAS                            
   John Butler Jr GLG WAS                            
  0.00Totals   239:5812513402585.50689.7103114.46428.5256129191.7-
 100.73Paolo BancheroSF/PFQ  ORLPF38:0228313700.550201.00032.7504.50016224.8+11.811.242.771.43-2.78-1.241.731.89-0.25
 140.61Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF34:293117800.52917.857140.3333.57114027.202.30-0.720.471.87-2.78-1.240.962.362.28
 260.32Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLSG26:371522432.5569.60053.33361.0003421.6+10-0.300.26-1.440.085.992.220.85-3.30-1.51
 43-0.06Joe InglesSF/PF  ORL 24:371433700.455111.00010.4297.5004318.8+13-0.471.24-1.061.43-2.78-1.24-0.570.632.28
 48-0.14Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 16:58401221.33331.00021.0000.3333511.6-4-2.09-1.69-1.83-0.823.070.49-0.681.261.02
 55-0.33Moritz WagnerC  ORL 22:531806011.61513.66733.0002.72711130.6+90.18-1.690.09-1.710.140.492.36-1.34-1.51
 68-0.50Goga BitadzeC  ORLC24:133154021.0001.000031.0001.000046.7+2-2.26-0.72-0.290.08-2.782.220.750.00-1.51
 74-0.59Jonathan IsaacSF/PFQ OUTORL 6:49305001.50021.00010.00011.0001114.5+10-2.26-1.69-0.29-1.71-2.780.490.030.632.28
 87-0.83Anthony BlackPG/SG  ORLPG23:04612301.5004.500211.0001.3333310.3-5-1.77-0.72-1.44-0.37-2.780.490.06-1.971.02
 124-1.46Gary HarrisSG/SFOff Inj  ORL 22:16810000.3339.50021.1676.6673019.8-11-1.44-0.72-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.24-2.05-1.971.02
   Wendell Carter Jr.   ORL                            
   Markelle Fultz   ORL                            
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                            
   Chuma Okeke   ORL                            
   Trevelin Queen GLG ORL                            
   Caleb Houstan   ORL                            
   Kevon Harris GLG ORL                            
   Jett Howard GLG ORL                            
  0.00Totals   239:5813012443568.51789.7883314.38731.5865823186.0+
Kyle: Banchero bounced back from his poor game last time out with a nice line, including a season-high 13 rebounds.
Kyle: Franz has stepped up his scoring in recent games, posting at least 30 points for the third straight contest. This could be treated as a bit of a sell-high stretch but only for a great return.
Josh: Better, but the minutes are confusing. Kuzma gets everything and no one else does. Still a very soft hold
Sell High Kyle: Jones put up a great line, but his minutes remains short, and even in a nice night, it's hard to find reason to put faith in Jones' production and role going forward. I'd treat this mostly as a sell-high moment.
Josh: Better game after a string of down ones. I can see him better near All Star but not sure the ceiling is high enough to hold
Stream Kyle: A nice game from Coulibaly, but he's just a streamer in most leagues with his overall production still lacking some in consistency. Keep tabs and use as needed.
Josh: Another amazing game. I guess there is a fear of Fultz returning, but Suggs is well and truly cemented in at the moment.
Kyle: Only one assist from Kuzma is a bit odd for this season, but he was otherwise fantastic with a full line and welcome 2 blocks.
Watch Josh: That's two good games in a row. I am not reacting too muc, but someone who gets 13 assists in two games has some stream appeal especially with Isaac going down
Kyle: Ingles had a wonderful game off the bench, but this is nothing to chase, just a reminder of Ingles' value as a conditional streamer and someone for deeper leagues.
Josh: Had foul trouble which kept minutes down, but also a bad game irrespective of that. We still roll with him
Hold Kyle: Rough game, and Anthony is OK to drop as needed in most leagues, but he should also still be on someone's roster continuing to get streamed for at least as long as Fultz is out.
Josh: One of the best volume scorers in the league at the moment amazingly. Both he and Goga have 12 team value
Stream Kyle: Stream Mo as needed in most league, but also know his limitations, as even with Carter out, Mo has remained in a capped bench role.
Josh: He seems completely broken. I'm not dropping, but it's not far away, I fear.
Josh: His minutes are one of the biggest unknowns game to game. He remains a hold as well, but I have little confidence in it
Kyle: Avdija's minutes were obnoxiously light here, and while Avdija can frustrate with his inconsistent production, he's produced well enough of late to be a hold in most leagues.

