Box Scores

<January 2023>
box scoreMIL 141@ IND 1315:00 pm
MIL by 6.5 o/u 239.0MIL 123 @ IND 116
box scoreMEM 100@ MIN 1115:30 pm
MEM by 1.0 o/u 236.0MEM 118 @ MIN 118
box scoreORL 105@ MIA 1106:00 pm
MIA by 8.5 o/u 219.0ORL 105 @ MIA 114
box scoreCLE 100@ OKC 1126:00 pm
OKC by 1.0 o/u 221.5CLE 110 @ OKC 111
box scoreTOR 117@ GSW 1298:00 pm
GSW by 4.0 o/u 234.0TOR 115 @ GSW 119

Central Standard Time

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MIL 141 @ IND 131

 70.89Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MILSF32:421448130.5569.00001111.10-0.452.240.89-1.256.00-1.300.790.001.10
 170.35Khris MiddletonSF/PF  MIL 14:411704420.538131.00031037.9+210.02-1.52-0.770.083.07-1.300.841.631.10
 210.26Brook LopezC  MILC24:291536211.62581.00023417.6+12-0.291.300.06-0.810.140.671.491.09-1.33
 270.06Grayson AllenSG/SF  MILSG32:181332401.50081.00020310.0-2-0.601.30-1.600.08-2.790.670.071.092.32
 31-0.05Jevon CarterPG/SG  MIL 12:0812222101.0005.00002621.0+13-0.760.36-1.60-0.810.14-1.303.590.00-0.11
 47-0.37Jrue HolidayPG/SG  MILPG35:262019910.43816.83366025.3-50.48-0.581.312.300.14-1.30-1.260.54-4.98
 59-0.60Joe InglesSF/PF  MIL 22:47621300.5004.0000026.4-2-1.680.36-2.01-0.36-2.79-1.300.030.002.32
 67-0.74Wesley MatthewsSG/SF  MIL 20:05314010.2504.0000119.0+2-2.15-0.58-0.77-1.690.14-1.30-1.390.001.10
 68-0.80Jordan NworaSF/PF  MIL 11:40002110.0002.0000007.4+9-2.61-1.52-1.60-1.250.14-1.30-1.420.002.32
 82-1.04Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/C  MILPF33:4441212611.55229.389182341.9+23.730.362.550.970.140.672.45-20.14-0.11
   Bobby Portis   MIL                        
   Sandro Mamukelashvili   MIL                        
   MarJon Beauchamp   MIL                        
   George Hill   MIL                        
   Serge Ibaka TRADE  MIL                        
   Thanasis Antetokounmpo   MIL                        
   AJ Green   MIL                        
  0.00Totals   240:00141185032113.53198.613311620187.7+500.
 51.03Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSG35:422255230.61513.50021418.0+10.793.18-0.35-0.816.00-1.302.26-1.631.10
 60.99T.J. McConnellPG  INDPG32:201906930.72711.75042219.7+90.33-1.520.062.306.00-1.303.66-0.55-0.11
 140.50Chris DuarteSG/SFINJ   INDSF34:061724610.636111.00010114.5+100.020.36-0.770.970.14-1.302.240.542.32
 190.27Myles TurnerCQ  INDC36:292425004.50020.50040425.701.100.36-0.35-1.69-2.796.570.21-3.272.32
 43-0.28Aaron NesmithSG/SF  INDPF26:391023010.50061.00021512.7-13-1.070.36-1.18-1.690.14-1.300.051.091.10
 48-0.38Bennedict MathurinSG/SF  IND 31:132118010.50012.88995328.9-120.63-0.580.89-1.690.14-1.300.122.17-3.76
 72-0.85Jalen SmithPF/CQ  IND 10:32915100.6005.50040127.7-5-1.22-0.58-0.35-1.25-2.79-1.300.75-3.272.32
 87-1.12Terry TaylorSF/PFGLG IND 0:59000000.0000.000000 -5-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
 88-1.18Oshae BrissettSF/PF  IND 12:02002000.0002.0000047.2-11-2.61-1.52-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.30-1.420.002.32
 91-1.23Andrew NembhardPG/SG  IND 19:58900410.4449.50024030.0-24-1.22-1.52-2.430.080.14-1.30-0.63-1.63-2.55
   Tyrese Haliburton   IND                        
   Isaiah Jackson   IND                        
   Goga Bitadze   IND                        
   James Johnson   IND                        
   Daniel Theis   IND                        
   Trevelin Queen NOTE  IND                        
   Kendall Brown X  IND                        
  0.00Totals   240:00131133822104.55189.714281324184.3-500.
