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<October 2021>
box scoreBOS 100@ MIA 1215:30 pm
box scorePHI 108@ DET 1126:00 pm
box scoreCLE 110@ IND 946:00 pm
box scoreWAS 113@ NYK 1156:30 pm
box scoreMEM 105@ CHI 1187:00 pm
box scoreDAL 114@ MIL 1037:00 pm
box scoreHOU 98@ SAS 1267:30 pm
box scorePOR 97@ GSW 1199:00 pm

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BOS 100 @ MIA 121

  80.79Romeo LangfordSG  BOSSG27:481843021.7789.00001116.0+61.322.18-0.71-1.601.740.643.12-0.110.51
  200.49Dennis SchroderPG  BOSPG26:251314631.54511.00003323.6-30.05-0.50-
  64-0.17Josh RichardsonSG  BOS 19:501220310.44491.00021224.4-10-0.200.40-1.960.230.03-0.99-0.470.960.51
  74-0.30Jabari ParkerPFNOTE  BOSPF25:58401230.3336.00000310.3+4-2.22-1.39-1.54-0.383.44-0.99-1.13-0.111.58
  92-0.44Grant WilliamsPF  BOSC26:57406310.33331.0002249.7-9-2.22-1.390.550.230.03-0.99-0.590.96-0.55
  120-0.63Enes KanterC  BOS 11:46404000.50021.00020210.9-11-2.22-1.39-0.29-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.010.961.58
  125-0.66Jayson TatumSF  BOSSF31:132328110.42119.71476140.1-122.590.401.38-0.990.03-0.99-1.48-2.02-4.83
  132-0.69Sam HauserPF  BOS 12:00511010.3336.00000022.3-15-1.97-0.50-1.54-1.600.03-0.99-1.13-0.111.58
  146-0.81Bruno FernandoC  BOS 5:022010011.0001.00001017.7-8-2.73-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.680.640.57-0.110.51
  154-0.84Juan HernangomezPF  BOS 18:44003201.0002.0000117.1-10-3.24-1.39-0.71-0.38-1.680.64-1.21-0.110.51
  170-0.95Garrison MathewsSG  BOS 5:025110001.0001.66731029.4-8-1.97-0.50-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.990.57-1.330.51
  178-1.01Theo PinsonSG  BOS 17:11502300.1437.75040222.7-16-1.97-1.39-1.130.23-1.68-0.99-2.91-0.801.58
  179-1.01Aaron NesmithSF  BOS 12:04512000.4005.00002325.8-13-1.97-0.50-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.55-0.11-0.55
    Marcus Smart   BOS                        
    Jaylen Brown Q  BOS                        
    Robert Williams P  BOS                        
    Al Horford Q  BOS                        
    Ryan Arcidiacono   BOS                        
    Juwan Morgan   BOS                        
    Payton Pritchard IN  BOS                        
   0.00Totals   240:00100123620124.44481.800201822260.0-1050.
  11.49Tyler HerroSG  MIA 23:042956410.667151.00041030.6+
  180.53Jimmy ButlerSF  MIASG25:232514410.50014.909112132.603.09-0.50-0.290.830.03-0.990.222.93-0.55
  390.06Bam AdebayoC  MIAC28:081707221.500121.00056428.501.07-1.390.96-0.381.740.640.182.56-4.83
  61-0.13Markieff MorrisPF  MIA 20:471106110.50081.00031019.7+16-0.45-1.390.55-0.990.03-0.990.111.490.51
  71-0.25Max StrusSF  MIA 18:591025000.5717.00000014.7+16-0.700.400.13-1.60-1.68-0.990.69-0.111.58
  115-0.60Gabe VincentPG  MIA 7:36710200.5006.00000031.4+13-1.46-0.50-1.96-0.38-1.68-0.990.07-0.111.58
  126-0.66Caleb MartinSF  MIA 7:364111101.0001.5002039.8+13-2.22-0.50-1.54-0.990.03-0.990.57-1.861.58
  131-0.69Duncan RobinsonSF  MIASF29:36822101.4297.00003313.4+4-1.210.40-1.13-0.99-1.680.64-0.51-0.11-1.62
  148-0.83P.J. TuckerSFQ  MIAPF21:19003120.0002.0000237.5-7-3.24-1.39-0.71-0.991.74-0.99-1.21-0.11-0.55
  152-0.83Omer YurtsevenC  MIA 5:39202010.2504.00000028.1+10-2.73-1.39-1.13-1.600.03-0.99-1.17-0.111.58
  161-0.88KZ OkpalaPF  MIA 5:39005100.0002.00000014.1+10-3.24-1.390.13-0.99-1.68-0.99-1.21-0.111.58
  165-0.93Dewayne DedmonC  MIA 14:13203000.00031.00020310.8+11-2.73-1.39-0.71-1.60-1.68-0.99-1.790.961.58
  168-0.94Marcus GarrettPG  MIA 3:17201000.5002.00000024.2+5-2.73-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.111.58
  169-0.95Kyle LowryPG  MIAPG28:44402211.16761.00024215.1-8-2.22-1.39-1.13-0.380.030.64-2.330.96-2.69
    Victor Oladipo INJ   MIA                        
    Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
    Micah Potter   MIA                        
    Ja'Vonte Smart   MIA                        
    Dru Smith   MIA                        
    D.J. Stewart   MIA                        
   0.00Totals   240:00121124719103.46189.931291919280.6+1050.
Josh: Another brilliant scoring night from Herro, who is a must draft player
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Herro has been fantastic this preseason, and he should at least be on someone's roster in all standard leagues as a flier to see if his great play can persist even with him coming off the bench. The absences of other players helps Herro have more touches, but there's no dampening his great play. He is playing with a lot of confidence.
Josh: He has been starting a few games, so a rotation spot could be coming. Hard to read too much into the shooting, but he is aname to watch for very deep leagues
Kyle: Langford has played well this preseason, but when the team is healthy, he may not be a regular part of the rotation. He's OK to have on watch lists in deeper leagues
Kyle: Butler was back in action after sitting out the last three preseason games with a non-covid illness. He was great and is ready for the regular season.
Kyle: Schroder got a spot start with Smart out for a one-game team suspension. Schroder should be in a bench role this season unless the Celtics struggle early and decide to shuffle the starting lineup. Schroder is OK to consider as a flier for standard leagues to see how big his role is to open the season, but he may be best viewed as a streamer and for deeper leagues.
Josh: The assists continue to be very low. That is key component of his value, and Lowry arriving was expected to impact it. Be aware of this trend continuing
Kyle: Bam's assists have been down a lot this preseason, but that could come back up some as he looks for others more often when the roster is healthy.
Josh: He has not impressed at all this preseason so a starting spot looks unlikely.
Kyle: Strus is looking like a three-point specialist and streamer to be aware for conditional purposes and deeper leagues.
Kyle: Parker got a spot start with several players out. Parker is unlikely to be a consistent part of the rotation this season if the Celtics are healthy.
Kyle: Williams got a spot start with several players out. Grant may not even be a consistent part of the rotation this season. He continues to frustrate with his lack of aggression on offense.
Kyle: Vincent may be an inconsistent but regular part of the rotation this season.
Kyle: Smart was suspended one game for missing the team flight to Orlando. He should still be starting at PG on Opening Night.
Kyle: Brown is going through covid protocols and could be cleared by Opening Night.
Kyle: Horford is going through covid protocols and may end up missing the first game or two of the season.

