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<January 2022>
box scorePHO 112@ IND 946:00 pm
PHO by 5.5 o/u 219.5PHO 112 @ IND 107Blowout
box scoreTOR 87@ DET 1036:00 pm
TOR by 7.5 o/u 210.5TOR 109 @ DET 102Blowout
box scoreORL 116@ CHA 1096:00 pm
CHA by 10.5 o/u 223.0ORL 106 @ CHA 117
box scoreBOS 99@ PHI 1116:00 pm
PHI by 3.5 o/u 207.5BOS 102 @ PHI 106
box scoreGSW 138@ CHI 966:30 pm
CHI by 3.5 o/u 225.5GSW 111 @ CHI 114Blowout
box scoreATL 118@ MIA 1247:00 pm
MIA by 3.5 o/u 222.5ATL 110 @ MIA 113
box scoreCLE 114@ SAS 1097:30 pm
CLE by 2.5 o/u 220.0CLE 111 @ SAS 109
box scoreHOU 114@ SAC 1269:00 pm
SAC by 5.0 o/u 238.5HOU 117 @ SAC 122
box scoreDAL 112@ MEM 859:00 pm
MEM by 3.0 o/u 218.5DAL 108 @ MEM 111Blowout

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PHO 112 @ IND 94Blowout

 91.17Deandre AytonC  PHOC29:5627112121.667181.00023432.0+21.84-0.652.40-1.142.620.654.691.34-1.24
 180.59Devin BookerSG/SF  PHOSG35:173564301.44025.87582237.9+73.194.39-0.74-0.26-2.640.65-1.172.05-0.18
 410.18Jae CrowderSF/PFINJ   PHOPF30:558211111.33361.00021411.2+14-1.350.362.00-1.14-0.010.65-1.131.340.89
 430.17Chris PaulPGQ  PHOPG32:561203921.500101.00024219.8+15-0.68-1.66-1.142.372.620.650.361.34-2.30
 78-0.29Cam PaynePG/SG  PHO 23:531111500.7147.00000312.8+19-0.85-0.65-1.920.61-2.64-1.382.29-0.011.95
 86-0.42JaVale McGeeC  PHO 16:46704311.4005.75041120.3+16-1.52-1.66-0.74-0.26-0.010.65-0.49-0.660.89
 96-0.49Landry ShametPG/SG  PHO 20:08810010.33361.00030115.9+11-1.35-0.65-2.31-1.58-0.01-1.38-
 110-0.63Jalen SmithPF/C  PHO 17:050012011.0004.00002115.7+4-2.70-1.662.40-1.58-0.010.65-2.55-0.01-0.18
 148-1.05Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF30:28404200.16761.00021011.3+2-2.02-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.491.340.89
 158-1.15Elfrid PaytonPG  PHO 1:18000000.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 173-1.22Ish WainrightSG  PHO 1:18000000.0001.00000033.70-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
   Cam Johnson INJ   PHO                        
   Bismack Biyombo   PHO                        
   Dario Saric   PHO                        
   Frank Kaminsky   PHO                        
   Abdel Nader   PHO                        
   Paris Bass   PHO                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011211512486.45588.913231418210.6+900.
 11.86Justin HolidaySG/SF  INDSF36:552572423.56316.00000218.0-61.515.40-1.530.172.624.701.91-0.011.95
 460.15Domantas SabonisPF/C  INDC36:4614114610.40010.83362216.6-6-0.34-0.653.181.05-0.01-1.38-1.000.69-0.18
 530.04Caris LeVertSG/SF  INDSG38:542025910.421191.00023223.9-100.670.36-0.352.37-0.01-1.38-1.371.34-1.24
 560.01Myles TurnerPF/CQ  INDPF28:06507032.2229.50020216.0-19-1.86-1.660.43-1.585.252.67-3.06-2.011.95
 94-0.48Torrey CraigSG/SF/PFQ  IND 24:45822001.6005.00001310.7-9-1.350.36-1.53-1.58-2.640.650.87-0.010.89
 136-0.88Isaiah JacksonPF/C  IND 1:18001001.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.640.650.02-0.011.95
 149-1.06Lance StephensonSG/SF  IND 10:26513000.16761.00021434.3-11-1.86-0.65-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-2.491.340.89
 160-1.15Duane WashingtonPGOUT  IND 2:41000000.0000.000000 -3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 162-1.15Goga BitadzeC  IND 1:18000000.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 177-1.23Keifer SykesPG  INDPG17:45402000.3336.00001227.2-17-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.13-0.010.89
 181-1.26Oshae BrissettSF/PF  IND 15:48603000.3758.00002228.7-16-1.69-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.06-0.01-0.18
 191-1.50Chris DuarteSG/SFINJ   IND 25:18703120.2229.50062124.5+7-1.52-1.66-1.14-1.142.62-1.38-3.06-6.01-0.18
   Malcolm Brogdon P  IND                        
   T.J. Warren NOTE  IND                        
   T.J. McConnell Q  IND                        
   Jeremy Lamb   IND                        
   Terry Taylor   IND                        
  0.00Totals   240:009413422097.38688.722181220199.9-900.
Josh: An explosion right across the board. Obviously, this isn't him every night, so burning an add after this isn't the right move
Sell High Kyle: Holiday is too inconsistent even in a good starting role, so it's hard to expect more than streaming and specialist value for him, which makes this a sell-high moment.
Josh: Had been slumping a little, but this is huge. He has still been solid this season
Josh: Minutes a bit higher again without Johnson, but he isn't much more than a streamer for 12 team leagues
Stream Kyle: Crowder is worth considering as a streamer if Johnson misses another game Sunday.
Sell High Kyle: I'd be looking at sell-high options while he's healthy and producing.
Buy Low Josh: Has to be the most likely player to be traded. His low minutes remain criminal.
Buy Low Kyle: If you need blocks, I'd be trying to buy low on Turner. He's certainly in the top group of players who could get traded at the deadline, and most other teams would likely be playing him in a bigger role.
Josh: Weird to see a 0 and 12 game, but minutes here boosted without Johnson. Only a deep league guy
Josh: He is getting close to a drop, especially in points leagues. But, I will hold as he has the track record.
Buy Low 12 teams Kyle: In 12s and deeper, I'd be considering buying low, but there's an argument that Bridges could be droppable and someone to treat as a streamer in 10s with how poor his counting stats have been.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Had some foul trouble, but I don't think he is a 12 team guy moving forward.
Droppable Kyle: Lance's hot run may be coming to an end with the Pacers getting healthier. The general belief is he'll sign for the rest of the season, but how big of a role can he command down the stretch? Probably not enough minutes for consistent use in standards.
Josh: A start without Brogdon, but with LeVert playing, his value isn't as high as before and is only a deep league guy
Kyle: Sykes got a spot start with Brogdon out but didn't need to play much with the Pacers being otherwise healthy in most respects.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Back in action, but it just hasn't clicked for him this season
Watch Kyle: Duarte was back from the birth of his child. He got good minutes off the bench, but he's just someone to watch to see how big of a roll he claims going forward.

