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<February 2019>
box scoreMEM 92@ CHA 1005:00 pm
CHA by 8.0 o/u 202.5MEM 97 @ CHA 105
box scoreBOS 113@ NYK 995:30 pm
BOS by 14.0 o/u 213.5BOS 114 @ NYK 100
box scoreOKC 118@ MIA 1026:00 pm
OKC by 3.5 o/u 219.0OKC 111 @ MIA 108Blowout
box scoreATL 112@ UTA 1287:00 pm
UTA by 12.0 o/u 226.5ATL 107 @ UTA 119Blowout
box scoreHOU 122@ DEN 1368:00 pm
DEN by 3.5 o/u 223.5HOU 110 @ DEN 114

Central Standard Time

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MEM 92 @ CHA 100

  110.57Shelvin MackPG  MEMPG35:521931920.53315.00002322.300.621.58-1.882.512.43-1.321.330.01-0.19
  220.19Jevon CarterPG  MEMSG34:19822331.27311.00000215.80-1.320.58-1.51-0.214.890.56-3.450.012.18
  250.18Joakim NoahPF/C  MEM 21:3010011201.80051.00021115.80-0.97-1.431.80-0.67-2.490.562.531.280.99
  50-0.42Justin HolidaySG/SF  MEMSF34:581524110.462131.00013323.20-0.090.58-0.78-1.12-0.03-1.32-0.290.64-1.38
  54-0.46Ivan RabbPFNOTE  MEM 27:431505210.63611.33331223.70-0.09-1.43-0.41-0.67-0.03-1.322.74-3.950.99
  55-0.49JaMychal GreenPF/C  MEMPF19:511023000.50061.00021412.90-0.970.58-1.14-1.57-2.49-1.320.241.280.99
  63-0.55Bruno CabocloSF/PF  MEM 22:58704111.14371.00052224.00-1.50-1.43-0.78-1.12-0.030.56-3.593.17-0.19
  95-1.06Julian WashburnSF  MEM 16:19004000.0002.0000026.00-2.73-1.43-0.78-1.57-2.49-1.32-1.450.012.18
  101-1.22Marc GasolC  MEMC26:30806500.30010.50041317.90-1.32-1.43-0.040.70-2.49-1.32-2.71-3.320.99
   0.00Totals   240:00929402383.43880.765171122
  90.73Nicolas BatumSG/SF  CHASF35:027110322.50041.0002128.10-1.50-0.431.44-0.212.432.440.171.280.99
  240.19Malik MonkSGINJ   CHA 25:382043001.400151.00040031.600.792.58-1.14-1.57-2.490.56-1.762.542.18
  310.08Michael Kidd-GilchristSF  CHA 24:491004011.50061.00040215.10-0.97-1.43-0.78-1.57-0.030.560.242.542.18
  340.01Marvin WilliamsSF/PF  CHAPF33:221634010.50010.75040317.000.091.58-0.78-1.57-0.03-1.320.38-0.392.18
  43-0.27Tony ParkerPG  CHA 21:371501700.66791.00033329.70-0.09-1.43-1.881.61-2.49-1.322.671.91-1.38
  48-0.37Jeremy LambSG/SFX  CHASG13:48603020.28671.00020127.60-1.68-1.43-1.14-1.572.43-1.32-
  57-0.51Bismack BiyomboPF/C  CHAC32:01107103.0003.5002055.80-2.56-1.430.33-1.12-2.494.33-2.19-1.662.18
  75-0.73Kemba WalkerPG  CHAPG37:142343400.41217.83366033.201.322.58-1.140.24-2.49-1.32-1.690.87-4.93
  86-0.90Miles BridgesSF  CHA 11:05004000.0000.000001 0-2.73-1.43-0.78-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  107-1.50Willy HernangomezC  CHA 5:24201000.5002.00012039.70-2.38-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.10-2.29-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:0010012401567.43873.857281217
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Batum is sort of back and is providing back end 12 team value at the moment.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Batum is too unselfish, but his rebounds and defensive stats got the job done. Batum has played well of late, but I still wouldn't consider him much more than a streamer for most leagues. If I had Batum, I'd be seeing if I could sell high on him. I don't trust his FG% to stay high all season, but if you do, Batum may be a good target for rotisserie leagues.
