Box Scores

<April 2022>
box scoreMIL 131@ DET 1017:00 pm
MIL by 10.5 o/u 232.0MIL 121 @ DET 111Blowout
box scoreNYK 114@ WAS 927:00 pm
WAS by 1.0 o/u 224.0NYK 112 @ WAS 112Blowout
box scoreHOU 115@ TOR 1177:30 pm
TOR by 15.0 o/u 228.0HOU 106 @ TOR 122
box scoreCLE 107@ BKN 1187:30 pm
BKN by 6.5 o/u 232.5CLE 113 @ BKN 120
box scoreCHA 133@ CHI 1178:00 pm
CHI by 2.5 o/u 236.5CHA 117 @ CHI 120Blowout
box scoreATL 109@ MIA 1138:00 pm
MIA by 4.5 o/u 230.5ATL 113 @ MIA 118
box scorePOR 78@ DAL 1288:30 pm
DAL by 18.5 o/u 221.5POR 102 @ DAL 120Blowout
box scorePHO 111@ UTA 1059:30 pm
UTA by 2.0 o/u 229.0PHO 114 @ UTA 116
box scoreOKC 101@ LAL 12010:30 pm
LAL by 9.0 o/u 225.0OKC 108 @ LAL 117

Central Standard Time

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MIL 131 @ DET 101Blowout

 41.39Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/COff Inj  MILPF27:4130113820.56316.846131133.1+192.35-0.652.791.932.62-1.381.912.080.89
 420.12Khris MiddletonSF/PFP  MILSF28:181531120.46213.00000118.5+26-0.171.36-1.92-1.142.62-1.38-0.22-0.011.95
 490.06Brook LopezCQ  MILC21:041734001.63611.00001223.0+210.161.36-0.74-1.58-2.640.652.42-0.010.89
 67-0.26Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MIL 23:321024210.37581.00021216.9+6-1.020.36-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.061.340.89
 103-0.58Serge IbakaPF/COUT  MIL 11:17804000.8005.00000317.9+1-1.35-1.66-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.382.22-0.011.95
 108-0.64Wesley MatthewsSG/SF  MILSG21:39901100.66761.00010112.0+26-1.18-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.381.580.661.95
 111-0.66Jrue HolidayPG/SGOff Inj  MILPG26:491003900.45511.00002319.5+28-1.02-1.66-1.142.37-2.64-1.38-0.29-0.01-0.18
 113-0.67George HillPG/SG  MIL 16:121010100.50061.00031120.7+7-1.02-0.65-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.380.222.010.89
 114-0.67Bobby PortisPF/C  MIL 21:368015000.30813.00000124.3+4-1.35-1.663.58-1.58-2.64-1.38-2.93-0.011.95
 117-0.68Jevon CarterPG/SG  MIL 13:46311310.3333.00001311.7-7-2.19-0.65-1.92-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.55-0.010.89
 126-0.76Rayjon TuckerSF  MIL 2:24000210.0000.000000 +5-2.70-1.66-2.31-0.70-0.01-1.380.02-0.011.95
 132-0.80Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF  MIL 5:576000001.0003.00000120.3+3-1.69-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.382.16-0.011.95
 154-0.99Lindell WiggintonPG  MIL 7:51202200.00031.00020119.9+5-2.36-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.911.341.95
 159-1.03Sandro MamukelashviliPF/C  MIL 5:572000001.0001.0000006.8+3-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 182-1.36Jordan NworaSF  MIL 5:57103000.0002.50020019.5+3-2.53-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-2.011.95
   Grayson Allen Q  MIL                        
   Luca Vildoza   MIL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013111512971.495101.87023720264.0+1500.
 61.35Rodney McGruderSG/SF  DET 23:592643220.818111.00041224.1+31.672.37-1.14-0.702.62-1.385.132.690.89
 450.10Isaiah StewartPF/C  DETC26:315112402.16761.00020310.9-31-1.86-0.652.400.17-2.642.67-2.491.341.95
 500.02Kelly OlynykPF/C  DET 22:481715501.5717.88993225.8-10.16-0.65-0.350.61-2.640.650.932.72-1.24
 81-0.41Saddiq BeySG/SF/PF  DETPF32:342021200.368191.00040226.8-320.670.36-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.732.691.95
 100-0.57Isaiah LiversSFINJ   DETSF19:23003020.0002.0000024.3-29-2.70-1.66-1.14-1.582.62-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 123-0.72Killian HayesPG/SG  DETSG27:20603301.3339.00000113.8-41-1.69-1.66-1.14-0.26-2.640.65-1.71-0.011.95
 130-0.79Carsen EdwardsPG  DET 13:14512100.5004.00000112.7+6-1.86-0.65-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.380.16-0.011.95
 143-0.88Frank JacksonPG/SG  DET 15:46314110.1258.00000221.3+2-2.19-0.65-0.74-1.14-0.01-1.38-3.77-0.011.95
 151-0.96Braxton KeyPFGLG DET 19:54504210.3336.50021316.7+11-1.86-1.66-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.13-2.010.89
 157-1.00Cade CunninghamPG/SGINJ   DETPG38:311406701.333181.00026427.2-38-0.34-1.660.041.49-2.640.65-3.441.34-4.43
   Jerami Grant   DET                        
   Marvin Bagley III   DET                        
   Cory Joseph   DET                        
   Hamidou Diallo   DET                        
   Saben Lee   DET                        
   Luka Garza   DET                        
   Jamorko Pickett   DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010110432765.38990.913231122183.7-1500.
Josh: Why is this guy even playing over Pickett? Safe to say this is an outlier.
Kyle: McGruder was awesome with a career-high 26 points. He got extra run with CoJo out and Lee in the G League.
Josh: One of his better games. But, the Bucks aren't locked into the two seed without a win Sunday, so he could still play
Josh: Stacked up big numbers, but no guarantee he even plays Sunday
Kyle: A nice showing, but will he be in the rotation for the finale?
Josh: Big usage but his shooting hurt yet again. Still hold him
Josh: Disappointing to see minutes lower than Olynyk, but Casey is gonna Casey
Josh: Nice rebounds, but brutal shooting. I wouldn't say he is a must hold for Sunday, only if Lopez is out.

