Box Scores

<March 2023>
box scorePOR 119@ PHI 1205:00 pm
PHI by 8.5 o/u 235.0POR 113 @ PHI 122
box scoreATL 114@ WAS 1075:00 pm
ATL by 1.5 o/u 237.0ATL 119 @ WAS 118
box scoreBKN 124@ MIN 1236:00 pm
MIN by 4.5 o/u 226.5BKN 111 @ MIN 116
box scoreCLE 115@ MIA 1196:00 pm
MIA by 3.0 o/u 212.0CLE 104 @ MIA 108
box scoreDEN 120@ SAS 1286:00 pm
DEN by 12.5 o/u 236.0DEN 124 @ SAS 112
box scoreTOR 112@ LAL 1228:30 pm
TOR by 2.5 o/u 224.5TOR 114 @ LAL 111

Central Standard Time

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POR 119 @ PHI 120

 180.53Anfernee SimonsPG/SGX  PORSG29:183481200.59122.00010.66712.50010136.0-32.625.90-2.01-0.83-2.75-1.272.95-2.192.31
 300.29Damian LillardPG  PORPG38:4322261100.400151.00082.2508.5717224.9+30.780.350.073.16-2.75-1.27-1.974.36-0.12
 360.17Jerami GrantPFQ  PORPF42:0624310210.61513.62581.5006.7147319.5+
 50-0.17Drew EubanksPF/C  POR 22:07806102.40051.00041.0000.4005216.5-10-1.37-1.500.07-1.27-2.752.67-0.672.181.09
 52-0.24Matisse ThybulleSG/SFX  PORSF19:23512111.5004.00000.33331.000109.7+14-1.83-0.57-1.59-
 74-0.62Cam ReddishSF/PFQ  POR 36:021412120.54511.50024.2504.7147120.7-2-0.45-0.57-1.59-1.272.94-1.270.78-1.64-2.55
 85-0.81Shaedon SharpeSG/SF/PFX  POR 17:14102110.0000.50020.0000.000022.4-19-2.44-1.50-1.59-1.270.10-1.27-0.01-1.642.31
 90-0.87Jusuf NurkicC  PORC25:531105510.6258.20050.0002.8336418.5+9-0.91-1.50-0.350.500.10-1.271.44-8.192.31
 110-1.30Nassir LittleSF/PF  POR 9:14002000.0002.00001.0001.0001215.3-4-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.390.001.09
   Jabari Walker Q  POR                            
   Trendon Watford   POR                            
   Kevin Knox   POR                            
   Justise Winslow   POR                            
   Ryan Arcidiacono   POR                            
   Keon Johnson   POR                            
   John Butler Jr   POR                            
   Ibou Badji   POR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011915362463.52580.667309.41736.6144417163.4-
 110.89Joel EmbiidPF/C  PHIC37:343907423.65020.722184.0001.68419238.6+23.39-1.500.480.062.944.644.33-3.83-2.55
 330.21De'Anthony MeltonPG/SG  PHI 23:421331510.8336.00001.75041.0002313.4+11-0.601.28-2.010.500.10-1.272.820.001.09
 380.12James HardenPG/SG  PHIPG39:101929800.429141.00052.2508.6676321.1-30.320.351.311.83-2.75-1.27-1.282.72-0.12
 410.10Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHISG35:451314210.62581.00020.3333.8005211.3-1-0.60-0.57-0.76-0.830.10-1.271.441.092.31
 48-0.07Georges NiangSF/PF  PHI 22:501241110.5008.00000.5717.0001215.9+23-0.752.20-2.01-1.270.10-
 73-0.62Danuel HouseSF  PHI 7:21510001.6673.00000.50021.0001118.5+11-1.83-0.57-2.42-1.71-2.750.700.710.002.31
 77-0.71Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHISF24:39805210.273111.00021.0003.3758123.7-22-1.37-1.50-0.35-0.830.10-1.27-3.391.091.09
 83-0.77Paul ReedPF/C  PHI 10:26405010.3336.00001.0000.3336430.5-1-1.98-1.50-0.35-1.710.10-1.27-1.350.001.09
 87-0.84P.J. TuckerPF/C  PHIPF20:37205000.5002.00000.00011.000114.4-18-2.29-1.50-0.35-1.71-2.75-
 93-0.90Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  PHI 10:11403000.5004.00000.0000.5004517.8+1-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.71-2.75-
 103-1.11Shake MiltonPG/SG  PHI 7:45102300.0001.50020.0001.0000011.0+2-2.44-1.50-1.59-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.70-1.642.31
   Jaden Springer   PHI                            
   Dewayne Dedmon   PHI                            
   Montrezl Harrell X  PHI                            
   Furkan Korkmaz NOTE  PHI                            
   Louis King   PHI                            
   Mac McClung   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012011422574.51883.793299.36730.6045324206.2+
Josh: I guess his ankle is okay, which is great news
Kyle: Simons came back from his re-sprained ankle with a big night despite his minutes being a little short. Hopefully his ankle is all good going forward.
