Box Scores

<November 2022>
box scoreDEN 112@ BOS 1315:00 pm
BOS by 4.0 o/u 230.5DEN 113 @ BOS 117Blowout
box scorePHO 97@ ORL 1145:00 pm
PHO by 7.5 o/u 214.5PHO 111 @ ORL 104Blowout
box scoreDET 112@ NYK 1215:30 pm
NYK by 9.5 o/u 224.5DET 108 @ NYK 117
box scoreTOR 113@ OKC 1326:00 pm
TOR by 5.0 o/u 219.5TOR 112 @ OKC 107Blowout
box scoreMIL 93@ SAS 1116:00 pm
SAS by 1.5 o/u 219.5MIL 109 @ SAS 110Blowout
box scoreMIN 103@ MEM 1147:30 pm
MEM by 4.0 o/u 233.5MIN 115 @ MEM 119
box scoreCLE 101@ GSW 1068:00 pm
GSW by 3.0 o/u 232.0CLE 114 @ GSW 118
box scoreSAC 120@ LAL 1148:30 pm
SAC by 3.5 o/u 233.0SAC 118 @ LAL 115

Central Standard Time

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DEN 112 @ BOS 131Blowout

 120.53Bruce BrownSG/SF/PF  DEN 2018 (Pick 42)36:4116110620.357141.00051121.3-8-0.14-0.571.730.942.94-1.27-2.672.721.09
 360.11Nikola JokicC  DENC2014 (Pick 41)29:442928300.60020.75042436.3-141.850.350.90-0.38-2.75-1.272.94-0.55-0.12
 72-0.35Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENPG2013 (Pick 8)33:341550100.45511.00000314.9-6-0.293.12-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.610.002.31
 77-0.37Aaron GordonSF/PF  DENPF2014 (Pick 4)30:241717200.60010.66760318.9-40.01-0.570.48-0.83-2.75-1.271.46-2.192.31
 98-0.61Jeff GreenPF/C  DEN 2007 (Pick 5)21:06702200.50041.00030111.4-12-1.52-1.50-1.59-0.83-2.75-
 101-0.64Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENSG2016 (Pick 7)34:4214141000.35317.50020223.4-12-0.45-0.57-0.762.72-2.75-1.27-3.34-1.642.31
 115-0.80Christian BraunSG/SF  DEN 2022 (Pick 21)13:182022001.0001.0000003.4-7-2.29-1.50-1.59-0.83-2.75-1.270.690.002.31
 120-0.85DeAndre JordanC  DEN 2008 (Pick 35)9:11200001.5002.0000009.9-5-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.750.700.000.002.31
 129-0.95Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 2020 (Pick 22)2:02001010.0001.00001044.7-1-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.710.10-1.27-0.700.001.09
 134-1.00Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF2018 (Pick 14)25:08714000.30010.00000218.1-24-1.52-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.710.002.31
 136-1.01Davon ReedSG/SF  DEN 2017 (Pick 32)2:083100001.0001.00001040.1-1-2.13-0.57-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.001.09
 156-1.18Vlatko CancarPF/CX DEN 2017 (Pick 49)2:02000000.0001.00000022.3-1-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
   Ish Smith   DEN 2010                       
   Bones Hyland   DEN 2021 (Pick 26)                       
   Peyton Watson   DEN 2022 (Pick 30)                       
   Collin Gillespie   DEN 2022                       
   Jack White   DEN 2020                       
  0.00Totals    240:0011212382631.45792.80020516264.6-950.
 80.62Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSSF2017 (Pick 3)37:193428500.52421.909111432.3+182.620.350.900.50-2.75-1.270.863.271.09
 90.59Al HorfordPF/C  BOSC2007 (Pick 3)34:262167210.58312.50020016.8+110.634.050.48-0.830.10-1.271.48-1.642.31
 110.54Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSG2016 (Pick 3)34:472538800.73315.00003323.2+
 46-0.03Grant WilliamsSF/PF RETBOSPF2019 (Pick 22)32:161324411.6258.33330313.00-0.600.35-0.760.060.100.701.44-3.822.31
 75-0.37Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOS 2017 (Pick 29)24:121021401.33391.00020118.3+6-1.060.35-2.010.06-2.750.70-
 76-0.37Luke KornetC  BOS 201712:53807101.5008.00000127.9+10-1.37-1.500.48-1.27-2.750.700.060.002.31
 84-0.43Sam HauserSF/PF  BOS 202120:09515102.2867.00000215.6+12-1.83-0.57-0.35-1.27-2.752.67-
 90-0.51Payton PritchardPG  BOS 2020 (Pick 26)15:441105010.8336.50022025.40-0.91-1.50-0.35-1.710.10-1.272.82-1.64-0.12
 131-0.97Marcus SmartPG/SG  BOSPG2014 (Pick 6)23:48400400.5004.0000159.4+28-1.98-1.50-2.420.06-2.75-
 137-1.01J.D. DavisonPG  BOS 2022 (Pick 53)2:02001100.0000.000000 +1-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 147-1.11Noah VonlehPF/C  BOS 2014 (Pick 9)2:24000000.0000.000000 +1-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
   Danilo Gallinari   BOS 2008 (Pick 6)                       
   Blake Griffin   BOS 2009 (Pick 1)                       
   Justin Jackson   BOS 2017 (Pick 15)                       
   Malcolm Brogdon NOTE  BOS 2016 (Pick 36)                       
   Robert Williams   BOS 2018 (Pick 27)                       
   Mfiondu Kabengele   BOS 2019 (Pick 27)                       
  0.00Totals    240:0013116463035.55690.75020719181.9+950.
Josh: Brace for his 'back' to spasm tomorrow, but yeah, this is why he was not a drop early in the season
Sell High Kyle: Horford bombed in a season-high 6 threes and 21 points. He's been playing great of late and is worth seeing what he could bring back in return.
Josh: Fantastic game, but he was helped by Hyland's absence. He remains a streamer in situations like this, but his minutes have been unpredictable.
Sell High Kyle: Brown had extra run and touches with both Bones and Ish out, so while Brown is fine to grab as a streamer if Bones is out more games due to covid, this is also a sell-high moment for Brown in deeper formats.
Kyle: Jokic had his minutes limited a bit due to foul trouble.
Josh: Finally, a strong game from Williams, who had been struggling a bit. He remains a low upside 12 team guy
Sell High Kyle: Grant was able to play through some minor ankle issues that had him leave the game briefly. This was a good line, and Grant is worth considering as a conditional streamer or specialist, but he's also a sell-high in deeper formats as his FG% should regress.
Josh: Another good game, but a little bit empty compared to his others. Still looking like a 12 team guy
Josh: Even with no Brogdon, and Smart in foul trouble, he only managed 24 minutes. That is a red flag for his value. Maybe hold for tomorrow, but that's it.
Watch Kyle: White has a little extra streaming value if Brogdon misses anymore games.
Kyle: Another good game from Gordon, and with his somewhat-inconsistent production, he's worth considering as a sell-high when he's putting together a string of good games.
Kyle: Very deep leagues could have streaming use for Pritchard if Brogdon misses another game.
Josh: A slight buy low given his shooting, but the minutes are looking great.
Kyle: Murray struggled shooting but dropped a season-high 10 dimes. He remains worth pursuing as a buy-low target.
Josh: Foul trouble limited his playing time.
Buy Low Kyle: Smart was limited by foul trouble. He's a firm hold and a buy-low if anything.
Josh: I guess old mate isn't going to shoot 50% from three.
Buy Low Kyle: A poor game and potential buy-low opportunity.
Kyle: It's possible Bones misses a couple more games in the protocols, and while I'd prefer to hold with his recent production, in shallower leagues, he may be droppable for a streamer or other flier if you feel like you need to win this week's matchup to stay in a good spot in the standings.

