Box Scores

<December 2023>
box scoreTOR 111@ PHI 1215:00 pm
PHI by 7.5 o/u 230.0TOR 111 @ PHI 119
box scoreDEN 122@ BKN 1175:30 pm
DEN by 4.5 o/u 231.0DEN 118 @ BKN 113
box scoreATL 113@ MIA 1226:00 pm
MIA by 1.0 o/u 238.5ATL 119 @ MIA 120
box scoreDAL 96@ HOU 1226:00 pm
HOU by 8.5 o/u 222.0DAL 107 @ HOU 115Blowout
box scorePHO 105@ SAC 1208:00 pm
SAC by 4.0 o/u 244.5PHO 120 @ SAC 124Blowout
box scoreWAS 118@ GSW 1298:00 pm
GSW by 10.5 o/u 248.0WAS 119 @ GSW 129Blowout

Central Standard Time

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TOR 111 @ PHI 121

 130.66Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF36:193105501.62516.917122.0004.83312120.0-42.33-1.67-0.340.48-2.860.513.164.55-0.18
 150.57Scottie BarnesSG/SF/PFX  TORSF34:471227714.273111.00043.2867.2504019.0-1-0.800.280.441.400.076.01-3.422.64-1.45
 190.35Gary TrentPG/SG  TOR 25:331754110.54511.00000.6258.3333318.1-100.023.21-0.73-1.350.07-1.330.91-0.012.35
 40-0.12Dennis SchroderPGINJ   TORPG34:05603620.25081.00020.0002.3336010.9-16-1.79-1.67-1.120.943.01-1.33-2.751.312.35
 42-0.13Jakob PoeltlCX  TORC28:481908210.60015.50021.0000.60015324.6-140.35-1.670.83-0.890.07-1.332.42-2.081.08
 48-0.18O.G. AnunobySG/SF  TORSG34:481204610.44491.00042.0004.8005415.9-11-0.80-1.67-0.730.940.07-1.33-0.572.64-0.18
 77-0.75Otto Porter Jr.SG/SFNOTE  TOR 14:54513000.33331.00020.3333.0000316.8-10-1.96-0.70-1.12-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.671.312.35
 83-0.82Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  TOR 2:183120001.0001.000001.0001.0000018.3+3-2.29-0.70-1.52-1.81-2.86-1.330.74-0.012.35
 84-0.83Gradey DickSG  TOR 2:17000010.0000.00000.0000.00000 +5-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.810.07-1.330.00-0.012.35
 120-1.21Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 9:45204201.2504.00003.0002.5002020.7+9-2.45-1.67-0.73-0.89-2.860.51-1.37-0.01-1.45
 127-1.25Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 16:25406120.2229.00021.0002.2867228.7-1-2.12-1.670.05-1.353.01-1.33-3.45-5.471.08
   Jontay Porter NOTE  TOR                            
   Chris Boucher X  TOR                            
   Thaddeus Young   TOR                            
   Garrett Temple   TOR                            
   Christian Koloko NOTE  TOR                            
   Javon Freeman-Liberty   TOR                            
   Markquis Nowell NOTE  TOR                            
  0.00Totals   239:591119463096.44887.8572812.27333.5565416193.0-500.
 21.48Joel EmbiidC  PHIC34:5931210924.52421.875861.0002.47419134.2+22.330.281.622.313.
 41.16Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF37:583358710.522231.00042.5569.50014227.6+82.663.210.831.400.07-1.331.112.64-0.18
 110.72Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHIPG40:5033441000.591221.00033.40010.75012325.3+172.662.23-0.732.77-2.86-1.333.261.98-1.45
 49-0.23Paul ReedPF/C  PHI 13:01404011.50021.00020.00011.000128.7+8-2.12-1.67-0.73-1.810.070.510.041.312.35
 53-0.26Marcus MorrisPF/C  PHISF30:50714500.66731.00020.50021.0001315.9+4-1.63-0.70-0.730.48-2.86-1.330.781.312.35
 63-0.47Robert CovingtonSF/PFX  PHI 24:06003211.0001.00000.0001.000041.6+15-2.78-1.67-1.12-0.890.070.51-0.70-0.012.35
 67-0.56Kelly OubreSG/SF  PHISG25:56823010.3339.00000.3336.3333413.6-3-1.460.28-1.12-1.810.07-1.33-2.01-0.012.35
 92-0.99Furkan KorkmazSG/SFNOTE  PHI 7:212010001.0001.00000.00001.000108.4-7-2.45-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.330.74-0.012.35
 109-1.16KJ MartinSF  PHI 0:40000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.00-0.012.35
 110-1.16Jaden SpringerPG/SG  PHI 0:40000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.00-0.012.35
 112-1.16Javonte SmartPG  PHI 0:40000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.00-0.012.35
 137-1.44Danuel HouseSF  PHI 22:583011001.0001.50022.00001.0001210.5+15-2.29-1.67-1.91-1.35-2.86-1.330.74-2.08-0.18
   De'Anthony Melton Q  PHI                            
   Nicolas Batum   PHI                            
   Mo Bamba   PHI                            
   Patrick Beverley   PHI                            
   Terquavion Smith X  PHI                            
   Ricky Council IV   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   239:5912114383466.53083.9052113.45231.5775221145.9+500.
