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<March 2022>
box scoreWAS 100@ DET 976:00 pm
DET by 2.5 o/u 223.0WAS 110 @ DET 113
box scoreUTA 101@ CHA 1076:00 pm
UTA by 3.5 o/u 228.0UTA 116 @ CHA 112
box scoreGSW 110@ ATL 1216:30 pm
ATL by 2.0 o/u 223.0GSW 110 @ ATL 112
box scoreNYK 111@ MIA 1037:00 pm
MIA by 5.5 o/u 214.0NYK 104 @ MIA 110
box scoreDAL 95@ MIN 1167:00 pm
MIN by 1.5 o/u 228.0DAL 113 @ MIN 115Blowout
box scoreHOU 125@ POR 1069:00 pm
HOU by 3.5 o/u 234.0HOU 119 @ POR 115Blowout
box scorePHI 122@ LAC 979:30 pm
PHI by 5.5 o/u 217.5PHI 112 @ LAC 106Blowout

Central Standard Time

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WAS 100 @ DET 97

 61.00Kristaps PorzingisPF/CIN  WASC32:2430310322.50022.71472336.7-42.351.361.61-0.262.622.670.76-1.98-0.18
 300.18Deni AvdijaSG/SF/PF  WAS 31:4921310401.438161.00044130.1+50.831.361.610.17-2.640.65-0.802.69-2.30
 350.02Tomas SatoranskyPG/SG  WASSG28:56603620.50041.0002108.9-1-1.69-1.66-
 71-0.47Corey KispertSG/SF  WASPG30:44711012.3758.00002214.3+3-1.52-0.65-1.92-1.58-0.012.67-1.06-0.01-0.18
 74-0.49Thomas BryantC  WAS 13:34715000.50021.00041415.40-1.52-0.65-0.35-1.58-2.64-1.380.092.690.89
 84-0.61Anthony GillSF  WAS 23:17405101.6673.0000127.5+9-2.02-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.640.650.80-0.010.89
 92-0.71Kentavious Caldwell-PopePG/SG/SF  WASSF33:27803210.200101.00041216.8-2-1.35-1.66-1.14-0.70-0.01-1.38-3.712.690.89
 99-0.78Rui HachimuraSF/PF RETWASPF26:451115100.41712.00001121.4+1-0.85-0.65-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.93-0.010.89
 105-0.83Ish SmithPG/SF  WAS 19:04603601.5006.00004023.0+4-1.69-1.66-1.141.05-2.640.650.22-0.01-2.30
   Bradley Beal   WAS                        
   Kyle Kuzma OUT  WAS                        
   Daniel Gafford   WAS                        
   Raul Neto   WAS                        
   Cassius Winston   WAS                        
   Vernon Carey Jr. NOTE  WAS                        
   Isaiah Todd GLG WAS                        
   Jordan Schakel NOTE  WAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:001009452367.43483.905211715174.1+
 41.09Marvin Bagley IIIPF/C  DET 34:372505021.625161.00050021.5-51.51-1.66-0.35-1.582.620.653.273.371.95
 130.54Killian HayesPG/SG  DET 28:471026423.5008.00004317.1-6-1.020.360.040.172.624.700.29-0.01-2.30
 39-0.04Cade CunninghamPG/SGX  DETPG35:032207901.50022.00003429.201.00-1.660.432.37-2.640.650.76-0.01-1.24
 52-0.20Isaiah StewartPF/CX  DETC25:091208101.62581.00022417.7+3-0.68-1.660.83-1.14-2.640.651.651.34-0.18
 57-0.29Cory JosephPG/SG  DETSG22:00613110.33331.0003018.0+1-1.69-0.65-1.14-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.552.011.95
 85-0.63Saddiq BeySG/SF/PF  DETSF27:23814120.27311.50020217.8-3-1.35-0.65-0.74-1.142.62-1.38-3.00-2.011.95
 96-0.77Braxton KeyPFNOTE  DET 18:27405002.3336.00002317.8-3-2.02-1.66-0.35-1.58-2.642.67-1.13-0.01-0.18
 124-0.98Rodney McGruderSG/SF  DET 26:08317120.08312.00002321.9-3-2.19-0.650.43-1.142.62-1.38-6.35-0.01-0.18
 130-1.07Jerami GrantSF/PFQ OUTDETPF7:30511100.5004.00002032.8+2-1.86-0.65-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.16-0.01-0.18
 137-1.21Frank JacksonPG/SG  DET 14:56203100.00061.00020018.9-1-2.36-1.66-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.38-3.841.341.95
   Kelly Olynyk   DET                        
   Isaiah Livers Q  DET                        
   Hamidou Diallo X  DET                        
   Saben Lee   DET                        
   Luka Garza   DET                        
   Chris Smith   DET                        
   Jamorko Pickett   DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:00976491998.40696.929141520202.7-
Josh: Grant got 'hurt' so Bagley looks like he could have some solid value
Maybe Add Kyle: Bagley got big minutes and hade a great game with Grant leaving due to injury. The door is wide open for a Grant shutdown and Bagley to step in as the starting PF the rest of the way. He's worth taking a flier on or to stream as a specialist with upside in most leagues. He has another game Sunday and then 4 next week.