Josh: The benching of Nembhard is interesting. I wonder if TJ could start with Haliburton. I doubt it, but we just keep going with TJ until we find out what happens
Kyle: McConnell stayed in the starting lineup and played big minutes again, even with Nembhard available. It's a great sign for McConnell's ceiling while Haliburton remains out. Keep trying to sell-high before Hali is back.
Stream Josh: Second big game in a row. Historically, he hasn't been able to do this, even this season when Middleton was out. So, his value will dip and even if he plays 33 a night, he won't be able to keep this most likely.
Stream Kyle: Connaughton is sticking in the starting lineup while Middleton gets up to speed, and is worth streaming, but I wouldn't count on consistent production for standard leagues, at least not at the level he's showed the last two games. As such, I'd be trying to sell-high most places.
Stream Josh: Two big games in a row as a starter over Nembhard. At the start of the season, we thought he would be a starting option, but failed to do anything. Now, things have turned a little, and he is a worth a stream.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Even with Nembhard available, Duarte remained in the starting lineup and put up another nice line. He's worth taking a flier on in 12s and deeper to see if this role sticks even after Haliburton returns. This is also a sell-high stretch for Duarte, though, with Carlisle falling in and out of love with his role players as the season winds.
Josh: Starting to look better, but another 15 minute limit.
Buy Low Kyle: Just 15 minutes for the third straight game. The Bucks are really milking this ramp-up, keeping Middleton as a buy-low target to consider. At least he shined here even in short run.
Josh: A better game, but he isn't someone to use in 12 team leagues.
Maybe Add Kyle: Mathurin was nice again, and he should be on someone's roster in 12s and deeper as at least a regular specialist or streamer.
Josh: Strong line, but fg% still not quite as high as we would like.
Kyle: Awful FT shooting but great everywhere else. This is the reality of Giannis this season. He's arguably a buy-low to consider for dynasty, and for any team that's already punting FT%.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: From a guy we were interested in without Haliburton, to a small role off the bench. We can drop him.
Droppable Kyle: Nembhard returned to action in a bench role, leaving Duarte and McConnell starting. Nembhard is OK to drop as needed most places, but keep tabs in case he wins back a starting job at some point.
Josh: The rotation is unexplainable. He remains only a deadline stash, because we cannot rely on his minutes game to game.
Kyle: Out of the rotation for the night as coach Carlisle continues to use Jackson conditionally for matchups.

MEM 100 @ MIN 111

 80.71Brandon ClarkeSF/PFX  MEMC27:491507330.55691.00052218.6-3-0.29-1.520.48-0.366.00-1.300.792.71-0.11
 90.68Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 15:565083301.00021.0001016.0-6-1.84-1.520.89-0.366.00-1.301.420.542.32
 280.04Ja MorantPG  MEMPG38:04273101100.476211.00046129.6-21.561.301.723.19-2.79-1.30-0.492.17-4.98
 42-0.27Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/C  MEMPF28:131407022.29417.80052429.5-3-0.45-1.520.48-1.693.072.64-4.790.00-0.11
 51-0.47Ziaire WilliamsSF  MEMSG26:20712020.6005.00003011.9-7-1.53-0.58-1.60-1.693.07-1.300.750.00-1.33
 58-0.59Dillon BrooksSG/SFNOTE  MEMSF36:591724110.41217.50021220.0-80.020.36-0.77-1.250.14-1.30-1.95-1.631.10
 65-0.67Tyus JonesPG  MEM 19:46002320.0004.0000109.9-12-2.61-1.52-1.60-0.363.07-1.30-2.810.001.10
 74-0.91Jake LaRaviaSF/PFINJ   MEM 12:44612000.6673.50020012.0-9-1.68-0.58-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.300.72-1.632.32
 90-1.21Santi AldamaPF/C  MEM 18:34514100.2229.00001021.1-3-1.84-0.58-0.77-1.25-2.79-1.30-3.470.001.10
 95-1.37David RoddySF/PF  MEM 15:35401010.3336.00004225.2-2-1.99-1.52-2.01-1.690.14-1.30-1.370.00-2.55
   Desmond Bane   MEM                        
   Steven Adams X  MEM                        
   John Konchar   MEM                        
   Danny Green   MEM                        
   Kennedy Chandler   MEM                        
   Kenny Lofton Jr.   MEM                        
   Vince Williams   MEM                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010084722142.40993.842192012183.9-550.
