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<February 2022>
box scoreOKC 87@ PHI 1005:00 pm
PHI by 12.5 o/u 206.5OKC 97 @ PHI 110
box scoreCHA 141@ DET 1195:00 pm
CHA by 6.5 o/u 227.5CHA 117 @ DET 110Blowout
box scoreCLE 120@ IND 1135:00 pm
CLE by 5.5 o/u 215.5CLE 110 @ IND 105
box scoreSAS 136@ ATL 1215:30 pm
ATL by 8.0 o/u 232.5SAS 112 @ ATL 120Blowout
box scoreDEN 102@ BOS 1085:30 pm
BOS by 5.0 o/u 218.5DEN 107 @ BOS 112
box scoreMIN 122@ CHI 1346:00 pm
CHI by 4.0 o/u 240.5MIN 118 @ CHI 122
box scoreORL 99@ UTA 1147:00 pm
UTA by 12.5 o/u 222.5ORL 105 @ UTA 118

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OKC 87 @ PHI 100

 190.67Derrick FavorsC  OKCC28:191609013.61513.00001221.3-9-0.01-1.661.22-1.58-0.014.702.49-0.010.89
 210.63Darius BazleySF/PF  OKCPF33:3614215111.500101.00021215.3-6-0.340.363.58-1.14-0.010.650.361.340.89
 62-0.19Aleksej PokusevskiSF/PFGLG  OKC 30:141516101.63611.00002318.50-0.17-0.650.04-1.14-2.640.652.42-0.01-0.18
 64-0.21Kenrich WilliamsSF/PFX  OKC 23:497010401.5004.75040210.4-4-1.52-1.661.610.17-2.640.650.16-0.661.95
 79-0.46Josh GiddeyPG/SG/SF  OKCPG23:56917501.28671.00044223.0-12-1.18-0.650.430.61-2.640.65-1.782.69-2.30
 99-0.81Luguentz DortSG/SF  OKCSF26:421514100.353171.00021330.5-11-0.17-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.801.340.89
 105-0.88Theo MaledonPGGLG OKC 16:37310211.1676.00002120.8-1-2.19-0.65-2.31-0.70-0.010.65-2.49-0.01-0.18
 106-0.89Vit KrejciPG  OKC 8:39400200.6673.00000015.0+5-2.02-1.66-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.380.80-0.011.95
 107-0.90Isaiah RobyCNOTE  OKC 11:55200020.2504.00002221.7-5-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.582.62-1.38-1.20-0.01-0.18
 131-1.15Lindy WatersSF  OKC 0:53000000.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 145-1.35Ty JeromePG/SG  OKC 16:44000510.0007.00002223.2-8-2.70-1.66-2.310.61-0.01-1.38-4.49-0.01-0.18
 150-1.49Tre MannPG/SG  OKCSG18:36201000.1258.00000218.6-14-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.77-0.011.95
   Shai Gilgeous-Alexander   OKC                        
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   OKC                        
   Mike Muscala   OKC                        
   Aaron Wiggins   OKC                        
  0.00Totals   240:00876522168.38990.917121521218.3-650.
 170.68Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF36:1717211303.438161.00010118.8+70.160.362.00-0.26-2.644.70-0.800.661.95
 240.53Joel EmbiidPF/C  PHIC34:3825119415.32025.727114140.6+141.51-0.655.150.17-0.018.75-5.24-2.63-2.30
 360.18Matisse ThybulleSG/SF  PHISG30:371003030.57171.00021312.1+11-1.02-1.66-1.14-1.585.25-1.380.931.340.89
 410.14Paul ReedSF  PHI 13:22607022.4297.00001324.9-1-1.69-1.660.43-1.582.622.67-0.42-0.010.89
 450.08Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHIPG31:462425200.64314.80051222.5+201.340.36-0.35-0.70-2.64-1.383.200.020.89
 88-0.59Furkan KorkmazSG/SF  PHISF29:11501410.5002.7504015.40-1.86-1.66-1.920.17-0.01-1.380.09-0.661.95
 115-0.98Georges NiangSF/PF  PHI 19:19612200.28671.00011218.2+10-1.69-0.65-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.780.660.89
 128-1.15Isaiah JoeSG  PHI 0:20000000.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 129-1.15Charlie BrownSF  PHI 0:20000000.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 133-1.15Danny GreenSG/SF  PHI 19:01313200.1676.00001015.3-1-2.19-0.65-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.49-0.010.89
 147-1.38Shake MiltonPG/SG  PHI 25:09404200.11191.00022319.6+1-2.02-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-4.421.34-0.18
   James Harden Q  PHI                        
   Charles Bassey X  PHI                        
   Paul Millsap   PHI                        
   Myles Powell   PHI                        
   Jaden Springer   PHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010075519710.38793.808261116177.4+650.
Sell High Josh: I expect Harden hurts his value overall, so attempt a sell high
Sell High Kyle: Harris had a nice all-around line, and he's fine to hold and roll with, but he's also a bit of a sell-high guy for the right return, too, as he should have his production shaved down a bit with Harden joining the team soon.
Josh: Surprisingly big minutes with good numbers. It's unpredictable, but it's worth watching
Sell High Kyle: Favors usually doesn't get this much run, so it's hard to put much faith in this being consistent, and he'll also likely sit out Saturday on the second night of the b2b. This is mostly a sell-high moment for very deep leagues.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He is playing at a high level of late and should be on someone's roster
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Bazley pulled down a season-high 15 rebounds in a great all-around performance. He's been commanding good minutes and producing well lately and is worth grabbing as a flier or using as a streamer in most leagues. This can be treated as a sell-high stretch with SGA out, too.
Josh: Steals. We know why we are here.
Stream Kyle: Stream him and use him as a specialist for his defense.