TOR 87 @ DET 103Blowout

 200.52Fred VanVleetPG/SG  TORPG42:1724651020.28621.75080225.4-121.344.39-0.352.812.62-1.38-5.37-1.301.95
 73-0.23Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 24:351016010.42971.00031316.6-7-1.02-0.650.04-1.58-0.01-1.38-0.422.010.89
 77-0.27Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF40:3223111401.47117.66791523.8-121.17-0.652.000.17-2.640.65-0.09-3.980.89
 120-0.75Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORSG33:04807210.30813.00001318.6-8-1.35-1.660.43-0.70-0.01-1.38-2.93-0.010.89
 127-0.80Yuta WatanabeSF/PFINJ   TOR 8:11201002.00031.00021226.2-8-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.642.67-1.911.340.89
 129-0.81Precious AchiuwaSF/PF/CINJ   TOR 24:47408001.2867.00001314.2-3-2.02-1.660.83-1.58-2.640.65-1.78-0.010.89
 146-1.00Svi MykhailiukSG/SF  TOR 6:41000010.0002.00000113.1-7-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-0.01-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 152-1.09Justin ChampagnieSF  TOR 12:11003000.0001.0000043.6-2-2.70-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 159-1.15Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 1:16000000.0000.000000 -3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 167-1.17Khem BirchPF/C OUTTORC3:40001000.0001.00000012.0-6-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 168-1.19O.G. AnunobySF/PF  TORSF36:511633200.35714.75045124.7-8-0.011.36-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.22-0.66-3.37
 187-1.29Dalano BantonSF  TOR 5:55001000.0001.00001014.8-4-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.010.89
   Gary Trent   TOR                        
   Goran Dragic   TOR                        
   D.J. Wilson   TOR                        
   Isaac Bonga   TOR                        
   David Johnson   TOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:008711461854.32287.769261124192.9-800.
 71.20Trey LylesPF/C  DET 33:232107122.60010.900100017.9+120.83-1.660.43-1.142.622.671.713.401.95
 290.35Hamidou DialloSG/SF  DETPF25:351806021.56316.00001429.2+230.33-1.660.04-1.582.620.651.91-0.010.89
 500.11Cade CunninghamPG/SGINJ   DETSG33:141817510.533151.00012123.1+120.33-0.650.430.61-0.01-1.381.200.66-0.18
 65-0.13Killian HayesPG/SG  DETPG25:49506521.4005.50021411.7+11-1.86-1.660.040.612.620.65-0.49-2.010.89
 66-0.14Saddiq BeySG/SF/PF  DETSF33:191534200.455111.00020315.7+12-0.171.36-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.291.341.95
 93-0.48Cory JosephPG/SG  DET 26:14924400.42971.00011414.2-1-1.180.36-0.740.17-2.64-1.38-0.420.660.89
 95-0.49Josh JacksonSG/SF RETDET 20:521324100.417121.00010124.8-1-0.510.36-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.930.661.95
 156-1.13Cassius StanleySG  DET 13:36002000.0001.0000035.1+4-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 164-1.16Isaiah StewartPF/C  DETC14:37101102.0000.50023411.7+4-2.53-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.642.670.02-2.01-1.24
 170-1.21Saben LeePG  DET 13:21302300.0004.75040119.0+4-2.19-1.66-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.38-2.55-0.661.95
   Kelly Olynyk   DET                        
   Jerami Grant   DET                        
   Rodney McGruder   DET                        
   Frank Jackson   DET                        
   Isaiah Livers INJ   DET                        
   Luka Garza   DET                        
   Chris Smith   DET                        
   Jamorko Pickett   DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:001038432276.46981.82623825172.4+800.
Josh: Oh, we're doing this again are we? Stewart was in ful trouble and Lyles was rolling. I don't see how we can rely on him long term, but there is obviously a some term value with how Casey is deploying him
Sell High Kyle: Lyles was great, but his role is too inconsistent and short most games when the Pistons are healthy to treat him as much more than a conditional streamer and someone for deeper leagues. This is a sell-high moment in most respects.
Josh: One of his better recent games. I still don't think Diallo, especially in category leagues, is a 12 team must.
Sell High Kyle: Hami was nice here, but Frank Jackson could be back next game, which will keep a lower ceiling on Diallo for fantasy. I'd be looking at sell-high situations for Diallo if available, and I'd be ready to drop him as needed going forward for other streamers.
Josh: Nice defense and assists and that's all we should be looking at Hayes for.
Sell High Josh: Minutes dropped with Barnes back, but still rosterable. May change when Trent is back, so try to sell high. But, in saying that, with Birch hurt again, there is a better role coming
Kyle: Boucher's minutes stayed at a nice spot with Trent out. Maybe the Raptors will have a player missing every game this season to keep Boucher relevant, but in most places, I'd be trying to sell high before he eventually settles into a less consistent role. With that said, if Birch has to miss games with his nose injury, Boucher could maintain fine streaming value for the short term.
Josh: Back in action and the the minutes are solid. But he is only a stream guy.
Kyle: CoJo was back in action after missing the previous game with a knee bruise. He's just a conditional streamer and someone for very deep leagues. It's a bit of a wonder why so many minutes continue to get wasted on him, but coach Casey loves him despite the waste of minutes and touches he is on a rebuilding team.
Kyle: Josh has had some intriguing showings of late, but Frank could be back in the mix to steal some of Josh's minutes next game.
Josh: His struggles continue to be striking. A hold and a small buy low, but the low usage and efficiency are looking like FSU Barnes.
Buy Low Kyle: Barnes was back in action from his knee soreness, and he played big minutes, but the production has been weaker of late. He's a buy-low, but I'd be careful about how much I send out in a trade in case this knee soreness is what's limiting him and it lingers at all.
Kyle: Yuta came off the bench with Barnes back and starting.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Foul trouble, Casey, and trashness killed Stewart here. He has regressed and is, I think a career backup type.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Brutal game due to foul trouble and Lyles playing well. We've given Stew even leeway this season because he had a role that was growing and generally secure, but if you don't need his blocks, Stewart is OK to treat as the streamer and specialist he's shown himself to be and drop as needed.