 41.10Kyle AndersonSF/PFQ  MINPF27:012343621.563161.00011529.5+40.942.24-1.180.973.070.671.590.541.10
 180.31D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINPG37:141938730.412171.00026119.2+120.331.300.891.416.00-1.30-1.951.09-4.98
 260.13Rudy GobertC  MINC31:277013113.6005.50023412.9+5-1.53-1.522.97-
 290.02Anthony EdwardsSG/SF  MINSG36:282537701.50018.66762228.4+101.251.300.481.41-2.790.670.19-2.18-0.11
 34-0.12Naz ReidCINJ   MIN 16:33913121.6676.00020119.0+6-1.22-0.58-1.18-
 39-0.23Austin RiversSG/SF  MIN 20:47201320.5002.0000014.4+9-2.30-1.52-2.01-0.363.07-1.300.000.002.32
 62-0.61Nathan KnightPF/C  MIN 19:351022000.6676.00001416.3+5-1.070.36-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.301.470.001.10
 63-0.63Jaylen NowellPG/SG  MIN 20:16802320.50061.00025026.8+4-1.38-1.52-1.60-0.363.07-1.300.051.09-3.76
 70-0.83Jaden McDanielsSF/PFINJ   MINSF30:39806300.40010.00001116.40-1.38-1.520.06-0.36-2.79-1.30-1.320.001.10
   Karl-Anthony Towns   MIN                        
   Bryn Forbes NOTE  MIN                        
   Taurean Prince   MIN                        
   Jordan McLaughlin   MIN                        
   Luka Garza GLG MIN                        
   Matt Ryan GLG MIN                        
   Wendell Moore   MIN                        
   Josh Minott   MIN                        
  0.00Totals   240:00111134531126.51286.667151919172.9+550.
Must Add Josh: Fouls again were a problem. No idea what happens when Towns is back, but he is key to their team, it seems.
Must Add Kyle: Anderson should be on someone's roster as long as he's starting and producing so well with Towns out, but this remains a sell-high stretch, too.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Started even against Gobert, whch makes the Tillman start against the Kings even weirder. Clarke is a must add player.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Clarke started and played great again. He should be on someone's roster in most leagues as a flier or at least a streamer to see if this starting job sticks with Adams out.
Josh: Good numbers despite the bench role. It's hard to see him as a 12 team must, but in deeper leagues, there is value there
Kyle: Tillman had a good showing in short bench minutes. The 3 steals are great, but his isn't anything to chase beyond very deep leagues.
Sell High Kyle: Russell's great play persists, and he's fine to just roll with if you think it lasts, but I'd be considering sell-high options before Towns is back.
Sell High Kyle: Gobert has played through his groin issue for three straight games, and it's good to see he's managing it, but I'd be considering sell-high options before Towns is back or the injury is aggravated.
Kyle: Morant collected the 9th triple-double of his career and 4th this season.
Josh: It will be interesting to see if Gobert plays on a back to back, but that's the only way I see Reid being a 12 team guy
Josh: Started for Bane, but it may not have happened if Konchar played. Minutes are good, but he is long way from being a fantasy option.
Kyle: Ziaire got a spot start with Bane out but failed to do much for fantasy. This is just something to watch in case Bane misses more time and Ziaire starts producing better.
Kyle: Brooks had a decent game in big minutes, but this came with Bane out, so it's mostly a sell-high moment, nothing to chase.
Josh: Didn't step up with Bane out which is disappointing. Only a Morant injury stash.