NYK 114 @ WAS 92Blowout

 51.36Obi ToppinSF/PF  NYKPF38:083564120.636221.00012128.8+183.194.39-0.74-1.142.62-1.384.820.66-0.18
 110.97Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 36:2123461020.500181.00012125.3+231.172.370.042.812.62-1.380.620.66-0.18
 310.29Jericho SimsC  NYKC33:39609312.25041.0004149.0+24-1.69-1.661.22-0.26-0.012.67-1.202.690.89
 400.14Taj GibsonPF/C  NYK 23:221006220.60051.00042116.8+3-1.02-1.660.04-0.702.62-1.380.872.69-0.18
 430.11Evan FournierSG/SF  NYKSG27:381743220.42914.50020424.2+220.162.37-1.14-0.702.62-1.38-0.86-2.011.95
 110-0.66Alec BurksPG/SG/SF  NYKPG32:55617511.1119.75042417.4+25-1.69-0.650.430.61-0.010.65-4.42-0.66-0.18
 133-0.80Miles McBridePG  NYK 18:31311110.2005.00000112.1-3-2.19-0.65-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.38-1.84-0.011.95
 139-0.85Feron HuntSFNOTE  NYK 1:50000010.0000.000001 +3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-0.01-1.380.02-0.011.95
 142-0.86Ryan ArcidiaconoPGQ RETNYK 12:42003110.0001.0000127.1-8-2.70-1.66-1.14-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.010.89
 146-0.91R.J. BarrettSG/SF OUTNYKSF14:541403200.60010.50040035.5+3-0.34-1.66-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.381.71-4.011.95
   Julius Randle   NYK                        
   Mitchell Robinson   NYK                        
   Quentin Grimes   NYK                        
   Kemba Walker Q  NYK                        
   Cam Reddish   NYK                        
   Derrick Rose Q  NYK                        
   Nerlens Noel   NYK                        
  0.00Totals   240:00114164227133.46688.800201019176.3+1100.
 57-0.08Corey KispertSG/SF  WASSG25:37826110.40051.00020111.2-16-1.350.360.04-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.491.341.95
 66-0.25Rui HachimuraSF/PFINJ   WASPF28:142133101.57114.50040127.2-140.831.36-1.14-1.14-2.640.651.85-4.011.95
 68-0.27Daniel GaffordC  WASC19:419020011.00041.00010211.0-16-1.18-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.640.652.870.661.95
 84-0.44Thomas BryantC  WAS 25:320010003.0004.0000129.50-2.70-1.661.61-1.58-2.644.70-2.55-0.010.89
 85-0.44Ish SmithPG/SF  WAS 15:49711410.7504.00002018.5-3-1.52-0.65-1.920.17-0.01-1.381.51-0.01-0.18
 102-0.58Jordan SchakelSFNOTE  WAS 12:00514010.25041.00021023.90-1.86-0.65-0.74-1.58-0.01-1.38-1.201.340.89
 122-0.72Deni AvdijaSG/SF/PF  WASSF25:481114310.45511.00004228.3-20-0.85-0.65-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.29-0.01-2.30
 131-0.79Anthony GillSF  WAS 15:574022101.0002.00003215.3-8-2.02-1.66-1.53-0.70-0.01-1.381.44-0.01-1.24
 153-0.97Raul NetoPG  WAS 20:181411100.7147.75044430.6+7-0.34-0.65-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.382.29-0.66-2.30
 161-1.06Cassius WinstonPG  WAS 7:46401100.50021.00022130.60-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.091.34-0.18
 163-1.08Tomas SatoranskyPG/SG  WASPG20:11402800.3336.00003121.7-19-2.02-1.66-1.531.93-2.64-1.38-1.13-0.01-1.24
 179-1.27Isaiah ToddPFGLG WAS 15:47401000.3336.00001221.6-8-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.13-0.010.89
 183-1.47Vernon Carey Jr.CGLG WAS 7:20100000.0000.50021112.5-13-2.53-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-2.010.89
   Bradley Beal INJ   WAS                        
   Kristaps Porzingis   WAS                        
   Kyle Kuzma   WAS                        
   Kentavious Caldwell-Pope   WAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:00929372155.50769.765172219262.0-1100.
Must Add Josh: Great performance. His status for next season is very intriguing. I'm still not sure he is a winning on court player, but he could put up good fantasy numbers if Randle is dealt.
Must Add Kyle: If trades are open in dynasty leagues, I'd be considering trying to sell high on Toppin around this great run to close the season.
Must Add Josh: Another strong game from Quickley. Whenever he is under 30 mnutes, it is confounding and disappointing
Kyle: IQ was great, and maybe we'll actually see him start the finale Sunday.
Kyle: Sims is worth considering as an add with Robinson's status in question for Sunday.
Josh: Frustrating to see so few minutes. Unseld has mishandled him all season. I would still roster him for Sunday
Maybe Add Kyle: Gafford started with Porzingis out and should get another start Sunday. The upside for Gafford is great despite this light game.
Maybe Add Josh: Weird line, but he has a chance to be an option Sunday
Watch Kyle: Bryant was in the rotation with Porzingis out. Deeper leagues could consider Bryant an add for Sunday.
Josh: Now, he plays just 16 minutes? His playing time is extremely erratic but is probably a hold
Josh: A real garbage time special
Kyle: Avdija started with KCP out and is worth considering as an add for the finale Sunday.
Josh: If Grimes can't go Sunday, McBride may see 30 minutes
Josh: Could see a role Sunday without Barrett
Josh: Season over for Barrett and it looks like he may sneak inside the top 200.
Droppable Kyle: Barrett is not going to play Sunday, so he can be dropped as needed.
Droppable Kyle: Out Sunday, too and OK to drop in redrafts.
Droppable Kyle: Out Sunday, too and OK to drop in redrafts.
Watch Josh: If he plays Sunday, he could start and play a big role

