Box Scores

<March 2024>
box scoreMIA 108@ DET 956:00 pm
MIA by 8.0 o/u 217.0MIA 112 @ DET 104
box scorePHO 107@ CHA 966:00 pm
PHO by 10.0 o/u 220.0PHO 115 @ CHA 105
box scoreORL 113@ TOR 1036:30 pm
ORL by 7.5 o/u 218.5ORL 113 @ TOR 106
box scoreLAC 104@ NOR 1127:00 pm
NOR by 6.5 o/u 218.5LAC 106 @ NOR 112
box scoreDEN 117@ SAS 1087:30 pm
DEN by 10.5 o/u 224.5DEN 118 @ SAS 107
box scoreATL 122@ UTA 1248:30 pm
ATL by 1.0 o/u 223.0ATL 112 @ UTA 111

Central Standard Time

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MIA 108 @ DET 95

 11.11Bam AdebayoC  MIAC28:562219223.71414.333301.0001.69213123.5+170.84-0.711.22-0.903.064.234.63-4.712.37
 70.70Duncan RobinsonSG/SF  MIASG32:561642531.42914.00002.333121.0002121.5+6-0.162.26-1.530.486.050.53-1.18-0.01-0.16
 130.57Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIA 33:291818620.571141.00012.2005.7789021.8+140.17-0.710.820.943.06-1.331.730.65-0.16
 38-0.12Jimmy ButlerSF/PFINJ   MIASF31:241404320.45511.80051.0001.50010220.1+18-0.50-1.71-0.75-0.443.06-1.33-0.51-0.051.10
 55-0.30Thomas BryantC  MIA 17:101105001.62581.00010.0002.8336021.8-4-1.00-1.71-0.35-1.82-2.930.531.610.652.37
 69-0.51Nikola JovicPF/C  MIAPF15:17715010.5006.00001.3333.6673420.3+1-1.67-0.71-0.35-1.820.06-1.330.12-0.011.10
 75-0.61Jaime Jaquez Jr.SG/SFQ  MIA 25:54205410.2005.00000.0002.333358.6+13-2.50-1.71-0.350.020.06-1.33-2.07-0.012.37
 85-0.71Terry RozierPG/SGQ  MIAPG33:311805111.33315.727110.0005.50010226.3+10.17-1.71-0.35-1.360.060.53-3.34-2.772.37
 100-1.00Patty MillsPG  MIA 15:04000220.0004.00002.0003.0001117.7+7-2.83-1.71-2.32-0.903.06-1.33-2.82-0.01-0.16
 103-1.13Haywood HighsmithSF/PF  MIA 5:11001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -6-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 110-1.18Jamal CainSF/PFX  MIA 1:08000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Tyler Herro   MIA                            
   Kevin Love   MIA                            
   Delon Wright   MIA                            
   Josh Richardson X  MIA                            
   Alondes Williams X  MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson   MIA                            
   Cole Swider X  MIA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010874423146.47391.714218.20634.6325716181.4+650.
 270.10Simone FontecchioSFX  DETSF34:192456010.56316.50022.6258.5008224.3-
 36-0.08Evan FournierSG/SF  DET 15:431211310.50081.00030.20051.0003126.2-8-0.83-0.71-1.93-0.440.06-1.330.161.972.37
 37-0.12Jalen DurenCQ  DETC33:5315017101.7789.50023.0000.7789216.8-16-0.33-1.714.36-1.36-2.930.533.81-2.03-1.43
 48-0.20Isaiah StewartPF/CX  DETPF37:081016201.66761.00011.5002.750428.9-11-1.17-0.710.04-0.90-2.930.531.580.651.10
 68-0.51Jaden IveyPG/SG  DETSG37:321423910.214141.00064.2229.2005324.3-3-0.500.28-1.142.330.06-1.33-5.543.95-2.69
 83-0.69James WisemanC  DET 13:13607100.5006.00000.0000.5006120.1-2-1.83-1.710.43-1.36-2.93-1.330.12-0.012.37
 96-0.97Cade CunninghamPG/SGQ  DETPG31:271106900.333151.00013.0004.45511225.9-13-1.00-1.710.042.33-2.93-1.33-3.340.65-1.43
 112-1.18Malachi FlynnPG  DET 1:08000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 111-1.18Tosan EvbuomwanSFGLG DET 1:08000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 115-1.22Marcus SasserPG  DET 23:49312210.1676.00003.1676.0000216.7-10-2.33-0.71-1.53-0.900.06-1.33-2.78-0.01-1.43
 122-1.30Stanley UmudeSGX  DET 10:40000010.0004.00001.0004.0000120.7+3-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.820.06-1.33-2.82-0.011.10
   Ausar Thompson X  DET                            
   Taj Gibson   DET                            
   Troy Brown Jr   DET                            
   Quentin Grimes X  DET                            
   Buddy Boeheim   DET                            
   Jared Rhoden   DET                            
  0.00Totals   240:009510482752.42984.8671517.26338.5654616183.9-650.