Josh: This has been missing for what seems like weeks. Can't sell high off one big game, but it's just good to see.
Sell High Kyle: It's about time! Harris had been on the back burner lately, simmering with low production for fantasy, but he joined Maxey and Embiid scoring 30 points Friday. This is a sell-high moment with how light Harris' production has been of late.
Kyle: Poor shooting, but Barnes made up for it with a big defensive night with 4 blocks.
Stream Josh: Third interesting game in a row. At least into the maybe territory as a streamer.
Stream Kyle: Trent has streaming value for most leagues, but I wouldn't be chasing him in standards, just using as needed.
Josh: His hot start to the season seems a long way away. Hold barely, but in shallow formats, you could get more value cycling through.
Kyle: Poor scoring again, but not the worst line. Schroder is mostly a hold, though teams in 10s might be OK treating him as a streamer.
Hold Josh: Good luck (and I mean good luck to me) in trying to predict his minutes. This was strong, we would just prefer some blocks.
Kyle: It's good to see the minutes up and a nice line, though the lack of blocks is always a little frustrating.
Josh: Slightly better, but I am giving up hope on him improving enough to get back to expectations
Josh: Why he is starting is beyond me, but good thing is we don't need to care too much for fantasy
Kyle: Morris made a spot start at forward with Batum out. This is barely worth tracking for conditional streaming beyond deeper leagues.
Kyle: Good minutes, but several guys were out, so this doesn't deserve much attention beyond watching for more conditional use going forward.
Josh: I would hold while Melton is out, but these lines do not surprise me with Oubre. I don't think he is a 12 teamer ROS
Droppable Kyle: Even with another spot start, Oubre failed to stake his claim to big minutes and touches. He's just a conditional streamer, and not one with much upside unless the Sixers end up having Embiid and/or Maxey out.
Josh: Last game he cut into Poeltl's minutes, today it was the same old Precious.

DEN 122 @ BKN 117

 12.81Nikola JokicC  DENC34:0931211732.706171.000501.0002.66715425.9+292.330.282.011.405.952.345.343.302.35
 60.92Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG34:153245902.57919.75081.6676.53813031.7+182.492.23-0.342.31-2.862.342.49-1.491.08
 210.30Aaron GordonPF  DENPF32:081805210.8336.88991.0000.8336115.7+190.18-1.67-0.34-0.890.07-1.332.992.561.08
 310.01Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF34:061534301.60010.00001.6005.6005114.9+13-0.311.25-0.73-0.43-2.860.511.61-0.011.08
 55-0.37Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG30:14315420.1676.00001.5002.0004310.7+15-2.29-0.70-0.340.033.01-1.33-2.78-0.011.08
 82-0.81Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 19:34913000.8005.00010.50021.0003212.8-14-1.30-0.70-1.12-1.81-2.86-1.332.25-2.742.35
 91-0.99Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 6:58203000.5002.00000.0000.5002213.2-9-2.45-1.67-1.12-1.81-2.86-1.330.04-0.012.35
 97-1.04DeAndre JordanC  DEN 6:032000001.0001.00000.00001.000107.6-9-2.45-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.74-0.012.35
 113-1.16Christian BraunSG  DEN 16:03200100.00031.00020.0001.0002111.2-12-2.45-1.67-2.30-1.35-2.86-1.33-2.111.312.35
 131-1.29Reggie JacksonPG  DEN 15:34802300.30813.00001.0005.5008441.5-15-1.46-1.67-1.52-0.43-2.86-1.33-3.39-0.011.08
 139-1.56Julian StrawtherSF  DEN 10:56003000.0005.00001.0003.0002125.3-10-2.78-1.67-1.12-1.81-2.86-1.33-3.52-0.011.08
   Justin Holiday   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Jay Huff   DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson   DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012211412965.51787.840256.42326.5576119210.7+
 230.27Day'Ron SharpeCQ  BKN 18:3013010422.6258.50060.0000.6258223.9+2-0.64-1.671.620.033.012.341.58-6.212.35
 290.05Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKNC28:1110016603.5008.50041.0000.5008115.8-10-1.13-1.673.960.94-2.864.180.14-4.141.08
 33-0.01Royce O'NealeSG/SF  BKN 22:191326302.5717.75041.40051.0002118.5+5-0.640.280.05-0.43-2.862.340.84-0.751.08
 37-0.09Cam JohnsonSF/PFQ  BKNPF25:281731210.6679.66731.50061.0003218.4-130.021.25-1.91-0.890.07-1.332.32-1.411.08
 51-0.25Dennis Smith Jr.PG/SGINJ   BKN 19:23714510.28671.00020.2504.3333516.9+9-1.63-0.70-0.730.480.07-1.33-2.041.312.35
 54-0.29Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF/CINJ   BKN 30:181444100.5569.00001.8005.2504213.7+11-0.472.23-0.73-1.35-2.86-1.330.88-0.011.08
 75-0.73Cam ThomasSG/SF  BKNSG33:592310200.381211.00062.1676.46715531.3-51.01-0.70-2.30-0.89-2.86-1.33-3.263.96-0.18