NYK 119 @ TOR 106

 110.71Mitchell RobinsonCINJ 9g  NYKC31:556051411.0003.00002.00001.000336.5+6-1.77-1.69-0.29-1.278.920.492.230.00-0.25
 180.45Donte DiVincenzoSG/SF  NYK 22:072171100.70010.00000.7789.0001018.800.675.15-1.83-1.27-2.78-
 270.25Julius RandlePFINJ 2g  NYKPF35:1520110900.533151.00032.2504.63611321.7+150.51-0.721.622.32-2.78-1.240.941.89-0.25
 300.12Jalen BrunsonPG  NYKSG36:392235810.429211.00012.3758.46213226.7+150.831.24-0.291.870.14-1.24-1.890.63-0.25
 41-0.02Josh HartSG/SF  NYK 30:331738201.63611.00003.7504.5717319.1+
 78-0.63Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 19:191011110.5006.75041.3333.6673017.2+16-1.12-0.72-1.83-1.270.14-1.240.09-0.711.02
 83-0.74Isaiah HartensteinCQ  NYK 16:04408001.3333.66730.0000.3333111.2+7-2.09-1.690.85-1.71-2.780.49-0.68-1.342.28
 88-0.84Quentin GrimesSG/SFQ  NYKPG21:07401200.33331.00020.00021.0001217.20-2.09-1.69-1.83-0.82-2.78-1.24-0.681.262.28
 114-1.16R.J. BarrettSG/SF  NYKSF26:591514600.33318.66732.1676.41712130.0-5-0.30-0.72-0.680.98-2.78-1.24-4.11-1.34-0.25
   Evan Fournier   NYK                            
   Jaylen Martin GLG  NYK                            
   Jericho Sims   NYK                            
   Miles McBride   NYK                            
   Charlie Brown   NYK                            
   DaQuan Jeffries   NYK                            
   Dylan Windler   NYK                            
   Ryan Arcidiacono NOTE  NYK                            
   Jacob Toppin   NYK                            
  0.00Totals   239:5811916433063.50090.8131612.44436.5375415168.5+650.
 12.15Scottie BarnesSG/SF/PF  TORSF36:442939451.68419.00012.4297.83312222.4-71.971.241.240.0811.840.495.35-2.59-0.25
 280.16Jakob PoeltlCQ  TORC27:5112012102.6679.00001.0000.6679413.80-0.79-1.692.39-1.27-2.782.222.310.001.02
 71-0.56Chris BoucherPF  TOR 19:101113210.40010.66730.2504.5006022.7+5-0.95-0.72-1.06-0.820.14-1.24-1.31-1.342.28
 72-0.58O.G. AnunobySG/SFINJ 2g  TORSG27:08915312.30813.00003.1676.4297524.8-4-1.28-0.72-0.29-0.370.142.22-3.450.00-1.51
 76-0.61Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF33:492108300.43816.87583.0004.58312320.0-140.67-1.690.85-0.37-2.78-1.24-1.231.81-1.51
 90-0.85Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 11:05001401.0002.00000.0001.0001119.8-3-2.74-1.69-1.830.08-2.780.49-1.420.002.28
 101-1.01Dennis SchroderPG  TORPG36:551011900.30010.75042.1676.5004124.3-10-1.12-0.72-1.832.32-2.78-1.24-2.77-0.71-0.25
 103-1.04Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 17:16806100.36411.00001.0001.40010229.3-22-1.44-1.690.09-1.27-2.78-1.24-
 110-1.11Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  TOR 7:27202100.2504.00000.0002.5002120.6+8-2.42-1.69-1.44-1.27-2.78-1.24-1.390.002.28
 119-1.25Gary TrentPG/SG  TOR 22:34401400.3336.00010.0001.4005011.0-18-2.09-1.69-1.830.08-2.78-1.24-1.37-2.592.28
   Gradey Dick   TOR                            
   Thaddeus Young   TOR                            
   Javon Freeman-Liberty GLG TOR                            
   Ron Harper Jr. NOTE  TOR                            
   Christian Koloko NOTE  TOR                            
   Otto Porter Jr. INJ 7g  TOR                            
   Garrett Temple   TOR                            
   Markquis Nowell INJ 1g  TOR                            
  0.00Totals   239:591066483276.440100.7061712.18832.5596819208.7-650.
Josh: A massive game. Love to see the numbers peak again after a drop
Kyle: Barnes was picking pockets, tying his season and career-high with 5 steals.
Stream Josh: A strong stream for the IST coming up
Kyle: The Inferno was on fire, banging in 7-of-9 shots from deep, but Donte's role is too modest most night to treat him as more than a streamer and someone for deeper leagues.
Kyle: Randle has put together a great stretch of games and might be worth looking at sell-high options if he could bring back someone who fits your needs better.
Josh: He is starting to 'cook' as much as Poeltl can cook. n
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Minutes up of late and with the schedule being good, add him
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Hart is carving out a bigger role of late and is OK to take a flier on or stream, but I'd also be looking at this as a sell-high stretch with the Knicks' guard depth likely to limit how consistent Hart can be this season if the team is healthy.