Josh: Great, except he still can't hit free throws. Somehow managed a three
Kyle: Adebayo has turned up the defensive production some of late, which is great for the current stretch, but he's never been reliable there.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: He needs to be rostered while Herro is out
Stream Kyle: Keep using Robinson as long as Herro remains out.
Josh: A strong game and he has been serviceable of late. Value won't last long term, but he has done enough without Herro to be in stream consideration
Stream Kyle: Martin has stream value, but he's not someone to chase, just use as needed.
Stream Josh: Seeing huge minutes without Ausar, which is nice, but the long term appeal isn't there. But, for now, sure have at it
Stream Kyle: Stream Fontecchio as long as Ausar remains out, but that might not even be another game, so also look at stream options.
Kyle: It's amazing that Fournier continues to get minutes on this roster he has no business being a part of let alone playing regularly.
Josh: Top 30 over the last two weeks.
Droppable Kyle: There might be a better stream option on the wire, but Stewart is fine to hold if there isn't
Josh: Nice little cameo game. That's a deep league appeal option when Love is out
Josh: Great minutes and assists, but the fg% is a continual issue. In positive news he was great from the line. He fits some teams, but not everyone because of the deficiencies.
Stream Kyle: Ivey is getting big minutes in recent games and should at least be getting streamed in most leagues.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Sure, he can be streamed but he is behind Robinson and Martin in priority
Droppable Kyle: There are probably better streaming option on the wire while the Heat are close to healthy.
Josh: Poor night. No defense, bad shooting, but both he and Ivey were able to get 9 assists.
Kyle: Rough shooting, and the short minutes are annoying, but at least Cunningham was cleared to play.
Kyle: A tough decision might need to be made if you're fighting to win this week.

PHO 107 @ CHA 96

 140.55Devin BookerPG/SG/SF  PHOPG36:0421161111.333181.00082.1258.50010229.6+170.67-0.710.
 260.13Grayson AllenSG/SFQ  PHOSF33:111730310.500121.00020.33391.0003117.6+80.001.27-2.32-0.440.06-1.330.241.312.37
 46-0.18Bradley BealPG/SG  PHOSG36:111516700.63611.00002.3333.7508216.3+13-0.33-0.710.041.41-2.93-1.332.40-0.01-0.16
 50-0.23Eric GordonSG/SF  PHO 25:451441200.5569.00000.50081.0001415.9+12-0.502.26-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.330.91-0.012.37
 72-0.53Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOPF37:571318510.333151.00023.1676.4449122.6-2-0.67-0.710.820.480.06-1.33-3.341.31-1.43
 76-0.62Royce O'NealeSG/SF  PHO 14:495131001.0002.000001.00011.000116.1+3-2.00-0.71-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.331.50-0.012.37
 82-0.69Drew EubanksC  PHO 14:47608000.7504.00001.0000.7504215.3+11-1.83-1.710.82-1.82-2.93-1.331.54-0.011.10
 91-0.86Jusuf NurkicC  PHOC30:3313021201.5569.42972.0000.5569520.9+1-0.67-1.715.93-0.90-2.930.530.91-8.75-0.16
 95-0.94Bol BolPF/C  PHO 7:45303001.20051.00010.0002.3333231.8-4-2.33-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.930.53-2.070.652.37
 114-1.21David RoddySF/PF  PHO 1:29001000.0001.00000.0000.0001030.6-2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 119-1.25Nassir LittleSF/PF  PHO 1:29000000.0001.00000.0001.0000030.6-2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
   Thaddeus Young   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ   PHO                            
   Josh Okogie   PHO                            
   Udoka Azubuike   PHO                            
   Saben Lee   PHO                            
   Ish Wainright   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010711573133.46087.8002010.28938.5924920237.3+550.