PHO 97 @ ORL 114Blowout

 230.29Deandre AytonC  PHOC2018 (Pick 1)26:231405121.58312.00001021.6-23-0.45-1.50-0.35-1.272.940.701.480.001.09
 390.05Cam PaynePG/SG  PHOPG2015 (Pick 14)35:002253410.533151.00014324.3-170.783.12-
 63-0.24Devin BookerSG/SF  PHOSG2015 (Pick 13)34:281728610.316191.00032228.3-270.010.350.900.940.10-1.27-4.721.63-0.12
 64-0.24Torrey CraigSF/PF  PHOPF201434:58914111.37581.00021212.4-19-1.21-0.57-0.76-
 65-0.24Bismack BiyomboC  PHO 2011 (Pick 7)11:01702111.50061.00010225.6-4-1.52-1.50-1.59-
 85-0.44Damion LeeSG/SFINJ   PHO 201622:28822110.5006.00001113.6+6-1.370.35-1.59-1.270.10-
 105-0.73Jock LandaleC  PHO 201813:09706000.7504.50020016.2+5-1.52-1.500.07-1.71-2.75-1.271.41-1.642.31
 128-0.95Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF2018 (Pick 10)37:38824600.23113.00001220.0-16-1.370.35-0.760.94-2.75-1.27-4.770.001.09
 138-1.02Duane WashingtonPG  PHO 20217:19510100.3336.00000132.2-2-1.83-0.57-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.350.002.31
 150-1.13Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHO 2018 (Pick 20)7:49001001.0002.00001116.8+4-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.750.70-1.390.001.09
 158-1.22Dario SaricPF/C  PHO 2014 (Pick 12)9:47003100.0004.00000016.5+8-2.59-1.50-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.27-2.760.002.31
   Chris Paul NOTE  PHO 2005 (Pick 4)                       
   Jae Crowder   PHO 2012 (Pick 34)                       
   Landry Shamet INJ   PHO 2018 (Pick 26)                       
   Cam Johnson Q  PHO 2019 (Pick 11)                       
   Ish Wainright   PHO 2017                       
  0.00Totals    240:009713382274.40095.88991114227.5-850.
 340.14Wendell Carter Jr.PF/C  ORLC2018 (Pick 7)32:2420210501.467151.00043027.9+100.470.351.730.50-2.750.70-0.582.18-1.33
 350.12Chuma OkekePF  ORLSF2019 (Pick 16)30:221125311.400101.00010115.7+13-0.910.35-0.35-0.380.100.70-1.320.542.31
 47-0.03R.J. HamptonPG/SG  ORL 2020 (Pick 24)10:568202111.0003.00001115.3+11-1.370.35-2.42-0.830.100.702.100.001.09
 53-0.08Bol BolPF/C  ORLPF2019 (Pick 44)30:5413315100.6258.00003116.3+15-0.601.283.80-1.27-2.75-1.271.440.00-1.33
 67-0.26Terrence RossSG/SF  ORL 2012 (Pick 8)24:281422200.55691.00020117.3+9-0.450.35-1.59-0.83-2.75-1.270.761.092.31
 79-0.39Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLPG2021 (Pick 5)31:371613500.583121.00012320.9+16-0.14-0.57-1.180.50-2.75-1.271.480.54-0.12
 91-0.55Mo BambaC  ORL 2018 (Pick 6)18:30915201.5006.66731119.1+7-1.21-0.57-0.35-0.83-2.750.700.04-1.091.09
 111-0.79Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSG2021 (Pick 8)30:401706300.46715.75042328.0+50.01-1.500.07-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.58-0.55-0.12
 124-0.92Caleb HoustanSF  ORL 2022 (Pick 32)19:163120001.0001.0000104.7-1-2.13-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.001.09
 126-0.93Admiral SchofieldSF/PF  ORL 2019 (Pick 42)10:53312000.3333.00000012.60-2.13-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.680.002.31
   Gary Harris   ORL 2014 (Pick 19)                       
   Markelle Fultz   ORL 2017 (Pick 1)                       
   Jonathan Isaac   ORL 2017 (Pick 6)                       
   Moritz Wagner   ORL 2018 (Pick 25)                       
   Cole Anthony   ORL 2020 (Pick 15)                       
   Paolo Banchero   ORL 2022 (Pick 1)                       
   Kevon Harris   ORL 2020                       
  0.00Totals    240:0011415502324.52482.867151311177.9+850.
Buy Low Josh: Another subpar game. The buy low window is open, but I fear he doesn't respond fully unless he is traded
Buy Low Kyle: Ayton was limited by coach Williams' rotation in this game, as the Suns were struggling, and coach was trying to find a group that worked. Ayton is a buy-low, but I'd make sure his production makes sense for my build if targeting him.
Kyle: WCJ continues to impress. He might be a bit of a sell-high at the moment, but I'd likely just enjoy the extra production in Banchero's and see how good WCJ can show he is this season.
Josh: I fail to be convinced that he is a 12 team option, even with Paolo out.
Sell High Kyle: Okeke got another spot start with Banchero, and he played well. Okeke is a good conditional streamer if Banchero is out again, but this is also a sell-high moment for deeper leagues. Okeke is someone to track long-term in case injuries or a trade puts him in a better role at some point this season. He's a buy-low target in dynasty if you're playing for beyond this season in a deeper format.
Stream Josh: He is a must while CP3 is out
Stream Kyle: Payne had a huge game in another spot start with Paul out. He's a great stream option as long as CP3 is out, but that may not be long, so this is also a sell-high stretch in deeper leagues.
Sell High Josh: No blocks, but we love the continued efficiency and after two low minute games he lifted here. But, it's all about the absences and where he fits when they return. He is still a sell high to me, because people are convinced he is a future star, you just have to find the right buye
Sell High Kyle: Bol pulled down a career-high 15 rebounds, and while he's fine to ride with and see how his season goes, this is also a sell-high stretch for Bol before the team starts adding more pieces to the mix in the coming weeks.
Josh: Huge minutes, but he illustrated here why he is only really a 14 team guy
Watch Kyle: Craig got another start at forward in Johnson's absence. Craig was decent here, but he's mostly just for deeper leagues and conditional streaming.
Kyle: Lee is getting extra bench run for very deep leagues while Johnson is out.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Lots rushed to add him after last game and this is what you got. He isn't a 12 team guy
Sell High Kyle: Bamba is worth streaming if Banchero misses more time, but this also a sell-high spot for Bamba since he may not be in the rotation when the team is healthy.
Josh: After last game's brilliance, this one stinks. Still, the assists were nice

