Box Scores

<January 2024>
box scoreSAS 120@ CHA 1245:00 pm
CHA by 5.0 o/u 236.0SAS 116 @ CHA 120
box scorePHI 124@ ORL 1095:00 pm
PHI by 5.0 o/u 222.5PHI 114 @ ORL 109Blowout
box scoreDEN 102@ BOS 1005:30 pm
BOS by 7.0 o/u 234.5DEN 114 @ BOS 121
box scorePHO 123@ NOR 1096:00 pm
NOR by 2.5 o/u 237.0PHO 117 @ NOR 120Blowout
box scoreATL 109@ MIA 1086:00 pm
MIA by 7.0 o/u 222.0ATL 108 @ MIA 114
box scoreIND 115@ POR 1188:00 pm
IND by 8.0 o/u 237.0IND 122 @ POR 114
box scoreBKN 130@ LAL 1128:30 pm
LAL by 7.0 o/u 227.0BKN 110 @ LAL 117Blowout

Central Standard Time

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SAS 120 @ CHA 124

 170.74Tre JonesPG  SASPG31:501622430.545111.00021.6673.5008218.4-2-0.160.28-1.530.026.05-1.330.941.311.10
 270.26Devin VassellSG/SFX  SASSG35:511745720.46213.50022.5008.4005120.1-50.002.26-0.351.413.06-1.33-0.47-2.03-0.16
 330.11Keldon JohnsonSG/SF/PFINJ   SAS 29:162544300.60015.75041.5008.7147327.6-31.342.26-0.75-0.44-2.93-1.332.47-0.711.10
 39-0.02Julian ChampagnieSF/PF  SASSF18:43912311.5717.00000.25041.0003017.0-18-1.33-0.71-1.53-0.440.060.530.87-0.012.37
 44-0.09Dominick BarlowSFQ  SAS 19:291214201.83361.000111.0001.8005017.4-4-0.83-0.71-0.75-0.90-2.930.533.030.651.10
 53-0.26Jeremy SochanPG/PFX  SASPF34:281118811.50010.00013.5002.5008217.7-8-1.00-0.710.821.870.060.530.20-2.70-1.43
 78-0.61Blake WesleyPG/SG  SAS 14:47901200.66761.00010.0001.8005319.8-5-1.33-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.331.580.652.37
 93-0.78Cedi OsmanSF/PFINJ   SAS 12:43513100.5004.000001.0001.3333114.3+15-2.00-0.71-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.330.09-0.012.37
 111-1.04Doug McDermottSF/PF  SAS 9:25000210.0002.00001.0001.0001013.0+7-2.83-1.71-2.32-0.900.06-1.33-1.40-0.011.10
 120-1.11Zach CollinsPF/CINJ   SASC25:571614410.60010.50064.3333.7147529.1+3-0.16-0.71-0.750.020.06-1.331.65-6.07-2.69
 124-1.13Malaki BranhamPG/SG/SFX  SAS 7:31001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Victor Wembanyama   SAS                            
   Sandro Mamukelashvili   SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
   Mamadi Diakite   SAS                            
   Charles Bassey X  SAS                            
   David Duke   SAS                            
   Sidy Cissoko   SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012015343693.56084.6471713.46932.6155217194.4-
 71.26LaMelo BallPG/SGX  CHAPG31:322841830.76913.80054.6676.8577426.7+131.842.26-1.931.876.05-1.335.34-0.05-2.69
 180.64Brandon MillerSG/SF  CHASF35:062449220.57114.80053.5717.5717024.0+
 230.32PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHAC27:562036010.636111.00032.7504.5717418.7+140.501.270.04-1.820.06-1.332.401.97-0.16
 240.32Miles BridgesSF/PFQ  CHAPF38:432326301.667151.000121.0002.61513319.8-
 50-0.17Cody MartinSG/SFX  CHA 25:11513321.4005.000021.0001.2504312.2+6-2.00-0.71-1.14-0.443.060.53-0.62-0.01-0.16
 55-0.31Terry RozierPG/SGQ  CHASG34:241716810.389181.00023.1437.54511025.7-20.00-0.710.041.870.06-1.33-2.561.31-1.43
 81-0.66Nathan MensahC  CHA 20:04003102.0001.00000.0000.0001111.0-10-2.83-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.932.38-0.69-0.012.37
 107-0.97J.T. ThorPF  CHA 9:172020001.0001.00000.00001.000104.7+8-2.50-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 115-1.09Nick Smith Jr.PG/SG  CHA 17:47514000.3336.00001.5002.2504117.3-10-2.00-0.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.33-0.011.10
   Nick Richards Q  CHA                            
   Mark Williams X  CHA                            
   Gordon Hayward   CHA                            
   Ish Smith   CHA                            
   Frank Ntilikina   CHA                            
   James Bouknight   CHA                            
   Bryce McGowens   CHA                            
   Amari Bailey   CHA                            
   Leaky Black   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012416402594.56084.8751617.55229.5645516160.1+
Josh: Big minutes in his return and played well, but he hadn't been playing at this level. He is fine if you want to roster him, but I don't believe he is a must roster.
Maybe Add Kyle: Miller was back in action, started, and played big minutes with a great line. While we've seen a lot of inconsistency from Miller, and this is fine to treat as a sell-high moment, I'd be looking hard at an add. The Hornets are in dire position this season. Hayward is out indefinitely. And Hayward is reportedly heading toward a buyout. Which should clear the way for a great role the remainder of the season for Miller. Hold and Add.
Josh: Nice game, but he still couldn't get to 30 minutes. If Richards is out, Washington is fine in 12 team leagues, but otherwise he is more of a stream guy.
Maybe Add Kyle: Washington could be no his way out in trade sometime over the next month, but he also could end up with a bigger role down the stretch if Richards is traded and Williams remains out with injury, so while this is mostly a sell-high moment for Washington, it's also OK to take a flier/stream to see how long Richards remains out.
Josh: Best game in a while, but its all scoring on high efficiency. Not coincidence it comes without Wemby.
Kyle: Johnson put together a good game, but Wembanyama was out, and Johnson's production has become less certain of late, so this can easily be treated as a sell-high moment.
Josh: He could have stream value again tomorrow with Wemby back, assuming Collins is resting
Stream Kyle: Cody has at least streaming value for most leagues as long as he's healthy.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Continues to roll with solid enough backend 12 team value.
Josh: I don't think this necessitates an add, outside of streaming when Wemby is out.
Watch Kyle: Collins was back from injury and started with good minutes; however, this was also a sell-high moment, as Collins is going to rest Saturday on the b2b, and with Wembanyama healthy, Collins could be stuck in a modest bench role. He's best viewed as a streamer and someone for deeper leagues for now.
Buy Low Kyle: It sounds like some of Wembanyama's restrictions may have ended with this rest on the b2b, meaning this could be a weird buy-low-ish moment even with how great Wemby has been despite shorter run and rest games.
Droppable Josh: Unless ylou have the empty IL, you can't afford to hold most likely.
Droppable Kyle: It sounds like Hayward is headed toward a buyout with the Hornets after the trade deadline, and wherever he signs will likely be in a bench role that probably won't offer consistent value for standards.

