Gary Harris - DEN - G

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Ease PositionSG
Draft2014 (Pick 19)
NBA Salary$1,655,880
Projection Updated12/6/2016
Injured - mid-foot sprain - Projected Return 12/15/2016
12/3/2016 6:52 PM Open link
Injured Injured (mid-foot sprain)
Harris is improving, and there's an outside chance he could return on the Nuggets' current six-game road trip. He's missed the past 10 games.
11/15/2016 1:59 PM Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs PHO (ankle)
Harris could be out for up to 4 weeks with his sprained ankle.
11/15/2016 11:21 AM Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs PHO (ankle)
Harris missed last game and is out Wednesday vs PHO.
11/13/2016 6:35 PM Open link
Out Out Sunday @POR (ankle)
Harris is out Sunday at POR.
11/13/2016 12:22 PM Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Sunday @POR (ankle)
Harris is doubtful Sunday at POR.
11/8/2016 11:32 AM Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday @MEM (groin)
Harris is playing Tuesday at MEM. Coach Malone said they will increase his minutes limit a little past 20 mins.
11/7/2016 4:17 PM Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday @MEM (groin)
Harris is probable Tuesday at MEM.
11/6/2016 6:14 PM Open link
Starting Starting Sunday @BOS (starting)
Harris is starting Sunday at BOS.
11/5/2016 10:13 AM Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @DET (partially torn groin)
Harris is playing Saturday at DET, and his minutes will be limited to 15-20.
11/4/2016 3:00 PM Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Saturday @DET (partially torn groin)
Harris is doubtful Saturday at DET.
11/2/2016 12:48 PM Open link
Out Out Thursday @MIN (partially torn groin)
Harris is out Thursday at MIN.
11/2/2016 11:31 AM Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Thursday @MIN (partially torn groin)
Harris is doubtful Thursday at MIN.
10/31/2016 10:13 AM Open link
Out Out Monday @TOR (partially torn groin)
Harris is out Monday at TOR.
10/29/2016 12:17 PM Open link
Out Out Saturday vs POR (partially torn groin)
Harris is out Saturday vs POR.
10/28/2016 2:02 PM Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs POR (partially torn groin)
Harris is questionable Saturday vs POR. Coach Malone wants Harris to make it through a full practice before returning. Harris made it through most of Friday's practice, but it sounds like there's a good chance he'll be out again Saturday.
10/26/2016 11:32 AM Open link
Out Out Wednesday @NOR (partially torn groin)
Harris is out Wednesday at NOR. He is "very close" to a return and could have played if the game were more critical.
10/24/2016 1:19 PM Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @NOR (partially torn groin)
Harris is questionable Wednesday at NOR.
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newest rotoworld blurbs say hes ahead of schedule and there is a CHANCE he might play at the end of this trip.. something to monitor.
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He did some non-contact practice today so that's a good sign.
#27155 -- I'd only add Harris if you can stash him for potentially another month. The lack of details on his injury are concerning, and there have been some suggestions that the injury may keep him out until the end of December, but no one really knows. With that said, when he's healthy, he should play a lot. Murray's emergence does confuse things some.
Pondering a move to add Harris (dropping mirotic) after this week. I'd like too wean myself off relying on Covington for steals. Do you really think Harris will get 30+ minutes consistently with all the other options at guard, and the way Malone runs his rotations?
It's mostly how it comes together. With the risk and some emerging nuggets players, he's not a top 50 per game player in my eyes. Upside sure but I think there's a fair consensus in the superb/active commentary that he's a tough hold in 12 team.
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His rates are closely in-line with how he performed the second half last season with his fga and steal rates a touch higher. Obviously, there's uncertainty here, and his total value will look worse than his per-game value. We'll see how his rehab goes over the next few weeks.
Chris Smith
I'm curious; what do you use to come up with his projection? I noticed he's projected higher in every category. Isn't that asking a lot?
What about Harris' projection do you disagree with?