 79-0.77Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  BKNPG32:50621300.5004.00001.5004.0000316.7-11-1.790.28-1.91-0.43-2.86-1.330.07-0.011.08
 133-1.32Mikal BridgesSG/SF/PF  BKNSF29:021403600.43816.00013.0003.53813227.8-13-0.47-1.67-1.120.94-2.86-1.33-1.17-2.74-1.45
   Ben Simmons X  BKN                            
   Noah Clowney   BKN                            
   Trendon Watford   BKN                            
   Lonnie Walker   BKN                            
   Harry Giles X  BKN                            
   Armoni Brooks   BKN                            
   Keon Johnson   BKN                            
   Dariq Whitehead X  BKN                            
   Jalen Wilson   BKN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011713453247.48389.6922610.39433.5365623183.0-
Kyle: Another solid game, but don't be surprised if Gordon gets rested on the b2b. Unfortunately, that doesn't guarantee a great conditional stream option from the Nuggets, as the hole would likely be filled by several players.
Stream Josh: Where was this when Claxton was hurt? He is turning into a premium stream guy for rebounds and added defense here as well.
Sell High Kyle: While this is a sell-high moment with the big line in modest run, it's also a reminder of Sharpe's ability to provide useful production when given minutes, so at least be aware for streaming use.
Stream Kyle: O'Neale has value as streamer and for deeper leagues, but I wouldn't be chasing him, just using as needed.
Josh: This guy needs more minutes, but the results here aren't bad.
Stream Josh: He does what he does - assists and defense and brought it here. It makes him valuable for a lot of leagues as a stream guy and he is widely available
Stream 12 teams Josh: Nice minutes, but never doing enough to make him must roster. Always a premium stream though.
Stream Kyle: Stream DFS as needed, but don't trust consistency even if good minutes are steady.
Josh: Got the steals, but that's all you really need. Remains a fringe guy to me
Kyle: Off shooting but an otherwise good line.
Josh: Another infuriating Thomas game. Takes the most shots, misses over 60% of them, and offers nothing else. He is a hold, but this team flows better without him starting. Admittedly, I may have biases against him because I hate watching him play, but I do think the stats bear most of this out.
Josh: Insanely low usage out of nowhere. COnsider ir an anomaly
Hold Kyle: This is a firm hold and potential buy-low moment as Dinwiddie has a good grasp on the starting job and has generally been productive enough that we shouldn't worry too much about this poor night.
Josh: The minutes continue to be encouraging here. Not a 12 teamer, but a nice 14 team stream guy at times.
Watch Kyle: Reggie could be a decent stream option if Murray rests Saturday, but with 13 games, it's probably not worth chasing.
Buy Low Josh: The insane slump continues. He isn't a number 1 option and THomas seems to be a big negative to his value, but he is way better than this
Buy Low Kyle: Bridges is having some big struggles of late and deserves a look as a buy-low target.

ATL 113 @ MIA 122

 80.85Trae YoungPG  ATLPG39:4030731320.455221.00036.53813.3339129.8-112.165.16-
 170.46Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLSG34:272438630.50020.33332.3339.63611027.3-
 220.27Saddiq BeySF/PFX  ATLPF39:3916210220.429141.00022.2508.6676217.1-12-
 34-0.04Onyeka OkongwuCINJ   ATL 25:33907112.5717.50020.0001.6676312.4-10-1.30-1.670.44-1.350.072.340.84-2.082.35
 50-0.24Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATL 35:222362510.33324.50020.33318.3336328.3-81.014.18-1.520.480.07-1.33-5.37-2.082.35
 61-0.46Clint CapelaC  ATLC27:4180100001.00031.00022.00001.000358.6+6-1.46-1.671.62-1.81-2.86-1.332.221.31-0.18
 96-1.04Patty MillsPG  ATL 12:13311100.5002.000011.0001.000149.8-2-2.29-0.70-1.91-1.35-2.86-1.330.04-0.011.08
 118-1.19Wesley MatthewsSG  ATL 6:58001000.0001.00000.0001.000015.8-3-2.78-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
 132-1.30Garrison MathewsSG/SF  ATLSF18:27001100.0003.00000.0003.000046.5-2-2.78-1.67-1.91-1.35-2.86-1.33-2.11-0.012.35
   Jalen Johnson INJ   ATL                            
   De'Andre Hunter   ATL                            
   Bruno Fernando   ATL                            
   Vit Krejci X  ATL                            
   Seth Lundy X  ATL                            
   Kobe Bufkin   ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                            
   Mouhamed Gueye   ATL                            
   Trent Forrest   ATL                            
   Miles Norris   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011319432992.43896.7141413.35254.5484223145.5-450.