Josh: Got the backup centre minutes but it could end up going to Millsap. Keep an eye on deep leagues
Kyle: Reed played well with some backup center run after the Drummond trade. He's just someone to watch in deeper leagues to see if the role sticks, but coach Rivers said the team will be working the buyout market to try and find a backup center. Millsap could also end up claiming run as the primary backup center with the role being short behind Embiid.
Sell High Josh: Great scoring on great efficiency. Doc said he had a minutes limit too. Try to sell high, but no-one will likely bite
Sell High Kyle: Coach Rivers said Maxey will continue to start next to Harden, so we should expect his minutes to remain largely the same, though Maxey's shots and assists will likely come down, which means he's a sell-high at this moment for the right return, especially in 10s where he could become more or a streamer and specialist.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: That's three in a row from Poku. It's worth taking a flier in a lot of cases
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Poku has put together three good games and is worth considering as a flier to see where this goes in most leagues. This is coming with SGA and Wiggins out, and Poku will need to continue playing well to stick in the rotation, so this is also a sell-high stretch to consider in redrafts. For dynasty, I'd make an evaluation for yourself on whether Poku will command a big role as he grows or if you think he'll struggle to be consistent for too long to wait for but his versatility and upside are real
Buy Low Kyle: Giddey didn't play in the 4th quarter as coach Daigneault said he decided to just keep rolling with the guys he had. This feels like another opportunity to rest (being a b2b) that the Thunder simply took advantage of in the moment. Maybe this means Giddey will be allowed to play more Saturday, and this is mostly a buy-low moment.
Josh: Rough stuff replacing Curry, but Harden is taking this role, so nothing to do here.
Kyle: Korkmaz got a spot start with Curry traded and Harden not yet available to play.
Josh: Rough shooting. He is going to hurt you in that category many, many times, but should be rostered
Kyle: Dort didn't play in the 4th quarter as coach Daigneault decided to let the guys that were making a run stay in, and it feels like they just wanted to find a few less minutes for Dort on the b2b. He should play more Saturday.
Kyle: Vit was finally back from his ankle sprain and played a career-high 9 minutes. He's just someone to be aware of in the deepest of leagues because the Thunder could decide to give him a longer look at some point down the stretch.
Kyle: Roby was back in the rotation but is unlikely to command more than a modest bench role consistently if he does stick.
Kyle: Milton made his return from a back issue and got good minutes, but he struggled with his shot, and when Harden is added to the mix, Milton will be in a shorter role most games, so this is just something to watch and to consider a flier in very deep leagues.
Josh: He continues to play horribly on late and is only a deep league guy
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Mann continues to start, and because of that he's OK to hold through Saturday's game to see if he gets better minutes, but he's also been held to under 20 minutes the last two games as he's struggled with his shooting and coach D has redistributed Mann's minutes to others, so it's fine to drop Mann as needed in most leagues. Just keep tabs in case his shot starts falling and bigger minutes come with it.

CHA 141 @ DET 119Blowout

 22.46LaMelo BallPG/SGX  CHAPG32:1931751240.71414.80052221.6+162.525.40-0.353.697.88-1.384.560.02-0.18
 31.81Terry RozierPG/SG  CHASG36:33253101140.500181.00043323.9+201.511.361.613.257.88-1.380.622.69-1.24
 300.32PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHA 29:261335510.7147.00001310.4+23-0.511.36-0.350.61-0.01-1.382.29-0.010.89
 480.03Miles BridgesSF/PFNOTE  CHAPF37:362524320.62516.75046224.2+151.510.36-0.74-0.262.62-1.383.27-0.66-4.43
 76-0.45J.T. ThorPF  CHA 3:465110101.0002.00000020.4-3-1.86-0.65-1.92-1.58-0.01-1.381.44-0.011.95
 93-0.68Mason PlumleePF/C  CHAC22:067010300.6005.50021211.9+15-1.52-1.661.61-0.26-2.64-1.380.87-2.010.89
 103-0.84James BouknightSGGLG CHA 19:22714001.27311.00000221.8+9-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.58-2.640.65-3.00-0.011.95
 121-1.10Montrezl HarrellPF/C  CHA 22:081506111.7789.20053224.6+10-0.17-1.660.04-1.14-0.010.653.71-10.03-1.24
 122-1.10Kai JonesC  CHA 1:38200000.5002.00000047.0+2-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.011.95
 123-1.11Kelly OubreSG/SF  CHASF31:201116100.30813.66731518.8+6-0.85-0.650.04-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.93-1.340.89
 140-1.26Nick RichardsC  CHA 3:46000000.0000.00001110.2-3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
   Gordon Hayward   CHA                        
   Jalen McDaniels   CHA                        
   Cody Martin INJ   CHA                        
   Arnoldas Kulboka   CHA                        
   Scottie Lewis   CHA                        
  0.00Totals   240:00141185136132.55797.652231822234.8+1100.
 130.94Saddiq BeySG/SF/PF  DETSF35:122534321.500161.00063223.1-261.511.36-0.74-0.262.620.650.564.04-1.24
 370.17Killian HayesPG/SG  DET 27:5811131210.5569.00001413.4-14-0.85-0.65-1.143.69-0.01-1.381.00-0.010.89
 380.17Jerami GrantSF/PFQ  DETPF27:021513302.500121.00020117.9-10-0.17-0.65-1.14-0.26-2.642.670.421.341.95
 50-0.03Rodney McGruderSG/SF  DET 16:251240110.5717.00000016.0+6-0.682.37-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.380.93-0.011.95
 68-0.25Isaiah StewartPF/CX  DETC30:2515012102.50014.50022220.8-12-0.17-1.662.40-1.14-2.642.670.49-2.01-0.18
 78-0.46Cade CunninghamPG/SGX  DETPG21:481225221.38513.00006232.7-17-0.680.36-0.35-0.702.620.65-1.58-0.01-4.43
 90-0.64Kelly OlynykPF/C  DET 17:35915300.42971.00022321.1-10-1.18-0.65-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.421.34-0.18
 101-0.83Cory JosephPG/SG LRDETSG20:02205500.3333.0000137.5-8-2.36-1.66-0.350.61-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.010.89
 111-0.92Saben LeePG  DET 4:22000010.0001.0000008.60-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 112-0.94Luka GarzaC  DET 3:462011001.0001.00000010.0+3-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 149-1.48Hamidou DialloSG/SFX  DET 26:461607030.57114.00062326.1-10-0.01-1.660.43-1.585.25-1.381.85-16.06-0.18
 151-1.57Frank JacksonPG/SG OUTDET 8:39000100.0005.00001026.0-12-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.38-3.20-0.010.89
   Marvin Bagley III   DET                        
   Isaiah Livers Q  DET                        
   Chris Smith   DET                        
   Jamorko Pickett   DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:00119124532106.471102.611181820223.2-1100.