Josh: Big night on a back to back, what a shock it is to see this
Kyle: Porzingis just played great in normal minutes of both games of a b2b. For dynasty, I wouldn't be looking to move him if I'm competing this season and need his production to win, but if I'm not playing and trades are allowed, I'd be considering selling high around this good stretch. Feelings are high around KP right now, and he could get a great return in dynasty IF you're worried about his general injury issues continuing to be a thing next season. Just something to consider as a sell-high.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He is really starting to show some things, fantasy wise especially. I think, schedule dependent, he is worth a 12 team spot
Maybe Add Kyle: Hayes is getting great run and producing diverse lines. He's been erratic but also seems to be finding consistency more of late, and with another game Sunday and 4 next week, he's at least wore using as specialist streamer in many leagues.
Josh: Fantastic without Kuzma. It isn't always like this, but the stream has looked solid so far
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Avdija was fantastic with a career-high 21 points and full line. He's worth considering as a flier or stream for at least as long as he's getting big minutes and Kuzma is out.
Stream Josh: A surprise starter and the assists and steals are nice. I guess if they are persisting wit him, we have to consider for those two cats
Watch Kyle: Sato was moved into the starting lineup over Neto and got big minutes. This is something to watch for at least specialist and conditional streaming use. He's also fine to grab as a flier in deeper leagues if you think he has a chance to continue playing big minutes and will offer more consistent production as a starter.
Droppable Kyle: The vets are getting phased out. I wouldn't be hanging on many places.
Josh: Bringing defensive stats out of nowhere of late, but can't hit a shot.
Josh: Replaced Gafford who was out and did nothing. Not worth much for fantasy
Kyle: Bryant got rotation minutes with Gafford out, and with the Wizards almost eliminated from play-in contention, we could see more games from Bryant down the stretch if Porzingis gets rested.
Josh: In
Hold Kyle: Bey has another game Sunday and 4 next week. He's a hold most places with his unique upside and ability to explode for a given night.
Kyle: If Livers has to miss more time, Key could be of use for very deep leagues as a conditional streamer.
Josh: Another subpar performance from Rui. Volume is his only advantage and after this week he can go
Watch Kyle: Rui is starting with Kuzma out and still day-to-day, but Rui hasn't shined as a starter yet, so he's just someone to watch as a conditional streamer with theoretical upside if Kuzma remains out.
Josh: Is this something they use to end his season? Don't be surprised.
Droppable Kyle: Grant is knocking on the door of getting shutdown. If you can't wait to see if he plays Sunday, he's going to be OK to drop as needed most places. Even if he was healthy, there's a chance he'd only play in 2 of the Pistons' 4 games next week.
Kyle: Frank was back and played modest minutes off the bench. Hopefully he's able to play in most the remaining games, but we shouldn't expect too big of a role most nights, though he may see a spot start or three.
Droppable Kyle: Out of the rotation already. The vets are being phased out.
Kyle: It's hard to hold onto players that are day-to-day, but he has 1 more game Sunday and 4 next week if healthy and able to play in both games of a b2b.
Droppable Josh: Lost his starting spot and spot in the rotation entirely. Drop him
Droppable Kyle: Neto getting benched is a great call by Unseld, hopefully he digs deeper into his bag of what ifs and gives us a reality where Avdija is starting at PG for at least the last 5 games this season.