25% (4) agree 
Love the content but the value of projections and frequency of updates definitely seems down
100% (4) agree 
theo156 -- I'd be reluctant to trade a healthy player who is producing right now for an injured player with a mysterious injury. I'd probably just ride out Murray and see where it goes. I wouldn't add Harris right now, especially if you don't have an IR to put him in. And if I was adding Harris, I still wouldn't want to drop Murray right now to do it.
57% (7) agree 
I have just been offered Gary Harris for Jamal Murray... Should I do it?
100% (3) agree 
Projections still very bullish on Harris. He's easily their best 2-way player so his minutes should be relatively safe. But should we be worried about the emergence of Murray (and the presence of Barton) eating into his minutes? We've seen that Malone isn't afraid to run some deep, deep rotations.
100% (1) agree 
New report states that it is "atleast 4 weeks" and not "up to 4 weeks". Does it change his outlook to be dropped or hold?
if you have IR slot id stash him for a few weeks as long as nobody else get hurt. if you hold him 2 weeks and get another injury and need that IR then probably drop.
Yeah thanks for the clarification 36888 and point taken. That definitely makes him more promising for fantasy and explains the jump in this seasons projections. To be clear, my league doesn't have IR and is a daily (not weekly) league, so my thoughts are informed by that.
Chris Smith
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Totally agree worth drkinbote. While Harris has immense potential value you gotta take into account he's not going to be 100% for awhile. He could come back rusty and might not be good till well into 2017. I happen to be in a league that has 3 IR slots so I can afford to have him stashed along with Will Barton :) That's the other thing you gotta remember about Harris. Will Barton is no slouch and can put up top 70 value when given playing time. Barton will come back much sooner than Harris and will get a chance to cement a nice role for himself especially if Harris comes back and struggles.
@drkinbote - minor correction as the previous poster was pointing out his ~60 ranking post all-star break last year. The 89th ranking in 9-cat h2h you point to is for the full season. It took awhile for him to establish his role last year. It may put his floor closer to 60 with meaningful upside if has improved his game. The injuries are certainly a concern though. I am sitting on him, but I have an IR. And would likely bounce him out if I need that IR spot. I do think most people in my league don't value him high. I even worry me stashing him on my IR is tipping my hand somewhat to the rest of the league.
@pettigb - if you have an IR slot in a 12er, yeah go ahead and stash. if you don't have that IR slot, it's very difficult to carry 1 blank roster spot for 4-5 wks. If he had top 40/50 upside, maybe you have no choice but to. agree with @drkinbote. he's not the type of player where if you drop him, other team owners will be falling over each other to grab and stash him.
75% (4) agree 
@pettigb: he was ranked 89th in a 9-cat h2h, which is different from 60-70. Say that his per-game value floor will be at 90. He's only getting at that floor if he plays at least 30 minutes. Projections have him improving quite a bit in per-36, from 165th to 67th. Sure let's grant that, but that won't magically come right after rehabbing for possibly 6 weeks and only playing five games. Coming off a groin and now an ankle injury, it's very likely that he won't see close to those minutes until at least a week after he comes back. There's precedent for that – just look at his played games coming off a groin injury. So, in the worst case scenario, i.e., he comes back after four weeks, you're really looking at five weeks of sub-optimal production. If you're not comfortably in playoffs, then you better think twice about stashing him – regardless of whether you owned him last year.
I am in a 16 team roto and definetly won't drop him. I believe he has a very good upside to be worth a stash.
@rockboys Im stashing him in my 14 team league and would also do so in a 12. He was 60-70 value and consistent for the last half of last year. @drkinbote: not sure you could get away with assuming you can drop and pick up later. Whoever had him last year likely wont think twice.
I've stashed him in a 14 team 9-cat roto league.Wouldn't do so in a 12 teamer. Would definitely stash reggie over gary
43% (7) agree 
Is Gary Harris a beter stash than Reggie Jackson for 9-Cat?
