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<February 2024>
box scoreATL 127@ PHI 1215:00 pm
ATL by 3.5 o/u 243.5ATL 124 @ PHI 120
box scoreHOU 104@ TOR 1075:30 pm
TOR by 2.5 o/u 235.5HOU 116 @ TOR 119
box scoreWAS 129@ BOS 1335:30 pm
BOS by 18.0 o/u 236.5WAS 109 @ BOS 127
box scoreCHA 84@ MIL 1206:00 pm
MIL by 16.0 o/u 229.5CHA 107 @ MIL 123Blowout
box scoreDEN 106@ SAC 1358:00 pm
SAC by 3.0 o/u 230.5DEN 114 @ SAC 117Blowout
box scoreNOR 122@ LAL 1398:30 pm
NOR by 2.5 o/u 237.0NOR 120 @ LAL 117Blowout

Central Standard Time

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ATL 127 @ PHI 121

 71.03Onyeka OkongwuC  ATLC33:542118212.750121.00021.5002.80010318.3+80.67-0.700.84-0.890.072.344.511.311.08
 160.61Saddiq BeySF/PF  ATLSF33:5418211110.364111.00080.4005.3336119.1+
 320.16Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATLSG34:021333303.41712.00000.4297.4005215.8+1-0.651.24-1.11-0.43-2.894.17-1.25-0.012.34
 44-0.15Bruno FernandoC  ATL 14:068030021.0004.00000.00001.0004412.7-2-1.47-1.68-1.11-1.79-2.892.342.95-0.012.34
 53-0.31Trae YoungPG  ATLPG39:4737511210.47621.750167.41712.5569139.4+53.323.19-1.893.660.07-1.32-0.39-2.98-6.49
 58-0.38De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATL 23:371132210.50061.00023.7504.0002118.7-3-0.981.24-1.50-0.890.07-1.320.101.31-1.45
 64-0.50Garrison MathewsSG/SF  ATL 13:58811100.66731.00030.50021.0001313.8+5-1.47-0.70-1.89-1.34-2.89-1.320.771.972.34
 68-0.55Jalen JohnsonSF/PF  ATLPF38:2911111602.41712.00021.2504.5008316.1+7-0.98-0.702.010.93-2.892.34-1.25-5.461.08
 103-1.10Trent ForrestPG RETATL 8:13000400.0000.00001.0000.000015.4+1-2.80-1.68-2.280.02-2.89-1.320.00-0.011.08
   Patty Mills   ATL                            
   Wesley Matthews   ATL                            
   Clint Capela   ATL                            
   Dejounte Murray TRADE  ATL                            
   Vit Krejci   ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin TRADE  ATL                            
   Kobe Bufkin Q  ATL                            
   Seth Lundy   ATL                            
   Mouhamed Gueye   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012716403149.51981.8183313.44436.5784519159.4+300.
 140.67Cam PaynePG  PHIPG35:412043621.438161.00022.4449.4297221.0+40.512.22-1.110.933.020.51-1.191.31-0.19
 370.01Mo BambaC  PHI 16:29313313.3333.00001.5002.000129.6+5-2.30-0.70-1.11-0.430.074.17-0.67-0.011.08
 380.01Paul ReedPF/C  PHIC31:3012013111.5569.66731.0002.7147614.3-11-0.81-1.682.79-1.340.070.510.86-1.411.08
 40-0.01Kelly OubreSG/SF  PHISG39:5728212111.42119.714140.2508.54511425.0-21.830.272.40-1.340.070.51-1.86-4.302.34
 45-0.15Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF38:352126700.43816.83361.5004.41712220.2-40.670.270.061.39-2.89-1.32-1.190.571.08
 66-0.53Buddy HieldSG/SF  PHISF39:332044600.38121.00002.33312.4449323.1-10.512.22-0.720.93-2.89-1.32-3.27-0.01-0.19
 72-0.67Terquavion SmithPG  PHI 12:44820010.4297.00001.33361.0001025.0-11-1.470.27-2.28-1.790.07-1.32-0.61-0.011.08
 91-0.84KJ MartinSF  PHI 18:56506010.5004.50021.0001.6673412.3-10-1.97-1.680.06-1.790.07-1.320.07-2.071.08
 95-0.93Ricky Council IVSG  PHI 6:35402000.33331.00020.0001.5002123.40-2.14-1.68-1.50-1.79-2.89-1.32-0.671.312.34
   Nicolas Batum   PHI                            
   Robert Covington   PHI                            
   Joel Embiid   PHI                            
   De'Anthony Melton   PHI                            
   Tyrese Maxey   PHI                            
   Kenneth Lofton Jr.   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012115492476.42998.759299.33345.5095324174.1-300.
Josh: I could say he is sell high, but I do think there is a strong chance he maintains the starting role all season. But those who doubted why we were high on him in the preseason, this is why.