Buy Low Josh: Buy low lives even with defensive stats starting to come back
Buy Low Kyle: Anunoby is in a weird funk with his production, shooting terribly from the free-throw line and lacking in steals that should eventually come better as we go. I'd be throwing out a buy-low offer
Josh: Another poor night as Hart takes the minutes and Donte steps up. Hold him for now.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Quickly is a scoring specialist and not guaranteed a big enough role from game to game to treat as much more than a streamer in standards.
Josh: The shooting has really fallen off of late. Not a drop, but the early season stuff is looking a little fluky for now.
Josh: After the IST, he is a drop. He is losing minutes to Hart
Kyle: Not a bad line, but the low minutes are going to make Barrett no more than treating as a streamer in most leagues.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Most people have realised, but he is not worth your roster spot.
Droppable Kyle: Trent is just a streamer at this point and doesn't play until Wednesday, so he can be dropped as needed.

MEM 108 @ DAL 94

 90.81Santi AldamaPF/C  MEM 33:1317112311.700101.00021.25041.0006115.4+170.02-0.722.39-0.370.140.493.051.261.02
 170.51Vince Williams Jr.SG/SF  MEM 26:041539302.6679.00001.50061.0003416.6+11-0.301.241.24-0.37-2.782.222.310.001.02
 250.32Desmond BaneSG/SFINJ 15g  MEMSG33:463044512.55020.66764.6676.50014234.1+132.132.22-0.680.530.142.221.73-2.67-2.77
 320.10Jaylen NowellSG  MEM 25:501924110.571141.00011.3336.7508223.8+10.350.26-0.68-1.270.14-1.241.650.631.02
 350.02Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 21:44402222.3336.00000.0003.6673012.0+9-2.09-1.69-1.44-0.823.072.22-1.370.002.28
 59-0.41Bismack BiyomboC  MEMC23:26406402.6673.00002.0000.6673216.7+10-2.09-1.690.090.08-2.782.220.770.00-0.25
 67-0.48David RoddySF/PF  MEMSF24:20606311.22291.00021.0003.3336217.9+12-1.77-1.690.09-0.370.140.49-3.511.261.02
 80-0.66Derrick RosePG  MEMPG20:24602310.4297.00001.0002.6005316.9+21-1.77-1.69-1.44-0.370.14-1.24-0.630.001.02
 89-0.85Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/C  MEMPF13:34404202.2508.00001.0003.4005528.60-2.09-1.69-0.68-0.82-2.782.22-2.790.001.02
 92-0.86Ziaire WilliamsSF  MEM 9:34310110.5002.000021.0001.0001118.1-8-2.26-0.72-2.21-1.270.14-
 106-1.08Shaq HarrisonSG  MEM 2:01001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -4-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.78-
 112-1.12Jacob GilyardPGNOTE  MEM 2:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -4-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-
 113-1.12John KoncharSG/SFQ  MEM 2:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -4-2.74-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-
 117-1.20Kenneth Lofton Jr.PF/CGLG MEM 2:01002000.0002.00000.0000.0002036.9-4-2.74-1.69-1.44-1.71-2.78-1.24-1.420.002.28
   Marcus Smart INJ 15g  MEM                            
   G.G. Jackson   MEM                            
   Ja Morant X  MEM                            
   Luke Kennard   MEM                            
   Steven Adams X  MEM                            
   Brandon Clarke INJ 8g  MEM                            
   Jake LaRavia   MEM                            
  0.00Totals   239:59108115227812.48990.8181114.32434.5895623236.9+700.
 310.12Grant WilliamsPF/C  DALPF31:041638311.33312.83361.3339.3333317.9-18-
 42-0.02Josh GreenSG/SFP  DALSG31:091012530.400101.00013.3333.4297018.7-6-1.12-0.72-1.440.535.99-1.24-1.310.63-1.51
 47-0.13Derrick JonesSF/PF  DALSF31:091644110.42914.00001.5717.2867120.9-23-0.142.22-0.68-1.270.14-1.24-
 49-0.16Seth CurryPG/SGP  DAL 16:191222210.50010.00000.5004.5006221.8-5-0.790.26-1.44-0.820.14-
 53-0.28Richaun HolmesPF/C  DAL 17:33507212.5004.50021.0000.5004113.4+5-1.93-1.690.47-0.820.142.220.06-1.971.02
 61-0.43Dereck Lively IICP  DALC22:31405112.4005.00002.0000.4005113.5-8-2.09-1.69-0.29-
 91-0.85Markieff MorrisPF  DAL 13:35623100.2867.00000.5004.0003222.3-11-1.770.26-1.06-1.27-2.78-1.24-
 97-0.93Olivier-Maxence ProsperPFGLG  DAL 11:17200200.00011.00020.0001.000007.2+4-2.42-1.69-2.21-0.82-2.78-1.24-0.711.262.28
 111-1.12Jaden HardyPG/SG  DAL 20:51805510.4449.00022.0004.8005124.7-10-1.44-1.69-0.290.530.14-1.24-0.60-5.19-0.25
 120-1.33Dexter DennisSGNOTE  DAL 4:18400000.5004.00010.0001.6673041.0+4-2.09-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.240.06-2.592.28
 121-1.33Kyrie IrvingPG/SG  DALPG35:561005500.20015.80051.0005.30010222.0-6-1.12-1.69-0.290.53-2.78-1.24-6.33-0.081.02
 122-1.36A.J. LawsonSG/SF/PFGLG DAL 4:18101000.0001.50020.0001.0000019.0+4-2.58-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.71-1.972.28
   Luka Doncic P  DAL                            
   Tim Hardaway Jr.   DAL                            
   Dante Exum D  DAL                            
   Dwight Powell   DAL                            
   Maxi Kleber P  DAL                            
   Greg Brown GLG DAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:009412422795.37092.6672111.30839.4155313242.5-700.