HOU 115 @ TOR 117

 21.62Kevin PorterPG/SG/SF  HOUPG38:5235410420.522231.00072031.4+53.192.371.610.172.62-1.381.474.72-0.18
 300.30Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 30:082025410.75012.00003321.600.670.36-0.350.17-0.01-1.384.49-0.01-1.24
 360.26Usman GarubaPF  HOU 15:185132211.0002.0000035.7-1-1.86-0.65-1.14-0.702.620.651.44-0.011.95
 540.00Alperen SengunC  HOUC32:421702310.583121.00031419.0-10.16-1.66-1.53-0.26-0.01-1.381.782.010.89
 125-0.73Garrison MathewsSG/SF  HOUSF25:40925201.6673.60052112.2-4-1.180.36-0.35-0.70-2.640.650.80-3.33-0.18
 128-0.77Kenyon Martin Jr.SF/PF  HOU 21:27502201.28671.00010215.1+10-1.86-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.640.65-1.780.661.95
 144-0.89Jae'Sean TateSF/PFINJ   HOUPF26:151216300.45511.50022423.0-14-0.68-0.650.04-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.29-2.01-0.18
 162-1.06Daishen NixSG  HOU 12:584021001.00011.00023116.3-8-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.380.731.34-1.24
 188-1.89Jalen GreenSG  HOUSG36:40806300.30010.50045119.8+3-1.35-1.660.04-0.26-2.64-1.38-2.35-4.01-3.37
   Christian Wood Q  HOU                        
   John Wall   HOU                        
   Dennis Schroder   HOU                        
   Eric Gordon IN  HOU                        
   David Nwaba   HOU                        
   Bruno Fernando   HOU                        
   Trevelin Queen A HOU                        
   Anthony Lamb   HOU                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011510412463.53181.792241819164.0-
 71.29Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF39:3329012731.50024.83362529.9+112.18-1.662.401.495.250.650.830.69-0.18
 120.90Gary TrentSG/SF  TORSF38:032651030.429211.00030224.2+111.673.38-1.92-1.585.25-1.38-1.312.011.95
 460.09Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 24:181404310.75081.00021316.8+21-0.34-1.66-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.383.001.340.89
 470.07Khem BirchPF/C  TORC27:25804221.5717.00001212.1+22-1.35-1.66-0.74-0.702.620.650.93-0.010.89
 65-0.24Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORSG33:401604210.538131.00022119.5+8-0.01-1.66-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.381.131.34-0.18
 74-0.36Yuta WatanabeSF/PFINJ   TOR 12:00303020.33331.00010011.8+12-2.19-1.66-1.14-1.582.62-1.38-0.550.661.95
 86-0.45Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 19:53605101.20051.00040114.1-18-1.69-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.640.65-1.842.691.95
 119-0.68Precious AchiuwaSF/PF/CINJ   TOR 12:29811001.40051.00032227.6-28-1.35-0.65-1.92-1.58-2.640.65-0.492.01-0.18
 120-0.71Justin ChampagnieSFGLG  TOR 7:11312010.5002.00001017.3-8-2.19-0.65-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.380.09-0.010.89
 138-0.85Armoni BrooksPG  TORPG14:50204300.00031.00020210.8+3-2.36-1.66-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.38-1.911.341.95
 171-1.17Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 10:38201200.2005.00000019.4-24-2.36-1.66-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.84-0.011.95
   Fred VanVleet   TOR                        
   O.G. Anunoby   TOR                        
   Isaac Bonga   TOR                        
   Svi Mykhailiuk   TOR                        
   David Johnson   TOR                        
   Dalano Banton   TOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011774120134.45896.95723918203.5+
Josh: He is putting on an April clinic. Too little too late? Maybe, but I am sure this leads to him being overdrafted next season
Maybe Add Josh: I like him. He is inconsistent, but another solid minutes load
Maybe Add Kyle: Christopher has put up a couple good games and is worth considering using Sunday for the finale.
Josh: This guy is going to be a defensive stats guy with no offense in the NBA
Josh: Nice game from Thad, but I would find it hard to think he is a must add for Sunday
Kyle: Young played good minutes again and had a fine line, but it's hard to trust his production from game to game and isn't worth chasing for the finale beyond deeper leagues.
Must Add Josh: Obvious must roster player
Josh: The minutes remain confounding. Hard to trust him at all
Kyle: Back on the bench and the minutes were bizarrely short.
Josh: Hasn't taken a step forward like I would've hoped which is disappointing
Josh: Decided to start him over Precious, but Nurse got sick of that quickly.
Kyle: Brooks got a spot start but didn't play much and isn't worth chasing.