Josh: We might be getting a it of a return from Mack in the next week as Conley sits out with a 'knee' issue before the trade deadline. He could be a stream, but if Conley is moved, I see another point guard (Rubio/Exum) coming back.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Mack is worth considering as a stream option over the next few games if Conley remains out. However, if Conley is traded at the deadline, I'd expect another PG to come back in the deal or for Carter to claim most of the PG minutes the rest of the way.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Carter started with Conley, Temple, and Anderson out. With Conley on the trade block, Carter could be headed for a lot of minutes in the second half of the season. If Anderson and Conley are both out, Carter should have some streaming value, but for the most part, I'd just get on most watch lists in case his role grows quickly after the trade deadline.
Watch 14 teams Josh: Monk has looked a lot better of late and he is definitely a name to watch as the season rolls on. You can probably find better speculative adds, but I do believe he will be a 12 team guy through March.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Monk has strung together three good games. If you need points and threes, Monk might be worth a squeeze, especially in deeper leagues, but for the most part, I wouldn't expect the minutes or production to remain consistent. He capitalized on Lamb having a poor night here.
Josh: A bit of a throwback game with JJJ out and Green remaining bad. I wouldn't get too interested.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Noah capitalized on the absence of Jaren Jackson to play extended minutes. Noah has offered some increased streaming value of late, but after the trade deadline, I'd expect Noah to either be traded or bought out. With that said, it's possible Noah sticks with the Grizzlies the rest of the way, and if Gasol is traded, maybe Noah plays more than expected. He's fine to add to watch lists and consider streaming if Gasol sits out ahead of the trade deadline.
Kyle: Stream him for the threes.
Kyle: Parker was back in action after sitting out the previous game. He's been putting up great production in his limited bench role, but I wouldn't consider him more than a situational streamer for deeper leagues in most cases.
Buy Low 14 teams Kyle: Lamb was struggling with his shot and got benched for a lot of the game. Lamb's production has fallen off since a good start to the season, and he's become close to just a streaming option for most leagues, though I would view this as a buy-low period in many respects.
Kyle: Holiday got big minutes and put up a decent line, but his role and production have been inconsistent from game to game, so it's hard to consider him much more than a streamer with some potential upside down the stretch if the Grizzlies keep him and decide to make him a part of their primary rotation the rest of the way.
Watch 12 teams Josh: I am really keeping an eye on Rabb depending on the Green/Gasol situations and he could be a March star.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: If the Grizzlies trade Marc Gasol and don't bring back another key frontcourt player, Rabb could be headed for a lot of minutes in the second half of the season. I'd make sure Rabb is on watch lists ahead of the trade deadline. We haven't seen him do it in the NBA yet, but Rabb has been shooting threes in the G League and should eventually add that to his game in the NBA.
Josh: Started for JJJ and was not good. I think he is a chance to get dealt, but he is not someone I have any interest in for 12 team leagues as he just isnt a good real life player, or stat accumualtor in fantasy.
Kyle: Green got a spot start with Jaren Jackson out, but Green didn't do much with the opportunity. There's an off-chance Green's value could improve after the deadline, but he could also continue to lose minutes or find himself traded to a competitive team and a lesser role. I wouldn't consider Green much more than a streamer and watch list player in most leagues.
Josh: A lot of minutes for not much return, Biyombo is just a deep league guy who could find himself out of the rotation enitrely when Zeller is back.
Kyle: Biyombo got big minutes here, but Zeller is close to returning, which could push Biyombo completely out of the rotation a lot of nights.
