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<April 2023>
box scoreHOU 112@ CHA 1096:00 pm
HOU by 5.5 o/u 230.0HOU 118 @ CHA 112
box scoreMIA 108@ WAS 1146:00 pm
MIA by 4.0 o/u 217.5MIA 111 @ WAS 107
box scoreDET 122@ IND 1156:00 pm
IND by 6.0 o/u 232.5DET 113 @ IND 119
box scoreORL 84@ BKN 1016:30 pm
BKN by 9.5 o/u 221.0ORL 106 @ BKN 115Blowout
box scoreTOR 102@ BOS 1216:30 pm
TOR by 2.0 o/u 223.0TOR 112 @ BOS 110Blowout
box scorePHI 136@ ATL 1316:30 pm
ATL by 11.5 o/u 235.5PHI 112 @ ATL 124
box scoreMEM 137@ MIL 1147:00 pm
MEM by 8.5 o/u 230.5MEM 120 @ MIL 111Blowout
box scoreNYK 105@ NOR 1137:00 pm
NOR by 8.0 o/u 223.5NYK 108 @ NOR 116
box scoreCHI 115@ DAL 1127:30 pm
DAL by 2.0 o/u 216.0CHI 107 @ DAL 109
box scoreGSW 119@ SAC 979:00 pm
GSW by 11.0 o/u 233.5GSW 122 @ SAC 111Blowout
box scorePHO 107@ LAL 1219:30 pm
LAL by 13.5 o/u 225.0PHO 106 @ LAL 119

Central Standard Time

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HOU 112 @ CHA 109

 190.67Alperen SengunC  HOUC31:3414121321.4449.83364419.8+5-0.45-0.586.29-0.363.070.67-0.630.54-2.55
 300.41Tari EasonSF/PF  HOU 24:07707232.33391.00012418.9-3-1.53-1.520.48-0.816.002.64-2.050.54-0.11
 330.39Kevin PorterPGQ  HOUPG37:372623520.53813.833123522.6+61.410.36-1.180.533.07-1.300.841.08-1.33
 580.02Jabari Smith JrPF/C  HOUPF33:071312113.54511.00003316.9+6-0.60-0.58-1.60-
 70-0.09Kenyon Martin Jr.SF/PF  HOUSF39:031406320.70010.00021112.1+3-0.45-1.520.06-0.363.07-1.302.94-4.351.10
 111-0.47Jalen GreenSG  HOUSG38:492633610.40922.71473128.9-11.411.30-1.180.970.14-1.30-2.61-1.64-1.33
 161-0.79Boban MarjanovicC  HOU 6:484020001.0002.00000211.7+4-1.99-1.52-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.301.420.002.32
 170-0.85Usman GarubaPF/C  HOU 9:21202001.3333.00000312.8-6-2.30-1.52-1.60-1.69-2.790.67-0.700.002.32
 194-1.01Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 19:34602102.30010.00002024.5+1-1.68-1.52-1.60-1.25-2.792.64-2.740.00-0.11
   Jae'Sean Tate INJ   HOU                        
   D.J. Augustin   HOU                        
   Frank Kaminsky   HOU                        
   Daishen Nix   HOU                        
   TyTy Washington   HOU                        
   Trevor Hudgins   HOU                        
   Darius Days   HOU                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011274821119.47289.750281823168.1+
 51.40Theo MaledonPG/SG  CHAPG38:132241851.53315.66734421.8+10.792.24-2.011.8611.860.670.86-1.09-2.55
 230.60Mark WilliamsC  CHAC26:3012013011.71471.00020312.2-6-0.76-1.522.97-1.690.140.672.191.092.32
 430.24Kai JonesPF/C  CHA 20:001010123.44491.00012123.5+1-1.07-0.58-2.43-
 90-0.28J.T. ThorSF/PF  CHAPF28:001025101.33361.00041012.8-4-1.070.36-0.35-1.25-2.790.67-1.372.171.10
 108-0.44Nick RichardsC  CHA 21:30607102.5002.6676028.9+3-1.68-1.520.48-1.25-2.792.640.00-2.182.32
 118-0.49Bryce McGowensSG/SF  CHASF35:051615210.40015.75041120.8+4-0.14-0.58-0.35-0.810.14-1.30-1.98-0.551.10
 142-0.65Svi MykhailiukSG/SF  CHASG31:072555510.38121.66765337.8-21.253.18-0.350.530.14-1.30-3.33-2.18-3.76
 171-0.85Kobi SimmonsPG  CHA 2:22001001.0000.000000 +1-2.61-1.52-2.01-1.69-2.790.67-
 202-1.06Xavier SneedSF  CHA 11:17201100.3333.00000210.9-5-2.30-1.52-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.700.002.32
 236-1.81James BouknightPG/SG  CHA 25:56603300.30010.00014522.9-8-1.68-1.52-1.18-0.36-2.79-1.30-2.74-2.18-2.55
   PJ Washington INJ   CHA                        
   Kelly Oubre INJ   CHA                        
   Terry Rozier INJ   CHA                        
   Gordon Hayward INJ   CHA                        
   LaMelo Ball X  CHA                        
   Dennis Smith Jr. Q  CHA                        
   Cody Martin X  CHA                        
  0.00Totals   240:00109134122109.43288.741271721171.6-
Josh: I doubt Smith plays Sunday so Theo remains a good option
Kyle: Maledon was great here, and we shouldn't be expecting Smith back for the finale Sunday, keeping Maledon as a nice option to close the season.
Josh: Back inside the top 20 over the last week. His role next season is one to watch
Kyle: Sengun pulled down a career-high 21 rebounds, and with the recent news that the Rockets will be looking for a new coach this offseaon, that should only be a good thing for Sengun for dynasty next season.
Josh: He should start again Sunday
Maybe Add Kyle: Mark should be starting again Sunday and is fine to use for the finale.
Josh: Back to lowish minutes but the defense was still strong and worth looking at for Sunday
Josh: After two games uner 30 minutes, he played tons here and was solid. His ft% is an issue, but should be rostered
Josh: I wonder if they hold him out Sunday. I think he might play because Washington will be out
Kyle: Richards was OK here, but if the rest pattern holds, he'll be out Sunday, so this isn't anything to chase.
Josh: Two solid games in a row and if bunches of guys are out Sunday across other teams, McGownes could push into 12 team land
Kyle: McGowens is at least worth considering for use in deeper leagues Sunday.
Josh: Been an elite add over the last few weeks
Maybe Add Kyle: Use Svi as needed for Sunday.
Josh: Back to being terrible after a couple of good games.

