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<January 2024>
box scoreHOU 138@ CHA 1045:00 pm
HOU by 5.0 o/u 223.5HOU 114 @ CHA 109Blowout
box scorePHO 131@ IND 1335:00 pm
PHO by 5.0 o/u 244.0PHO 124 @ IND 120
box scoreDAL 148@ ATL 1435:00 pm
ATL by 2.0 o/u 246.0DAL 122 @ ATL 124
box scoreLAC 127@ TOR 1075:30 pm
LAC by 8.0 o/u 236.5LAC 122 @ TOR 114Blowout
box scoreORL 106@ MEM 1076:00 pm
ORL by 6.5 o/u 212.5ORL 110 @ MEM 103
box scoreCLE 112@ MIL 1006:00 pm
MIL by 5.5 o/u 238.5CLE 116 @ MIL 122
box scoreOKC 107@ NOR 836:00 pm
OKC by 1.5 o/u 238.0OKC 120 @ NOR 118Blowout
box scorePOR 100@ SAS 1167:30 pm
SAS by 5.0 o/u 230.5POR 113 @ SAS 118

Central Standard Time

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HOU 138 @ CHA 104Blowout

 41.44Fred VanVleetPGQ  HOUPG29:451433316.55691.00010.6005.5004313.1+26-0.501.27-1.14-0.440.069.820.910.642.36
 71.36Jalen GreenPG/SG  HOUSG28:1836110420.60020.917123.1437.84613041.1+153.17-0.711.610.023.05-1.333.294.58-1.43
 270.48Cam WhitmoreSF/PF  HOU 20:1624411200.500181.00020.4449.5569238.3+
 330.24Amen ThompsonPG/SG/SF  HOU 22:441316820.6676.667611.0001.6005217.5+25-0.66-0.710.041.873.05-1.331.58-2.731.10
 44-0.07Jock LandaleC  HOU 15:11606211.6005.00000.0000.6005213.6+16-1.83-1.710.04-0.900.060.530.83-0.022.36
 65-0.39Alperen SengunCX  HOUC25:101106701.7147.50022.0000.7147216.2+18-1.00-1.710.041.41-2.920.532.32-2.03-0.16
 82-0.52Aaron HolidayPG/SG  HOU 18:361021600.6676.00002.50041.0002217.7+12-1.170.28-1.930.95-2.92-1.331.58-0.02-0.16
 88-0.58Dillon BrooksSG/SFQ  HOUSF24:461210101.4297.83360.3333.5004316.0+20-0.83-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.920.53-0.580.612.36
 100-0.69Reggie Bullock JrSF/PF  HOU 7:39510010.6673.00001.50021.0001021.50-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.830.06-1.330.80-0.021.10
 120-0.89Nate HintonSG  HOU 6:45203101.5002.00001.0000.5002218.3-3-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.920.530.05-0.021.10
 144-1.17Jermaine SamuelsSF  HOU 5:59002000.0001.00000.0000.000106.9-5-2.83-1.71-1.54-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 156-1.21Jeff GreenPF/C  HOUPF17:17001000.0001.00000.0001.000012.4+10-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 165-1.27Boban MarjanovicC  HOU 6:453030001.0001.50021.00001.0001017.6-3-2.33-1.71-1.14-1.83-2.92-1.330.76-2.031.10
 168-1.31Jae'Sean TateSF/PFX  HOU 10:49201000.3333.00001.0001.5002115.2+13-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.66-0.021.10
   Jabari Smith Jr   HOU                            
   Tari Eason X  HOU                            
   Victor Oladipo X  HOU                            
   Jeenathan Williams Jr.   HOU                            
  0.00Totals   240:00138135334710.56289.8063112.39433.6615620255.2+1700.
 310.30Miles BridgesSF/PFQ  CHAPF35:472127310.636111.00054.5004.7147120.9-290.670.280.43-0.440.06-1.332.403.29-2.69
 51-0.23Nick RichardsCQ  CHAC26:501407103.5006.727110.0000.5006117.5-18-0.50-1.710.43-1.36-2.924.250.13-2.762.36
 64-0.39J.T. ThorPF  CHA 6:45201120.00021.00020.0000.0002018.5+3-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.363.05-1.33-1.401.312.36
 72-0.45LaMelo BallPG/SGX  CHAPG23:161522820.37516.50023.2229.5717437.1-25-0.330.28-1.541.873.05-1.33-2.59-2.03-1.43
 77-0.49PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHA 28:341202203.4449.80052.0002.5717118.2-23-0.83-1.71-1.54-0.90-2.924.25-0.54-0.05-0.16
 90-0.59Nathan MensahC  CHA 6:45000111.0000.00000.0000.00002 +3-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.360.060.530.01-0.022.36
 108-0.75Bryce McGowensSG/SF  CHA 6:45801000.60051.00020.0001.7504137.8+3-1.50-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.330.831.312.36
 116-0.82Frank NtilikinaPG  CHA 9:23510000.50021.00020.5002.0000020.3-6-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.051.312.36
 128-0.97Nick Smith Jr.PG/SG  CHA 17:211021000.6676.000031.0002.5004222.5-12-1.170.28-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.331.58-0.02-1.43
 140-1.12James BouknightSG  CHA 6:45510000.3336.00000.2504.5002058.9+3-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.33-1.33-0.022.36
 142-1.13Brandon MillerSG/SF  CHASG19:37511200.2508.00000.3333.2005417.7-25-2.00-0.71-1.93-0.90-2.92-1.33-2.74-0.022.36
 159-1.23Ish SmithPG  CHA 19:48005200.0003.00001.0000.0003313.4-24-2.83-1.71-0.36-0.90-2.92-1.33-2.11-0.021.10
 175-1.44Leaky BlackSF/PF  CHA 13:07104000.0003.50020.0001.0002412.8-6-2.67-1.71-0.75-1.83-2.92-1.33-2.11-2.032.36
 176-1.46Cody MartinSG/SFX  CHASF19:17601000.3758.00010.0001.4297219.0-14-1.83-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.33-1.29-2.692.36
   Kyle Lowry   CHA                            
   Mark Williams X  CHA                            
   Gordon Hayward   CHA                            
   Amari Bailey   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   240:001049322067.41285.7813213.31029.4645625314.7-1700.
Josh: An insane game. Over 40% usage, over 70% TS%. As well as boards and steals. Good for him. I;m not buying it. Keep in points, don't trust in cats
Sell High Kyle: Green was fantastic with a season-high 36 points in what is a clear sell-high night for him but also a fine time to add him if he's on the wire, as he's been pretty solid of late.
Josh: The opponent helps. Love the production, but he only played 20 with Smith out. He is more of a 14 team guy than a must add.
Stream Kyle: It's tough to recommend chasing Whitemore too hard given that Smith was out and Whitmore's role isn't super secure beyond a decent floor for deeper leagues and streaming yet.
Josh: Another flash of what he can bring. Love to see it, but I am only considering as a 12 team guy if he plays 25 a night, which I don't see coming.
Watch Kyle: Amen posted a great line, but his role isn't going to be this thicc most nights, as this was a blowout win.
Must Add Josh: How he is 60% available is baffling.
Maybe Add Kyle: As long as Richards is starting at center for the Hornets, he should at least be getting streamed regularly in most leagues.
Kyle: Short minutes in the blowout win.
Josh: Early foul trouble kept the minutes low. This team looked disgusting here.
Kyle: LaMelo's minutes were shot due to foul trouble. This could be seen as a buy-low moment, but LaMelo comes with injury and tank-rest risk that I'd likely be selling high on in redrafts.
Josh: Yeah, he had been playing well, but this was a masterpiece of dogshit. Low usage, bad shooting (which was set to regress) and Clifford benched him due to fouls and bad on court production. Remains must roster, but his recent games were a little rosy.
Hold Kyle: Foul trouble. Miller is a firm hold with his general great play of late.