Kyle: That's two games of at least 31 points in a row as LaMelo continues impress. Even more outrageous, this was his third straight game with 4 steals. That kind of production can help nail down steals in a H2H matchup. Having that ability to post bulk defensive stats is a huge boon in H2H leagues.
Kyle: Rozier was amazing with his first triple-double of this season and the second of his career. There's an argument to treat him as a bit of a sell-high, but with Hayward out, his ceiling has risen, and coach Borrego continues to fee Rozier huge minutes that may not slow.
Josh: Good numbers, but with the wings out, it is helping his playing time
Sell High Kyle: Washington played great even with Harrell added to the mix at center. While it's fine to grab Washington as a flier or streamer after this game, I wouldn't feel confident that this production will be consistent, and he's going to be a sell-high guy while Hayward is out, as Washington could regress a lot if the team ever gets healthy.
Josh: Strong night with good minutes off the bench. He isn't consistent enough to rely on, but I can see him becoming a 12 team guy for stretches
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Wow. After fouling out in just 13 minutes Thursday, Hayes came out and posted a great line that is worth considering chasing in deeper leagues as a flier to see if coach Casey is going to start playing him more again now that we're past the trade deadline. This is also fine to treat as a sell-high moment given Hayes' inconsistency. I'd be buying low in super deep dynasty still.
Kyle: Grant could be available as a bit of a buy-low at the moment, but I'd also be considering selling high for fear the tanking Pistons end up resting in wholesale like they did down the stretch last season.
Kyle: Bridges is on a good stretch, scoring at least 22 points in three straight games. This could be seen as a bit of a sell-high moment but only for a very good return.
Josh: Another double-digits rebound night in 30 minutes. I don't think Bagley impacts and he should be a 12 team guy
Kyle: Stewart has been been playing well of late and is certainly worth using as a specialist, streamer, or flier in most leagues, but I'd also be considering selling high before Bagley gets integrated and potentially throws a wrench into Stewart's role some.
Josh: Rusty in his return and the hip seemd to still be bothering him
Buy Low Kyle: Cunningham was back in action and on a restriction, though coach Casey failed to mention it in pregame, which is tone deaf as far as giving fans a proper expectation for games when most would be hoping to see Cunningham play big minutes and living with worry and frustration instead of understanding as Cunningham was limited. I'd be considering buying low.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He needs 25 to be a 12 team guy and it doesn't seem likely without injury
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: He's OK to cut bait on most places.
Josh: Never returned from the locker room
Josh: Nice minutes, but he i only a deep league guy
Watch Kyle: With Ish Smith traded and the Hornets having a few wing injuries they're working through, Bouknight has a path to modest bench minutes and should be on the radar for very deep leagues at least.
Josh: Same minutes as Plumlee. Solid numbers, but upside is capped by Plumlee and Washington
Kyle: Harrell stepped right into the same kind of role he had on the Wizards, playing middling bench bench with good production in a crowded frontcourt. He's fine to roll with, but I'd be considering selling high for the right price, too.
Josh: He will have these stinkers. He is up and down, but while Hayward is out, the upside is enough to keep him in 12 team leagues
Hold Kyle: A subpar game, but Oubre is in a great spot as the interim starter with Hayward out, and he's a firm hold.
Josh: Missed all six of his free throws. Good minutes with Cunningham struggling, but only a deeper league guy
Kyle: Just keep tabs in deeper leagues in case the Pistons rest players like Grant down the stretch and give Balgey regular spot starts.

CLE 120 @ IND 113

 91.12Jarrett AllenCQ  CLEC33:4122014111.667121.00061120.8+61.00-1.663.18-1.14-0.010.653.134.040.89
 120.97Rajon RondoPG  CLE 33:241727630.8577.75042114.4+100.160.360.431.055.25-1.383.64-0.66-0.18
 290.38Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLEPG35:342212531.52619.50023228.8+61.00-0.65-1.530.615.250.651.34-2.01-1.24
 340.22Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF29:03801223.50061.00023215.2+4-1.35-1.66-1.92-0.702.624.700.221.34-1.24
 49-0.01Dean WadeSF/PF/C  CLESF21:101323020.5008.75040320.6-3-0.510.36-1.14-1.582.62-1.380.29-0.661.95
 61-0.19Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLESG33:091001302.28671.00061314.4+11-1.02-1.66-1.92-0.26-2.642.67-1.784.040.89
 80-0.48Kevin LovePF/C  CLE 26:201434100.5008.75041218.3+4-0.341.36-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.380.29-0.660.89
 97-0.80Cedi OsmanSF/PF  CLE 19:561410210.50012.50022133.4+3-0.34-0.65-2.31-0.70-0.01-1.380.42-2.01-0.18
 142-1.29Lamar StevensSF  CLE 7:43000000.0002.00000111.6-6-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
   Lauri Markkanen Q  CLE                        
   Darius Garland   CLE                        
   Collin Sexton INJ   CLE                        
   Ed Davis   CLE                        
   Kevin Pangos   CLE                        
   Brandon Goodwin   CLE                        
   Dylan Windler GLG CLE                        
   R.J. Nembhard Jr.   CLE                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012093220127.53181.833301316177.6+350.