PHI 108 @ DET 112

  70.83Paul ReedPF  PHI 29:341507222.7147.83360514.4+80.56-1.390.96-0.381.742.271.890.271.58
  270.29Isaiah JoeSG  PHI 22:201443301.50010.00000219.8+150.312.18-0.710.23-1.680.640.15-0.111.58
  440.05Andre DrummondC  PHIC21:081707312.63611.60053333.9-181.07-1.390.960.
  51-0.02Aaron HenrySF  PHI 19:52714320.6005.00001313.4+11-1.46-0.50-
  57-0.11Tyrese MaxeySG  PHIPG23:101625310.43816.00002134.4-200.810.400.130.230.03-0.99-0.94-0.11-0.55
  67-0.21Charles BasseyC  PHI 10:237110021.00021.00021216.5+1-1.46-0.50-1.54-1.60-1.682.271.190.960.51
  99-0.47Georges NiangPF  PHIPF21:46623201.2508.00000416.3-11-1.720.40-0.71-0.38-1.680.64-2.29-0.111.58
  134-0.70Shaq HarrisonSG  PHI 23:21802230.4297.50042320.4+18-1.21-1.39-1.13-0.383.44-0.99-0.51-3.62-0.55
  136-0.72Furkan KorkmazSG  PHISF30:18712110.22291.00021115.9-11-1.46-0.50-1.13-0.990.03-0.99-2.870.960.51
  157-0.85Jaden SpringerPG  PHI 17:42403100.3336.00000015.0+7-2.22-1.39-0.71-0.99-1.68-0.99-1.13-0.111.58
  172-0.97Seth CurrySG  PHISG20:26711001.2005.80052319.9-20-1.46-0.50-1.54-1.60-1.680.64-1.75-0.26-0.55
    Tobias Harris   PHI                        
    Joel Embiid   PHI                        
    Ben Simmons NOTE  PHI                        
    Matisse Thybulle P  PHI                        
    Danny Green   PHI                        
    Shake Milton Q  PHI                        
    Grant Riller INJ   PHI                        
   0.00Totals   240:00108123820109.45386.750241227219.7-
  230.42Frank JacksonPG  DETSG26:521322030.42971.00050215.0+260.050.40-1.13-1.603.44-0.99-0.512.561.58
  250.39Isaiah StewartC  DETC28:4117012002.7789.75042419.5+261.07-1.393.05-1.60-1.682.273.12-0.80-0.55
  310.15Saben LeePG  DETPG31:201105810.3758.83360014.9+27-0.45-1.390.133.270.03-0.99-
  320.14Josh JacksonSG  DETSF34:131445603.45511.00022317.8+270.312.180.132.05-1.683.90-0.43-4.68-0.55
  370.08Jerami GrantPF  DETPF35:242408310.46715.833123228.9+252.84-1.391.380.230.03-0.99-0.360.65-1.62
  84-0.38Kelly OlynykC  DET 14:301023200.6676.00002424.2-24-0.700.40-0.71-0.38-1.68-0.991.27-0.11-0.55
  85-0.39Hamidou DialloSG  DET 14:50602211.5006.00001120.7-20-1.72-1.39-1.13-0.380.030.640.07-0.110.51
  100-0.48Luka GarzaC  DET 4:496020001.00011.00040125.1+2-1.72-1.39-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.990.572.021.58
  149-0.83Trey LylesPF  DET 14:46605100.25081.00021029.4-20-1.72-1.390.13-0.99-1.68-0.99-2.290.960.51
  186-1.06Rodney McGruderSG  DET 12:01201000.5002.00001111.0-20-2.73-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.110.51
  192-1.11Jamorko PickettPF  DET 5:54000000.0001.0000007.4-6-3.24-1.39-1.96-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.63-0.111.58
  198-1.22Cory JosephPG  DET 16:40312200.5002.00005218.4-23-2.48-0.50-1.13-0.38-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.11-3.76
    Cade Cunningham Q  DET                        
    Saddiq Bey Q  DET                        
    Killian Hayes P  DET                        
    Isaiah Livers   DET                        
    Chris Smith INJ   DET                        
   0.00Totals   240:001129472466.48776.829351720232.3+
Josh: These sort of lines are why we love Reed as a per minute dynasty watch guy, but he is unlikely to play much this season
Kyle: Reed can put up nice stats when he gets minutes, but if the Sixers are healthy, he's unlikely to be a regular part of the rotation.
Kyle: Frank will likely be in a regular bench role but may be out of the rotation at times, too.
Josh: Had struggled a bit, so it's good to see him put up this sort of line to solidfy his value in the mid rounds
Kyle: Stewart broke out of his preseason funk with this nice performance, and he seems to have a secure role as the starting center.
Josh: Joe's outstanding preseason cotinued. He is looking better than Milton, and it will be interesting to see if he can crack rotation minutes.
Watch Kyle: Joe has played great this preseason and could be working his way into a regular rotation role this season, but he's unlikely to play enough early to be of much more interest than watch lists, streaming, and deeper leagues.
Josh: Look for some stream value if Hayes isn't ready opening night, although I believe Joseph would start
Josh: Filled it up and could be a stream option if Cade misses regular season time
Kyle: Coach Casey said Jackson will have a rotation role this season. Jackson has played well this preseason, but when the team is healthy, he'll be in a modest bench role most games. He'll just be for deeper leagues and conditional streaming.
Kyle: Grant's production this preseason has been in line with his role from last season. He remains a fine pick in the middle rounds, especially if he falls some.
Josh: No one denies he can put up numbers. I just am not enthused about draftung a guy who plays 15 minutes a night.
Kyle: Drummond started with Embiid out but will be in too short of a role most games to be treated as more than a streamer, specialist, and maybe best used in deeper leagues.
Josh: I am feeling more and more like Simmons will play opening night, which reduces Maxey's value, but he should still have a nice scoring role off the bench
Watch Kyle: Maxey should be in a good backup role to open the season with Ben Simmons likely starting and playing a good role until a trade happens. Maxey is OK as a flier in most leagues going into the season, but whether or not he becomes a must-roster player will depend on who comes back in a Simmons trade.
Josh: I expect him out of the rotation opening night
Kyle: Diallo will likely be in a regular bench role but may be out of the rotation at times, too.
Kyle: The Pistons have been consistent in saying they're being cautious with Cade, which is good, and it appears he'll be ready around the start of the season. I had hoped this minor injury would have helped Cade fall in drafts, but he's been going steady in the 6th round, 7th at the latest.
Kyle: Hayes is in the concussion protocol but is improving and may be ready by Opening Night.