Josh: He has been solid with his defensive numbers, but the shooting is poor. He has some deep league appeal given the 'injuries' in Memphis.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Caboclo has put up some interesting production as an injury fill-in over the last few games, but his first 10-day has run out. If he signs another, Caboclo could continue to offer some streaming value for deeper leagues. He's worth at least adding to watch lists in case he stumbles into a bigger role than expected the rest of the way.

BOS 113 @ NYK 99

  100.59Marcus MorrisSF/PF  BOSSF29:391845120.50014.00000020.300.442.58-0.41-1.122.43-1.320.520.012.18
  130.46Kyrie IrvingPG/SGX  BOSSG35:3523210620.450201.00034330.701.320.581.441.152.43-1.32-0.811.91-2.56
  150.42Gordon HaywardSG/SF  BOS 21:031423202.62581.00020118.20-0.270.58-1.14-0.67-2.492.441.861.282.18
  230.19Jaylen BrownSG/SFP  BOS 21:131102140.417121.00011227.30-0.79-1.43-1.51-1.127.35-1.32-1.090.640.99
  320.08Al HorfordPF/C  BOSC26:591409401.58312.00001120.80-0.27-1.431.070.24-2.490.562.000.010.99
  40-0.21Terry RozierPG/SG  BOS 24:45623611.2229.00000015.70-1.680.58-1.141.15-0.030.56-3.520.012.18
  45-0.33Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSPF25:381315301.40015.00000425.20-0.44-0.43-0.41-0.21-2.490.56-1.760.012.18
  51-0.44Aron BaynesC  BOS 21:16913012.5006.50041417.70-1.15-0.43-1.14-1.57-0.032.440.24-3.320.99
  58-0.51Marcus SmartPG/SGNOTE  BOSPG28:31312210.3333.0000034.50-2.20-0.43-1.51-0.67-0.03-1.32-0.640.012.18
  85-0.89Guerschon YabuseleSF/PF  BOS 1:152010001.0001.00000034.50-2.38-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  93-1.06Semi OjeleyeSF/PF  BOS 4:06000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:00113134325117.460100.80010718
  330.03Damyean DotsonSG  NYKPG37:402246000.56316.00002321.801.152.58-0.04-1.57-2.49-1.322.140.01-0.19
  36-0.09Kevin KnoxSF/PF  NYKSF40:142125210.429211.00011225.500.970.58-0.41-0.67-0.03-1.32-1.550.640.99
  44-0.31Mitchell RobinsonC  NYK 18:10808001.75041.00022217.30-1.32-1.430.70-1.57-2.490.561.721.28-0.19
  62-0.53Allonzo TrierSG  NYK 25:47712401.7504.00003312.40-1.50-0.43-1.510.24-2.490.561.720.01-1.38
  66-0.57Noah VonlehPF  NYKPF30:437011700.22291.00032118.30-1.50-1.431.801.61-2.49-1.32-3.521.91-0.19
  67-0.57Kadeem AllenSGGLG NYKSG35:20914500.28671.00042313.90-1.15-0.43-0.780.70-2.49-1.32-2.052.54-0.19
  69-0.60Luke KornetPF/CX  NYKC16:31912010.4449.00001027.60-1.15-0.43-1.51-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.430.010.99
  76-0.74Mario HezonjaSG/SF  NYK 22:161003200.50081.00022122.30-0.97-1.43-1.14-0.67-2.49-1.320.311.28-0.19
  90-1.01Enes KanterC  NYK 13:19607100.3758.00002018.20-1.68-1.430.33-1.12-2.49-1.32-1.240.01-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:00999482122.453861.000121715
Kyle: Morris has rebounded from a poor stretch of shooting to string together a few nice games. I continue to view him as a sell-high candidate, but maybe this is just who Morris will be this season.
Josh: It's good to have him back in the lineup after missing the last two games.
Kyle: Irving was back in action after missing the 2 previous games with a hip strain.
Josh: Produced well in limited minutes even with Irving around. Could he be turning it around? Maybe, but I'm not in a rush to grab a guy playing mid 20s in minutes even if he used to be a top 50 player.