 180.68Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SGINJ   INDPG39:442343630.600151.00016321.5+11.172.37-
 280.46Oshae BrissettSF/PF  INDPF38:0718311302.41712.83361316.3-30.331.362.00-0.26-2.642.67-0.930.690.89
 56-0.09Chris DuarteSG/SFQ  INDSG37:081844310.41712.80052317.4-100.332.37-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.930.02-0.18
 57-0.11Isaiah JacksonPF/C OUTIND 12:051101030.7147.50021229.3+9-0.85-1.66-1.92-1.585.25-1.382.29-2.010.89
 72-0.34Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSF39:441649800.35317.00011418.5+1-0.012.371.221.93-2.64-1.38-2.80-2.690.89
 77-0.45Jalen SmithPF/C  IND 20:491223011.7147.00013020.0-10-0.680.36-1.14-1.58-0.010.652.29-2.69-1.24
 104-0.87Goga BitadzeC  INDC9:59001111.0003.00001316.0+3-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-0.010.65-1.91-0.010.89
 116-0.99Lance StephensonSG/SF  IND 12:48802200.6676.00003228.0-9-1.35-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.381.58-0.01-1.24
 120-1.07Duane WashingtonPGGLG IND 14:36510100.4005.00001416.4-4-1.86-0.65-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.49-0.010.89
 136-1.21Tristan ThompsonPF/C  IND 15:00204100.2005.00001117.8-13-2.36-1.66-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.84-0.010.89
   Myles Turner   IND                        
   Malcolm Brogdon   IND                        
   T.J. McConnell   IND                        
   Ricky Rubio   IND                        
   T.J. Warren   IND                        
   Keifer Sykes   IND                        
   Reggie Perry   IND                        
   Terry Taylor   IND                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011318382594.47289.688162025201.0-350.
Josh: Big minutes with no Garland. He looks like a stream when Garland is out
Sell High Kyle: Rondo showed off his ability to offer intriguing conditional streaming and specialist value, especially when Garland is resting, but this mostly just something to watch in case Garland misses more time and a moment to try selling high in deeper leagues. These kind of minutes and production won't be consistent.
Josh: Strong numbers in his first game and his managers could love this role
Kyle: Haliburton was fantastic in his Pacers debut, and the sentiment seems to be that he'll hold down the primary PG duties even when Brogdon is back, pushing Brogdon into more of an off-guard role to try and keep him healthier and to maybe find better efficiency.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Tons of minutes here and it looks like he gets first crack at the starting spot. Could take a flier on him, but there are five bigs (when Turner returns) to get minutes and it could end up with a up and down rotation like in LA.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Brissett started at PF and was great. The role may not stick, but it's there for now, and he's worth considering as a flier to see if coach Carlisle let's him try to stake his claim to the job. It's fine to treat as a sell-high moment in deeper leagues if you think Carlisle is still figuring out things.
Josh: Started for Garland. I wonder if they keep him there when Garland returns. Much better performance than game one.
Kyle: LeVert started and got big minutes with Garland out. It was a nice revenge-game showing for LeVert, and there's an argument this is a time to consider selling high if the Cavs plan on continuing to play LeVert off the bench when Garland is healthy.
Josh: LOw usage, but nice defense and hit his free throws. Been down a bit lately, but still a hold.
Kyle: A poor night on offense, but it's hard to complain considering his contributions on defense. A buy-low moment if anything.
Kyle: Duarte shouldn't be on the wire in any standard leagues at the moment with Brogdon still out.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Looked good before night ended early and if you have him in 12 team leagues hold.
Watch Kyle: Jackson was playing well before leaving with soreness in his sprained right ankle. He's going to be droppable for some teams that can't deal with the injury ambiguity at the moment, and given that Brissett started at PF, while Jackson and Goga were headed for a timeshare at center, it's starting to look more dubious for Jackson to claim a big role consistently. He'll need to play at PF to approach his ceiling this season if Turner comes back healthy at center.
Josh: The assists are a surprise, but the minutes are huge. Brogdon is out and we don't know if he returns, so Hield culd get some nice run
Sell High Kyle: Hield played great in his Pacers debut, starting with Brogdon out and commanding big minutes while posting nearly a triple-double. If Brogdon can't get healthy, Brogdon could impress in ways we wouldn't usually expect, but this is mostly a sell-high moment given the kind of production posted. Brogdon should be on someone's roster as he should improve in a new environment, but he could be in a more limited bench role soon if Brogdon gets healthy, making this a sell-high moment.
Watch Josh: Looked solid, but Brissett got more minutes. Keep an eye on him
Watch Kyle: Smith made his Pacers debut and earned decent run, but it's hard to trust his minutes given the possibility of Turner returning after the ASB and with it being unclear how much Carlisle will be willing to run Smith and Jackson at PF to keep them getting minutes if the frontcourt is healthy.
Josh: Kept his minutes solid, but usage dropped somewhat. I would still hold him
Josh: He was bad. But, he did start. It's still tough to work out the rotation, but I would rather Jackson long term. Not a must drop, but you could move on if you need to. He got a knock in the head early which may have contributed to low minutes.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Goga started and is fine to hold as a conditional streamer for Sunday's game, but he's also perfectly fine to drop as needed with his failure to produce and to command good minutes here with the opportunity readily available.
Kyle: Thompson may not have been in the rotation if Jackson was available, so I wouldn't look into this much at all beyond the deepest of leagues and very conditional streaming.
Kyle: Garland was held out due to his back, but coach Bickerstaff seemed to imply this was a cautionary rest on the first night of a b2b, so there's an argument to try buying low in the hopes that the Garland will be able to iron out his back issues with some rest around the All-Star break (which will be hard with him being an All-Star and the demands that come with it).
Kyle: It sounds like the plan is to move Brogdon off ball more when he returns, making him the SG and Haliburton the starting PG, but we'll see if that actually plays out when Brogdon is in the mix.