DET 112 @ NYK 121

 290.19Isaiah LiversSG/SFINJ   DET 2021 (Pick 42)22:061134102.50061.00020213.3-5-0.911.28-0.76-1.27-2.752.670.041.092.31
 370.10Bojan BogdanovicSF/PF  DETPF2011 (Pick 31)34:172505300.600151.00072325.0-111.24-1.50-0.35-0.38-2.75-
 400.04Killian HayesPG/SG  DET 2020 (Pick 7)34:111116730.333121.00024321.1+6-0.91-0.570.071.395.79-1.27-2.691.09-2.55
 410.03Isaiah StewartPF/C  DETC2020 (Pick 16)29:291328302.5717.75042415.6-5-0.600.350.90-0.38-2.752.670.74-0.55-0.12
 74-0.36Hamidou DialloSG/SF  DET 2018 (Pick 45)15:181302101.8005.83361124.1+3-0.60-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.750.702.110.541.09
 83-0.42Saddiq BeySF/PF  DETSF2020 (Pick 19)27:111105110.400101.00031120.0-8-0.91-1.50-0.35-1.270.10-1.27-1.321.631.09
 119-0.84Alec BurksPG/SG/SF  DET 2011 (Pick 12)25:201712100.41712.75080326.100.01-0.57-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.30-1.102.31
 152-1.13Cory JosephPG/SGINJ   DETPG2011 (Pick 29)5:55000100.0001.0000047.2-5-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 161-1.33Jaden IveyPG/SG  DETSG2022 (Pick 5)25:021003420.36411.40054129.3-17-1.06-1.50-
 162-1.38Jalen DurenPF/C  DET 2022 (Pick 13)21:10108001.0001.2504117.6-3-2.44-1.500.90-1.71-2.750.70-0.70-6.011.09
   Nerlens Noel   DET 2013 (Pick 6)                       
   Rodney McGruder   DET 2013                       
   Kevin Knox   DET 2018 (Pick 9)                       
   Marvin Bagley III   DET 2018 (Pick 2)                       
   Cade Cunningham   DET 2021 (Pick 1)                       
   Braxton Key   DET 2020                       
   Buddy Boeheim   DET 2022                       
  0.00Totals    239:591127432266.46380.756411523189.2-450.
 11.70Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  NYKSG2018 (Pick 33)32:412621740.500161.00080323.5+81.390.35-2.011.398.64-
 150.48R.J. BarrettSG/SF  NYKSF2019 (Pick 3)37:313035500.58817.87581322.5+112.011.28-0.350.50-2.75-
 330.15Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 2020 (Pick 25)21:15825120.5006.00000411.1+2-1.370.35-0.35-1.272.94-
 62-0.24Julius RandlePF  NYKPF2014 (Pick 7)32:592108500.444181.00052526.4+130.63-1.500.900.50-2.75-1.27-1.252.72-0.12
 71-0.31Obi ToppinPF  NYK 2020 (Pick 8)22:23825111.3339.00001217.5-5-1.370.35-0.35-
 92-0.55Isaiah HartensteinC  NYKC2017 (Pick 43)32:316012001.6005.0000359.7+9-1.67-1.502.56-1.71-2.750.700.720.00-1.33
 104-0.73Jericho SimsC  NYK 2021 (Pick 58)8:072040011.0001.0000149.7+1-2.29-1.50-0.76-1.71-2.750.700.690.001.09
 130-0.96Quentin GrimesSG/SF  NYK 2021 (Pick 25)7:43512000.5004.00001325.40-1.83-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-
 132-0.99Derrick RosePG  NYK 2008 (Pick 1)15:19800200.28671.00041125.0+1-1.37-1.50-2.42-0.83-2.75-1.27-
 135-1.00Cam ReddishSF/PF  NYKPG2019 (Pick 10)17:43403100.3336.00000120.0+7-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.350.002.31
 163-1.49Evan FournierSG/SF  NYK 2012 (Pick 20)11:48302100.0005.75041025.8-2-2.13-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-3.44-0.551.09
   Ryan Arcidiacono   NYK 2016                       
   Svi Mykhailiuk   NYK 2018 (Pick 47)                       
   Mitchell Robinson   NYK 2018 (Pick 36)                       
   Miles McBride   NYK 2021 (Pick 36)                       
   Feron Hunt   NYK 2021                       
   Trevor Keels   NYK 2022 (Pick 42)                       
  0.00Totals    240:0012110472373.44794.931291131216.7+450.
Kyle: Brunson was fantastic, including snagging a season-high 4 steals.
Josh: This is very good. Big scoring, nice assists, nice percetnages. No defense, but he has been much improved of late.
Sell High Kyle: The Barretta is shooting efficiently of late and is worth seeing what he could bring back in a trade before he cools down.
Kyle: Livers played well, but this is nothing to chase, as Livers' role could get squeezed shortly if Bagley is a regular part of the rotation.
Sell High Kyle: It's good to see Bojan have a big scoring game, but this also came with Cade out, so I'd be treating this as a sell-high moment for Bojan. There is some concern that Bagley will put a dent in Bojan's ceiling when he returns and may even challenge for a starting spot.
Josh: With Cade out and Cory Joseph Cory Josephing, Hayes had his best game of the year. I am not buying in because he has been dreadful before this, but this is a thoroughly encouraging line
Sell High Kyle: Hayes stepped up with Cade Cunningham out and had a great line with huge minutes. However, with Cade expected back soon, and Burks part of the mix now, Hayes' modest bench role is at risk going forward. This is a sell-high moment, nothing to chase.
Kyle: A quality game, and this might be a sell-high moment for Stewart if the Pistons are going to overuse Bagley when he returns.
Kyle: Randle is off to a nice start this season, and he's fine to just roll with, but I'd at least consider what I might be able to get back in a trade.
Kyle: A poor night with coach Casey preferring his bench tonight. Bey is a firm hold and a buy-low if anything in this moment. He should play better Saturday.
Josh: Thibs changed his mind and started Hartenstein. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. He remains a 12 team guy even though the Knicks' 'offense' ignores the centre a lot.
Kyle: Hartenstein was back in the starting lineup over Sims. He played well but was modest in the fantasy production. I'd be considering this a sell-high moment of sorts, as I doubt he keeps the starting job when Robinson is healthy. Hartenstein is just a streamer and specialist for 10-team leagues, OK to use as needed and let go. But for 12s, I'd be holding firm for at least as long as Robinson is out.
Kyle: Sims was back in a limited fill-in bench role with Hartenstein starting at center. Sims is just a short-term streamer in deep leagues until Robinson is back.
Josh: Big minutes in his debut, likely due to Cade's absence. Watch his role, but I doubt he is a 12 or 14 team player.
Watch Kyle: Burks made his season debut and played big minutes with nice scoring. He's fine to watch, stream, and consider an add for deeper leagues, but I'd be careful about chasing him in standards. Cade was out here.
Josh: No idea why he is starting or playing.
Josh: Four fouls in six minutes.
Kyle: CoJo started with Cade out but barely played as Burks was in action and Hayes was playing well.
Josh: Massive struggles here. Low minutes, poor shooting. He is going to be up and down, so brace for it.
Kyle: Short minutes as coach Casey used his bench a lot. Ivey is a firm hold and a buy-low in this moment.
Josh: Last game was great and this was poor. I love the upside, but realistically, I don't see Casey playing him 25+ over Stewart and Bagley
Kyle: Rough game. He's a specialist and streamer. Use him as needed and as long as you can afford to.
Droppable Kyle: Still seems to be rostered in too many leagues.
Kyle: I'd only even be looking at him in deeper leagues, but Bagley might be worth an IL stash ahead of his return for deeper formats where his popcorn stats and FG% are of use.