ORL 116 @ CHA 109

 130.85Moritz WagnerPF/C  ORL 27:462644111.64717.00001527.4+111.672.37-0.74-1.14-0.010.653.98-0.010.89
 160.64Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF36:531916712.727111.00025219.3+240.50-0.650.041.49-0.012.673.781.34-3.37
 230.46Gary HarrisSG/SFOUT  ORLSG33:431842220.429141.00020118.6-10.332.37-1.53-0.702.62-1.38-0.861.341.95
 390.19Chuma OkekePFOUT  ORLPF22:116210021.3336.00001013.3-6-1.690.361.61-1.582.620.65-1.13-0.010.89
 103-0.55R.J. HamptonPG/SG  ORL 21:06713210.4297.00001116.0+4-1.52-0.65-1.14-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.42-0.010.89
 112-0.63Robin LopezC  ORLC20:041003200.8005.66730113.3-4-1.02-1.66-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.382.22-1.341.95
 113-0.66Jalen SuggsPG/SGOUT  ORL 22:281216710.6258.50026228.0+2-0.68-0.650.041.49-0.01-1.381.65-2.01-4.43
 137-0.88Terrence RossSG/SF  ORL 26:431023300.36411.00002220.6+1-1.020.36-1.14-0.26-2.64-1.38-1.64-0.01-0.18
 144-0.97Cole AnthonyPG/SG  ORLPG29:06806810.2508.66763419.8+4-1.35-1.660.041.93-0.01-1.38-2.42-2.66-1.24
   Wendell Carter Jr. INJ   ORL                        
   Markelle Fultz   ORL                        
   Mo Bamba Off Inj  ORL                        
   Jonathan Isaac INJ   ORL                        
   E'Twaun Moore   ORL                        
   Michael Carter-Williams   ORL                        
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                        
   Ignas Brazdeikis   ORL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011615433294.51787.733151918176.4+350.
 120.92LaMelo BallPG/SGINJ   CHAPG30:152334830.444181.00043529.7-131.171.36-0.741.935.25-1.38-0.732.69-1.24
 330.30Terry RozierPG/SG  CHASG38:541948611.261231.00030124.7-50.502.370.831.05-0.010.65-6.662.011.95
 58-0.04Miles BridgesSF/PF  CHAPF41:432023302.412171.00043420.6-30.670.36-1.14-0.26-2.642.67-1.442.69-1.24
 74-0.24Ish SmithPG/SF  CHA 6:30402320.25041.00020016.6-2-2.02-1.66-1.53-0.262.62-1.38-1.201.341.95
 85-0.41Gordon HaywardSG/SFINJ   CHASF38:081823301.50014.66732117.9-50.330.36-1.14-0.26-2.640.650.49-1.34-0.18
 97-0.50Cody MartinSG/SFINJ   CHA 22:59407221.2504.66733114.3-9-2.02-1.660.43-0.702.620.65-1.20-1.34-1.24
 100-0.52Mason PlumleePF/C  CHAC27:0010010210.8336.00021511.5+7-1.02-1.661.61-0.70-0.01-1.382.93-5.360.89
 124-0.78Jalen McDanielsSF/PF/C  CHA 15:46715000.5006.00001117.5+1-1.52-0.65-0.35-1.58-2.64-1.380.22-0.010.89
 188-1.35PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHA 18:45402100.4005.00003216.8-6-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.49-0.01-1.24
   Kelly Oubre   CHA                        
   Nick Richards   CHA                        
   Arnoldas Kulboka   CHA                        
   Vernon Carey Jr. GLG CHA                        
   J.T. Thor GLG CHA                        
   James Bouknight   CHA                        
   Kai Jones   CHA                        
   Scottie Lewis   CHA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010912442895.41297.810211620169.6-350.
Josh: Recent games have been off, but this was better. Had foul trouble.
Josh: What? With no Bamba or WCJ, Moe got hot and outplayed Lopez. Don't read too much into it
Kyle: Mo was amazing, but this is barely even worth watching as his role is contingent upon WCJ and Bamba both being out again.
Josh: Elite shooting and good to see him stuffing the stat sheet again after some lower outputs of late.
Josh: Kept minutes up with Suggs back and is worth holding for now.
Sell High Kyle: Harris is a sell-high player with Suggs returning and eventually likely taking the starting SG job.
Josh: He had been shooting great, but was way off here. Still, great volume.
Droppable Kyle: Chuma started with WCJ out again, but the minutes were light, and Chuma is just a conditional streamer for most leagues.
Stream Josh: Nice steals guy again and is worth it until Oubre is back.
Droppable Kyle: Lopez got another spot start but saw his minutes shortened with Mo playing so well. Lopez is just a conditional streamer, and as seen here, even as spot starter, his minutes aren't secure.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Low minutes but good numbers. He is worth a grab to see where the role goes, but Harris still played a ot here.
Maybe Add Kyle: Suggs was back from his thumb injury and saw limited action off the bench, but he was good and is worth considering as a flier or streamer in most leagues to see where this goes.
Buy Low Josh: Continues to struggle with his shot of late. A buy low, but it's a huge possibility that his early season for was a bit of a mirage.
Sell High Kyle: Anthony is worth considering as a sell-high guy if you're worried about how his production will be affected by Suggs' and others' return.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Another stinker. Upside feels pretty muted and when he underperforms, there is no need to hold.
Buy Low 14 teams Kyle: It's OK to treat Washington as a streamer and specialist in standard leagues, but I'd also be buying low in deeper leagues and being very aware of him in 12s if on the wire.
Kyle: Should we be encouraged somewhat by the fact that the Magic were mum on Suggs' return until he simply wasn't on the injury report anymore?
Kyle: Should we be encouraged somewhat by the fact that the Magic were mum on Suggs' return until he simply wasn't on the injury report anymore? Or is that just false hope for Isaac?