Josh: Who knows? Off the bench, but outplayed, which is no susprise. But his role and production is wildly inconsistent. That makes him fine, but not a must.
Stream Kyle: Aldama came off the bench again but commanded big minutes and posted a great line. Unfortunately, we can't trust this to be consistent beyond deeper leagues and streaming use, so while it's OK to take another flier or stream on Aldama, I'd also be selling high.
Josh: This guy had very good fantasy numbers at VCU and flashed it here. I am not reacting too much, but it's really curious.
Watch Kyle: Vince Williams is finally getting a real look in the Grizzlies rotation, and he has the versatility to be a great option in reality and fantasy if he gets enough minutes. We can't trust this to stick as the team gets healthy, but it's definitely something to watch in case coach Jenkins has finally realized what he wasn't using on the bench with Vince.
Kyle: Bane bounced back from a poor stretch of scoring to post his seventh 30-point game of the season.
Josh: Strong game with a usage bump, but we know he is only a stream guy
Sell High Kyle: Grant came through with a nice line in Luka and Hardaway's absences, but given the light production and short minutes for Grant a lot of nights, I wouldn't be chasing this. It's mostly a sell-high moment. But stream of course if Luka is out again.
Josh: On a 10 day but they pumped 26 minutes into him. I woulnd't add because this team is just a huge mess, but it's interesting.
Watch Kyle: Nowell is unlikely to have reliable long-term value on the Grizzlies this season, but he's worth tracking for conditional stream value and deeper leagues until Kennard is back.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: The fg% is still low but at least he is back. Great defensive stats. I would at least put him on the 12 team watch list.
Watch Kyle: Tillman was back from injury and is someone to watch in case he steals a starting job back from Biyombo. In deeper leagues, Tillman is worth a flier already, but I wouldn't be chasing him in standards beyond streaming.
Stream Josh: Watch him if Kyrie is out tomorrow along with Luka.
Watch Kyle: Green put up a decent line with Luka and Hardaway out. I wouldn't be chasing Green, but he's worth tracking while he's getting a look starting, in case his production improves in reliability.
Stream Josh: Stepped up with no Luka and might have another chance tomorrow.
Watch Kyle: Jones was back in the starting lineup filling in with Luka out, and he had a nice game, but we can't trust Jones to command a good role from night to night, so I wouldn't be chasing, just using as needed if Luka misses more time.
Josh: Nice game, but I am not trusting it. It is worth noting he seems locked into the backup role, which matters for deep leagues
Watch Kyle: Holmes is in the bench rotation, which means he deserves attention in deeper leagues and for watch lists in case he starts producing as well as he used to in a modest bench role.
Hold Josh: Hold for tomorrow as Tillman may sit, but otherwise he becomes a drop
Josh: Got the blocks, but overall not great. Do not panic, hold him
Stream Josh: Washed? When we talk washed, it's because of this. Players can put up good games, but it's so hard for them to do it consistently. Rose will have good games, but also games like this and it's clear he isn't a long term answer.
Kyle: Rose is just a conditional streamer while the Grizzlies are dealing with a stack of absences, and it's possible Rose is rested on the b2b Saturday, so I wouldn't be chasing.
Josh: I guess we celebrated him being back too early. Foul trouble killed him here
Buy Low Kyle: Severely limited by foul trouble. A buy-low moment, as such poor minutes is hard to stomach.
Josh: Just a bad game. He said he thinks he will play tomorrow.
Kyle: Very frustrating for Kyrie to falter when Luka was out and so many touches were avilable. A time to consider throwing out a buy-low offer perhaps.