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just to expand on jw9nine's comment. I agree with him. If you're insistent on stashing him, I think you can get away with just dropping him and picking him up two weeks later in a 12 team league. I don't think people will look at his production thus far and be like, yeah let me use my waiver to stash this guy for four weeks – unless you're a team sitting comfortably in first place with a player to drop. A lot of the projected value for G.Harris seems to hinge on him playing a decent amount of minutes – minutes that won't be there for Harris in his first week back. I'd probably look to stash him the moment he gets upgraded to doubtful or questionable for a game.
Adjusted games played projection somehow got reversed in projections and is affecting ranking. Can this be corrected.
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@kchung imo, if you got off to a hot start (i mean like 7-2/6-3 wks) in your league and can afford 1 less roster player for 4 wks, i think you can justify stashing him. in a 12 team league, i'd say there is someone close enough to to matching hi on stls and 3s although the fg is likely to be weaker. the problem really is if one of your top 4-5 guys suffer a 1-2 week injury while you're into the 2nd-3rd wk of holding on Harris. you'll likely have to let go of Harris then after likely giving up a cat or 2 for 2-3 wks right when it would make sense to see if he's still available to stash. it's a team risk parameter scenario.
I am also in to keep him for a long month (14 team, Roto)
50% (2) agree 
I know 12 team league is not deep enough to not find some quality players on waivers, but i'm looking at his projections and can't seem to bring myself to drop him. I have a feeling somebody else in my league is willing to take that risk and stash him. It's a non IL league. If the rest of my roster is healthy for now, I'm willing to wait it out. Anybody else in the same boat as me?
if you have an IL spot for him why not? if you don't, it depends on who you'd pick up
20% (15) agree 
Worth holding in 12-team league? Up for YES, down for NO. Thanks guys.
And the Nuggets sign yet another wing
0% (2) agree 
18 team. H2H. no IR spot. Shall I drop harris?
Stashing Tyreke in IR and just got this news. Drop Tyreke or Harris?
40% (5) agree 
I'm in a 16 team 9 cat roto and he just hit the WW. I'm no.1 in waiver order. That's a gift!!!
100% (2) agree 
Thanks Kyle!
Barton "looked good" in practice Monday and went through portions of practice Tuesday. That's all the report said, and that he's listed as questionable for Wednesday's game. Bottom of the story:
There a link that talks about Barton possibly being back tomorrow? Or is this just due to his status being questionable despite original timeline given 4-6 wks from end of Oct?
Would think with where this franchise is, that they'd want to develop a guy like Murray. Especially with Mudiay struggling and Coach's public call-out of Mudiay and his league leading TOs. Murray could end up taking over the PG spot long-term with a good showing while Harris is out. Think Murray is the guy to get here.
100% (1) agree 
If Barton actually comes back tomorrow, that's huge. Thanks for the heads up @kylemckeown16
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The news this afternoon is that Barton could be back as soon as tomorrow, so he's apparently close and is beating out the timeline the Nuggets offered last weekend. If Barton is back and healthy, he should see the majority of the SG minutes, but we could also see more Jameer Nelson and Jamal Murray. Lot of moving parts right now, but after the news we got on Barton today, he looks like he might be a sneaky grab with Harris out, "might be".
Gotta think Chandler benefits here as well. Murray has shot the ball better the last 2 games but I think Chandler will get all the minutes he can handle until at least Barton gets back no?
He just got the IL tag on Yahoo. I'm luckily able to IL-stash him in both teams with Jrue and Beverly returning. Talk about timing!
Who is the better pickup? Murray has been bad, maybe Jameer in the short term? Barton may not be back for a while
If you don't have any IR/IL spots or can't stash him on the bench in a weekly/roto format, you have to drop Harris in most standard H2H leagues with daily rosters. Can't hold deadweight on your roster for 4 weeks.
100% (2) agree 
Ugh. Reached for him in my draft and I'm thinking of dropping him now in my 14-team league (No IR spots)
100% (1) agree 
12T 9 Cat H2H keeper. Only 1 IR slot and KMid occupies it. Drop Harris for TyJo?