BOS 99 @ PHI 111

 280.37Aaron NesmithSG/SF  BOS 9:171011121.80051.00010021.9+5-1.02-0.65-1.92-1.142.620.652.220.661.95
 300.35Payton PritchardPG  BOS 24:241733410.70010.00001116.8-30.161.36-1.140.17-0.01-1.383.07-0.010.89
 420.18Robert WilliamsCINJ   BOSC31:2912014101.7508.00001310.7-8-0.68-1.663.18-1.14-2.640.653.00-0.010.89
 99-0.51Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSSF32:1520211500.412171.00047329.8-40.670.362.000.61-2.64-1.38-1.442.69-5.49
 111-0.63Josh RichardsonSG/SFQ  BOS 18:07514100.33331.0002019.9-14-1.86-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.551.341.95
 116-0.70Al HorfordPF/CIN  BOSPF17:21512201.4005.00001312.9-16-1.86-0.65-1.53-0.70-2.640.65-0.49-0.010.89
 126-0.79Grant WilliamsSF/PF  BOS 13:59512200.6673.00001210.7-4-1.86-0.65-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.380.80-0.010.89
 143-0.93Romeo LangfordSGQ  BOS 16:24101011.0002.5002008.1+8-2.53-1.66-1.92-1.58-0.010.65-1.27-2.011.95
 157-1.14Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSG32:012122100.38918.83365429.9-110.830.36-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.090.69-3.37
 165-1.17Enes FreedomC  BOS 13:48001100.0000.0000115.0-10-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
 182-1.26Brodric ThomasSG  BOS 2:43000000.0000.00001013.7+6-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
 183-1.28Bruno FernandoC  BOS 2:432010001.0001.00010121.7+6-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.380.73-2.691.95
 195-1.83Dennis SchroderPG  BOSPG25:29102200.0006.50022214.2-15-2.53-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-3.84-2.01-0.18
   Marcus Smart   BOS                        
   Juan Hernangomez OUT  BOS                        
   Sam Hauser   BOS                        
  0.00Totals   240:009911442044.47478.778182021205.5-600.
 31.34Joel EmbiidPF/C  PHIC32:2425213611.467151.00092229.6+201.510.362.791.05-0.010.65-0.156.07-0.18
 170.59Tyrese MaxeyPG/SGINJ   PHIPG38:002350510.500161.00020220.3+61.173.38-2.310.61-0.01-1.380.561.341.95
 250.46Matisse ThybulleSG/SF OUTPHISF28:24814152.5006.25040212.5+15-1.35-0.65-0.74-1.1410.512.670.22-7.361.95
 350.25Seth CurryPG/SG  PHISG36:091752711.417121.00024219.5+140.163.38-1.531.49-0.010.65-0.931.34-2.30
 59-0.04Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF39:091719210.467151.00022320.9+110.16-0.651.22-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.151.34-0.18
 79-0.33Andre DrummondC  PHI 15:36908210.8005.50021418.4-8-1.18-1.660.83-0.70-0.01-1.382.22-2.010.89
 102-0.54Furkan KorkmazSG/SF  PHI 27:05703210.37581.00010114.3+5-1.52-1.66-1.14-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.060.661.95
 118-0.72Georges NiangSF/PFQ  PHI 17:49501110.16761.00030118.80-1.86-1.66-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.38-2.492.011.95
 161-1.15Myles PowellSG  PHI 0:58000000.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 172-1.22Isaiah JoeSG  PHI 2:43000000.0001.00000116.9-6-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 174-1.22Charlie BrownSF  PHI 1:43000000.0001.00000126.7+1-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
   Ben Simmons OUT  PHI                        
   Shake Milton   PHI                        
   Charles Bassey   PHI                        
   Danny Green X  PHI                        
   Paul Reed   PHI                        
   Jaden Springer   PHI                        
   Braxton Key GLG PHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:00111144026124.44785.84025919197.9+600.
Josh: Broke his string of five streaight games of exactly 31 points.
Josh: Huge minutes, strong shooting. Good to see after troubles of last game
Josh: The defense output here is insane. But that's all he is. It hasn't consistently been there either.
Watch Kyle: Thybulle took a scary fall in this game. He stayed in the game initially but later left with shoulder soreness. He was fantastic before leaving, and hopefully he's OK. If he is, use him as a specialist and streamer as needed for defense. This was also a sell-high moment, though.
Kyle: Deeper leagues could keep tabs on Nesmith in case he finds his way to a bigger role as we go.
Josh: Getting minutes at the expense of Schroder. A name to watch for deep leagues
Watch Kyle: Pritchard is someone to watch ahead of Saturday's game in case he earns a spot start if Smart is out again.
Josh: Bouncerd back nicely after a poor showing last time
Josh: Over 30 minutes again
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Things are trending hard in the wrong direction. In the preseason, I was skeptical of the two centre lineup being a thing they would use much, but they defied my expectatyion, but it does appear to be something they are moving away from. If there is a solid option on the wire, nothing wrong with dropping.
Kyle: The minutes are a huge concern at this point, and while I'd be reluctant to drop because I think someone else would snatch him up, we're getting to that point for some teams. Hopefully the short minutes means he's available Saturday. If you're considering dropping, I'd send out trades. Someone could talk themselves into buying low.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Ime Udoka has finally realised that this bloke is not good. He is a drop.
Droppable Kyle: Schroder floundered even with another spot start in Smart's absence. Schroder is fine to drop as needed and treat as a streamer. He's also someone to keep considering as a streamer is Smart misses more games, so don't write Schroder off completely.

GSW 138 @ CHI 96Blowout

 21.37Jonathan KumingaSF/PF  GSW 25:362523313.83312.75040523.8+221.510.36-1.14-0.26-0.014.705.84-0.661.95
 101.15Otto PorterSF/PFOUT  GSWPF19:12917650.4449.00000120.7+24-1.18-0.650.431.0510.51-1.38-0.35-0.011.95
 190.57Andre IguodalaSG/SFINJ   GSW 10:38510341.33331.00021020.3+12-1.86-0.65-2.31-0.267.880.65-0.551.340.89
 450.16Kevon LooneyPF/C  GSWC24:0910012400.80051.00020210.8+16-1.02-1.662.400.17-2.64-1.382.221.341.95
 510.11Nemanja BjelicaPF/C  GSW 23:516011701.6005.0000029.3+26-1.69-1.662.001.49-2.640.650.87-0.011.95
 550.02Andrew WigginsSG/SFOUT  GSWSF27:392134600.72711.50040220.4+180.831.36-0.741.05-2.64-1.383.78-4.011.95
 69-0.20Jordan PoolePG/SG  GSWSG28:302251500.421191.00012233.3+381.003.38-1.920.61-2.64-1.38-1.370.66-0.18
 70-0.22Stephen CurryPG/SGOUT  GSWPG27:371942210.46715.50021027.0+240.502.37-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.15-2.010.89
 75-0.26Damion LeeSG/SF  GSW 26:421115010.50081.00021116.4+20-0.85-0.65-0.35-1.58-0.01-1.380.291.340.89
 134-0.88Chris ChiozzaPG  GSW 12:003112001.0001.0000117.4+2-2.19-0.65-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.380.73-0.010.89
 140-0.91Juan Toscano-AndersonSF/PF  GSW 14:06711100.5006.00001122.0+8-1.52-0.65-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.22-0.010.89
   Klay Thompson   GSW                        
   Draymond Green OUT  GSW                        
   Gary Payton II INJ   GSW                        
   James Wiseman   GSW                        
   Quinndary Weatherspoon   GSW                        
   Moses Moody   GSW                        
  0.00Totals   240:00138194739125.56494.76517717211.3+2100.
 111.04Nikola VucevicC  CHIC29:4419114503.69213.00002122.2-210.50-0.653.180.61-2.644.703.84-0.01-0.18
 310.34DeMar DeRozanSF/PF  CHIPF29:031702710.500101.00071121.4-310.16-1.66-1.531.49-0.01-1.380.364.720.89
 76-0.26Coby WhitePG/SG  CHI 28:382021110.52917.00002229.3-280.670.36-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.381.27-0.01-0.18
 104-0.56Matt ThomasPG/SG  CHI 18:23623310.2867.00001019.2-12-1.690.36-1.14-0.26-0.01-1.38-1.78-0.010.89
 128-0.80Lonzo BallPG/SGINJ   CHIPG23:361542300.417121.00015332.6-22-0.172.37-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.930.66-3.37
 132-0.84Marko SimonovicCGLG CHI 6:33814010.6005.33330142.5-1-1.35-0.65-0.74-1.58-0.01-1.380.87-4.681.95
 141-0.91Tony BradleyC  CHI 14:32203201.00041.00021017.8-21-2.36-1.66-1.14-0.70-2.640.65-2.551.340.89
 142-0.93Alfonzo McKinnieSF/PF  CHI 19:25703001.4297.50020228.0-12-1.52-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.640.65-0.42-2.011.95
 175-1.22Zach LaVineSG/SF OUTCHISG3:32001000.0000.00001112.5-4-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
 184-1.29Troy Brown JrSG/SF  CHISF27:10001300.0003.0000126.5-26-2.70-1.66-1.92-0.26-2.64-1.38-1.91-0.010.89
 190-1.44Devon DotsonPG/SGGLG CHI 7:36200200.2504.00010240.4-3-2.36-1.66-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.20-2.691.95
 196-2.01Ayo DosunmuPG/SG  CHI 31:48002000.0005.0002048.2-29-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.20-5.361.95
   Alex Caruso Q  CHI                        
   Patrick Williams   CHI                        
   Derrick Jones   CHI                        
   Malcolm Hill GLG CHI                        
   Javonte Green D  CHI                        
   Tyler Cook   CHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:009610362645.42587.667181419280.6-2100.
Josh: A lot of guys out, but he flashed some stuff Thursday as well. Keep an eye on him. Very impressive, but not something to do much with for fantasy
Watch Kyle: Kuminga has played great in back-to-back blowouts with extra run that won't usually be there. The Warriors have good veteran depth, but we could see some guys rested more willingly down the stretch so the Warriors can try and see if Kuminga needs to be in the playoff rotation, which could earn him more run for deeper leagues at least.
Josh: Great game in low minutes. He isn't consistent enough to be a 12 team guy. Interesting he played on the b2b
Stream Kyle: Porter is worth considering as at least a streamer for Sunday with Green still out.
Josh: Played, albeit sparingly, on the back to back
Kyle: Even in just 11 minutes, Iggy did work on defense to show why he has very conditional streaming value for category leagues on short-schedule days.
Josh: Better game in terms of percentages, but still nowhere near where he was overall.
Sell High Kyle: Looney is a fine conditional streamer while Green is out for Sunday's game, but this is also a sell-high stretch before the Warriors get healthier and potentially use smaller lineups more often.
Kyle: Extra minutes with Green out and it being a blowout. Bjelica is just for very deep leagues and very conditional streaming in most respects.
Kyle: This might be a sell-high moment to try and move on with Klay out for rest, but Wiggins should maintain value for most leagues even with the roster healthy.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Better game in a start without Klay, but he has reverted to being a streamer on games like today
Sell High Kyle: Poole is becoming just a streamer and someone for deeper leagues with Klay back. This is a sell-high moment if possible, but Poole is also worth considering as a drop in standards for another streamer. If Curry is out Sunday, though, Poole is obviously a great stream option.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Without LaVine, he is going to be a 12 team guy. The aggression with which you add him is going to depend on how severe the injury is, but I would grab now.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: White is worth considering as a flier or streamer at the moment with LaVine dealing with a knee injury that could keep him out for at least a few games.
Josh: Hopefully, it's not serious, but he is going to miss some time.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Should see minutes boosted with LaVine, but unlikely to be a 12 team player
Watch Kyle: Not a great showing in his spot start, but he could get another look with good minutes Saturday, especially with LaVine out, so I wouldn't write him off completely for deeper leagues.
Josh: Minutes are going to spike without LaVine, but he is not a 12 or 14 team option most likely.
Watch Kyle: The minutes were good, but nothing else was. Dosunmu is worth considering for conditional streaming value with LaVine out Saturday and big minutes likely again.