SAS 136 @ ATL 121Blowout

 12.57Dejounte MurrayPG/SGOUT  SASPG31:49322101540.61118.88991230.6+332.680.361.615.017.88-1.383.332.720.89
 111.05Keldon JohnsonSF/PFOUT  SASSF32:362665500.615131.00040119.2+181.674.39-0.350.61-2.64-1.382.492.691.95
 230.53Devin VassellSG/SFOUT  SASSG28:082025310.69213.00000119.6+400.670.36-0.35-0.26-0.01-1.383.84-0.011.95
 350.20Jakob PoeltlC  SASC27:201215313.5717.75043218.2+39-0.68-0.65-0.35-0.26-0.014.700.93-0.66-1.24
 400.14Doug McDermottSF/PFIN  SASPF25:421333120.6258.00002216.5+22-0.511.36-1.14-1.142.62-1.381.65-0.01-0.18
 59-0.15Tre JonesPGIN  SAS 16:11902410.66761.00010116.9-18-1.18-1.66-1.530.17-0.01-1.381.580.661.95
 83-0.56Joshua PrimoSG  SAS 28:281332301.45511.00011418.5-7-0.511.36-1.53-0.26-2.640.65-0.29-2.690.89
 96-0.75Keita Bates-DiopSF/PFOff Inj  SAS 7:20200020.5002.00002223.1+6-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.582.62-1.380.09-0.01-0.18
 110-0.91Zach CollinsPF/COUT  SAS 16:30514200.3336.00001118.0-15-1.86-0.65-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.13-0.010.89
 124-1.12Joe WieskampSGGLG  SAS 4:10001100.0001.00000110.2-9-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 135-1.18Devontae CacokPF  SAS 4:10002000.0000.00001110.2-9-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
 138-1.22Jock LandaleC  SAS 4:10200000.5002.00001130.5-9-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.010.89
 143-1.32Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  SAS 13:26202000.00031.00022218.6-16-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.911.34-0.18
   Josh Richardson   SAS                        
   Goran Dragic Q  SAS                        
   Tomas Satoransky   SAS                        
   Romeo Langford Off Inj  SAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:00136184137114.55690.857211421250.0+750.
 101.08Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATL 29:312355420.571141.00021420.9+171.173.38-0.350.172.62-1.381.851.340.89
 330.28Kevin HuerterSG/SFQ  ATLSG31:261426422.35317.00002023.5-30-0.340.360.040.172.622.67-2.80-0.01-0.18
 440.10Delon WrightPG/SG OUTATL 18:43713130.4297.00000014.5+16-1.52-0.65-1.14-1.145.25-1.38-0.42-0.011.95
 51-0.03Danilo GallinariSF/PFX  ATL 22:031629100.364111.00061125.8+12-0.010.361.22-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.644.040.89
 53-0.04Trae YoungPG  ATLPG34:3118241110.400151.00045324.5-300.330.36-0.743.25-0.01-1.38-1.512.69-3.37
 70-0.28Onyeka OkongwuPF/C  ATL 18:57403411.4005.00000310.2+11-2.02-1.66-1.140.17-0.010.65-0.49-0.011.95
 71-0.30Clint CapelaC  ATLC21:18130110011.0006.50023018.0-36-0.51-1.662.00-1.58-2.640.654.29-2.01-1.24
 86-0.58Gorgui DiengPF/C  ATL 4:12510111.6673.00010031.8+9-1.86-0.65-2.31-1.14-0.010.650.80-2.691.95
 102-0.84Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSG/SF  ATL 4:12512000.5004.00000037.0+9-1.86-0.65-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.16-0.011.95
 108-0.91De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATLSF26:031002000.45511.00000416.4-41-1.02-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.29-0.011.95
 113-0.94Kevin KnoxSF/PF  ATL 4:122011001.0001.0000009.2+9-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 137-1.22Skylar MaysPG/SG  ATL 4:12000000.0001.0000009.2+9-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 148-1.40John CollinsPF/C  ATLPF20:40403100.2508.00002318.8-30-2.02-1.66-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.42-0.01-0.18
   Lou Williams   ATL                        
   Sharife Cooper   ATL                        
   Jalen Johnson INJ   ATL                        
  0.00Totals   240:00121144928105.456103.867151418259.9-750.
Kyle: Murray was amazing with the first 30-15 triple-double in Spurs history.
Josh: Good game after a couple of poor ones. He should be on a 12 team roster
Sell High Kyle: Bogdan was good, but his 23 points were a season high, which is a disappointment overall, and I'd be treating this as a sell-high moment in many respects.
Josh: Great game from Johnson who is playing much better of late
Must Add Josh: It's happened. Add him
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Vassell started with White traded away, and he should be on someone's roster in most leagues as at least a flier to see how big of a role he can claim going forward.
Josh: Collins' absence may help his minutes stay up which provides short term 12 team value
Sell High Kyle: Huerter is on a nice little stretch and is fine to use as a flier, streamer, or specialist in most leagues, but go look at his game log. Huerter is too inconsistent to believe this will be reliable even in good minutes. I'd be looking at sell-high options if available.
Watch Kyle: Gallinari would have added streaming value for lots of leagues if Collins has to sit out any games.
Kyle: Jones was back from his dental procedure and slotted into his usual modest role as the backup PG behind Murray.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: We like him, but if you need a spot, he isn't a must hold as I doubt he is getting 25 a night each night. I don't think he plays PF if Collins misses time
Josh: Low minutes again, but production was okay. I wouldn't drop yet. Collins injury may help a little
Kyle: Capela was better here, but his minutes remained poor, and the best hope for Capela in the short term is if he gets more run if Collins has to miss any games.