 210.20Grant WilliamsPF/CQ  CHA 32:232036110.471171.00010.3758.5569023.300.501.270.04-1.360.06-1.33-0.400.652.37
 40-0.14Brandon MillerSG/SF  CHASF28:411424121.26715.80050.2508.2867426.0-7-0.500.28-0.75-1.363.060.53-4.79-0.052.37
 62-0.42Vasilije MicicPG  CHAPG30:392101301.58312.77891.0002.70010124.0-100.67-1.71-1.93-0.44-2.930.531.69-0.751.10
 66-0.49Tre MannPG/SG  CHASG35:321214710.40010.60050.2005.6005214.9-1-0.83-0.71-0.751.410.06-1.33-1.25-3.392.37
 74-0.58Aleksej PokusevskiPF/C  CHA 16:17405311.2229.00000.0004.4005123.9-19-2.17-1.71-0.35-0.440.060.53-3.45-0.012.37
 86-0.71Nick RichardsCQ  CHAC27:522015000.2005.00000.0000.200547.8+7-2.50-1.713.57-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.07-0.012.37
 97-0.97Nick Smith Jr.PG/SG  CHA 1:29401000.6673.00000.00011.0002087.6+2-2.17-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.80-0.012.37
 98-0.99Davis BertansPF/CQ  CHA 25:59202210.2005.00001.00041.0001210.0-13-2.50-1.71-1.53-0.900.06-1.33-2.07-0.011.10
 109-1.18Amari BaileyPG  CHA 1:29000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 108-1.18J.T. ThorPF  CHA 1:29000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 116-1.23Miles BridgesSF/PFQ  CHAPF38:1017010300.33318.71472.0005.46213226.2-180.00-1.711.61-0.44-2.93-1.33-4.01-2.07-0.16
   LaMelo Ball X  CHA                            
   Mark Williams X  CHA                            
   Cody Martin X  CHA                            
   Seth Curry X  CHA                            
   Marques Bolden   CHA                            
   Bryce McGowens   CHA                            
   Leaky Black   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   240:00966482063.37294.741274.16237.5095716243.5-550.
Josh: They play Saturday and then Tuesday, then it's drop city as the next game isn't until the following Saturday, but he is producing at the moment.
Stream Kyle: Grant is a fine streamer with games like these, but he's also in a limited-ish bench role with the Hornets healthy and OK to drop as needed for another streamer most places.
Josh: Rough shooting night, but I like the defensive contributions. He will be droppable next week
Kyle: Gordon was back in action after missing the two previous games. He's just a conditional streamer and for deeper leagues, so don't go chasing.
Must Add Josh: Add, if you haven't, for tomorrow, hold for Tuesday and then drop.
Stream Kyle: Keep using Micic for what should be better production in assists and threes most nights.
Josh: One of his better ones, but like most Hornets becomes droppable after Tuesday
Stream Kyle: Mann put together a nice line and is worth taking a flier on or streaming again if on the wire in standards.
Josh: Durant keeps putting up these weird games, low scoring with bad shooting in this one.
Watch Kyle: Keep tabs in case more minutes and production come, but beyond deeper leagues and watching for conditional use, there's not much to chase with Poku.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Gordon took his minutes here, so you can move on. Disappointing stream despite what looked like a good role.
Droppable Kyle: With the Suns healthy, O'Neale's role is more suspect.
Josh: Rebounds and nothing, but you likely didn't want much more. Droppable next week.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: For a knockdown shooter, his last two games have been brutal. The minutes are there still, but he is 1-13 from three in the last two games and that's all he does. Drop if you like.
Droppable Kyle: Good minutes, but the shots weren't there, and he didn't hit the ones he took.
Josh: Probably the only guy I am on the fence about dropping next week, but his performances have not been awesome of late.