Josh: Low minutes, which is concerning, but production is great and so continues the Melton Conundrum. He is probably a 12 team hold, but I don't feel strongly about it
Stream Kyle: Melton moved to the bench with Harden available and starting, but he still put together a useful line, displaying his value as at least a streamer, even in his bench role.
Kyle: Harden was back in action after sitting out the previous game.
Josh: Just didn't see the ball enough here after a massive hot streak.
Josh: Now, just a blocks streamer with Nurkic back
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He was a +14 in his 'revenge' game, but they severely limited his minutes. Still brought the defense, which is why you have him. But, if you roster him in a points league, you can move on
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Thybulle's role is getting marginalized by the Blazers' depth, and he's not producing as well as expected, making him fine to treat as a streamer and specialist, OK to drop as needed.
Hold 12 teams Josh: Played like a starter, getting Thybulle's minutes, despite Simons retunring. Hold him for now.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Reddish moved back to the bench with Simons starting, but Reddish still played huge minutes and put up a decent line. He's worth considering as a flier or streamer to see how this situation plays out.
Josh: If the 76ers have a bad schedule stretch in your playoffs, Harris is going to be a droppable player. He cannot get the ball enough with Maxey, Harden, and Embiid all starting
Kyle: Harris is OK to hold, as he should at least be getting streamed consistently in most leagues, but he's also OK to treat as a streamer with his production being reduced lately.
Josh: Back to 26 minutes in his second game.
Maybe Add Kyle: Nurkic's minutes were close to normal, and he's worth grabbing if recently dropped when it looked like he might be eased into action more after modest minutes in his first game.
Josh: No Nurkic minutes limit, so Watford is out of the rotation.
Droppable Kyle: Watford was out of the rotation with the Blazers healthy and the rotation shifted around a little. He still may see regular spot action, but this makes it hard to trust him being in the rotation nightly going forward.

ATL 114 @ WAS 107

 80.93Trae YoungPG  ATLPG32:512862920.474191.00043.60010.3339229.6+41.704.05-1.592.272.94-1.27-0.552.18-1.33
 430.05John CollinsPF/CINJ   ATLPF27:46704321.42971.00011.0003.7504312.4-7-1.52-1.50-0.76-0.382.940.70-0.650.541.09
 51-0.24Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLSG35:341617710.37516.75041.3333.38513021.6-1-0.14-0.570.481.390.10-1.27-2.66-0.551.09
 54-0.28Onyeka OkongwuCINJ   ATL 18:34408121.2504.50040.0000.2504312.7+12-1.98-1.500.90-1.272.940.70-1.37-3.282.31
 55-0.29De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATLSF34:591817011.50014.75043.3333.54511221.9+10.17-0.570.48-1.710.100.700.11-0.55-1.33
 64-0.47Saddiq BeySF/PFX  ATL 25:311430000.62581.00011.7504.5004115.1+15-0.451.28-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.271.440.541.09
 65-0.48Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF  ATL 22:181542300.455111.00012.5008.3333324.6+10-0.292.20-1.59-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.610.54-0.12
 67-0.50Jalen JohnsonPF/CINJ   ATL 13:01406210.3336.00000.0000.3336118.9+6-1.98-1.500.07-0.830.10-1.27-1.350.002.31
 86-0.84Clint CapelaC  ATLC29:268010001.40010.00003.0000.40010218.1-5-1.37-1.501.73-1.71-2.750.70-1.320.00-1.33
   Bruno Fernando   ATL                            
   Vit Krejci X  ATL                            
   Garrison Mathews   ATL                            
   Aaron Holiday   ATL                            
   Trent Forrest   ATL                            
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                            
   Tyrese Martin   ATL                            
   Donovan Williams   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011415462594.44295.7891914.48431.4226417174.9+350.