ATL 118 @ MIA 124

 220.49De'Andre HunterSF/PFINJ   ATLSF29:312030203.70010.75041019.2-90.671.36-2.31-0.70-2.644.703.07-0.660.89
 270.39Trae YoungPG  ATLPG34:422433900.538131.00074425.7-201.341.36-1.142.37-2.64-1.381.134.72-2.30
 360.25Delon WrightPG/SGINJ   ATL 13:18811430.6673.75040015.9+14-1.35-0.65-1.920.175.25-1.380.80-0.661.95
 370.24Danilo GallinariSF/PFX  ATL 34:001835110.417121.00051119.8+100.331.36-0.35-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.933.370.89
 82-0.35John CollinsPF/CINJ   ATLPF29:511625100.462131.00021622.1-21-0.010.36-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.221.340.89
 98-0.51Kevin HuerterSG/SF  ATL 27:011524200.429141.00011325.40-0.170.36-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.860.660.89
 101-0.53Gorgui DiengPF/C  ATLC15:22204011.5002.0000138.70-2.36-1.66-0.74-1.58-0.010.650.09-0.010.89
 115-0.70Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PFNOTE ATLSG22:46713500.14371.00041419.0-17-1.52-0.65-1.140.61-2.64-1.38-3.132.690.89
 117-0.71Onyeka OkongwuPF/C  ATL 16:075061121.0002.33333417.4+3-1.86-1.660.04-1.14-0.012.671.44-4.68-1.24
 154-1.10Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSG/SF  ATL 17:22313100.3333.00002212.8+10-2.19-0.65-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.01-0.18
   Clint Capela   ATL                        
   Jalen Johnson   ATL                        
   Kevin Knox   ATL                        
   Lou Williams   ATL                        
   Skylar Mays   ATL                        
   Sharife Cooper   ATL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011816342666.48179.867301527185.9-300.
 61.28Jimmy ButlerSF/PFP  MIASF32:3323031021.538131.00092226.3+191.17-1.66-1.142.812.620.651.136.07-0.18
 210.49Kyle LowryPG  MIAPG36:011334812.44491.00023416.2+19-0.511.36-0.741.93-0.012.67-0.351.34-1.24
 260.44P.J. TuckerPF/C  MIAPF32:331734210.62581.00041414.9+190.161.36-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.381.652.690.89
 400.18Max StrusSG/SF RETMIASG20:211641101.6679.00000220.0+12-0.012.37-1.92-1.14-2.640.652.36-0.011.95
 57-0.01Tyler HerroPG/SG  MIA 31:492442300.438161.00063230.7-81.342.37-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.804.04-1.24
 72-0.23Omer YurtsevenCINJ   MIAC27:3117011400.7789.60051320.0+80.16-1.662.000.17-2.64-1.383.71-3.330.89
 90-0.45Dewayne DedmonCQ  MIA 14:151208000.66761.00043434.1-14-0.68-1.660.83-1.58-2.64-1.381.582.69-1.24
 91-0.47Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIA 20:53202021.2504.00001410.8-2-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.582.620.65-1.20-0.010.89
 171-1.22Gabe VincentPG/SGQ  MIA 6:04000000.0001.0000007.5-11-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 176-1.22Duncan RobinsonSG/SF  MIA 18:00002200.0002.0000127.5-12-2.70-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.010.89
   Bam Adebayo   MIA                        
   Victor Oladipo   MIA                        
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
   Markieff Morris   MIA                        
   Chris Silva   MIA                        
   Kyle Guy   MIA                        
   KZ Okpala   MIA                        
   Marcus Garrett INJ   MIA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012414373065.53277.933301527188.1+300.
Josh: First game back and dominated. How long until he goes down? Gotta try to trade after he strings a couple together
Sell High Kyle: Butler was back from his ankle injury, and he played great in big minutes. How long can he stay healthy, though? Should we already be considering sell-high opportunities, or should we take a risk and buy low on the low vibes around Butler recently.
Sell High Josh: Shooting 75% from deep since returning. Should be added with Reddish trade, but also worth considering as a sell high option. Hasn't grabbed a rebound in last two games
Maybe Add Kyle: Hunter moved into the starting lineup and played good minutes. He'll have some inconsistency, but the Hawks made a point to get him back into the starting lineup quickly and traded Reddish to secure more minutes for their other wings like Hunter. He's a nice flier in most leagues to see if he can stay healthy and produce consistently.
Sell High Kyle: I'd be looking at sell-high options if available before Bam returns in couple games and fewer touches are available.
Josh: Minutes up with Collins fouling out, but is only a deep league guy
Watch Kyle: Reddish getting shipped out could give Gallinari a bump in more regular minutes, but this extended run came with Capela being out, so we can't really trust it to stick.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Started, got hot early, but those minutes don't make any 12 team value sustainable on a healthy team.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Strus played great in another start even with Butler back, but his minutes the last two games do not instill confidence for his role going forward. Strus is OK to stream, but he's also OK to drop as needed in standards.
Josh: Keep holding until Bam is back next week.
Sell High Kyle: Can you sell high before Bam is back in two games?
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Jimmy is back, so Martin moves to the bench and is a drop
Droppable Kyle: Martin was in a much more limited bench role with Butler back in action. Martin can be dropped in most leagues, but there's a good chance he keeps a modest bench role even when the team is healthy.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Won't be spectacular, but a solid role awaits
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Huerter is worth considering as a flier or streamer in more leagues with Reddish out of the picture and more secure minutes and touches available going forward.
Josh: Very bad night, but still should be a 12 team guy with Reddish gone
Hold Kyle: Not a great game, but with Reddish moved, there should be better minutes available most games. I'd be holding most places.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Disappointing to see minutes this low. Drop him with Capela returning soon
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Okongwu will have conditional streaming value as even a limited backup at center, so keep tabs on him, but he's OK to drop as needed for other fliers and streamers.
Kyle: Gabe seems on his way to being out of the rotation soon, but he and Strus could disco in and out from game to game when the team is healthy.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: One of his worst of the year and isn't a 12 team guy
Droppable Kyle: Rough. Robinson's minutes were short, and he didn't feel like shooting Friday. He's just a specialist and streamer. This could be seen as a buy-low moment in very deep leagues, though. He's on a big contract. He's a part of the rotation even if his role is shorter going forward.