ORL 113 @ TOR 103

 80.68Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLPG30:131631330.6679.50020.50061.0003215.0+13-0.161.27-1.93-0.446.05-1.332.36-2.032.37
 200.27Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF30:591907420.6679.87584.0001.7508224.4+90.34-1.710.430.023.06-1.332.361.93-2.69
 300.00Jonathan IsaacSF/PF  ORL 20:211026002.5717.00000.5004.6673115.8+2-
 58-0.36Wendell Carter Jr.C  ORLC27:381528300.60010.50021.4005.8005219.7+8-0.330.280.82-0.44-2.93-1.331.65-2.031.10
 61-0.39Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLPF35:431719810.333151.00066.5002.30813230.3+80.00-0.711.221.870.06-1.33-3.343.95-5.22
 67-0.50Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 22:041223000.57171.00021.6673.5004118.40-0.830.28-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.330.871.311.10
 71-0.52Moritz WagnerC  ORL 12:17713010.6005.00001.5002.6673022.4+2-1.67-0.71-1.14-1.820.06-1.330.83-0.011.10
 79-0.66Joe InglesSF/PF  ORL 15:17511500.50021.00021.5002.0000111.6+7-2.00-0.71-1.930.48-2.93-1.330.051.311.10
 89-0.82Gary HarrisSG/SF  ORLSG25:01621001.2867.00000.4005.0002312.8+5-1.830.28-1.93-1.82-2.930.53-2.04-0.012.37
 93-0.90Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORL 17:26600201.3758.00000.0000.3758121.0+1-1.83-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.930.53-1.29-0.012.37
 118-1.25Caleb HoustanSG/SF  ORL 2:59000000.0001.00000.0001.0000015.4-5-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
   Goga Bitadze   ORL                            
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                            
   Chuma Okeke   ORL                            
   Trevelin Queen   ORL                            
   Kevon Harris   ORL                            
   Anthony Black   ORL                            
   Jett Howard   ORL                            
  0.00Totals   239:5811314392574.50080.8642214.45231.5314915207.0+500.
 30.95Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG31:373174010.58817.80050.63611.5006327.2-62.345.24-0.75-1.820.06-1.332.51-0.052.37
 220.19Jordan NworaSF/PF  TOR 16:201435021.62581.00014.6005.6673034.1+11-0.501.27-0.35-1.823.060.531.610.65-2.69
 230.16Jontay PorterPF/CNOTE  TOR 26:50004432.0004.00001.0003.000118.3+3-2.83-1.71-0.750.026.052.38-2.82-0.011.10
 35-0.07Bruce BrownPG/SG/SF  TOR 29:461224510.6258.00002.6673.6005215.0-5-0.830.28-0.750.480.06-1.331.61-0.01-0.16
 52-0.26Jahmi'us RamseyPG/SG  TOR 18:121015110.6005.75040.5002.6673217.4+5-1.17-0.71-0.35-1.360.06-1.330.83-0.712.37
 87-0.75Immanuel QuickleyPG/SGQ  TORPG34:3210131020.3339.50062.3333.3336317.7-12-1.17-0.71-1.142.793.06-1.33-2.00-6.07-0.16
 92-0.90Gradey DickSG  TORSF22:44802101.33391.00021.0003.5006321.4-32-1.50-1.71-1.53-1.36-2.930.53-2.001.311.10
 113-1.20Ochai AgbajiPG/SG  TORPF33:40804000.4449.00002.0003.6676414.6-8-1.50-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.55-0.01-0.16
 120-1.26Kelly OlynykPF/C  TORC26:171009310.41712.00023.0001.45511627.1-6-1.17-1.711.22-0.440.06-1.33-1.22-5.38-1.43
   R.J. Barrett Q  TOR                            
   Scottie Barnes X  TOR                            
   Jakob Poeltl X  TOR                            
   Chris Boucher X  TOR                            
   Mouhamadou Gueye Q  TOR                            
   Garrett Temple   TOR                            
   Jalen McDaniels   TOR                            
   D.J. Carton Q  TOR                            
   Javon Freeman-Liberty   TOR                            
  0.00Totals   239:58103144024114.46981.6502015.41234.5114724182.9-500.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: A great game, but it's all about shooting. If they go in, it's great, but there isn't anything else.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Trent returned with a great game, and he should be on someone's roster in most leagues as at least a streamer Sunday and going forward.
Kyle: A good line, but the shorter minutes from Franz are a bit bizarre of late.
Josh: He would be very interesting if he found 27 a night at some point. This is a good game, but I am not relying on him in 16 minutes.
Kyle: Nwora is OK to watch for conditional streaming and deeper leagues, but his role is too modest to chase yet.
Stream Josh: No scoring and he will hurt your fg%, but the other stuff is gold. So, role is there, but you need to see if it makes sense for you
Stream Kyle: Great defense that has some streaming value and use for deeper leagues from Porter.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He could fall falt at any point, but he is doing slightly more each game it seems.
Stream Kyle: Isaac can't be trusted for health or consistency, but he's worth using conditionally for streaming, so at least be aware of him as an option with his recent good games.
Stream Josh: Just okay, but I do fear he get de-prioritised as we move forward as little.