 140.67Bradley BealSG  WASSG37:162716521.458241.00042.2005.52619332.2-11.55-0.570.070.502.940.70-1.202.18-0.12
 200.50Delon WrightPG/SG  WAS 29:411002530.66761.00021.0001.8005111.5-10-1.06-1.50-1.590.505.79-1.271.431.091.09
 390.12Daniel GaffordC  WASC28:321308201.85771.00011.0000.8577112.8+2-0.60-1.500.90-0.83-2.750.703.520.541.09
 440.04Monte MorrisPG  WASPG26:14605821.33361.00023.0002.5004316.3+8-1.67-1.50-0.351.832.940.70-1.351.09-1.33
 450.04Kristaps PorzingisPF/COUT  WASPF31:532239012.44418.60052.4297.45511430.1+20.781.281.31-1.710.102.67-1.25-2.73-0.12
 71-0.57Deni AvdijaSF/PF  WAS 17:52516300.4005.00000.5002.3333212.1-19-1.83-0.570.07-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.670.002.31
 80-0.73Corey KispertSG/SF  WAS 22:10712101.4297.00001.20051.0002215.6-16-1.52-0.57-1.59-1.27-2.750.70-0.650.001.09
 101-1.07Kyle KuzmaSF/PFQ  WASSF39:441715300.58312.50044.3333.6679119.3+40.01-0.57-0.35-0.38-2.75-1.271.48-3.28-2.55
 112-1.33Jordan GoodwinPG  WAS 6:38000000.0003.00000.0002.0001019.6-5-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
   Taj Gibson   WAS                            
   Anthony Gill   WAS                            
   Kendrick Nunn   WAS                            
   Isaiah Todd   WAS                            
   Jay Huff   WAS                            
   Johnny Davis   WAS                            
   Jamaree Bouyea   WAS                            
   Quenton Jackson   WAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:001077432786.48988.7781814.25927.5906117169.6-350.
Josh: Came off the bench, but still was great and needs to be rostered.
Kyle: Wright was pushed to the bench with Morris back in the starting lineup but still played good minutes and put up a nice line that should be on someone's roster in most leagues.
Stream Josh: We love this, burt Porzingis did get some early fouls and Gafford still didn't close. More looking like a schedule stream guy
Stream Kyle: Gafford is too inconsistent to make him a must-roster, but with his role seemingly secure, he's at least worth streaming as needed.
Josh: Low scoring, but he is back at starters minutes, further confusing the situation. But, still more like a stream guy than a must
Kyle: Good minutes for a second straight game, helping keep Collins as someone who should at least be used as a regular streamer in 12s.
Josh: Back starting and the assists/steals are nice. I wouldn't rush to add, but he is a cat stream
Stream Kyle: Morris was back in the starting lineup over Wright and had a nice game. Morris has value as a streamer and specialist, but I wouldn't be chasing this hard beyond deeper leagues.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Don't have to drop, but Snyder is showing he isn't guaranteed 22-23 minutes a night and that means he isn't a must roster. We need to make cuts at this point in the season, so he is cuttable.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: If he isn't getting 30 minutes, he isn't a must roster and now his role is uncertain.
Kyle: Bey is a hold for Saturday's game, but he's also OK to drop as needed for another streamer with the Hawks' depth limiting several players' ceilings.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: That damn Rui Hachimura getting in the way of his minutes. He is a clear drop unless players are injured.
Droppable Kyle: Avdija's role is too unreliable from game to game when the team is healthy to use him as more than a streamer in most leagues.