CLE 110 @ IND 94

  360.09Dean WadePFQ  CLE 23:161227120.5717.66731117.6+12-0.200.400.96-0.991.74-0.990.69-1.330.51
  49-0.01Cedi OsmanSF  CLE 14:411443200.5569.00001030.0+110.312.18-0.71-0.38-1.68-0.990.73-0.110.51
  59-0.12Mitch BallockSG  CLE 15:391233100.66761.00011020.9+4-0.201.29-0.71-0.99-1.68-0.991.270.430.51
  65-0.19Tacko FallC  CLE 23:04805021.8005.00011112.3+8-1.21-1.390.13-1.601.740.641.85-2.390.51
  75-0.32Kevin LovePF  CLE 9:341022100.8005.00001227.6+7-0.700.40-1.13-0.99-1.68-0.991.85-0.110.51
  79-0.33R.J. NembhardPG  CLE 19:08904310.5717.50020118.1-4-0.96-1.39-
  104-0.50Ricky RubioPG  CLE 8:334013001.00011.0002019.7+2-2.22-1.39-1.540.23-1.68-0.990.570.961.58
  107-0.51Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG7:27310420.3333.00002029.5+5-2.48-0.50-1.960.831.74-0.99-0.59-0.11-0.55
  114-0.58Kevin PangosPG  CLE 12:52602210.33361.00021126.9+13-1.72-1.39-1.13-0.380.03-0.99-1.130.960.51
  123-0.65Lamar StevensPF  CLE 25:00608201.5006.00004117.6+13-1.72-1.391.38-0.38-1.680.640.07-0.11-2.69
  144-0.81Isaac OkoroSG  CLESG7:28511000.6673.00001023.6+5-1.97-0.50-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.990.61-0.110.51
  145-0.81Lauri MarkkanenPF  CLESF7:502011001.0001.0000005.6+5-2.73-1.39-1.54-0.99-1.68-0.990.57-0.111.58
  177-1.00Jarrett AllenC  CLEC7:50502010.6673.33330024.3+5-1.97-1.39-1.13-1.600.03-0.990.61-4.151.58
  188-1.07Justin JamesSF  CLE 12:00503100.4005.50021225.20-1.97-1.39-0.71-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.55-1.860.51
  189-1.07Kyle GuySG  CLE 10:13500110.5004.50022129.6-4-1.97-1.39-1.96-0.990.03-0.990.03-1.86-0.55
  191-1.09Evan MobleyC  CLEPF13:49304210.2005.33330120.1+2-2.48-1.39-0.29-0.380.03-0.99-1.75-4.151.58
  204-1.33Denzel ValentineSG  CLE 21:36104010.0004.50022214.0-4-2.98-1.39-0.29-1.600.03-0.99-2.37-1.86-0.55
    Collin Sexton   CLE                        
    Ed Davis   CLE                        
    Dylan Windler Q  CLE                        
   0.00Totals   240:00110135024122.52580.565231814352.6+800.
  110.70Goga BitadzeC  IND 23:281846003.60010.66730021.4-21.322.180.55-1.60-1.683.901.35-1.331.58
  280.28Isaiah JacksonPF  IND 14:371223021.7147.00001424.2-1-0.200.40-0.71-1.601.740.641.89-0.110.51
  52-0.06Domantas SabonisPF  INDPF17:521006310.6258.00001222.3-1-0.70-1.390.550.230.03-0.991.31-0.110.51
  56-0.10Myles TurnerC  INDC15:351023110.42971.00020122.4-9-0.700.40-0.71-0.990.03-0.99-0.510.961.58
  82-0.37T.J. McConnellPG  INDPG16:43003530.0002.00002210.6+1-3.24-1.39-0.711.443.44-0.99-1.21-0.11-0.55
  98-0.47Torrey CraigSF  INDSF16:26603210.4297.00000118.9-13-1.72-1.39-0.71-0.380.03-0.99-0.51-0.111.58
  122-0.63DeJon JarreauSG  IND 12:00713300.5006.00002129.50-1.46-0.50-0.710.23-1.68-0.990.07-0.11-0.55
  150-0.83Chris DuarteSF  INDSG16:36822000.3339.00001226.7+1-1.210.40-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-1.67-0.110.51
  162-0.88Keifer SykesPG  IND 27:55303310.00061.00032214.8-16-2.48-1.39-0.710.230.03-0.99-3.531.49-0.55
  176-1.00Oshae BrissettSF  IND 23:30514110.2504.50041112.7-20-1.97-0.50-0.29-0.990.03-0.99-1.17-3.620.51
  183-1.04Terry TaylorSG  IND 5:18000100.0001.0000008.4+4-3.24-1.39-1.96-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.63-0.111.58
  190-1.08Nate HintonSG  IND 12:43312010.2504.00011118.9+4-2.48-0.50-1.13-1.600.03-0.99-1.17-2.390.51
  200-1.25Brad WanamakerPG  IND 17:56410200.5002.50023314.5-22-2.22-0.50-1.96-0.38-1.68-0.99-0.01-1.86-1.62
  205-1.48Duane WashingtonSG  IND 19:21800500.30010.50043033.8-6-1.21-1.39-1.961.44-1.68-0.99-2.25-3.62-1.62
    Malcolm Brogdon IN  IND                        
    Caris LeVert INJ   IND                        
    T.J. Warren INJ   IND                        
    Justin Holiday Q  IND                        
    Jeremy Lamb Q  IND                        
    Kelan Martin   IND                        
   0.00Totals   240:0094143826114.41083.632191720279.2-800.
Josh: This is why I have had high dynasty hopes for dynasty, but I am fearful that Jackson will jump him in Indiana.
Kyle: Bitadze has a ton of talent, but he's been limited behind Sabonis and Turner on the Pacers. It'd take injuries or a trade to get Bitadze good regular rotation minutes. He's worth having on watch list and being aware of fin deeper leagues.
Kyle: The three-pointers are something Jackson didn't do in college, so it's great to see that being encouraged. He could get regular backup minutes while TJ Warren is out.
Kyle: Wade can put up some nice lines when he gets minutes, but he's unlikely to a consistent part of the rotation when the team is healthy.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Love is going to be in a limited bench role while the Cavs are healthy. He's only for deep leagues and watch lists at the moment.
Josh: If Brogdon isn't ready to go, TJ gets a nice bump to begin the season
Kyle: McConnell got another spot start with Brogdon out, but Brogdon could be back by Opening Night, so McConnell should remain in his good backup role.
Josh: No idea why these guys played at all just to play eight minutes
Kyle: Markkanen got another start at SF with Sexton out. It's interesting for fantasy that Markkanen, Mobley, and Allen could all play more as a result of this big lineup, but in reality, it seems absurd the Cavs would think this could lead to wins.
Josh: Could have a starting spot \opening night, so not a bad player to look to early.
Kyle: Sexton is dealing with a sprained right shoulder, We haven't heard much specifics on his si