MIA 108 @ WAS 114

 400.30Jamal CainSFGLG  MIA 30:361217111.50081.00030412.3+18-0.76-0.580.48-
 560.05Victor OladipoSG/SFX  MIA 25:593071421.45824.25043444.5+182.035.06-
 95-0.32Haywood HighsmithPF  MIASF32:421019312.36411.50023318.3-12-1.07-0.581.31-0.360.142.64-2.02-1.63-1.33
 103-0.40Cody ZellerCP  MIAC21:511705100.800101.00013324.8-240.02-1.52-0.35-1.25-2.79-1.304.360.54-1.33
 104-0.41Omer YurtsevenC  MIA 17:121026200.5717.00001518.7+16-1.070.360.06-0.81-2.79-1.300.770.001.10
 120-0.50Gabe VincentPG/SG  MIAPG22:01602810.30010.00000118.3-24-1.68-1.52-1.601.860.14-1.30-2.740.002.32
 144-0.66Max StrusSG/SF  MIASG25:521133200.40010.00001217.1-24-0.911.30-1.18-0.81-2.79-1.30-1.320.001.10
 177-0.88Caleb MartinSF/PFQ  MIA 19:58404210.2508.00001018.10-1.99-1.52-0.77-0.810.14-1.30-2.770.001.10
 197-1.03Duncan RobinsonSG/SF/PF  MIAPF27:36515110.2508.00003616.0-12-1.84-0.58-0.35-1.250.14-1.30-2.770.00-1.33
 200-1.05Orlando RobinsonPFGLG  MIA 16:13305200.5002.5002119.6+14-2.15-1.52-0.35-0.81-2.79-1.300.00-1.631.10
   Jimmy Butler   MIA                        
   Bam Adebayo   MIA                        
   Tyler Herro D  MIA                        
   Kyle Lowry   MIA                        
   Kevin Love   MIA                        
   Udonis Haslem   MIA                        
   Nikola Jovic   MIA                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010815472674.43998.583121629197.8-300.
 200.66Daniel GaffordCQ  WASC24:372208401.900101.00042322.9+240.79-1.520.890.08-2.790.675.782.17-0.11
 73-0.12Corey KispertSG/SF  WASSF34:021933101.417121.00062020.0+40.331.30-1.18-1.25-2.790.67-1.303.26-0.11
 74-0.14Delon WrightPG/SGQ  WASPG20:341107400.57171.00030016.6+18-0.91-1.520.480.08-2.79-1.300.771.632.32
 83-0.23Jay HuffCQ  WAS 23:231314201.57171.00042518.8-18-0.60-0.58-0.77-0.81-2.790.670.772.17-0.11
 91-0.29Xavier CooksPF  WAS 22:021009030.8005.33361316.0-22-1.07-1.521.31-1.696.00-1.302.17-7.621.10
 156-0.76Jordan GoodwinPG  WAS 19:45609400.3339.00001020.7+7-1.68-1.521.310.08-2.79-1.30-
 159-0.79Johnny DavisSG/SF  WASSG37:471624110.35020.00002323.8+12-0.140.36-0.77-1.250.14-1.30-4.050.00-0.11
 190-0.99Kendrick NunnPG/SG  WAS 16:24712300.16761.00042124.4-9-1.53-0.58-1.60-0.36-2.79-1.30-2.792.17-0.11
 196-1.02Anthony GillPF/C  WASPF19:18403200.4005.00001112.7+25-1.99-1.52-1.18-0.81-2.79-1.30-0.670.001.10
 237-2.11Quenton JacksonSG  WAS 22:08601200.0003.600103219.2-11-1.68-1.52-2.01-0.81-2.79-1.30-2.12-5.45-1.33
   Bradley Beal   WAS                        
   Kristaps Porzingis   WAS                        
   Kyle Kuzma INJ   WAS                        
   Deni Avdija   WAS                        
   Monte Morris Q  WAS                        
   Taj Gibson   WAS                        
   Isaiah Todd   WAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:001147502343.46484.784371618195.2+300.
Kyle: Gafford had another nice scoring performance on ridiculous efficiency, and he seems OK to throw in the lineup for Sunday, but don't be surprised if he gets rested.
Josh: Heat are locked in at 7, so Cain could play well again Sunday
Kyle: Cain got big minutes and had a useful line. He's worth considering for use Sunday if the Heat roll out their reserves again.
Josh: Hmm. Given he isn't in their regular rotation, he could play Sunday and be strong
Kyle: Oladipo scored a season-high 30 points and is worth considering as a streamer Sunday if the Heat rest their core again.
Josh: Better game but as usual it's all scoring
Kyle: Wright was back in action and started but only played limited minutes, making it hard to justify chasing him beyond deeper leagues for Sunday.
Josh: He continues to put up good numbers and he can be a 12 team option
Josh: Maybe a stream guy Sunday if players rest again
Kyle: If the Heat rest their main guys Sunday, Highsmith could be a good stream option, but I wouldn't be chasing until we know the rest situation.
Josh: I expect he starts again Sunday
Josh: I think he could rest Sunday
Josh: Got hurt by Wright returning, so not as secure of an add
Josh: So many minutes and shots. I think he is a solid guy for Sunday
Maybe Add Kyle: Davis is a nice upside stream for Sunday with the big minutes he's been playing to close the season.
Kyle: The Heat don't have anything to play for Sunday, so don't be surprised if Butler is rested again.
Kyle: Bam might be looking at another rest to close the season Sunday.

DET 122 @ IND 115

 11.91Killian HayesPG/SG  DETSG39:522834641.474191.00071424.3+61.721.30-0.770.978.930.67-0.513.801.10
 270.53Cory JosephPG/SG  DET 32:321843520.50014.00001519.3+140.172.24-1.180.533.07-1.300.140.001.10
 320.39Jared RhodenSG  DET 34:081026121.4449.00000311.1+18-1.070.360.06-
 350.35Jaden IveyPG/SG  DETPG42:052935920.45020.800104328.3-61.871.30-0.352.303.07-1.30-1.21-0.01-2.55
 540.06Jalen DurenPF/C  DETC22:5710010012.8336.00004518.3+4-1.07-1.521.72-1.690.142.642.890.00-2.55
 80-0.22R.J. HamptonPG/SG  DETSF31:591006211.45511.00001215.7+2-1.07-1.520.06-0.810.140.67-0.600.001.10
 160-0.79Marvin Bagley IIIPF/C  DET 22:501415101.4449.71472025.9+6-0.45-0.58-0.35-1.25-2.790.67-0.63-1.64-0.11
 208-1.10James WisemanC RETDETPF7:31303000.5002.50020116.1-14-2.15-1.52-1.18-1.69-2.79-1.300.00-1.632.32
 210-1.12Buddy BoeheimSG  DET 6:06000000.0000.000001 +5-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
   Bojan Bogdanovic X  DET                        
   Isaiah Stewart X  DET                        
   Cade Cunningham X  DET                        
   Alec Burks X  DET                        
   Rodney McGruder INJ   DET                        
   Isaiah Livers Q  DET                        
   Hamidou Diallo X  DET                        
   Eugene Omoruyi Q  DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:00122134224126.48990.808261324158.9+350.
 260.56Isaiah JacksonPF/C  INDC29:221507013.700101.00012317.8+8-0.29-1.520.48-1.690.144.602.940.54-0.11
 470.17Buddy HieldSG/SF  IND 21:482256210.50014.75042134.2-180.793.180.06-0.810.14-1.300.14-0.55-0.11
 77-0.17Gabe YorkPG  IND 29:28825310.28671.00020211.2-6-1.380.36-0.35-0.360.14-1.30-
 106-0.43Jordan NworaSF/PF  INDSF24:571316300.46213.00000321.9+15-0.60-0.580.06-0.36-2.79-1.30-0.580.002.32
 112-0.48Andrew NembhardPG/SG  INDPG30:0512041000.62581.00024118.0+10-0.76-1.52-0.772.74-2.79-1.301.491.09-2.55
 117-0.49George HillPG/SG  IND 17:55911500.60051.00021116.1-17-1.22-0.58-2.010.53-2.79-1.300.751.091.10
 146-0.68Bennedict MathurinSG/SF  INDSG38:351604320.40010.800105521.1+4-0.14-1.52-0.77-0.363.07-1.30-1.32-0.01-3.76
 155-0.76James JohnsonPF/C  IND 18:38606110.5006.00003220.3-15-1.68-1.520.06-1.250.14-1.300.050.00-1.33
 181-0.90Aaron NesmithSG/SF LRINDPF17:251022100.4449.00010422.8+3-1.070.36-1.60-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.63-2.182.32
 227-1.22Oshae BrissettSF/PF  IND 11:47401110.0001.66762020.1-19-1.99-1.52-2.01-1.250.14-1.30-0.72-2.18-0.11
   Myles Turner Q  IND                        
   Tyrese Haliburton   IND                        
   T.J. McConnell   IND                        
   Jalen Smith Q  IND                        
   Chris Duarte INJ   IND                        
   Daniel Theis   IND                        
   Kendall Brown X  IND                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011511422973.49483.786281922203.4-350.
Josh: What a game! Make sure he is rostered
Kyle: Hayes emerged from his recent slumber with a big game. He's fine to use Sunday, but even in big minutes, he can disappoint, so this isn't something I'd put too much hope in duplicating.
Josh: Helps that Smith was out, but Jackson needs to be rostered
Maybe Add Kyle: Jackson started and had a great game. He's worth considering adding for Sunday if you need blocks.
Josh: Keeps putting his hand up to be a 12 team stream guy with these minutes
Josh: Hield is playing and playing well, but they are keeping him to low minutes. Still worth using
Josh: Started but did have foul trouble. He remains a guy for Sunday
Josh: Do we dare look at him for Sunday? I doubt itin 12 team leagues
Josh: I think he could start again Sunday, but he isn't an awesome option
Kyle: Hampton got a start with good minutes and was OK, but his opportunity is conditional on Livers and Omoruyi being out, so I wouldn't b chasing hard.
Josh: Even with guys out, he isn't wowing me as a 12 team team cat guy in the future. Still want him for Sunday
Josh: Off the bench and it may be the case again Sunday, but he is at least an option for Sunday.
Kyle: Bagles was back from his concussion but came off the bench in shorter run and is just a conditional streamer for Sunday.
Josh: Returned after a locker room trip, but saw few minutes after that. If you want to drop, with Bagley back, do it.
Kyle: Really low minutes after a trip to the locker room. It's hard to trust the Pistons' frontcourt minutes for Sunday, so there may be better options for an active spot.
Josh: I think he might be done