UTA 101 @ CHA 107

 120.56Mike ConleyPG  UTAPG32:221132630.5008.00001113.2+4-0.851.36-1.531.055.25-1.380.29-0.010.89
 330.07Rudy GobertC  UTAC37:2611019101.7147.50021411.3-6-0.85-1.665.15-1.14-2.640.652.29-2.010.89
 370.00Donovan MitchellPG/SG  UTASG35:352643710.476211.00026237.3-31.672.37-1.141.49-0.01-1.380.051.34-4.43
 42-0.10Eric PaschallPF/CNOTE  UTA 10:2611120101.00041.00021026.80-0.85-0.65-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.382.871.340.89
 46-0.14Jordan ClarksonPG/SGINJ   UTA 35:191923401.389181.00031227.4-110.500.36-1.140.17-2.640.65-
 83-0.60Royce O'NealeSG/SF/PF  UTASF35:26622210.2508.00000410.7-5-1.690.36-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.38-2.42-0.011.95
 97-0.77Juan HernangomezPF/CNOTE  UTAPF28:001445100.5569.00021118.5-4-0.342.37-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.381.00-5.360.89
 98-0.78Trent ForrestSGGLG UTA 12:25000310.0001.0000003.8-3-2.70-1.66-2.31-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 140-1.26Rudy GaySF/PF  UTA 13:01312100.1258.00000229.3-2-2.19-0.65-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-3.77-0.011.95
   Bojan Bogdanovic INJ   UTA                        
   Hassan Whiteside   UTA                        
   Danuel House   UTA                        
   Nickeil Alexander-Walker   UTA                        
   Udoka Azubuike   UTA                        
   Xavier Sneed   UTA                        
   Jared Butler GLG UTA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010117382572.45284.727111116178.4-300.
 150.47Terry RozierPG/SG  CHASG34:082554110.450201.00020227.8+71.513.38-0.74-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.661.341.95
 180.44Miles BridgesSF/PFNOTE  CHASF36:0826411401.60015.66762224.7+81.672.372.000.17-2.640.652.56-2.66-0.18
 320.09LaMelo BallPG/SGX  CHAPG33:372124520.409221.00012433.1+40.830.36-0.740.612.62-1.38-1.950.66-0.18
 44-0.11Isaiah ThomasPG  CHA 14:48910020.6676.00000118.4+15-1.18-0.65-2.31-1.582.62-1.381.58-0.011.95
 60-0.33PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHAPF32:47601522.200101.00023119.30-1.69-1.66-1.920.612.622.67-3.711.34-1.24
 91-0.71Montrezl HarrellPF/C  CHA 19:28904300.6676.50020116.1-2-1.18-1.66-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.381.58-2.011.95
 106-0.84Jalen McDanielsSF/PF/C  CHA 10:152022001.0001.0000014.4+3-2.36-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 110-0.86Mason PlumleePF/C  CHAC16:181011400.0001.5002138.0+5-2.53-1.662.000.17-2.64-1.38-0.62-2.010.89
 123-0.97Cody MartinSG/SFINJ   CHA 24:59205200.3333.0000107.3-1-2.36-1.66-0.35-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.010.89
 125-1.00Kelly OubreSG/SF  CHA 17:32613000.5004.50020212.7-9-1.69-0.65-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.380.16-2.011.95
   Gordon Hayward   CHA                        
   Nick Richards   CHA                        
   Arnoldas Kulboka   CHA                        
   J.T. Thor   CHA                        
   James Bouknight GLG CHA                        
   Kai Jones   CHA                        
   Scottie Lewis   CHA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010713452673.46688.70617917171.9+300.
Josh: At least we got the defense from PJ, who has struggled to be consistent otherwise
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Numbers are way down of late and given how low the upside is, he is a drop candidate
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Still not providing 12 team value
Josh: Back starting and not the worst line, but he still is only a deep league consideration
Watch Kyle: Juan Alberto was really good, but he hasn't shown any consistency despite a larger role of late, so it's hard to trust this beyond very conditional streaming and deeper leagues while Bogdanovic remains out.
Josh: Weird line in low minutes. He isn't for everyone, but there is some appeal for Plumlee for some builds
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Another subpar night and he isn't a 12 team option