BKN 124 @ MIN 123

 190.50Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PFINJ   BKNPF37:251125231.3339.75040.4005.2504412.6-3-0.910.35-0.35-0.835.790.70-2.02-0.552.31
 220.44Royce O'NealeSG/SF  BKN 36:2112315230.27311.75042.6005.0006517.9-6-0.751.283.80-0.835.79-1.27-3.39-0.55-0.12
 310.25Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKNC35:251109304.8336.50023.0000.8336612.3+7-0.91-1.501.31-0.38-2.756.612.82-1.64-1.33
 340.18Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  BKNPG44:3129331110.45824.66761.4297.47117327.3+61.851.28-
 60-0.39Mikal BridgesSG/SF  BKNSG46:303446100.54224.66764.5008.56316229.0-62.622.200.07-1.27-2.75-1.271.58-2.19-2.55
 61-0.43Seth CurryPG/SGX  BKN 17:141122100.57171.00010.5004.6673119.0+7-0.910.35-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.270.740.542.31
 92-0.89Cam JohnsonSF/PFQ  BKNSF34:251528000.3758.77893.5004.2504319.1-4-0.290.350.90-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.33-0.55-1.33
 106-1.18Joe HarrisSG/SF  BKN 7:51000000.0001.00000.0001.000025.6+5-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 107-1.24Cam ThomasSG/SF  BKN 5:18100000.00011.00011.0000.0001020.2-1-2.44-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.541.09
   Ben Simmons X  BKN                            
   Day'Ron Sharpe Q  BKN                            
   Patty Mills   BKN                            
   Nerlens Noel   BKN                            
   Edmond Sumner NOTE  BKN                            
   Yuta Watanabe X  BKN                            
   Dru Smith X  BKN                            
   David Duke   BKN                            
  0.00Totals   265:0012416482075.46291.7273314.47134.4565726163.0+
 41.34Rudy GobertC  MINC42:1526013441.80015.33361.0000.80015318.7+51.39-1.502.970.068.640.706.37-7.641.09
 61.07Anthony EdwardsSG/SF  MINSG43:413236223.46226.83362.3339.52917229.8-42.311.280.07-0.832.944.64-1.180.54-0.12
 280.33Kyle AndersonSF/PF  MINPF38:4515171110.58312.00002.5002.60010315.3+12-0.29-0.570.483.160.10-1.271.480.00-0.12
 49-0.14Mike ConleyPG  MINPG40:561116721.23113.80052.1676.2867017.9+7-0.91-0.570.071.392.940.70-4.770.00-0.12
 78-0.73Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 23:06813010.28671.00032.5002.2005119.0-11-1.37-0.57-1.18-1.710.10-1.27-2.041.63-0.12
 95-0.95Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 9:28310000.5002.00000.5002.000029.0+2-2.13-0.57-2.42-1.71-2.75-
 96-0.97Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG/SF  MIN 20:091015200.40010.50021.1676.7504225.0-18-1.06-0.57-0.35-0.83-2.75-1.27-1.32-1.641.09
 104-1.11Naz ReidC  MIN 10:45314000.3333.000021.0001.0002319.8-6-2.13-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.680.00-0.12
 108-1.24Jaden McDanielsSF/PF  MINSF35:551503301.60010.42972.0002.7508517.8+8-0.29-1.50-1.18-0.38-2.750.701.46-7.10-0.12
   Karl-Anthony Towns   MIN                            
   Austin Rivers   MIN                            
   Jaylen Nowell   MIN                            
   Nathan Knight   MIN                            
   Luka Garza   MIN                            
   Matt Ryan   MIN                            
   Wendell Moore   MIN                            
   Josh Minott   MIN                            
  0.00Totals   265:0012394729106.49098.6212914.30030.5746821172.3-
Kyle: Gobert put together an efficient night with a season-high 26 points and great all-around production.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Nice defense, but he isn't doing enough to be a must roster guy. A nice 14 team guy
Watch Kyle: A nice line, but DFS has been too inconsistent of late to treat this as much more than something to watch and a reminder of his value as a conditional streamer on short-schedule days.
Stream Josh: Two 30 minutes nights in a row for Royce and that puts him at least into the 12 team streaming pool.
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: O'Neale is getting big minutes in recent games, but his floor can still bottom out without warning, so as much as he's worth having in deeper leagues and using as a streamer as needed in standards.
Josh: Shcedule has been rough and Towns is looming, but Anderson is a must roster player
Maybe Add Kyle: Anderson was awesome here and is at least worth streaming as needed while Towns remains out, but with no more games this weekend, he's also OK to drop as needed.
Josh: Finally, a big minutes game.