Josh: The disappointments keep on rolling in. A drop in 12 team points leagues. Anderson is playing better than he is at the moment.
Droppable 10 teams Kyle: Jaden is fine to drop as needed in 10s, but I'd be holding in 12s and considering buying low during this poor stretch.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Still too many people holding him in 12 team leagues

ORL 105 @ MIA 110

 230.18Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF32:581936200.600101.00041218.000.331.300.06-0.81-2.79-1.301.522.171.10
 35-0.13Wendell Carter Jr.PF/C  ORLC31:291628301.58312.00003622.2-3-0.140.360.89-0.36-2.790.671.540.00-1.33
 38-0.22Gary HarrisSG/SF  ORLSG28:12822110.6005.0000028.3-11-1.380.36-1.60-1.250.14-1.300.750.002.32
 41-0.25Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 27:441947100.5569.83363124.6+70.332.240.48-1.25-2.79-1.300.790.54-1.33
 53-0.50Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORL 17:11302520.0003.75041015.6+13-2.15-1.52-1.600.533.07-1.30-2.12-0.551.10
 55-0.52Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORLPG30:491003602.5569.00004219.6-18-1.07-1.52-1.180.97-2.792.640.790.00-2.55
 57-0.58Moritz WagnerPF/CQ  ORL 16:07902110.50061.00032526.9-1-1.22-1.52-1.60-1.250.14-1.300.051.63-0.11
 73-0.89Bol BolPF/C  ORL 19:48205100.00011.0002126.8+6-2.30-1.52-0.35-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.721.091.10
 93-1.33Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLPF35:421915110.28614.769135332.2-180.33-0.58-0.35-1.250.14-1.30-4.12-1.10-3.76
   Jonathan Isaac X  ORL                        
   Terrence Ross   ORL                        
   Chuma Okeke   ORL                        
   Mo Bamba   ORL                        
   R.J. Hampton   ORL                        
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                        
   Caleb Houstan   ORL                        
   Kevon Harris   ORL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010512402153.47869.844322023174.2-
 100.68Jimmy ButlerSF/PF  MIASF32:422906620.58817.750120130.4+91.87-1.520.060.973.07-1.302.31-1.642.32
 160.38Caleb MartinSF/PFQ  MIAPF27:141307211.66791.00010315.5+13-0.60-1.520.48-0.810.140.672.210.542.32
 200.26Bam AdebayoC  MIAC36:322006711.50014.85772523.3+40.48-1.520.061.410.140.670.141.08-0.11
 220.19Max StrusSG/SF  MIA 29:301751210.62581.00022316.5-50.023.18-2.01-0.810.14-1.301.491.09-0.11
 30-0.01Kyle LowryPG  MIAPG25:08624520.3336.00001112.4+5-1.680.36-0.770.533.07-1.30-1.370.001.10
 64-0.64Tyler HerroPG/SGD  MIASG29:521006310.333121.00022022.3+13-1.07-1.520.06-0.360.14-1.30-2.721.09-0.11
 66-0.68Gabe VincentPG/SG  MIA 18:571131100.37581.00021223.3-2-0.911.30-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.30-1.351.091.10
 75-0.93Orlando RobinsonPFGLG  MIA 11:28004001.0001.0000117.8+1-2.61-1.52-0.77-1.69-2.790.67-0.720.001.10
 81-1.03Haywood HighsmithPF  MIA 6:55201000.5002.00000112.9-8-2.30-1.52-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.300.000.002.32
 94-1.34Victor OladipoSG/SFX  MIA 21:42201210.1258.00002220.6-5-2.30-1.52-2.01-0.810.14-1.30-4.190.00-0.11
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
   Dewayne Dedmon   MIA                        
   Duncan Robinson   MIA                        
   Omer Yurtseven   MIA                        
   Nikola Jovic   MIA                        
   Jamal Cain GLG  MIA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011010372893.45985.846261119185.0+
Sell High Kyle: Butler was back in action after sitting out the previous game, and as long as he's healthy, I'd be looking for sell-high options in H2H leagues.
Sell High Kyle: A good game, but it's hard to trust consistent value from Martin beyond very deep leagues. This is a sell-high moment, not something to chase.