Kyle: Hayward had a second great game even with Irving back in action, but Hayward's minutes remained low, and that is concerning. He remains a luxury stash and streamer for most leagues as long as his minutes are this down.
Josh: Kyrie was back so his production dipped.
Kyle: The steals were great, but the minutes and rest of his production and minutes were short. In most respects, I'd consider Brown a sell-high candidate, though it is possible a bigger role could develop for him if the Celtics make any changes at the deadline.
Josh: A huge game, which he has had a few of this season, but it's about to get very complicated in the rotation.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Dotson started at SG, and depending on what happens with Wesley Matthews (possible buyout), Dotson could end up with a shot at a big role the rest of the way. He's worth having on all watch lists and is worth considering as a flier in deeper leagues. However, if Matthews remains on the team, Dotson likely won't have more than the bench role he's held so far.
Josh: Huge minutes and usage with the traded players no yet available. It's unlikely he can keep this up and I would view him as a stream only guy.
Kyle: Knox has put together a few good games, but it's hard to trust his production or minutes will remain consistent. Knox is OK to stream in for points and threes, but I wouldn't consider him much more than a luxury stash in most leagues at this time.
Josh: Numbers unsurprisiingly dropped with Irving back and he isn't a 12 team guy.
Kyle: Rozier returned to his bench role with Irving back in action.
Josh: Still providing value and realisticall should get all of the minutes Jordan doesn't play, but common sense doesn't always follow this team.
Kyle: The addition of DeAndre Jordan confuses Robinson's potential this season, though it would seem most likely that Jordan will be bought out, which should keep Robinson on the path to starting and playing as many minutes as he can stay on the court for sooner than later. If you were stashing Robinson before the trade, I'd continue to do so until we see how everything plays out.
Josh: Massive opportunity for big minutes, so of course, he didn't get them and with Smith and Matthews arriving, let alone Mudiay and Ntilikina, he may find it hard to be a 12 team guy consistently.
Kyle: Vonleh had an ineresting game with 7 assists and big minutes, but he's little more than a streamer for rebounds in most respects.
Josh: Those minutes are going to evaporate when Smith, Ntilikina, dn Mudiay are back.
Kyle: Allen got a spot start with Dennis Smith unavailable and all the Knicks' other PGs out due to injury. Allen should return to the bench as soon as Smith is ready to enter the rotation, which will likely be the next game.
Josh: Started but it's unlikely he continues to do that when Jordan is ready to go.
Kyle: Kornet returned to action after missing the 5 previous games with an ankle issue, but he didn't do much with the opportunity, and his role is in question until DeAndre Jordan's status with the team is clearer. I wouldn't be rushing to add Kornet anywhere. He's fine to have on watch lists and to consider as a streamer or flier in deeper league.
Josh: The Knicks got Kornet back from injury but Fizdale, in a stunning turn of events, decided to change his mind and keep Kanter in the rotation. This isn't enough to have value and I doubt he finds a 25 minute a night role somewhere else, but we only have a week to go until the trade deadline, so let's hold in most cases.
Kyle: Kanter got a few minutes, but even if he doesn't get traded, I'd think he's bought out or left to sit on the bench most games after the deadline.