Dang. That's a rough timeline.
0% (2) agree 
Thinking of pre-emptively picking up Harris to replace Oladipo - am I absolutely crazy? I am just sick and tired of Oladipo's putrid play. All I really need from Harris is 15ppg, good FT% and a few steals/assists. I'm punting FG, Reb and Blks.
100% (5) agree 
I'm not. Harris is key for this team. Murray is probably more likely to take over from Mudiay than he is Harris.
12% (8) agree 
Anyone starting to panic because of Jamal Murray?
100% (2) agree 
H2H 9-CAT trade for R.Hood?
100% (2) agree 
H2H Pts Should I trade Ryan Anderson for Harris?
H2H Pts, Mirotic or Harris?
29% (21) agree 
I give Wiggins for Harris in a 16team roto league. Do i do it?
In general, yes, but it almost always depends on your league. Do you think someone better will be dropped? If not, yes, go get him with that waiver.
100% (2) agree 
Is he worth #1 waiver claim?? He's projected to finish in the top 40 for overall value.
Is the projected return date of 11/6 accurate? Source?
The Oscarida
100% (4) agree 
Hes now going to help his team immensely.
0% (3) agree 
Booker should end up better than Harris in most contexts, and the Suns are treating Booker like he's Kobe.
75% (4) agree 
Booker, easily.
Chris Smith
Gary Harris or Devin Booker, 8 man h2h league?
Chris Smith
Gary Harris or Devin Booker, 8 man h2h league?
100% (3) agree 
@dwill913 I'd say G.Harris has the potential for a higher ceiling because D.Green's role and usage are pretty much limited to what they are, but G.Harris' role and usage could and perhaps should still be on the rise; however, if you're team in needing a little boost in blocks then Green should be able to provide you that little boost that I don't see Harris being able to provide.
Harris vs Danny Green for ROS? Whose more valuable?
agree with both replies here. DEN has a 2 game week so not a big deal at all if he misses the 1st week too
Harris said there's an outside chance he is ready to start the season and if not, he's not far away. He is clearly better option than Bogdanovic to me
60% (5) agree 
Harris and it's not really close. He probably won't be ready to start the year but he's a much, much better season-long option.
100% (1) agree 
Think Harris would be ready to start the season? Looking for 3's in a punt assist/free throw build. Looking at Harris or Bogdanovic
100% (4) agree 
That's correct. Harris is a key part of this team and is locked in as the starter. Murray will play some one as well.
Why is he projected at 33 mins? Murray not expected to be a big factor?
Per Game
69-0.02Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
232-0.52NBA 16-17DEN522.710.
89-0.12NBA 15-16DEN7632.
416-0.81NBA 14-15DEN5513.
Per 36
87-0.10Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
210-0.39NBA 16-17DEN522.717.
165-0.23NBA 15-16DEN7632.
DNQ-0.55NBA 14-15DEN5513.