Sell High Kyle: Okongwu continues to shine in a starting role, and he's fine to just ride out the good times with, but this is also a sell-high stretch before Capela returns to establish the timeshare again.
Josh: A great game, but three starters except EWmbiid were out so I am not adding him
Sell High Kyle: Payne made his Sixers debut in impressive fashion, but this spot start came with several players out, so we can't expect more than a middling bench role for Payne when the Sixers have Maxey, Melton, and Batum available, so this is just a sell-high situation and conditional streaming moment.
Stream Josh: Putting together a nice run of games, but for a huge stretch, when Hunter was out, he was unrosterable. Use him while he plays well.
Sell High Kyle: Bey had another good game, and he should be getting streamed, especially if Murray misses more time, but this is also a sell-high stretch before the Hawks are fully healthy and Bey's minutes get squeezed more.
Kyle: Bogdan stuck in with another spot start in Murray's absence.
Watch Kyle: Bamba is in position for a steady bench role for the time being, so deep leagues should at least be aware of him for conditional and specialist streaming.
Must Add Josh: Just a simple must roster
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Reed was much better this time out. He didn't wow, but he's in a great situation to contribute for most leagues down the stretch, and I'd have him on my roster in standards. If you don't trust him, this could be a sell-high moment, but I'd be ready for even better games.
Sell High Josh: A huge game, but we have seen him for so long to know that he is going to crash back hard coming up soon
Sell High Kyle: Oubre was great, and he's OK to take a flier/stream on in most spots, but this is mostly a sell-high moment before Maxey, Melton, and Batum potentially push Oubre into a bench fight with Hield for sixth-man minutes.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: This is just deadweight on a 12 team roster
Droppable Kyle: Hunter is in too short of a bench role to look at as more than someone for deeper leagues and conditional streaming.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: This is a great first game. But, I am not 100% convinced he is a starter all season Maxey, Melton, and Batum were all out, who I expect would start, then there is Oubre as well. This is not as simple as there is a clear 32+ all season
Maybe Add Kyle: Hield is close to a must-add to see how his role plays out on the Sixers, especially while Embiid is out, but we also should temper expectations, as if Melton and Batum end up starting with Maxey and Harris when healthy, that'd leave Hield and Oubre fighting for big bench minutes and touches. So, this can be treated as a sell-high moment.

HOU 104 @ TOR 107

 260.29Dillon BrooksSG/SF  HOUSF30:132042312.462131.00044.8005.2508526.1-110.512.22-1.50-0.430.072.34-0.512.63-2.71
 49-0.23Cam WhitmoreSF/PF OUTHOU 17:321733100.55691.00042.6005.5004130.6-10.011.24-1.11-1.34-2.89-1.320.862.63-0.19
 50-0.24Jeff GreenPF/C  HOU 27:071116411.27311.80050.1676.4005120.5+18-0.98-0.700.
 57-0.37Aaron HolidayPG/SG  HOU 30:491223510.38513.00001.2508.6005219.1+15-0.810.27-1.110.480.07-1.32-1.95-0.011.08
 62-0.48Jabari Smith JrPF/C  HOUPF33:2612211200.45511.00002.3336.6005216.4+2-0.810.272.01-0.89-2.89-1.32-0.54-0.01-0.19
 63-0.49Jae'Sean TateSF/PF  HOU 14:32403110.6673.00000.00011.000218.7+10-2.14-1.68-1.11-1.340.07-1.320.77-0.012.34
 67-0.54Reggie Bullock JrSF/PF  HOU 11:206230001.0002.000001.0002.000017.4+7-1.810.27-1.11-1.79-2.89-1.321.48-0.012.34
 74-0.68Amen ThompsonPG/SG/SF  HOUPG31:44809410.8005.00006.0000.8005414.6-11-1.47-1.681.230.020.07-1.322.24-0.01-5.23
 116-1.25Alperen SengunC  HOUC20:53707100.4297.50022.0000.4297319.9-21-1.64-1.680.45-1.34-2.89-1.32-0.61-2.07-0.19
 126-2.03Jalen GreenPG/SG  HOUSG22:24712100.27311.00014.2005.3336029.0-23-1.64-0.70-1.50-1.34-2.89-1.32-3.43-2.73-2.71
   Steven Adams   HOU                            
   Boban Marjanovic   HOU                            
   Fred VanVleet   HOU                            
   Jock Landale   HOU                            
   Nate Hinton   HOU                            
   Tari Eason   HOU                            
   Jeenathan Williams Jr.   HOU                            
   Jermaine Samuels   HOU                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010415492253.44785.8131621.39538.4894720192.4-
 11.90Jakob PoeltlC  TORC37:0816013336.636111.00024.0000.63611417.8+14-0.15-1.682.79-0.435.979.652.341.31-2.71
 180.60Scottie BarnesSG/SF/PF  TORPF34:5713010822.250161.00051.0003.30813222.9-2-0.65-1.681.621.843.022.34-5.513.291.08
 270.29R.J. BarrettSG/SF  TORSF35:382115710.66712.80052.3333.7789218.9+80.67-0.70-0.331.390.07-1.323.07-0.09-0.19