 51.04Duncan RobinsonSG/SFIN  MIA 25:162743310.727111.00072.57171.0004025.5+141.672.23-1.12-0.430.07-1.333.804.63-0.18
 240.25Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIAPF35:091128211.44491.00010.5004.4005410.8-1-0.970.280.83-0.890.070.51-0.570.652.35
 250.21Tyler HerroPG/SG  MIASG34:073077210.52421.50024.53813.5008130.4+
 36-0.08Jaime Jaquez Jr.SG/SF  MIASF37:161917111.50014.800521.0001.46213419.6+110.35-0.700.44-1.350.070.510.24-0.09-0.18
 66-0.55Bam AdebayoC  MIAC38:0418011620.35714.800106.0001.38513225.7+100.18-1.672.010.943.01-1.33-2.65-0.17-5.24
 81-0.79Haywood HighsmithSF/PFIN  MIA 9:45515200.3336.00000.3333.3333224.6-4-1.96-0.70-0.34-0.89-2.86-1.33-1.34-0.012.35
 87-0.89Josh RichardsonPG/SGX  MIA 28:55303110.20051.00011.00041.000108.90-2.29-1.67-1.12-1.350.07-1.33-2.080.651.08
 90-0.94Kyle LowryPG RETMIAPG21:32314300.5002.00002.5002.000027.4+9-2.29-0.70-0.73-0.43-2.86-1.330.04-0.01-0.18
 105-1.12Kevin LovePF/CIN  MIA 9:56610100.2504.75040.2504.0000323.2-1-1.79-0.70-2.30-1.35-2.86-1.33-1.37-0.752.35
   Jimmy Butler INJ 6g  MIA                            
   Nikola Jovic   MIA                            
   Thomas Bryant   MIA                            
   Jamal Cain X  MIA                            
   Cole Swider X  MIA                            
   Dru Smith X  MIA                            
   R.J. Hampton   MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson   MIA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012217482172.46586.8333017.43639.4894718176.0+450.
Josh: Has been just as good in a bench role. Turning into a nice back end threes stream guy
Stream Kyle: Stream Robinson, and try to sell-high when he's on a good stretch with others out.
Kyle: Six straight games of at least 30-and-10. This is bonkers. I'd be considering sell-high options, but only for a ludicrous return.
Josh: Nice game and shot well. Has found it hard to provide consistently this season though
Josh: A better game after a run of bad ones. He will be a drop when JJ is back.
Sell High Kyle: While there haven't been many updates, we should assume Johnson is getting close to a return, and I'd be looking at sell-high options on Bey if available.
Josh: I cannot figure out his minutes. How could anyone? If he plays like this, he is a 12 teamer, but I don't trust it
Stream Kyle: Martin is fine as a streamer, but I wouldn't be chasing his good games, just using on the days that make sense and discarding as needed.
Josh: Dropped off a bit, but we got blocks and he crossed over with Capela. The test will be when JJ returns. Should be rostered
Josh: Tons of minutes without Butler and scored well. Hold for now
Kyle: Another spot start and solid line with Butler out. I'd be willing to sell-high, but Jaquez has been great so far, so I'd want something legitimately useful long-term in return.
Sell High Kyle: Bogdan's minutes will likely come back down a bit as the Hawks get healthier, so I'd at least be considering sell-high options.
Josh: What happened here? No idea how to predict this, so leave on the wire.
Kyle: Love was back in action but in a modest bench role. As much as I respect Spoelstra, the constant shuffling of the Heat starting lineup is so bizarre, even with the injuries.
Droppable Kyle: I doubt I'd be holding in standards while Hunter is day-to-day.