WAS 113 @ NYK 115

  130.69Raul NetoPG  WAS 24:002522210.76913.75040226.7-133.090.40-1.13-0.380.03-0.994.40-0.801.58
  330.12Spencer DinwiddiePG  WASPG25:311735300.455111.00042225.1+
  380.07Aaron HolidayPG  WAS 23:121417410.60010.50021422.2-30.31-0.500.960.830.03-0.991.35-1.860.51
  54-0.09Montrezl HarrellC  WAS 18:071103312.4297.83362127.8-5-0.45-1.39-0.710.230.032.27-0.510.27-0.55
  69-0.24Kyle KuzmaPF  WASPF27:371026510.33312.00002322.0+9-0.700.400.551.440.03-0.99-2.21-0.11-0.55
  72-0.29Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG  WASSF26:25613311.66731.00013010.6+16-1.72-0.50-0.710.230.030.640.610.43-1.62
  102-0.49Corey KispertSF  WAS 15:18931000.6005.00001117.0-15-0.961.29-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.990.65-0.110.51
  112-0.55Bradley BealSGP  WASSG9:09511210.5004.00001123.7+13-1.97-0.50-1.54-0.380.03-0.990.03-0.110.51
  113-0.57Daniel GaffordPF  WASC29:5312010104.5008.50083121.1+3-0.20-1.392.22-0.99-1.685.530.11-7.12-1.62
  173-0.97Davis BertansPF  WAS 17:34002002.0004.00001112.3-6-3.24-1.39-1.13-1.60-1.682.27-2.37-0.110.51
  203-1.32Deni AvdijaSF  WAS 23:14417200.2504.25041412.6-13-2.22-0.500.96-0.38-1.68-0.99-1.17-6.430.51
    Thomas Bryant INJ   WAS                        
    Rui Hachimura D  WAS                        
    Devontae Shuler   WAS                        
    Jordan Goodwin   WAS                        
    Isaiah Todd   WAS                        
    Cassius Winston   WAS                        
    Jaime Echenique   WAS                        
    Anthony Gill   WAS                        
   0.00Totals   240:0011314472569.49481.655291720221.0-
  60.94Derrick RosePG  NYK 28:562833600.550201.00030128.7+203.851.29-0.712.05-1.68-0.991.541.491.58
  140.63Obi ToppinPF  NYK 20:07918313.5008.00000315.5+18-0.96-0.501.380.230.033.900.11-0.111.58
  260.29R.J. BarrettSG  NYKSF33:391846002.50014.00002118.501.322.180.55-1.60-1.682.270.22-0.11-0.55
  470.01Kemba WalkerPG  NYKPG19:271213610.364111.00031226.6-20-0.20-0.50-0.712.050.03-0.99-1.631.490.51
  76-0.32Quentin GrimesSG  NYK 20:59626220.2229.00001218.5+16-1.720.400.55-0.381.74-0.99-2.87-0.110.51
  91-0.44Mitchell RobinsonCIN  NYK 26:34609020.3758.00002314.60-1.72-1.391.80-1.601.74-0.99-1.09-0.11-0.55
  110-0.54Evan FournierSG  NYKSG24:13821310.3758.00002116.1-10-1.210.40-1.540.230.03-0.99-1.09-0.11-0.55
  130-0.68Taj GibsonPF  NYKC14:32200010.00001.0002062.4-13-2.73-1.39-1.96-1.600.03-0.99-0.050.961.58
  142-0.75Julius RandlePF  NYKPF34:4721110200.37516.727114127.8-12.08-0.502.22-0.38-1.68-0.99-2.14-2.71-2.69
  171-0.95Immanuel QuickleyPG  NYK 16:46512200.2508.00001320.90-1.97-0.50-1.13-0.38-1.68-0.99-2.29-0.110.51
    Nerlens Noel D  NYK                        
    Alec Burks   NYK                        
    Aamir Simms   NYK                        
    Jericho Sims   NYK                        
    Brandon Goodwin   NYK                        
    Kevin Knox   NYK                        
    Wayne Selden   NYK                        
    Miles McBride   NYK                        
    M.J. Walker   NYK                        
   0.00Totals   240:0011515482485.412102.842191323189.6+
Kyle: Rose was great, and he's fine for deeper leagues but may not be consistent enough to roster as more than a streamer or specialist in standard leagues.
Josh: I mean, sure, that is a good game, but I am not overreacting to it at all.
Kyle: Neto had a great game, but he could be on the fringe of the rotation at times given the Wizards' depth.
Kyle: A nice game, but Holiday could be on the fringe of the rotation at times this season given the Wizards' depth.
Josh: Shooting is rough, but those assists are nice. Let's hope he stays healthy.
Josh: First game back and Thibs plays him 27 minutes in a preseason game. No blocks though. Value has improved just by being back.
Kyle: Robinson was back in action and played huge minutes considering is was his first game back from foot surgery. He's much more interesting as a late flier now that he's healthy for the opener.
Kyle: Beal left the game with a knee contusion and did not return. Coach Unseld said the injury doesn't seem substantial but that they should know more Saturday.
Josh: I love seeing these minutes, especailly when compared to Harrell. Will Unseld actually do what is best for the team in the regular season? This gives me a lot more confidence.
Kyle: Gafford has had a nice preseason and could play well enough early on to keep his starting job even after Bryant is back in action.
Josh: Have to worried about low assists and the shooting. Last year those all took giant steps forward. 35 minutes is insanity.
Josh: I really can't see, if healthy, how he can get to 20 minutes.
Josh: It feels like his 19-20 magic is a thing of the past.
Watch Kyle: Rui is working through the covid protocols and should be cleared to practice before the regular season opener.