GSW 110 @ ATL 121

 31.24Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSG40:233797301.53826.00002129.8-113.527.420.43-0.26-2.640.652.25-0.01-0.18
 230.38Gary Payton IIPG/SGINJ   GSW 29:371406220.85771.00022314.3+3-0.34-1.660.04-0.702.62-1.383.641.34-0.18
 54-0.25Jordan PoolePG/SG  GSWPG38:5724441000.364221.00045531.7-81.342.37-0.742.81-2.64-1.38-3.312.69-3.37
 63-0.37Kevon LooneyPF/C  GSW 23:59808300.8005.00001210.7+11-1.35-1.660.83-0.26-2.64-1.382.22-0.010.89
 66-0.44Otto PorterSF/PFX  GSW 19:02403410.5004.0000029.0-1-2.02-1.66-1.140.17-0.01-1.380.16-0.011.95
 81-0.60Damion LeeSG/SF  GSW 27:22606010.25081.00020313.9+5-1.69-1.660.04-1.58-0.01-1.38-2.421.341.95
 86-0.63Andrew WigginsSG/SFINJ   GSWSF22:05914200.4449.00000217.5-14-1.18-0.65-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.35-0.011.95
 134-1.15Juan Toscano-AndersonSF/PF  GSW 0:23000000.0000.000000 -3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 145-1.51Draymond GreenPF/C  GSWC23:50405300.3333.66735316.8-24-2.02-1.66-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.55-1.34-3.37
 147-1.74Jonathan KumingaSF/PF  GSWPF14:22404000.3336.00021123.6-13-2.02-1.66-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.13-5.360.89
   Stephen Curry   GSW                        
   James Wiseman   GSW                        
   Andre Iguodala X  GSW                        
   Nemanja Bjelica   GSW                        
   Chris Chiozza   GSW                        
   Quinndary Weatherspoon   GSW                        
   Moses Moody   GSW                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011014472741.47890.769131622167.4-550.
 21.81Trae YoungPG  ATLPG39:0633441520.600201.00053328.3+162.852.37-0.745.012.62-1.383.403.37-1.24
 170.45Clint CapelaC  ATLC30:5819013111.81811.50022119.7+110.50-1.662.79-1.14-0.010.655.13-2.01-0.18
 270.21Danilo GallinariSF/PFX OUTATLPF37:082525300.450201.00050226.2+141.510.36-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.663.371.95
 340.06Kevin HuerterSG/SFQ RETATLSG37:172056210.41217.50020321.0+100.673.380.04-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.44-2.011.95
 49-0.16Delon WrightPG/SG  ATL 18:53313220.5002.0000014.60-2.19-0.65-1.14-0.702.62-1.380.09-0.011.95
 62-0.37Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSG/SF  ATL 16:14512111.50021.00022413.2+5-1.86-0.65-1.53-1.14-0.010.650.091.34-0.18
 65-0.42Onyeka OkongwuPF/C  ATL 17:02005012.0000.0000225.20-2.70-1.66-0.35-1.58-0.012.670.02-0.01-0.18
 82-0.60De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATLSF33:451103330.38513.33331219.9+6-0.85-1.66-1.14-0.265.25-1.38-1.58-4.680.89
 116-0.91Lou WilliamsPG/SG  ATL 9:37513000.5004.00001022.8-7-1.86-0.65-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.380.16-0.010.89
   John Collins   ATL                        
   Bogdan Bogdanovic   ATL                        
   Gorgui Dieng   ATL                        
   Kevin Knox   ATL                        
   Skylar Mays   ATL                        
   Sharife Cooper   ATL                        
   Jalen Johnson INJ   ATL                        
  0.00Totals   240:00121144427114.51789.789191118161.0+550.
Josh: 40 minutes is massive for Klay. Shots went in as well, which has been an issue.
Kyle: Wow. 40 minutes in a regulation game is great for his fantasy value, but coach Kerr is playing with fire extending Thompson that much. I'd expect Thompson to miss at least 2-3 more games down the stretch as rest on b2bs, including one of these games Sun/Mon and another of the b2b next Sat/Sun, limiting him to possibly just 2 of 4 games next week if he plays Sunday.
Josh: Finally. We've been waiting a while, but this is Clint back to his best. Hopefully, it sticks arounf
Stream Josh: Payton is a sneaky source of FG% and showed it here, but more reliable for steals.
Stream Kyle: Payton got great minutes again, and that's an interesting development worth tracking, though I'd be reluctant to chase him unless I need his upside in steals.
Josh: Produced the goods until he got hurt. Given his history, you have to think more games could be missed
Droppable Kyle: Gallinari is OK to drop as needed with no more games this weekend and his status in question for Monday. He's also someone to watch ahead of Monday's game in case he seems healthy enough to consider as a streamer with 3-4 games (possible rest on b2b).
Droppable Kyle: Huerter is fine as a flier or streamer add if you're already playing for his 4 games next week, but he's also droppable with no more games this weekend.
Stream Josh: Watch for more minutes if Gallo misses and could transofrm him into an excellent steals option
Josh: Just keeping it rolling in a huge role without Steph
Kyle: Poole continues to dominate in Steph's absence.
Josh: Will likely fill in if Gallo misses, but that doesn't mean I want to add him
Droppable Kyle: Looney moved to the bench for matchup purposes. His ceiling will likely be lower the rest of the way, but he'll also have conditional streaming moments if Draymond rests in more b2bs.
Josh: The big games came crashing to a halt here. Stull streamable, but inconsistency is an issue
Droppable Kyle: No more games this weekend makes Hunter droppable, but he's also a fine flier/stream for next week with 4 games.
Kyle: It's hard to let go of Wiggins' upside as at least a streamer, but if it looks like he's going to be rested in any game going forward, he could become more disposable for some rosters.
Josh: You may havew to make the call that a limited Draymond is not worth holding at this point in the fantasy playoffs.
Kyle: Green shifted up to start at center with Kuminga at PF. That could raise his blocks and rebounds more in the remaining games, but it seems the Warriors are playing with lineup options, so Looney could be back starting at center next game. If Green is resting on b2bs, he could only play 3 of their upcoming 5 games.
Josh: Putrid in a start and Kerr basically benched him for lack of defense. Very hard to consaider a must
Kyle: Kuminga started over Looney but didn't get much run as coach Kerr shifted gears to use Lee and Payton in extended bench roles. Kuminga has interest as a conditional streamer, but this downside maks him hard to trust.
Droppable Kyle: This is a touch call on what to do, but with no more games until Monday and maybe only being available for 3-4 games next week, Bogdan is going to be considerable as a drop and as an upside streamer if it looks like he's playing Monday. He's a fine hold as preferred as well.
Kyle: Out of the rotation.
Kyle: Out of the rotation.
Kyle: Out of the rotation.