Watch Josh: Playing over Walker, but Richardson and Langford still need to come. Keep an eye on him
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Joshtimus Prime looks like he's going to get good bench minutes as essentially the sixth-man the rest of the way with Vassell promoted to being a starter and a big bench role available. Primo may not be worth the flier in more than 16s at the moment, but some teams in 14s could take the upside flier if you believe in Primo's talent.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I don't see him as a 12 team guy and almost every game, he shows me why
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Hunter can be dropped as needed in standards, but he could also have more streaming interest if Collins has to miss any games, so it's fine to hold Hunter as a streamer through Sunday.
Josh: He has a long way to go to be a 12 team guy in my mind, but I know a lot of people have added him.
Josh: I expect DNPs when Richardson arrives
Droppable Kyle: Short minutes, and when Langford is available, I'd expect Walker to be out of the rotation at times.
Kyle: Collins left with heel pain. He's been playing through injuries lately but may need a little rest to get healthy. If Collins is out, Gallinari and Hunter would have more streaming interest, and Capela might actually get better minutes.
Kyle: I'm not sure Richardson is going to play for the Spurs. He's on an expiring deal, and why would they waste minutes on him? I hope a buyout is coming.
Kyle: A buyout is expected to be coming, but I wouldn't be chasing Dragic beyond very deep leagues, as I doubt he earns more than 18-27 mpg on most teams.
Watch Kyle: Keep tabs in deeper leagues in case Langford stumbles into a good look as we go.

DEN 102 @ BOS 108

 460.08Aaron GordonSF/PF  DENSF33:511706230.53315.50022321.3-60.16-1.660.04-0.705.25-1.381.20-2.01-0.18
 54-0.06Facundo CampazzoPGNOTE  DEN 29:281434311.4449.75042517.5-9-0.341.36-0.74-0.26-0.010.65-0.35-0.66-0.18
 66-0.24Jeff GreenSF/PF/C  DENPF21:28714020.16761.00041116.5+8-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.582.62-1.38-2.492.690.89
 69-0.28Nikola JokicPF/C  DENC34:21233161102.45020.50049236.1+31.171.363.973.25-2.642.67-0.66-4.01-7.62
 81-0.50Bryn ForbesPG/SGNOTE  DEN 12:19503011.40051.00011121.1-3-1.86-1.66-1.14-1.58-0.010.65-0.490.660.89
 85-0.58Bones HylandPG/SG  DENPG17:591012000.57171.00010316.7+2-1.02-0.65-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.930.661.95
 94-0.69Will BartonSG/SF  DENSG33:181326300.50010.50022215.60-0.510.360.04-0.26-2.64-1.380.36-2.01-0.18
 98-0.81Zeke NnajiPF  DEN 28:30514201.3336.00002311.3-11-1.86-0.65-0.74-0.70-2.640.65-1.13-0.01-0.18
 114-0.97JaMychal GreenPF/C  DEN 13:35405101.2508.00001126.7-7-2.02-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.640.65-2.42-0.010.89
 119-1.04Austin RiversPG/SG  DEN 14:34402100.5004.00001113.9-6-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.380.16-0.010.89
 126-1.15Davon ReedSG  DEN 0:37000000.0000.000000 -1-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   Jamal Murray   DEN                        
   Michael Porter Jr.   DEN                        
   Monte Morris   DEN                        
   DeMarcus Cousins   DEN                        
   Vlatko Cancar   DEN                        
   Markus Howard   DEN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010211522376.43390.722182122196.8-300.
 81.16Robert WilliamsCOff Inj  BOSC37:0515016223.58312.50020413.8+3-0.17-1.663.97-0.702.624.701.78-2.011.95
 160.68Marcus SmartPG/SGOff Inj  BOSPG39:222225750.37516.800105225.6+61.000.36-0.351.4910.51-1.38-2.150.05-3.37
 200.63Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSSF36:532416530.42119.87582126.3+101.34-0.650.040.615.25-1.38-1.372.05-0.18
 270.47Al HorfordPF/COff Inj  BOSPF29:329111303.37581.00020011.9+2-1.18-0.652.00-0.26-2.644.70-1.061.341.95
 73-0.37Grant WilliamsSF/PF  BOS 18:40821002.5006.00001414.9-4-1.350.36-1.92-1.58-2.642.670.22-0.010.89
 92-0.66Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOS 28:261536200.50012.00012420.1+11-0.171.360.04-0.70-2.64-1.380.42-2.69-0.18
 100-0.83Payton PritchardPGINJ   BOS 10:55312110.1676.00000321.8+3-2.19-0.65-1.53-1.14-0.01-1.38-2.49-0.011.95
 141-1.28Jaylen BrownSG/SFIN  BOSSG39:071207420.23517.57172222.4-1-0.68-1.660.430.172.62-1.38-5.51-5.33-0.18
   Aaron Nesmith   BOS                        
   Sam Hauser   BOS                        
   Daniel Theis   BOS                        
   Luke Kornet   BOS                        
   Brodric Thomas   BOS                        
  0.00Totals   240:00108105424138.39696.733301220156.6+300.
Josh: Remember his slump? He is dominating now
Josh: Monster night and White didn't impact him. He and White can co-exist, unlike Schroder
Kyle: Smart was great even with White added to the wing mix. This is a bit of a sell-high moment for Smart but only for the right return.
Josh: Solid minutes and should be a backend 12 team guy
Sell High Kyle: Horford's minutes were great even with White added to the mix. I'd be considering selling high on this, as White seems to be taking over one of the spots in the closing lineup for the Celtics, which should limit Horford's ceiling some going forward.
Stream Josh: Big bump with Morris out. Could stream next game too
Sell High Kyle: Campazzo was out of the rotation recently, but he got good run here with Morris in the concussion protocol. This is mostly a sell-high moment and something to be aware of for conditional streaming in deeper leagues if Morris continues to be out, as is expected Saturday.
Josh: Started for Morris, but it was Facu who got the value
Watch Kyle: Bones earned the first start of his career with Morris in the concussion protocols, and he's worth considering as a conditional streamer, though the short minutes here don't excite. Morris is expected to be out again Saturday, but there are also 11 game, Hyland might be best left on the bench if you have more guys playing than active spots available.