MEM 105 @ CHI 118

  41.09Jaren Jackson Jr.C  MEMSF29:102977200.556181.00021227.6-24.104.870.96-0.38-1.68-0.991.500.960.51
  300.21De'Anthony MeltonPG  MEM 17:31605440.4297.00001018.5+11-1.72-1.390.130.835.15-0.99-0.51-0.110.51
  410.05Brandon ClarkePF  MEM 19:15924310.50061.00010213.6+5-0.960.40-
  68-0.21Kyle AndersonSF  MEMPF23:13716203.3339.00002319.2-8-1.46-0.500.55-0.38-1.683.90-1.67-0.11-0.55
  73-0.30Tyus JonesPG  MEM 15:51512510.5004.00001212.8-5-1.97-0.50-1.131.440.03-0.990.03-0.110.51
  96-0.45Ziaire WilliamsSF  MEM 20:54805010.42971.00021117.2+9-1.21-1.390.13-1.600.03-0.99-0.510.960.51
  106-0.51Xavier TillmanPF  MEM 13:36402020.6673.00001311.9-1-2.22-1.39-1.13-1.601.74-0.990.61-0.110.51
  147-0.82Steven AdamsC  MEMC24:511009001.7147.00023217.8-8-0.70-1.391.80-1.60-1.680.641.89-4.68-1.62
  159-0.85Desmond BaneSG  MEMPG23:58511510.20010.00002220.3-16-1.97-0.50-1.541.440.03-0.99-3.45-0.11-0.55
  174-0.97John KoncharSG  MEM 4:34000110.0001.00001117.8-10-3.24-1.39-1.96-0.990.03-0.99-0.63-0.110.51
  180-1.03Sam MerrillSG  MEM 5:50310100.5002.00002027.8-12-2.48-0.50-1.96-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.11-0.55
  185-1.05Santi AldamaPF  MEM 4:34200000.3333.00000126.6-10-2.73-1.39-1.96-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.59-0.111.58
  187-1.07Killian TillieC  MEM 4:34001000.0001.0000008.9-10-3.24-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.63-0.111.58
  195-1.17Yves PonsSF  MEM 4:34000000.0000.0000108.9-10-3.24-1.39-1.96-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.05-0.110.51
  208-1.78Ja MorantPG  MEMSG27:351703200.5569.583126329.8+21.07-1.39-0.71-0.38-1.68-0.990.73-7.81-4.83
    Dillon Brooks INJ   MEM                        
    Kris Dunn   MEM                        
    Jarrett Culver   MEM                        
    Ahmad Caver   MEM                        
    Matthew Hurt   MEM                        
   0.00Totals   240:00105134525114.46087.632192222278.7-650.
  51.00Zach LaVineSG  CHISG33:433146611.50018.900105233.5+54.612.180.552.050.030.640.302.40-3.76
  90.72Nikola VucevicC  CHIC31:162318210.78614.00002421.1+92.59-0.501.38-0.380.03-0.995.02-0.11-0.55
  450.03Patrick WilliamsPFIN  CHISF22:02623221.3336.00000211.2+3-1.720.40-0.71-0.381.740.64-1.13-0.111.58
  63-0.15DeMar DeRozanSG  CHIPF32:361914200.353171.00061126.1+51.57-0.50-0.29-0.38-1.68-0.99-2.723.090.51
  77-0.32Alize JohnsonPF  CHI 6:086050101.00021.00021026.1+12-1.72-1.390.13-1.600.03-0.991.190.960.51
  81-0.36Lonzo BallPG  CHIPG30:33507620.2508.50021013.3+16-1.97-1.390.962.051.74-0.99-2.29-1.860.51
  86-0.39Javonte GreenSG  CHI 14:44312020.5002.0000005.6-9-2.48-0.50-1.13-1.601.74-0.99-0.01-0.111.58
  88-0.41Alex CarusoPG  CHI 25:42901320.4449.50020215.8+9-0.96-1.39-1.540.231.74-0.99-0.47-1.861.58
  117-0.61Stanley JohnsonSF  CHI 5:503112001.0001.0000027.1+12-2.48-0.50-1.54-0.38-1.68-0.990.57-0.111.58
  118-0.62Ayo DosunmuSG  CHI 6:08400010.50021.00020019.3+12-2.22-1.39-1.96-1.600.03-0.99-0.010.961.58
  138-0.72Matt ThomasSG  CHI 5:50310110.5002.00001021.2+12-2.48-0.50-1.96-0.990.03-0.99-0.01-0.110.51
  151-0.83Tony BradleyCIN  CHI 9:24402100.4005.00000221.9-11-2.22-1.39-1.13-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.55-0.111.58
  184-1.05Devon DotsonPG  CHI 0:38000000.0000.000000 0-3.24-1.39-1.96-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.05-0.111.58
  202-1.29Troy Brown JrSF  CHI 15:26204100.1437.00002024.0-10-2.73-1.39-0.29-0.99-1.68-0.99-2.91-0.11-0.55
    Coby White INJ   CHI                        
    Derrick Jones   CHI                        
    Tyler Cook   CHI                        
    Marko Simonovic   CHI                        
   0.00Totals   240:00118114326132.46293.875241315246.1+650.
Josh: No blocks, but another offensive explosion. I am excited for him this season
Kyle: Jackson had looked healthy and aggressive this preseason.
Josh: May not start, but value is still pretty solid
Kyle: Melton is at least worth having as a flier in most leagues to see how his role goes to open the season, especially while Brooks is sidelined.
Josh: Looks to be outplaying Tillman which makes him an interesting waiver wire guy
Josh: Great to see him back playing. He can be a nice defesnive stats option, but usage will be low.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Pat Williams was back in action after missing the preseason with an ankle sprain up to this point. He played well and is worth considering as a flier in most leagues to enter the season. Williams even got minutes as a small-ball center.
Kyle: Anderson finally got a look in the starting lineup. He played well, but it remains unclear if coach Jenkins plans to use him in in a starting role or off the bench,
Josh: With Williams back, he moves into a much smaller role.
Josh: Impressive in preseason, but too many people are looking to him to be a 12 team guy. He isn't.
Kyle: Tillman came into the preseason as the seeming favorite to fill the backup center minutes, but Clarke has played well and may be stealing some of Tillman's action to open the season.
Josh: Maybe the free throws aren't fixed? This is more in lone with what I was expecting from Adams this season
Josh: These are the lines that are frustrating in category leagues. Horrendous ft%, no threes, no steals, and poor rebounds. It's why I worry about him being overdrafted.
Kyle: Seems to be out of the rotation at the moment.