PHO 131 @ IND 133

 22.47Devin BookerPG/SG/SF  PHOPG38:186265412.59537.923134.50012.64025252.0+17.514.25-0.360.020.062.395.795.24-2.69
 210.56Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOPF39:142027611.60015.00002.5004.63611118.5-90.500.280.430.950.060.532.47-0.02-0.16
 43-0.07Jusuf NurkicC OUTPHOC20:08204530.3333.00002.0000.3333210.6-3-2.50-1.71-0.750.486.04-1.33-0.66-0.02-0.16
 57-0.32Grayson AllenSG/SFQ  PHOSF37:201123101.80051.00012.66731.000258.5-8-1.000.28-1.14-1.36-2.920.532.290.64-0.16
 79-0.51Eric GordonSG/SF  PHO 30:251422210.5569.66732.33361.0003017.30-0.500.28-1.54-0.900.06-1.330.91-1.37-0.16
 87-0.57Drew EubanksC  PHO 15:568051001.0004.00001.00001.0004113.4+12-1.50-1.71-0.36-1.36-2.92-1.332.99-0.021.10
 106-0.74Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHO 13:06003110.0001.00000.0000.000113.3-1-2.83-1.71-1.14-1.360.06-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 125-0.96Bradley BealPG/SG RETPHOSG34:221214311.385131.00016.2005.5008524.1-4-0.83-0.71-0.75-0.440.060.53-1.920.64-5.22
 126-0.97Keita Bates-DiopSF/PFX  PHO 8:462041001.0001.00001.00001.0001013.3+7-2.50-1.71-0.75-1.36-2.92-1.330.76-0.021.10
 157-1.21Chimezie MetuPF/C  PHO 2:25001000.0001.00000.0000.0001020.0-5-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
   Jordan Goodwin   PHO                            
   Bol Bol   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ   PHO                            
   Yuta Watanabe X  PHO                            
   Nassir Little   PHO                            
   Theo Maledon   PHO                            
   Udoka Azubuike   PHO                            
   Saben Lee   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:0013113382485.57389.8891820.43330.6445917180.8-
 180.57Aaron NesmithSF/PF  INDSF33:572236311.61513.75041.5006.7147417.5+70.841.270.04-0.440.060.532.44-0.711.10
 220.52Pascal SiakamPF/C  INDPF32:443127420.63622.33332.6673.63219129.2+92.340.280.430.023.05-1.334.78-4.71-0.16
 280.42Andrew NembhardPG/SG  INDPG29:342211810.625161.00011.5002.64314122.3+70.84-0.71-1.931.870.06-1.333.220.641.10
 290.34Obi ToppinPF  IND 33:1823011311.66715.60051.0002.76913220.7+71.00-1.712.01-0.440.060.533.93-3.391.10
 58-0.32Jalen SmithPF/CQ  IND 20:2513110011.54511.00012.3333.6258224.9-5-0.66-0.711.61-1.830.060.530.95-2.69-0.16
 89-0.58T.J. McConnellPG  IND 18:26201810.2005.00000.0000.2005110.3-5-2.50-1.71-1.931.870.06-1.33-2.07-0.022.36
 107-0.74Bennedict MathurinSG/SFX  IND 21:251115010.35714.00001.3333.36411026.5-2-1.00-0.71-0.36-1.830.06-1.33-2.63-0.021.10
 137-1.06Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSG14:20202400.3333.00001.00021.0001215.9-5-2.50-1.71-1.540.02-2.92-1.33-0.66-0.021.10
 154-1.20Myles TurnerC  INDC17:49503200.33361.00012.0002.5004217.9-2-2.00-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.92-1.33-1.330.64-0.16
 160-1.24Ben SheppardSG/SF  IND 18:02202200.2504.00001.00031.0001210.5-1-2.50-1.71-1.54-0.90-2.92-1.33-1.36-0.021.10
   Tyrese Haliburton Q  IND                            
   Isaiah Jackson   IND                            
   James Johnson   IND                            
   Kendall Brown   IND                            
   Jarace Walker   IND                            
   Isaiah Wong GLG IND                            
   Oscar Tshiebwe GLG IND                            
  0.00Totals   240:001338483483.532109.6001512.30826.6028317195.7+
Josh: On a serious hot streak at the moment. A sell high, if you get a top 10 guy back only.
Kyle: Booker scored a season-high 62 points in what could be seen as a sell-high time of sorts, though I'd likely just be enjoying the great production and hoping more is coming.
Josh: Here we go. That's better. Keep him rostered
Maybe Add Kyle: Nesmith put together another quality line and is worth a flier or stream in most leagues to see how his production hold as Haliburton gets back.
Kyle: Another big game from Siakam, as he should be putting up while Haliburton is out. This could be seen as a small sell-high window, but I'd likely be holding onto the upside of Siakam on his new team in most leagues.
Stream Josh: Nice value game again with no Hali. Keep rostering him, but I don't think there is anywhere near enough for him to do when Haliburton returns.
Maybe Add Kyle: Nembhard is both a maybe-add/stream and a sell-high before Haliburton returns. Use him as long as he has the opportunity.
Sell High Kyle: Toppin had a great night and has conditional streaming value, but this is nothing to chase and mostly a sell-high moment.
Kyle: Nurkic left with a jammed thumb. X-rays came back negative, so hopefully he'll be OK for next game. Nurk's minutes have been a little short of late, and he could be seen as a potential buy-low target, though I'd be careful not to overpay.
Josh: Nice game and played better than Turner in spurts. Still not someone I want in 12 team leagues.
Sell High Kyle: A solid game from Smith, but this is nothing to chase and a sell-high moment.
Kyle: Gordon was back in action in good bench minutes, but his ceiling is too short to bother with beyond deeper leagues and conditional streaming while the Suns are healthy.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He hasn't always been the backup, but if Nurkic misses, I expect he gets first crack at starting.
Josh: Low minutes. I still think he is stremable, but they are clearly favouring Nembhard
Josh: So, I guess we can't trust him agaiun? This rotation remains a confusing mess. I would hold for now.
Kyle: The deep pacers rotation got Hield pushed to the back of the rotation for the night. He's drifting more into being just a streamer for standards even with the starting job and Haliburton out.
Josh: Smith got hot and played better, so Carlisle limited him. If you are annoyed, just look back at last game and Turner was much better there.
Buy Low Kyle: Coach Carlisle decided to go small. This won't happen so starkly most nights, but the fact this can happen at all to Turner is frustrating. I'd be buying low, but I'd be careful about how hard to pursue.
Watch Josh: Basically back out of the rotation, but if Nurkic is out, he will gain value as at least Eubanks' backup.
Kyle: Out of the rotation with the frontcourt healthy.