TOR 113 @ OKC 132Blowout

 130.52Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 201731:0920012121.6679.800103120.7-70.47-1.502.56-1.272.940.702.15-0.01-1.33
 430.01Juan HernangomezPF/C  TOR 2016 (Pick 15)17:03924220.7504.50021115.3-4-1.210.35-0.76-0.832.94-1.271.41-1.641.09
 68-0.27O.G. AnunobySG/SF  TORSF2017 (Pick 23)31:211306121.400151.00013123.2-24-0.60-1.500.07-1.272.940.70-1.970.54-1.33
 80-0.39Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORPF2021 (Pick 4)28:381513412.38513.66762124.3-4-0.29-0.57-
 89-0.50Otto PorterSF/PF  TOR 2013 (Pick 3)17:13611110.40051.00010212.5-12-1.67-0.57-2.01-1.270.10-1.27-0.670.542.31
 94-0.59Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG2018 (Pick 37)23:321202110.40010.80050120.4-8-0.75-1.50-1.59-1.270.10-1.27-1.320.002.31
 102-0.65Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 2007 (Pick 12)9:154022001.00011.0002018.0-10-1.98-1.50-1.59-0.83-2.75-1.270.691.092.31
 113-0.79Dalano BantonPG/SG  TOR 2021 (Pick 46)17:19511410.2508.00001020.5-1-1.83-0.57-
 116-0.81Christian KolokoCINJ   TORC2022 (Pick 33)23:58204110.2504.0000138.20-2.29-1.50-0.76-1.270.10-1.27-1.370.001.09
 117-0.82Fred VanVleetPG  TORPG201628:351532320.41712.40053323.7-22-0.291.28-1.59-0.382.94-1.27-1.30-5.46-1.33
 123-0.90Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 2020 (Pick 29)11:571232000.4297.75042235.5-3-0.751.28-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.65-0.55-0.12
   Khem Birch   TOR 2014                       
   Pascal Siakam   TOR 2016 (Pick 27)                       
   Precious Achiuwa   TOR 2020 (Pick 20)                       
   Justin Champagnie   TOR 2021                       
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   TOR 2020                       
   Ron Harper Jr.   TOR 2022                       
  0.00Totals    240:00113113920134.43288.722361616212.3-950.
 100.54Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderPG/SG  OKCPG2018 (Pick 11)28:032013431.57114.75043226.9+130.47-0.57-
 210.31Eugene OmoruyiSG  OKC 202127:002253110.80010.50022520.3+120.783.12-1.18-1.270.10-1.274.24-1.64-0.12
 250.27Aaron WigginsSG/SF  OKCPF2021 (Pick 55)33:371715711.50012.80051418.2+130.01-0.57-0.351.390.100.700.090.001.09
 310.16Aleksej PokusevskiSF/PF/CINJ  OKCC2020 (Pick 17)22:371415004.600101.00013223.9+10-0.45-0.57-0.35-1.71-2.756.611.460.54-1.33
 48-0.04Josh GiddeySG/SF  OKCSG2021 (Pick 6)22:371519520.66791.00027330.1+8-0.29-0.571.310.502.94-
 55-0.11Tre MannPG/SG  OKC 2021 (Pick 18)27:511333120.38513.00001020.3+9-0.601.28-1.18-1.272.94-1.27-1.990.001.09
 59-0.19Luguentz DortSG/SF  OKCSF201922:581337200.5717.66730314.6+16-0.601.280.48-0.83-2.75-1.270.74-1.092.31
 60-0.20Jalen WilliamsSG/SF  OKC 2022 (Pick 12)30:2910031110.50010.00002515.9+15-1.06-1.50-
 103-0.72Kenrich WilliamsSF/PF  OKC 201819:22606000.5006.00000112.5+10-1.67-1.500.07-1.71-2.75-
 143-1.07Isaiah JoePG/SG  OKC 2020 (Pick 49)5:26200000.5002.00000214.8-11-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-
   Mike Muscala   OKC 2013 (Pick 44)                       
   Darius Bazley   OKC 2019 (Pick 23)                       
   Jeremiah Robinson-Earl   OKC 2021 (Pick 32)                       
   Lindy Waters III   OKC 2020                       
   Chet Holmgren   OKC 2023 (Pick 2)                       
   Ousmane Dieng   OKC 2022 (Pick 11)                       
   Jaylin Williams   OKC 2022 (Pick 34)                       
  0.00Totals    240:00132154431106.55993.765171927197.5+950.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Be prepared for pain , but he was the main ebenficiary of the Siakam/Achiuwa absences. The inconsistency will kill and when Siakam is back< i would drop, but he should be added now
Sell High Kyle: Boucher had a big night with strong minutes, but this came with Siakam and Achiuwa out and it being a blowout loss. I wouldn't be chasing Boucher hard, but he's a fine streamer and someone to sell-high on before Siakam is back.
Watch Josh: File it awat, but I doubt it's going to be a thing
Watch Kyle: Omoruyi took advantage of Bazley being out, JRE being a Coach's Decision-DNP, and this game being a blowout to put up a heck of a line, but we can't trust Omoruyi to be a consistent part of the rotation, so this isn't much more than something to watch for now. I'd even have some trepidation about deep-league fliers given how obtuse the Thunder rotation is from day to day and week to week.
Josh: Had literally bee n out of the rotation and now played 34 minutes. With a great line. I am not adding, but I am watching
Stream Kyle: Mr. Wiggins had a great game in start, and he's worth considering as a flier in very deep leagues or streaming conditionally if he starts again, but I'd be reluctant to chase this in standards given how much the rotation waffles from game to game.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: It's going to be rocky, but you can't leave Poku on the wire
Must Add Kyle: APokulypse was awesome with a season-high 4 blocks, and he would have been better if this weren't a blowout. Poku has been getting good minutes of late and is producing well. He should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues to see where this goes. He's arguably a sell-high, but with coach D benching JRE here, Poku's prospects are looking up.
Kyle: Juancho earned some run in the blowout and played well, but this generally isn't even worth chasing in very deep leagues as Hernangomez isn't in the rotation consistently. Though, he could get a more regular role while Achiuwa is out.
Josh: Rebounds have really started to 'rebound' after some low games to begin the season.
Kyle: It's hard to argue about taking the ball out of SGA's hands, especially on a night that G-Diddy had 7 turnovers, but Giddey's best skill is his passing, so it's a little strange the Thunder aren't putting him in position to be the primary more, even if SGA continues to be the focus of those passes.
Stream Kyle: Mann has conditional streaming value but is hard to trust with his modest-to-middling role most games.
Josh: In a category league of 12 teams, you can leave Dort on the wire.
Hold Kyle: Short minutes in a blowout. Otherwise, the line was good and this is a moment to hold most places, especially with another game Sunday.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: The potential is there. The role isn't quite yet, but he deserves to be considered in deeper leagues
Watch Kyle: Jalen took advantage of big minutes in a blowout to post a career-high 11 assists. Impressive, and totally in his arsenal, but Jalen usually won't get to touch the ball this much while SGA and Giddey are healthy. This is mostly just something to watch for now. Deeper leagues could take the flier, but don't be surprised if Jalen's minutes are middling next game.
Kyle: "Only" 2 steals this time out.
Buy Low Josh: I would try to buy low, but I would not have the expectation that some did of Barnes being a top 40 player.
Josh: Outside the top 200 over the last week. Without insane steals, Trent looks more like a fringe 12 team guy. Hold for now
Kyle: Short minutes are a concern, but these came in a blowout loss, so I wouldn't be reacting too much to this. Here's the thing, though. With his poor play of late, Trent could be considered a buy-low target, but I would be cautious about paying too much, as he could get pushed to a smaller bench role at some point this season.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He will have better games, but I expect them to be so sporadic that holding him won't be worth it.
Droppable Kyle: Koloko is droppable as needed for most leagues, but he also has a good role at the moment, so I wouldn't be rushing to drop him if I need to stream his blocks Saturday.
Josh: We hope the reason he left the game early is not going to cause further issues
Kyle: This game was over, so hopefully FVV sitting out late with an illness isn't much of a concern, though it could keep him out of the b2b Saturday.
Josh: Blowout minutes
Kyle: Muscala will be in and out of the rotation randomly.
Droppable Kyle: Achiuwa is OK to drop as needed beyond deeper leagues where he should just be thrown in an IL slot.
Josh: From starting to not playing
Droppable Kyle: Out of the rotation? Coach Daigneault said this was simply to give other players opportunity.
Kyle: In deeper dynasty, this is a buy-low stretch for Dieng. He's down in the G-League playing great. His best skill is his passing, and he doesn't get to show that in the NBA with the ball always in SGA or Giddey's hands.