PHI 124 @ ORL 109Blowout

 12.22Joel EmbiidC  PHIC30:503617240.545221.000111.5002.55020139.8+123.17-0.710.43-0.909.05-1.331.877.251.10
 51.50Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHIPG33:303243531.50020.88992.40010.60010134.1+172.502.26-1.140.486.050.530.382.59-0.16
 160.76Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF34:451216331.273111.00050.3333.2508316.7+6-0.83-0.710.04-0.446.050.53-3.413.292.37
 280.24Kelly OubreSG/SF  PHISG32:151534201.62581.00020.7504.5004512.1+4-0.331.27-0.75-0.90-2.930.531.611.312.37
 48-0.13Patrick BeverleyPG  PHI 28:26516412.2867.00001.3333.2504117.8+7-2.00-0.710.
 82-0.66Nicolas BatumSF/PF  PHISF20:08312500.5002.00000.5002.000044.4+11-2.33-0.71-1.530.48-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 86-0.68Terquavion SmithPGX  PHI 1:496200001.0002.000001.0002.0000048.5+2-1.830.28-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.331.50-0.012.37
 99-0.86Marcus MorrisPF/C  PHI 26:071009000.50010.00002.0002.6258118.5+5-1.17-1.711.22-1.82-2.93-1.330.20-0.01-0.16
 113-1.06KJ MartinSF  PHI 1:492000001.0001.00000.00001.0001124.3+2-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 121-1.12Furkan KorkmazSG/SFNOTE  PHI 1:49000100.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 125-1.13Paul ReedPF/C  PHI 15:21205000.3333.00001.0001.5002411.5+1-2.50-1.71-0.35-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.66-0.011.10
 133-1.20Danuel HouseSF  PHI 11:22000100.0001.00000.0001.0000119.5+4-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 145-1.38Ricky Council IVSG  PHI 1:49100000.0000.50020.0000.0000121.3+2-2.67-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-2.032.37
   De'Anthony Melton   PHI                            
   Mo Bamba   PHI                            
   Kenneth Lofton Jr.   PHI                            
   Robert Covington X  PHI                            
   Jaden Springer   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:00124134223115.48387.931297.43330.5095723268.5+750.
 360.03Wendell Carter Jr.C  ORL 26:0225111000.69213.85773.5002.72711433.2+21.34-0.712.00-1.82-2.93-1.333.891.27-1.43
 370.01Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLPG24:431622211.385131.00041.4005.3758128.9-11-0.160.28-1.53-0.900.060.53-1.922.631.10
 49-0.15Anthony BlackPG/SG  ORL 12:41713301.50021.00040.5002.0000213.4-2-1.67-0.71-1.14-0.44-2.930.530.052.632.37
 56-0.32Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLPF32:071408601.417121.00043.0001.45511023.7-12-0.50-1.710.820.94-2.930.53-1.222.63-1.43
 64-0.47Joe InglesSF/PF  ORL 22:14931300.5006.000001.0003.0003212.2-6-1.331.27-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.330.12-0.012.37
 74-0.60Goga BitadzeC  ORLC15:35202111.5002.00001.00011.000148.7-12-2.50-1.71-1.53-1.360.060.530.05-0.011.10
 77-0.61Jonathan IsaacSF/PF  ORL 12:40713101.4297.00000.3333.5004025.1-3-1.67-0.71-1.14-1.36-2.930.53-0.58-0.012.37
 87-0.74Chuma OkekeSF/PF  ORLSG20:04811010.7504.500211.0001.6673313.3-8-1.50-0.71-1.93-1.820.06-1.331.54-2.031.10
 92-0.77Moritz WagnerC  ORL 6:234002001.00011.00020.00001.0001013.4-5-2.17-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.93-1.330.761.312.37
 103-0.89Jett HowardSG/SF  ORL 3:13510000.6673.00000.50021.0001042.30-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.80-0.012.37
 105-0.90Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORL 22:00701300.50061.00011.0000.5006315.3-9-1.67-1.71-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.330.120.651.10
 112-1.06Trevelin QueenSG  ORL 3:132000001.0001.00000.00001.0001014.10-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 138-1.27Kevon HarrisSG  ORL 3:13001000.0000.00001.0000.0000114.10-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.011.10
 147-1.46Caleb HoustanSG/SF  ORLSF15:17002000.0003.00001.0002.0001011.9+3-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.11-0.011.10
 151-1.66Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 20:35301300.00051.00034.0001.0004322.7-12-2.33-1.71-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.33-3.531.97-2.69
   Franz Wagner   ORL                            
   Gary Harris   ORL                            
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010910362435.47478.9262716.43523.4915523292.3-750.
Stream Josh: Solid game, but that hasn't been the norm for him. He is streamable but still isn't looking like a must roster guy
Sell High Kyle: Oubre is a conditional streamer, and this is a sell-high moment, not something to chase beyond deeper leagues in most respects when the Sixers are even close to healthy.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Running hot at the moment. The shooting will cool off, but he is getting minutes over Goga now.
Maybe Add Kyle: Carter should be getting streamed or grabbed as a flier in most leagues with his continued good play and increasing minutes that seem to be leading him back to the starting job soon.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: The trend seems to be pointing toward Carter reclaiming the starting center job soon.
Josh: 30 minutes last game but only 22 here. Disappointin. If you added, hold him for now, but we need to watch the playing time.
Kyle: Annoyingly-low minutes from Fultz after good run in he previous game, as the Magic don't seem in any rush to get him big minutes nightly yet.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He just isn't doing enough regularly to be a 12 team guy and this was a poor game