OKC 118 @ MIA 102Blowout

  12.33Paul GeorgeSG/SF/PF  OKCSF35:2743107520.60923.83362232.004.858.600.330.702.43-1.324.710.87-0.19
  60.85Dennis SchroderPG  OKC 29:222842000.846131.00021120.802.202.58-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.327.451.280.99
  35-0.05Russell WestbrookPG  OKCPG31:55140121411.60010.40054020.80-0.27-1.432.174.78-0.030.561.93-5.62-2.56
  37-0.13Steven AdamsC  OKCC27:111307230.400151.00013327.90-0.44-1.430.33-0.674.89-1.32-1.760.64-1.38
  46-0.35Nerlens NoelPF/C  OKC 20:49407003.3336.00001313.80-2.03-1.430.33-1.57-2.494.33-1.310.010.99
  64-0.55Jerami GrantSF/PF  OKCPF29:11817110.300101.00011216.10-1.32-0.430.33-1.12-0.03-1.32-2.710.640.99
  83-0.87Terrance FergusonSG/SF  OKCSG22:56000010.0001.0000031.80-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.710.012.18
  84-0.89Patrick PattersonPF/C  OKC 16:05512000.5004.00001112.80-1.85-0.43-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.320.170.010.99
  88-0.94Hamidou DialloSG  OKC 2:44101020.0002.50021058.30-2.56-1.43-1.88-1.572.43-1.32-1.45-1.660.99
  99-1.17Abdel NaderPF  OKC 14:59205100.00051.00021418.90-2.38-1.43-0.41-1.12-2.49-1.32-3.661.280.99
  102-1.23Alex AbrinesSG  OKC 9:21000000.0002.00000111.70-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-1.450.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:00118165023104.48491.737191520
  140.46Kelly OlynykPF/C  MIA 30:492147201.667121.00013120.400.972.580.33-0.67-2.490.563.550.64-1.38
  290.11Josh RichardsonPG/SG/SF  MIASG33:451824320.389181.00021424.000.440.58-0.78-0.212.43-1.32-2.431.280.99
  42-0.24Bam AdebayoPF/C  MIA 24:511009200.8005.66730210.30-0.97-1.431.07-0.67-2.49-1.322.53-1.022.18
  59-0.52Dwyane WadePG/SG  MIA 22:35701630.2508.75043223.00-1.50-1.43-1.881.154.89-1.32-2.78-0.39-1.38
  61-0.53Justise WinslowPG/SF/PFP  MIAPG31:041022500.36411.00000414.40-0.970.58-1.510.70-2.49-1.32-1.900.012.18
  74-0.72James JohnsonSF/PF  MIAPF20:26813400.42971.00012018.80-1.32-0.43-1.140.24-2.49-1.32-0.500.64-0.19
  78-0.80Wayne EllingtonSG/SF  MIA 4:183100001.0001.00000010.00-2.20-0.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  80-0.85Hassan WhitesideC  MIAC19:5412016111.60010.00035333.40-0.62-1.433.65-1.12-0.030.561.93-6.89-3.74
  87-0.93Dion WaitersSG/SFGLG MIA 26:29514210.20010.00001116.90-1.85-0.43-0.78-0.67-0.03-1.32-
  89-0.94Tyler JohnsonPG/SGNOTE  MIASF21:31601300.4297.00001017.80-1.68-1.43-1.88-0.21-2.49-1.32-0.500.010.99
  104-1.23Rodney McGruderSG/SF  MIA 4:18200000.3333.00001034.90-2.38-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.640.010.99
   0.00Totals   240:0010211472872.44692.643141717
Kyle: George put up his fourth 40-point game of the season.
Josh: Incandescent shooting with nothing else, I think we can look at this as a fluke performance.
Kyle: Schroder had a great game but was unsustainably efficient. His minutes have been up the past few games but should come back down. I wouldn't consider Schroder much more than a streamer in most leagues.
Josh: The rotations in Miami continue to be consistently weird. We know Olynyk is a 12 team in 30 minutes a night, but about 10 days ago he wasn't even in the rotation. This may have been to matchup with OKC.
Kyle: Olynyk got big minutes and had a great game, but his role is too uncertain from game to game to consider Olynyk much more than a situational streamer in most leagues. Just keep an eye on him ahead of the deadline in case he finds his way to a better situation.
Kyle: That's a fifth straight triple-double for Westbrook.
Kyle: Adams was back in action after missing the previous game with a sprained ankle.
Josh: Extra minutes due to the blowout and blocked shots as always. He is an emergency defense guy for standard leagues, and that's it, unless Adams goes down then he is a must add player.
Kyle: Noel returned to the bench with Adams back in action.
