Stephen Curry

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Draft2009 (Pick 7)
Projection Updated2/4/2016
Playing shin Open link
1/8/2016 3:20 PM
Curry is active for Friday's game (shin). He said that he planned on playing after the morning shootaround, and the team tweeted that he would indeed play Friday.
Playing shin Open link
1/8/2016 1:28 PM
Curry is active for Friday's game (shin). He said felt good after morning shootaround and that he plans to play Friday.
Probable shin Open link
1/7/2016 2:21 PM
Curry practiced fully on Thursday and is probable for Friday's game (shin).
Questionable shin Open link
1/6/2016 3:53 PM
Curry is questionable for Friday's game (shin).
Out shin
1/5/2016 11:28 PM
Curry will not return to Tuesday's game (shin).
Playing left shin contusion Open link
1/4/2016 8:41 PM
Curry is active for Monday's game (left shin contusion).
Questionable left shin contusion Open link
1/4/2016 1:19 PM
Curry is questionable for Monday's game (left shin contusion). One outlet reported that he didn't do his usual post-shootaround routine Monday, but it's hard to know if he skipped it to get rest to increase his chances of playing or if he forewent the routine because he doesn't actually plan on playing. More updates should be forthcoming in the hours leading up to the game.
Out left shin contusion Open link
1/2/2016 10:56 PM
Curry will not return to Saturday's game (left shin contusion).
Playing leg Open link
1/2/2016 8:42 PM
Curry missed the past 2 games and is active Saturday (leg).
Probable leg Open link
1/2/2016 1:09 PM
Curry missed the past 2 games and is probable Saturday (leg). He's been upgraded to probable.
Questionable leg Open link
1/1/2016 3:46 PM
Curry missed the past 2 games and is questionable Saturday (leg).
Out leg Open link
12/31/2015 4:33 PM
Curry missed last game and is out for Thursday (leg).
Doubtful leg Open link
12/31/2015 1:11 PM
Curry missed last game and is doubtful for Thursday (leg).
Out leg
12/30/2015 5:16 PM
Curry is out for Wednesday's game (leg).
Doubtful leg Open link
12/30/2015 12:24 PM
Curry is doubtful for Wednesday's game (leg). Coach Walton said that chances are "slim" that Curry will play Wednesday, so we're considering him doubtful.
Questionable leg Open link
12/30/2015 12:03 PM
Curry is questionable for Wednesday's game (leg). He is currently undergoing an MRI on his leg to better assess his leg injury. The Warriors continue to consider him questionable at this time.
Questionable calf - Game-Time Decision for Wednesday Open link
12/29/2015 6:43 PM
Curry is questionable for Wednesday's game (calf). He sat out Tuesday's practice, and though Curry wants to play, coach Walton said they team may hold him out of the next two games. They have a back-to-back set Wednesday and Thursday. Walton is considering Curry a game-time decision Wednesday.
Playing bruised calf Open link
12/28/2015 7:49 PM
Curry is active for Monday's game (bruised calf). He is playing.
Probable bruised calf Open link
12/28/2015 1:35 PM
Curry is probable for Monday's game (bruised calf). He went through his usual shootaround routine and "appears ready" for Monday's game.
Probable bruised calf Open link
12/27/2015 2:46 PM
Curry is probable for Monday's game (bruised calf). He said his calf felt good after Sunday's practice, and he hopes to be 100% before Monday's game.
Probable calf Open link
12/26/2015 5:17 PM
Curry is probable for Monday's game (calf). He said he should be ready to play Monday against the Kings.
Probable calf Open link
12/25/2015 5:04 PM
Curry has returned to the bench (calf).
Probable calf Open link
12/25/2015 5:01 PM
Curry has headed to the locker room with a calf issue
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11.37NBA 15-16GSW4833.829.
11.88Last WeekGSW236.738.
21.32Last 2 WeeksGSW633.327.
11.58Last MonthGSW1533.930.
11.25Last 2 MonthsGSW2533.327.
11.28Last 3 MonthsGSW4133.929.
21.00NBA 14-15GSW8032.723.
40.70NBA 13-14GSW7836.524.
40.68NBA 12-13GSW7838.
140.29NBA 11-12GSW2628.
90.39NBA 10-11GSW7433.718.
30.68NBA Preseason 15GSW623.
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10.98NBA 15-16GSW4833.831.
11.18Last WeekGSW236.737.
10.95Last 2 WeeksGSW633.329.
11.15Last MonthGSW1533.932.
10.92Last 2 MonthsGSW2533.329.
10.91Last 3 MonthsGSW4133.930.
10.76NBA 14-15GSW8032.726.
60.38NBA 13-14GSW7836.523.
40.40NBA 12-13GSW7838.
60.32NBA 11-12GSW2628.
170.19NBA 10-11GSW7433.719.
40.36NBA Preseason 15GSW623.
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11.37NBA 15-16GSW481624:111,4282332533111059.509938.9132641633.054.31-0.121.712.55-0.851.831.90-2.02
130.37Last WeekGSW273:237712131260.54753.8758101.212.09-0.710.221.04-0.901.040.37-1.00
30.79Last 2 WeeksGSW6199:43164292634183.492120.94418221.673.11-0.620.842.65-0.380.420.89-1.51
11.41Last MonthGSW15508:524608377104336.503310.94269463.004.65-0.171.832.39-0.441.161.84-1.57
20.95Last 2 MonthsGSW25833:28687114138173536.488471.926122801.963.37-0.271.461.76-0.800.711.68-1.35
11.23Last 3 MonthsGSW411390:431,191195215269897.501797.9122171452.823.98-0.141.632.43-0.881.521.79-2.08
11.25NBA 14-15GSW802613:141,90028634261916317.4871,341.9143372492.793.51-0.272.682.80-0.700.951.79-2.27
20.81NBA 13-14GSW782845:521,87326133466612814.4711,383.8853482942.192.86-0.412.931.68-0.790.191.45-2.85
30.72NBA 12-13GSW782982:321,78627231453812712.4511,388.9002912392.203.15-0.471.931.53-0.87-0.561.36-1.80
182-0.38NBA 11-12GSW26731:493835588138398.490296.8094765-1.460.06-1.38-0.30-0.77-0.830.290.070.91
180.39NBA 10-11GSW742492:001,37315128643010920.4801,052.9342272260.821.54-0.581.151.18-0.650.311.29-1.59
20.73NBA Preseason 15GSW6139:2412020153671.55968.80030182.122.96-0.922.660.46-0.641.630.36-2.08