DEN 102 @ BOS 100

 120.92Nikola JokicC  DENC38:1634212900.636221.00044.5004.66718135.6+12.840.282.402.33-2.93-1.334.782.63-2.69
 130.89Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG36:593538500.71421.66731.4297.85714331.0-
 80-0.62Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 20:35912002.36411.00000.1676.6005226.3+7-1.33-0.71-1.53-1.82-2.932.38-1.96-0.012.37
 84-0.67Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF37:271318000.5569.66731.2504.8005314.8+6-0.67-0.710.82-1.82-2.93-1.330.91-1.371.10
 98-0.85Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG36:47515100.3336.00000.3333.333318.00-2.00-0.71-0.35-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.33-0.012.37
 117-1.11Aaron GordonPF  DENPF41:342010301.0006.66731.0003.000339.8+1-2.50-1.711.61-0.44-2.930.53-4.23-1.371.10
 129-1.18Justin HolidaySG/SF  DEN 2:37000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -1-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 132-1.18Reggie JacksonPG  DEN 20:40402200.5004.00002.00021.0002014.3+10-2.17-1.71-1.53-0.90-2.93-1.330.09-0.01-0.16
 143-1.33Christian BraunSG  DEN 5:05000000.0002.00000.0002.0000019.3-7-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
   DeAndre Jordan   DEN                            
   Hunter Tyson   DEN                            
   Julian Strawther   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Braxton Key   DEN                            
   Jay Huff   DEN                            
   Zeke Nnaji   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Jalen Pickett   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:001028472003.51981.769139.25831.6805013159.1+
 101.05Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOSSG35:392453521.500181.00011.41712.6676326.7-21.173.25-1.140.483.060.530.350.651.10
 310.15Kristaps PorzingisPF/CINJ 1g  BOSC36:132138201.54511.75080.6005.5006419.6+20.671.270.82-0.90-2.930.530.94-1.412.37
 340.07Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSPF38:552218510.375241.00030.1258.50016131.8+60.84-0.710.820.480.06-1.33-3.901.972.37
 59-0.37Al HorfordPF/C  BOS 27:156210200.4005.00000.4005.000039.0+4-1.830.281.61-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 95-0.80Luke KornetCOUT  BOS 8:034021001.0002.00000.00001.0002012.1-1-2.17-1.71-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.331.50-0.012.37
 100-0.87Payton PritchardPG/SG  BOS 12:21312100.5002.000001.0001.000117.90-2.33-0.71-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 104-0.90Jrue HolidayPG/SGIN  BOSPG29:52712300.4297.00001.3333.5004013.1-12-1.67-0.71-1.53-0.44-2.93-1.33-0.58-0.011.10
 126-1.14Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSF35:441312120.31619.00020.1119.50010327.2-2-0.67-0.71-1.53-1.363.06-1.33-4.72-5.382.37
 127-1.16Sam HauserSF/PF  BOS 15:58001100.0001.00000.0001.000023.1-5-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
   Dalano Banton   BOS                            
   Lamar Stevens Q  BOS                            
   Jordan Walsh   BOS                            
   J.D. Davison   BOS                            
   Neemias Queta   BOS                            
   Oshae Brissett   BOS                            
   Svi Mykhailiuk   BOS                            
   Drew Peterson   BOS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010014382152.42789.714142.31844.5334517150.5-
Josh: Good to see him back with a big line.
Kyle: White was back in action, and it appears the night off was a good rest with his recent struggles and a solid bounce-back game here.
Kyle: KP returned after resting in the previous game, and with a b2b Sun/Mon, there's a good chance he sits one of those games. If you're frustrated about all the rests, KP could be a sell-high of sorts in H2H.
Kyle: The Cs have a b2b Sun/Mon, and Horford will be rested in one of those games.
Josh: With a healthy team, he doesn't play anywhere near enough to matter. Needs two guys out to be an add.
Josh: Played a ton and delivered nothing. Not a must, but a threes and steals specialist. For some that is essential, others it is a streamer
Kyle: Jrue's role is secure and his upside remains, but the reduced ceiling for him when the Cs are healthy does make Jrue worth considering as a sell-high of sort if his name value could bring back better production than he can be trusted to provide this season.
Josh: JUst a real shooting dud that he did another time earlier this season. He is looking more like a fringe guy, but in a punt ft% his value rises.
Kyle: A terrible shooting night from Gordon, but he's a hold here if you generally benefit from his production, as his role is secure, and he's usually a nice producer in FG%.