550.04Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
342-0.80NBA 16-17DEN5113:37544161221.45746.667126-1.83-1.09-1.74-0.99-1.91-1.05-0.04-0.181.59
68-0.07NBA 15-16DEN762438:399321052201479718.469765.82013398-0.220.35-1.06-0.450.68-0.750.130.190.52
374-0.83NBA 14-15DEN55718:58188216429397.304217.7454738-2.43-0.86-1.69-1.19-1.00-0.93-0.94-0.051.62

Game Log
12/5/2016@ PHIW 106 - 98DEN             
12/3/2016@ UTAL 98 - 105DEN             
12/2/2016HOUL 110 - 128DEN             
11/30/2016MIAL 98 - 106DEN             
11/27/2016@ PHOW 120 - 114DEN             
11/25/2016OKCL 129 - 132DEN             
11/23/2016@ UTAL 83 - 108DEN             
11/22/2016CHIW 110 - 107DEN             
11/20/2016UTAW 105 - 91DEN             
11/18/2016TORL 111 - 113DEN             
11/16/2016PHOW 120 - 104DEN             
11/13/2016@ PORL 105 - 112DEN             
11/12/2016DETL 95 - 106Y-0.32DEN28:051304400.455111.000312
11/10/2016GSWL 101 - 125Y-0.75DEN18:041112300.7147.000220
11/8/2016@ MEML 107 - 108Y-0.56DEN30:171523310.38513.750433
11/6/2016@ BOSW 123 - 107Y0.15DEN21:331214111.500101.000105
11/5/2016@ DETL 86 - 103-1.15DEN15:38303100.2005.500200
4/13/2016@ PORL 99 - 107Y-0.68DEN36:491624100.400151.000231
4/10/2016UTAL 84 - 100Y-0.07DEN33:041313200.55691.000201
4/8/2016SASW 102 - 98Y-0.51DEN29:03603310.33361.000213
4/5/2016OKCL 102 - 124Y0.74DEN26:471734520.60010.667310
4/2/2016SACL 106 - 115Y0.72DEN36:161944202.54511.750401
3/31/2016@ NORL 95 - 101Y0.41DEN37:461610420.545111.000312
3/30/2016@ MEMW 109 - 105Y-0.35DEN20:07511411.2867.000004
3/28/2016DALL 88 - 97Y-0.34DEN30:031320100.55691.000111
3/27/2016@ LACL 90 - 105Y0.12DEN29:031131220.40010.000002
3/25/2016@ LALW 116 - 105Y-0.21DEN23:401313220.46213.000112
3/23/2016PHIW 104 - 103Y0.23DEN35:301815000.545111.000501
3/21/2016@ CLEL 91 - 124Y-0.20DEN34:191112120.333121.000202
3/19/2016@ CHAW 101 - 93Y-0.29DEN36:471314100.71471.000231
3/17/2016@ ATLL 98 - 116Y-0.32DEN31:501514210.40015.667304
3/15/2016@ ORLL 110 - 116Y0.40DEN36:071823330.50012.800531
3/14/2016@ MIAL 119 - 124Y0.50DEN34:121813230.42914.833600
3/12/2016WASW 116 - 100Y0.20DEN31:121705211.615131.000132
3/10/2016PHOW 116 - 98Y0.01DEN31:471224210.45511.000005
3/8/2016NYKW 110 - 94Y0.59DEN33:031624411.545111.000211
3/6/2016DALW 116 - 114Y0.25DEN43:301613320.538131.000120
3/4/2016BKNL 120 - 121Y0.96DEN41:222112331.533151.000420
3/2/2016LALW 117 - 107Y-0.12DEN40:121623210.500121.000232
2/29/2016MEML 96 - 103Y-0.13DEN34:001532101.46213.000013
2/26/2016@ DALL 116 - 122Y-0.24DEN45:391734020.46213.400514
2/24/2016@ LACW 87 - 81Y0.61DEN29:041735130.50014.000021
2/23/2016SACL 110 - 114Y-0.88DEN24:32402310.2229.000001
2/21/2016BOSL 101 - 121Y-0.39DEN38:051401230.42914.667332
2/19/2016@ SACL 110 - 116Y0.01DEN39:311414510.54511.500212
2/10/2016@ DETW 103 - 92Y-0.09DEN36:241112420.364111.000211
2/8/2016@ BKNL 104 - 105Y0.81DEN39:361713130.66712.000011