NYK 111 @ MIA 103

 51.08Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 24:132332320.500121.00080129.2+81.171.36-1.53-0.262.62-1.380.425.401.95
 38-0.03Obi ToppinSF/PF  NYKPF26:241528000.600101.00010318.0+5-0.170.360.83-1.58-2.64-1.381.710.661.95
 43-0.10Alec BurksPG/SG/SFINJ   NYKSG24:291234310.37581.00032221.1+3-0.681.36-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.38-1.062.01-0.18
 47-0.15Miles McBridePG  NYK 17:12512520.3336.00000415.9+16-1.86-0.65-1.530.612.62-1.38-1.13-0.011.95
 56-0.29Jericho SimsC  NYKC27:496072011.0003.0000116.6+19-1.69-1.660.43-0.70-2.640.652.16-0.010.89
 77-0.57Taj GibsonPF/C  NYK 21:36513001.5004.0000038.4+3-1.86-0.65-1.14-1.58-2.640.650.16-0.011.95
 89-0.68Evan FournierSG/SF  NYKPG29:16721420.18211.50020318.5-3-1.520.36-1.920.172.62-1.38-4.35-2.011.95
 94-0.76Quentin GrimesSG  NYK 15:40931100.5006.00002423.3+5-1.181.36-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.22-0.01-0.18
 104-0.83Mitchell RobinsonC  NYK 19:291107110.8005.50061120.2-14-0.85-1.660.43-1.14-0.01-1.382.22-6.010.89
 138-1.24R.J. BarrettSG/SF  NYKSF33:521828400.29417.75085234.3-20.330.360.830.17-2.64-1.38-4.15-1.30-3.37
   Julius Randle   NYK                        
   Cam Reddish   NYK                        
   Nerlens Noel NOTE  NYK                        
   Derrick Rose   NYK                        
   Kemba Walker NOTE  NYK                        
   Ryan Arcidiacono   NYK                        
   Feron Hunt NOTE  NYK                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011117432382.43982.786281124195.5+400.
 70.89Jimmy ButlerSF/PF  MIASF37:013017711.64717.87584133.1-72.35-0.650.431.49-0.010.653.982.05-2.30
 250.27Kyle LowryPGP  MIAPG36:001734310.364111.00061220.3-90.161.36-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.38-1.644.040.89
 280.20Bam AdebayoPF/C  MIAC31:551709111.8577.71471417.4-140.16-1.661.22-1.14-0.010.653.64-1.980.89
 50-0.17P.J. TuckerPF/CQ  MIAPF28:04405121.4005.00001210.7-3-2.02-1.66-0.35-1.142.620.65-0.49-0.010.89
 67-0.45Markieff MorrisPF/CQ  MIA 15:561021000.8005.00000115.7+2-1.020.36-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.382.22-0.011.95
 90-0.69Max StrusSG/SF  MIA 30:021131300.4449.00002618.3-10-0.851.36-1.92-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.35-0.01-0.18
 109-0.86Duncan RobinsonSG/SF  MIASG23:30620110.2508.00001319.10-1.690.36-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.38-2.42-0.010.89
 117-0.92Dewayne DedmonC  MIA 16:05514000.33331.00022318.3+6-1.86-0.65-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.551.34-0.18
 146-1.60Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIA 21:27304200.2005.50023320.7-5-2.19-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.84-2.01-1.24
   Tyler Herro   MIA                        
   Victor Oladipo   MIA                        
   Gabe Vincent   MIA                        
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
   Mychal Mulder   MIA                        
   Haywood Highsmith   MIA                        
   Kyle Guy   MIA                        
   Omer Yurtseven   MIA                        
   Javonte Smart   MIA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010312351863.50070.840251525173.6-400.
Josh: Just give the bloke more minutes. He is proving to have 12 team value and should be on a roster
Stream Kyle: IQ has value as a streamer for most leagues and is worth considering with another game Sunday and 4 next week.
Kyle: It'll be interesting to see if he plays Saturday on the b2b after getting so many minutes here.
Josh: His games have been much improved of late
Kyle: You have to think there's a chance he gets rested on the b2b Saturday.
Josh: Just keep going with Toppin until Randle is back
Stream Kyle: Toppin is worth considering as a conditional streamer if Randle continues to miss time. The Knicks play Sunday and have games next week.
Watch Kyle: If the Knicks are already doing weird stuff like starting Sims over Robinson, there's a chance McBride eventually starts at PG down the stretch. If he does, he'll be worth considering as at least a conditional streamer for his upside in assists and overall production.
Kyle: Tucker could be rested on the b2b Saturday, which would suck, as it'll be a great game if the Heat play at full strength against the Nets.
Josh: Started over Robinson and I wonder if he may have another start in him. At least a deep streamer
Josh: The inconsistency here is a real issue, making it hard to know if and when you should use him.
Josh: His minutes continue to be up and down but minutes up here due to Herro/Oladipo/Vincent being out
Watch Kyle: Big minutes, but Strus is just a conditional streaming if the Heat rest several players Saturday on the b2b.
Josh: Returned but came off the bench. Not saying he is a drop, but it could be if this pattern continues.
Kyle: Robinson was back in action but bizarrely came off the bench behind Sims. Thibodeau said it was because Robinson's status was unclear, which puts a damper in his general status going forward. He's worth considering as at least a streamer if healthy, even if he keeps coming off the bench, but it's also OK to cut bait as needed depending on stream options in shallower leagues.
Josh: He at lwast gave you two triples and that is all he is good for.
Kyle: If you've held onto him so far, I'd wait and see if he plays Saturday, as he has 4 games next week, making him a potentially great add if he's been dropped.