PHO 123 @ NOR 109Blowout

 22.02Devin BookerPG/SG/SF  PHOPG37:055264500.600301.000101.54511.63219041.7+125.844.25-0.750.48-2.93-1.334.936.591.10
 81.25Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOPF35:282635222.579191.00011.3758.72711125.2+251.501.27-0.35-0.903.062.382.550.651.10
 250.32Grayson AllenSG/SFQ  PHOSF31:521234620.5008.50020.5006.5002112.2+19-0.831.27-0.750.943.06-1.330.16-2.032.37
 52-0.24Bradley BealPG/SG  PHOSG30:301317500.50012.00000.2504.6258417.2+19-0.67-0.710.430.48-2.93-1.330.24-0.012.37
 57-0.35Jusuf NurkicC  PHOC34:555015910.4005.50023.0000.4005311.1+30-2.00-1.713.572.330.06-1.33-0.62-2.03-1.43
 76-0.60Eric GordonSG/SF  PHO 25:36512020.2229.00000.12581.0001215.4+9-2.00-0.71-1.53-1.823.06-1.33-3.45-0.012.37
 110-1.01Chimezie MetuPF/C  PHO 13:48204101.00041.00021.0001.0003214.9-10-2.50-1.71-0.75-1.36-2.930.53-2.821.311.10
 128-1.17Keita Bates-DiopSF/PFX  PHO 4:48002000.0001.00000.0001.000008.7-13-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 131-1.18Jordan GoodwinPG  PHO 3:59201100.5002.00001.0000.5002112.0-10-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-0.011.10
 137-1.25Nassir LittleSF/PF  PHO 3:59000000.0001.00000.0001.0000011.0-10-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 139-1.29Josh OkogieSG/SF RETPHO 5:443132001.0001.000201.0001.0000014.3+12-2.33-0.71-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.330.76-5.382.37
 142-1.31Udoka AzubuikeC  PHO 12:163011001.0001.50021.00001.0001310.3-13-2.33-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.330.76-2.031.10
   Drew Eubanks   PHO                            
   Bol Bol   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ   PHO                            
   Yuta Watanabe X  PHO                            
   Theo Maledon   PHO                            
   Saben Lee   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012315483273.49593.762218.36641.5965217193.9+700.
 42-0.06Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC25:3316011300.500101.00062.0002.6258324.1-20-0.16-1.712.00-0.44-2.93-1.330.203.95-0.16
 68-0.54C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORPG31:271314402.38513.66731.1437.6676120.5-8-0.67-0.71-0.750.02-2.932.38-1.92-1.371.10
 71-0.55Cody ZellerC  NOR 3:59002011.0000.00000.0000.00000 +10-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.820.060.530.01-0.012.37
 72-0.58Dyson DanielsPG/SG  NOR 10:57203120.2504.00001.0001.3333219.2+3-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.363.06-1.33-1.37-0.011.10
 73-0.60Zion WilliamsonPF/CINJ   NORPF32:442413101.64717.333321.0001.62516226.1-231.17-0.71-1.14-1.36-2.930.533.96-4.71-0.16
 75-0.60Trey MurphySF/PF  NOR 23:33512111.2508.00000.2005.3333314.3-16-2.00-0.71-1.53-1.360.060.53-2.74-0.012.37
 83-0.66Jordan HawkinsSG  NOR 16:471332100.45511.00001.3758.6673030.1-4-0.671.27-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.51-0.011.10
 85-0.67Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORSF33:1217171100.45511.66792.2005.6676221.5-100.00-0.710.433.25-2.93-1.33-0.51-4.09-0.16
 88-0.74Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  NOR 18:28315100.5002.00000.5002.000014.6-4-2.33-0.71-0.35-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 101-0.87Herb JonesSF/PF  NORSG23:23913200.4449.00001.16761.0003118.0-9-1.33-0.71-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.55-0.011.10
 114-1.07Naji MarshallSG/SF  NOR 12:51510100.25041.00021.5002.0002019.20-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.371.311.10
 135-1.24Jose AlvaradoPG  NOR 7:06200100.2504.00000.00031.0001123.7+11-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.012.37
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   NOR                            
   Matt Ryan   NOR                            
   E.J. Liddell   NOR                            
   Dereon Seabron X  NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010910422745.44193.7392311.23842.6085116221.2-700.
Josh: After a few low output games, he was able to drop this monster
Kyle: Booker flexed his scoring with a season-high 52 points in what is a sell-high game but only for a return that makes sense for your roster.
Josh: Even with Booker going off, he did plenty and remains a must roster player
Josh: Still only low minutes, but he was solid in those minutes. Clear hold, but ranking keeps dropping.
Kyle: Great bounce-back game from Valanciunas after a poor line the last couple times out.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Hawkins is cutting in and it feels like it will take an injury for him to be a regular cat guy.
Kyle: Murphy is OK to treat as a streamer in standards, but keep close tabs on him in case more minutes start becoming more consistent.
Watch Josh: He is in the rotation now, but it's hard to see him getting enough minutes to matter in a lot of leagues.
Watch Kyle: Hawkins is pushing his way back into the rotation more of late and is worth watching for conditional use and deeper leagues. Maybe he earns a bigger role due to trade, too.
Josh: More of a 14 team guy than a must in 12s and when he plays under 20, it's hard to justify him in standard leagues
Droppable 12 teams Josh: With Jordan Hawkins in the rotation, Jones has seen minutes drop the last two games, making it very tough to hold him
Droppable Kyle: Herb is just a streamer, specialist, and someone best rostered consistently in deeper leagues.
Josh: Back out of the rotation.