Josh: Nice game, but it's a bit out of the blue. He isn't someone I would consider adding.
Stream Kyle: I wouldn't be chasing Max, just using as a streamer as needed and selling high when possible.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Another struggle game and he didn't play in the fourth quarter. That is becoming a trend. He is a holdm barely, but in a 10 teamer, I can see moving on.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Lowry's minutes have gotten low enough that I wouldn't be holding out too much hope for his ceiling to rebound in any dramatic way to justify treating him as much more than a streamer and specialist in standards.
Stream Josh: Big minutes while Fultz also went over 30. That's interesting. It's likely because Isaac was out, because they didn't play Ross a second here, but as a streamer Anthony can be useful
Stream Kyle: Cole was great, commanding good minutes off the bench and producing well in them. He's fine to stream as needed, but I'd also be selling high when Cole plays well given the Magic's depth.
Buy Low Josh: Buy low remains in effect for Herro who just can't hit shots at the moment.
Buy Low Kyle: Herro is having a rough stretch, but I'd be sending out buy-low offers in most places.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: What are we holding for?
Droppable Kyle: Bol remains rostered in more leagues than he should be with his modest bench role.
Josh: Rough night with efficiency, but that will happen from time to time. Interestingly, he is outside the top 100 now for the season.
Josh: Gross. Wasn't a blowout. Wasn't foul trouble, he just stunk. He is quickly moving back to stream territory.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Oladipo's hot start has cooled off in recent games, and he's fine to treat as a streamer in most leagues.

CLE 100 @ OKC 112

 31.29Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG37:1831321340.43523.800102235.7-102.181.30-1.604.078.93-1.30-1.88-0.01-0.11
 240.15Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLESF26:17604222.4297.00001313.8-7-1.68-1.52-0.77-0.813.072.64-0.650.001.10
 32-0.10Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF37:3823211102.50018.75044528.6-30.940.362.14-1.25-2.792.640.19-0.55-2.55
 33-0.11Jarrett AllenC  CLEC35:361309001.7508.50020111.3-10-0.60-1.521.31-1.69-2.790.672.91-1.632.32
 50-0.40Raul NetoPG  CLE 11:39712010.66731.00021019.0-6-1.53-0.58-1.60-1.690.14-1.300.721.091.10
 54-0.52Lamar StevensSG/SF  CLE 14:58801010.5717.00000321.20-1.38-1.52-2.01-1.690.14-1.300.770.002.32
 56-0.52Dean WadeSF/PF  CLE 25:45514210.4005.00001310.6-12-1.84-0.58-0.77-0.810.14-1.30-0.670.001.10
 77-0.95Cedi OsmanSG/SF  CLE 13:03511000.4005.00000117.40-1.84-0.58-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.670.002.32
 96-1.41Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLESG37:46203900.08312.00001315.6-12-2.30-1.52-1.182.30-2.79-1.30-6.980.001.10
   Donovan Mitchell   CLE                        
   Kevin Love   CLE                        
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE                        
   Ricky Rubio   CLE                        
   Robin Lopez   CLE                        
   Dylan Windler INJ   CLE                        
   Mamadi Diakite   CLE                        
  0.00Totals   240:001008372795.44388.778181021173.1-600.