 310.18Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG33:53821340.182111.00021.2508.0003115.8+17-1.470.27-1.89-0.438.93-1.32-4.871.311.08
 350.07Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  TORPG38:272544210.47419.75041.4449.50010223.5+211.342.22-0.72-0.890.07-1.32-0.42-0.751.08
 60-0.45Jontay PorterPF/C  TOR 10:52713010.5006.00000.5002.5004123.0-11-1.64-0.70-1.11-1.790.07-1.320.10-0.012.34
 61-0.48Gradey DickSG  TOR 19:37621110.4005.00000.4005.0000310.6-7-1.810.27-1.89-1.340.07-1.32-0.64-0.012.34
 84-0.78Bruce BrownPG/SG/SF  TOR 22:201103010.385131.00011.0002.45511226.9-13-0.98-1.68-1.11-1.790.07-1.32-1.950.651.08
 124-1.41Jordan NworaSF/PF  TOR 7:08001000.0002.00001.0001.0001017.5-12-2.80-1.68-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.32-1.41-0.011.08
   Garrett Temple   TOR                            
   Kelly Olynyk   TOR                            
   Chris Boucher   TOR                            
   Jalen McDaniels TRADE  TOR                            
   Ochai Agbaji   TOR                            
   Javon Freeman-Liberty   TOR                            
   Markquis Nowell   TOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00107104124148.42195.8951911.30333.4846217176.9+
Sell High Kyle: With Olynyk not playing yet, Poeltl was pushed into huge minutes and posted an unreal line that is certainly a sell-high game but only for the right return.
Buy Low Josh: Another lower usage, lower efficiency game. Could be a buy low target.
Josh: Second solid game from Brooks. Usage was up here. You can stream while FVV is out, but be aware that the usage rise can end up a negative impact on your percentages.
Stream Kyle: Brooks has added streaming value while VanVleet is out, so feel free to add and use, but this is also a sell-high stretch if a good offer is available.
Josh: It seems ridiculous, but he is putting up high fg% games all the time now. He is taking more shots at the rim now, so that is sustainable, but also he is up from 62% at the rim to 73%, as well as being at career high, and upper percentile league levels in mid range shooting. I think the assists bump is slightly real.
Sell High Kyle: Barrett's great play since the trade is OK to just enjoy and hope he's become a new man north of the border, but this is also a sell-high stretch to consider for both redrafts and dynasty if you think his great efficiency this season comes back to earth at some point.
Josh: Gained most of Schroder's minutes. The steals are nice, but I wouldn't label him a must roster player. More of a specialist.
Watch Kyle: Trent played huge minutes, and while his shooting was poor, his 4 steals could convince someone to trade for him in deeper leagues. With Agbaji and Dick in line for more minutes to close the season, though, I'd expect Trent's role to get squeezed more going forward.
Josh: After a string of poor games, it is good to see him put this one out there.
Josh: Was scoring like crazy again, but I don't think that's enough to be a 12 team, plus his night ended early due to injury.
Kyle: Whitmore was scoring at will before leaving with a sprained ankle. If he's day-to-day, he's going to be OK to drop, but this was looking like a potential great stretch for him while FVV is out, so feel free to wait for more info.
Watch Kyle: I wouldn't trust Aaron for reliable production even in good run, but while FVV is out, Aaron could continue to get good run and touches, so at least be aware of him. This extended run came with Green and Sengun getting benched, though, so I'm watching, not chasing.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Really low usage, but the stats reamins solid for 12 team leagues while FVV is out
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Amen is in the starting PG spot for now with FVV out, and Amen should be getting streamed most places just in case the role lasts longer than expected.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I'm not sure if 22 minutes a night is his fate, but it has been rough in Toronto and we still have to see how they use Olynyk and Agbaji
Droppable Kyle: Wow. Just 22 minutes for the second straight game. Welp. That's a cooked Bruce.
Josh: Got benched due to poor play. He responded well last time this happened.
Buy Low Kyle: A buy-low moment for Sengun as he got benched for defensive purposes.
Josh: We are seeing regression back to Jalen Green of old. Got benched in this one as well. Hold for now.
Hold Kyle: In deeper leagues, I'd likely be looking at buy-low options, but I'd be careful not to over pursue Green in standards. I wouldn't be surprised if this benching leads to a big game from him next time out with FVV still sidelined.