MIL 93 @ SAS 111Blowout

 280.20Wesley MatthewsSG/SF  MIL 200922:29202132.00051.0002019.6+4-2.29-1.50-1.59-1.275.792.67-3.441.092.31
 52-0.07Bobby PortisPF/C  MILPF2015 (Pick 22)31:0016112210.400151.00032021.8-7-0.14-0.572.56-0.830.10-1.27-1.971.63-0.12
 66-0.25Jevon CarterPG/SG  MILPG2018 (Pick 32)32:572152610.46715.66734322.7-50.633.12-1.590.940.10-1.27-0.58-1.09-2.55
 69-0.30Brook LopezC  MILC2008 (Pick 10)29:331933212.42914.80055426.4-170.321.28-1.18-0.830.102.67-1.280.00-3.76
 106-0.74MarJon BeauchampSG/SF/PF  MILSF2022 (Pick 24)34:23804210.30813.00000213.9-24-1.37-1.50-0.76-0.830.10-1.27-3.380.002.31
 107-0.77Jordan NworaSF/PF  MILSG2020 (Pick 45)29:03817500.231131.00010018.0-28-1.37-0.570.480.50-2.75-1.27-4.770.542.31
 125-0.92Sandro MamukelashviliPF/C  MIL 2021 (Pick 54)8:28314000.2504.00000019.7-2-2.13-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.370.002.31
 144-1.08Serge IbakaPF/C  MIL 2008 (Pick 24)18:421119000.4449.40050223.2-3-0.91-0.571.31-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.63-5.462.31
 155-1.18Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF/PF  MIL 2014 (Pick 51)5:46003000.0001.00001112.8-7-2.59-1.50-1.18-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.001.09
 159-1.24George HillPG/SG  MIL 2008 (Pick 26)27:39502401.1119.75041116.5-1-1.83-1.50-1.590.06-2.750.70-4.80-0.551.09
   Jrue Holiday   MIL 2009 (Pick 17)                       
   Joe Ingles   MIL 2009                       
   Khris Middleton NOTE  MIL 2012 (Pick 39)                       
   Giannis Antetokounmpo   MIL 2013 (Pick 15)                       
   Pat Connaughton   MIL 2015 (Pick 41)                       
   Grayson Allen   MIL 2018 (Pick 21)                       
   AJ Green   MIL 2022                       
  0.00Totals    240:009312482275.32798.739231314184.6-900.
 170.48Charles BasseyPF/C  SAS 2021 (Pick 53)18:135114404.6673.00003414.3+9-1.83-0.573.390.06-2.756.610.710.00-1.33
 190.33Keldon JohnsonSF/PF  SASSF2019 (Pick 29)31:572952210.529171.00064232.2+71.853.12-1.59-0.830.10-1.270.833.27-2.55
 200.31Tre JonesPG  SASPG2020 (Pick 41)29:42915911.5717.00001211.7+8-1.21-0.57-0.352.270.100.700.740.001.09
 300.18Jakob PoeltlC  SASC2016 (Pick 9)29:4715010304.63611.33332318.9+9-0.29-1.501.73-0.38-2.756.612.16-3.82-0.12
 440.00Devin VassellSG/SF  SASSG2020 (Pick 11)31:182225001.529171.00021126.2+220.780.35-0.35-1.71-2.750.700.831.091.09
 73-0.36Jeremy SochanPF  SASPF2022 (Pick 9)29:501007201.57171.00022414.4+22-1.06-1.500.48-0.83-2.750.700.741.09-0.12
 114-0.80Romeo LangfordSG/SF  SAS 2019 (Pick 14)17:19401011.4005.00002317.6-7-1.98-1.50-2.01-1.710.100.70-0.670.00-0.12
 121-0.86Doug McDermottPF  SAS 2014 (Pick 11)23:471023100.5717.00003218.3+6-1.060.35-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.270.740.00-1.33
 141-1.04Josh RichardsonSG/SF  SAS 2015 (Pick 40)23:10712001.200101.00021120.0+14-1.52-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.750.70-
 142-1.06Jordan HallSF/PF  SAS 20221:39000100.0000.000000 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 148-1.11Isaiah RobyPF/C  SAS 2019 (Pick 45)1:39000000.0000.000000 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 153-1.14Keita Bates-DiopPF  SAS 2018 (Pick 48)1:39001000.0001.00000026.40-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
   Gorgui Dieng   SAS 2013 (Pick 21)                       
   Zach Collins   SAS 2017 (Pick 10)                       
   Malaki Branham   SAS 2022 (Pick 20)                       
   Blake Wesley   SAS 2022 (Pick 25)                       
   Dominick Barlow   SAS 2022                       
  0.00Totals    240:00111125022313.50685.867151922200.0+900.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He is a top 60 player this season. And the Spurs play five games next week. I think he's an add, at least for next week
Watch Kyle: Bassey was great. George Hill sized him up when he came in the game, thinking he'd test the second-year fish, and Bassey destroyed Hill's reverse layup attempt with a block. Bassey is worth a grab in deeper formats as a specialist and streamer for rebounds and blocks, but I wouldn't be chasing him beyond conditional streaming in standards with his modest bench role. He's filling in as the backup center while Collins is out.
Kyle: Great bounce-back performance after a sub-par shooting night in the previous game.
Kyle: Jones has improved his assists in recent games, and hopefully they'll stick.
Josh: The blocks are stating to come now
Kyle: Poeltl played fantastic all game, keeping the Bucks from using their best weapons for the night (Brook and Bobby) in the paint. Poeltl's blocks have lacked so far, but a season-high 4 goes a long way in balancing the account.
Sell High Kyle: This was a bit of a sell-high time for Portis with three spot starts in the last four games and the Bucks looking to get healthier soon.
Stream 12 teams Josh: Stream him while Jrue and Giannis are out
Sell High Kyle: Carter was great again, but as the team gets healthy, his role will get squeezed. It was cool to see Carter step up as much as he has.
Sell High Kyle: Brook has been amazing to open the season, and he's fine to just ride the wave with, but if the Bucks actually get healthy soon, Lopez could take a significant hit in production and maybe minutes as the team's depth is re-established.
Stream Josh: Solid enough, and he could be useful with five games next week
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Sochan is playing great, though his contributions don't all show up in the box score. Make sure you're watching him closely in case he starts to produce consistently.
Josh: Good minutes, but only a deeper option
Kyle: Beauchamp couldn't keep up his good play despite big minutes in another spot start. He had some nice moments early in this game, but Beauchamp's role could get diced up here soon if the Bucks get healthy, so he's only worth tracking in very deep leagues and for conditional streaming.
Josh: Started but it's only because they missing literally four starters.
Kyle: Nwora was given a spot start with several players out, and he was adequate, but there isn't much to see here beyond very conditional streaming and deeper leagues, especially as the team gets healthy.
Josh: Been quite up and down of late, but there is a solid enough role there for him to make some noise occasionally.
Droppable Kyle: Richardson is just a conditional streamer for most leagues. Drop as needed.
Kyle: Rough. Hill tried to test Bassey a couple times and got deleted by some Bassey blocks.