ATL 109 @ MIA 108

 210.44Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLPG39:4622331120.409221.00012.4297.40015226.6+30.841.27-
 350.03Jalen JohnsonSF/PFINJ   ATLPF33:371517220.50014.00002.2504.60010120.6+1-0.33-0.710.43-0.903.06-1.330.27-0.01-0.16
 40-0.04Patty MillsPG  ATL 18:021133210.6676.00001.60051.0001415.6-7-1.001.27-1.14-0.900.06-1.331.58-0.011.10
 47-0.12Onyeka OkongwuCINJ   ATL 25:49915111.8005.000021.0001.7504511.7+13-1.33-0.71-0.35-1.360.060.532.29-0.01-0.16
 62-0.44Garrison MathewsSG/SF  ATL 19:56933300.6005.00001.7504.0001213.0+12-1.331.27-1.14-0.44-2.93-1.330.83-0.011.10
 69-0.54Clint CapelaC  ATLC22:139011001.5004.71470.0000.5004213.8-12-1.33-1.712.00-1.82-2.930.530.09-2.072.37
 96-0.83Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATLSG34:551733100.400151.00023.4297.3758223.4+10.001.27-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.891.31-1.43
 118-1.11Trent ForrestPG  ATL 9:42311300.2504.00001.5002.0002022.3-4-2.33-0.71-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.011.10
 122-1.12Saddiq BeySF/PFX  ATLSF36:001402000.33312.85771.0005.5717219.3-2-0.50-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.671.271.10
   Trae Young   ATL                            
   De'Andre Hunter   ATL                            
   Bruno Fernando   ATL                            
   Vit Krejci X  ATL                            
   Wesley Matthews   ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                            
   Kobe Bufkin   ATL                            
   Seth Lundy X  ATL                            
   Mouhamed Gueye   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010915382362.46087.8241713.42935.4815220166.5+
 140.79Jimmy ButlerSF/PFINJ   MIASF36:032505620.80010.900104.0000.80010220.501.34-1.71-0.350.943.06-1.334.563.25-2.69
 220.34Tyler HerroPG/SG  MIAPG34:322546210.526191.00012.4449.60010424.901.342.260.04-0.900.06-1.331.090.65-0.16
 38-0.01Bam AdebayoC  MIAC38:532109610.46715.87583.0000.46715422.2+80.67-1.711.220.940.06-1.33-0.431.93-1.43
 54-0.30Josh RichardsonPG/SGX  MIA 20:51923001.40051.00030.5004.0001112.2-9-1.330.28-1.14-1.82-2.930.53-0.621.972.37
 58-0.37Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIASG26:491028101.4449.00001.6673.3336115.0+3-
 61-0.44Duncan RobinsonSG/SF  MIA 21:371442100.6258.00002.57171.0001018.6+6-0.502.26-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.331.61-0.01-0.16
 91-0.76Kyle LowryPG  MIA 24:20203410.2504.00001.00031.000129.0-7-2.50-1.71-
 109-1.00Haywood HighsmithSF/PF  MIA 10:05000010.0002.00000.0001.000108.0+1-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.820.06-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 134-1.24Nikola JovicPF/C  MIAPF14:58203000.2005.00000.0001.2504213.4+4-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.07-0.012.37
 146-1.39Kevin LovePF/C  MIA 11:52005110.0005.00003.0003.0002127.1-11-2.83-1.71-0.35-1.360.06-1.33-3.53-0.01-1.43
   Jaime Jaquez Jr. Q  MIA                            
   Thomas Bryant   MIA                            
   R.J. Hampton   MIA                            
   Dru Smith X  MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson   MIA                            
   Cole Swider X  MIA                            
   Jamal Cain X  MIA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010812442172.46382.9092216.38731.5105117170.8-
Sell High Josh: Huge game but I do not trust him. I would always be receptive to moving on
Josh: No Trae, so he went off, which is a conssitent pattern
Kyle: Patty was in the mix with Trae Young out and Bogdan starting. A nice line for very deep leagues but nothing to chase.
Josh: No crossover, but played more than Capela. Still not doing enough for most, but it's looking slightly better
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Started, but it's basically the same as when he comes off the bench. A 14 team sort of guy
Stream Kyle: Martin pushed into the starting lineup over Lowry as Herro slid to PG. Martin is OK to take a flier on or stream in standards, but I'd also see this as a sell-high stretch in case Jaquez comes back to push for this role or at elast some of Martin's minutes.
Kyle: Lowry moved to a bench role with Martin starting and Herro sliding over to PG.
Josh: Spot start for Trae and scored well, but his recent form has been not great. Still a hold in 12 team leagues
Kyle: Great minutes in a spot start with Trae Young out. Bogdan's best opportunity this season would be a trade to another team and a starting job or the Hawks clearing the starting SG role for him for the rest of the season if they moves other guys. There's upside for Bogdan if his role improves as we go.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Even though Hunter isn't back, he still can't do enough to be a 12 team level player.
Kyle: Bey is being too inconsistent to treat as much more than a streamer in standards considering the all the opportunity he's had and his lack of reliable production for standards.
Josh: Started next to Martin, but played a reserve role and is only a 20 team league sort of player
Kyle: Even with the starting PF job, Jovic isn't commanding enough minutes and touches when the team is healthy, so he's mostly for watch lists, very deep leagues, and conditional streaming.
Josh: Good that he is back, but the stream value looks to have dropped off.