DAL 148 @ ATL 143

 13.87Luka DoncicPGP  DALPG44:4373810710.75833.938164.61513.85020138.7+139.356.231.611.410.06-1.3312.987.22-2.69
 190.57Dereck Lively IIC  DALC27:339011414.5717.50021.0000.5717512.7+16-1.33-1.712.
 59-0.35Josh GreenSG/SF RETDALSG35:152142400.66712.50023.8005.5717517.7+90.672.26-1.540.02-2.92-1.333.14-2.03-1.43
 74-0.46Grant WilliamsPF/CQ  DALPF28:01915400.50061.00021.3333.6673412.2+5-1.33-0.71-0.360.02-2.92-1.330.131.311.10
 86-0.55Richaun HolmesPF/CQ  DAL 13:514031011.0002.00000.00001.0002220.0-3-2.17-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.920.531.50-0.022.36
 103-0.72Jaden HardyPG/SG  DAL 13:45811110.3336.75040.3333.3333122.2-10-1.50-0.71-1.93-1.360.06-1.33-1.33-0.712.36
 105-0.72Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DAL 32:091334300.250121.00042.3339.0003219.3-5-0.661.27-0.75-0.44-2.92-1.33-4.122.63-0.16
 129-0.99Dante ExumPG/SG  DAL 26:52920300.5006.500211.0002.2504211.5+2-1.330.28-2.32-0.44-2.92-1.330.13-2.031.10
 138-1.10Derrick JonesSF/PF OUTDALSF17:512011001.0001.00001.00001.000134.4-2-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.92-1.330.76-0.021.10
   Kyrie Irving   DAL                            
   Olivier-Maxence Prosper   DAL                            
   Brandon Williams   DAL                            
   A.J. Lawson   DAL                            
   Maxi Kleber   DAL                            
   Dwight Powell   DAL                            
   Seth Curry X  DAL                            
   Markieff Morris   DAL                            
   Greg Brown   DAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0014819372835.60085.8443213.54335.6405025158.6+
 61.40Trae YoungPG  ATLPG33:1130211130.50018.909112.2867.63611330.0+92.170.28-1.933.266.04-1.330.353.92-0.16
 110.93Jalen JohnsonSF/PFINJ   ATLPF37:152523311.83312.75040.6673.8899614.8+61.340.28-1.14-0.440.060.536.05-0.712.36
 230.52Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATL 27:162444220.409221.00020.4449.38513233.6+31.172.26-0.75-0.903.05-1.33-2.481.312.36
 380.00Saddiq BeySF/PFX  ATLSF37:531627500.462131.00020.3336.5717314.7-14-
 52-0.25Onyeka OkongwuCINJ   ATL 23:26806210.40051.00041.0000.4005413.3+2-1.50-1.710.04-0.900.06-1.33-0.622.631.10
 67-0.41Garrison MathewsSG/SF  ATL 14:018220001.00021.000201.0002.000018.2+5-1.500.28-1.54-1.83-2.92-1.331.501.312.36
 75-0.47Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLSG37:032235700.50018.50023.4297.54511323.6-210.841.27-0.361.41-2.92-1.330.35-2.03-1.43
 83-0.53Clint CapelaC  ATLC24:341008201.5717.66731.0000.5717215.2-7-1.17-1.710.82-0.90-2.920.530.87-1.371.10
 146-1.18Patty MillsPG  ATL 5:21000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -8-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
   De'Andre Hunter   ATL                            
   Bruno Fernando   ATL                            
   Vit Krejci X  ATL                            
   Wesley Matthews   ATL                            
   Kobe Bufkin   ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                            
   Trent Forrest   ATL                            
   Seth Lundy X  ATL                            
   Mouhamed Gueye   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0014315363272.52697.867307.44134.5716324153.4-
Josh: Just ludicrous stuff. And look at those percentages
Kyle: Luka exploded for a career-high and franchise record 73 points in an a ridiculously-efficient performance.
Kyle: Young was supposedly on a restriction in his return from a concussion but still played close to his normal minutes with a great line.
Josh: Much better but it is worth mentioning Kleber and Powell were out. Should still be rostered
Kyle: Great to see a full line from Lively after some of his lighter production of late.
Josh: Last couple have been solid. He is streamable without being a must roster and Hunter returning will reduce that as well.
Sell High Kyle: Bey is reportedly on the trade block, and there's a good chance he could end up in a bench role if moved to a better team. There is an argument to hold him in case he remains on the Hawks the rest of the way in a steady starting job on a team that could commit more to a tank to close the season.
Josh: I'm only holding for the deadline now.
Josh: Big jump but no Kyrie or Jones which helps. He isn't a 12 team guy
Sell High Kyle: Green scored a season-high 21 points, and while he has a good role for now, he's a sell-high guy given his generally light and inconsistent value for fantasy.
Kyle: Grant made another spot start and was decent. He's not worth chasing and only has conditional streaming value on short-schedule days, so this is mostly a sell-high moment.
Josh: The patented slump from Hardaway. Fine to keep rostering for now.
Josh: Started for Jones but he isn't someone I am interested in 12 team leagues
Watch Kyle: Exum started the second half with Jones leaving due to a wrist sprain. Deeper leagues could be taking a flier on Exum already, but I'd likely just be watching him in standards still, waiting to see how Exum's role fills out when Irving is available, too.