DAL 96 @ HOU 122Blowout

 200.33A.J. LawsonSG/SF/PF  DAL 23:20802140.75041.00023.00011.0003012.9+2-1.46-1.67-1.52-1.358.88-1.331.511.31-1.45
 39-0.11Dexter DennisSG  DAL 17:131815400.72711.50020.3333.8758042.8+100.18-0.70-0.340.03-2.86-1.333.80-2.082.35
 52-0.25Richaun HolmesPF/CQ  DAL 22:211608110.58312.66731.0000.58312224.8+10-0.15-1.670.83-1.350.07-1.331.65-1.411.08
 57-0.42Grant WilliamsPF/CQ  DALPF25:43004221.0005.00000.0003.0002211.2-28-2.78-1.67-0.73-0.893.010.51-3.52-0.012.35
 68-0.56Olivier-Maxence ProsperPF  DAL 29:482016210.46213.77893.2504.5569225.5-50.51-0.700.05-0.890.07-1.33-0.50-0.83-1.45
 98-1.06Dwight PowellC  DAL 7:43004000.0001.00000.0001.000014.9-1-2.78-1.67-0.73-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
 100-1.06Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DALPG25:511623100.300201.00021.2508.33312032.2-27-0.150.28-1.12-1.35-2.86-1.33-5.441.311.08
 104-1.10Greg BrownPF  DAL 12:08305200.0003.75040.0001.0002114.9-1-2.29-1.67-0.34-0.89-2.86-1.33-2.11-0.752.35
 126-1.25Seth CurryPG/SGX  DAL 17:38002020.0007.00002.0002.0005129.5-23-2.78-1.67-1.52-1.813.01-1.33-4.93-0.01-0.18
 130-1.27Markieff MorrisPF  DALC11:33412000.2504.50020.2504.0000016.1-13-2.12-0.70-1.52-1.81-2.86-1.33-1.37-2.082.35
 135-1.35Jaden HardyPG/SG  DALSG24:18822400.17617.00000.16712.2005526.6-33-1.460.28-1.520.03-2.86-1.33-7.65-0.012.35
 136-1.40Derrick JonesSF/PF  DALSF22:24304100.2504.50021.0001.3333310.0-21-2.29-1.67-0.73-1.35-2.86-1.33-1.37-2.081.08
   Kyrie Irving   DAL                            
   Luka Doncic   DAL                            
   Dereck Lively II   DAL                            
   Dante Exum   DAL                            
   Josh Green   DAL                            
   Maxi Kleber   DAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:009674718101.347101.7312611.17540.4596117251.5-1300.
 70.87Alperen SengunCX  HOUC24:4122115300.667121.000501.0001.63611222.6+300.84-0.703.57-0.43-2.86-1.333.093.302.35
 300.03Jalen GreenPG/SG  HOUSG26:531736420.357141.00044.4297.2867228.9+350.
 43-0.15Jabari Smith JrPF/C  HOUPF30:362118100.61513.80051.3333.70010020.8+370.68-0.700.83-1.35-2.86-1.332.39-0.091.08
 45-0.17Cam WhitmoreSF/PF  HOU 14:141414020.50012.50020.1676.8336235.6-10-0.47-0.70-0.73-1.813.01-1.330.20-2.082.35
 46-0.17Fred VanVleetPGQ  HOUPG25:411012410.37581.00030.2005.6673214.3+29-1.13-0.70-1.520.030.07-1.33-1.311.982.35
 59-0.43Jermaine SamuelsSF  HOU 8:556010101.0003.00000.00001.0003013.2-5-1.79-1.67-1.91-1.810.07-1.332.22-0.012.35
 73-0.67Jeff GreenPF/C  HOU 7:44201002.5002.00000.0000.5002010.2+5-2.45-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.862.340.04-0.012.35
 88-0.92Amen ThompsonPG/SG/SF  HOU 21:38906410.4449.50023.0002.5717423.4-3-1.30-1.670.050.030.07-1.33-0.57-2.08-1.45
 89-0.92Dillon BrooksSG/SFQ  HOUSF21:351023100.4449.00002.4005.5004220.0+35-1.130.28-1.12-1.35-2.86-1.33-0.57-0.01-0.18
 101-1.07Nate HintonSG  HOU 9:51312100.3333.00001.5002.0001316.0-5-2.29-0.70-1.52-1.35-2.86-1.33-0.67-0.011.08
 103-1.08Jock LandaleC  HOU 15:35304201.2005.50020.0003.5002114.8-9-2.29-1.67-0.73-0.89-2.860.51-2.08-2.082.35
 107-1.14Jae'Sean TateSF/PFX  HOU 17:30208100.5002.00003.00011.0001411.2-4-2.45-1.670.83-1.35-2.86-1.330.04-0.01-1.45
 121-1.22Aaron HolidayPG/SG  HOU 15:07313000.3333.00002.3333.0000013.0-5-2.29-0.70-1.12-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.67-0.01-0.18
   Tari Eason X  HOU                            
   Reggie Bullock Jr   HOU                            
   Victor Oladipo X  HOU                            
   Boban Marjanovic   HOU                            
   Jeenathan Williams Jr.   HOU                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012211632173.48495.8262316.28938.6145722244.0+1300.