MIN 103 @ MEM 114

 40.99Jaden McDanielsSF/PF  MINSF2020 (Pick 28)33:301524032.5008.83360614.6-1-0.290.35-0.76-1.715.792.670.060.542.31
 180.37Bryn ForbesPG/SG  MIN 201618:081020330.5008.00000118.9-5-1.060.35-2.42-0.385.79-
 260.26Anthony EdwardsSG/SF  MINSG2020 (Pick 1)37:422836600.62516.71471124.6+21.701.280.070.94-2.75-1.272.90-1.641.09
 51-0.05Rudy GobertC  MINC2013 (Pick 27)35:0015061101.00051.00054414.8-9-0.29-1.500.07-1.270.10-1.273.502.72-2.55
 54-0.08Karl-Anthony TownsPF/C  MINPF2015 (Pick 1)26:1113110400.44491.00041620.7-5-0.60-0.571.730.06-2.75-1.27-0.632.181.09
 86-0.44Kyle AndersonSF/PF  MIN 2014 (Pick 30)24:301117411.41712.00004030.1-5-0.91-0.570.480.060.100.70-1.300.00-2.55
 108-0.77Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 2016 (Pick 12)19:30510001.4005.00000411.8-8-1.83-0.57-2.42-1.71-2.750.70-0.670.002.31
 140-1.03D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINPG2015 (Pick 2)26:33400810.2508.00003317.8-8-1.98-1.50-2.421.830.10-1.27-2.720.00-1.33
 145-1.08Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 20187:36000200.0001.0000006.10-2.59-1.50-2.42-0.83-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 157-1.22Jaylen NowellPG/SGNOTE  MIN 2019 (Pick 43)11:18200110.1437.00001032.7-16-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.270.10-1.27-3.430.001.09
   Austin Rivers   MIN 2012 (Pick 10)                       
   Naz Reid   MIN 2019                       
   Nathan Knight   MIN 2020                       
   Luka Garza   MIN 2021 (Pick 52)                       
   Wendell Moore   MIN 2022 (Pick 26)                       
   Josh Minott   MIN 2022 (Pick 45)                       
  0.00Totals    239:58103103329104.46879.864221425192.0-550.
 220.30Santi AldamaPF/C  MEMPF2021 (Pick 30)34:201217021.7147.50021310.9+10-0.75-0.570.48-1.712.940.702.13-1.641.09
 240.29Brandon ClarkeSF/PFINJ  MEM 2019 (Pick 21)19:2615013111.0006.75040316.8+7-0.29-1.50-2.01-0.380.100.704.21-0.552.31
 420.02Desmond BaneSG/SF  MEMSG2020 (Pick 30)33:162423510.438161.00084329.8+121.090.35-1.180.500.10-1.27-1.274.36-2.55
 58-0.17Ja MorantPGSUSP  MEMPG2019 (Pick 2)33:4028210820.44025.57174440.2-21.700.351.731.832.94-1.27-1.89-4.37-2.55
 78-0.38Dillon BrooksSG/SF  MEMSF2017 (Pick 45)32:342114000.529171.00021124.4+10.63-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.270.831.091.09
 99-0.62David RoddySF/PF  MEM 2022 (Pick 23)6:125121001.0002.00000013.6+5-1.83-0.57-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.271.390.002.31
 118-0.83Steven AdamsCNOTE  MEMC2013 (Pick 12)26:51309311.3333.2504149.0+6-2.13-1.501.31-0.380.100.70-0.68-6.011.09
 122-0.89John KoncharSG/SF  MEM 201922:31007100.0002.0000003.7+1-2.59-1.500.48-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.390.002.31
 127-0.94Tyus JonesPG  MEM 2015 (Pick 24)19:01601300.5006.00001015.5+14-1.67-1.50-2.01-0.38-2.75-
 146-1.09Jake LaRaviaSF/PF  MEM 2022 (Pick 19)12:08002110.0004.00001117.4+1-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.270.10-1.27-2.760.001.09
   Danny Green   MEM 2009 (Pick 46)                       
   Jaren Jackson Jr.   MEM 2018 (Pick 4)                       
   Xavier Tillman   MEM 2020 (Pick 35)                       
   Ziaire Williams   MEM 2021 (Pick 10)                       
   Kennedy Chandler   MEM 2022 (Pick 38)                       
   Kenneth Lofton Jr.   MEM 2022                       
   Vince Williams   MEM 2022 (Pick 47)                       
  0.00Totals    239:591147462583.50088.704271319181.4+550.
Maybe Add Kyle: It's hard to turn a blind eye to production like this, but we also know how inconsistent McDaniels can be, so some may choose to view this as a sell-high moment.
Josh: Best game for a while. He is profiling like a 12 team streamer and not a must roster
Sell High Kyle: Aldama had a nice night and is fine to stream as needed most places, but with Jackson seemingly nearing his return, I'd be looking at sell-high options if available.
Josh: A great game, but the 100% shooting means it is not going to repeat. Leave him on 12 team wires
Stream Kyle: Clarke has conditional streaming value and use as a specialist in deeper leagues, but his minutes are too short many nights to expect consistent production for standards.
Josh: Still a negative from the line, but the rest was better. Still has a long way to go though
Kyle: Edwards had a nice game, but he remains a buy-low target with his recent overall production. He'll iron things out as we go, and this rough start will be forgotten by most.
Josh: It isn't official, but the struggles we envisaged next to Gobert seem real enough. Fouls were an issue here
Buy Low Kyle: Towns fouled out in 26 minutes and didn't have any blocks or steals. What are you doing on defense if you're fouling that much and not even producing? Anyway, Towns will surely be better than this most nights and is a buy-low target.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: There is some mild speculation from one Wolves beat writer that a change at starting PG could be coming and that Anderson might be the favorite for his defense and low usage. He's a great fit with Towns, Edwards, and Gobert if they can hit enough shots to keep teams honest. Anderson is worth considering as a flier or streamer for Sunday to see if he does step into a bigger role or simply continues to steal more minutes.
Josh: After two big games, Adams struggled here, but that's to be expected.
Josh: Dreadful. He isn't a drop, but he isn't far away and if they keep playing him minutes in the mid 20s, he will be
Kyle: Russell got benched at one point in this game for his poor defense, and it's possible he ends up getting demoted from his starting role soon. There's been some speculation Anderson could takeover the starting PG job soon. The thing is, though, is Russell might actually thrive as the sixth-man.