DAL 95 @ MIN 116Blowout

 310.18Luka DoncicPG/SGQ  DALPG36:4124510810.44418.60053027.8-221.343.381.611.93-0.01-1.38-0.73-3.33-1.24
 40-0.05Dwight PowellPF/C  DALC21:141305101.71471.00031519.3-11-0.51-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.640.652.292.010.89
 59-0.33Maxi KleberPF/C  DAL 21:18916210.40010.00000220.6-6-1.18-0.650.04-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.00-0.011.95
 68-0.45Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  DALSG30:201116110.333121.00021320.1-4-0.85-0.650.04-1.14-0.01-1.38-2.291.340.89
 79-0.58Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  DAL 26:351112401.40010.66730118.7-23-0.85-0.65-1.530.17-2.640.65-1.00-1.341.95
 93-0.73Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PFQ  DALPF32:12714002.27311.00001216.4-12-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.58-2.642.67-3.00-0.010.89
 102-0.81Frank NtilikinaPG/SG  DAL 9:52401210.4005.00001126.7+4-2.02-1.66-1.92-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.49-0.010.89
 103-0.81Josh GreenSG/SF  DAL 16:41712000.66731.00022215.5-20-1.52-0.65-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.801.34-0.18
 107-0.85Boban MarjanovicC  DAL 6:00501001.5002.75040027.5+3-1.86-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.640.650.09-0.661.95
 128-1.03Marquese ChrissPF/C  DAL 6:002000001.0001.0000007.3+3-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 143-1.37Reggie BullockSG/SF  DALSF33:07208300.09111.00001315.9-17-2.36-1.660.83-0.26-2.64-1.38-5.71-0.010.89
   Tim Hardaway Jr.   DAL                        
   Davis Bertans   DAL                        
   Trey Burke   DAL                        
   Sterling Brown NOTE  DAL                        
   Theo Pinson   DAL                        
   Moses Wright   DAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:009510452145.38990.789191019215.6-1050.
 100.71Karl-Anthony TownsPF/CQ  MINC29:382029110.700101.00041420.0+160.670.361.22-1.14-0.01-1.383.072.690.89
 360.01Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 21:391425100.71471.00020316.9+14-0.340.36-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.382.291.341.95
 41-0.06Patrick BeverleyPG/SG  MINPG24:471011211.50061.00031015.6+6-1.02-0.65-1.92-0.70-0.010.650.222.010.89
 48-0.15Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 20:061635300.7508.50021122.8+13-0.011.36-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.383.00-2.010.89
 64-0.42Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  MINPF22:421206010.8005.66760215.6+5-0.68-1.660.04-1.58-0.01-1.382.22-2.661.95
 88-0.65D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINSG30:391515800.37516.66731227.7+12-0.17-0.65-0.351.93-2.64-1.38-2.15-1.340.89
 101-0.80Anthony EdwardsSG/SFQ  MINSF32:171206410.42914.00012323.6+24-0.68-1.660.040.17-0.01-1.38-0.86-2.69-0.18
 113-0.88Naz ReidC RETMIN 11:23404100.6673.00001116.3+11-2.02-1.66-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.380.80-0.010.89
 119-0.92Josh OkogieSG/SF  MIN 4:26310100.5002.00000120.9-4-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.380.09-0.011.95
 120-0.93Nathan KnightPF/C  MIN 6:47202101.3333.00001127.3-4-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.640.65-0.55-0.010.89
 122-0.97Jake LaymanSF/PF  MIN 3:52310000.5002.00000024.0-2-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.011.95
 127-1.01Malik BeasleyPG/SG OUTMIN 12:24201100.00021.00020110.8+7-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.271.341.95
 133-1.12Leandro BolmaroSFNOTE  MIN 3:15001100.0001.00000014.3-2-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 139-1.24Jaylen NowellSG  MIN 16:05300200.20051.00011218.6+9-2.19-1.66-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.840.660.89
   Jaden McDaniels   MIN                        
   McKinley Wright   MIN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011611452642.51284.79224921274.2+1050.
Josh: One more tech until a suspension
Kyle: Doncic was back after resting in the previous game, and he was great in most respects. I'd expect there's a decent chance he only plays in 3 of his 4 games next week.
Stream Josh: Could get more minutes if Beasley misses time, but providing value on his own merits
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Amazingly, he is a top 70 player over the last two weeks and should probably be rostered
Stream Kyle: Powell has been playing well and is worth considering as a streamer or flier with another game Sunday and 4 next week.
Kyle: Bev has another game Sunday and then only 3 next week.
Josh: He reandomly blows up for these big games and there usually isn't a rhyme nor reason to it.
Josh: Nothing great here and Prince played more minutes. Vandy is very specific in what he brings, so you should know by now whether he makes sense for your team
Josh: Big drop off in a bad game for the team. But he is a 12 team guy
Kyle: Brunson may be droppable for some rosters with better stream options, but Brunson remains a fine streamer for most leagues, too.
Josh: Big drop off in a bad game for the team. But he is a 12 team guy
Kyle: Dinwiddie is a fine hold as a specialist or streamer through Sunday, but I'd only expect 3 of 4 games from him next week with a potential rest on the b2b.
Josh: Started horribly, but the line in the end was okay.
Droppable Kyle: He's not worth holding while his status is in question. The T-Wolves weren't sure of the severity of the injury after the game.
Josh: Back to early season can't hit shots Bullock. This is killing you if you added him, so if you want to move on, do it, but his role is fairly secure.
Kyle: Great minutes, but his volatile production leaves a lot to be desired on the off nights, making Bullock best viewed as a conditional specialist streamer, and mostly on short-schedule days.