ORL 84 @ BKN 101Blowout

 370.34Goga BitadzeC  ORLC25:2312015111.71471.00023317.8-1-0.76-1.523.80-
 113-0.48Caleb HoustanSF  ORL 25:56312111.3333.0000106.4-15-2.15-0.58-1.60-
 122-0.52Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORLSG17:45701510.42971.00011119.8-8-1.53-1.52-2.010.530.14-1.30-0.650.541.10
 139-0.60Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLPF24:031205010.364111.00042125.5-1-0.76-1.52-0.35-1.690.14-1.30-2.022.17-0.11
 143-0.66Cole AnthonyPG  ORLPG29:511429600.37516.00003126.5+1-0.450.361.310.97-2.79-1.30-2.680.00-1.33
 154-0.76Bol BolPF/C  ORL 17:34304013.1119.50021225.7-15-2.15-1.52-0.77-1.690.144.60-4.89-1.631.10
 164-0.81Kevon HarrisSG/SF  ORL 23:191013001.5006.75042417.4-4-1.07-0.58-1.18-1.69-2.790.670.05-0.55-0.11
 180-0.90Michael Carter-WilliamsPG  ORL 13:58605100.33361.00021123.5-4-1.68-1.52-0.35-1.25-2.79-1.30-1.371.091.10
 186-0.96Chuma OkekePF  ORL 25:23516310.2229.00003119.7-15-1.84-0.580.06-0.360.14-1.30-3.470.00-1.33
 201-1.06Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLSF18:40715000.22291.00021124.2-7-1.53-0.58-0.35-1.69-2.79-1.30-3.471.091.10
 228-1.23Admiral SchofieldSF/PF  ORL 18:08512000.5004.00003416.0-16-1.84-0.58-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.300.030.00-1.33
   Paolo Banchero   ORL                        
   Wendell Carter Jr.   ORL                        
   Moritz Wagner Q  ORL                        
   Jonathan Isaac X  ORL                        
   Gary Harris   ORL                        
   Jay Scrubb Q  ORL                        
  0.00Totals   240:00847571766.35687.882172119222.5-850.
 71.02Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKNC34:1814015221.66791.00021013.8+20-0.45-1.523.80-0.813.070.672.211.091.10
 120.87Cam JohnsonSF/PF  BKNSF32:041815140.467151.00031023.6+120.17-0.58-0.35-1.258.93-1.30-0.561.631.10
 60-0.01Seth CurryPG/SG  BKN 15:051331110.66761.00021122.8+3-0.601.30-2.01-1.250.14-1.301.471.091.10
 82-0.23Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  BKNPG35:316071410.182111.00021315.8+8-1.68-1.520.484.520.14-1.30-4.861.091.10
 92-0.29Royce O'NealeSG/SF  BKN 27:08625320.2229.00001216.1+15-1.680.36-0.35-0.363.07-1.30-3.470.001.10
 109-0.46Joe HarrisSG/SF  BKN 13:20611110.25041.00030017.4+4-1.68-0.58-2.01-1.250.14-1.30-1.391.632.32
 119-0.50Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF  BKNPF22:22512011.4005.00001111.7+4-1.84-0.58-1.60-1.690.140.67-0.670.001.10
 121-0.51Day'Ron SharpePF/C  BKN 10:006000011.00021.00020112.60-1.68-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.790.671.421.092.32
 176-0.88Mikal BridgesSG/SF  BKNSG36:502215220.29224.77893136.7+140.79-0.58-0.35-0.813.07-1.30-6.84-0.55-1.33
 179-0.89David DukeSG/SF  BKN 2:364000001.0002.00000033.6+1-1.99-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.301.420.002.32
 192-1.00Dru SmithSG  BKN 2:36001300.0001.00000216.8+1-2.61-1.52-2.01-0.36-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 218-1.15Yuta WatanabeSF/PF  BKN 2:36001000.0001.00000016.8+1-2.61-1.52-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 221-1.19Edmond SumnerPG/SG  BKN 5:34102000.0000.5002016.9+2-2.46-1.52-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.02-1.632.32
   Ben Simmons X  BKN                        
   Cam Thomas   BKN                        
   Patty Mills   BKN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010194527143.39389.88025912244.5+850.
Josh: I think he is in a good spot for value on Sunday
Watch Kyle: Goga started with the Magic resting several guys, and if Carter is out again for the finale, Bitadze could be a nice stream for Sunday.
Kyle: DFS was back in action and starting but didn't do much.
Josh: I think he plays a big role Sunday
Josh: Not sure why he played and then played low minutes. I'd be very wary of his role Sunday
Kyle: Fultz was back in action but only played short minutes, making it hard to trust his run for Sunday. I'd be OK dropping for someone whose minutes seem more certain.
Josh: Hard to see him play Sunday, but who knows.
Kyle: Franz left with a sprained ankle, and there's no reason for the Magic to play him Sunday, so I'd be OK dropping for a more concrete option.
Josh: After his rest yesterday, he saw lots of minutes and played well. I'm 50/50 on his status for next game
Kyle: It's hard to trust Cole will be available, but he's a fine stream option for Sunday if he is and others are resting.
Josh: Wow, what a drop from yesterday. I think he does better Sunday
Josh: He is brutalising fg% this week as the number one option. I think he does the 5 minute start Sunday as they are locked in to 6 seed.
Josh: I expect him to play a lot Sunday
Josh: Could get a lot of shots Sunday if they rest as I expect.
Josh: The game to game inconsistency with him is wild. Cannot be trusted
Kyle: Ugly game, and with the low minutes here, the Magic rotation could be a mess Sunday, so I'd be reluctant to use Suggs.
Josh: Loosk to be a useful Sunday guy as I think the Nets sits most guys