Josh: Better game, but look at the opposition. Fine to have for certain cats, but more a point sleague guy
Josh: I think we can throw most of everything out in this game
Josh: Garbage time specialist. Showed he can do some stuff and has been tearing up the G League
Kyle: Whitmore got some spot run with the Rockets beating up the Mavs and Eason being out.
Josh: This guy has gone soft. Look at how low the minutes are
Josh: The Richaun peaked through a little, but I am not adding even with Lively out.
Josh: Best game of his career, which is awesome, but it doesn't guarantee him a rotation spot.
Kyle: The Mavs had half their stars all out, and the game was a blowout loss. There's nothing to take from this game for fantasy going forward.
Josh: Good to get extended run, but don't add based on this
Kyle: Amen showed a spark of his potential with some extra run. Keep tabs, but he's not worth chasing beyond deeper leagues yet.
Josh: Took shots. They didn't go in. Things from this game are unlikely to mean anything as we move forward.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: The assists are the positive. The rest sucks. If you streamed today, maybe hold to see injury statuses tomorrow, but you likely wouldn't use him anyway, so a drop in most cases.
Hold Josh: I would hold with Christmas coming up but this was not good as it wasn't for most of the team
Kyle: It's OK to hold Jones here with this game being over before it began with so many guys out.

PHO 105 @ SAC 120Blowout

 160.55Grayson AllenSG/SFQ  PHOSG29:571134231.40010.00001.5006.2504115.7-20-0.971.25-0.73-0.895.950.51-1.27-0.011.08
 35-0.05Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOPF34:042827210.64314.88997.6673.63611031.4-141.830.280.44-0.890.07-1.333.122.56-6.51
 41-0.13Udoka AzubuikeC  PHO 22:22110112011.0005.50021.00001.0005413.2+1-0.97-1.672.01-0.89-2.860.513.70-2.081.08
 64-0.48Saben LeePG  PHO 19:43603411.25081.00021.0003.4005221.5+11-1.79-1.67-
 72-0.63Chimezie MetuPF/C  PHO 13:011004000.50061.00041.0002.7504119.4+5-1.13-1.67-0.73-1.81-2.86-1.330.102.641.08
 80-0.78Devin BookerPG/SG/SF  PHOPG36:282404700.45020.66790.0003.52917128.1-241.17-1.67-0.731.40-2.86-1.33-1.11-4.222.35
 85-0.83Eric GordonSG/SF  PHOSF24:43004201.0002.00000.0001.000113.5-25-2.78-1.67-0.73-0.89-2.860.51-1.41-0.012.35
 93-1.01Nassir LittleSF/PF  PHO 16:04600010.3758.00001.0003.6005324.00-1.79-1.67-2.30-1.810.07-1.33-1.31-0.011.08
 99-1.06Drew EubanksC  PHOC14:34202010.3333.00002.0000.3333214.7-23-2.45-1.67-1.52-1.810.07-1.33-0.67-0.01-0.18
 102-1.07Bol BolPF/C  PHO 3:22201000.5002.00000.0000.5002025.4+4-2.45-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.330.04-0.012.35
 116-1.19Yuta WatanabeSF/PFX  PHO 11:42202000.2504.00000.00031.0001214.8+5-2.45-1.67-1.52-1.81-2.86-1.33-1.37-0.012.35
 134-1.32Jordan GoodwinPG  PHO 14:00303010.1676.50021.0001.2005224.4+5-2.29-1.67-1.12-1.810.07-1.33-2.78-2.081.08
   Bradley Beal   PHO                            
   Jusuf Nurkic   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ 6g  PHO                            
   Josh Okogie   PHO                            
   Keita Bates-Diop X  PHO                            
   Theo Maledon   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:001055451984.44388.7862815.20025.5406319236.0-750.