Maybe Add Kyle: Brown was back in a bench role but still got good minutes and is worth considering as a flier/stream with Barrett out.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He has been like the guy he was last season over the last few weeks. I don't fully trust it, but we grab what we can get
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Gross. Minutes down. I will relegate him to streaming. He had his chance and hasn't grabbed it.
Kyle: Dick stuck in the starting lineup but had a rough game. Dick has been flaccid in three of his four starts and is best treated as someone for deeper leagues and conditional streaming until his production becomes more reliable.
Josh: What a disaster of a season. He is a free agwnt and I wonder where he goes from here.
Kyle: Agbaji's minutes were up, but his production was poor, so it's hard to look at this with much optimism for his value going forward.
Josh: Rough on the % here, but remains a must roster.
Kyle: A decent enough game, and Olynyk should be on someone's roster in most leagues as at least a streamer, but he's not going to be a must-roster for all situations if you need to stream in more games to close the weekend or someone that offers more upside in a given stat.
Kyle: Barrett will hopefully do what's best for him and his family, whether that means returning at some point or potentially missing the rest of the season to grieve.

LAC 104 @ NOR 112

 100.60Paul GeorgeSG/SF/PF  LACSF41:222635611.476211.00032.3339.58312128.1-91.501.27-0.350.940.060.53-0.321.97-0.16
 120.59Kawhi LeonardSG/SF/PFQ  LACPF38:422317202.533151.00061.3333.58312123.001.00-0.710.43-0.90-2.932.381.023.951.10
 39-0.13Norman PowellSG/SF  LAC 26:081520110.44491.00051.3336.6673322.3-11-0.330.28-2.32-1.360.06-1.33-0.553.291.10
 42-0.16Ivica ZubacC  LACC32:449011211.5717.50021.0000.5717313.0-12-1.33-1.712.00-0.900.060.530.87-2.031.10
 47-0.19P.J. TuckerSF  LAC 24:08622003.6673.00001.6673.000027.9-2-1.830.28-1.53-1.82-2.934.230.80-0.011.10
 54-0.29Terance MannSG/SF RETLACSG17:49914010.60051.000211.0001.5004118.5+3-1.33-0.71-0.75-1.820.06-1.330.831.311.10
 63-0.47Bones HylandPG/SG  LACPG24:10512421.2229.00002.1676.3333121.8-1-2.00-0.71-1.530.023.060.53-3.45-0.01-0.16
 84-0.71Amir CoffeySG/SF  LAC 21:34823300.6005.00002.50041.0001215.5-14-1.500.28-1.14-0.44-2.93-1.330.83-0.01-0.16
 101-1.02Mason PlumleeC  LAC 6:133020001.00011.00011.00001.0001218.8+7-2.33-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.330.760.651.10
 121-1.29Daniel TheisC  LAC 7:10001000.0002.00000.0001.0001113.3-1-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
   James Harden   LAC                            
   Russell Westbrook   LAC                            
   Josh Primo NOTE  LAC                            
   Brandon Boston Jr.   LAC                            
   Xavier Moon   LAC                            
   Moussa Diabate   LAC                            
   Kobe Brown   LAC                            
   Jordan Miller   LAC                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010412371868.48177.9471912.36433.5684417182.3-400.
 90.61Zion WilliamsonPF/CINJ   NORPF35:173407431.66721.600103.0000.66721236.9+112.84-1.710.430.026.050.535.49-6.77-1.43
 290.01Trey MurphySF/PF  NOR 32:211446400.50010.00000.44491.0001014.2+8-0.502.260.040.02-2.93-1.330.20-0.012.37
 43-0.16Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  NOR 27:321204300.66761.00040.0001.8005312.9+9-0.83-1.71-0.75-0.44-2.93-1.331.582.632.37
 45-0.18Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORSF34:571325710.33312.75040.5004.2508318.0+1-0.670.28-0.351.410.06-1.33-2.67-0.712.37
 51-0.25Jose AlvaradoPG  NOR 14:39930010.6005.00000.6005.0000315.6+5-1.331.27-2.32-1.820.06-1.330.83-0.012.37
 59-0.37Herb JonesSF/PF RETNORSG33:08714511.5006.00003.3333.6673312.4+6-1.67-0.71-0.750.480.060.530.12-0.01-1.43
 64-0.48Naji MarshallSG/SF  NOR 14:09822110.3758.00000.4005.3333325.9+2-1.500.28-1.53-1.360.06-1.33-1.29-0.012.37
 73-0.56C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORPG29:481116410.38513.00002.1437.6676123.10-1.00-0.710.040.020.06-1.33-1.92-0.01-0.16
 99-1.00Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC18:09406000.16761.00020.0001.2005317.4-2-2.17-1.710.04-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.781.312.37
   Dyson Daniels   NOR                            
   Cody Zeller   NOR                            
   Malcolm Hill X  NOR                            
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   NOR                            
   Matt Ryan   NOR                            
   E.J. Liddell   NOR                            
   Dereon Seabron X  NOR                            
   Jordan Hawkins   NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011213402882.48387.750208.37135.5585221176.3+400.