HOU 125 @ POR 106Blowout

 80.82Dennis SchroderPG  HOU 23:231422331.44491.00041322.1-5-0.340.36-1.53-
 190.42Jae'Sean TateSF/PFP  HOUPF22:591734120.70010.00002223.0+150.161.36-0.74-1.142.62-1.383.07-0.01-0.18
 200.42Christian WoodPF/C  HOUC26:3810011511.42971.00041216.1+15-1.02-1.662.000.61-0.010.65-0.422.690.89
 220.41Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 20:251424220.62581.00021221.3+3-0.340.36-0.74-0.702.62-1.381.651.340.89
 260.25Kevin PorterPG/SG/SF  HOUSG26:271332711.44491.00022119.8+18-0.511.36-1.531.49-0.010.65-0.351.34-0.18
 290.19Jalen GreenSG  HOUPG27:352353000.56316.00000025.5+161.173.38-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.381.91-0.011.95
 69-0.46Kenyon Martin Jr.SF/PF  HOU 22:051612110.7508.60051222.3+11-0.01-0.65-1.53-1.14-0.01-1.383.00-3.330.89
 100-0.79Eric GordonSG/SF  HOUSF21:41512100.5004.0000008.1+22-1.86-0.65-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.380.16-0.011.95
 112-0.87Garrison MathewsSG/SF  HOU 19:32721000.28671.00010316.8+1-1.520.36-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.780.661.95
 115-0.90Alperen SengunCQ  HOU 21:22406520.3333.66736521.2-5-2.02-1.660.040.612.62-1.38-0.55-1.34-4.43
 126-1.00Daishen NixSG  HOU 4:57200200.00021.00020125.6+2-2.36-1.66-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.271.341.95
 135-1.15Bruno FernandoC  HOU 2:56000000.0000.000001 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   John Wall   HOU                        
   Anthony Lamb   HOU                        
   Usman Garuba   HOU                        
   David Nwaba   HOU                        
   Trevelin Queen GLG HOU                        
  0.00Totals   240:00125193727123.51883.870231422221.8+950.
 240.33Kris DunnPG/SG  POR 19:221203720.60051.00063223.5+13-0.68-1.66-1.141.492.62-1.380.874.04-1.24
 55-0.28Drew EubanksPF/C  PORC26:291805100.75012.00002222.6-270.33-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.384.49-0.01-0.18
 58-0.32Trendon WatfordSF  PORPF30:291905610.61513.60052324.2-180.50-1.66-0.351.05-0.01-1.382.49-3.33-0.18
 73-0.49Elijah HughesSG  POR 25:02704201.42971.00010112.7+5-1.52-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.640.65-0.420.661.95
 75-0.55Greg BrownPFNOTE  POR 20:39805310.5008.00002320.7+8-1.35-1.66-0.35-0.26-0.01-1.380.29-0.01-0.18
 76-0.55Ben McLemoreSG/SF  POR 26:571522001.45511.75041221.9+8-0.170.36-1.53-1.58-2.640.65-0.29-0.660.89
 80-0.59Keon JohnsonSF  PORSG21:551003110.57171.00023221.3-19-1.02-1.66-1.14-1.14-0.01-1.380.931.34-1.24
 114-0.89C.J. EllebySF  PORSF28:241417300.60010.33332320.1-29-0.34-0.650.43-0.26-2.64-1.381.71-4.68-0.18
 121-0.97Keljin BlevinsPG  POR 17:02102310.0002.5002027.2-6-2.53-1.66-1.53-0.26-0.01-1.38-1.27-2.011.95
 144-1.50Brandon WilliamsPG  PORPG23:41202201.10010.00002121.7-30-2.36-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.640.65-5.06-0.01-0.18
   Damian Lillard   POR                        
   Josh Hart   POR                        
   Anfernee Simons   POR                        
   Jusuf Nurkic   POR                        
   Joe Ingles   POR                        
   Nassir Little   POR                        
   Eric Bledsoe   POR                        
   Justise Winslow INJ   POR                        
   Didi Louzada NOTE  POR                        
  0.00Totals   240:001063382863.50685.739231721195.9-950.
Josh: Nice performance from Schroder, but he is more just a streamer than a must add
Stream Kyle: A good game, Schroder's production has been too light most games to bother chasing beyond conditional streaming and deeper leagues, though he does has another game Saturday and 4 next week.
Josh: One of his best games in recent memory. I don't trust it
Kyle: Tate is just a conditional streamer, not someone to chase with his inconsistent production.
Josh: Flashed, but are the minutes upside there? Worth keeping an eye on
Stream Josh: Moved back to bench, but numbers are great. Worth it for his assists and steals
Stream Kyle: Dunn was back in a more modest bench role with Williams starting again, but he played well and has interest as a specialist streamer for his assists and steals. He has another game Saturday and 4 next week.
Must Add Josh: Make sure he is rostered
Must Add Josh: Make sure he is rostered
Kyle: Johnson got a start with Hart and Winslow out, and he was OK, but I wouldn't trust Johnson enough to chase him beyond watching and very deep leagues.
Droppable Kyle: Unlikely to play Saturday on the b2b.
Josh: Nice game apart from ft%, but it needs Hart/Winslow out and even then it's a crapshoot
Josh: Hurt your percentages but assists are nice. Doesn't look like he is going to get t0 30
Josh: Woof, this guy is just bad. Had to hold given the damage he does
Droppable Kyle: Williams has upside given the Blazers' lack of depth, but his inconsistent production makes him hard to trust beyond very deep leagues and conditional streaming.
Droppable Kyle: Not worth holding while day-to-day unless you have a place to stash.
Droppable Kyle: Not worth holding while day-to-day.