CLE 107 @ BKN 118

 170.65Darius GarlandPG RETCLEPG40:453130320.500241.00042132.2-32.521.36-2.31-0.262.62-1.380.832.69-0.18
 200.56Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEC33:571707322.54511.71470219.6-130.16-1.660.43-0.262.622.671.07-1.981.95
 78-0.39Kevin LovePF/C  CLE 20:571029001.4449.00002124.8-9-1.020.361.22-1.58-2.640.65-0.35-0.01-0.18
 91-0.48Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLESF33:361604401.50010.75081520.4-7-0.01-1.66-0.740.17-2.640.650.36-1.300.89
 94-0.51Cedi OsmanSF/PF  CLE 25:38912200.50061.00020212.7+6-1.18-0.65-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.380.221.341.95
 98-0.54Lauri MarkkanenSF/PF/C  CLEPF25:011724000.500141.00012431.1-190.160.36-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.380.490.66-0.18
 149-0.93Rajon RondoPG  CLE 9:29002500.0000.0000115.0-10-2.70-1.66-1.530.61-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
 158-1.03Moses BrownC  CLE 3:192000001.0001.00000014.3+1-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 164-1.10Dylan WindlerSFINJ   CLE 1:24000100.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 166-1.15Ed DavisPF/C  CLE 1:24000000.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 169-1.15Brandon GoodwinPG  CLE 1:24000000.0000.000000 +2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 175-1.21Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLESG27:39301100.5002.5002024.9-11-2.19-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.09-2.011.95
 178-1.23Lamar StevensSF  CLE 15:27202000.2005.00000215.3+4-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.84-0.011.95
   Jarrett Allen Q  CLE                        
   Collin Sexton   CLE                        
   Dean Wade INJ   CLE                        
  0.00Totals   240:001078311944.48882.79224820180.2-550.
 11.66Bruce BrownSG/SF/PF  BKNPF39:4418210814.500121.00041315.9+20.330.361.611.93-0.016.720.422.690.89
 31.56Kevin DurantSF/PF  BKNSF41:123645512.550201.000105230.5+163.362.37-0.350.61-0.012.672.056.75-3.37
 220.50Andre DrummondC  BKNC23:3215012211.636111.00011422.6+9-0.17-1.662.40-0.70-0.010.652.420.660.89
 530.01Kyrie IrvingPG/SG  BKNPG39:281816820.318221.00032427.4+110.33-0.650.041.932.62-1.38-4.662.01-0.18
 77-0.38Seth CurryPG/SG  BKNSG29:041223400.5569.00001214.7-1-0.680.36-1.140.17-2.64-1.381.00-0.010.89
 93-0.49Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKN 15:57405101.6673.0000048.0+9-2.02-1.66-0.35-1.14-2.640.650.80-0.011.95
 148-0.93Patty MillsPG/SG  BKN 24:07820100.4005.66730011.2+5-1.350.36-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.49-1.341.95
 150-0.94Kessler EdwardsSF/PF  BKN 24:08714100.30010.00000117.7+8-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.35-0.011.95
 167-1.15Cam ThomasSG  BKN 1:24000000.0000.000000 -2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 168-1.15David DukeSGGLG BKN 1:24000000.0000.000000 -2-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   Ben Simmons Q  BKN                        
   Joe Harris   BKN                        
   LaMarcus Aldridge   BKN                        
   Goran Dragic   BKN                        
   Blake Griffin   BKN                        
   Day'Ron Sharpe   BKN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011812453058.46792.952211020148.1+550.
Josh: Just a huge line reminding it how baffling it was he was out of rotation for so long
Maybe Add Kyle: Brown was amazing with a full line across the board and is a nice upside add if available.
Josh: Huge minutes again. Had to a trip to the bench with injury as well.
Josh: Great to have him back and producing in a huge way
Kyle: Mobley was back in action and got right back to producing great in his usual minutes.
Droppable Josh: With Mobley back, the dream is over.
Droppable Kyle: Brown moved to a small bench role and barely played. He's fine to drop.
Josh: The worst fantasy starter in the NBA was at it again
Josh: Back out the rotation after some failed lineups next to a centre