TOR 102 @ BOS 121Blowout

 90.94Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF29:431913240.533151.00021325.1-170.33-0.58-1.18-0.818.93-1.300.861.091.10
 420.26Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 23:311617010.600101.00030321.3-9-0.14-0.580.48-1.690.14-1.301.521.632.32
 66-0.06Fred VanVleetPG  TORPG31:061220820.273111.00042321.0-12-0.760.36-2.431.863.07-1.30-3.442.17-0.11
 89-0.28Will BartonSG/SF  TOR 15:56714020.3339.00000125.0-13-1.53-0.58-0.77-1.693.07-1.30-
 129-0.56Dalano BantonPG/SG  TOR 3:3210220001.0004.00010055.6+5-1.070.36-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.302.87-2.182.32
 145-0.67Jakob PoeltlC  TORC21:23307010.3333.5002038.0-12-2.15-1.520.48-1.690.14-1.30-0.70-1.632.32
 153-0.73O.G. AnunobySG/SF  TORSF30:40712110.30010.00000014.4-18-1.53-0.58-1.60-1.250.14-1.30-2.740.002.32
 165-0.81Gary TrentPG/SG  TOR 21:22903310.40010.50021124.6-13-1.22-1.52-1.18-0.360.14-1.30-1.32-1.631.10
 169-0.84Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 6:234001001.0002.00000113.9+6-1.99-1.52-2.43-1.25-2.79-1.301.420.002.32
 173-0.86Christian KolokoC  TOR 6:232012001.0001.0000006.9+6-2.30-1.52-2.01-0.81-2.79-1.300.700.002.32
 178-0.88Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 15:43514001.2867.00001022.5-13-1.84-0.58-0.77-1.69-2.790.67-
 214-1.12Joe WieskampSG/SF  TOR 0:56000000.0000.000000 +5-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
 217-1.14Ron Harper Jr.SG/SFGLG TOR 3:32000100.0001.00000012.5+5-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 225-1.21Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORSG29:48802301.30010.66732219.8-15-1.38-1.52-1.60-0.36-2.790.67-2.74-1.09-0.11
   Thaddeus Young   TOR                        
   Otto Porter X  TOR                        
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   TOR                        
  0.00Totals   239:5810293521122.43093.76517717270.7-950.
 240.57Robert WilliamsC  BOSC25:01809223.8005.00012212.8+15-1.38-1.521.31-0.813.074.602.17-2.18-0.11
 390.31Payton PritchardPG  BOS 24:082244500.64314.00001126.8+130.792.24-0.770.53-2.79-1.302.980.001.10
 410.30Al HorfordPF/C  BOSPF27:331135303.5008.00001214.1+16-0.911.30-0.35-0.36-2.794.600.070.001.10
 450.22Sam HauserSF/PF  BOSSG36:472665200.62516.00003022.3+121.414.12-0.35-0.81-2.79-1.303.010.00-1.33
 62-0.03Blake GriffinPF/C  BOS 19:21313511.5002.0000044.5+9-2.15-0.58-1.180.530.140.670.000.002.32
 93-0.32Mike MuscalaC  BOS 22:111117100.50081.00020017.3+4-0.91-0.580.48-1.25-2.79-1.300.071.092.32
 124-0.54Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOSPG27:5612061010.5717.80056123.5+11-0.76-1.520.062.740.14-1.300.770.00-4.98
 151-0.71Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSSF19:562103400.58312.77893241.0+230.63-1.52-1.180.08-2.79-1.301.54-0.55-1.33
 172-0.85Luke KornetC  BOS 8:45403100.5004.00000119.7-6-1.99-1.52-1.18-1.25-2.79-1.300.030.002.32
 195-1.02J.D. DavisonPG  BOS 3:32000200.0000.000000 -5-2.61-1.52-2.43-0.81-2.79-1.30-
 213-1.12Justin ChampagnieSG/SF  BOS 3:32000000.0000.000001 -5-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
 219-1.15Mfiondu KabengeleC  BOS 3:32001000.0001.00000012.2-5-2.61-1.52-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 235-1.42Grant WilliamsSF/PF  BOS 17:44307200.0004.75043021.3+13-2.15-1.520.48-0.81-2.79-1.30-2.81-0.55-1.33
   Jaylen Brown   BOS                        
   Malcolm Brogdon   BOS                        
   Marcus Smart   BOS                        
   Danilo Gallinari X  BOS                        
  0.00Totals   239:5812115533747.55681.762211914215.5+950.
Josh: Good to see him playing strong minutes, but I doubt he plays next game
Kyle: Don't be surprised if the Celtics rest more of their core Sunday to close the regular season with them locked into the 2 spot.
Josh: I think he is shaping as a stream guy for Sunday
Kyle: Pritchard was back in action and played well with several players out. He's worth watching for conditional use, but this isn't something to chase.
Josh: He could be in a good spot Sunday if others rest
Maybe Add Josh: Should do a lot Sunday
Watch Kyle: Hauser could be a nice stream option again Sunday if the Celtics are resting several guys.
Josh: Surely these guys will rest Sunday
Kyle: White appears to be trying to play in all 82 games, so he could be a safe option Sunday even with the Celtics locked into the 2 spot.
Josh: Surely his regular season is done now
Kyle: Trent could be a great stream Sunday if any other Raptors are rested, but it's hard to get excited based on his last couple games.
Josh: A name to watch for Sunday if they rest guys as expected.
Josh: I think he could get big minutes Sunday if others rest