 21.71Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderPG/SG  OKCPG35:093515821.57121.909110233.6+142.80-0.58-0.351.863.070.672.353.252.32
 250.14Aaron WigginsSG/SF  OKCSF30:481007220.66761.00022313.2+8-1.07-1.520.48-0.813.07-1.301.471.09-0.11
 37-0.21Kenrich WilliamsSF/PFX  OKC 20:21717101.6005.00000111.2+8-1.53-0.580.48-1.25-2.790.670.750.002.32
 45-0.31Jaylin WilliamsPF/C  OKCC18:55826200.6005.00000012.1-1-1.380.360.06-0.81-2.79-1.300.750.002.32
 49-0.39Darius BazleySF/PF  OKC 14:24912010.42971.00020017.7+4-1.22-0.58-1.60-1.690.14-1.30-0.651.092.32
 60-0.61Mike MuscalaC  OKC 19:40516100.50021.00021315.9+19-1.84-0.580.06-1.25-2.79-1.300.001.091.10
 71-0.85Jalen WilliamsSG/SF  OKCPF32:411733000.58312.00013121.6+30.021.30-1.18-1.69-2.79-1.301.54-2.18-1.33
 79-1.02Josh GiddeySG/SF  OKCSG27:531506300.50012.75044129.1+8-0.29-1.520.06-0.36-2.79-1.300.12-0.55-2.55
 80-1.03Isaiah JoePG/SG  OKC 21:05611000.33331.00032013.7+12-1.68-0.58-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.701.63-0.11
 89-1.21Tre MannPG/SG  OKC 8:59002100.0003.00000315.2-4-2.61-1.52-1.60-1.25-2.79-1.30-
 92-1.29Ousmane DiengSF/PF  OKC 10:05001100.0000.0000239.1-11-2.61-1.52-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.020.00-0.11
   Luguentz Dort   OKC                        
   Aleksej Pokusevski INJ   OKC                        
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   OKC                        
   Eugene Omoruyi Q  OKC                        
   Chet Holmgren X  OKC                        
   Lindy Waters III   OKC                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011210461952.52676.880251417192.2+600.
Kyle: Garland is worth considering as a bit of a sell-high with Mitchell out, but I'd only be giving him up for a legit return.
Josh: Nice defense. They play again Sunday, a low volume day, so that's why you can hold him, but drop after that.
Sell High Kyle: Great defense, but Okoro's starting job isn't overly secure, as his production is unreliable. This is mostly a sell-high moment for Okoro. Wade should continue to push him for minutes and the starting SF job.
Josh: It was his turn today and he is likely to be out of the rotation in a couple of games, but whenever he plays, he seems to do something good. Keep his name as a stream guy. Started here for Dort.
Sell High Kyle: Wiggins is worth watching and considering as a conditional streamer if Dort is out and more spot starts come, but it's hard to trust Wiggins sticking in the starting lineup next game even if Dort is out, so I wouldn't be chasing hard.
Josh: Shows he has another gear offensively, but when Mitchell plays, he is unable to reach it.
Kyle: Mobley scored well again in Mitchell's absence, and while this may be a sell-high moment to consider in redrafts, it's great for dynasty that Mobley is showing a willingness to be a more consistent option on offense.
Josh: Lower minutes than we would like, which keeps him as a 14 team stream guy
Kyle: Neto was in the bench rotation with Rubio resting on the b2b.
Josh: Nice scoring, but the lack of assists and defense hurts. Still must roster.
Hold Kyle: A light game in many respects, but I'd be holding most places with Jalen's secure role and general upside.
Buy Low Kyle: Giddey's production has slid a bit of late, and he could be worth seeing how much it'd cost to get him as a buy-low.
Josh: That's unbelievably bad. He still can be a 12 teamer while Mitchell is out, but his percentages are commonly disgusting.
Droppable Kyle: LeVert is just a conditional streamer in most leagues while Mitchell remains out, so don't worry about adding and dropping as needed.
Droppable Kyle: Dort can be dropped as needed most places when he's day-to-day.

TOR 117 @ GSW 129

 110.68Fred VanVleetPG  TORPG40:1828541011.550201.00015424.2-101.723.18-0.772.740.140.671.630.54-3.76
 150.45Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORSF36:332426502.60015.80052420.2-21.100.360.060.53-2.792.642.280.00-0.11
 36-0.21Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG36:431734200.50014.00000014.6-140.021.30-0.77-0.81-2.79-1.300.140.002.32
 40-0.25Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 36:2717011210.66712.33332216.1-80.02-1.522.14-0.810.14-1.302.96-3.81-0.11
 61-0.61Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 9:31202110.5002.0000018.1-12-2.30-1.52-1.60-1.250.14-1.300.000.002.32
 76-0.94Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORC39:492117300.30826.80050427.2-70.63-0.580.48-0.36-2.79-1.30-6.820.002.32
 83-1.05Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 19:22719011.2229.40051024.2-16-1.53-0.581.31-1.690.140.67-3.47-5.441.10
 84-1.05Juan HernangomezPF/CNOTE  TOR 11:17003000.0001.00000220.0+2-2.61-1.52-1.18-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 85-1.06O.G. AnunobySG/SF OUTTORPF10:00100110.0002.50020011.0+7-2.46-1.52-2.43-1.250.14-1.30-1.42-1.632.32
   Otto Porter X  TOR                        
   Khem Birch X  TOR                        
   Malachi Flynn   TOR                        
   Dalano Banton   TOR                        
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   TOR                        
   Christian Koloko   TOR                        
   Ron Harper Jr. GLG TOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011712462454.455101.619211017165.6-600.