PHI 119 @ BOS 125

 21.75Robert CovingtonSF/PFINJ 9g  PHI 30:201835151.44491.00072.5006.3333417.5-90.181.24-0.29-1.2711.840.49-0.604.40-0.25
 120.65Patrick BeverleyPG  PHIPG38:222638720.66715.60053.6005.70010424.7-121.481.240.851.433.07-1.243.84-3.30-1.51
 290.12Marcus MorrisPF/CINJ 24g  PHIPF27:591327111.417121.00010.6673.3339119.5-2-0.630.260.47-
 390.00Paul ReedPF/C  PHIC21:301414101.85771.000111.0001.8336314.8-6-0.47-0.72-0.68-1.27-2.780.493.740.631.02
 64-0.47Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHISF37:551415340.37516.333341.0001.33315121.2-5-0.47-0.72-0.29-0.378.92-1.24-2.68-4.56-2.77
 70-0.54De'Anthony MeltonPG/SG  PHISG36:332144211.36819.75044.33312.4297625.5-30.672.22-0.68-0.820.140.49-3.37-0.71-2.77
 73-0.59KJ MartinSFQ  PHI 13:05202020.2005.00000.0000.2005114.40-2.42-1.69-1.44-1.713.07-1.24-
 77-0.62Mo BambaC  PHI 19:301126101.5717.50022.5004.6673119.1+3-0.950.260.09-1.27-2.780.490.83-1.97-0.25
 104-1.07Furkan KorkmazSG/SFNOTE  PHI 14:46001010.0004.00000.0003.0001311.2+4-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.710.14-1.24-2.850.002.28
   Tyrese Maxey   PHI                            
   Joel Embiid INJ 16g  PHI                            
   Kelly Oubre   PHI                            
   Nicolas Batum   PHI                            
   Danuel House NOTE  PHI                            
   Jaden Springer   PHI                            
   Javonte Smart NOTE  PHI                            
   Terquavion Smith GLG PHI                            
   Ricky Council IV   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:00119164216165.45794.7392316.45735.4585924167.8-300.
 51.13Al HorfordPF/C  BOSC33:192026312.77891.00041.50041.0005415.5+100.510.260.09-0.370.142.223.762.521.02
 80.96Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOSSG32:032136511.455111.00081.7504.2867221.3+200.671.240.090.530.140.49-0.575.031.02
 220.41Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSF35:082014042.40020.75043.2504.43816331.0+100.51-0.72-0.68-1.718.922.22-2.63-0.71-1.51
 380.00Payton PritchardPG/SG  BOS 23:211022510.42971.00020.33361.0001114.8-2-1.120.26-1.440.530.14-1.24-0.631.262.28
 40-0.01Sam HauserSF/PF  BOS 25:521135111.60051.00023.7504.0001215.1-3-0.951.24-0.29-
 51-0.23Jrue HolidayPG/SG  BOSPG34:581335610.364111.00023.6005.1676218.7+7-0.631.24-0.290.980.14-1.24-2.031.26-1.51
 54-0.32Jayson TatumSF/PF EJECTBOSPF27:272127411.6679.77897.40051.0004132.0-70.670.260.470.080.140.492.31-0.79-6.56
 93-0.88Dalano BantonPG/SG  BOS 10:04405101.5004.00010.0001.6673120.0+1-2.09-1.69-0.29-1.27-2.780.490.06-2.592.28
 105-1.08Luke KornetC  BOS 7:35001000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -9-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.71-2.78-
 108-1.10Neemias QuetaCGLG BOS 10:115050001.0001.75042.00001.0001120.6+3-1.93-1.69-0.29-1.71-2.78-1.240.75-0.71-0.25
   Kristaps Porzingis   BOS                            
   Svi Mykhailiuk   BOS                            
   Oshae Brissett   BOS                            
   Lamar Stevens   BOS                            
   Nathan Knight NOTE  BOS                            
   J.D. Davison GLG BOS                            
   Jordan Walsh GLG  BOS                            
  0.00Totals   239:58125164625108.50677.8613620.48533.5234418189.1+300.
Josh: Vintage. But, of course 4 rotations guys were out, so it's not an add situation. They also don't play until Wednesday now
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: This is ultimately a sell-high time for Covington with Embiid, Maxey, and Batum out, but we also know that it doesn't take a ton of run for Covington to put up useful lines for category leagues, so he's fine to take a flier on ans see where this goes.
Stream Josh: Even with KP maybe back, Horford is a stream for next week
Sell High Kyle: Horford was amazing in another spot start with Porzingis out, and this is fine to use until KP is back, but that could be next game, so sell-high if you can on Horford.
Josh: Who does this guy think he is? Reggie Jackson? Great game, but I will not add. Took lots of guys out to get here.
Sell High Kyle: Beverley Hill Billies found gold in the backyard with this spot start and monster line. We know Beverley would never produce like this even if starting nightly, but it's very interesting to see coach Nurse unleash Bev for 38 minutes in a spot start. Something to try and sell-high on and to make note of for conditional streaming going forward.
Watch Kyle: Morris is just a very conditional streamer if the Sixers have Embiid and Batum out again. This is nothing to chase and barely worth watching beyond deeper leagues.
Kyle: Pritchard hasn't been consistent enough in his modest bench role to use much beyond conditional streaming, so this isn't anything to chase. It's a bit of a sell-high moment in deeper leagues.