Kyle: Wade was back in action after resting the previous game.
Josh: From starting and playing 30 plus minutes, to barely seeing the court. Spoelstra is becoming a nightmare. (And by becoming, I mean is).
Kyle: Ellington moved back to the bench with Tyler Johnson starting, and the return of Wade limited Ellington to spot minutes.
Josh: Back from a one game absence and we got November/December Ferguson back, putting up potentially the worst line you will ever see. He was putting up solid stream numbers, but he wasn't a 12 team must roster guy.
Kyle: Ferguson returned to action after sitting out the previous game with back spasms. Ferguson had a poor game and played low minutes, but he should get his minutes back up and start providing streaming value for threes in deeper leagues again soon.
Josh: This sort of garbage does not endear him to me to be a must roster 12 team unfortunately.
Kyle: TJ was back in the starting lineup but had a terrible game. I wouldn't consider him much more than a streamer given the Heat's depth.

ATL 112 @ UTA 128Blowout

  41.11Dewayne DedmonC  ATLC28:051537231.55691.00021415.60-0.091.580.33-0.674.890.561.121.280.99
  180.37Trae YoungPG  ATLPG37:112853910.45020.71472427.102.203.59-1.142.51-0.03-1.32-0.81-1.43-0.19
  260.13Kevin HuerterSG  ATLSG28:591442700.50010.00000013.90-0.272.58-1.511.61-2.49-1.320.380.012.18
  49-0.37John CollinsPF/C  ATLPF27:021904111.50016.75043530.900.62-1.43-0.78-1.12-0.030.560.59-0.39-1.38
  60-0.52Jeremy LinPG/SG  ATL 10:49501010.33331.00030017.50-1.85-1.43-1.88-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.641.912.18
  65-0.56Omari SpellmanPFGLG ATL 18:44712011.30010.00000221.50-1.50-0.43-1.51-1.57-0.030.56-2.710.012.18
  68-0.60DeAndre' BembrySFP  ATLSF23:58608210.28671.00022216.60-1.68-1.430.70-0.67-0.03-1.32-2.051.28-0.19
  70-0.61Taurean PrinceSF  ATL 22:30912100.50061.00021514.10-1.15-0.43-1.51-1.12-2.49-1.320.241.280.99
  72-0.72Kent BazemoreSG/SF  ATL 17:29806110.273111.00021429.60-1.32-1.43-0.04-1.12-0.03-1.32-3.451.280.99
  77-0.75Alex LenPF/C  ATL 8:43004011.0004.00000018.50-2.73-1.43-0.78-1.57-0.030.56-2.920.012.18
  81-0.87Vince CarterSG/SF  ATL 13:20000010.0001.0000003.00-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.710.012.18
  103-1.23Tyler DorseyPG  ATL 1:35100000.0000.50020028.70-2.56-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.03-1.662.18
  105-1.24Daniel HamiltonSF  ATL 1:35001000.0001.00001169.10-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.710.010.99
   0.00Totals   240:00112144023114.39898.833241127
  80.77Derrick FavorsPF/C  UTAPF26:381407412.75081.00021015.50-0.27-1.430.330.24-0.032.443.411.280.99
  120.49Joe InglesSG/SF  UTASF32:261937501.583121.00022219.100.621.580.330.70-2.490.562.001.28-0.19
  160.42Ricky RubioPG  UTAPG35:1722221110.54511.800102420.501.150.58-1.513.42-0.03-1.321.190.47-0.19
  170.41Rudy GobertCNOTE  UTAC27:59250131021.0007.733153524.701.67-1.432.54-1.12-2.492.445.69-2.23-1.38
  38-0.17Kyle KorverSG/SF  UTA 24:301426300.54511.00001120.40-0.270.58-0.04-0.21-2.49-1.321.190.010.99
  41-0.21Jae CrowderSF/PF  UTA 30:071338110.41712.00002019.40-0.441.580.70-1.12-0.03-1.32-1.090.01-0.19
  56-0.50Georges NiangPF  UTA 7:53623000.6673.00000315.90-1.680.58-1.14-1.57-2.49-1.320.910.012.18
  73-0.72Donovan MitchellPG/SGNOTE  UTASG32:541503510.389181.00013327.20-0.09-1.43-1.140.70-0.03-1.32-2.430.64-1.38
  91-1.06Ekpe UdohPF/C  UTA 3:23000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  96-1.10Grayson AllenSGX UTA 8:15000001.0003.00000115.20-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.490.56-
  97-1.11Naz LongPGGLG UTA 1:35001000.0001.00000026.30-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.710.012.18
  100-1.19Royce O'NealeSF  UTA 9:03001100.0001.0000139.20-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-0.710.010.99
   0.00Totals   240:0012812513146.52987.800301522
Sell High 12 teams Josh: The Undertaker came through again, but the trade deadline is a scary proposition if you have him. I would be exploring sell high opportunities because if he is moved it will be to a lesser role.