PHI 136 @ ATL 131

 41.53Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  PHIPF43:3224211331.471171.00061218.6+151.100.362.14-0.366.000.67-0.533.261.10
 280.45Georges NiangSF/PF  PHISF31:212456210.692131.00014021.9+
 500.14Paul ReedPF/C  PHIC24:371008120.66761.00022314.2+16-1.07-1.520.89-1.253.07-1.301.471.09-0.11
 530.10Danuel HouseSF  PHI 36:192213310.54511.900102418.8+30.79-0.58-1.18-0.360.14-1.300.822.71-0.11
 590.01Jaden SpringerSG/SF  PHISG34:091922311.61513.50022618.3+60.330.36-1.60-0.360.140.672.26-1.63-0.11
 135-0.59Montrezl HarrellPF/C  PHI 13:4911010010.7147.33332029.4-4-0.91-1.521.72-1.690.14-1.302.19-3.81-0.11
 175-0.87Furkan KorkmazSG/SF  PHI 16:47202210.1676.00000114.1-4-2.30-1.52-1.60-0.810.14-1.30-2.790.002.32
 187-0.97Shake MiltonPG/SG  PHIPG42:3915041600.318221.00014424.4+12-0.29-1.52-0.775.41-2.79-1.30-5.450.54-2.55
 207-1.10Mac McClungPG  PHI 7:49511000.33331.00022029.6-11-1.84-0.58-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.701.09-0.11
 230-1.28Dewayne DedmonC  PHI 13:58405300.5004.00021216.6-9-1.99-1.52-0.35-0.36-2.79-1.300.03-4.351.10
   Joel Embiid   PHI                        
   Tyrese Maxey   PHI                        
   James Harden   PHI                        
   Tobias Harris   PHI                        
   De'Anthony Melton   PHI                        
   P.J. Tucker   PHI                        
   Louis King   PHI                        
  0.00Totals   265:00136115233102.500102.793292022205.8+
 110.92Trae YoungPG  ATLPG42:4227132040.50014.857149028.9+101.56-0.58-
 65-0.06De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATLSF27:261414110.545111.00010317.6-9-0.45-0.58-0.77-1.250.14-1.300.820.542.32
 68-0.07Jalen JohnsonPF/C  ATL 19:37605432.3758.00022423.5+6-1.68-1.52-0.350.086.002.64-1.35-4.35-0.11
 71-0.11John CollinsPF/C  ATLPF32:161938001.58312.66732420.1-140.331.300.89-1.69-2.790.671.54-1.09-0.11
 85-0.24Onyeka OkongwuC  ATL 20:301008002.6258.00002320.6+8-1.07-1.520.89-1.69-2.792.641.490.00-0.11
 86-0.25Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLSG40:211901410.563161.00012219.3-230.33-1.52-
 87-0.26Saddiq BeySF/PF  ATL 27:261533100.54511.00000217.00-0.291.30-1.18-1.25-2.79-1.300.820.002.32
 107-0.44Clint CapelaC  ATLC32:291204112.8336.33360111.2-13-0.76-1.52-0.77-
 114-0.49Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF  ATL 18:11922110.50061.00012019.6+9-1.220.36-1.60-1.250.14-1.300.050.54-0.11
 229-1.25Aaron HolidayPG  ATL 4:02000000.0000.00001010.5+1-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
   Bruno Fernando   ATL                        
   Garrison Mathews   ATL                        
   Trent Forrest   ATL                        
   Vit Krejci   ATL                        
   A.J. Griffin   ATL                        
   Tyrese Martin   ATL                        
   Donovan Williams   ATL                        
  0.00Totals   265:00131103832117.55492.679282019188.3-
Josh: Solid stream guy for Sunday
Kyle: Watch Jalen for conditional use Sunday if the Sixers have their main guys out again.
Kyle: Niang played well in his spot start and is worth watching for use Sunday if the Sixers rest their core again.
Josh: I would add for Sunday
Kyle: Reed was good in a spot start and could be looking at another Sunday, so he's worth considering if Embiid is out again.
Josh: I think he is going to be interesting in dynasty, but also for Sunday
Watch Kyle: Springer is a conditional streamer IF the Sixers are resting a bunch of guys again.
Kyle: Hunter returned to action and was OK but isn't worth chasing beyond use in deeper leagues for Sunday.
Josh: He continues to impress. I thionk he could start Sunday.
Kyle: Johnson has been shining under coach Snyder and could be making a big enough impression to be looking at a much better role next season for dynasty.
Josh: Good minutes after some down games. Rest incoming surely.
Kyle: Bey was back in a more limited bench role with Hunter healthy and starting.
Josh: An ex\cellent option for Sunday
Kyle: If Harden and Maxey are out Sunday, Milton would be a nice stream option. His 16 assists were a career-high.
Josh: DNP, but I expect big minutes Sunday

MEM 137 @ MIL 114Blowout

 21.64John KoncharSG/SF  MEM 29:471317350.7508.00000211.7+10-0.60-0.580.48-0.3611.86-1.302.910.002.32
 31.56Jaren Jackson Jr.PF/C  MEMC27:023654213.66718.87583339.6+82.953.18-0.77-0.810.144.604.451.62-1.33
 250.57Luke KennardSG/SFQ  MEMSF32:151954500.7789.00000212.2+210.333.18-0.770.53-2.79-1.303.630.002.32
 310.40Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEM 17:54807221.5717.00000117.1+13-1.38-1.520.48-0.813.070.670.770.002.32
 61-0.01Desmond BaneSG/SF  MEMSG31:201648600.50012.00002319.5+11-
 64-0.03Tyus JonesPG  MEM 22:161020910.4449.00000117.7+10-1.070.36-2.432.300.14-1.30-0.630.002.32
 132-0.58Dillon BrooksSG/SFNOTE  MEMPF31:091114201.308131.00020319.5+19-0.91-0.58-0.77-0.81-2.790.67-3.421.092.32
 166-0.81David RoddySF/PF  MEM 15:45401201.5004.00001113.9+2-1.99-1.52-2.01-0.81-2.790.670.030.001.10
 185-0.96Vince WilliamsSF  MEM 2:38310000.5002.00000133.2+4-2.15-0.58-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.300.000.002.32
 188-0.97Kenny Lofton Jr.PF  MEM 3:043110001.0001.00001228.5+2-2.15-0.58-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.300.700.001.10
 215-1.12Kennedy ChandlerPG  MEM 2:38202000.5002.00001026.6+4-2.30-1.52-1.60-1.69-2.79-1.300.000.001.10
 226-1.22Ja MorantPG RETMEMPG24:121206800.6258.40054125.7+11-0.76-1.520.061.86-2.79-1.301.49-5.44-2.55
   Steven Adams X  MEM                        
   Brandon Clarke X  MEM                        
   Santi Aldama   MEM                        
   Ziaire Williams   MEM                        
   Jake LaRavia INJ   MEM                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013720443996.57093.733151220265.2+1150.
 100.92Jae CrowderSF/PF  MILPF24:042441020.83312.00001222.4-151.102.24-2.01-1.693.07-1.305.800.001.10
 340.36MarJon BeauchampSG/SF/PF  MILSF43:051336422.250121.00043216.1-18-0.601.300.
 510.13Lindell WiggintonPG/SG  MILPG41:0225451101.500201.00015325.7-271.252.24-0.353.19-2.790.670.210.54-3.76
 98-0.34Jevon CarterPG/SG  MIL 21:30932410.30010.00000019.3-13-1.221.30-1.600.080.14-1.30-2.740.002.32
 116-0.49Goran DragicPG/SG  MIL 25:331446400.364111.00023024.1-6-0.452.240.060.08-2.79-1.30-2.021.09-1.33
 157-0.76AJ GreenSG OUTMILSG14:37622200.3336.00000117.0+3-1.680.36-1.60-0.81-2.79-1.30-1.370.002.32
 174-0.87Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF/PF  MIL 38:031208400.54511.00021314.0-31-0.76-1.520.890.08-2.79-1.300.82-4.351.10
 198-1.04Wesley MatthewsSG/SF  MIL 6:132011001.0001.00001013.3-4-2.30-1.52-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.300.700.001.10
 199-1.04Meyers LeonardC  MILC25:53917000.33391.00023420.6-4-1.22-0.580.48-1.69-2.79-1.30-2.051.09-1.33
   Giannis Antetokounmpo   MIL                        
   Bobby Portis   MIL                        
   Jrue Holiday   MIL                        
   Brook Lopez   MIL                        
   Khris Middleton   MIL                        
   Grayson Allen   MIL                        
   Joe Ingles   MIL                        
   Pat Connaughton   MIL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011421383053.45792.818111715172.6-1150.
Josh: No way he plays Sunday
Josh: I wonder if he is part of the rests coming. I ghuess so
Maybe Add Kyle: Kennard started as the Grizzlies went smaller with Jackson at center, and this is another reason to consider adding Kennard for Sunday, though the Grizzlies could end up resting their vets.
Droppable Kyle: Tillman came off the bench with Kennard starting, so we can't trust much for Sunday's rotation, and I'd be looking elsewhere.
Josh: Big minutes in a meaningless game. Lace 'em up again Sunday
Watch Kyle: Beauchamp is someone to watch for conditional use, not to chase.
Josh: LOL. I think he goes again Sunday.
Watch Kyle: If the Bucks rest all their vets again Sunday, Wigginton could be a nice conditional option.
Josh: Would've played a lot had he not been injured. Keep an eye on his status for Sunday
Josh: Locked in at 2 seed, so he could play a lot Sunday
Josh: Anyone who plays close to 40 minutes has to be a 12 team option for Sunday
Josh: No way he plays Sunday
Kyle: Morant didn't have to play much here once the Grizzlies decided to win the game, and there's a good chance he's rested Sunday or plays short minutes again.
Kyle: Portis was active but didn't play, and he could get the same treatment to close the season Sunday.