WAS 129 @ BOS 133

 21.62Corey KispertSG/SF  WAS 23:512436430.643141.00030.5006.7508126.1-
 61.07Deni AvdijaSF/PFTRADE  WASPF41:4724311420.70010.87583.6005.8005516.1+
 210.45Bilal CoulibalySG/SF  WASSF32:312148320.333181.00052.33312.3336427.8+60.672.220.84-0.433.02-1.32-4.043.29-0.19
 300.19Tyus JonesPG  WASPG37:231732901.53813.000011.0003.40010115.2+70.011.24-1.502.30-2.890.510.93-0.011.08
 42-0.08Kyle KuzmaSF/PF  WASC37:021734500.429141.00020.3758.5006516.3+40.011.24-0.720.48-2.89-1.32-1.221.312.34
 82-0.76Jordan PoolePG/SG  WASSG37:101932510.36819.66733.30010.4449525.5+10.341.24-1.500.480.07-1.32-3.30-1.41-1.45
 102-1.04Eugene OmoruyiSF/PF  WAS 13:07405200.5004.00002.0001.6673218.6-16-2.14-1.68-0.33-0.89-2.89-1.320.07-0.01-0.19
 110-1.16Delon WrightPG/SG  WAS 3:33000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -6-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.79-2.89-1.320.00-0.012.34
 112-1.17Landry ShametPG/SG  WAS 13:36311000.3333.00001.5002.0001112.0-14-2.30-0.70-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.32-0.67-0.011.08
   Richaun Holmes   WAS                            
   Anthony Gill   WAS                            
   Marvin Bagley III   WAS                            
   Jared Butler   WAS                            
   Isaiah Livers   WAS                            
   Johnny Davis   WAS                            
   Patrick Baldwin   WAS                            
   Jules Bernard   WAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012920393281.47495.9052112.42647.5214825157.7-
 31.58Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSPF38:0435310812.54522.88992.30010.75012130.1+92.991.241.621.840.072.341.792.55-0.19
 91.00Kristaps PorzingisPF/CINJ   BOSC32:5334211001.500181.000143.5004.50014333.8+82.820.272.01-1.79-2.890.510.289.23-1.45
 220.45Jrue HolidayPG/SG  BOSPG33:562027510.69213.000021.0002.63611218.1-110.510.270.450.480.07-1.323.81-0.01-0.19
 41-0.08Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOSSG33:03402631.3336.00003.00041.0002411.1-3-2.14-1.68-1.500.935.970.51-1.34-0.01-1.45
 47-0.20Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSF34:431807310.60015.00003.0001.64314321.2-150.18-1.680.45-0.430.07-1.322.40-0.01-1.45
 52-0.26Payton PritchardPG/SG  BOS 16:541126100.57171.00010.40051.0002018.0+7-0.980.270.06-1.34-2.89-1.320.830.652.34
 54-0.32Al HorfordPF/C  BOS 23:07615120.4005.50020.5002.3333110.4+7-1.81-0.70-0.33-1.343.02-1.32-0.64-2.072.34
 77-0.70Sam HauserSF/PF  BOS 16:13511110.16761.00020.1676.0000117.4+14-1.97-0.70-1.89-1.340.07-1.32-2.781.312.34
 97-0.95Luke KornetC  BOS 11:07000001.0000.00000.0000.00002 +4-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.79-2.890.510.00-0.012.34
   Svi Mykhailiuk   BOS                            
   Oshae Brissett   BOS                            
   Xavier Tillman   BOS                            
   Jaden Springer   BOS                            
   Neemias Queta   BOS                            
   J.D. Davison   BOS                            
   Jordan Walsh   BOS                            
   Drew Peterson   BOS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0013311492595.52292.9292813.32434.6385817160.1+
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Sort of out of nowhere, Kispert is looking like a 12 team option. I have my doubt, but he is efficient, and he is adding some peripherals now as well.
Stream Kyle: Kispert has been throwing fire in recent games, but this kind of production won't be reliable in a middling bench role, so stream him, but this is mostly a sell-high stretch unless the Wizards start hibernating some core guys.
Josh: Starting to look more like Tatum now.
Josh: This is a ridiculous amount of minutes with Kuzma pushed up to centre. Still can't quite figure him out, but he is a guy to roster
Maybe Add Kyle: Avdija claimed big minutes with the Wizards shorthanded, and while this is a sell-high moment, it's also a time to consider taking another flier on Avdija in case he walks into a bigger role consistently as the Wizards tank.
Josh: Almost led the team in shots in a surprise. He Tony Snell'd the last game, so I don't think we expect this, but keep an eye on his offensive role.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Coulibaly is just a streamer and sell-high guy in this moment with Bagley out, but what if the Wizards decide to keep starting small like this a lot of nights to feature Coulibaly? He's OK to take a flier to see how it spins out.
Kyle: Jrue returned from a one-game absence with a great game, and this could be seen as a bit of a sell-high game with how light Jrue's production has been much of this season.