 31.23De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG32:032326732.52917.75042.3336.63611228.3+
 90.76Domantas SabonisPF/C  SACC34:37280111200.80015.80053.0002.92313325.5+271.83-1.672.013.69-2.86-1.336.75-0.09-1.45
 140.61Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF37:091941021.50010.83360.5008.5002214.9+160.352.23-1.91-1.813.010.510.170.572.35
 280.14Keegan MurraySF/PF  SACPF32:552135200.615131.00021.4297.8336319.8+250.681.25-0.34-0.89-2.86-1.332.391.311.08
 320.00Kevin HuerterSG/SFX  SACSG27:171322510.55691.00011.33361.0003116.7+22-0.640.28-1.520.480.07-1.330.880.651.08
 76-0.73Malik MonkSG/SFINJ   SAC 20:27702503.3758.50022.0003.6005423.3-3-1.63-1.67-1.520.48-2.864.18-1.31-2.08-0.18
 86-0.89Keon EllisSG/SF  SAC 17:18103111.0003.50020.0002.000139.8-3-2.62-1.67-1.12-1.350.070.51-2.11-2.082.35
 94-1.01Sasha VezenkovPF  SAC 6:133110001.0001.000011.0001.0000114.1-4-2.29-0.70-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.330.74-0.011.08
 108-1.16Juan Toscano-AndersonSF  SAC 2:58000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -5-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.00-0.012.35
 119-1.20Trey LylesPF/C  SAC 11:26004000.0001.00001.0000.000117.6+4-2.78-1.67-0.73-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.011.08
 123-1.23Davion MitchellPG/SG  SAC 2:24000000.0001.00000.0001.0000018.2-6-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
 124-1.23Kessler EdwardsSG/SF  SAC 2:24000000.0001.00000.0001.0000018.2-6-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
 125-1.24JaVale McGeeC  SAC 10:25501000.5002.75041.0000.5002320.0-7-1.96-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.330.04-0.751.08
 129-1.27Chris DuarteSF  SAC 2:24001000.0002.00000.0001.0001036.4-6-2.78-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.33-1.41-0.012.35
   Alex Len   SAC                            
   Jordan Ford X  SAC                            
   Colby Jones   SAC                            
   Jalen Slawson X  SAC                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012012373277.53083.7692612.31638.7114524252.8+750.
Josh: Nice game, but we know not to add Barnes
Kyle: A good enough game and reminder that Barnes can be useful on a given night, but this is a sell-high moment. I wouldn't be chasing, just using as needed.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Nothing great, but nice defense and the value remains while Beal is out.
Maybe Add Kyle: Allen should at least be getting streamed regularly in most leagues.
Josh: 4 first half points and then went off in 2H. It's always prudent to not judge a game by small segments
Kyle: Huerter is too inconsistent to chase this good game. Stream and drop as needed.
Josh: THis is out of the blue. I wouldn't even look his way if Nurkic misses again though
Kyle: Azubuike was dusted off with Nurkic out and played well, but we can't trust him to get regular run while the team is healthy, so this is nothing to chase and barely worth being aware of unless Nurkic or Eubanks misses time.
Josh: The blocks are nice, but the rest is below par. But, he is a little hurt and should be rostered.
Hold Kyle: Not Monk's best line, but he offset the poor production with 3 blocks, and I'd be holding firm most places.
Josh: Struggling. The role is fine, so I do think it turns around, we've already seen it. Should be on a team in a 12 team league for now
Josh: Bombed as a fill in for Nurkic. He is usually much better than this
Kyle: Eubanks made a spot start at center with Nurkic out but failed to impress. Nurkic is expected back next game, too, so nothing to chase here.

WAS 118 @ GSW 129Blowout

 180.41Tyus JonesPGX  WASPG24:581423610.7508.000001.0002.6676012.5-12-0.470.28-1.120.940.07-1.333.02-0.012.35
 260.18Jordan PoolePG/SGQ  WASSG26:532533320.33321.88991.25012.4449337.7-91.341.25-1.12-0.433.01-1.33-4.702.561.08
 44-0.15Daniel GaffordPF/C  WASC23:291504110.7147.83361.0000.7147117.4-3-0.31-1.67-0.73-1.350.07-1.332.290.571.08
 47-0.17Deni AvdijaSF/PF  WASSF20:14704410.40051.00030.0000.4005112.20-1.63-1.67-0.730.030.07-1.33-0.631.982.35
 56-0.41Corey KispertSG/SF  WAS 24:581821001.467151.00021.2867.6258326.4-200.180.28-1.91-1.81-2.860.51-0.471.311.08
 58-0.43Anthony GillPF/C  WAS 10:42803001.8005.00000.00011.0004018.2+10-1.46-1.67-1.12-1.81-2.860.512.25-0.012.35
 62-0.47Jared ButlerSG  WAS 7:27811410.6005.50020.33331.0002030.8+10-1.46-0.70-1.910.030.07-1.330.81-2.082.35
 69-0.58Bilal CoulibalySG/SFX  WAS 32:03713211.3758.00002.5002.3336112.2-12-1.63-0.70-1.12-0.890.070.51-1.31-0.01-0.18
 78-0.76Ryan RollinsPG  WAS 10:42711101.7504.000101.0001.6673120.0+10-1.63-0.70-1.91-1.35-2.860.511.51-2.742.35
 117-1.19Patrick BaldwinSF/PF  WAS 7:27001000.0001.00000.0000.000105.2+10-2.78-1.67-1.91-1.81-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
 122-1.23Mike MuscalaPF/C  WAS 13:49206000.2005.00001.0001.2504220.0-18-2.45-1.670.05-1.81-2.86-1.33-2.08-0.011.08
 128-1.26Landry ShametPG/SGX  WAS 12:35000100.0002.00000.0001.000126.2-16-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.35-2.86-1.33-1.41-0.012.35
 138-1.48Kyle KuzmaSF/PFQ OUTWASPF24:43719300.27311.00013.2005.3336222.8-5-1.63-0.701.22-0.43-2.86-1.33-3.42-2.74-1.45
   Delon Wright   WAS                            
   Danilo Gallinari   WAS                            
   Eugene Omoruyi   WAS                            
   Johnny Davis   WAS                            
   Jules Bernard   WAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011811392574.45497.792249.31435.5326216241.7-550.