LAC 127 @ TOR 107Blowout

 51.44James HardenPG/SG  LACPG34:58222101311.571141.00041.2867.8577319.7+270.840.281.614.180.060.531.732.631.10
 91.11Russell WestbrookPG  LAC 25:582005322.500141.00060.0002.58312326.4-20.50-1.71-0.36-0.443.052.390.273.952.36
 240.51Kawhi LeonardSG/SF/PFQ  LACPF30:301627312.53813.00001.5004.5569018.9+11-
 350.08Paul GeorgeSG/SF/PF  LACSF28:192132112.40015.85772.3339.5006029.2+130.671.27-1.54-1.360.062.39-1.891.27-0.16
 63-0.39Mason PlumleeC  LACC25:1312012300.50012.00001.0000.50012121.2+19-0.83-1.712.40-0.44-2.92-1.330.24-0.021.10
 85-0.54Norman PowellSG/SF  LAC 25:461724010.46213.75042.2867.6676226.8-20.000.28-0.75-1.830.06-1.33-0.47-0.71-0.16
 114-0.81Amir CoffeySG/SF  LAC 19:16502200.50021.00031.00011.000169.20-2.00-1.71-1.54-0.90-2.92-1.330.051.971.10
 115-0.82Terance MannSG/SF  LACSG28:38603200.5006.00000.0001.600518.6+20-1.83-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.92-1.330.13-0.022.36
 124-0.95Daniel TheisC  LAC 18:16604100.7504.00002.0000.7504113.5+6-1.83-1.71-0.75-1.36-2.92-1.331.54-0.02-0.16
 134-1.01Brandon Boston Jr.SG/SF  LAC 1:332010001.0001.00000.00001.0001026.6+4-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.330.76-0.022.36
 153-1.20Bones HylandPG/SG  LAC 1:33000100.0001.00000.0001.0000026.6+4-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
   Ivica Zubac   LAC                            
   P.J. Tucker   LAC                            
   Josh Primo NOTE  LAC                            
   Xavier Moon   LAC                            
   Moussa Diabate   LAC                            
   Kobe Brown   LAC                            
   Jordan Miller   LAC                            
  0.00Totals   240:001279502967.50595.9172410.28132.6196317226.8+1000.
 320.27Dennis SchroderPGINJ   TOR 28:141314521.4449.80051.2504.6005225.2+4-0.66-0.71-0.750.483.050.53-0.54-0.051.10
 40-0.05Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TORC23:5812064111.0006.00020.00001.0006312.2-15-0.83-1.710.
 50-0.23Scottie BarnesSG/SF/PFX  TORPG34:452315410.42921.80051.2005.50016126.6-131.00-0.71-0.360.020.06-1.33-1.77-0.051.10
 81-0.52Gradey DickSG  TOR 21:08604210.4297.00000.0003.7504312.6-3-1.83-1.71-0.75-0.900.06-1.33-0.58-0.022.36
 93-0.60Bruce BrownPG/SG/SF  TORPF31:35919201.5008.00003.5002.5006313.3-9-1.33-0.711.22-0.90-2.920.530.16-0.02-1.43
 96-0.62Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG28:591331300.38513.00000.3758.4005117.1-12-0.661.27-1.93-0.44-2.92-1.33-1.92-0.022.36
 131-0.99Jontay PorterPF/CNOTE OUTTOR 4:24003100.0000.00000.0000.00001 -3-2.83-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 133-1.00Chris BoucherPFX  TOR 16:46905000.5008.50020.0003.8005120.2-4-1.33-1.71-0.36-1.83-2.92-1.330.16-2.032.36
 149-1.18Javon Freeman-LibertyPG  TOR 1:33000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -4-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 147-1.18Kira LewisPG  TOR 1:33000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -4-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 163-1.25Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  TOR 1:33000000.0001.00000.0001.0000024.6-4-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 169-1.33R.J. BarrettSG/SFQ  TORSF36:002206410.47419.50083.0002.52917127.1-270.84-1.710.040.020.06-1.33-0.36-8.08-1.43
 172-1.35Garrett TempleSG  TOR 1:33001000.0001.00001.0001.0000049.2-4-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.021.10
 178-1.60Jordan NworaSF/PF  TOR 7:59001100.0003.00002.0003.0000123.9-2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.92-1.33-2.11-0.02-0.16
   Immanuel Quickley Q  TOR                            
   Jakob Poeltl X  TOR                            
   Otto Porter Jr. NOTE  TOR                            
   Markquis Nowell NOTE  TOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:001076452663.45896.5912211.18832.5946418252.1-1000.
Josh: Harden has been a pleasant surprise this season, I would say.
Kyle: Harden flexed with his first triple-double of the season.
Josh: Not surprising to see a big line against a small ball team and Kawhi sat the 4th due to b2b and blowout.
Stream Kyle: Keep streaming Westbrook, but I'd also be looking for sell-high opportunities in most leagues before Zubac returns.
Josh: Sat the 4th due to margin and the b2b, I guess.
Josh: Didn't start even with IQ out, which is a red flag. Still a good line, but it is only due to to Quickley's absence.
Josh: Low minutes due to his not a problem at all groin issue.
Kyle: Hopefully playing on a bit of a restriction here allows George to play no the b2b Saturday, too.
Josh: With Porter out, he played more, but Polelt could be back next game
Stream Kyle: Thad was back in the starting lineup over Porter and has some streaming value, but I wouldn't be chasing Thad as much as using as reasonable on short-schedule days.
Josh: Best game since his first start. He may be needed more tomorrow. But, he is only a streamer
Stream Kyle: There's some streaming value for Plumlee in most leagues, but I wouldn't count on him for consistency in standards.
Watch Josh: I think he could have value later on if they move Brown and Trent.
Watch Kyle: Dick is someone to watch in case he carves out a bigger role as the Raptors focus more on their youth down the stretch of the season.
Stream Josh: He is perfect for streaming and not much more
Josh: This is what I thought we may see after he was traded. Hold him for now in a lot of cases, but I also think his upside is pretty low. So, if you need a spot, I think it ends up ok to drop him.
Stream Kyle: Bruce was in the starting lineup with Quickley out and is at least worth considering as a conditional streamer going forward if Quickley misses more time.
Kyle: Porter pushed to the bench with Thad starting and then left due to an eye injury, putting his status in question for next game.
Josh: One main thing to take here is that while he had a horrendous +-. Darko pumped the minutes into him regardless. Nice usage which could keep his value solid in categorey leagues, but a lot of the same issues remain as previous season.