NYK 105 @ NOR 113

 440.24Immanuel QuickleyPG/SGQ  NYKPG30:302465210.471171.00023330.801.104.12-0.35-0.810.14-1.30-0.531.09-1.33
 101-0.37R.J. BarrettSG/SF  NYKSF35:432807601.44025.66790136.4-151.72-1.520.480.97-2.790.67-1.86-3.272.32
 105-0.41Quentin GrimesSG/SF  NYKSG32:571442210.45511.00003119.1-5-0.452.24-1.60-0.810.14-1.30-0.600.00-1.33
 110-0.47Evan FournierSG/SF  NYK 15:27821010.4297.00000020.4-7-1.380.36-2.01-1.690.14-1.30-0.650.002.32
 115-0.49Jericho SimsCX  NYK 28:596081001.0003.0000126.2+3-1.68-1.520.89-1.25-2.79-1.302.140.001.10
 123-0.53Obi ToppinPF  NYKPF26:341014110.4449.50020216.7-6-1.07-0.58-0.77-1.250.14-1.30-0.63-1.632.32
 136-0.59Miles McBridePG  NYK 17:30711010.4297.00000018.0-8-1.53-0.58-2.01-1.690.14-1.30-0.650.002.32
 152-0.72Isaiah HartensteinC  NYKC19:01003501.0001.0000154.7-11-2.61-1.52-1.180.53-2.790.67-0.720.001.10
 203-1.08Josh HartSG/SF  NYK 33:19806200.1258.85771316.3+9-1.38-1.520.06-0.81-2.79-1.30-
   Mitchell Robinson   NYK                        
   Jalen Brunson   NYK                        
   Julius Randle INJ   NYK                        
   Derrick Rose   NYK                        
   DaQuan Jeffries   NYK                        
   Duane Washington   NYK                        
   Trevor Keels   NYK                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010514371952.43288.75020917168.6-400.
 80.94Trey MurphySF/PF  NORSF39:033133211.476211.00080230.2+262.181.30-1.18-0.810.140.67-0.494.342.32
 170.71Herb JonesSG/SF/PF  NORSG34:0215144031.0007.00001211.3+4-0.29-0.58-0.770.08-2.794.605.030.001.10
 490.16C.J. McCollumPG/SGNOTE  NORPG38:382345400.53315.75040220.9+290.942.24-0.350.08-2.79-1.300.86-0.552.32
 550.06Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC25:138012103.42971.00022418.8+23-1.38-1.522.55-1.25-2.794.60-0.651.09-0.11
 94-0.32Josh RichardsonSG/SF  NOR 17:33312120.2504.00000011.0-6-2.15-0.58-1.60-1.253.07-1.30-1.390.002.32
 99-0.34Brandon IngramSG/SF/PF  NORPF39:341807710.400151.00065427.5-20.17-1.520.481.410.14-1.30-1.983.26-3.76
 128-0.56Larry Nance Jr.PF/CQ  NOR 22:478041001.0004.00001210.6-15-1.38-1.52-0.77-1.25-2.79-1.302.870.001.10
 149-0.69Naji MarshallSG/SF  NOR 13:48713500.6005.00002124.4+2-1.53-0.58-1.180.53-2.79-1.300.750.00-0.11
 206-1.09Dyson DanielsSG/SF  NOR 9:22003200.0001.00001010.3-21-2.61-1.52-1.18-0.81-2.79-1.30-0.720.001.10
   Zion Williamson INJ   NOR                        
   Jaxson Hayes   NOR                        
   Jose Alvarado INJ   NOR                        
   Garrett Temple   NOR                        
   Willy Hernangomez   NOR                        
   Kira Lewis   NOR                        
   E.J. Liddell X  NOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011310432747.53279.950201217164.9+400.
Josh: Depending on other results today, they could be locked into their seed, so watch for rests Sunday
Josh: Racking big numbers of late and they could still be alive Sunday so he may remain an option.
Kyle: The Pelicans are still fighting to escape play-in tournament, so they should be playing their core Sunday.
Josh: Nance is cutting in again, but the Pels may be one of very few teams to play their main guys Sunday
Josh: 36 minutes off an illness in a nothing game. Only team I think has a chance to play guys Sunday is the team helmed by this maniac.
Kyle: Barrett was back in action after missing the previous game and had a good night. Don't be surprised if he's rested Sunday, though.
Josh: He strong run continues, but I think he is heavuly reduced next game
Maybe Add Kyle: Grimes continues to play well and is worth using Sunday, though it's possible a rest could be coming.
Josh: He is likely the guy I look to Sunday as Hartenstein is a playoff guy and was limited here
Josh: With Barrett back, he struggled a bit. I wonder if he plays Sunday, I think he does.
Kyle: Hartenstein made a spot start with Robinson out but didn't do much with the opportunity.