Kyle: Claxton was back in action after sitting out the previous game. He continues to provide great value, and hopefully this last rest game is the only mass-rest game the Nets will be dropping on us.
Kyle: Dinwiddie returned to action after getting a rest for the previous game. He was fantastic and is in a great role but can still be maddeningly inconsistent at times.
Kyle: Conley had one of his better games, despite the poor shooting, as his production has floundered a bit as he's worked to find his way with the Wolves. He remains a fine streamer at least for most leagues but isn't going to fit all team's needs consistently.
Josh: He continues to be awesome, but I do think this is a hug sell high window in a dynasty league
Josh: In a bit of a slump with his shooting, but his minutes remain great and needs to be rostered.
Josh: Continues to be a solid bench guard who has value for deep leagues
Kyle: Walker is someone to be aware of for use in deeper leagues and very conditional streaming as he continues to get a look with the bench.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Only 11 minutes and none next to Gobert. He is a drop
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Back to the waivers you go
Droppable Kyle: Barely in the mix with the team healthy and coach Vaughn paring down his rotation.
Kyle: McDaniels is fine to hold, but he'll also be OK to drop for some teams that need more games this weekend.
Kyle: Back out of the rotation with the Nets not resting anyone this game.
Droppable Kyle: Not in the rotation after getting a look for a couple games. The Nets played small here, though, so it's possible Noel is back in the mix soon.

CLE 115 @ MIA 119

 90.90Jarrett AllenCQ LRCLEC34:116013414.40051.00021.0000.400519.1+8-1.67-1.502.970.060.106.61-0.671.091.09
 170.56Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLESF33:371612320.66791.00030.5002.7147213.9-2-0.14-0.57-1.59-0.382.94-
 270.33Donovan MitchellPG/SGQ  CLEPG42:334283410.50030.66764.53315.46715438.9+13.855.90-
 400.11Caris LeVertSG/SFQ  CLESG38:411643411.46213.00002.4449.5004117.5-5-0.142.20-
 68-0.50Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF28:241214201.40010.75040.3333.4297418.7-18-0.75-0.57-0.76-0.83-2.750.70-1.32-0.552.31
 82-0.77Lamar StevensSG/SFQ  CLE 24:43815000.4005.75040.3333.5002312.4+2-1.37-0.57-0.35-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.67-0.552.31
 84-0.78Ricky RubioPGX  CLE 25:10823800.3758.00003.28671.0001319.7-8-1.370.35-1.181.83-2.75-1.27-1.330.00-1.33
 98-1.00Cedi OsmanSG/SFINJ   CLE 12:40711000.33361.00021.2504.5002228.1+4-1.52-0.57-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.351.091.09
 102-1.11Robin LopezC  CLE 0:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
   Darius Garland   CLE                            
   Sam Merrill   CLE                            
   Danny Green   CLE                            
   Raul Neto   CLE                            
   Dean Wade   CLE                            
   Dylan Windler X  CLE                            
   Mamadi Diakite   CLE                            
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011518342556.46586.8102111.41943.5124320158.3-
 100.90Jimmy ButlerSF/PFINJ   MIASF35:023315301.75016.889911.0001.73315226.6-52.47-0.57-0.35-0.38-2.750.705.682.181.09
 250.37Tyler HerroPG/SG  MIASG38:292559400.533151.00043.7147.3758122.8+
 260.36Bam AdebayoC  MIAC37:191906430.66712.75044.0000.66712521.1+40.32-1.500.070.065.79-1.272.87-0.55-2.55
 320.22Victor OladipoSG/SFX  MIA 22:23823230.4297.00001.6673.2504115.9+7-1.370.35-1.18-0.835.79-1.27-0.650.001.09
 47-0.06Max StrusSG/SF  MIA 25:541443301.6258.00002.57171.0001417.1+11-0.452.20-1.18-0.38-2.750.701.440.00-0.12
 59-0.38Caleb MartinSF/PF  MIA 27:02716200.50041.00020.33331.000118.0+17-1.52-0.570.07-0.83-2.75-
 81-0.74Kevin LovePF/C  MIAPF20:59717101.25081.00022.2005.3333023.0-11-1.52-0.570.48-1.27-2.750.70-2.721.09-0.12
 89-0.87Gabe VincentPG/SG  MIAPG22:11601310.28671.00022.0003.5004319.8-9-1.67-1.50-2.01-0.380.10-1.27-2.041.09-0.12
 105-1.13Cody ZellerC  MIA 10:41006001.0005.00001.0000.0005324.90-2.59-1.500.07-1.71-2.750.70-3.440.001.09
   Kyle Lowry   MIA                            
   Duncan Robinson   MIA                            
   Haywood Highsmith   MIA                            
   Nikola Jovic   MIA                            
   Omer Yurtseven   MIA                            
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson   MIA                            
   Jamal Cain X  MIA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011914462274.51282.9132316.48329.5285320179.2+
Josh: A couple of good games in a row, but with Garland out, that is likely the reason why he was able to be this good. I don't think he is a 12 team streamer
Watch Kyle: Okoro showed up well with Garland out, but this isn't anything to chase. It's something to watch in case Okoro finds more consistency as we go.