IND 115 @ POR 118

 31.99Myles TurnerC  INDC34:0629612105.588171.00031.60010.5717323.0+
 150.78Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSG36:261866711.46213.00001.54511.0002416.9+
 300.18Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SGOUT  INDPG34:5221221700.42914.77890.2867.5717120.9+160.670.28-1.536.02-2.93-1.33-1.18-0.752.37
 90-0.76Pascal SiakamPF/C  INDPF34:162116310.64314.33361.3333.72711520.9+170.67-0.710.04-0.440.06-1.333.18-9.421.10
 94-0.79Ben SheppardSG/SFS  IND 10:29311010.2504.00000.3333.0001115.5-15-2.33-0.71-1.93-1.820.06-1.33-1.37-0.012.37
 102-0.87Jalen SmithPF/C  IND 13:54713000.40051.000211.0001.2504220.1-9-1.67-0.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.621.311.10
 106-0.91Aaron NesmithSF/PF  INDSF28:011234200.4449.50022.7504.2005617.2+15-0.831.27-0.75-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.55-2.03-0.16
 148-1.47T.J. McConnellPG  IND 13:08200200.2504.00002.0000.2504118.5-19-2.50-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.01-0.16
 149-1.59Obi ToppinPF  IND 11:20000200.0003.00002.0003.0000217.9-16-2.83-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.93-1.33-2.11-0.01-0.16
 152-2.21Bennedict MathurinSG/SFX  IND 23:28203000.0008.66733.0005.0003121.3-21-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.33-5.65-1.37-1.43
   Andrew Nembhard   IND                            
   Isaiah Jackson   IND                            
   James Johnson   IND                            
   Kendall Brown   IND                            
   Jarace Walker   IND                            
   Isaiah Wong GLG IND                            
   Oscar Tshiebwe GLG IND                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011520373436.42991.6802513.42647.4324426192.2-
 61.38Malcolm BrogdonPG/SGX  PORPG37:173027611.500181.000101.5004.50014327.3-
 260.31Jerami GrantSF/PFQ  PORSF42:373714312.50028.727111.2504.54224234.5+23.34-0.71-0.75-0.440.062.380.53-2.771.10
 41-0.06Matisse ThybulleSG/SFX  PORSG27:52401212.50021.00020.00011.000134.5-14-2.17-1.71-1.93-0.900.062.380.051.312.37
 51-0.20Jabari WalkerSF/PFQ  PORPF41:0713012301.36411.83360.0002.4449314.4+3-0.67-1.712.40-0.44-2.930.53-1.960.612.37
 63-0.45Scoot HendersonPGQ OUTPOR 7:5210021011.00041.00022.00001.0004238.0+8-1.17-1.71-1.53-1.36-2.930.532.991.31-0.16
 65-0.49Deandre AytonCQ  PORC30:121208102.40015.00001.0000.40015123.0-14-0.83-1.710.82-1.36-2.932.38-1.89-0.011.10
 67-0.53Duop ReathC  POR 17:383052021.0001.50020.00001.000144.6+18-2.33-1.71-0.35-0.90-2.932.380.76-2.032.37
 108-0.99Toumani CamaraPFX  POR 18:34404000.33331.00021.0000.3333211.4+11-2.17-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.661.311.10
 116-1.10Kris MurraySF/PF  POR 14:295130001.0002.000031.00011.0001115.0+8-2.00-0.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.331.50-0.01-1.43
 123-1.13Justin MinayaSF  POR 2:22001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Anfernee Simons X  POR                            
   Shaedon Sharpe X  POR                            
   Robert Williams X  POR                            
   Moses Brown   POR                            
   Ibou Badji   POR                            
   Rayan Rupert   POR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011844718311.50084.857359.33312.5287221172.9+
Josh: Well, we have evidence that Siakam won't permanently kill him. It won't always be this goos, but it's nice to see it happen
Sell High Kyle: Turner was amazing, and it's OK just to enjoy this big game, but it's also a sell-high moment with Siakam on the team and Turner unlikely to score this much or play this many minutes more nights.
Must Add Josh: While Sharpe is injured and now Scoot out, they will be pumping minutes into him. But remember, we also had no Simons here, he is an injury risk and a trade risk.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Brogdon is in a quantum state at the moment. He's living in two separate realities at the same time, being both a must-add in standards with his current starting job, big minutes, and upside if Simons miss more games, while also existing as a clear sell-high guy in fantasy as we can't trust his health or role to maintain long-term if the Blazers are healthy.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: If he is starting, he is a must add.
Maybe Add Kyle: Hield remained in the starting lineup over Mathurin with Nesmith back and put up a great line in huge minutes. This is a more than we should expect from Hield most games if the Pacers remain healthy, so it's a sell-high game, but this is also a time to take a flier and stream if available in standards.