Josh: Basically right on expectations. He can get to 30 off the bench and should be held in all leagues
Buy Low Kyle: White played well in his Celtics debut. They didn't know if he'd be available until 45 minutes before the game, and he still had a big role, so I'd be considering this a bit of a buy-low moment.
Watch Josh: Continues to get strong minutes and provide 16 team value
Kyle: Rivers was available after missing the previous game with a hip flexor issue.
Josh: Terrible night, but it's fine, he will bounce back
Buy Low Kyle: A buy-low moment. Brown's shot was off, but his manager might panic thinking this is an impact from the White trade.
Kyle: Even with the team short-handed after several trades, Nesmith couldn't find minutes.

MIN 122 @ CHI 134

 51.32Karl-Anthony TownsPF/CQ  MINC37:052718821.63219.66730323.5-31.84-0.650.831.932.620.654.05-1.341.95
 420.11Anthony EdwardsSG/SFQ  MINSF37:053136801.54522.66764233.1-32.521.360.041.93-2.640.652.11-2.66-2.30
 52-0.04Patrick BeverleyPG/SG  MINSG29:461021611.33391.00021215.7-3-1.020.36-1.921.05-0.010.65-1.711.340.89
 55-0.09Malik BeasleyPG/SG  MIN 22:581124111.364111.00010021.3+1-0.850.36-0.74-1.14-0.010.65-1.640.661.95
 60-0.18D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINPG28:521821310.462131.00043226.4-120.330.36-1.92-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.222.69-1.24
 74-0.40Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  MINPF24:59603110.7504.0000016.9-10-1.69-1.66-1.14-1.14-0.01-1.381.51-0.011.95
 75-0.41Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 14:03402410.6673.0000009.1-8-2.02-1.66-1.530.17-0.01-1.380.80-0.011.95
 95-0.73Jaden McDanielsSF/PF  MIN 21:07914100.5008.00001118.3-5-1.18-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.380.29-0.010.89
 117-1.00Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 13:10311000.3333.0000009.8-8-2.19-0.65-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
 118-1.03Naz ReidC  MIN 10:55312000.2504.00000115.7-9-2.19-0.65-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.20-0.011.95
   Josh Okogie   MIN                        
   Jaylen Nowell   MIN                        
   Jake Layman   MIN                        
   Leandro Bolmaro NOTE  MIN                        
   Nathan Knight   MIN                        
   McKinley Wright   MIN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012213323274.50096.81316912179.6-600.
 41.41DeMar DeRozanSF/PF  CHIPF38:013506610.636221.00070129.6+193.19-1.660.041.05-0.01-1.384.824.721.95
 71.16Ayo DosunmuPG/SG  CHIPG41:5814241030.8577.0000128.5+18-0.340.36-0.742.815.25-1.383.64-0.010.89
 140.94Nikola VucevicC  CHIC35:112628700.786141.00021520.2+51.670.360.831.49-2.64-1.385.911.340.89
 150.82Coby WhitePG/SG  CHI 28:462266120.66712.00003323.4+71.004.390.04-1.142.62-1.383.13-0.01-1.24
 470.06Javonte GreenPG/SG/SF  CHISF31:232334100.76913.00003122.9+151.171.36-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.385.20-0.01-1.24
 91-0.65Tony BradleyCNOTE  CHI 12:492041021.0001.0001005.0+7-2.36-1.66-0.74-1.14-2.642.670.73-2.691.95
 125-1.13Malcolm HillSGNOTE  CHI 4:17002000.0001.00000010.5-6-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 139-1.26Troy Brown JrSG/SF  CHI 10:51005000.0003.00001116.5-15-2.70-1.66-0.35-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.91-0.010.89
 146-1.36Zach LaVineSG/SF  CHISG36:441214601.35714.33334223.6+10-0.68-0.65-0.741.05-2.640.65-2.22-4.68-2.30
   Patrick Williams   CHI                        
   Alex Caruso Q  CHI                        
   Lonzo Ball X  CHI                        
   Derrick Jones   CHI                        
   Alfonzo McKinnie   CHI                        
   Matt Thomas   CHI                        
   Tyler Cook   CHI                        
   Marko Simonovic   CHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013414433263.63287.769131315160.3+600.
Kyle: DeRozan and Michael Jordan are the only Bulls to ever post four straight games of at least 35 points. Ridiculous.
Josh: Gigantic minutes in his first game back. Great production
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Dosunmu was back from his concussion and had a big game. He's inconsistent but has a good enough ceiling with his assists to make him worth considering as a flier or streamer. This is also a sell-high stretch for the right return before Lonzo returns in a month.
Josh: Shot well, but minutes dropped off. He is fine in 12s, but he isn't a priority
Stream Kyle: White was great here, but he's inconsistent in his bench role, so while he's fine to grab as a flier or streamer, especially if LaVine rests Saturday, this is also a sell-high moment of sorts.
Kyle: Edwards' knee soreness doesn't seem to be much of an issue with his recent bounce-back performances, and he called himself 100% after the game. Congrats if you bought low during his struggles.
Sell High Kyle: Green tied his career high with 23 points, and while he's fine to grab as a flier or streamer in most leagues, a game like this is a sell-high moment for the right return.
Kyle: Beverley was back in action and right back to starting. Stream or use as a specialist or flier as needed, though some teams won't want to chase his irregular availability.
Josh: Seemed like he hurt his shoulder right at the end of the game
Kyle: Russell reportedly appeared to hurt his shoulder in the closing minutes, but nothing was reported on it after the game, so hopefully it's nothing to worry about.
Hold Josh: Not great. Struggling as bit of late, but I believe he is a hold
Hold Kyle: A poor game, but Vanderbilt is fine to hold if his specialist production fits your build well.
Kyle: Back on the bench in a modest role with Beverley returning.