Kyle: Zion shined with a second straight game of at least 33 points.
Josh: After the mysterious back spasms, he played this b2b2 which is amazing.
Kyle: Leonard played in both games of the b2b set just a couple days after leaving a game with a back issue. After being a frustrating fantasy option for several years, Leonard has bizarrely become reliably available this season for fantasy.
Josh: This is about the average type performance for Trey which is good without being great. Love the minutes
Josh: He says he is going to be ready Sunday, but he is on crutches and I will believe it when I see it.
Droppable Kyle: Powell said he's planning on playing Sunday, but also needed crutches Friday night because to not put pressure on his leg. I'd likely be dumping for another streamer.
Josh: Big minutes again. More a 14 tream curiosity than a 12 teamer, but while he is playing JV is dead basically.
Stream Kyle: Nance has been getting bigger run most nights lately and is worth consideration for deeper leagues and streaming.
Josh: Mann said he is fine post game.
Josh: Last game looks like a mirage compared to this and of course he has no value when Harden plays. If you drop for a Sat/Sun b2b player, it would make sense.
Watch Kyle: Bones made another spot start with Harden out again but was poor scoring the ball and played middling minutes, making it hard to trust Bones even if Harden is out again Sunday.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Honestly, he is so close to being a drop. Defensive stats are gone, the ball is in Zion's hands, he can't shoot and minutes are low.
Droppable 10 teams Kyle: Some 12-team leagues might have a better option on the wire, but I'd likely be holding McCollum there. In shallower leagues, his lighter minutes and production of late are going to be easier to let go of.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: We can't be holding these numbers
Droppable Kyle: The short minutes are persisting, and the production isn't there. Drop as needed for a better stream option.
Kyle: Lue said Harden is feeling better but "isn't there yet" to return. Hopefully he gets OK by Sunday because this is rough timing for fantasy.

DEN 117 @ SAS 108

 20.96Nikola JokicC  DENC30:543117502.684191.00043.3333.75016134.4+72.34-0.710.430.48-2.932.385.452.63-1.43
 40.89Christian BraunSG  DEN 24:171324440.7147.50021.6673.7504116.4+8-0.670.28-0.750.029.05-1.332.32-2.031.10
 150.49Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG33:5915110830.375161.00023.5002.35714426.2+9-0.33-0.711.611.876.05-1.33-2.601.31-1.43
 180.31Justin HolidaySG/SF  DEN 21:101331220.5569.00000.5006.6673219.0+7-0.671.27-1.93-0.903.06-1.330.91-0.012.37
 240.15Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF23:011327110.55691.00010.4005.7504118.3+5-0.670.280.43-1.360.06-1.330.910.652.37
 32-0.04Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 16:244042031.0002.00000.00001.000215.5+6-2.17-1.71-0.75-0.90-2.934.231.50-0.012.37
 56-0.30Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG26:49400330.4005.00002.0001.5004311.7+4-2.17-1.71-2.32-0.446.05-1.33-0.62-0.01-0.16
 80-0.67Aaron GordonPF  DENPF25:067037001.0003.50021.00001.000328.7+3-1.67-1.71-1.141.41-2.93-1.332.25-2.031.10
 102-1.02Reggie JacksonPG  DEN 14:01711300.3758.00001.5002.3336128.7+2-1.67-0.71-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.33-1.29-0.011.10
 107-1.18Julian StrawtherSF  DEN 0:42000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 106-1.18Jay HuffC  DEN 0:42000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 117-1.25Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 22:541003200.45511.00011.0003.6258424.3+8-1.17-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.51-2.701.10
   DeAndre Jordan   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson   DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   239:59117104037135.55189.7501212.40025.6096420193.2+550.