Josh: Last game was great, but he is hard to use when all the starters are present, as we saw here.
Josh: Now, he can't hit free throws either. Aside from that, it was fine. Dropping him is fine, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that the potential is still there.
Josh: I thought he would do more with no centres available, but he did not
Watch Kyle: Deeper leagues should already be considering a flier on Holmes to see how big of a role he carves out to close the season on the Wizards.
Kyle: Bagley will surely have some big games down the stretch for the tanking Wizards, but don't let overblown expectations have you holding Bagley if you need immediate production and he remains day-to-day.

CHA 84 @ MIL 120Blowout

 48-0.20Nick RichardsC  CHAC29:5416011001.7789.66732.0000.7789217.6-25-0.15-1.682.01-1.79-2.890.513.75-1.41-0.19
 55-0.33Bryce McGowensSG/SF  CHA 30:211525010.50010.75041.4005.6005518.0-19-0.320.27-0.33-1.790.07-1.320.16-0.751.08
 71-0.62Brandon MillerSG/SF  CHASG29:051616311.33318.75042.1676.41712232.0-31-0.15-0.700.06-0.430.070.51-4.04-0.75-0.19
 88-0.83Nathan MensahC  CHA 18:06404000.6673.00000.0000.6673412.0-11-2.14-1.68-0.72-1.79-2.89-1.320.77-0.012.34
 92-0.85Leaky BlackSF/PF  CHASF30:10406200.50021.00022.0000.500226.9-16-2.14-1.680.06-0.89-2.89-1.320.041.31-0.19
 96-0.95Nick Smith Jr.PG/SG  CHA 23:491323300.20010.87582.2508.0002027.90-0.650.27-1.11-0.43-2.89-1.32-4.161.89-0.19
 104-1.11J.T. ThorPF  CHA 18:46003000.0001.00000.0000.000122.3-2-2.80-1.68-1.11-1.79-2.89-1.32-0.70-0.012.34
 113-1.19Amari BaileyPG  CHA 4:16000100.0001.00000.0001.0000010.0-1-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.34-2.89-1.32-0.70-0.012.34
 122-1.38Miles BridgesSF/PF  CHAPF31:221125300.12516.83361.3336.00010126.8-39-0.980.27-0.33-0.43-2.89-1.32-8.390.571.08
 125-1.63Cody MartinSG/SF  CHAPG24:11505500.2229.50023.0003.3336222.8-36-1.97-1.68-0.330.48-2.89-1.32-3.46-2.07-1.45
   Kyle Lowry   CHA                            
   Davis Bertans   CHA                            
   Seth Curry   CHA                            
   Vasilije Micic   CHA                            
   Grant Williams   CHA                            
   LaMelo Ball   CHA                            
   Tre Mann   CHA                            
   Mark Williams   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   240:00847481722.34279.7932913.24129.4005020176.3-1800.
 41.24Damian LillardPG  MILPG29:042624820.500181.00060.2508.70010130.6+331.500.27-0.721.843.02-1.320.283.952.34
 150.61Malik BeasleySG/SF  MILSG24:282172210.7789.00010.7789.0000216.6+310.675.14-1.50-0.890.07-1.323.75-2.732.34
 200.46Bobby PortisPF/C  MIL 20:591837120.500141.00011.7504.40010331.7+
 290.23Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/C  MILPF23:3915015311.50010.71470.0001.5569523.8+28-0.32-1.683.57-0.430.070.510.16-2.152.34
 330.11Brook LopezC  MILC26:531117203.44491.00021.2005.7504217.4+34-0.98-0.700.45-0.89-2.894.17-0.581.311.08
 78-0.70Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MIL 15:42516100.6673.00001.50021.0001011.0+9-1.97-0.700.06-1.34-2.89-1.320.77-0.011.08
 79-0.70Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF  MIL 10:42401101.6673.00000.00011.0002212.1-3-2.14-1.68-1.89-1.34-2.890.510.77-0.012.34
 86-0.80Patrick BeverleyPG  MIL 11:41621400.4005.00001.6673.0002122.1+8-1.810.27-1.890.02-2.89-1.32-0.64-0.011.08
 87-0.82MarJon BeauchampSG/SF  MIL 7:50403000.00021.00040.0001.0001220.7-4-2.14-1.68-1.11-1.79-2.89-1.32-1.412.632.34
 94-0.92Andre Jackson Jr.SG  MIL 13:12202010.3333.00001.00021.0001213.0-1-2.47-1.68-1.50-1.790.07-1.32-0.67-0.011.08
 101-1.04AJ GreenPG/SG  MIL 18:20314010.1119.00000.1119.0000321.1-3-2.30-0.70-0.72-1.790.07-1.32-4.90-0.012.34
 117-1.26Jae CrowderSF/PF  MILSF29:40512300.1437.66730.1676.0001112.1+39-1.97-0.70-1.50-0.43-2.89-1.32-3.49-1.412.34
 118-1.26TyTy WashingtonPG  MIL 7:50000100.0002.00000.0001.0001011.0-4-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.34-2.89-1.32-1.41-0.012.34
   Khris Middleton   MIL                            
   Chris Livingston   MIL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012018542685.43694.833245.34652.5484224243.0+1800.