Josh: Hoped for more, but it's serviceable and we still go this way whenever Embiid is out.
Watch Kyle: Reed made a spot start at center with Embiid and Batum out. He was good and is worth watching for more conditional streaming moments if Embiid is out again, though it took Batum being out for the starting spot to be available, as Morris has started with Embiid out so far this season.
Stream Josh: Another nice threes stream from Hauser. Remember, you may get two IST games from him next week
Kyle: A nice game from Hauser, and he has streaming and specialist value, so use as needed for Threes.
Kyle: Tatum got tossed for expressing his opinion too much to the refs. He should be fine for next game.
Buy Low Josh: In a huge slump in a time where he had a chance to really ramp up production. I would buy low
Josh: Rough shooting, but he ramped his usage up and continues to be solidd
Kyle: Queta was ahead of Kornet in the bench bigs rotation Friday, though neither are guaranteed run nightly when the team is healthy.

SAS 106 @ NOR 121

 230.41Charles BasseyCX  SAS 19:2580113031.0004.00001.00001.0004411.2+5-1.44-1.692.00-0.37-2.783.962.970.001.02
 46-0.09Keldon JohnsonSG/SF/PF  SASPF33:121117310.57171.00022.3333.7504213.0-7-0.95-0.720.47-0.370.14-1.240.831.26-0.25
 56-0.34Zach CollinsPF/C  SASC24:051215321.27311.83363.2005.3336230.1-18-0.79-0.72-0.29-0.373.070.49-3.480.55-1.51
 58-0.38Devin VassellSG/SF  SAS 26:321420120.417121.00023.2867.6005226.1-16-0.470.26-2.21-1.273.07-1.24-1.291.26-1.51
 63-0.47Cedi OsmanSF/PF  SAS 27:231122501.4449.50020.4005.5004315.7-17-0.950.26-1.440.53-2.780.49-0.60-1.972.28
 65-0.48Julian ChampagnieSF/PF  SASSF22:141235300.57171.00013.50061.0001320.5-7-0.791.24-0.29-0.37-2.78-1.240.830.63-1.51
 86-0.79Tre JonesPG  SAS 22:411023300.4449.00002.5004.4005121.1-10-1.120.26-1.06-0.37-2.78-1.24-0.600.00-0.25
 98-0.94Sandro MamukelashviliC  SAS 6:04311100.3333.00000.5002.0001121.60-2.26-0.72-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.680.002.28
 99-0.97Malaki BranhamPG/SG/SF  SASSG21:321022000.5717.00003.6673.5004120.2+2-1.120.26-1.44-1.71-2.78-1.240.830.00-1.51
 100-1.00Dominick BarlowSFGLG SAS 2:482000001.0001.00000.00001.0001015.6+1-2.42-1.69-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.240.750.002.28
 102-1.02Blake WesleyPG/SG  SAS 2:48000200.0000.00000.0000.00000 +1-2.74-1.69-2.21-0.82-2.78-
 107-1.09Jeremy SochanPG/PF  SASPG31:161323400.30813.75042.5004.2229223.4-9-0.630.26-1.060.08-2.78-1.24-3.45-0.71-0.25
   Victor Wembanyama   SAS                            
   Doug McDermott Q  SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
   Sidy Cissoko GLG SAS                            
   Sir'Jabari Rice NOTE  SAS                            
   Charles Bediako NOTE  SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010616392855.45883.8241719.41039.5004421218.5-750.
 41.18Herb JonesSF/PF  NORSG30:521734031.75081.00021.7504.7504114.0+140.021.24-0.68-1.715.990.493.021.261.02
 61.08Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC30:3424012112.75012.85771.0001.81811323.0+151.16-1.692.39-
 150.56C.J. McCollumPG/SGQ  NORPG38:041913821.444181.00021.1258.70010122.8+160.35-0.72-1.061.873.070.49-
 190.43Trey MurphySF/PF  NOR 22:141843111.53813.00000.400101.0003025.6+90.182.22-1.06-
 60-0.41Zion WilliamsonPF/CQ  NORPF26:081204701.4449.80051.0000.4449220.4+12-0.79-1.69-0.681.43-2.780.49-0.60-0.081.02
 66-0.48Naji MarshallSG/SF  NOR 18:321016000.75041.000321.0001.6673117.3+5-1.12-0.720.09-1.71-2.78-1.241.511.89-0.25
 75-0.61Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORSF33:351405710.214141.00084.0004.30010328.0+10-0.47-1.69-0.291.430.14-1.24-5.625.03-2.77
 85-0.77Cody ZellerCIN  NOR 13:25203100.00001.00020.0000.000012.9+2-2.42-1.69-1.06-1.27-2.78-
 109-1.11Dyson DanielsPG/SGINJ 16g  NOR 11:32202100.2504.00000.0001.3333215.2+1-2.42-1.69-1.44-1.27-2.78-1.24-1.390.002.28
 115-1.18Jordan HawkinsSG  NOR 15:04310000.3333.00001.5002.0001111.6-9-2.26-0.72-2.21-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.680.001.02
   Larry Nance Jr.   NOR                            
   Kira Lewis   NOR                            
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   NOR                            
   Jose Alvarado SUSP 2g  NOR                            
   Matt Ryan   NOR                            
   E.J. Liddell GLG NOR                            
   Dereon Seabron GLG  NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012110422686.49485.9312911.32331.5935415180.8+750.