 170.46Victor WembanyamaPF/C  SASC33:111719223.33312.88994.2005.4297526.0-30.00-0.711.22-0.903.064.23-2.672.59-2.69
 41-0.15Devin VassellSG/SFX  SASSG38:581732211.46213.66731.5006.4297117.0-50.001.27-1.53-0.900.060.53-0.47-1.371.10
 44-0.18Tre JonesPG  SASPG32:56816920.3336.75043.5002.2504014.1-4-1.50-0.710.042.333.06-1.33-1.33-0.71-1.43
 57-0.33Jeremy SochanPG/PFX  SASPF28:252116410.52917.66733.3333.57114132.5-10.67-0.710.040.020.06-1.331.06-1.37-1.43
 70-0.52Zach CollinsPF/CINJ   SAS 14:491316000.62581.000221.0001.5717131.8-8-0.67-0.710.04-1.82-2.93-1.331.611.31-0.16
 77-0.62Keldon JohnsonSG/SF/PFINJ   SAS 26:15917300.5717.00002.25041.0003214.8-13-1.33-0.710.43-0.44-2.93-1.330.87-0.01-0.16
 78-0.64Dominick BarlowSFQ  SAS 12:406061001.0003.00001.00001.0003113.7+3-1.83-1.710.04-1.36-2.93-1.332.25-0.011.10
 90-0.85Julian ChampagnieSF/PF  SASSF26:001031100.4297.50020.5006.0001113.1-7-1.171.27-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.58-2.032.37
 105-1.17Blake WesleyPG/SG  SAS 15:04501200.2504.75040.0000.2504116.5-7-2.00-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.712.37
 123-1.37Malaki BranhamPG/SG/SFX  SAS 11:42200000.2005.00000.0002.3333018.5-10-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.07-0.012.37
   Sandro Mamukelashvili   SAS                            
   Cedi Osman INJ   SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
   Charles Bassey X  SAS                            
   RaiQuan Gray   SAS                            
   David Duke   SAS                            
   Jamaree Bouyea   SAS                            
   Sidy Cissoko   SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010811442464.46382.7782716.37929.5095313198.2-550.
Josh: Love the steals and assists, but this man has not once been on my radar this season and won't be now.
Kyle: A great game from Braun, but he's just for deeper leagues. I wouldn't be chasing this. The bench was playing great and got extra burn over the starters.
Kyle: Short minutes as coach Malone rode the bench units that were playing well.
Stream Josh: Only a steals streamer at this point.
Josh: Turning in some good numbers (top 85 last 14) but whenever you trust it, he does nothing. Fine to stream but I feel icky about it.
Stream Kyle: At least have Sochan in mind as a stream option if on the wire in your league.
Josh: Pop wasn't happy with his game today and you can see why. He is far from a must roster.
Kyle: Keldon is droppable in some spots, especially with a poor game here and an off night the contest prior, but it's also OK to hold Keldon in standards for Sunday if you don't have any better options on the wire.
Josh: Malone spread the rotation out here so Gordon saw lower minutes against the Spurs.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: This malaka has turned back into dust.

ATL 122 @ UTA 124

 50.78Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLPG38:503357920.37027.88993.35714.38513037.2+62.673.250.432.333.06-1.33-4.572.59-1.43
 160.49De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATL 32:092752110.588171.00022.7147.50010226.3+41.673.25-1.53-1.360.06-1.332.511.31-0.16
 190.29Garrison MathewsSG/SF  ATL 21:42933411.6005.00000.7504.000129.8-11-1.331.27-
 250.14Wesley MatthewsSG  ATLSG16:431332101.80051.000201.0003.5002115.0-3-0.671.27-1.53-1.36-2.930.532.291.312.37
 34-0.07Bruno FernandoC  ATL 15:592052201.0001.00000.00001.000132.7-2-2.50-1.71-0.35-0.903.06-1.330.76-0.012.37
 53-0.29Clint CapelaC  ATLC32:0110015402.5008.50041.0000.5008214.30-1.17-1.713.570.02-2.932.380.16-4.051.10
 88-0.76Trent ForrestPG  ATL 19:07002401.0001.00000.0000.000112.2-7-2.83-1.71-1.530.02-2.930.53-0.69-0.012.37
 94-0.93Vit KrejciPG/SGX  ATLSF28:53200210.2005.00000.0003.500247.4+5-2.50-1.71-2.32-0.900.06-1.33-2.07-0.012.37
 124-1.47Jalen JohnsonSF/PFINJ   ATLPF34:362645500.34823.600103.5008.26715137.4-21.502.26-0.350.48-2.93-1.33-4.64-6.77-1.43
   Bogdan Bogdanovic   ATL                            
   Trae Young   ATL                            
   Onyeka Okongwu INJ   ATL                            
   Saddiq Bey X  ATL                            