2/7/2016@ NYKW 101 - 96Y-0.79DEN40:14404310.2229.000001
2/5/2016CHIW 115 - 110Y-0.61DEN34:53606100.4297.000000
2/3/2016@ UTAL 81 - 85Y0.35DEN41:371116030.44491.000213
2/1/2016TORW 112 - 93Y-0.32DEN20:13922100.50061.000104
1/30/2016@ INDL 105 - 109Y0.31DEN35:411821311.63611.667325
1/28/2016@ WASW 117 - 113Y-0.66DEN28:47511020.3336.000022
1/27/2016@ BOSL 103 - 111Y0.53DEN32:491517020.57171.000621
1/25/2016ATLL 105 - 119Y0.92DEN31:101530141.6679.000030
1/23/2016DETW 104 - 101Y1.03DEN32:051314250.500101.000214
1/21/2016MEML 101 - 102Y-0.43DEN20:59712410.3339.000001
1/19/2016OKCL 104 - 110Y-0.74DEN30:281126200.3758.750434
1/17/2016INDW 129 - 126Y0.25DEN37:492014200.667121.000322
1/15/2016MIAL 95 - 98Y-0.91DEN37:331111200.286141.000201
1/13/2016GSWW 112 - 110Y0.25DEN39:191917001.500141.000412
1/10/2016CHAW 95 - 92Y0.10DEN35:441231320.5008.500213
1/8/2016@ MEML 84 - 91Y-0.57DEN30:311115110.44491.000241
1/6/2016@ MINW 78 - 74Y-0.55DEN24:22820000.5006.000001
1/3/2016PORL 106 - 112Y-0.53DEN27:23722110.3336.500203
1/2/2016@ GSWL 108 - 111Y-0.25DEN39:181112120.41712.000012
12/30/2015@ PORL 103 - 110Y0.71DEN40:351944220.54511.750411
12/29/2015CLEL 87 - 93Y-0.33DEN32:331217220.38513.500222
12/27/2015@ OKCL 112 - 122Y-0.11DEN30:471622320.46213.500412
12/26/2015@ SASL 86 - 101Y-0.73DEN33:401002500.400101.000221
12/23/2015@ PHOW 104 - 96Y-1.49DEN37:39403300.15413.000003
12/22/2015LALL 107 - 111Y0.10DEN35:252121111.60015.500234
12/20/2015NORL 125 - 130Y-0.43DEN26:20202131.1258.000002
12/18/2015@ UTAL 88 - 97Y-0.36DEN29:031212211.455111.000133
12/15/2015@ MINW 112 - 100Y-1.04DEN23:34402000.4005.000011
12/14/2015HOUW 114 - 108Y0.93DEN39:492112112.727111.000421
12/11/2015MINW 111 - 108Y-1.05DEN44:221222100.33315.000023
12/8/2015ORLL 74 - 85DEN             
12/5/2015@ PHIW 108 - 105DEN             
12/3/2015@ TORW 106 - 105DEN             
12/2/2015@ CHIL 90 - 99DEN             
11/30/2015@ MILL 74 - 92DEN             
11/28/2015@ DALL 81 - 92DEN             
11/27/2015SASL 80 - 91Y-0.57DEN25:04511310.5004.000021
11/24/2015LACL 94 - 111Y-0.25DEN34:331433100.455111.000115
11/22/2015GSWL 105 - 118Y-0.53DEN34:041213310.45511.500222
11/20/2015PHOL 107 - 114Y0.16DEN28:062022000.615131.000212
11/18/2015@ SASL 98 - 109Y0.50DEN27:001512120.600101.000200
11/17/2015@ NORW 115 - 98Y0.52DEN31:501634320.6258.750422
11/14/2015@ PHOL 81 - 105Y-0.82DEN26:16701011.33391.000122
11/13/2015HOUW 107 - 98Y-0.60DEN11:26314010.3333.000014
11/11/2015MILW 103 - 102Y-0.10DEN28:08821520.4297.000020
11/9/2015PORW 108 - 104Y-0.73DEN25:28713300.3758.000012
11/6/2015@ GSWL 104 - 119Y0.55DEN29:151623210.75081.000211
11/5/2015UTAL 84 - 96Y-0.62DEN27:41712201.6005.000030
11/3/2015@ LALW 120 - 109Y0.06DEN21:431113220.5569.000101
11/1/2015@ OKCL 93 - 117Y-1.12DEN26:41714000.4005.667330
10/30/2015MINL 78 - 95Y-1.07DEN17:53401110.2508.000013
10/28/2015@ HOUW 105 - 85Y0.46DEN29:29515531.4005.000014