Josh: With Nance out again, the Pels are more than happy to play JV with Zion this season. So, not sure how much of a sell high this is.
Kyle: While this is probably best treated as a sell-high moment, it's also reaffirming for Jonas' value going forward that he played huge minutes with the team at full health. Maybe he'll just continue to defy expectations for another season.
Sell High Josh: He is getting tons of shots while BI and Zion take a back seat. Doesn't seem like something that will hold, so it could be a nice sell high spot.
Kyle: McCollum played great here, but he isn't allowed to fly yet due to his lung issue, holding him out Saturday, though he'll be back with the team for Monday's game.
Josh: Love to see it. He is awesome. Now, this is against the Sopurs without Wemby, and a minutes and shot crunch will come at some point, but he is must roster.
Must Add Kyle: Murphy returned from injury with a quality line in just 22 minutes. His ceiling may be a little short this season if the team is healthy, but Murphy should also be the first guy in the starting lineup if anyone is missing, giving him paths to more minutes as the season goes. I wouldn't leave him on the wire in any standard leagues. And hopefully he's OK to play again Saturday after the short minutes here.
Watch Josh: The per minute monster showed out again and didn't start. Keep it in mind whe Wemby is out next
Sell High Kyle: Bassey got extra run with the game being a bit out of hand and Wembanyama being out. This isn't anything to chase and is mostly a sell-high moment for deeper leagues. Remember this for more streaming moments with Bassey, as the tanking Spurs will surely rest Collins at times.
Buy Low Josh: The minutes are frustrating, so you try to buy low. If you have him, you hold tight.
Buy Low Kyle: Popovich said Vassell's restrictions shouldn't last much longer, so it's buy-low time before he's back starting soon.
Josh: Took a big step back here. Interesting that Zion and BI have alternated low usage games while CJ has come back. I doubt it stays that way
Kyle: With the somewhat limited minutes here, could Zion actually get cleared to play Saturday on the b2b?
Kyle: It's always cool to see Osman flash his versatile production in better run, but he's in too modest of a role to trust beyond deeper leagues and conditional streaming.
Josh: Continues to impress. He is a name to watch with injury or trades.
Watch Kyle: Champagnie made a spot start with Wemby out for rest on the b2b. This is nothing to chase, a sell-high time for deeper leagues, and just something to watch for more conditional streaming days.
Josh: Keeps starting, keeps struggling
Josh: Big drop from last game, but it's not a terrible performance. He is a 12 team guy for now
Kyle: Not quite as god as the night before, but Sochan's upside is evident, and he has a secure role, so value that appropriately.
Stream Josh: He is going to be a clear drop, but guys are going to be out tomorrow, plus they rare rotation guys on an IST team. Worth a hold for that.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Daniels was limited and poor here, but he is in line for another spot start Saturday with McCollum out, so I'd be holding and streaming Saturday. Although, with 12 games, Daniels may not be worth the chase for Saturday, so if you want a better long-term option, DD is OK to drop.
Stream Josh: He is going to be a clear drop, but guys are going to be out tomorrow, plus they rare rotation guys on an IST team. Worth a hold for that.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Hawkins is OK to drop in standards with Murphy back and the team healthy, but he's also OK to hold for streaming Saturday with McCollum out.

DEN 119 @ PHO 111

 70.97Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG34:371531630.60010.00000.5006.7504213.6+6-0.301.24-1.830.985.99-1.241.600.002.28
 130.64Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENPF36:3119010421.500161.00032.0004.66712124.8+80.35-1.691.620.083.070.490.221.89-0.25
 200.42Justin HolidaySG/SF  DENSF25:291532410.7508.00000.60051.0003214.7+8-0.301.24-1.440.080.14-
 44-0.07Nikola JokicC  DENC34:5521051612.50018.50063.0003.60015431.8+60.67-1.69-0.295.460.142.220.25-5.90-1.51
 45-0.09Reggie JacksonPG  DENPG29:252032400.72711.50021.7504.7147320.500.511.24-1.440.08-2.78-1.243.79-1.971.02
 52-0.25Christian BraunSG  DEN 22:22804410.6676.00001.0000.6676014.7+5-1.44-1.69-0.680.080.14-1.241.540.001.02
 57-0.34Julian StrawtherSF  DEN 18:071133001.4449.00000.37581.0001223.30-0.951.24-1.06-1.71-2.780.49-0.600.002.28
 96-0.92Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 25:29803000.4449.00000.0002.5717516.6+5-1.44-1.69-1.06-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.600.002.28
 125-1.49DeAndre JordanC  DEN 13:052020001.0001.00012.00001.0001212.3+2-2.42-1.69-1.44-1.71-2.78-1.240.75-2.59-0.25
   Jamal Murray   DEN                            
   Aaron Gordon   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Zeke Nnaji   DEN                            
   Jay Huff   DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson Q  DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011912323884.56888.583129.37532.6795621172.4+400.