CHI 115 @ DAL 112

 130.78Patrick WilliamsPF  CHIPF36:412338222.50018.66732225.8+110.941.300.89-0.813.072.640.19-1.09-0.11
 290.41Nikola VucevicC  CHIC27:4420110400.636111.00051122.8-50.48-0.581.720.08-2.79-1.302.242.711.10
 360.34Coby WhitePG/SG  CHISG42:0524271100.588171.00023222.1+161.100.360.483.19-2.79-1.302.311.09-1.33
 97-0.33Ayo DosunmuPG/SG  CHIPG37:361209510.42914.00002118.9+8-0.76-1.521.310.530.14-1.30-1.280.00-0.11
 100-0.36Carlik JonesPG  CHI 15:136211101.0002.0000108.8-1-1.680.36-2.01-1.250.14-1.301.420.001.10
 148-0.68Alex CarusoPG/SG  CHISF17:53711101.7504.00002214.9-2-1.53-0.58-2.01-1.25-2.790.671.450.00-0.11
 168-0.83Dalen TerrySG/SF  CHI 16:19803010.300101.00021332.4-18-1.38-1.52-1.18-1.690.14-1.30-2.741.091.10
 189-0.97Javonte GreenSG/SF  CHI 13:36103010.0002.5002009.4-7-2.46-1.52-1.18-1.690.14-1.30-1.42-1.632.32
 191-0.99Derrick JonesSF/PF  CHI 20:53625001.3336.00020414.7+4-1.680.36-0.35-1.69-2.790.67-1.37-4.352.32
 193-1.00Terry TaylorSF/PFGLG CHI 12:008030001.0004.00020018.1+9-1.38-1.52-1.18-1.69-2.79-1.302.87-4.352.32
   DeMar DeRozan   CHI                        
   Zach LaVine   CHI                        
   Patrick Beverley   CHI                        
   Lonzo Ball X  CHI                        
   Andre Drummond   CHI                        
   Marko Simonovic   CHI                        
   Justin Lewis X  CHI                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011511502464.52388.667181215187.9+
 460.21Frank NtilikinaPG/SG  DALSF33:00713331.28671.00022313.2-1-1.53-0.58-1.18-0.366.000.67-2.071.09-0.11
 570.03Justin HolidaySG/SF  DAL 26:271116321.45511.00011220.8+12-0.91-0.580.06-0.363.070.67-0.60-2.181.10
 72-0.11Markieff MorrisPF/C  DAL 8:071332100.8336.00000232.6+6-0.601.30-1.60-1.25-2.79-1.302.890.002.32
 78-0.19Davis BertansPF/C  DAL 15:161122010.42971.00030124.1+12-0.910.36-1.60-1.690.14-1.30-0.651.632.32
 81-0.22JaVale McGeeC  DAL 7:189120011.0004.00000124.2+13-1.22-0.58-1.60-1.69-2.790.672.870.002.32
 125-0.55Theo PinsonSG/SF  DAL 30:45827310.30010.00002417.2+4-1.380.360.48-0.360.14-1.30-2.740.00-0.11
 133-0.58Reggie BullockSF/PF  DALPF33:37621500.4005.0000016.6-27-1.680.36-2.010.53-2.79-1.30-0.670.002.32
 138-0.60A.J. LawsonSG  DAL 22:331226000.5569.00002021.5-19-0.760.360.06-1.69-2.79-1.300.790.00-0.11
 158-0.77Jaden HardyPG  DALSG16:23934100.3339.00001026.9-2-1.221.30-0.77-1.25-2.79-1.30-
 167-0.82McKinley WrightPG  DAL 23:311312300.42914.00001028.2-17-0.60-0.58-1.60-0.36-2.79-1.30-
 183-0.92Luka DoncicPG/SG  DALPG12:351305300.36411.71470149.4+5-0.60-1.52-0.35-0.36-2.79-1.30-2.02-1.642.32
 184-0.93Dwight PowellC  DALC10:28003100.0000.000000 -1-2.61-1.52-1.18-1.25-2.79-1.30-
   Christian Wood   DAL                        
   Kyrie Irving Q  DAL                        
   Tim Hardaway Jr. Q  DAL                        
   Josh Green Q  DAL                        
   Maxi Kleber Q  DAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011218432373.45293.76913915264.7-
Josh: Filled it up in a big way. A chance he plays Sunday even though they are locked in, but keep an eye on the news.
Maybe Add Kyle: Pat had one of his big games that makes him look a future star, and he could be a great stream option for Sunday if the Bulls have their core out again.
Josh: Surely he doesn't play Sunday?
Josh: The Bulls could play some starters Sunday, for some reason, but White should be an option. Although, is he too good and needs to be rested?
Maybe Add Kyle: White was fantastic and could be in line for another big game Sunday if the Bulls rest their vets again.
Kyle: Frank was decent in a spot start, and he could be solid again Sunday, but I wouldn't be giving him much look beyond deeper leagues.
Josh: They tanked their arse off in this game so Holilday, a bad player, played a lot. Could be an option next game
Watch Kyle: Dosunmu is too inconsistent to chase pointedly, but he's worth considering grabbing Sunday if the Bulls have their main guys out again.
Josh: Tank commander Pinson will play a lot again Sunday
Josh: I hope they let him cook Sunday now they have secured a lottery pick. Should be a stream guy
Stream Kyle: Hardy wasn't good here, but with the Mavs mailing in the final games, Hardy could be a great stream for Sunday.
Josh: I expect more minutes Sunday
Josh: Farewell Luka. Season is done, but is there any chance of a trade demand? This organisation stinks.
Droppable Kyle: He won't play again this season.
Josh: Season over
Josh: Season over.
Josh: Season over
Josh: Season over
Josh: Could he actually play Sunday? It's in play.

GSW 119 @ SAC 97Blowout

 140.75Kevon LooneyC  GSWC29:246016720.7504.0000137.3+17-1.68-1.524.211.413.07-1.301.450.001.10
 150.74Stephen CurryPG  GSWPG32:412537621.57114.85775128.8+331.251.300.480.973.070.671.561.08-3.76
 160.72Donte DiVincenzoPG/SG  GSWSF29:251846910.70010.00002117.4+330.
 210.64Klay ThompsonSG/SF  GSWSG34:302952202.579191.00022127.0+281.873.18-1.60-0.81-2.792.642.331.09-0.11
 84-0.23Gary Payton IIPG/SG  GSW 21:181025002.8005.00003516.0+11-1.070.36-0.35-1.69-2.792.642.170.00-1.33
 102-0.39Jonathan KumingaPF/C  GSW 19:091521100.8005.83361119.2-15-0.290.36-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.302.170.541.10
 127-0.56Draymond GreenPF/C  GSWPF33:17405512.4005.00005512.8+30-1.99-1.52-0.350.530.142.64-0.670.00-3.76
 209-1.11Moses MoodySG/SF  GSW 9:57201000.3333.00000012.9-14-2.30-1.52-2.01-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.700.002.32
 216-1.14Anthony LambSF/PF  GSW 4:222000001.0001.00001119.5-2-2.30-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.300.700.001.10
 222-1.19Patrick BaldwinSF  GSW 2:08000000.0001.00000020.00-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-0.720.002.32
 233-1.37Lester QuinonesSG  GSW 4:22001100.0001.00002029.3-2-2.61-1.52-2.01-1.25-2.79-1.30-0.720.00-0.11
 234-1.40Jordan PoolePG/SG  GSW 19:27803500.00010.88992435.0-9-1.38-1.52-1.180.53-2.79-1.30-7.012.17-0.11
   Andrew Wiggins   GSW                        
   Andre Iguodala INJ   GSW                        
   JaMychal Green   GSW                        
   Ty Jerome   GSW                        
   Ryan Rollins X  GSW                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011916473667.52678.875242422245.2+1100.
 520.11Trey LylesPF/C  SAC 22:101538101.50012.00000322.0-2-0.291.300.89-1.25-2.790.670.120.002.32
 67-0.07Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF29:231313220.5569.66731015.7-25-0.60-0.58-1.18-0.813.07-1.300.79-1.091.10
 75-0.16Kessler EdwardsSF/PF  SAC 22:35612220.6673.5002007.0+5-1.68-0.58-1.60-0.813.07-1.300.72-1.632.32
 131-0.57Davion MitchellPG/SG  SACPG27:41512530.15413.00002222.1-32-1.84-0.58-1.600.536.00-1.30-6.260.00-0.11
 137-0.60Richaun HolmesPF/C  SAC 14:461113300.45511.00000230.3+2-0.91-0.58-1.18-0.36-2.79-1.30-0.600.002.32
 141-0.63Keon EllisSG  SAC 4:22100020.0000.5002008.2+2-2.46-1.52-2.43-1.693.07-1.30-0.02-1.632.32
 147-0.68Keegan MurraySF/PF  SACPF33:33914301.30813.00000015.8-31-1.22-0.58-0.77-0.36-2.790.67-3.420.002.32
 163-0.80Alex LenC  SACC16:27506201.6673.50022214.6-20-1.84-1.520.06-0.81-2.790.670.72-1.63-0.11
 205-1.09P.J. DozierPG/SG  SAC 20:19712300.30010.00001322.0+10-1.53-0.58-1.60-0.36-2.79-1.30-2.740.001.10
 224-1.21Chimezie MetuPF/C  SAC 16:471509000.6258.55692133.9-4-0.29-1.521.31-1.69-2.79-1.301.49-5.99-0.11
 232-1.37Terence DavisSG/SF  SACSG31:571021310.25016.00004325.5-15-1.070.36-2.01-0.360.14-1.30-5.520.00-2.55
   Domantas Sabonis   SAC                        
   De'Aaron Fox   SAC                        
   Kevin Huerter   SAC                        
   Malik Monk   SAC                        
   Matthew Dellavedova X  SAC                        
   Neemias Queta   SAC                        
  0.00Totals   240:0097114024103.38898.556181216217.0-1100.
Josh: I think he plays 1 minute Sunday to get to 82 games played
Josh: Production has stepped back up after a slump last week. Still, like all starters, he is at risk of resting
Maybe Add Kyle: Donte was good again, and the Warriors are playing to escape the play-in, so they should be at full strength in Sunday's finale.
Josh: Could be a stream guy Sunday although we don't know if the Kings plan on sitting guys
Kyle: Lyles had a nice game and may have some added streaming interest for Sunday with the Kings possibly resting their core again.
Josh: I think he plays Sunday in decent minutes, but shooting will always be the risk
Watch Kyle: Mitchell has conditional streaming use for Sunday if the Kings rest their core again.
Josh: Struggled a lot with his shot and have to think a rest could come
Josh: I would look for big minutes Sunday
Watch Kyle: Davis was great here, but if the Kings rest their vets again Sunday, Davis could be a nice stream option.