Kyle: Lillard returned and helped the Bucks put to rest recent worry with a commanding win.
Josh: Got super hot after a terrible game yesterday. Remains a 12 team stream guy
Sell High Kyle: Beasley was almost certain to bounce back with a quality game after shitting the bed Thursday. Stream Beasley, but this is also a sell-high game with Middleton being out.
Must Add Josh: No real backup here, but minutes lower with the blowout. Should be rostered.
Maybe Add Kyle: Mr. Fantastic is available on plenty of wires if you need his brand of production, as it could be steady the rest of the season with Mark Williams' status not looking great.
Josh: The efficiency took a big hit here and it had been riding high. Obviously, keep rostering him
Kyle: The Bread Maker was due for a poor game. A buy-low night if anything given his huge role the rest of the way.
Josh: Back to nothing with Lillard returning
Kyle: Connaughton was back in a modest bench role with Lillard healthy and starting.
Kyle: Beverley won't have much more than a middling bench role on the Bucks. I wouldn't expect much beyond very deep leagues and conditional use.
Josh: Big minutes with the absences and the blowout.
Watch Kyle: Love the minutes, but will this Leaky ship start to float more going forward? Or is he a lost cause once Grant, Mann, and Micic are on the roster?
Josh: Yeah, he's Jae Crowder. Streaky and usually bad. Only a deep league guy
Kyle: Classic Crowder. After a big game Thursday, he follows it up with a dud. Sometimes, good. Sometimes, maybe, shit.
Sell High Josh: After a hot stretch of games, this was a stinker. I still believe a sell high is worth doing.
Buy Low Kyle: A buy-low night on an awful shooting performance from Bridges.
Josh: Rough shooting night, but I still think he is a borderline 12 team guy. We will have to see how Mann impact him
Droppable Kyle: Even with a great role, Cody is just a streamer in most leagues.
Watch Kyle: Deeper leagues could consider taking a flier on Mann, but there's not a clear path to huge minutes unless LaMelo remains out and the Hornets really want to see what Mann can do.

DEN 106 @ SAC 135Blowout

 81.02Nikola JokicC RETDENC29:452318730.52917.800511.0001.50016228.3-71.01-0.700.841.395.97-1.320.99-0.091.08
 51-0.26Christian BraunSG  DEN 27:281313101.50081.00041.5002.5006316.3-13-0.65-0.70-1.11-1.34-2.890.510.132.631.08
 59-0.43Justin HolidaySG/SF  DENSG36:441033220.30010.50021.3339.0001113.5-15-1.141.24-1.11-0.893.02-1.32-2.72-2.071.08
 65-0.52Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DENSF20:08403113.5004.00004.0001.6673316.5-10-2.14-1.68-1.11-1.340.074.170.07-0.01-2.71
 70-0.62Reggie JacksonPGTRADE  DEN 15:58801410.60051.00023.0000.6005223.1-9-1.47-1.68-1.890.020.07-1.320.801.31-1.45
 85-0.79Julian StrawtherSF  DEN 20:17713210.3758.00002.2005.6673120.5-18-1.64-0.70-1.11-0.890.07-1.32-1.31-0.01-0.19
 89-0.83Jay HuffC  DEN 4:073120001.0001.000001.0001.0000010.1-1-2.30-0.70-1.50-1.79-2.89-1.320.74-0.012.34
 98-0.98DeAndre JordanC  DEN 6:08205000.3333.00000.0000.3333020.4-10-2.47-1.68-0.33-1.79-2.89-1.32-0.67-0.012.34
 100-1.02Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 18:09702300.3336.75040.0002.5004217.8-11-1.64-1.68-1.50-0.43-2.89-1.32-1.34-0.752.34
 108-1.15Aaron GordonPF  DENPF26:591413201.6258.50062.5002.6676019.5-28-0.48-0.70-1.11-0.89-2.890.511.57-6.20-0.19
 115-1.23Collin GillespiePG  DEN 8:43301100.5002.50020.00011.0001113.8-2-2.30-1.68-1.89-1.34-2.89-1.320.04-2.072.34
 119-1.34Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG25:341221310.40010.66736.4005.4005128.2-21-0.810.27-1.89-0.430.07-1.32-1.28-1.41-5.23
   Kentavious Caldwell-Pope   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar   DEN                            
   Michael Porter Jr.   DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson   DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010610352695.46382.7142820.34529.5285316228.0-1450.