Sell High 12 teams Kyle: Dedmon is believed to be on the trade block, which will likely see him playing a smaller role on another team. Even if Dedmon remains on the Hawks, his role would likely decrease after the deadline as the team looked to get more minutes for Spellman and any other frontcourt projects they might add.
Josh: Favors took advantage of the frontcourt and posted a strong line, but he is more a fringe guy with limited upside, who could be on a 12 team roster no doubt, but the upside is limited.
Kyle: Another nice game from Favors, but I think he's best viewed as a streamer in most leagues.
Josh: Could a trade be coming? It could have a negative impact on his value.
Kyle: Rubio played huge minutes and had a great game. He's being brought up in trade rumors with the Jazz reportedly making offers for Mike Conley.
Kyle: Gobert was perfect from the field and got to the line 15 times for a great game following his All-Star snub.
Josh: The roll continues and the payoff if you held through the struggles has been immense.
Kyle: Young has been outrageous. It might be worth seeing how much he could bring back in a trade, but I'd just roll with him in most situations.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: I can't stress enough that I believe he is a must roster 12 team player.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Huerter's minutes were a little shot here, but the production was good. He should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues.
Kyle: Stream him for the threes.
Kyle: Crowder has been on a decent stretch of late, but he remains a deep-league player and streamer in most respects.
Kyle: Lin's minutes were extremely low, but he remains worth stashing ahead of the trade deadline if you think he has a good chance at ending up on a different team with a bigger role.
Josh: His struggles continue. I do believe he will push to 30 minutes again soon, but it is hard to hold for now.
Kyle: Prince is in a precarious situation, but with the trade deadline near, he is fine to continue holding if you believe in his potential to reclaim a starting job on the Hawks or another team if traded.
Josh: The free throws were well down here, unfortunately. If Conlehy arrives in a trade, it may decrease his value a little.