CHA 133 @ CHI 117Blowout

 160.72Kelly OubreSG/SF  CHA 23:091844220.600101.00021224.3-140.332.37-0.74-0.702.62-1.381.711.340.89
 190.62Jalen McDanielsSF/PF/C  CHA 19:091335411.57171.00020119.5+15-0.511.36-0.350.17-0.010.650.931.341.95
 280.33LaMelo BallPG/SGOUT  CHAPG29:262455900.500161.00034534.3+191.343.38-0.352.37-2.64-1.380.562.01-2.30
 350.27Miles BridgesSF/PF  CHASF28:412033101.667121.00011022.2+190.671.36-1.14-1.14-2.640.653.130.660.89
 380.19PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHAPF29:06713412.5006.0000039.8+20-1.52-0.65-1.140.17-0.012.670.22-0.011.95
 410.13Mason PlumleePF/C  CHAC19:438033201.00031.00021311.7+16-1.35-1.66-1.14-0.262.62-1.382.161.340.89
 55-0.01Cody MartinSG/SFINJ   CHA 28:481113310.7147.00000211.5-1-0.85-0.65-1.14-0.26-0.01-1.382.29-0.011.95
 62-0.14Terry RozierPG/SG  CHASG29:491514800.50014.00000022.2+19-0.17-0.65-0.741.93-2.64-1.380.49-0.011.95
 76-0.38Montrezl HarrellPF/C  CHA 21:051406000.8758.00002322.5+9-0.34-1.660.04-1.58-2.64-1.384.36-0.01-0.18
 170-1.16Isaiah ThomasPG  CHA 5:32310000.3333.00001234.2-11-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.55-0.010.89
 172-1.18J.T. ThorPFGLG CHA 5:32002000.0000.0000108.6-11-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.010.89
   Gordon Hayward INJ   CHA                        
   Nick Richards   CHA                        
   Arnoldas Kulboka   CHA                        
   James Bouknight   CHA                        
   Kai Jones   CHA                        
   Scottie Lewis   CHA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013319383474.605861.000101121220.7+800.
 250.42Troy Brown JrSG/SF  CHI 18:57625430.4005.00000012.3+19-1.690.36-0.350.175.25-1.38-0.49-0.011.95
 260.41Zach LaVineSG/SF  CHISG30:082324700.600151.00031226.8-191.170.36-0.741.49-2.64-1.382.562.010.89
 56-0.03Patrick WilliamsSF/PF  CHIPF26:171524301.5717.83361018.9-15-0.170.36-0.74-0.26-2.640.650.930.690.89
 59-0.08Ayo DosunmuPG/SG  CHI 27:561611320.70010.50022321.5+4-0.01-0.65-1.92-0.262.62-1.383.07-2.01-0.18
 63-0.14Coby WhitePG/SG  CHIPG36:241961410.42914.50022421.7-150.504.39-1.920.17-0.01-1.38-0.86-2.01-0.18
 107-0.63Javonte GreenPG/SG/SFQ  CHI 15:05403010.5004.00000012.4+8-2.02-1.66-1.14-1.58-0.01-1.380.16-0.011.95
 116-0.67Tristan ThompsonPF/C  CHI 13:55704000.60051.00010118.3-7-1.52-1.66-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.380.870.661.95
 127-0.76Nikola VucevicC  CHIC22:05605300.33361.00021016.7-21-1.69-1.66-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.38-1.131.340.89
 140-0.85Derrick JonesSG/SF  CHI 18:54403000.6673.0000007.4-3-2.02-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.380.80-0.011.95
 180-1.27DeMar DeRozanSF/PF  CHISF30:191701100.53813.75045230.4-310.16-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.381.13-0.66-3.37
   Lonzo Ball INJ   CHI                        
   Alex Caruso   CHI                        
   Tony Bradley   CHI                        
   Malcolm Hill GLG CHI                        
   Matt Thomas   CHI                        
   Tyler Cook   CHI                        
   Marko Simonovic GLG CHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011713312571.53782.800201212186.4-800.
Josh: Got hot and scored well, but he is a hail mary option for scoring only
Kyle: Oubre has had a couple good games recently and is worth considering using for the finale for at least deeper leagues.
Watch Josh: Two good games in a row. Worth watching if Hayward still isn't good to go
Kyle: McDaniels was great, but I wouldn't be chasing this, as his minutes are usually too short to be of use beyond very deep leagues.
Watch Josh: Surprising to see him in the rotation and producing well. Bulls are locked into the 6 seed so he could get minutes Sunday
Josh: Locked into 6 seed, so don't be surprised to see him rest Sunday
Kyle: LaVine was back in action and played well, but he could get rested Sunday.
Josh: Another low minute night as Harrell was in the rotation. Hard to trust him
Kyle: Dosunmu came off the bench behind White. He's fine to stream or drop as needed.
Josh: Nice scoring night from Coby, and he could get another shot Sunday
Kyle: White got a spot start with Caruso out and played well, but I wouldn't be chasing this beyond deeper leagues in most respects.
Josh: Empty line and I wouldn't be bothering in 12 team leagues
Josh: His disappointments continue. Horrid end to the season
Josh: Not a good game and a rest could come Sunday
Droppable Kyle: I wouldn't be holding for hope.

ATL 109 @ MIA 113

 91.01Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF/PF  ATL 36:072537220.444181.00060124.6+41.511.360.43-0.702.62-1.38-0.734.041.95
 150.72Kevin HuerterSG/SF  ATLSG29:551517330.545111.00021518.6-10-0.17-0.650.43-0.265.25-1.381.071.340.89
 210.55Trae YoungPG  ATLPG36:023532810.522231.00087140.1-123.191.36-1.531.93-0.01-1.381.475.40-5.49
 71-0.32Clint CapelaC  ATLC26:5617014000.72711.33330219.700.16-1.663.18-1.58-2.64-1.383.78-4.681.95
 80-0.41Onyeka OkongwuPF/C  ATL 20:59607210.7504.00002412.3-4-1.69-1.660.43-0.70-0.01-1.381.51-0.01-0.18
 89-0.45Delon WrightPG/SGINJ   ATL 21:14202120.3333.0000016.1+7-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.142.62-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
 165-1.13Danilo GallinariSF/PFX  ATLPF28:35712000.3339.00001315.1-18-1.52-0.65-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.71-0.010.89
 174-1.20Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSG/SF  ATL 14:45001100.0002.0000015.8-3-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
 187-1.77De'Andre HunterSF/PFINJ   ATLSF25:27201000.1437.00003516.9+16-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.13-0.01-1.24
   John Collins INJ   ATL                        
   Jalen Johnson   ATL                        
   Kevin Knox   ATL                        
   Lou Williams   ATL                        
   Gorgui Dieng   ATL                        
   Skylar Mays   ATL                        
   Sharife Cooper   ATL                        
  0.00Totals   240:001098431790.47788.895191423159.3-
 240.44Bam AdebayoPF/C  MIAC32:512406420.57114.800101228.0+61.34-1.660.040.172.62-1.381.850.050.89
 340.27Tyler HerroPG/SGP  MIA 32:471515910.500121.00021120.1+3-0.17-0.65-0.352.37-0.01-1.380.421.340.89
 520.01Kyle LowryPG  MIAPG31:171625320.70010.00013420.4+2-0.010.36-0.35-0.262.62-1.383.07-2.69-1.24
 83-0.42Max StrusSG/SFP  MIASG27:23823010.7504.00002210.4+12-1.350.36-1.14-1.58-0.01-1.381.51-0.01-0.18
 92-0.48Duncan RobinsonSG/SFP  MIA 20:10821110.5006.00001316.4-10-1.350.36-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.380.22-0.010.89
 97-0.53Jimmy ButlerSF/PFQ  MIASF37:162004110.50010.833124224.5-30.67-1.66-0.74-1.14-0.01-1.380.361.40-2.30
 101-0.58Gabe VincentPG/SGQ  MIA 16:431131000.5717.00001222.7+2-0.851.36-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.380.93-0.010.89
 118-0.68Dewayne DedmonCQ LRMIA 15:09304111.5002.50021112.1-2-2.19-1.66-0.74-1.14-0.010.650.09-2.010.89
 155-0.99Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIAPF26:24814100.42971.00013018.7+10-1.35-0.65-0.74-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.420.66-1.24
   Victor Oladipo INJ   MIA                        
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
   P.J. Tucker   MIA                        
   Markieff Morris   MIA                        
   Mychal Mulder   MIA                        
   Haywood Highsmith P  MIA                        
   Omer Yurtseven INJ   MIA                        
   Javonte Smart   MIA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011311332091.55672.786281717173.3+
Josh: Has to be a risk of resting Sunday given they are locked in
Josh: Has to be a risk of resting Sunday given they are locked in
Josh: Has to be a risk of resting Sunday given they are locked in
Josh: Nice guy to get you some threes, but that's about it
Josh: Good source of steals yet again
Josh: Has to be a risk of resting Sunday given they are locked in
Josh: Started for Tucker, but nothing suggests he is a 12 team option
Kyle: Martin started with Tucker out but didn't do much with the opportunity and is only worth chasing in very deep leagues and as a conditional option if the Heat rest guys Sunday.
Josh: Let us down, but the start and minutes are encouraging enough for him to be a 12 team guy
Droppable Josh: He has been bad basically all season. Hard to trust him and if you want someone to drop, he's your man