Kyle: Mitchell stepped up with his 9th 40-point game of the season, taking advantage of Garland's absence.
Josh: Back to low minutes which makes it harder to feel confidence in his role. He gets steals, but that;s all I feel comofrtable about him
Stream Josh: This is a huge game with huge minutes. But, look at his game log and the minutes and production are not reliable. Today, he popped off due to Garland's absence, so only use if Garland is out.
Watch Kyle: LeVert was given a spot start with Garland out and put up a nice line. He's worth watching for more conditional streaming if Garland misses more time.
Kyle: Strus had a nice game, but this is nothing to chase. He's just a conditional streamer for most leagues.
Kyle: M
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I cannot rationalise him as a 12 team guy at all.
Droppable Kyle: Even as a starter, the minutes aren't coming.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Doesn't matter that Lowry is out, Vincent is struggling

DEN 120 @ SAS 128

 21.65Nikola JokicC  DENC38:30374111130.58324.83365.6676.55618235.0-
 31.37Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG37:051332541.50081.00020.5006.5002010.2-5-0.601.28-1.590.508.640.700.061.092.31
 71.01Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG37:182426732.429211.00044.2508.53813230.5-41.090.350.071.395.792.67-1.922.18-2.55
 350.18Aaron GordonSF/PF  DENPF33:351426311.62581.00023.40051.0003315.10-0.450.350.07-0.380.100.701.441.09-1.33
 63-0.47Jeff GreenPF/C  DEN 16:17602010.50041.00020.0000.5004012.8-7-1.67-1.50-1.59-1.710.10-
 69-0.54Bruce BrownSG/SF/PF  DEN 25:13801120.37581.00022.0003.6005418.4-4-1.37-1.50-2.01-1.272.94-1.27-1.331.09-0.12
 76-0.71Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF EJECTDENSF20:18711100.6005.00000.33331.0002110.5-5-1.52-0.57-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.270.720.002.31
 88-0.85Thomas BryantC  DEN 7:38403100.5004.00000.0000.5004022.3-7-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.27-2.75-
 94-0.90Christian BraunSG/SF  DEN 7:02311000.5002.000001.0001.0001112.10-2.13-0.57-2.01-1.71-2.75-
 100-1.07Reggie JacksonPG/SG  DEN 17:04400300.16761.00020.0003.3333117.2-6-1.98-1.50-2.42-0.38-2.75-1.27-2.741.092.31
   Peyton Watson   DEN                            
   DeAndre Jordan   DEN                            
   Ish Smith   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Zeke Nnaji   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
   Jack White   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:00120133332144.48990.9502014.37135.5645514183.9-400.