HOU 122 @ DEN 136

  190.33Chris PaulPG  HOUPG29:142033600.615131.00011021.600.791.58-1.141.15-2.49-1.322.810.640.99
  200.25James HardenPG/SG  HOUSG37:123076921.42921.55695235.302.565.59-0.042.512.430.56-1.55-6.02-3.74
  270.13Kenneth FariedPF/C  HOUC30:402306100.69213.83361423.801.32-1.43-0.04-1.12-2.49-1.324.360.870.99
  280.12P.J. TuckerSF/PF  HOUPF33:55515230.3336.0000027.80-1.85-0.43-0.41-0.674.89-1.32-1.310.012.18
  300.10Eric GordonSG  HOUSF25:091722300.66791.00031319.700.260.58-1.51-0.21-2.49-1.322.671.910.99
  47-0.37Isaiah HartensteinPFGLG HOU 8:05403011.5004.00000221.70-2.03-1.43-1.14-1.57-0.030.560.170.012.18
  52-0.45James EnnisSG/SF  HOU 24:31912000.60051.00020320.00-1.15-0.43-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.320.981.282.18
  71-0.66Gerald GreenSG/SFNOTE  HOU 24:30712101.4297.00001314.30-1.50-0.43-1.51-1.12-2.490.56-0.500.010.99
  79-0.82Austin RiversPG/SG  HOU 24:41710100.4297.00000412.40-1.50-0.43-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.32-0.500.012.18
  98-1.16Gary ClarkSF/PF  HOU 2:03001000.0000.00001121.40-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.010.99
   0.00Totals   240:0012216302363.52985.762211024
  21.90Nikola JokicPF/C  DENC31:2631113910.800151.00062430.002.73-0.432.542.51-0.03-1.327.523.80-0.19
  31.26Malik BeasleyPG/SG  DENSG41:263552310.70617.85772325.503.443.59-1.51-0.21-0.03-1.326.051.50-0.19
  51.09Torrey CraigSG/SF  DEN 34:182224211.727111.00040117.801.150.58-0.78-0.67-0.030.564.292.542.18
  70.80Monte MorrisPG  DENPG36:531836820.63611.50021116.700.441.58-
  210.24Paul MillsapPF/C  DENPF28:021021611.6676.00001212.00-0.970.58-1.881.15-0.030.561.790.010.99
  39-0.18Mason PlumleePF/C  DEN 19:111005201.50081.00020122.20-0.97-1.43-0.41-0.67-2.490.560.311.282.18
  53-0.46Will BartonSG/SF  DENSF24:12714601.4297.00002117.80-1.50-0.43-0.781.15-2.490.56-0.500.01-0.19
  82-0.87Juan HernangomezSF/PF  DEN 5:37000010.0001.0000008.50-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.710.012.18
  92-1.06Tyler LydonPF  DEN 0:47000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  94-1.06Brandon GoodwinPG  DEN 0:47000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  106-1.42Trey LylesPF  DEN 17:21301100.1676.50020119.00-2.20-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-2.85-1.662.18
   0.00Totals   240:0013614363774.62282.87023814
Josh: His efficiency has been otherworldly for a guard and he had a career high here. He has been excellent but even with all of this scoring and efficiency, he isn't a top 100 guy. I still believe he will lose minutes when Murray and Harris return, so he may be a short term stream, but is unlikely to have long-term value. He is better suited to points leagues.
Kyle: Beasley got a spot start with Gary Harris and Jamal Murray out, and Beasley was sensational, scoring a career-high 35 points. He continues to surprise with his great play this season, but unless the Nuggets continue to have key players out with injuries, Beasley will likely end up in a limited-ish bench role most games the rest of the way.
Josh: Joined the party and hit everything, but his minutes will drop precipitously.
Kyle: Craig only played 8 minutes in the previous game and then played 34 off the bench Friday. He had an amazing game, but when Harris and Murray are in the lineup, Craig will likely be in a much more limited role.
Josh: Another excellent start with Murray out and it seems a fair d'accompli taht he will remain the backup point guard when Isaiah Thomas is back.
Kyle: Morris got another spot start with Murray out and was awesome. It's worth streaming Morris in most leagues if Murray missed anymore games, but when Murray and Harris are healthy, Morris will go back to a much more limited bench role.
Josh: Played well through his back issue but will sit out Saturday as part of his maintenance plan.
Josh: Another big game, but I feel pretty confident in saying that when Capela is back his minutes will drop and drop rapidly.
Kyle: Stream him for the steals.
Kyle: Gordon left with the game with a leg issue and was cleared to return but never did, limiting his minutes.
Josh: These are the sorts of worrying performances I thought may happen in the preseason. He is a hold, but by March, he may not be.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Barton's minutes were short again. It's possible this may become a regular thing, with the Nuggets' bench players having a good game and the starters getting their minutes squeezed, but I'm not entirely buying that notion. I believe a lot of Barton's short minutes recently have been circumstantial and somewhat with an eye toward keeping his workload reasonable in his return. I'd be buying low for the right price.