Philadelphia 76ers Season In Review

May 25, 2017 by Josh Lloyd

Josh looks back on another injury-filled year for the Philadelphia 76ers and tries to piece together what it all means for the future. ??

100% (1) agree 
I'd actually be keeping all of those guys. You legit have three potential top 12 guys there. I acknowledge the risk, but I'd be holding.
Yr 2 of 3 yr/4 player keeper, 9 cat league. AD, Kyrie, Embiid, CJMc or Kmid as 4th keeper. AD and Kyrie had good season from an inj standpoint but 1 yr doesnot make a trend. Trade or keep Embiid (assuming I can get top30-35 floor, not as high ceiling player back) given the inj history of AD+Kyrie?