PHI 122 @ LAC 97Blowout

 11.98James HardenPG/SGQ  PHIPG34:0729415721.467151.000114129.0+282.182.373.581.492.620.65-0.157.42-2.30
 90.73Joel EmbiidPF/C  PHIC27:5427210212.47419.87583238.0+231.840.361.61-0.70-0.012.67-0.022.05-1.24
 110.60Matisse ThybulleSG/SF  PHISF25:451311030.83361.00020311.1+21-0.51-0.65-1.92-1.585.25-1.382.931.341.95
 140.49Paul ReedSF  PHI 6:04802131.8005.00000334.2+1-1.35-1.66-1.53-
 51-0.18Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF24:461222210.50010.00000016.8+18-0.680.36-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.380.36-0.011.95
 53-0.24Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHISG29:181125122.36411.33331118.9+14-0.850.36-0.35-1.142.622.67-1.64-4.680.89
 72-0.48Danny GreenSG/SF  PHI 15:50821101.6005.00001115.7+2-1.350.36-1.92-1.14-2.640.650.87-0.010.89
 95-0.76Shake MiltonPG/SG  PHI 24:43712500.3339.00000115.1+8-1.52-0.65-1.530.61-2.64-1.38-1.71-0.011.95
 111-0.87Georges NiangSF/PF  PHI 17:16005201.0002.0000137.2+9-2.70-1.66-0.35-0.70-2.640.65-1.27-0.010.89
 118-0.92DeAndre JordanC  PHI 14:40209100.2504.00001314.2+1-2.36-1.661.22-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.20-0.010.89
 129-1.04Furkan KorkmazSG/SF  PHI 10:53310000.3333.00000011.40-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
 132-1.12Isaiah JoeSG  PHI 4:38200100.3333.00000026.9+1-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
 136-1.15Charlie BrownSF  PHI 4:06000000.0000.000000 -1-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   Charles Bassey X  PHI                        
   Paul Millsap   PHI                        
   Myles Powell   PHI                        
   Jaden Springer   PHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:00122155223128.46792.875241118238.6+1250.
 160.47Amir CoffeySG/SF  LACSG37:342134311.60015.00002119.4-200.831.36-0.74-0.26-0.010.652.56-0.01-0.18
 210.42Robert CovingtonPF/C  LAC 24:13825213.5006.00001312.4-1-1.350.36-0.35-0.70-0.014.700.22-0.010.89
 45-0.13Isaiah HartensteinPF/C  LAC 22:501619410.6258.71472024.5-6-0.01-0.651.220.17-0.01-1.381.65-1.98-0.18
 61-0.36Nicolas BatumSF/PF  LACSF22:37913020.5008.00002118.9-19-1.18-0.65-1.14-1.582.62-1.380.29-0.01-0.18
 70-0.46Ivica ZubacC  LACC23:39707601.4297.50020414.3-19-1.52-1.660.431.05-2.640.65-0.42-2.011.95
 78-0.58Terance MannSG/SF  LAC 22:321202210.4297.85772422.9-7-0.68-1.66-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.421.37-0.18
 87-0.64Luke KennardSG/SF  LAC 22:29611110.20051.00031113.9-8-1.69-0.65-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.38-1.842.010.89
 108-0.86Rodney HoodSG/SF  LAC 8:57301001.50021.00011016.5+1-2.19-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.640.650.090.660.89
 131-1.09Reggie JacksonPG/SG  LACPG27:231103010.308131.00034228.6-19-0.85-1.66-1.14-1.58-0.01-1.38-2.932.01-2.30
 141-1.27Semi OjeleyeSF/PF  LAC 12:54201000.00051.00020120.0-5-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.201.341.95
 142-1.31Marcus MorrisPF/C  LACPF14:52203101.1119.00001128.8-22-2.36-1.66-1.14-1.14-2.640.65-4.42-0.010.89
   Paul George   LAC                        
   Kawhi Leonard   LAC                        
   Norman Powell INJ   LAC                        
   Jay Scrubb   LAC                        
   Jason Preston GLG LAC                        
   Brandon Boston Jr. OUT  LAC                        
  0.00Totals   240:00978391987.40085.840251618220.2-1250.
Kyle: Harden has another game Sunday and 4 on the schedule for next week, but with a b2b, I'd only expect him to play 3 next week.
Josh: Popped off, but the value is so fleeting that he isn't someone to hold.
Stream Kyle: Coffey has upside as a streamer with the Clippers limiting their core in many respects. Paul George's looming return could hurt Coffey eventually.
Stream Kyle: Covington was good to play through his hand issue and is worth streaming as needed in most leagues.
Josh: Not his best, but definitely fine. Like all Clips, no more games this week
Stream Kyle: Hartenstein has been getting good minutes and producing well of late. He's worth considering as a streamer in many places.
Kyle: Low minutes in a blowout win. He's a hold in most respects with another game Sunday and 4 next week.
Josh: Good to stack some defense, but a rough shooting night. Role is secure
Kyle: Played a bit beyond the 19-minute limit he is supposed to have.
Josh: Finally ther minutes pushed over 20 and the assists are greatl. He has been tough to deal with and remember, no more games this week
Josh: Minutes and production are quite variable. It never seems like you not what he'll give. Stream when Embiid/Harden are out
Droppable Kyle: Jackson is on a 32-minute restriction for the time being, and he was limited by the blowout loss. He still has value as a conditional streamer, but the Clips don't play until Tuesday, and there's a good chance Jackson is rested in one of the b2b games next week.
Josh: Minutes severely limited. Lue said he would be restricted to preserve for play in, so he is likely a drop, especially with no more games this week
Droppable Kyle: Morris is on a minutes restriction of about 25 for the time being, and with this being a blowout, it's showing the depths of his floor going forward.