ORL 106 @ MEM 107

 81.28Wendell Carter Jr.C  ORLC35:242029222.8899.66731.66731.0006314.7-50.500.281.22-0.903.052.395.27-1.371.10
 300.31Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLPF34:112725621.40020.818113.2229.54511337.301.670.28-0.360.953.050.53-2.520.58-1.43
 55-0.28Moritz WagnerC  ORL 12:361213010.6676.750401.0001.6005128.2+4-0.83-0.71-1.14-1.830.06-1.331.58-0.712.36
 62-0.37Jonathan IsaacSF/PF  ORL 22:091005000.80051.00020.00011.0004012.2+7-1.17-1.71-0.36-1.83-2.92-1.332.291.312.36
 71-0.44Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 23:22507420.2508.50020.0004.5004017.4+10-2.00-1.710.430.023.05-1.33-2.74-2.032.36
 78-0.50Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF38:011845411.40015.66735.5008.2867125.7+20.172.26-0.360.020.060.53-1.89-1.37-3.95
 91-0.59Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORLPG21:161003300.7147.00001.0000.7147117.2-2-1.17-1.71-1.14-0.44-2.92-1.332.32-0.021.10
 152-1.20Trevelin QueenSG  ORL 4:44000100.0001.00000.0001.000009.7-5-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.92-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 170-1.33Jalen SuggsPG/SG OUTORLSG4:25000000.0002.00000.0002.0000020.7-8-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.33-1.40-0.022.36
 174-1.37Joe InglesSF/PF  ORL 17:12200000.2005.00000.00041.0001013.3-9-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.33-2.07-0.022.36
 179-1.78Anthony BlackPG/SG  ORL 26:40203100.0003.50041.0001.000259.9+1-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.92-1.33-2.11-4.051.10
   Goga Bitadze   ORL                            
   Gary Harris   ORL                            
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                            
   Chuma Okeke   ORL                            
   Caleb Houstan   ORL                            
   Kevon Harris   ORL                            
   Jett Howard   ORL                            
  0.00Totals   240:001069402184.46981.7242911.26534.6174714206.3-
 170.57John KoncharSG/SFQ  MEMPG26:07711232.6005.00001.5002.667329.7+8-1.67-0.71-1.93-0.906.042.390.83-0.021.10
 250.49Ziaire WilliamsSFX  MEM 29:461734520.70010.00003.50061.0004318.5-10.001.27-0.750.483.05-1.333.11-0.02-1.43
 360.03Luke KennardPG/SGQ  MEMSG29:531555610.45511.00003.50010.0001119.9-8-0.333.26-0.360.950.06-1.33-0.51-0.02-1.43
 39-0.01Santi AldamaPF/CQ  MEMPF28:561427500.6679.00001.40051.0004214.7-2-0.500.280.430.48-2.92-1.332.36-0.021.10
 54-0.28Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/CX  MEMC35:243018211.43330.75043.2005.48025341.6+52.17-0.710.82-0.900.060.53-2.33-0.71-1.43
 95-0.62Vince Williams Jr.PG/SG/SFX  MEMSF35:481135402.3339.50041.3758.0001413.9+2-1.001.27-0.360.02-2.922.39-2.00-4.051.10
 101-0.70Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 12:40502012.2867.50020.0001.3336217.7-4-2.00-1.71-1.54-1.830.062.39-2.03-2.032.36
 112-0.79G.G. JacksonSF/PF  MEM 11:105001001.00021.00010.00001.000229.3+4-2.00-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.92-1.331.500.642.36
 123-0.93Jacob GilyardPG  MEM 13:09001210.0003.00000.0003.0000012.6-3-2.83-1.71-1.93-0.900.06-1.33-2.11-0.022.36
 135-1.05David RoddySF/PF  MEM 17:073010300.2504.50021.0001.3333214.5+4-2.33-1.711.61-0.44-2.92-1.33-1.36-2.031.10
   Desmond Bane X  MEM                            
   Marcus Smart X  MEM                            
   Jake LaRavia   MEM                            
   Scotty Pippen Jr.   MEM                            
   Ja Morant X  MEM                            
   Brandon Clarke Q  MEM                            
   Derrick Rose X  MEM                            
   Steven Adams X  MEM                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010715433097.46790.6151313.36641.5514921172.4+
Must Add Josh: They are really pumping minutes into him at the moment. A must roster player, but also a sell high as this shooting will not hold.
Sell High Kyle: Carter is a must-add if still sitting on any standard wires, but he's also a sell-high during this recent hot stretch if you can get a good return.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: It's like the value Batum or Dunn brings - everywhere but scoring.
Stream Kyle: Konchar has value in category leagues for his versatility but is best viewed as a streamer in most spots.
Josh: This guy has been awful and then turned on a huge performance. I would need to see a lot more than this to care.
Kyle: A solid night from Ziaire, but this is barely worth tracking with how underwhelming he's been this season.
Must Add Josh: He needs to be rostered while he is starting in this role.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Kennard was back in action and should at least be getting streamed consistently in most leagues when healthy and starting.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: They are favouring him over Tillman for now, and this is a solid enough line. I don't think he has tremendous upside, but you can grab if you need him
Maybe Add Kyle: Aldama returned and started with a nice line that is worth considering taking a flier on in most leagues.
Sell High Kyle: I don't trust the Grizzlies not to tank to close the season, so Jackson is a sell-high in redrafts before be ends up rested a bunch to close the year.
Josh: A lot of minutes out of nowhere. With Suggs out, I guess they wanted his defense in there more. I would not add him.
Josh: If it wasn't for Suggs' injury, he would be a clear drop. Even then, he barely did anything here and it is hard to have him on rosters
Watch Kyle: Cole started the second half with Suggs out Something to watch for conditional streaming use if Suggs is out.
Josh: A bit strange the playing time here. No Suggs and it's not like Cole was playing well. I would hold him.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: If they start him, add him. If not, drop.
Droppable Kyle: Tillman doesn't seem poised for a big role anytime soon if the Grizzlies weren't ready to play bigger against the up-sized Magic.
Josh: It seems we need 1-2 players more out for him to be worth a 12 team grab
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Suggs' production and health are erratic enough that he's going to be OK to drop as needed for teams that require more reliable production at the moment.
Josh: More minutes than Fultz. A curious decision. I wouldn't read into it yet.
Kyle: Stash Bane in an IL slot if you have one, but I wouldn't be putting much hope in a return this season if he is legitimately dealing with Grade-3 ankle sprain. And if you watched the video of the injury, it's easy to see how he would be held out the rest of this season with the Grizzlies in tank mode.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: After last game, it's disappointing to see him behind Gilyard. Just monitor him
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Out of the rotation again