CLE 114 @ SAS 109

 81.18Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG37:213244811.440251.00061131.1+32.682.37-0.741.93-0.010.65-
 61-0.08Jarrett AllenC  CLEC31:3117016210.63611.60052219.6-70.16-1.663.97-0.70-0.01-1.382.42-3.33-0.18
 62-0.09Lauri MarkkanenSF/PF/C  CLEPF33:32806011.8005.0000127.3+11-1.35-1.660.04-1.58-0.010.652.22-0.010.89
 71-0.23Brandon GoodwinPG  CLE 10:39711510.6005.00000119.1+2-1.52-0.65-1.920.61-0.01-1.380.87-0.011.95
 114-0.68Lamar StevensSF  CLESG31:09806210.4449.00010112.3+1-1.35-1.660.04-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.35-2.691.95
 119-0.73Kevin LovePF/CQ  CLE 16:25714100.4297.00000117.30-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.42-0.011.95
 130-0.83Evan MobleyPF/C  CLESF39:031506311.46715.33333220.1+14-0.17-1.660.04-0.26-0.010.65-0.15-4.68-1.24
 163-1.15Cedi OsmanSF/PF  CLE 23:511422210.41712.40051225.9+4-0.340.36-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.93-6.680.89
 194-1.63Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLE 16:29601100.3336.50041121.6-3-1.69-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.13-4.010.89
   Collin Sexton   CLE                        
   Ricky Rubio INJ   CLE                        
   Dylan Windler INJ   CLE                        
   Dean Wade INJ   CLE                        
   Rajon Rondo   CLE                        
   Kevin Pangos   CLE                        
   Ed Davis   CLE                        
   R.J. Nembhard Jr.   CLE                        
  0.00Totals   240:001148462473.48495.58324913174.1+
 320.33Jakob PoeltlCQ RETSASC32:490012223.0004.0000147.1+4-2.70-1.662.40-0.702.624.70-2.55-0.010.89
 380.23Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  SASPG35:3830114800.60923.33332334.3+62.35-0.653.181.93-2.64-1.384.18-4.68-0.18
 60-0.06Bryn ForbesPG/SGOff Inj SAS 16:551540200.62581.00010320.0+4-0.172.37-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.381.650.661.95
 64-0.11Keldon JohnsonSF/PF  SASSF30:241845200.50014.00001122.9-80.332.37-0.35-0.70-2.64-1.380.49-0.010.89
 81-0.34Keita Bates-DiopSF/PF  SAS 17:57914010.6676.00001118.1+2-1.18-0.65-0.74-1.58-0.01-1.381.58-0.010.89
 88-0.44Jock LandaleC  SAS 14:50503201.33331.00030013.5-8-1.86-1.66-1.14-0.70-2.640.65-0.552.011.95
 92-0.47Devin VassellSG/SFP  SASSG28:021025020.36411.00003523.2-14-1.020.36-0.35-1.582.62-1.38-1.64-0.01-1.24
 121-0.76Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  SAS 28:451100600.4449.75040317.4+1-0.85-1.66-2.311.05-2.64-1.38-0.35-0.661.95
 150-1.07Joshua PrimoSG  SAS 10:00202001.00011.00023222.6-8-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.640.65-0.621.34-1.24
 169-1.21Doug McDermottSF/PFQ  SASPF24:40932010.23113.00004232.0-4-1.181.36-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.38-4.29-0.01-2.30
   Tre Jones   SAS                        
   Derrick White   SAS                        
   Zach Collins   SAS                        
   Thaddeus Young   SAS                        
   Anthony Lamb   SAS                        
   Devontae Cacok   SAS                        
   Joe Wieskamp   SAS                        
   Tyler Johnson   SAS                        
   Drew Eubanks   SAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010915472265.45792.769131524211.0-
Kyle: Garland just keeps getting better. Don't move him unless the return is ridiculous and makes a lot of sense for your build.
Kyle: No points, but he got the work done that matters for Poeltl.
Kyle: Murray continues to flash his All-Star talent and wonderful production for fantasy. Some of this will dial back when White returns, though.
Josh: Still scofred well despite minutes being down and he isn't someone to trust
Kyle: Another nice game, but his role isn't secure enough when the team is healthy to consider Forbes much more than a conditional streamer in most leagues.
Kyle: Efficient, but the lack of aggression is exhausting.
Josh: Nice game with efficient scoring. You know the defense will likely never come, but solid enough
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Johnson is worth considering as a flier or streamer with his good play in recent games, but this could be viewed as a bit of a sell-high moment, too. He's rostered in most leagues while providing close to just streaming and specialist value for standards.
Kyle: Goodwin is getting the the third-PG minutes over Pangos with Rondo out.
Droppable Kyle: KBD was back in a limited bench role with the Spurs getting healthy.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Nice enough, but White will return and he will not be worth having outside of stashing
Kyle: Vassell got a spot start and has streaming value, but if White is back next game, Vassell likely goes to the bench, so he's OK to drop as needed, too.
Josh: Started over Okoro. Keep an eye on that, but he is only a deep league guy
Droppable Kyle: Stevens got another spot start with Okoro limited in his return. The minutes will start to fade for Stevens as Okoro's increase, so there's not much value in continuing to roll with Stevens beyond very deep leagues.
Hold Josh: Hold, but now that they are healthy, we are seeing Love's minutes tumble all the way down.
Hold Kyle: Not his best night, but Love is someone to trade if you're looking at other options with him. He's not a drop in standards.
Josh: Still played a lot, but he is a bad fantasy option for most leagues and shouldn't be rostered in 16 team leagues
Droppable Kyle: Walker is likely going to settle into being just a conditional streamer with the Spurs getting healthy.
Droppable Kyle: Back in a shorter bench role with McDermott and Johnson starting.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: With Okoro back, his 30 minutes upside is likely done, so he can be dropped
Kyle: McDermott returned and started with good minutes and touches. He's just a specialist for deeper leagues and conditional streamer for threes in most respects.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Just in case you still are holding him, bdon't Minutes should rise, but he isn't good enough to be a 12 or 14 team guy
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Okoro returned in limited minutes off the bench. He should eventually reclaim his starting job, but we know his fantasy production is inconsistent even with big minutes.
Kyle: Just be aware of Young around the trade deadline in case he ends up somewhere that gives him a good versatile role like he had on the Bulls last season.