POR 78 @ DAL 128Blowout

 510.02Ben McLemoreSG/SF  POR 30:411430330.6258.33331215.3-34-0.341.36-2.31-0.265.25-1.381.65-4.680.89
 61-0.10Drew EubanksPF/CIN  PORC31:541807010.571141.00022324.1-320.33-1.660.43-1.58-0.01-1.381.851.34-0.18
 99-0.54Reggie PerryPF  POR 16:06902010.57171.00011423.9-18-1.18-1.66-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.380.930.660.89
 115-0.67C.J. EllebySF  PORSF36:22407521.18211.00004018.8-34-2.02-1.660.430.612.620.65-4.35-0.01-2.30
 136-0.83Elijah HughesSG  POR 29:48824110.27311.00002219.9-27-1.350.36-0.74-1.14-0.01-1.38-3.00-0.01-0.18
 137-0.83Didi LouzadaSFNOTE  POR 26:27313001.2005.0000038.6-31-2.19-0.65-1.14-1.58-2.640.65-1.84-0.011.95
 145-0.91Keon JohnsonSFINJ   PORSG30:131000610.231131.00043526.8-36-1.02-1.66-2.311.05-0.01-1.38-4.292.69-1.24
 147-0.91Greg BrownPF OUTPORPF12:23314000.5002.00001111.0-16-2.19-0.65-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.010.89
 177-1.22Brandon WilliamsPG  PORPG23:15902500.40010.50022325.3-21-1.18-1.66-1.530.61-2.64-1.38-1.00-2.01-0.18
 181-1.29Keljin BlevinsPG OUTPOR 2:51000000.0002.00000032.0-1-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.011.95
   Damian Lillard IN  POR                        
   Jusuf Nurkic   POR                        
   Josh Hart IN  POR                        
   Anfernee Simons   POR                        
   Justise Winslow B POR                        
   Trendon Watford B POR                        
   Eric Bledsoe   POR                        
   Joe Ingles INJ   POR                        
   Kris Dunn   POR                        
   Nassir Little INJ   POR                        
  0.00Totals   240:00787292092.37383.750121623205.8-2500.
 81.11Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF  DALPF23:551557121.7147.00000113.1+36-0.173.380.43-1.142.620.652.29-0.011.95
 140.84Luka DoncicPG/SG  DALPG29:3639711701.57121.727115046.5+413.865.402.001.49-2.640.652.76-2.63-3.37
 320.29Davis BertansPF/C  DAL 21:23628611.4005.00000110.4+21-1.690.360.831.05-0.010.65-0.49-0.011.95
 390.17Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  DAL 16:011431211.8005.75041021.6+11-0.341.36-1.92-0.70-0.010.652.22-0.660.89
 82-0.41Sterling BrownSG/SFNOTE  DAL 14:32714010.5006.00000318.4+4-1.52-0.65-0.74-1.58-0.01-1.380.22-0.011.95
 88-0.45Dwight PowellPF/C  DALC27:3218032011.0007.66763220.5+270.33-1.66-1.14-0.70-2.640.655.00-2.66-1.24
 90-0.46Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  DALSG22:19913200.33361.00040115.5+18-1.18-0.65-1.14-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.132.691.95
 124-0.73Boban MarjanovicC  DAL 12:00806000.60051.00022329.3+12-1.35-1.660.04-1.58-2.64-1.380.871.34-0.18
 129-0.79Theo PinsonSF  DAL 13:12201210.00021.00021213.1+16-2.36-1.66-1.92-0.70-0.01-1.38-1.271.340.89
 134-0.81Trey BurkePG  DAL 12:00401110.3336.00000222.3+12-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.38-1.13-0.011.95
 141-0.86Josh GreenSG/SF  DAL 15:55104210.0001.5002005.3+26-2.53-1.66-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.62-2.011.95
 156-1.00Reggie BullockSG/SF  DALSF26:37512010.2867.00002315.1+29-1.86-0.65-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.38-1.78-0.01-0.18
 176-1.22Frank NtilikinaPG/SG OUTDAL 4:58000000.0001.0000019.0-3-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
   Tim Hardaway Jr.   DAL                        
   Maxi Kleber   DAL                        
   Marquese Chriss   DAL                        
   Moses Wright   DAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012820512595.53279.774311419239.9+2500.
Josh: Suspended Sunday
Droppable Kyle: Luka picked up his 16th tech and will be suspended for the finale Sunday.
Josh: With Doncic out, he should be able to jump back into 12 team territory Sunday
Maybe Add Kyle: With Doncic suspended for the finale, Dinwiddie should be a good stream option.
Stream Josh: Nice points and threes option
Josh: He keeps going, but Kleber will play Sunday
Josh: Value should rise without Doncic Sunday, but they could also elect to sit guys if they can't catch Golden State for the three seed
Watch Kyle: Perry could get forced into huge minutes Sunday if Brown is out.
Josh: Nice peripheral stats and he is at least a deep league option
Watch Josh: Watch to see if his role jumps up Sunday
Josh: Rough shooting for Johnson and that is the risk with him, but role is nice
Josh: Hurt his ankle and his availability would seem in doubt for Sunday
Droppable Kyle: With Brown's status in question for Sunday, I'd likely be looking elsewhere.
Josh: Hard to trust him playing enough to be worth a hold.
Droppable Kyle: I wouldn't be holding with his status in question.