CLE 101 @ GSW 106

 21.43Donovan MitchellPG/SG RETCLESG2017 (Pick 13)37:1629310921.500201.00063028.7+71.851.281.732.272.940.700.163.27-1.33
 320.16Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF2021 (Pick 3)38:4520013402.53315.80053321.7+10.47-1.502.970.06-2.752.670.810.00-1.33
 45-0.02Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG2019 (Pick 5)36:001513820.263191.00040324.0-3-0.29-0.57-1.181.832.94-1.27-
 93-0.56Jarrett AllenC  CLEC2017 (Pick 22)33:111309100.7508.50022213.70-0.60-1.501.31-1.27-2.75-1.272.83-1.64-0.12
 100-0.63Kevin LovePF/C  CLE 2008 (Pick 5)22:01927210.30010.50021116.0-11-1.210.350.48-0.830.10-1.27-2.71-1.641.09
 139-1.02Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLESF2016 (Pick 20)33:401122000.36411.50020214.7-1-0.910.35-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.00-1.642.31
 154-1.16Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLE 2020 (Pick 5)18:26401010.2005.66731516.6-9-1.98-1.50-2.01-1.710.10-1.27-2.05-1.091.09
 165-1.80Cedi OsmanSG/SF  CLE 2015 (Pick 31)20:39001100.0004.0002019.9-9-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.27-2.76-4.372.31
   Robin Lopez   CLE 2008 (Pick 15)                       
   Ricky Rubio   CLE 2009 (Pick 5)                       
   Raul Neto   CLE 2013 (Pick 47)                       
   Dean Wade   CLE 2019                       
   Dylan Windler   CLE 2019 (Pick 26)                       
   Lamar Stevens   CLE 2020                       
   Mamadi Diakite   CLE 2020                       
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE 2022 (Pick 49)                       
  0.00Totals    239:581018462563.40292.731261017145.2-
 50.99Stephen CurryPG  GSWPG2009 (Pick 7)34:004064510.65223.66762437.8+73.544.05-0.760.500.10-1.275.05-2.19-0.12
 140.49Andrew WigginsSF/PF  GSWSF2014 (Pick 1)36:382016021.615131.00033422.0-30.47-0.570.07-1.712.940.702.181.63-1.33
 380.07Draymond GreenPF/CINJ   GSWPF2012 (Pick 35)32:242091310.2005.0000057.2+2-2.29-1.501.314.040.10-1.27-
 49-0.04Kevon LooneyC  GSWC2015 (Pick 30)30:25709302.75041.0001249.9+7-1.52-1.501.31-0.38-2.752.671.410.54-0.12
 81-0.40Jordan PoolePG/SG  GSW 2019 (Pick 28)33:301844300.462131.00023223.4+10.172.20-0.76-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.601.09-1.33
 82-0.41Anthony LambSF/PF  GSW 202023:401024100.5717.00000313.8+6-1.060.35-0.76-1.27-2.75-1.270.740.002.31
 133-1.00Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSG2011 (Pick 11)29:27925110.23113.50021223.5+3-1.210.35-0.35-1.270.10-1.27-4.77-1.641.09
 149-1.12Donte DiVincenzoPG/SG  GSW 2018 (Pick 17)15:36001300.0001.0000136.0+3-2.59-1.50-2.01-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.700.001.09
 164-1.51Jonathan KumingaPF/C  GSW 2021 (Pick 7)4:19002000.0003.00002053.9-1-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.070.00-0.12
   Andre Iguodala   GSW 2004 (Pick 9)                       
   JaMychal Green   GSW 2012                       
   Ty Jerome   GSW 2019 (Pick 24)                       
   James Wiseman   GSW 2020 (Pick 2)                       
   Moses Moody   GSW 2021 (Pick 14)                       
   Patrick Baldwin   GSW 2022 (Pick 28)                       
   Ryan Rollins   GSW 2022 (Pick 44)                       
  0.00Totals    239:5910615442953.48882.786141427197.4+
Josh: He continues to post crazy line. We have never seen Mitchell like this before, so I do fear a drop off, but I would be reticent to sell. Turned his anle late. Came back to the game, but so did Rozier.
Kyle: Mitchell sprained his right ankle late in the game, so hopefully he'll be OK. It was a weird sprain, though, as he just turned it too hard on a drive to the hoop. --
Josh: He put it all together here - offense and defense. It's been a slow start
Kyle: Green was dropping dimes left and right with a season-high 13.
Buy Low Josh: Another rough shooting night. There is a large buy low window available here for Garland
Buy Low Kyle: Another poor shooting night, and another opportunity to buy low on his slow start to the season. There are few better buy-low targets to try and steal away.
Stream Kyle: Looney has been playing more of late as the Warriors have pared down their rotation. He's a conditional streamer and worth watching to see if the extra minutes stick.
Josh: Much better and I like seeing minutes over 30. Still, our upside expectation should be capped
Kyle: Poole had a good game, and if he strings a few of these together, the buy-low window will close. Might be worth throwing a low-ball offer for.
Watch Josh: Played over Kuminga. Solid enough for deep leagues to pay attention to.
Kyle: Very deep leagues take not and consider the add as Lamb is a consistent part of the rotation at the moment.
Josh: His upside is what leaves me feeling reluctant to have him as a 12 team must.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Love is in too modest of a role most games to consider him much more than a streamer despite his big nights.
Josh: Another poor shooting night. A buy low, sort of, if you understand he may not end up top 100.
Buy Low Kyle: Thompson isn't worth chasing in H2H with his rest games, but I'd be throwing buy-low offers out in Rotisserie, where it's easier to manage his absences.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He's going to have good games, but the overall output, the negative categories, make him a hard 12 team hold
Sell High Kyle: Coach Bickerstaff has often been the smartest guy in the room, as he showed last year by starting Markkanen at SF, but LeVert is too inconsistent of a performer to be relied on as a big-minutes starter on a winning team. I'd expect him to go to a more limited bench role at some point to serve as the sixth-man. I'd try to sell high before dropping outright in standards, but it may depend on who's available on the wire. I wouldn't be in a rush to drop, either, but contemplating it.
Kyle: Donte was back, but he didn't feel like shooting much in his return. It's so curious when NBA players are over unselfish.
Droppable Kyle: Not in the rotation.
Droppable Kyle: Not in the rotation.
Kyle: Moody is out of the rotation at the moment. This is a buy-low stretch for very deep dynasty leagues that have stash spots.