 11.74Stephen CurryPG  GSWPG38:4735471120.619211.00053129.3+132.802.240.483.193.07-1.303.772.71-1.33
 120.55Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSF37:522968110.458241.00011129.2+61.874.120.89-1.250.14-1.30-1.160.541.10
 130.51Donte DiVincenzoPG/SG  GSW 33:1012231120.50010.00001114.4+24-0.760.36-
 44-0.30JaMychal GreenPF/C  GSW 15:321016000.60051.00030117.7-1-1.07-0.580.06-1.69-2.79-1.300.751.632.32
 46-0.33Jonathan KumingaPF/C  GSW 23:151540201.7147.50022318.4+9-0.292.24-2.43-0.81-2.790.672.19-1.63-0.11
 52-0.47Kevon LooneyC  GSWC23:451208300.8577.00020614.4+12-0.76-1.520.89-0.36-2.79-1.303.61-4.352.32
 69-0.81Draymond GreenPF/C  GSWPF32:44507700.5004.5002219.1+4-1.84-1.520.481.41-2.79-1.300.03-1.63-0.11
 78-0.99Anthony LambSF/PF  GSW 10:31202300.2504.00000016.5+6-2.30-1.52-1.60-0.36-2.79-1.30-1.390.002.32
 86-1.06Jordan PoolePG/SG  GSWSG24:24912200.5008.00003419.6-13-1.22-0.58-1.60-0.81-2.79-1.300.070.00-1.33
   Andrew Wiggins   GSW                        
   James Wiseman   GSW                        
   Andre Iguodala INJ   GSW                        
   Ty Jerome   GSW                        
   Moses Moody   GSW                        
   Patrick Baldwin   GSW                        
   Ryan Rollins X  GSW                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012918434051.55690.733151218168.6+600.
Stream Josh: Another strong game. Poole was in foul trouble and Wiggins was out, so remember that, but there is at least stream value in Donte to see where the role lands.
Sell High Kyle: Donte had a big game, but this came with Wiggins out, and I wouldn't expect consistent production for standards when the team is healthy, so this is a sell-high moment and something to watch for more streaming if Wiggins is out again.
Stream Josh: He is going to have strong value while OG is out.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Achiuwa stepped up with huge minutes after Anunoby left due to injury. Precious is worth grabbing as a flier or streamer, as Anunoby would seem doubtful to play in the b2b Saturday.
Stream 14 teams Josh: Another game over 20 minutes, but we have to remember Wiggins was out. But, he is approaching 14 team value
Stream Kyle: Kuminga moved to the bench but played well again. He's worth considering a streamer while Wiggins is out, but it's hard to trust consistent value from Kuminga when the Warriors are healthy, so this is also a sell-high stretch.
Josh: Started with Wiggins out and was serviceable. He isn't someone I would want on my 12 team roster though
Kyle: Looney got the start with Wiggins out again and Kuminga going to the bench. This is a bit of a sell-high moment for deeper leagues, nothing to chase.
Stream Josh: It seems Achiuwa will get more minutes, but Boucher could be an option, at least tomorrow, with Anunoby injured
Stream Kyle: Boucher is worth considering as a conditional streamer for Saturday if Anunoby is out.
Kyle: Anunoby took a hard fall and hurt his wrist. X-rays were negative, and hopefully the sprain is minor, but we probably shouldn't expect him to play Saturday on the b2b given he was held out the rest of this game. --
Josh: Had some foul issues, so lower than usual minutes.
Kyle: Poole was limited by foul trouble. This is a buy-low moment if anything.