 150.67Keldon JohnsonSF/PFINJ   SASSF35:462338620.471171.00043.6005.41712124.2+90.931.280.900.942.94-1.27-0.562.18-1.33
 210.46Doug McDermottPF  SAS 28:282045110.8758.667311.0004.7504214.4+170.472.20-0.35-1.270.10-1.274.22-1.091.09
 240.40Tre JonesPG  SAS 25:221402830.7147.80053.0001.8336119.2+21-0.45-1.50-1.591.835.79-
 53-0.26Jeremy SochanPFX  SASPF32:251908310.563161.00014.0003.69213125.1-40.32-1.500.90-0.380.10-1.271.510.54-2.55
 58-0.38Sandro MamukelashviliPF/C  SAS 12:001124200.8005.50020.66731.0002319.5+3-0.910.35-0.76-0.83-2.75-1.272.11-1.642.31
 66-0.48Charles BasseyPF/CX  SAS 14:55404110.5004.00000.0001.6673310.7+8-1.98-1.50-0.76-1.270.10-
 72-0.61Zach CollinsPF/CINJ  EJECTSASC21:051019310.4449.50023.2005.7504224.3-3-1.06-0.571.31-0.380.10-1.27-0.63-1.64-1.33
 75-0.64Keita Bates-DiopPFX  SAS 13:13914000.6676.00001.5002.7504021.1+8-1.21-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.271.430.001.09
 79-0.73Devin VassellSG/SFX  SASSG31:111422400.40015.00001.2867.5008220.4-7-0.450.35-1.590.06-2.75-1.27-1.970.001.09
 91-0.88Malaki BranhamSG/SFX  SASPG25:35404310.2867.00002.0002.4005514.0-12-1.98-1.50-0.76-0.380.10-1.27-2.040.00-0.12
   Julian Champagnie   SAS                            
   Gorgui Dieng   SAS                            
   Khem Birch   SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
   Romeo Langford   SAS                            
   Blake Wesley   SAS                            
   Dominick Barlow Q  SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:00128135031100.54394.7651718.39433.6236120193.1+400.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: What a fantastic performance and he still isn't universally rostered.
Maybe Add Kyle: KCP put together a great line and is worth considering grabbing if you need steals with modest positive contributions across the board.
Josh: Weird. I would not expect McDermott to be like this or play this much again. Ignore.
Kyle: McDermott was back in action and had a great game in big minutes off the bench. I wouldn't be be chasing this, but it's something to be aware of for deeper leagues and very conditional streaming.
Josh: Off th ebench, and I'm not sure why, but he was solid. There are going to be shenanigans, but he's a nice add for Sunday
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Jones had a great game in middling bench minutes. He's worth considering as a flier or stream for Sunday to see if he reclaims the starting job, but I wouldn't be chasing Jones too hard unless I need his upside in assists and steals, given his inconsistent availability of late.
Maybe Add Kyle: Sochan is worth rostering when he's playing, but the Spurs continue to rotate their roster due to injuries that seem a lot like scheduled rests at times, so it's hard to trust consistency from Sochan.
Josh: He is an interesting deeper league guy, but I doubt there is much consistency here.
Josh: Porter's ejection gave a boost, but I am not all that interested in Brown as a 12 team guy
Hold Kyle: Collins was back in action but then got ejected for getting into a posturing match with Porter. I'd be holding for Sunday's game. It'd be a surprise if there's any further punishment.
Josh: I don't think he will be suspended
Josh: Back over 30 minutes already. Not a great game, but the minutes are awesome
Josh: Outside of schedule, I don't think Branham is a 12 team guy, unless players are out.
Kyle: It's interesting that Branham started over Jones, so at least keep tabs on Branham, but he's also OK to drop as needed for another streamer at this point in the season.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Out of the rotation on a healthy team. He will get chances, but he is not a must roster player
Droppable Kyle: Out of the rotation.
Kyle: Available but didn't play.

TOR 112 @ LAL 122

 11.85O.G. AnunobySG/SFQ  TORSF37:383142150.857141.00035.66761.0008123.4+72.162.20-1.59-1.2711.48-
 51.10Scottie BarnesSF/PFX  TORSG38:043219710.68419.83361.2504.80015325.8+52.31-0.571.311.390.10-
 120.77Jakob PoeltlCX  TORC33:0317010431.47117.50020.0000.47117223.5+50.01-1.501.730.065.790.70-0.56-1.642.31
 420.10Fred VanVleetPGQ  TORPG36:298241030.3339.00004.3336.3333315.4+5-1.370.35-0.762.725.79-1.27-2.020.00-2.55
 56-0.33Will BartonSG/SF  TOR 13:45511310.6673.00000.50021.000119.5-18-1.83-0.57-2.01-0.380.10-1.270.710.002.31
 70-0.55Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF37:041224201.38513.00001.4005.3758316.4+9-0.750.35-0.76-0.83-2.750.70-1.990.001.09
 97-0.97Chris BoucherPF/CX  TOR 10:35202001.3333.00001.0001.5002016.4-17-2.29-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.750.70-0.680.001.09
 99-1.06Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 4:01001000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -9-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 109-1.29Gary TrentPG/SG  TOR 21:01002210.0009.00000.0003.0006018.6-27-2.59-1.50-1.59-0.830.10-1.27-
 111-1.32Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 8:18502000.4005.50021.0001.5004235.9-10-1.83-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.67-1.641.09
   Dalano Banton   TOR                            
   Malachi Flynn   TOR                            
   Otto Porter Jr. NOTE  TOR                            
   Joe Wieskamp   TOR                            
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   TOR                            
   Christian Koloko NOTE  TOR                            
   Ron Harper Jr. NOTE  TOR                            
  0.00Totals   239:58112103729143.50092.7691313.35728.5636416184.8-500.