Sell High Kyle: If Grant is traded, it'd be to a better team that would pray he can be more of an Aaron Gordon and less of a Jerami Grant, and if Grant remains on the Blazers, he'd likely be rested for tanking reasons as we go, so this is a sell-high moment.
Kyle: Haliburton was back from injury and had his usual fantastic game dishing tons of assists with good scoring in big minutes. Here's hoping he can stay on the cout going forward, as it seems the addition of Siakam isn't going to affect Haliburton's fantasy production.
Kyle: Thybulle made a spot start with Simons out and provided the defense he can provide. Thybulle is a streamer/specialist and someone for deeper leagues.Use as needed and sell-high when he's pretending he can command bigger minutes, as he never seems to be able to grab more than middling run over time.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: I think he can hold this role for a while.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Walker is starting and getting big minutes that could stick the rest of the season. He's worth considering taking a flier on in most leagues to see where this goes.
Josh: Was playing well before the injury, but he is only looking like a luxury stash.
Kyle: Scoot got a bow to the nose and had to leave the game. There's a good chance he's OK for next game, so it's OK to hold as needed.
Josh: Happy with the minutes and blocks, but remains frustrating. But, don't use your frustrations as a reason to drop him.
Kyle: Ayton ice skated to the arena and made his return with good minutes and his usual underwhelming performance on offense. The 2 blocks are nice. I'd be considering sell-high options in redrafts with the chance of a tank rest down the stretch.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: With Ayton back, he isn't going to be a rosterable player.
Droppable Kyle: With Ayton back, Reath was in a short bench role. Drop Reath for now, but keep him on watch lists, too, as he's ripe for a big role down the stretch if Ayton is rested.
Josh: Pretty standard output from Siakam apart from the bad ft%.
Kyle: Siskam was nice in his first game with the Pacers. His minutes ceiling will a minute or two shorter, but Siakam should also have plenty of room to put up just as good or better fantasy production in Indiana.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Was playing okay as a PF, now he is done in terms of value.
Droppable Kyle: With Siakam on the roster and starting at PF, Smith was back in a limited reserve role at center. He can he dropped in most places.
Josh: Solid enough here and he should kep starting. Doesn't mean he plays huge minutes, but remains a fringe 12 team guy
Maybe Add Kyle: Nesmith was back in action and starting with good minutes. I'd be looking at adding if he's available, expecting Nesmith to have a solid role with some upside going forward if the Pacers make anymore trades.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Thank you for your service gritty king.
Droppable Kyle: With Haliburton healthy and Siakam on the team to take more touches, McConnell's role took a massive dump even with Nembhard out.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Siakam has ended any value he may have had.
Droppable Kyle: At the back of the rotation with Siakam in the mix. Will Toppin play all nights when Jackson is available.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Dreadful. He needs a big minute role to be a cat guy and he didn't get it. He is a drop.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Mathurine not only got pushed to the bench and smaller minutes with Nesmith healthy and Hield keeping the starting SG job for now, but Pysthagoras had to go and piss the bed with an 0-for-8 shooting performance, showing how wild his good nights and bad nights make him best treated as a streamer in standards until a more clear big role is available.
Droppable Kyle: With not many touches and maybe only short minutes available when Nembhard is back healthy, he's a drop in most leagues, not worth holding in standard leagues even if just sitting in an IL+ spot.
Droppable Kyle: Jackson is OK to hold in deeper leagues if you believe in his opportunity maintaining when healthy, but this also a fine time to let go again with the frontcourt rotation stuffy after Siakam's addition.
Kyle: No minutes with Siakam on the roster and the frontcourt rotation tighter. Watch Walker in case other trades clear him more minutes as we go, especially for deeper leagues.