CLE 112 @ MIL 100

 340.14Jarrett AllenCQ  CLEC35:4824014112.45020.85774.0000.45020430.6+121.17-1.713.19-1.360.062.39-1.071.27-2.69
 42-0.06Donovan MitchellPG/SGQ  CLEPG36:323268611.44427.50045.50012.40015237.4+142.514.250.820.950.060.53-1.66-4.05-3.95
 45-0.10Max StrusSG/SF  CLESG34:521127420.30010.75041.2867.3333214.8+1-
 47-0.16Dean WadeSF/PF  CLEPF21:22935001.6005.00000.7504.000119.5+2-1.331.27-0.36-1.83-2.920.530.83-0.022.36
 66-0.40Damian JonesC  CLE 12:12407102.33331.00021.0001.5002216.20-2.17-1.710.43-1.36-2.922.39-0.661.311.10
 69-0.42Georges NiangPF  CLE 26:331005200.60051.00041.00021.0003211.8+10-1.17-1.71-0.36-0.90-2.92-1.330.832.631.10
 73-0.45Caris LeVertSG/SFQ  CLE 24:221214510.30010.83361.2504.3336522.6+4-0.83-0.71-0.750.480.06-1.33-2.700.611.10
 122-0.92Sam MerrillSG  CLE 17:24710000.5006.00000.25041.0002314.0+5-1.67-0.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.13-0.022.36
 171-1.34Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLESF30:55311122.1676.00040.5002.0004110.2+12-2.33-0.71-1.93-1.363.052.39-2.78-10.732.36
   Darius Garland   CLE                            
   Evan Mobley   CLE                            
   Craig Porter Jr. Q  CLE                            
   Tristan Thompson   CLE                            
   Ty Jerome X  CLE                            
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE                            
   Emoni Bates   CLE                            
   Pete Nance   CLE                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011214512078.41392.7103113.38936.4295622167.0+600.
 370.00Khris MiddletonSF/PF  MILSF35:361428820.313161.00023.3336.30010322.9-19-0.500.280.821.873.05-1.33-4.051.31-1.43
 49-0.22Brook LopezC  MILC34:4411012012.286141.00032.0004.40010320.4-21-1.00-1.712.40-1.830.062.39-4.081.97-0.16
 56-0.29Bobby PortisPF/C  MIL 21:401238010.5008.500211.0003.2005318.7-3-0.831.270.82-1.830.06-1.330.16-2.031.10
 102-0.70Jae CrowderSF/PF  MIL 22:11623000.5004.00000.5004.000027.4-5-1.830.28-1.14-1.83-2.92-1.330.09-0.022.36
 110-0.76Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MIL 13:58620000.6673.00000.6673.000028.8+5-1.830.28-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.80-0.022.36
 111-0.76Damian LillardPG  MILPG38:112224310.292241.00064.20010.35714032.9-70.840.28-0.75-0.440.06-1.33-6.803.95-2.69
 121-0.89Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/CQ  MILPF35:4722011911.69213.44496.0000.69213526.3+80.84-1.712.012.330.060.533.89-10.76-5.22
 132-1.00Cam PaynePG  MIL 11:02412001.3333.50020.5002.0001222.6-9-2.17-0.71-1.54-1.83-2.920.53-0.66-2.032.36
 139-1.10Malik BeasleySG/SF  MILSG26:51313100.5002.00002.5002.000046.1-9-2.33-0.71-1.14-1.36-2.92-1.330.05-0.02-0.16
   Robin Lopez   MIL                            
   Thanasis Antetokounmpo INJ   MIL                            
   TyTy Washington   MIL                            
   MarJon Beauchamp   MIL                            
   AJ Green   MIL                            
   Andre Jackson Jr.   MIL                            
   Chris Livingston   MIL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010013512164.40287.7082418.38234.4155324166.2-600.
Josh: Watch for rest tomorrow
Kyle: Big minutes on the first half of a b2b, which means there's a good chance Middleton will be rested Saturday.
Josh: Hurt his leg late, so keep an eye on injury updates
Josh: This is much better with across the board production. Still can't shoot though
Stream Kyle: With Middleton likely to rest Saturday, Portis could be worth more of a stream if you have an open active slot.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I'm more than ok with treating him as a stream guy in 12 team cat leagues,
Kyle: Giannis was just one assist shy of recording a third straight triple-double and was just two assists shy of recording five straight trip-dubs.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I like what he's done, but probably not enough rope for him to be a 12 team guy
Droppable Kyle: I wouldn't worry about dropping Merrill as needed in most leagues with Garland and Mobley seemingly getting closer to a return.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Hold for the back to back, but he isnt a must roster.
Hold Kyle: Hold with the b2b Saturday, but Beasley is otherwise fine to drop as needed.
Josh: So Prunty doesn't want him in the rotation. I wonder what Doc thinks.