HOU 114 @ SAC 126

 51.29Christian WoodPF/C  HOUC26:222648021.533151.00062530.2+51.672.370.83-1.582.620.651.204.04-0.18
 150.78Jae'Sean TateSF/PFINJ   HOUPF31:1817110821.53813.66731519.8-60.16-0.651.611.932.620.651.13-1.340.89
 340.29Kevin PorterPG/SG/SF  HOUSG31:291617820.438161.00012123.7-11-0.01-0.650.431.932.62-1.38-0.800.66-0.18
 540.04Eric GordonSG/SF  HOUSF28:471643100.6679.00000112.7-1-0.012.37-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.382.36-0.011.95
 122-0.77Alperen SengunC  HOU 13:45904201.6676.50022226.2-10-1.18-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.640.651.58-2.01-0.18
 138-0.89Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 18:04602210.5006.00003020.2-2-1.69-1.66-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.380.22-0.01-1.24
 139-0.89D.J. AugustinPG  HOU 11:301122000.7504.75043018.0-2-0.850.36-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.381.51-0.66-1.24
 151-1.08Jalen GreenSG  HOUPG32:111112400.27818.00000122.7-15-0.85-0.65-1.530.17-2.64-1.38-4.80-0.011.95
 153-1.09Daniel TheisPF/CINJ   HOU 6:10002001.0002.00001218.0-1-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.640.65-1.27-0.010.89
 180-1.26Garrison MathewsSG/SF  HOU 21:59004000.0004.0000027.4-5-2.70-1.66-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.38-2.55-0.011.95
 192-1.50Kenyon Martin Jr.SF/PF  HOU 18:25206000.1258.00002022.0-12-2.36-1.660.04-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.77-0.01-0.18
   John Wall OUT  HOU                        
   David Nwaba   HOU                        
   Armoni Brooks   HOU                        
   Trevelin Queen GLG HOU                        
   Usman Garuba   HOU                        
   Daishen Nix   HOU                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011413502574.436101.813161619220.8-600.
 140.81Marvin Bagley IIIPF/C  SACPF32:5226013102.600201.00021129.3+81.67-1.662.79-1.14-2.642.673.401.340.89
 440.16Buddy HieldSG/SF  SAC 32:061946110.38513.83360222.1+120.502.370.04-1.14-0.01-1.38-1.580.691.95
 470.15Terence DavisSG/SFQ  SAC 17:311430121.6258.50021223.4+6-0.341.36-2.31-1.142.620.651.65-2.010.89
 490.12Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF37:401629600.55691.00043415.2+6-0.010.361.221.05-2.64-1.381.002.69-1.24
 520.05De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG34:272726820.61118.50064229.7+101.840.360.041.932.62-1.383.33-6.01-2.30
 63-0.11Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SGQ  SACSG31:259161200.37581.00021214.3-3-1.18-0.650.043.69-2.64-1.38-1.061.340.89
 107-0.59Chimezie MetuPF/C  SACC13:09712010.7504.00002319.0+7-1.52-0.65-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.381.51-0.01-0.18
 109-0.62Alex LenPF/C  SAC 11:54204222.5002.00022317.0+1-2.36-1.66-0.74-0.702.622.670.09-5.36-0.18
 131-0.83Davion MitchellPG/SG  SAC 24:17404202.18211.00000218.8+15-2.02-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.642.67-4.35-0.011.95
 147-1.04Neemias QuetaCGLG SAC 4:39203000.3333.00000226.8-2-2.36-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
   Tristan Thompson   SAC                        
   Moe Harkless TRADE  SAC                        
   Richaun Holmes   SAC                        
   Damian Jones   SAC                        
   Louis King   SAC                        
   Robert Woodard   SAC                        
   Jahmi'us Ramsey   SAC                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012613533387.50096.708241423215.7+600.
Josh: Foul trouble kept the minutes low, but the production is nice
Sell High Kyle: Even if Wood gets traded to another team, would he get more opportunity than he's been given on the Rockets? He's worth considering as a sell high at the moment for the right return. He's not a must-sell, though. He's fine to just roll with.
Josh: Best game of his career? Maybe. If he plays this much, there is something there, but it's also one game. I'm skeptical that he is a 12 team add.
Sell High Kyle: Holmes was still out, and Bagley has had a long time to step up like this in his recent stretch as a starter. I wouldn't expect this to be consistent, and his role could take a big hit if Holmes is back next game, so this is mostly a sell-high moment for Bags. I wouldn't be chasing him beyond deeper leagues.
Josh: A great, stat-stuffing game from tate. He has been wildly up and down, but playing well for now.
Sell High Kyle: Tate has been playing well of late and is a must-add in most leagues as at least a streamer, but he's also a sell-high for the right return after a great line like this.
Maybe Add Kyle: In H2H category leagues and Points leagues where his percentages don't destroy his value, Porter should be rostered by someone, but in Rotisserie formats that have to account for each category without punting, and Points leagues that punish poor efficiency, Porter may not be worth the headache. At least keep tabs in case he finds a better groove as we go. The Rockets should be a smoother team in the second half when Sengun is starting and Wood is playing in another city.
Watch Kyle: TD is someone to watch around the deadline for at least deeper leagues in case he finds a bigger role on the Kings or another team.
Sell High Kyle: Barnes is on a nice stretch, and I'd be trying to make him someone else's problem going forward with his often underwhelming production despite a big role.
Stream Kyle: Stream and try to sell high before he has to sit out another game for his groin or rest or whatever they call holding him out to keep him healthy for a trade.
Josh: Usage way down, especially with Bagley doing well in this game.
Josh: Started with Holmes/Jones out but struggled. Too much uncertainity in Sacramento to see him being an absolute must add
Kyle: A spot start, but he failed to impress, and Holmes should have a good chance of actually returning next game.
Josh: Still only a luxury guy and it's hard to see value unless Wood is gone
Maybe Add Kyle: Sengun returned in a bench role. He wasn't on any restrictions, so it's pretty annoying to see the minutes so low. Some manager should be stashing him in most leagues ahead of the trade deadline February 10th.
Josh: Hasn't really improved much as the season has gone on, unfortunately.
Watch Kyle: At least keep tabs around the deadline in case a bigger role opens for Mitchell.
Josh: The struggle continues. Honestly, outside of upside, it's hard to justify him as a hold
Buy Low 14 teams Kyle: Big shot attempts, and this line will look better on the nights they go in. He's a buy-low in deeper leagues at least, and if I was at the top of the standings in 12, he'd be a luxury stash for me.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He's still being held in some leagues and he shouldn't be.