BKN 130 @ LAL 112Blowout

 91.16Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKNC32:4322014112.68816.00000.0000.68816320.1+80.84-1.713.18-1.360.062.384.67-0.012.37
 111.01Cam ThomasSG/SF  BKN 31:503343410.72218.75041.5717.81811226.8+122.672.26-
 190.48Dennis Smith Jr.PG/SGINJ   BKN 17:061122530.57171.00012.5004.6673222.7+2-1.000.28-1.530.486.05-1.330.870.65-0.16
 200.46Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  BKNPG33:031943410.455111.00051.5008.3333117.9+100.342.26-
 320.14Mikal BridgesSG/SF/PF  BKNSG34:391741520.54511.50022.5008.6673116.5+140.002.26-1.930.483.06-1.330.94-2.03-0.16
 43-0.07Cam JohnsonSF/PFQ  BKNSF23:101024510.4449.00000.5004.4005116.0+16-1.170.28-0.750.480.06-1.33-0.55-0.012.37
 45-0.09Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  BKN 13:211531300.8577.00001.75041.0003224.7+4-0.331.27-1.93-0.44-2.93-1.333.78-0.011.10
 97-0.84Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF/CINJ   BKNPF28:01304112.1258.50020.0005.3333413.0+19-2.33-1.71-0.75-1.360.062.38-4.20-2.032.37
 119-1.11Royce O'NealeSG/SF  BKN 17:10007300.0005.00000.0005.0000112.6+4-2.83-1.710.43-0.44-2.93-1.33-3.53-0.012.37
 140-1.29Trendon WatfordPF  BKN 3:33001000.0002.00000.0001.0001023.2+2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 144-1.35Harry GilesPF/CX  BKN 5:24001000.0001.00001.0001.0000015.4-1-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.011.10
   Ben Simmons X  BKN                            
   Noah Clowney   BKN                            
   Day'Ron Sharpe Q  BKN                            
   Keon Johnson   BKN                            
   Dariq Whitehead X  BKN                            
   Jalen Wilson   BKN                            
  0.00Totals   240:00130194131104.52695.786148.40447.6464817208.9+900.
 41.53Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC35:1426012632.69213.727111.0001.75012122.8-121.50-1.712.400.946.052.383.89-2.771.10
 290.23D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  LALPG34:532031710.500141.00032.6005.4449421.1-160.501.27-1.931.410.06-1.330.271.97-0.16
 46-0.10Jarred VanderbiltPF  LAL 19:2312250001.0005.000001.00021.0003011.0-10-0.830.28-0.35-1.82-2.93-1.333.74-0.012.37
 60-0.41Christian WoodPF/C  LAL 11:05514311.16761.00021.3333.0003030.3-7-2.00-0.71-0.75-0.440.060.53-2.781.311.10
 66-0.51Austin ReavesPG/SG/SF  LALSG33:25903510.333121.00010.0006.6676215.9-13-1.33-1.71-1.140.480.06-1.33-2.670.652.37
 70-0.54Taurean PrinceSF/PF  LALSF28:591023210.42971.00023.5004.3333116.0-12-1.170.28-1.14-0.900.06-1.33-0.581.31-1.43
 79-0.62LeBron JamesSF/PF  LALPF33:4424211500.40922.80054.4005.41217135.6-
 89-0.76Max ChristieSG/SF  LAL 19:01622100.6673.00001.6673.000019.0-6-1.830.28-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.330.80-0.011.10
 130-1.18Maxwell LewisSF  LAL 2:56000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 136-1.25Jaxson HayesPF/C  LAL 2:56000000.0001.00000.0001.0000014.50-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 141-1.30Jalen Hood-SchifinoPG/SGX  LAL 2:56001100.0001.00001.0000.0001129.00-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.011.10
 150-1.65Rui HachimuraSF/PF  LAL 15:28002100.0006.00001.0003.0003019.3-1-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.33-4.23-0.011.10
   Cam Reddish Q  LAL                            
   Gabe Vincent   LAL                            
   Dylan Windler X  LAL                            
   Skylar Mays X  LAL                            
   Colin Castleton X  LAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011212443173.44490.8332414.36433.4915711224.4-900.
Josh: A great shooting game, but of course, he cannot be trusted to shoot that percentage or play those minutes as his game log will attest. A stream guy only.
Sell High Kyle: Thomas is a great specialist and streamer, but I'd also he treating his big scoring games as sell-high moments, looking for a better all-around contributor who doesn't help as much in the scoring cats.
Josh: Low minutes, but the production isn't bad. It's enough to be streamable in 12 team leagues
Watch Kyle: Stream as needed and keep tabs on Smith in case he walks into a starting job and more consistent ceiling as the season goes.
Josh: Two solid games in a row with good minutes. Use him when it is going this way
Sell High Kyle: Dinwiddie is a sell-high in this moment with his production inconsistent and role unclear the rest of the way whether on the Nets or another roster.
Josh: Another big minutes and high scoring game. Also a team worst -16 and I remain far from convinced he is staying as a starter
Sell High Kyle: Another great line for fantasy, and I'd have to at least look at sell-high options if available, as Russell is convenient scapegoat if the Lakers go on a poor stretch again.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: The shooting was fine, but the minutes and shot attempts were not. That is not enough to consider a must hold.
Hold 12 teams Kyle: In shallower leagues, and maybe even for a stacked 12-team roster, Johnson is OK to treat as a streamer, but this wasn't the worst line, and he does have some room for more production going forward. I'd be holding in 12s and considering buying low for the right price in deeper leagues. I'm always selling high on Cam Johnson if he is playing well, though, as he has been put in a rosier light than he deserves.
Josh: Bad game. Struggled on defense and it does appear obvious to me that he and DLo don't work together.