Box Scores

<March 2024>
box scoreDET 96@ WAS 876:00 pm
WAS by 3.0 o/u 229.5DET 113 @ WAS 116
box scoreLAC 100@ ORL 976:00 pm
LAC by 1.5 o/u 212.5LAC 107 @ ORL 106
box scoreLAL 90@ IND 1096:00 pm
IND by 3.5 o/u 244.5LAL 120 @ IND 124Blowout
box scoreGSW 115@ CHA 976:00 pm
GSW by 12.5 o/u 219.5GSW 116 @ CHA 104Blowout
box scoreCHI 108@ BKN 1256:30 pm
CHI by 3.0 o/u 215.0CHI 109 @ BKN 106
box scorePHI 114@ CLE 1176:30 pm
CLE by 6.5 o/u 212.0PHI 103 @ CLE 109
box scorePHO 103@ OKC 1287:00 pm
PHO by 2.0 o/u 228.0PHO 115 @ OKC 113Blowout
box scorePOR 82@ MIA 1427:00 pm
MIA by 14.0 o/u 208.5POR 97 @ MIA 111Blowout
box scoreNYK 126@ SAS 1307:00 pm
NYK by 8.0 o/u 213.5NYK 111 @ SAS 103
box scoreMIN 111@ DEN 988:00 pm
DEN by 2.5 o/u 209.5MIN 104 @ DEN 106
box scoreHOU 101@ UTA 1008:30 pm
HOU by 8.5 o/u 230.0HOU 119 @ UTA 111
box scoreDAL 107@ SAC 1039:00 pm
DAL by 1.0 o/u 232.5DAL 117 @ SAC 116

Central Standard Time

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DET 96 @ WAS 87

 61.92Jalen DurenCQ  DETC34:4120017133.818111.00023.0000.81811418.6+180.50-1.714.36-1.366.054.235.301.31-1.43
 290.48Cade CunninghamPG/SGQ  DETSG36:563328720.394331.00053.4005.39328344.8+162.670.280.821.413.06-1.33-4.463.29-1.43
 81-0.18Tosan EvbuomwanSFGLG DETPF33:03804210.66731.00041.00011.000227.6+12-1.50-1.71-0.75-0.900.06-1.330.802.631.10
 121-0.58Jaden IveyPG/SG  DETPG37:271317501.294171.00021.1676.36411321.8+11-0.67-0.710.430.48-2.930.53-4.761.311.10
 153-0.81Chimezie MetuPF/C  DET 26:05503111.22291.00011.0004.4005017.3+4-2.00-1.71-1.14-1.360.060.53-3.450.651.10
 179-0.99Malachi FlynnPG  DET 14:02302310.3333.50021.00021.0001015.1-8-2.33-1.71-1.53-0.440.06-1.33-0.66-2.031.10
 198-1.09Troy Brown JrSF/PF  DETSF18:53412010.2504.50021.5002.0002113.5+2-2.17-0.71-1.53-1.820.06-1.33-1.37-2.031.10
 201-1.10Evan FournierSG/SF  DET 25:341022000.6676.00020.50041.0002111.7-1-1.170.28-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.331.58-5.382.37
 252-1.60James WisemanC  DET 13:19002000.0003.00002.0000.0003416.3-9-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.11-0.01-0.16
   Simone Fontecchio X  DET                            
   Ausar Thompson X  DET                            
   Isaiah Stewart X  DET                            
   Marcus Sasser   DET                            
   Taj Gibson   DET                            
   Quentin Grimes X  DET                            
   Buddy Boeheim   DET                            
   Jared Rhoden   DET                            
   Stanley Umude X  DET                            
  0.00Totals   240:00966471995.41689.8002013.25024.4776518166.6+450.
 220.58Marvin Bagley IIIPF/CX  WASC27:0915111102.7789.000001.0001.7508114.4-9-0.33-0.712.00-1.36-2.932.383.81-0.012.37
 320.43Corey KispertSG/SF  WASSG37:582356000.75012.00001.7147.8005414.9-
 87-0.22Deni AvdijaSF/PF  WASSF38:4518211900.429141.00045.3336.5008223.300.
 138-0.70Jared ButlerSG  WAS 20:17601210.7504.00002.0000.7504112.8+11-1.83-1.71-1.93-0.900.06-1.331.54-0.01-0.16
 161-0.87Johnny DavisSG/SF  WAS 9:59000110.0001.00000.0001.000004.4+2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.360.06-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 193-1.08Anthony GillPF/C  WAS 17:51603000.3758.00000.0001.4297419.5+7-1.83-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.29-0.012.37
 196-1.09Tristan VukcevicCQ  WAS 2:24002000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 229-1.21Patrick BaldwinSF/PF  WAS 7:09001000.0001.00000.0001.000026.1-8-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 239-1.29Jules BernardSG  WAS 4:36001000.0002.00000.0002.0000018.9-4-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 255-1.69Jordan PoolePG/SGQ  WASPG37:14713601.20015.00005.1258.2867323.3-12-1.67-0.71-1.140.94-2.930.53-6.25-0.01-3.96
 258-2.32Kyle KuzmaSF/PFQ  WASPF36:371208301.22722.50045.0006.31316134.1-22-0.83-1.710.82-0.44-2.930.53-8.30-4.05-3.96
   Tyus Jones X  WAS                            
   Richaun Holmes Q  WAS                            
   Bilal Coulibaly X  WAS                            
   Justin Champagnie   WAS                            
   Landry Shamet X  WAS                            
   Isaiah Livers X  WAS                            
   Eugene Omoruyi   WAS                            
  0.00Totals   239:59879472224.40988.750818.27333.4915518171.6-450.
Josh: Massive minutes after some back issues. I fear these guy will be annoying ROS
Kyle: After being a deflated balloon on defense for the last month, some of the criticism must of reached Duren, as he decided to show up in a huge way, flashing the potential that will make him a likely hype guy in drafts next season.
Must Add Josh: As long as Holmes is out, we are back to rolling with Bagley
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Bagley had a good game, and he's fine grab as a streamer for Sunday, but he's unreliable, and Holmes is still looming, so I'd at least consider my other options.
Josh: His minutes are completely unpredictable at this point. Seemed like his knee might limit him in terms of games played, then maybe in minutes per game and now he rolls out 37 minutes in a game they should be trying to lose.
Kyle: Cade was great here, but if your league ends this weekend, he's OK to drop with the Pistons not playing again until Monday.
Josh: The scray thing here is what if 75% of shots don't go in. Then he offer nothing. But role is solid.
Stream Kyle: Kispert was nice and has conditional streaming use Sunday, though there could easily be better options on the wire if you need more than threes and points potential.
Josh: Starting role feels solid, but not enough here to be an add.
Kyle: Big minutes in another spot start, but Evbuomwan failed to produce enough to garner much attention beyond very deep leagues.
Droppable Kyle: Ivey was OK here despite his poor shooting, but with the Pistons done for the week, he's also a good drop to stream in more games Saturday and Sunday.
Josh: As long as Jones is out he has a role, but the value should come if Poole misses as well.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Seems to be altyernating starts, but at least he played decent minutes. No more games this week make him not an option though.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Duren is back and they don't play this week, so move on.
Josh: Didn't undo all of his recent good work, but got close.
Hold Kyle: A poor game, but Poole has had enough bright moments of late that I'd be holding firm for Sunday most places.
Josh: A brutal attack on percentages and Kuzma, despite being good all year, is struggling in the playoffs.
Hold Kyle: Ugly shooting, but Kuzma is a hold for Sunday.