PHO 111 @ UTA 105

 130.84Chris PaulPGQ  PHOPG37:3716061620.636111.00023317.0+18-0.01-1.660.045.452.62-1.382.421.34-1.24
 180.64Deandre AytonC  PHOC34:1019110412.50018.00001423.9+150.50-0.651.610.17-0.012.670.62-0.010.89
 270.37Devin BookerSG/SF  PHOSG37:453324300.500261.00051433.3+112.850.36-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.380.893.370.89
 440.10Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF33:571804200.700101.00040214.9+270.33-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.383.072.691.95
 480.07Jae CrowderSF/PFINJ   PHOPF25:44518121.2867.00000311.7+13-1.86-0.650.83-1.142.620.65-1.78-0.011.95
 60-0.09Cam JohnsonSF/PFINJ   PHO 22:07605120.6005.0000019.7-7-1.69-1.66-0.35-1.142.62-1.380.87-0.011.95
 105-0.59Torrey CraigSG/SF/PFQ  PHO 12:20822000.6005.00000017.4-5-1.350.36-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.87-0.011.95
 184-1.51Landry ShametPG/SG  PHO 12:07001000.0004.00001217.7-21-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-2.55-0.010.89
 185-1.60Aaron HolidayPG  PHO 10:23000000.0003.00002220.7-12-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.91-0.01-0.18
 186-1.72JaVale McGeeC  PHO 13:50606000.6673.50045430.3-9-1.69-1.660.04-1.58-2.64-1.380.80-4.01-3.37
   Cam Payne   PHO                        
   Bismack Biyombo   PHO                        
   Elfrid Payton   PHO                        
   Dario Saric   PHO                        
   Ish Wainright   PHO                        
   Gabriel Lundberg   PHO                        
  0.00Totals   240:001116462773.50092.867151325196.8+300.
 230.47Bojan BogdanovicSF/PF  UTASF32:032137120.389181.00041327.4-260.831.360.43-1.142.62-1.38-2.092.690.89
 64-0.20Donovan MitchellPG/SG  UTASG34:581817510.333211.00031128.2-250.33-0.650.430.61-0.01-1.38-
 73-0.35Hassan WhitesidePF/C  UTA 14:571107001.8005.75041221.9-2-0.85-1.660.43-1.58-2.640.652.22-0.660.89
 96-0.53Juan HernangomezPF/CD  UTA 13:024020101.0002.0000006.5+19-2.02-1.66-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.381.44-0.011.95
 104-0.58Mike ConleyPGQ  UTAPG33:591332811.30813.50042420.9-4-0.511.36-1.531.93-0.010.65-2.93-4.01-0.18
 106-0.62Danuel HouseSF/PF  UTA 24:321013021.4297.50060016.6+15-1.02-0.65-1.14-1.582.620.65-0.42-6.011.95
 112-0.66Rudy GobertC  UTAC33:0316012201.7147.66794419.1-4-0.01-1.662.40-0.70-2.640.652.29-3.98-2.30
 135-0.83Jared ButlerSG  UTA 3:11000210.0001.00000113.30-2.70-1.66-2.31-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 152-0.97Royce O'NealeSG/SF/PF  UTAPF28:22311200.2504.0000036.0-20-2.19-0.65-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.20-0.011.95
 160-1.05Jordan ClarksonPG/SG  UTA 21:53923000.200101.00032025.7+17-1.180.36-1.14-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.712.01-0.18
   Rudy Gay Q  UTA                        
   Eric Paschall NOTE  UTA                        
   Nickeil Alexander-Walker   UTA                        
   Udoka Azubuike   UTA                        
   Trent Forrest OUT  UTA                        
   Xavier Sneed   UTA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010511442084.39888.727331118185.6-300.
Josh: Staggering to see these minutes in a meaningless game for Phoenix. Will he play Sunday?
Josh: Has to be a chance of resting or if not, limited minutes Sunday
Josh: Good game for Bojan, but he has been off prior to this. Jazz can only be seeded 5 or 6, but still some incentive to play Sunday
Josh: Has to be a chance of resting or if not, limited minutes Sunday
Josh: Has to be a chance of resting or if not, limited minutes Sunday
Josh: Has to be a chance of resting or if not, limited minutes Sunday
Josh: I would only use him Sunday if Crowder is out
Josh: Providing solid big man stats as a backup. Watch to see if Gobert is playing Sunday, although I expect him to
Droppable Josh: He continues to be downright awful of late and he isn't even a 14 team guy
Kyle: O'Neale was back in action but was poor and is not someone to chase.
Kyle: Out of the rotation.