OKC 107 @ NOR 83Blowout

 120.92Chet HolmgrenPF/C  OKCC30:1620213012.56316.00000.3336.70010123.0+180.500.282.79-1.830.062.391.76-0.022.36
 140.75Cason WallaceSG  OKC 20:401222140.50010.00000.4005.6005121.0+18-0.830.28-1.54-1.369.02-1.330.20-0.022.36
 150.72Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderPG/SG  OKCPG31:323134521.47621.88994.3758.53813039.9+122.341.27-0.750.483.050.53-0.322.59-2.69
 48-0.17Josh GiddeySG/SF/PF  OKCSG22:40405611.5004.00001.0001.667309.6+13-2.17-1.71-0.360.950.060.530.09-0.021.10
 61-0.36Jalen WilliamsSG/SF/PF  OKCPF30:401514700.50014.00001.2504.60010321.3+22-0.33-0.71-0.751.41-2.92-1.330.27-0.021.10
 68-0.41Kenrich WilliamsSF/PF  OKC 13:03804010.8005.00001.00011.0004020.0+1-1.50-1.71-0.75-1.830.06-1.332.29-0.021.10
 99-0.69Jaylin WilliamsPF/C  OKC 14:41006110.0002.00000.0001.000125.9+1-2.83-1.710.04-1.360.06-1.33-1.40-0.022.36
 104-0.72Aaron WigginsSG/SF  OKC 17:14822100.6005.000011.0002.3333115.1+11-1.500.28-1.54-1.36-2.92-1.330.83-0.021.10
 127-0.97Luguentz DortSG/SF  OKCSF25:35402001.16761.00020.0003.3333311.7+9-2.17-1.71-1.54-1.83-2.920.53-2.781.312.36
 130-0.99Isaiah JoePG/SG  OKC 12:31201010.00031.00021.0002.0001017.0+7-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.830.06-1.33-2.111.311.10
 150-1.18Lindy Waters IIISG/SF/PF  OKC 2:15000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 148-1.18Keyontae JohnsonSF  OKC 2:15000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 151-1.18Vasilije MicicPG  OKC 16:38302100.50021.00012.0000.5002011.4+12-2.33-1.71-1.54-1.36-2.92-1.330.050.64-0.16
   Tre Mann   OKC                            
   Davis Bertans Q  OKC                            
   Aleksej Pokusevski   OKC                            
   Olivier Sarr INJ   OKC                            
   Ousmane Dieng   OKC                            
  0.00Totals   240:00107104522115.47788.9291411.30333.5825511195.9+1200.
 46-0.10Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  NOR 21:32405311.6673.00000.0000.667316.2-10-2.17-1.71-0.36-0.440.060.530.80-0.022.36
 70-0.44Jose AlvaradoPG  NOR 12:26512320.2867.00001.16761.0001028.6-3-2.00-0.71-1.54-0.443.05-1.33-2.03-0.021.10
 80-0.52Herb JonesSF/PF  NORSG28:301424101.50012.00002.2867.8005421.8-17-0.500.28-0.75-1.36-2.920.530.24-0.02-0.16
 84-0.53Jordan HawkinsSG  NOR 19:53921400.40051.00031.5004.0001116.3-8-1.330.28-1.930.02-2.92-1.33-0.621.971.10
 92-0.59E.J. LiddellPF  NOR 3:27000020.0001.00000.0001.0000012.9-1-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.833.05-1.33-0.69-0.022.36
 94-0.60C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORPG34:411226320.267151.00024.2867.2508425.4-20-0.830.280.04-0.443.05-1.33-4.791.31-2.69
 97-0.63Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC20:291409000.500121.00022.0000.50012132.2-7-0.50-1.711.22-1.83-2.92-1.330.241.31-0.16
 119-0.88Jeremiah Robinson-EarlPF/C  NOR 3:27200010.3333.00000.0001.5002038.6-1-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.830.06-1.33-0.66-0.022.36
 136-1.05Trey MurphySF/PF  NORPF28:11617100.2867.50020.16761.0001112.4-16-1.83-0.710.43-1.36-2.92-1.33-2.03-2.032.36
 141-1.13Cody ZellerC  NOR 3:27001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -1-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 162-1.25Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORSF33:321204902.5569.40055.0000.5569321.4-15-0.83-1.71-0.752.33-2.922.390.91-6.73-3.95
 164-1.25Naji MarshallSG/SF  NOR 13:05001010.0004.00001.0003.0001117.0-10-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.830.06-1.33-2.82-0.021.10
 167-1.28Dyson DanielsPG/SG  NOR 17:20511001.5004.000041.0001.3333020.5-11-2.00-0.71-1.93-1.83-2.920.530.09-0.02-2.69
   Zion Williamson INJ   NOR                            
   Matt Ryan   NOR                            
   Dereon Seabron X  NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00839412495.39082.7141420.25036.5004616253.3-1200.
Josh: Chet hasn't missed a game this season
Josh: His per minute numbers are trending up. It's worth mentioning because fi he transitioned into a starter role through lineup change or injury, he would have more appeal now.
Watch Kyle: Cason is flashing a little more conditional streaming value of late, worth tracking in case his role grows as we go this season.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Another start in the second half and he is top 100 over the last two weeks. Upside isn't that high because they don't pump huge minutes into him and everyone of their games appears to be a blowout, but it is worth a cheeky look in some spots.
Stream Kyle: Nance continues to post useful lines for streaming, but I'm not chasing him beyond using as needed in most leagues.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Another low minute game. He has the occasional solid game but they are few and far between.
Kyle: Another underwhelming night with just enough production to justify holding.
Josh: Cooled off from his hot streak of late
Josh: It's time for Herb to go on a nice scoring run. He is far from reliable, but this was solid. More cats than points and still more just a fringe guy
Sell High Kyle: Jones was solid again here, but I'd always be considering sell-high options when he's producing, especially if any key guys are out like Zion was here.
Stream Josh: I expect more from him tomorrow.
Josh: Hold, but Nance is really impacting him
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Another stinker. He will score 20 on 6 shots in a game coming up, but he is only a stream guy
Droppable 12 teams Josh: With no Zion and we still get nothing. He likely sits tomorrow too.
Kyle: Murphy was rough in the spot start with Zion out, and while he's OK to drop as needed, I'd likely be holding most places to see if another spot start is coming Saturday on the b2b.