 100.98De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG27:5915121050.46715.00003.5002.46213327.8+26-0.32-0.70-1.502.7511.88-1.32-0.48-0.01-1.45
 110.98Domantas SabonisPF/C  SACC30:32171171010.77891.000231.0001.7508318.3+180.01-0.704.352.750.07-1.323.751.31-1.45
 190.55Malik MonkSG/SF  SAC 19:492331211.692131.00022.42971.0006134.7+141.011.24-1.89-0.890.070.513.811.31-0.19
 230.41Trey LylesPF/C  SAC 20:501537010.83361.00021.75041.0002216.4+19-0.321.240.45-1.790.07-1.322.981.311.08
 46-0.18Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF21:23922210.50061.00010.5004.5002013.0+10-1.310.27-1.50-0.890.07-1.320.100.652.34
 56-0.34Keegan MurraySF/PF  SACPF26:381711200.545111.00041.2504.7147322.4+90.01-0.70-1.89-0.89-2.89-1.320.902.631.08
 69-0.60Kevin HuerterSG/SF  SACSG21:041222000.66761.00022.50041.0002118.2+15-0.810.27-1.50-1.79-2.89-1.321.541.31-0.19
 73-0.68Sasha VezenkovPFTRADE  SAC 15:35620110.2867.00000.5004.0003219.4+20-1.810.27-2.28-1.340.07-1.32-2.05-0.012.34
 80-0.70Kessler EdwardsSG/SF  SAC 5:47621000.6673.00000.6673.0000122.40-1.810.27-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.320.77-0.012.34
 83-0.77Alex LenC  SAC 14:541102110.8005.60051.00011.0004323.8+13-0.98-1.68-1.50-1.340.07-1.322.24-3.481.08
 99-1.02Colby JonesSG  SAC 7:07203100.3333.00000.0000.3333118.20-2.47-1.68-1.11-1.34-2.89-1.32-0.67-0.012.34
 107-1.11JaVale McGeeC  SAC 2:34001000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -2-2.80-1.68-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.320.00-0.012.34
 109-1.15Keon EllisSG/SF  SAC 5:47001200.0000.00001.0000.000007.50-2.80-1.68-1.89-0.89-2.89-1.320.00-0.011.08
 120-1.34Davion MitchellPG/SGTRADE  SAC 20:01202100.3333.00002.0000.3333110.8+3-2.47-1.68-1.50-1.34-2.89-1.32-0.67-0.01-0.19
   Jordan Ford   SAC                            
   Chris Duarte   SAC                            
   Jalen Slawson   SAC                            
  0.00Totals   240:00135174232111.58687.8891816.50034.6425322253.0+1450.
Stream Kyle: A good line that is worth streaming at least and considering adding if Monk looks to be getting back to a steadier bench role.
Josh: Another strong game from Lyles, but he is a deep stream guy, not someone I care to add.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Blowout impact, but way lower minutes that other starters and it's Harrison Barnes. We know he isn't a must roster
Buy Low Kyle: Short minutes due to the blowout win. Murray is a firm hold or buy-low with his light production of late.
Josh: Massive minutes in place of KCP dealing with his hamstring 'cramp'. I have no interest.
Kyle: Justin was decent in another spot start with KCP out, but this is barely worth tracking beyond very deep leagues and very conditional streaming even if KCP continues to sit.
Josh: Love the blocks in a spot start, but low minutes in the blow out. He is at least a streamer.
Watch Kyle: Watson made a spot start with Porter out and provided useful defense, but this is just something to track for more conditional streaming if Porter is out again.
Josh: Hard to fully judge this game, but downturned a little recently.. More of a streamer to me.

NOR 122 @ LAL 139Blowout

 120.86Zion WilliamsonPF/C  NORPF31:353009511.63219.85772.0000.63219232.6-172.16-1.681.230.480.070.513.901.23-0.19
 170.61Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORSF34:532207703.412171.00082.0002.46715327.600.84-1.680.451.39-2.894.17-1.895.27-0.19
 360.04Herb JonesSF/PF  NORSG28:531330220.50081.00022.6005.3333416.1+2-0.651.24-2.28-0.893.02-1.320.131.31-0.19
 390.00Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC22:3410010202.66761.00022.0000.6676216.8+3-1.14-1.681.62-0.89-2.892.341.541.31-0.19
 43-0.13C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORPG30:161934300.50016.00000.3339.7147322.6-180.341.24-0.72-0.43-2.89-1.320.25-0.012.34
 75-0.68Jordan HawkinsSG  NOR 2:33510010.6673.00001.50021.0001067.2-2-1.97-0.70-2.28-1.790.07-1.320.77-0.011.08
 76-0.69Dyson DanielsPG/SGTRADE  NOR 26:33721111.5004.50022.6673.0001311.1-13-1.640.27-1.89-1.340.070.510.07-2.07-0.19
 90-0.83Trey MurphySF/PF  NOR 19:17511000.6673.00000.50021.000116.7-19-1.97-0.70-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.320.77-0.012.34
 93-0.91Jose AlvaradoPG  NOR 21:29713200.3339.00000.2005.5004217.9-1-1.64-0.70-1.11-0.89-2.89-1.32-2.02-0.012.34
 111-1.16Jeremiah Robinson-EarlPF/C  NOR 2:33000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.79-2.89-1.320.00-0.012.34
 123-1.40Larry Nance Jr.PF/CTRADE  NOR 19:24406600.5004.00022.0001.6673215.2-18-2.14-1.680.060.93-2.89-1.320.07-5.46-0.19
   Cody Zeller   NOR                            
   Naji Marshall   NOR                            
   Matt Ryan   NOR                            
   E.J. Liddell   NOR                            
   Dereon Seabron   NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012211412857.51789.8262313.37929.5836022233.9-850.