 130.76D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  LALPG31:012855910.588171.00034.6258.5569031.6+41.703.12-0.352.270.10-
 160.62Dennis SchroderPGINJ   LAL 33:232331740.471171.00046.5006.45511032.5+320.931.28-2.011.398.64-1.27-0.562.18-4.97
 230.42Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC32:34809304.5717.00001.0000.5717310.8-11-1.37-1.501.31-0.38-2.756.610.740.001.09
 290.31Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  LALPF30:211624120.71471.00043.50041.0003217.0-10-0.140.35-0.76-1.272.94-
 370.15Austin ReavesSG/SF  LAL 32:281802501.600101.00061.0002.7508318.4+260.17-1.50-1.590.50-2.750.701.463.271.09
 46-0.02Wenyen GabrielPF/C  LAL 15:27404203.6673.00000.0000.667318.5+19-1.98-1.50-0.76-0.83-2.754.640.710.002.31
 57-0.36Rui HachimuraSF/PF  LAL 19:581613100.77891.00012.5002.8577025.1+21-0.14-0.57-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.273.540.54-0.12
 62-0.46Troy Brown JrSF/PF  LALSF23:52513010.5004.00000.33331.000117.4-10-1.83-0.57-1.18-1.710.10-
 113-1.40Malik BeasleySG/SF  LALSG20:54414000.16761.00013.2005.0001019.8-21-1.98-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.740.54-1.33
   LeBron James   LAL                            
   Scotty Pippen Jr.   LAL                            
   Mo Bamba   LAL                            
   Lonnie Walker   LAL                            
   Davon Reed   LAL                            
   Max Christie   LAL                            
   Cole Swider X  LAL                            
  0.00Totals   239:5812213352888.563801.0001920.43330.6405010171.2+500.
Kyle: What an awesome game from Anunoby and at a great time for weekly matchups.
Kyle: Barnes scored a career-high 32 points in a great all-around game.
Josh: Nice minutes and great production.
Kyle: Russell was back in action and had a big game, which is affirming to see with LeBron out.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Kept big minutes with Russell back, despite a bench role, which is interesting. Keep rostering him
Maybe Add Kyle: Schroder came off the bench behind Russell but still played a big role and is worth considering at least streaming while LeBron is out if this role is going to be available.
Josh: It's not like he was bad, they just didn't need him to take over.
Kyle: Vanderbilt is fine to stream or grab as a flier to see if he can offer more consistent value going forward, but he's also fine not to chase if his production doesn't fit your needs well.
Stream 12 teams Josh: Kept the minutes with Russell back and he is a 12 team guy for now
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Reaves is worth considering as a streamer or flier with his nice production of late and his big minutes sticking even with Russell back.
Josh: Schroder got his minutes, despite Brown remaining as a starter. He isn't a 12 or 14 team guy
Josh: Just can't seem to get going, shot is off and he is very pedestrian. We know he is better than this, but it's frustrating for now
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He will play better, but you can't wait for it.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Trent's role has gotten squeezed too much with the addition of Poeltl and the team being healthy. He's fine to drop as needed, but keep him in mind for streaming value.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Out of the rotation in the second half
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Schroder took some minutes here and Beasley is in one of his slumps, which makes him droppable.
Droppable Kyle: Beasley is still starting but not commanding a consistent big role.
Kyle: Out of the rotation with Russell playing.