SAC 120 @ LAL 114

 31.34De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG2017 (Pick 5)35:3332271220.68419.80053229.4+132.310.350.483.602.94-
 70.63Kevin HuerterSG/SF  SACSG2018 (Pick 19)32:281646232.46213.00013121.8+6-
 160.48Domantas SabonisPF/C  SACC2016 (Pick 11)31:3421010610.600151.00032525.0+100.63-1.501.730.940.10-
 270.24Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF2012 (Pick 7)30:341318211.42971.00062116.4+9-0.60-0.570.90-0.830.100.70-0.653.27-0.12
 50-0.05Terence DavisSG/SF  SAC 201912:421220110.66761.00020123.4-2-0.750.35-2.42-1.270.10-1.271.431.092.31
 96-0.60Chimezie MetuPF/C  SAC 2018 (Pick 49)16:261015010.5008.50021125.9-4-1.06-0.57-0.35-1.710.10-1.270.06-1.641.09
 109-0.78Keegan MurraySF/PF  SACPF2022 (Pick 4)25:41201011.2504.0000138.4+15-2.29-1.50-2.01-1.710.100.70-1.370.001.09
 112-0.79Davion MitchellPG/SG  SAC 2021 (Pick 9)19:34620000.5004.0000018.8-14-1.670.35-2.42-1.71-2.75-
 151-1.13Malik MonkSG  SAC 2017 (Pick 11)20:58801300.42971.00023222.4+4-1.37-1.50-2.01-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.651.09-1.33
 160-1.27Trey LylesPF/C  SAC 2015 (Pick 12)14:30002100.0004.00000011.9-7-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-2.760.002.31
   Alex Len   SAC 2013 (Pick 5)                       
   Matthew Dellavedova   SAC 2013                       
   Richaun Holmes   SAC 2015 (Pick 37)                       
   KZ Okpala   SAC 2019 (Pick 32)                       
   Neemias Queta   SAC 2021 (Pick 39)                       
   Keon Ellis   SAC 2022                       
   Chima Moneke   SAC 2022                       
  0.00Totals    240:00120124027104.51787.857211517193.5+300.
 60.81Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC2012 (Pick 1)34:1124014323.47117.727112230.3-71.09-1.503.39-0.382.944.64-0.56-2.19-0.12
 56-0.12Austin ReavesSG/SF  LAL 202133:041905110.583121.00053122.6+20.32-1.50-0.35-1.270.10-1.271.482.72-1.33
 57-0.13Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  LALSG2018 (Pick 18)33:121921120.57114.50022122.1-140.320.35-2.01-1.272.94-1.271.50-1.64-0.12
 61-0.21Wenyen GabrielPF/C  LALPF201819:088021021.0004.00001411.3+10-1.37-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.752.672.800.001.09
 70-0.30Patrick BeverleyPG/SG  LALPG2009 (Pick 42)26:24513320.2508.00000220.0-3-1.83-0.57-1.18-0.382.94-1.27-2.720.002.31
 87-0.47Damian JonesC  LAL 2016 (Pick 30)7:254020101.0002.00000118.30-1.98-1.50-1.59-1.710.10-1.271.390.002.31
 88-0.49Max ChristieSG  LAL 2022 (Pick 35)16:43724110.4005.50020115.3+8-1.520.35-0.76-1.270.10-1.27-0.67-1.642.31
 95-0.59Russell WestbrookPG  LAL 2008 (Pick 4)34:0321441100.35317.83365520.0-130.632.20-0.763.16-2.75-1.27-3.340.54-3.76
 97-0.60Troy Brown JrSF/PF  LALSF2018 (Pick 15)22:55203020.1676.00000211.4-14-2.29-1.50-1.18-1.712.94-1.27-2.740.002.31
 110-0.79Juan Toscano-AndersonSF/PF  LAL 201912:55513100.6673.00001321.0+1-1.83-0.57-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.270.710.001.09
   LeBron James   LAL 2003 (Pick 1)                       
   Dennis Schroder   LAL 2013 (Pick 17)                       
   Thomas Bryant   LAL 2017 (Pick 42)                       
   Kendrick Nunn   LAL 2018                       
   Matt Ryan NOTE  LAL 2020                       
   Scotty Pippen Jr.   LAL 2022                       
   Cole Swider   LAL 2022                       
  0.00Totals    240:00114104122115.47788.769261422192.2-300.
Kyle: Fox handed out a season-high 12 assists. He's stepped up his production there in recent games after providing only light production there to open the season.
Josh: Had dropped off a little, but this is a nice recovery game and he remains a 12 team guy
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Great bounce-back game after some down performances. Huerter appears to be on the wire in some standard 12-team leagues and should not be. He's OK to treat as a sell-high, but he should be on someone's roster.
Sell High Kyle: Barnes is a streamer and someone to try selling high on when he puts up a good line.
Josh: Let's chalk this one up to variance and not react annd grab him, even if LeBron is out Sunday
Watch Kyle: Reaves had a nice game with a season-high 19 points, but his production is too unreliable most nights to chase beyond conditional streaming.
Josh: Good to havre him back. Scoring should be solid and remains a 12 team guy, just a backend one though
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Walker was back in action and played well. He's worth considering grabbing in standards and should be on someone's roster as at least a streamer while LeBron is out.
Josh: Even with LeBron out, the output is low. He is only a 12 team streamer
Sell High Kyle: Westbrook is producing for fantasy, but the Lakers keep losing. This isn't a sustainable situation for the Lakers, and he will continue to be the scapegoat up until a trade happens or the team decides to potentially bench him once Schroder is healthy.
Buy Low Josh: Rookies struggle early. This is the general rule. But, I would hold him or buy low if I don't have him. Still, I am not as rosy on him as others may be
Buy Low Kyle: Murray will iron things out. I'd be trying to buy low before the damn breaks. Murray's grandmother recently had a stroke while attending his game in Charlotte, and he's been working through that while trying to become a good NBA player. It could be a coincidence, but his production did drop off after that game. -- His dad shared this news on Twitter:
Hold Josh: A soft hold for me. Minutes are down in this game
Hold 12 teams Kyle: I'd be holding Monk through Sunday's game at least most places with how well he played in previous games, but this was a stinker with modest minutes as coach Brown is successfully shuffling the rotation of late, helping the Kings win five or their last seven games.