DAL 114 @ MIL 103

  160.57Jalen BrunsonPG  DALPG23:341716510.72711.00001120.9+151.07-0.500.551.440.03-0.993.16-0.110.51
  350.10Feron HuntSF  DAL 13:23912021.6676.00000218.4-2-0.96-0.50-1.13-1.601.740.641.27-0.111.58
  460.02Sterling BrownSG  DALSG19:411135400.4449.00000018.7+10-0.451.290.130.83-1.68-0.99-0.47-0.111.58
  55-0.10Trey BurkePG  DAL 15:561415300.455111.00031034.2+40.31-0.500.130.23-1.68-0.99-0.431.490.51
  58-0.11Dwight PowellC  DALC11:081220200.66761.00020125.3+5-0.200.40-1.96-0.38-1.68-0.991.270.961.58
  60-0.12Maxi KleberPF  DALPF14:20935100.6005.00000014.3+10-0.961.290.13-0.99-1.68-0.990.65-0.111.58
  66-0.19Dorian Finney-SmithPF  DALSF24:39707411.25081.00032118.8+5-1.46-1.390.960.830.030.64-2.291.49-0.55
  94-0.45Josh GreenSG  DAL 16:33713210.6005.00002117.3+6-1.46-0.50-0.71-0.380.03-0.990.65-0.11-0.55
  101-0.48Frank NtilikinaPG  DAL 22:51311520.1258.00000314.3+6-2.48-0.50-1.541.441.74-0.99-3.49-0.111.58
  108-0.51Willie Cauley-SteinC  DAL 9:402010021.0001.0000014.2+7-2.73-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.682.270.57-0.111.58
  111-0.54Moses BrownC  DAL 10:42606001.33361.00021230.2-5-1.72-1.390.55-1.60-1.680.64-1.130.960.51
  141-0.75JaQuori McLaughlinPG  DAL 9:15312200.5002.00001013.3-2-2.48-0.50-1.13-0.38-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.110.51
  160-0.85Carlik JonesPG  DAL 12:00203110.00041.00021020.1-3-2.73-1.39-0.71-0.990.03-0.99-2.370.960.51
  175-0.99Eugene OmoruyiSF  DAL 23:00405110.2867.00003517.80-2.22-1.390.13-0.990.03-0.99-1.71-0.11-1.62
  196-1.19Boban MarjanovicC  DAL 13:18804000.4449.00020030.4-1-1.21-1.39-0.29-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.47-4.681.58
    Tim Hardaway Jr.   DAL                        
    Kristaps Porzingis   DAL                        
    Luka Doncic   DAL                        
    Reggie Bullock   DAL                        
    Tyrell Terry NOTE  DAL                        
   0.00Totals   240:0011414553095.44998.857141217298.3+550.
  100.70Jrue HolidayPG  MILPG28:371316821.50012.00001019.8+20.05-0.500.553.271.740.640.18-0.110.51
  240.40Giannis AntetokounmpoPF  MILPF25:0626210210.81811.66793131.2-63.350.402.22-0.380.03-0.994.36-3.77-1.62
  420.05Brook LopezC  MILC25:031021004.5717.00002315.7-1-0.700.40-1.54-1.60-1.685.530.69-0.11-0.55
  50-0.02Grayson AllenSG  MILSG24:451335000.50081.00020115.7-
  90-0.43Jordan NworaSF  MILSF24:261513110.353171.00021133.7-90.56-0.50-0.71-0.990.03-0.99-2.720.960.51
  93-0.45Pat ConnaughtonSG  MIL 28:18716210.3339.00001015.4-10-1.46-0.500.55-0.380.03-0.99-1.67-0.110.51
  103-0.50Tremont WatersPG  MIL 7:40202220.5002.00001117.1+2-2.73-1.39-1.13-0.381.74-0.99-0.01-0.110.51
  137-0.72George HillPG  MIL 21:16400210.5004.00001010.3-11-2.22-1.39-1.96-0.380.03-0.990.03-0.110.51
  139-0.73Georgios KalaitzakisSF  MIL 4:572000101.0001.0000018.8+3-2.73-1.39-1.96-1.600.03-0.990.57-0.111.58
  143-0.80Sandro MamukelashviliC  MIL 15:31406001.00051.00042324.7-6-2.22-1.390.55-1.60-1.680.64-2.952.02-0.55
  163-0.89Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF  MIL 18:23402301.4005.00011515.3-16-2.22-1.39-1.130.23-1.680.64-0.55-2.390.51
  167-0.94Justin RobinsonPG  MIL 9:23311100.2005.00000023.3-3-2.48-0.50-1.54-0.99-1.68-0.99-1.75-0.111.58
  193-1.14Javin DeLaurierPF  MIL 6:35002000.0001.00001213.3+2-3.24-1.39-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.63-0.110.51
    Khris Middleton   MIL                        
    Bobby Portis OUT  MIL                        
    Donte DiVincenzo INJ   MIL                        
    Rodney Hood   MIL                        
    Semi Ojeleye OUT  MIL                        
    Jalen Lecque   MIL                        
   0.00Totals   240:0010311442197.44887.778181418244.3-550.
Kyle: Brunson got a spot start with several players resting and played well, but he'll be in a limited bench role when the team is healthy and is best viewed as a streamer and someone for deep leagues and watch lists.
Josh: Poor free throws, but the jumper has improved. Keep an eye on his three point shooting early on.
Kyle: Allen is worth considering as a streamer and specialist in deeper leagues and someone to watch in standards as long as he's starting with DiVincenzo out.
Josh: Great production in low minutes, but lots of guys out here. Nice last type of player
Josh: Another great scoring night. I feel like he has earned a rotation spot.
Josh: Looks like he will make the roster with Terry getting waived