 51.10D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  LALPG39:453062510.474191.00060.46213.5006423.5+132.164.16-1.500.480.07-1.32-0.423.952.34
 130.73LeBron JamesSF/PF  LALPF37:3121241411.46213.875821.0002.36411221.3+150.670.27-0.724.570.070.51-0.511.89-0.19
 240.37Austin ReavesPG/SG/SF  LALSG31:222732400.66715.80050.7504.63611323.7+31.671.24-1.500.02-2.89-1.323.84-0.092.34
 250.33Jaxson HayesPF/C  LAL 17:09608021.7504.00000.0000.7504110.1+17-1.81-1.680.84-1.793.020.511.51-0.012.34
 280.28Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC29:072006611.63611.85773.0001.70010425.300.51-1.680.060.930.070.512.341.23-1.45
 340.11Rui HachimuraSF/PF  LALSF36:512125101.69213.50020.4005.8758316.2+210.670.27-0.33-1.34-2.890.513.81-2.072.34
 81-0.73Christian WoodPF/C  LAL 5:55911000.8005.000011.0001.7504043.7+2-1.31-0.70-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.322.24-0.011.08
 105-1.11Skylar MaysPG/SG  LAL 16:10201001.2005.00000.0003.5002013.30-2.47-1.68-1.89-1.79-2.890.51-2.08-0.012.34
 106-1.11Dylan WindlerSF  LAL 2:33000100.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.80-1.68-2.28-1.34-2.89-1.320.00-0.012.34
 114-1.19Jalen Hood-SchifinoPG/SG  LAL 2:33001000.0001.00000.0000.0001016.9+2-2.80-1.68-1.89-1.79-2.89-1.32-0.70-0.012.34
 121-1.34Taurean PrinceSF/PF  LAL 21:04302100.0002.75041.0002.000039.7+10-2.30-1.68-1.50-1.34-2.89-1.32-1.41-0.751.08
   Jarred Vanderbilt   LAL                            
   Gabe Vincent   LAL                            
   Cam Reddish   LAL                            
   Max Christie   LAL                            
   Maxwell Lewis   LAL                            
   Colin Castleton   LAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0013914323255.55788.844327.45231.6145720203.8+850.
Josh: 40 minutes again. What a roller coaster after seeing minutes reduced, being benched, being on the trade block to leading the team in minutes.
Kyle: Russell was back in action after sitting out the previous game, and he was great. There remains a sell-high air around Russell with his improved production, and I'd be open to offers, but he's fine to just ride with and see if this can last the rest of the season.
Josh: Has looked much better last two games, but could be resting tomorrow
Kyle: Zion is playing great of late but continues to be rested regularly, and if you're concerned about him sitting games down the stretch for injury or rest, now would be a time to consider sell-high options.
Kyle: Reaves put up a nice all-around line even with the roster mostly healthy, making this a sell-high moment in some respects.
Josh: Huge minutes and good scoring on huge fg%. I still don't like him for 12 team leagues, but more value in points leagues.
Sell High Kyle: Rui is a fine grab in deeper leagues with his huge minutes in recent games as the new starter, and this game certainly shows Rui can at least offer streaming value for standards. But this is mostly a sell-high game with the Lakers having some rotation guys out and Rui unlikely to be consistent for standards as the fifth option on offense.
Stream Kyle: Jones is at least worth streaming as needed in most leagues, and while you may not have an open active slot with 11 games Saturday, Herb could be a nice slide in if Zion and/or Trey get rested.
Josh: Continues his downturn with Nance healthy.
Josh: Another solid game from CJ, but not as good as some of his past performances.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I don't really see a justification for holding at this point.
Kyle: Hopefully the short minutes mean Murphy is OK to play Saturday on the b2b, but that's a wait-and-see. If he is still be restricted that much, I'd be ready to cut bait as needed for another flier or streamer.
Josh: Still solid enough to be a 14 team guy, but with JV playing, he isn't much of a 12 teamer.