   Dylan Windler X  ATL                            
   Seth Lundy X  ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                            
   Kobe Bufkin   ATL                            
   Mouhamed Gueye   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012220413275.44692.741279.51339.3965316152.1-
 60.75Collin SextonPG/SGQ  UTASG31:272134620.56316.00001.5006.60010223.2+60.671.27-0.750.943.06-1.331.76-0.011.10
 110.60Keyonte GeorgePG/SG  UTAPG34:312514520.421191.00082.1437.58312230.501.34-0.71-0.750.483.06-1.33-1.815.27-0.16
 280.08John CollinsPF/CINJ   UTAC29:4118211201.70010.667321.0002.6258419.3-
 31-0.02Johnny JuzangSG/SF  UTA 25:121953000.63611.00001.6258.6673120.4+30.343.25-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.332.40-0.011.10
 33-0.07Walker KesslerCQ  UTA 26:00609112.6005.00002.0000.6005211.60-1.83-1.711.22-1.360.062.380.83-0.01-0.16
 49-0.21Micah PotterPF/C  UTA 14:1111221001.00041.000101.00021.0002113.4+3-1.000.28-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.332.990.652.37
 60-0.39Brice SensabaughSF  UTASF28:161404200.55691.00041.00041.0005217.9-5-0.50-1.71-0.75-0.90-2.93-1.330.912.631.10
 65-0.48Talen Horton-TuckerPG/SG/SF  UTA 19:00510511.16761.00021.2504.0002117.80-2.00-0.71-2.320.480.060.53-2.781.311.10
 81-0.68Taylor HendricksPF  UTAPF19:243010003.1437.50020.0003.2504517.4+1-2.33-1.711.61-1.82-2.934.23-3.49-2.032.37
 104-1.16Jason PrestonPG  UTA 12:16202200.3333.00001.0000.3333114.0+6-2.50-1.71-1.53-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.66-0.011.10
   Jordan Clarkson INJ   UTA                            
   Lauri Markkanen X  UTA                            
   Omer Yurtseven   UTA                            
   Kris Dunn INJ   UTA                            
   Kenneth Lofton Jr.   UTA                            
   Luka Samanic   UTA                            
   Darius Bazley   UTA                            
   Kira Lewis   UTA                            
  0.00Totals   239:5812414492467.51190.9002011.38936.5935421185.5+
Josh: This is a red hot run. If he didnt get injured in November, we may have arrived here a lot sooner.
Must Add Kyle: George has too big of a role and is producing too well to be on the wire in any standard leagues.
Josh: This man is predictable in his unpredictability. He scores a bunch on great shooting and nothing on bad shooting. Don't worry about the other categories, they don't exist.
Maybe Add Kyle: Hunter continues to come off the bench, presumably to keep his minutes load low, which is why he's playing a ton anyway. Take a flier or stream with the Hawks shorthanded.
Kyle: A nice game from Mathews, but even with the Hawks missing several guys, Mathews' minutes are too modest to chase beyond deeper leagues and conditional streaming.
Josh: Started again, but played low minutes once more and isn't really any option.
Kyle: Matthews made another spot start as the Hawks are throwing an awful lot of randomness out for a team that's still fighting to stay in the play-in tournament.
Josh: I don't trust the minutes at all, but this is encouraging
Kyle: Much better minutes, and this line is useful enough. It's hilarious that the Jazz are resting Markkanen to close the season but wasting minutes on Collins and Sexton to try and build their trade values for the offseason, as neither truly appears aligned to being a part of the Jazz's future when their rebuild is done.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: If Lauri plays, we aren't adding, but their schedule is nice and he scored well here.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Had foul trouble, but it's very encouragng he started in his first game back. They have a jam packed schedule, so he can be an add for some
Stream Kyle: Hendricks returned from injury and was back in the starting lineup, but the minutes were short due to foul trouble. Hendricks has appeal as flier or streamer in many leagues.
Josh: Hardly ever see someone do so little with so many minutes. Only deep leagues
Josh: Great he's back, but the percentages killed here.
Kyle: Rough shooting but an otherwise nice line from Johnson in his return from injury.