POR 100 @ SAS 116

 101.07Anfernee SimonsPG/SGX  PORPG40:5140721010.519271.00055.46715.58312335.4-53.845.24-1.542.800.06-1.331.243.29-3.95
 260.48Deandre AytonCQ  PORC34:0720012220.58817.00002.0000.58817223.6-80.50-1.712.40-0.903.05-1.332.51-0.02-0.16
 41-0.05Toumani CamaraPFX  POR 23:081204121.44491.00043.0001.5008025.2-9-0.83-1.71-0.75-1.363.050.53-0.542.63-1.43
 53-0.27Matisse ThybulleSG/SFX  PORSG26:35511420.4005.00001.25041.000149.6-6-2.00-0.71-1.930.023.05-1.33-0.62-0.021.10
 98-0.69Scoot HendersonPGQ OUTPOR 6:27611000.50021.000301.0001.0001021.8+8-1.83-0.71-1.93-1.83-2.92-1.330.051.972.36
 113-0.80Jabari WalkerSF/PFQ  PORPF36:51309221.2005.25040.0002.333327.8-21-2.33-1.711.22-0.903.050.53-2.07-7.392.36
 117-0.87Justin MinayaSF  POR 22:02002111.0003.00001.0003.000017.7-10-2.83-1.71-1.54-1.360.060.53-2.11-0.021.10
 118-0.88Rayan RupertSG  POR 8:253101001.0001.000001.0001.000015.0-6-2.33-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.92-1.330.76-0.022.36
 143-1.13Taze MooreSF  POR 1:15200000.5002.00000.00011.0001167.7-1-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.05-0.022.36
 161-1.24Jerami GrantSF/PFQ OUTPORSF10:21401200.3336.00001.0001.4005128.6+7-2.17-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.92-1.33-1.33-0.021.10
 173-1.37Duop ReathC  POR 12:38303000.2504.50020.0002.5002216.4-7-2.33-1.71-1.14-1.83-2.92-1.33-1.36-2.032.36
 177-1.56Kris MurraySF/PF  POR 17:20202010.1119.00010.0006.3333323.1-22-2.50-1.71-1.54-1.830.06-1.33-4.90-2.692.36
   Malcolm Brogdon X  POR                            
   Shaedon Sharpe X  POR                            
   Robert Williams X  POR                            
   Moses Brown   POR                            
   Ibou Badji   POR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00100103723113.42290.7371913.27037.5285320271.9-800.
 31.52Jeremy SochanPG/PFX  SASPF31:4831414220.600201.00032.5717.61513027.8+82.342.263.19-0.903.05-1.333.291.97-0.16
 130.77Keldon JohnsonSG/SF/PFINJ   SAS 29:5721016112.60015.75041.0002.69213222.5+80.67-1.713.97-1.360.062.392.47-0.711.10
 160.68Tre JonesPG  SASPG24:17911730.75041.000211.0001.667309.2+24-1.33-0.71-1.931.416.04-1.331.541.311.10
 200.56Victor WembanyamaPF/C  SASC28:3623312422.389181.00067.4297.36411136.6+
 60-0.36Cedi OsmanSF/PFINJ   SAS 17:30703111.75041.00012.00011.0003114.0-6-1.67-1.71-1.14-1.360.060.531.540.64-0.16
 76-0.48Julian ChampagnieSF/PF  SASSF18:58504310.50041.00011.00021.0002010.9+6-2.00-1.71-0.75-0.440.06-1.330.090.641.10
 109-0.75Blake WesleyPG/SG  SAS 23:43102820.0005.50021.0001.0004111.0-8-2.67-1.71-1.541.873.05-1.33-3.52-2.031.10
 145-1.18Sandro MamukelashviliC  SAS 1:15000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +1-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.83-2.92-1.330.01-0.022.36
 155-1.21Devin VassellSG/SFX  SASSG32:111524200.35714.60051.2867.4297120.3+19-0.330.28-0.75-0.90-2.92-1.33-2.63-3.391.10
 158-1.23Doug McDermottSF/PF  SAS 13:36000200.0002.00000.0002.000015.6+13-2.83-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.92-1.33-1.40-0.022.36
 166-1.27Zach CollinsPF/CINJ   SAS 18:09403000.16761.00021.0004.5002416.5-8-2.17-1.71-1.14-1.83-2.92-1.33-2.781.311.10
   Malaki Branham X  SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
   Mamadi Diakite   SAS                            
   Charles Bassey X  SAS                            
   David Duke   SAS                            
   Dominick Barlow Q  SAS                            
   Sidy Cissoko   SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:00116105930125.45792.8462617.29434.5525811174.2+800.
Must Add Josh: Tre Jones might unlock him more than Wemby. He needs to be rostered
Maybe Add Kyle: Sochan had a monster night and is worth an add in any standard leagues, but this is also a sell-high night.
Sell High Kyle: Simons shined with his second 40-point game of the season and second double-double, capitalizing on Brogdon's absence for what is a sell-high stretch in many regards.
Josh: A much better game but given his holes, a low minutes role isn't enough to be a must roster player
Sell High Kyle: A great game from Keldon, but this is mostly a sell-high game with how middling his bench role has been most games.
Maybe Add Kyle: Jones was back in action and had a solid line despite middling minutes.
Josh: Cam out with 3 minutes left up 12 and was on track for 31 minutes if the game was a bit closer. He will not be outside the top 5 for 10 years in fantasy
Josh: Max player is maxing. It doesn't take long to turn things around, but if anyone was silly enough to offer a top 50 player I would accept it
Sell High Kyle: That's two good games for Ayton, and I'd be looking at my sell-high options already given the potential for a bunch of tank rests to close the season.
Watch Kyle: Camara started the second half with Grant leaving due to back soreness and had a quality line, but this isn't anything to chase, just something track for more conditional streaming use.
Kyle: Thybulle made a spot start with Brogdon and provided his usual streaming value for defense.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Not only has the production been down, but now he is hurt. I still think he can be good, but I don't think it's happening consistently enough, soon enough.
Droppable Kyle: Henderson's production and availability are too unreliable at the moment to hold him consistently in standards unless your're committed to his upside after the deadline.
Kyle: Wesley returned to a limited bench role with Jones healthy and starting.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: A bad shooting night, but the minutes are great and he finally got defensive stats. I would be having him on a roster
Kyle: Not a great line but still useful in category formats and a hold in most respects with the huge minutes.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Only a stream if he plays when Wemby is out, it seems
Droppable Kyle: On way too many rosters.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Add him if and when Ayton is out, but don't both rostering otherwise
Kyle: Out of the rotation.