DAL 112 @ MEM 85Blowout

 41.33Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  DALSG32:061505950.538131.00011119.1+12-0.17-1.66-0.352.3710.51-1.381.130.660.89
 67-0.18Luka DoncicPG/SG  DALPG31:45270121000.54522.75046239.8+121.84-1.662.402.81-2.64-1.382.11-0.66-4.43
 80-0.34Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF  DALSF32:061313210.50012.00001117.2+12-0.51-0.65-1.14-0.70-0.01-1.380.42-0.010.89
 83-0.35Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DAL 25:471632210.35714.75040226.0+19-0.011.36-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.38-2.22-0.661.95
 87-0.43Reggie BullockSG/SF  DAL 20:371029000.5008.00001118.5+31-1.020.361.22-1.58-2.64-1.380.29-0.010.89
 105-0.58Maxi KleberPF/C  DALPF26:56317101.3333.0000146.3+19-2.19-0.650.43-1.14-2.640.65-0.55-0.010.89
 106-0.58Dwight PowellPF/C  DALC32:2413053001.0006.3333019.6+18-0.51-1.66-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.384.29-4.681.95
 108-0.60Marquese ChrissPF/C  DAL 15:361516100.8577.50041226.6+9-0.17-0.650.04-1.14-2.64-1.383.64-4.010.89
 125-0.78Trey BurkePG  DAL 3:14001210.0001.00000213.10-2.70-1.66-1.92-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 179-1.24Sterling BrownSG/SFNOTE  DAL 6:29001000.0002.00000113.1-3-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 185-1.29Josh GreenSG/SF  DAL 9:46000000.0002.0000028.7+6-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 189-1.41Frank NtilikinaPG/SG  DAL 3:14001000.0001.00002039.40-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.01-0.18
   Kristaps Porzingis   DAL                        
   Boban Marjanovic   DAL                        
   Willie Cauley-Stein   DAL                        
   Theo Pinson   DAL                        
   Moses Brown   DAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:001128523081.51691.625161319237.4+1350.
 240.46Steven AdamsC  MEM 20:48606322.7504.00001310.4-14-1.69-1.660.04-0.262.622.671.51-0.010.89
 480.13Brandon ClarkeSF/PF  MEMPF20:02921112.60051.00011113.9-13-1.180.36-1.92-1.14-0.012.670.870.660.89
 68-0.19Desmond BanePG/SG/SFINJ   MEMSG28:571616001.467151.00010223.1-18-0.01-0.650.04-1.58-2.640.65-0.150.661.95
 84-0.39Kyle AndersonSF/PF  MEM 18:471225100.400101.00020025.0-6-0.680.36-0.35-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.001.341.95
 89-0.45Ja MorantPGOff Inj  MEMPG31:331915820.53315.66738133.3-40.50-0.65-0.351.932.62-1.381.20-1.34-6.56
 123-0.77Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/CIN  MEMC26:31808011.28614.00002226.1-15-1.35-1.660.83-1.58-0.010.65-3.57-0.01-0.18
 133-0.87Ziaire WilliamsSFQ  MEMSF29:00713200.3339.00000213.4-11-1.52-0.65-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.71-0.011.95
 135-0.88Dakota MathiasPG  MEM 4:56000110.0001.00000013.4-3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 145-0.99Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 4:562010001.0001.0000018.8-3-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 155-1.11De'Anthony MeltonPG/SG  MEM 10:34202100.00041.00020220.0-12-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.551.341.95
 166-1.17Santi AldamaPF/C  MEM 4:56001000.0001.0000008.8-3-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 178-1.24John KoncharSGOff Inj  MEM 20:20001000.0002.0000024.3-14-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 186-1.29Tyus JonesPG  MEM 13:44001200.0004.00000012.6-16-2.70-1.66-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.55-0.011.95
 193-1.55Jarrett CulverPG/SG  MEM 4:56401010.2504.50042068.0-3-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.58-0.01-1.38-1.20-4.01-0.18
   Dillon Brooks   MEM                        
   Tyrell Terry   MEM                        
   Killian Tillie   MEM                        
   Yves Pons   MEM                        
  0.00Totals   240:00857411986.38289.769131416281.0-1350.
Kyle: Brunson shined with a career-high 5 steals.
Josh: Off the bench, but I wonder how permamnet this will be. Nice defensive stats, but he hasn't really been a must all season.
Watch Kyle: Adams came off the bench in his return with Clarke starting next to Jackson in the frontcourt. I doubt this sticks, but it could become a matchup-based decision for coach Jenkins going forward with how the team has played recently using Jackson at center.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Started over Adams and the blocks are nice, but he isn't looking like an asbolute must. In 14 teams, sure, but I am not convinced. I would take the 12 team flier, but he could be back getting 18 minutes a night
Sell High Kyle: Clarke started with Adams back, but the minutes were short, so it's a little hard to gauge how this will unfurl. I'd consider Clarke a bit of a sell-high at the moment, but he's also worth a flier to see if the Grizzlies play out this look anymore games.
Kyle: A triple-double is always nice, but the lack of other stats is a little deflating for fantasy.
Droppable Kyle: Anderson is just a streamer in most leagues, OK to use as needed.
Josh: Nice rebound numbers, but he isn't anything outside of a deep league guy
Josh: He has a couple more starts before KP returns, but he is only a stream option.
Stream Kyle: Not a great game, but it sounds like KP could end up missing another game or two, so Kleber is at least worth considering as a hold or conditional streamer still.
Josh: Very nice numbers, but it's without Porzingis out and Chriss doesn't have a full time contract yet.
Kyle: A nice game, but Chriss' role isn't secure when KP is back.
Kyle: Not a great game, but it was interesting to see him start with Clarke even with Adams available.
Josh: Big minutes again, but did very little. Only a very deep league guy
Kyle: The minutes are interesting, but Williams' production hasn't been consistent enough to look at him beyond very deep leagues and watch lists so far.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: No idea what is happening with his minutes. It's bizarre. Also, sincew returning, he cannot shoot at all. This was his chance, but drop him if they are playing him this much
Droppable Kyle: Rough. Short minutes in a blowout loss. Melton is just a streamer and specialist to use as needed in most leagues at the moment.
Droppable Kyle: Jones isn't going to get consistent enough run and touches when the team is mostly healthy to be more than a conditional streamer in most leagues.