OKC 101 @ LAL 120

 101.00Jaylen HoardSF  OKCPF46:5027117411.56523.00002323.2-211.84-0.654.360.17-0.010.652.82-0.01-0.18
 370.19Georgios KalaitzakisSF  OKCSF45:152524630.52619.60054324.2-201.510.36-0.741.055.25-1.381.34-3.33-2.30
 70-0.31Vit KrejciPG  OKCSG43:26609211.28671.0002259.9-22-1.69-1.661.22-0.70-0.010.65-1.781.34-0.18
 79-0.41Zavier SimpsonSF  OKCPG46:351306701.333151.00032617.1-20-0.51-1.660.041.49-2.640.65-2.862.01-0.18
 95-0.52Isaiah RobyC RETOKCC14:131424200.7147.66732531.6+5-0.340.36-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.382.29-1.34-0.18
 173-1.18Melvin FrazierSG  OKC 43:411614000.29417.83362421.5-17-0.01-0.65-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.38-4.150.69-0.18
   Josh Giddey   OKC                        
   Shai Gilgeous-Alexander   OKC                        
   Aleksej Pokusevski   OKC                        
   Luguentz Dort   OKC                        
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   OKC                        
   Tre Mann   OKC                        
   Theo Maledon   OKC                        
   Ty Jerome   OKC                        
   Kenrich Williams   OKC                        
   Aaron Wiggins   OKC                        
   Mike Muscala   OKC                        
   Derrick Favors NOTE  OKC                        
   Darius Bazley   OKC                        
   Lindy Waters GLG OKC                        
  0.00Totals   240:001016442153.45588.789191426127.6-950.
 290.33Talen Horton-TuckerSG/SF  LALPG34:211518520.250161.00060223.9+21-0.17-0.650.830.612.62-1.38-4.864.041.95
 330.28Wenyen GabrielPF  LAL 24:431617102.8577.75041517.4+24-0.01-0.650.43-1.14-2.642.673.64-0.660.89
 58-0.08D.J. AugustinPG  LAL 23:14710320.40051.00020111.1+10-1.52-0.65-2.31-0.262.62-1.38-0.491.341.95
 69-0.29Mason JonesSG  LAL 18:1013131001.0004.80050315.0+21-0.51-0.65-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.382.870.021.95
 72-0.35Dwight HowardC  LALC23:171508311.7147.62582223.6-5-0.17-1.660.83-0.26-0.010.652.29-4.65-0.18
 75-0.37Austin ReavesSG  LALSF28:061114410.6005.66760112.0-1-0.85-0.65-0.740.17-0.01-1.380.87-2.661.95
 87-0.45Malik MonkPG/SG/SF  LALSG34:211214511.385131.00014222.3+12-0.68-0.65-0.740.61-0.010.65-1.580.66-2.30
 109-0.65Stanley JohnsonPF  LALPF31:482118010.50016.57171027.8-20.83-0.650.83-1.58-0.01-1.380.56-5.330.89
 121-0.71Wayne EllingtonSG/SF  LAL 22:001023100.4449.00001120.0+15-1.020.36-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.35-0.010.89
   LeBron James P  LAL                        
   Anthony Davis   LAL                        
   Russell Westbrook   LAL                        
   Carmelo Anthony   LAL                        
   Kendrick Nunn   LAL                        
   Kent Bazemore   LAL                        
   Avery Bradley   LAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:001209452384.50082.74439917173.0+950.
Must Add Josh: Insane production in insane minutes
Maybe Add Kyle: He's getting a ton of minutes with the Thunder choosing to only use players who won't be on the roster next season. He's worth considering adding for Sunday.
Must Add Josh: Unless AD and Russ play Sunday, THT is a great add
Maybe Add Kyle: THT was good again and is worth considering using for the finale.
Maybe Add Josh: I love this line, but watch for AD
Kyle: Gabriel had a nice game, but I wouldn't be chasing.
Maybe Add Josh: Looks like he will keep playing basically every minute of the game
Maybe Add Kyle: He's getting a ton of minutes with the Thunder choosing to only use players who won't be on the roster next season. He's worth considering adding for Sunday.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Nice game from Jones and don't be surprised to see a larger role Sunday
Must Add Josh: With the rotation thinning every game, Krejci is looking solid enough, but he may not be immune to resting
Maybe Add Josh: Should be solid enough, but aleways a chance he rests Sunday
Must Add Josh: Simpson eh? I would expect more of the same Sunday
Maybe Add Kyle: He's getting a ton of minutes with the Thunder choosing to only use players who won't be on the roster next season. He's worth considering adding for Sunday.
Josh: Hurt his ankle but was able to return. Limited his minutes because he is too good
Droppable Kyle: We can't trust his minutes in the finale.
Josh: Good scoring, but I really don't think he is a top priority add given his offensive issues
Maybe Add Kyle: Stanley is worth considering as a flier for the final game with the core out.
Josh: He is a horrific shooter, but usually can bring defense and could be an option
Kyle: Huge minutes and worth considering for the finale in case coach D decides to only play 5 guys instead of clearing the bench like he did with 6 here.
Josh: Oh, he's too good now too?
Kyle: Out of the rotation despite only 6 guys playing.
Josh: Not playing Lindy Waters is a wild call
Kyle: Out of the rotation while the team only played 6 guys. Weird and dumb that the NBA would allow this kind of product to be put on the court.