HOU 98 @ SAS 126

  190.49Alperen SengunC  HOUC24:5215012113.45511.83362423.6-100.56-1.393.05-0.990.033.90-0.430.27-0.55
  78-0.32Jae'Sean TateSF  HOUSF25:20404202.20051.0002058.7-4-2.22-1.39-0.29-0.38-1.682.27-1.750.961.58
  87-0.40David NwabaSF  HOU 16:31716000.6005.00000311.4-2-1.46-0.500.55-1.60-1.68-0.990.65-0.111.58
  119-0.63Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 11:21702110.28671.00031230.9-15-1.46-1.39-1.13-0.990.03-0.99-1.711.490.51
  121-0.63Jalen GreenSG  HOUSG32:001610100.33312.87581119.4-220.81-0.50-1.96-0.99-1.68-0.99-2.211.330.51
  128-0.66D.J. AugustinPG  HOU 11:24611300.20051.00031124.1-4-1.72-0.50-1.540.23-1.68-0.99-1.751.490.51
  133-0.70Daishen NixPG  HOU 5:23311001.3333.00000020.9-6-2.48-0.50-1.54-1.60-1.680.64-0.59-0.111.58
  135-0.71Kevin PorterSG  HOUPG33:051613430.30020.50061226.9-100.81-0.50-0.710.833.44-0.99-4.46-5.370.51
  164-0.93Usman GarubaPF  HOU 5:23004000.0001.0000007.0-6-3.24-1.39-0.29-1.60-1.68-0.99-0.63-0.111.58
  166-0.94Danuel HouseSF  HOU 18:01303210.2504.50021112.3-14-2.48-1.39-0.71-0.380.03-0.99-1.17-1.860.51
  181-1.04Christian WoodPF  HOUPF32:3619119100.50016.33366328.4-181.57-0.505.97-0.99-1.68-0.990.26-8.19-4.83
  197-1.21Armoni BrooksPG  HOU 14:32002000.0004.00000010.3-11-3.24-1.39-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-2.37-0.111.58
  207-1.65Kenyon Martin Jr.SF  HOU 9:32202000.2504.00021023.2-18-2.73-1.39-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-1.17-4.680.51
    John Wall NOTE  HOU                        
    Daniel Theis   HOU                        
    Eric Gordon Q  HOU                        
    Dante Exum   HOU                        
    Marcus Foster   HOU                        
    Anthony Lamb   HOU                        
   0.00Totals   240:00986591566.34097.684381422247.1-1400.
  31.15Dejounte MurrayPG  SASPG29:552037711.615131.00011019.7+111.831.290.962.660.030.642.000.430.51
  120.70Derrick WhiteSG  SASSG28:582034621.57114.50022423.8+71.831.29-
  220.44Devin VassellSF  SAS 26:541308212.400101.00051320.0+200.05-1.391.38-0.380.032.27-1.052.560.51
  290.26Drew EubanksC  SAS 13:401009102.40051.00061425.8+17-0.70-1.391.80-0.99-1.682.27-0.553.090.51
  400.06Doug McDermottSF  SASPF19:121642400.417121.00021629.5+70.812.18-1.130.83-1.68-0.99-1.010.960.51
  430.05Jakob PoeltlC  SASC28:57907302.6676.5002019.7+5-0.96-1.390.960.23-1.682.271.27-1.861.58
  95-0.45Lonnie WalkerSG  SAS 12:10512110.5004.00000213.4+3-1.97-0.50-1.13-0.990.03-0.990.03-0.111.58
  109-0.53Joe WieskampSF  SAS 5:23313110.3333.00000122.7+6-2.48-0.50-0.71-0.990.03-0.99-0.59-0.111.58
  116-0.61Keita Bates-DiopSF  SAS 15:14514100.4005.00000013.4+15-1.97-0.50-0.29-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.55-0.111.58
  156-0.85Bryn ForbesSG  SAS 22:04912000.300101.00021121.9+17-0.96-0.50-1.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-2.250.960.51
  158-0.85Joshua PrimoSG  SAS 7:074001001.0002.00001117.2+14-2.22-1.39-1.96-0.99-1.68-0.991.19-0.110.51
  206-1.57Keldon JohnsonSF  SASSF30:261215310.33312.33390121.4+18-0.20-0.500.130.230.03-0.99-2.21-12.231.58
    Thaddeus Young   SAS                        
    Zach Collins INJ   SAS                        
    Al-Farouq Aminu NOTE  SAS                        
    Jock Landale   SAS                        
    Tre Jones P  SAS                        
   0.00Totals   240:0012615533078.46996.72429824238.3+1400.
Josh: Finally, some shots went in. This is why i like him this season.
Kyle: It's good to see White come out of his preseason funk. He's in a great situation this season.
Josh: This kid is so good. A nice stash because he will start at some point this year.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Sengun made a good impression in his start next to Wood, and The Swish Alps should be on someone's roster in most leagues as a flier to see how his role plays out early. It doesn't sound like coach Silas was looking to keep Sengun starting over Theis just yet, though.
Josh: Already better than Walker and they should really look to start him. He is a name to keep an eye on
Watch Kyle: Keep tabs on Vassell in case he pushes to steal a starting job at some point this season or just commands great bench minutes.
Josh: Don't be surprised when Primo is ahead of him later this season
Josh: He is going to be a 9 cat drag for a bit of time to begin the season is my guess
Josh: The shooting issues with Porter, which have plagued his career, continue. Be aware of that
Josh: Another trash free throw night. How he goes from being good to horrible is a mystery
Josh: He continues to be horribly overrated for category leagues. Poor shooting, poor peripherals. He is getting overdrafted, by a lot.