Josh: The great run was destined to stop and it did here. But, if Russell misses, minutes could go back up
Kyle: LaVine has been playing through back spasms and knee soreness over the last month, so the team will ask him what he wants to do on the b2b Saturday, as he was showing some pain in this game. LaVine could be a buy low at the moment but is also worth considering as a sell high if you think these issues catch up to him as we go.
Kyle: Out of the rotation at the moment.

ORL 99 @ UTA 114

 260.48Chuma OkekePF  ORL 19:04627041.4005.00003118.5-16-1.690.360.43-1.587.880.65-0.49-0.01-1.24
 320.29Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF33:21914321.37581.00020211.7-4-1.18-0.65-0.74-0.262.620.65-1.061.341.95
 390.16Mo BambaCINJ   ORLC31:121628202.462131.00022122.4-6-0.010.360.83-0.70-2.642.67-0.221.34-0.18
 63-0.21Gary HarrisSG/SF  ORL 28:41812120.37581.00010413.0-16-1.35-0.65-1.53-1.142.62-1.38-1.060.661.95
 65-0.23Cole AnthonyPG/SG  ORLSG36:431836510.500121.00037324.4-180.331.360.040.61-0.01-1.380.422.01-5.49
 67-0.24Jalen SuggsPG/SGOUT  ORLPG25:12901730.36411.50021322.5-1-1.18-1.66-1.921.495.25-1.38-1.64-2.010.89
 82-0.53Terrence RossSG/SF  ORL 24:521132300.4449.00001017.7-3-0.851.36-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.35-0.010.89
 109-0.91Wendell Carter Jr.PF/C  ORLPF34:172219201.52917.50064130.4-111.00-0.651.22-0.70-2.640.651.27-6.01-2.30
 130-1.15Ignas BrazdeikisSF/PF  ORL 3:19000000.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 134-1.17Admiral SchofieldSF/PF  ORL 3:19001000.0001.00000013.30-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
   Markelle Fultz   ORL                        
   Moritz Wagner   ORL                        
   Bol Bol   ORL                        
   Jonathan Isaac X  ORL                        
   R.J. Hampton Q  ORL                        
   Robin Lopez   ORL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0099134023125.44084.750161815173.7-750.
 61.18Royce O'NealeSG/SF/PF  UTAPF34:261440540.8336.0000128.4+18-0.342.37-2.310.617.88-1.382.93-0.010.89
 220.61Hassan WhitesidePF/C  UTA 27:0515018102.7789.50020215.2+17-0.17-1.664.75-1.14-2.642.673.71-2.011.95
 250.51Jordan ClarksonPG/SGINJ   UTA 23:321814220.462131.00050026.8+100.33-0.65-0.74-0.702.62-1.38-0.223.371.95
 310.32Donovan MitchellPG/SG  UTASG35:212437130.31619.900104332.2+211.341.360.43-1.145.25-1.38-4.083.40-2.30
 430.11Trent ForrestSGGLG UTA 24:00911330.37581.00021017.1+11-1.18-0.65-1.92-0.265.25-1.38-1.061.340.89
 58-0.15Udoka AzubuikeC  UTAC20:5512070011.0006.00002515.9-2-0.68-1.660.43-1.58-2.640.654.29-0.01-0.18
 84-0.57Mike ConleyPG  UTAPG24:35823502.30010.00003222.0-5-1.350.36-1.140.61-2.642.67-2.35-0.01-1.24
 87-0.59Jared ButlerSGGLG UTA 3:13311110.5002.00000025.8-8-2.19-0.65-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.380.09-0.011.95
 89-0.63Eric PaschallPF/CNOTE  UTA 12:12402110.25041.00020016.60-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.14-0.01-1.38-1.201.341.95
 127-1.15Juan HernangomezPF/CNOTE  UTA 1:22000000.0000.000000 -3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 132-1.15Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG/SF  UTA 1:22000000.0000.000000 -3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 144-1.34Bojan BogdanovicSF/PFINJ   UTASF31:57717310.16712.66734022.5+19-1.52-0.650.43-0.26-0.01-1.38-5.00-1.34-2.30
   Rudy Gobert   UTA                        
   Rudy Gay   UTA                        
   Danuel House   UTA                        
  0.00Totals   240:00114135022155.44989.875241514202.5+750.
Josh: Nice game from Ryce, who is fine to roster. As we head to the playoffs, his value does improve.
Kyle: O'Neale's big minutes make him at least worth using as a conditional streamer as needed, though this could be used as a sell-high moment in deeper leagues given the bulk steals.
Josh: Just keep streaming until Gobert is back
Sell High Kyle: Gobert seems close to a return, so I'd be treating this great game mostly as a sell-high moment.
Josh: Another huge defensive night, but the minutes were low, which is frustrating. He is a 12 team guy for now, but we hope he can play more
Stream Kyle: Okeke is fine to have as a streamer or specialist for his defensive stats and threes.
Josh: One of his biggest games of late as the Magic go for the reverse showcase
Sell High Kyle: Good minutes, but he's been much more limited there most games, so this is a bit of a sell-high moment.
Sell High Kyle: I'd be trying to sell high in very deep dynasty leagues during this stretch. Azubuike doesn't seem like he'll have much of a career in the NBA for the long term. He doesn't fit the mold of a big-minute player in the modern game.
Josh: Great that he played, but minutes were down. Still he is a 12 team guy
Hold Kyle: Suggs played through his Achilles issue and is mostly a hold despite the short minutes.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Surely, this isn't his role. But, he isn't a 12 team guy
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Just 1 minute in his Jazz debut. They have no reason to force NAW into the rotation right away. The general expectation is that he'll end up carving out a regular bench role, but it'll likely be too modest of minutes to chase in standards or even 14s.
Josh: Horrid shooting night and he is prone to those
Kyle: A poor shooting night and buy-low moment if anything.
Kyle: Hopefully we get news over the ASB that Fultz is going to be able to play some this season. It's super frustrating how little information has been offered by the Magic.