 100.74Stephen CurryPG/SG  GSWPG26:543084701.50018.80052.61513.2005032.9-12.166.13-0.731.40-2.860.510.30-0.09-0.18
 120.67Jonathan KumingaPF  GSWPF27:112214310.818111.00031.5002.8899219.5+90.84-0.70-0.73-0.430.07-1.335.241.981.08
 270.15Trayce Jackson-DavisPF/C  GSW 24:3410015301.7147.00001.0000.7147213.0+10-1.13-1.673.57-0.43-2.860.512.29-0.011.08
 38-0.09Brandin PodziemskiSG  GSWSG28:571027510.33391.00021.4005.2504215.0+16-
 60-0.45Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSF27:072043200.47117.00002.40010.5717027.9+70.512.23-1.12-0.89-2.86-1.33-0.43-0.01-0.18
 65-0.54Dario SaricPF/C  GSW 20:121313100.455111.00020.2504.5717123.4+17-0.64-0.70-1.12-1.35-2.86-1.33-0.531.312.35
 70-0.60Gui SantosPF  GSW 6:05712000.66731.00020.50021.0001125.4-12-1.63-0.70-1.52-1.81-2.86-1.330.781.312.35
 71-0.62Chris PaulPG  GSW 25:024071010.2867.00011.0003.5004213.4+27-2.12-1.670.442.770.07-1.33-2.04-2.741.08
 74-0.69Kevon LooneyPF/C  GSWC11:16505000.66731.00010.0000.6673212.2+1-1.96-1.67-0.34-1.81-2.86-1.330.780.652.35
 95-1.03Lester QuinonesSG  GSW 6:05313100.3333.00001.5002.0001126.2-12-2.29-0.70-1.12-1.35-2.86-1.33-0.67-0.011.08
 106-1.12Moses MoodySG/SF  GSW 18:39503010.2504.75042.00031.0001116.6+8-1.96-1.67-1.12-1.810.07-1.33-1.37-0.75-0.18
 111-1.16Jerome RobinsonSGX  GSW 2:14000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -4-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.81-2.86-1.330.00-0.012.35
 114-1.16Cory JosephPG/SGNOTE  GSW 13:30001010.0003.00001.0001.0002319.1-7-2.78-1.67-1.91-1.810.07-1.33-2.11-0.011.08
 115-1.18Usman GarubaPF/C  GSW 2:14000100.0001.00000.0000.0001017.8-4-2.78-1.67-2.30-1.35-2.86-1.33-0.70-0.012.35
   Draymond Green   GSW                            
   Andrew Wiggins   GSW                            
   Gary Payton II INJ   GSW                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012918573352.48597.8502012.40045.5585217262.2+550.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He hasn't been consistent, but that's two good ones in a row and should be rostered, especially in points leagues.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Kuminga put together a nice line, but his minutes don't make me want to run out and grab him, just stream and use as needed.
Josh: The shooting streak is amazing at the moment. What a turn around from the beginning of the season
Sell High Kyle: Another great game despite the short minutes. I'd really be trying to sell-high on Tyus before he ends up traded to a better team and shorter role at the deadline.
Josh: The volume here is what I expected more of. If he was dropped I would add, but be prepared for annoyance.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: I don't know if it lasts, but he seems so much better than the other options and they are giving him solid enough minutes. Gotta add and figure the rest out later
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Jackson-Davis had another nice game and should be on someone's roster in most leagues to see where this goes.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: A clear 12 team guy for now
Maybe Add Kyle: I'd be holding and adding Pod in most leagues still. He's available a lot of places for some reason.
Droppable Josh: Trending down and if you need to move on, you won't get burned to bad here.
Kyle: I'd be fine treating Avdija as a streamer in most leagues with his minutes ceiling tempered and his production a little loose from game to game.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Saric's minutes haven't gone up with Draymond out, so he's settled into being mostly a streamer and for deeper leagues. Use and drop as needed.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Things trending down. If you need space, you can likely move on
Kyle: Nice to see the minutes back up, but Coulibaly remains best viewed as a streamer and luxury stash, hoping he has a steadier role to close the season after the front office dumps some of its vets.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: I can't see any reason for him to be rostered, yet the percentages suggest many still are.