POR 97 @ GSW 119

  150.59C.J. McCollumSG  PORSG28:162641420.50022.00002234.4-233.352.18-1.540.831.74-0.990.38-0.11-0.55
  170.54Robert CovingtonSF  PORPF27:511025013.75041.0002138.5-23-0.700.400.13-1.600.033.901.230.960.51
  340.11Dennis Smith Jr.PG  PORPG31:38705730.3336.75041511.2-8-1.46-1.390.132.663.44-0.99-1.13-0.800.51
  480.00Marquese ChrissPF  POR 17:56604122.33361.00021017.8-9-1.72-1.39-0.29-0.991.742.27-1.130.960.51
  53-0.07Jusuf NurkicC  PORC20:4911010302.308131.00032431.7-15-0.45-1.392.220.23-1.682.27-2.791.49-0.55
  80-0.34Norman PowellSG  PORSF27:481825000.389181.00021128.9-131.320.400.13-1.60-1.68-0.99-2.100.960.51
  124-0.65C.J. EllebySF  POR 23:24910210.4449.00002119.0-7-0.96-0.50-1.96-0.380.03-0.99-0.47-0.11-0.55
  127-0.66Greg BrownPF  POR 20:09517001.3336.00002016.1+1-1.97-0.500.96-1.60-1.680.64-1.13-0.11-0.55
  140-0.74Trendon WatfordPF  POR 9:153031201.0001.50022117.0+2-2.48-1.39-0.71-0.991.74-0.990.57-1.86-0.55
  199-1.24Ben McLemoreSG  POR 32:54202311.1437.00005114.8-15-2.73-1.39-
    Damian Lillard   POR                        
    Larry Nance Jr.   POR                        
    Patrick Patterson   POR                        
    Cody Zeller Q  POR                        
    Tony Snell Q  POR                        
    Quinn Cook   POR                        
    Anfernee Simons Q  POR                        
    Keljin Blevins   POR                        
    Nassir Little   POR                        
   0.00Totals   240:0097104221129.40292.867151918199.4-1100.
  21.47Stephen CurryPG  GSWPG30:114179220.56523.800104238.1+227.144.871.80-0.381.74-0.992.19-0.42-2.69
  210.47Nemanja BjelicaPF  GSW 20:321226322.35714.00000325.0+7-0.200.400.550.231.742.27-2.17-0.111.58
  62-0.15Damion LeeSG  GSW 21:17917110.5717.00001113.8+11-0.96-0.500.96-0.990.03-0.990.69-0.110.51
  70-0.25Kevon LooneyPF  GSWC20:21206411.3333.0000127.2+16-2.73-1.390.550.830.030.64-0.59-0.110.51
  83-0.38Draymond GreenPFIN  GSWPF23:431006711.40010.50042221.3+24-0.70-1.390.552.660.030.64-1.05-3.62-0.55
  89-0.41Andre IguodalaSF  GSW 19:30316600.5002.0000217.5+4-2.48-0.500.552.05-1.68-0.99-0.01-0.11-0.55
  97-0.45Moses MoodySG  GSW 18:12916000.5717.00001116.1+6-0.96-0.500.55-1.60-1.68-0.990.69-0.110.51
  105-0.50Otto PorterSF  GSW 17:49622300.3336.00000012.3+4-1.720.40-1.130.23-1.68-0.99-1.13-0.111.58
  129-0.66Jordan PooleSG  GSWSG23:541603100.467151.00023329.0+160.81-1.39-0.71-0.99-1.68-0.99-0.360.96-1.62
  153-0.83Andrew WigginsSF  GSWSF22:02814201.3339.50022119.8+24-1.21-0.50-0.29-0.38-1.680.64-1.67-1.86-0.55
  155-0.85Jordan BellC  GSW 6:283101001.0001.00001011.3-6-2.48-0.50-1.96-0.99-1.68-0.990.57-0.110.51
  182-1.04L.J. FigueroaSF  GSW 3:05000010.0001.00001023.8-6-3.24-1.39-1.96-1.600.03-0.99-0.63-0.110.51
  194-1.16Chris ChiozzaPG  GSW 6:28001110.0001.00003022.7-6-3.24-1.39-1.54-0.990.03-0.99-0.63-0.11-1.62
  201-1.25Juan Toscano-AndersonSF  GSW 6:28001000.0002.00001217.0-6-3.24-1.39-1.54-1.60-1.68-0.99-1.21-0.110.51
    Klay Thompson INJ   GSW                        
    James Wiseman INJ   GSW                        
    Jonathan Kuminga Q  GSW                        
    Avery Bradley   GSW                        
    Gary Payton II Q  GSW                        
    Mychal Mulder   GSW                        
   0.00Totals   240:0011916573195.446101.722182218264.9+1100.
Josh: First player off the bench, so deeper leagues want to watch him
Watch Kyle: Deep leagues should at least be aware of Bjelica for streaming. He should be in a consistent bench role with some upside if the Warriors decide to go small more often.
Josh: He continues to impress and I would think he makes the roster. Keep an eye if Dame gets hurt and for deeper leagues
Kyle: Smith got a spot start with Lillard resting. Smith could earn a roster spot going into the season but may not be in the rotation regularly when the team is healthy.
Josh: He played 15 minutes in the first half and the production is nice outside of the fg%
Josh: More likely than Kuminga to play rotation minutes early.
Josh: I think he is probably being drafted in too many standard leagues but has looked solid in preseason.
Josh: Another high usage game, but this was a bit empty. Still a great early option until Klay returns and even then I think he can maintain value