 31.23Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOSF36:1130141113.320251.000131.3333.31822235.3-62.13-0.72-0.683.220.143.96-
 240.36Grayson AllenSG/SF  PHOPG37:0013110310.55691.00020.2504.8005210.8-4-0.63-0.721.62-0.370.14-1.240.851.262.28
 330.07Eric GordonSG/SFQ  PHOSG33:171643311.54511.00003.5717.5004117.0-6-0.142.22-1.06-0.370.140.490.880.00-1.51
 340.06Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHO 25:431314012.55691.00022.20051.0004318.6+4-0.63-0.72-0.68-1.710.142.220.851.26-0.25
 62-0.46Jusuf NurkicC  PHOC32:573126202.59122.60056.3336.68816636.9+32.300.260.09-0.82-2.782.223.21-3.30-5.30
 81-0.73Nassir LittleSF/PF  PHO 18:402020011.0001.00000.00001.000102.2-6-2.42-1.69-1.44-1.71-2.780.490.750.002.28
 84-0.76Keita Bates-DiopSF/PF  PHOPF16:55401100.00011.00040.0000.0001010.6-10-2.09-1.69-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.712.522.28
 94-0.90Drew EubanksC  PHO 14:42006100.0001.00000.0000.000122.7-9-2.74-1.690.09-1.27-2.78-1.24-0.710.002.28
 95-0.91Jordan GoodwinPGGLG PHO 20:06206000.3333.00000.0001.500216.5-5-2.42-1.690.09-1.71-2.78-1.24-0.680.002.28
 116-1.19Chimezie MetuPF/CNOTE  PHO 4:29001100.0002.00000.0001.0001018.4-1-2.74-1.69-1.83-1.27-2.78-1.24-1.420.002.28
   Bradley Beal Q  PHO                            
   Devin Booker   PHO                            
   Bol Bol   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ 16g  PHO                            
   Yuta Watanabe   PHO                            
   Udoka Azubuike   PHO                            
   Saben Lee   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:001119432249.46484.9232612.33327.5265717159.1-400.
Kyle: With Booker out, Durant took on the distro duties, dropping a dynamic double-double with a season-high double-1 dimes.
Sell High Kyle: Pope is worth seeing what he could bring back in trade, as he's a streaky producer a lot of the time and will scale back some of his production when he the team is healthy.
Sell High Kyle: Porter is fine to just enjoy and roll with, but given his history of injuries and his recent elevated production while Murray and Gordon have been out, I'd at least be looking at sell-high options.
Josh: Been solid filling in for Gordon, but there isn't long term value here.
Watch Kyle: Holiday is just a conditional streamer while Gordon remains out, not someone to chase.
Stream Josh: Big minutes and now we grab him for IST
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Allen was back from injury and played great with big minutes. He's worth having a look at and considering to stream at least if Booker misses more time.
Stream Josh: Excellent stream, as long as Beal out as well as the IST bump
Sell High Kyle: Stream Gordon as long as the Suns are short-handed and need him in a good role, but as (if) the team gets healthy, don't be surprised if Gordon becomes more pointedly just a streamer for most leagues.
Stream Josh: Nice game, but the value he has is just getting minutes in the IST
Kyle: Okogie moved to the bench with Allen back and KBD starting, but he still had a nice game with 3 blocks. This isn't anything to chase, just a nice reward if you happened to have Okogie active on the short-schedule day.
Stream Josh: Could be streamable again tomorrow.
Sell High Kyle: Jackson made a spot start with Murray out and was good, but this is just a conditional streaming moment and time to look at selling high if possible, not something to chase beyond watching if Murray misses another game.
Sell High Josh: This is an amazing run. Sell for a top 40 guy, otherwise enjoy it
Sell High Kyle: Nurkic stepped up on offense with Booker out, scoring a season-high 31 points in impressive fashion. While he's in a secure role, there remains general injury concern with Nurkic, and the fact that he could be looked to less on offense as the team gets healthy.
Kyle: Even with the start, it's hard to trust KBD offering consistent value beyond deeper leagues. He'll likely be on the bench most games anyway.
Josh: Will be out of rotation when Bookr plays is my guess
Josh: Bigger role today, but he isn't racking them up and the minutes are a bit all over the place.