PHO 107 @ LAL 121

 61.26Torrey CraigSF/PF  PHOPF28:541826114.66712.00000116.7-70.170.360.06-
 480.16Landry ShametSG  PHOSG22:13724530.22291.00011218.9+9-1.530.36-0.770.536.00-1.30-3.470.541.10
 63-0.03Bismack BiyomboC OUTPHOC11:31405103.6673.00000110.5+2-1.99-1.52-0.35-1.25-2.794.600.720.002.32
 69-0.08Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHOSF29:251626200.300101.00080018.5-2-0.140.360.06-0.81-2.79-1.30-2.744.342.32
 76-0.17Terrence RossSG/SF  PHO 28:341003611.45511.00001116.9-18-1.07-1.52-1.180.970.140.67-0.600.001.10
 126-0.55Saben LeePG  PHO 24:24914210.33312.00000219.8-19-1.22-0.58-0.77-0.810.14-1.30-2.720.002.32
 134-0.59Darius BazleySF/PF  PHO 6:57401011.5004.00001229.0-3-1.99-1.52-2.01-1.690.140.670.030.001.10
 150-0.70Jock LandaleC  PHO 29:3217010200.61513.33332222.3-130.02-1.521.72-0.81-2.79-1.302.26-3.81-0.11
 182-0.91Cam PaynePG/SG OUTPHOPG15:261311400.385131.00022141.4+6-0.60-0.58-2.010.08-2.79-1.30-2.001.09-0.11
 220-1.19Ish WainrightPF  PHO 25:00203001.1258.00000012.9-16-2.30-1.52-1.18-1.69-2.790.67-
 223-1.20Damion LeeSG/SF  PHO 18:04714000.3339.00002024.5-9-1.53-0.58-0.77-1.69-2.79-1.30-2.050.00-0.11
   Devin Booker   PHO                        
   Chris Paul   PHO                        
   Deandre Ayton Q  PHO                        
   Kevin Durant   PHO                        
   T.J. Warren   PHO                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010794723710.413104.85714912231.5-700.
 180.70Malik BeasleySG/SF  LAL 25:242142220.500141.00030325.0+130.632.24-1.60-0.813.07-1.300.141.632.32
 220.63Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC33:5814021403.33312.85771119.6+17-0.45-1.526.290.08-2.794.60-2.721.081.10
 380.31Troy Brown JrSF/PF  LAL 24:04826320.5006.00000110.3+3-1.380.360.06-0.363.07-1.300.050.002.32
 79-0.22Austin ReavesSG/SF  LALSG31:152210510.69213.60052122.8+180.79-0.58-2.430.530.14-1.303.68-2.72-0.11
 88-0.27D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  LALPG33:232463300.64314.00006224.8+91.104.12-1.18-0.36-2.79-1.302.980.00-4.98
 96-0.32Rui HachimuraSF/PF  LAL 22:471115200.6258.00000014.5+17-0.91-0.58-0.35-0.81-2.79-1.301.490.002.32
 130-0.57Wenyen GabrielPF/C  LAL 8:29003011.0000.0000104.9-3-2.61-1.52-1.18-1.690.140.67-
 140-0.61Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  LAL 6:253110011.0001.0000006.5-2-2.15-0.58-2.01-1.69-2.790.670.700.002.32
 162-0.80Mo BambaC  LAL 6:25203001.3333.00000219.4-2-2.30-1.52-1.18-1.69-2.790.67-0.700.002.32
 204-1.09Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  LALSF16:45004000.0002.0000014.9-7-2.61-1.52-0.77-1.69-2.79-1.30-1.420.002.32
 211-1.12Davon ReedSG/SFNOTE  LAL 0:52000000.0000.000000 -2-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
 212-1.12Max ChristieSG  LAL 0:52000000.0000.000000 -2-2.61-1.52-2.43-1.69-2.79-1.30-
 231-1.34LeBron JamesSF/PF  LALPF29:211636600.31619.50025135.1+11-0.141.300.060.97-2.79-1.30-4.77-1.63-3.76
   Dennis Schroder   LAL                        
   Scotty Pippen Jr. GLG LAL                        
   Cole Swider   LAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012118542566.48992.765171512187.8+700.
Kyle: Craig played well in his spot start and is OK to consider for conditional streaming in deeper leagues if the Suns rest their guys again.
Josh: Got hot here and scored well, but thee are better, more reliable options around, especially with the Lakers still trying to win
Kyle: Beasley had a good game, but his role has been too short to chase this performance beyond deeper leagues.
Josh: Was on the way to putting up a big line and hurt his knee. Looked serious enough to keep him out next game
Josh: Could be interesting if they sit their main 4 again, but I do think those guys could play a little bit Sunday
Watch Kyle: Okogie could have more touches again Sunday if the Suns are resting their core in the finale. Something to watch for use in at least deeper leagues..
Josh: His elevation remains amazing and I see no reason for it to slow down
Josh: He could be an elite grab for Sunday if Ayton and Biyombo are out
Josh: Left in the 2H with an injury and he would've been a nice stream guy
Kyle: Rough shooting game, but Lakers are still playing for playoff positioning, so LeBron should be in for good minutes in the finale.