LAC 100 @ ORL 97

 12.18Kawhi LeonardSG/SF/PFQ  LACPF37:4629311542.571211.00023.5006.60015429.5+
 660.00James HardenPG/SG  LACPG36:341118440.25012.80054.1437.4005122.3-3-1.00-0.710.820.029.05-1.33-4.12-0.05-2.69
 68-0.01Ivica ZubacC  LACC34:491409201.70010.00001.0000.70010214.1-3-0.50-1.711.22-0.90-2.930.533.10-0.011.10
 119-0.56Amir CoffeySG/SF  LAC 19:10622010.5004.00001.6673.0001011.7+2-1.830.28-1.53-1.820.06-1.330.09-0.011.10
 137-0.70Norman PowellSG/SF  LAC 26:211000101.6258.00001.0001.7147215.3+4-1.17-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.930.531.61-0.011.10
 151-0.80Paul GeorgeSG/SF/PF  LACSF34:341214110.286141.00032.2005.3339422.4+4-0.83-0.71-0.75-1.360.06-1.33-4.091.97-0.16
 154-0.82Mason PlumleeC  LAC 12:36804000.6676.00001.0000.6676124.9+4-1.50-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.331.58-0.011.10
 183-1.02Russell WestbrookPG  LAC 17:59503510.3336.50022.0001.4005122.1+3-2.00-1.71-1.140.480.06-1.33-1.33-2.03-0.16
 189-1.05Terance MannSG/SF  LACSG20:08510100.5004.000011.0001.3333211.1-1-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.09-0.011.10
   Bones Hyland   LAC                            
   P.J. Tucker   LAC                            
   Moussa Diabate   LAC                            
   Xavier Moon   LAC                            
   Josh Primo NOTE  LAC                            
   Kobe Brown   LAC                            
   Daniel Theis   LAC                            
   Brandon Boston Jr.   LAC                            
   Jordan Miller   LAC                            
  0.00Totals   239:5710084119114.48285.8331216.33324.5416117173.3+
 160.69Jalen SuggsPG/SG  ORLPG32:531521532.429141.00012.5004.40010021.90-0.330.28-1.930.486.052.38-1.180.65-0.16
 73-0.07Jonathan IsaacSF/PF  ORL 16:18315112.3333.00000.5002.000118.1-8-2.33-0.71-0.35-1.360.062.38-0.66-0.012.37
 85-0.21Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLSF35:311303321.38513.75041.0003.50010219.4+2-0.67-1.71-1.14-0.443.060.53-1.92-0.711.10
 108-0.49Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLPF38:292318220.44418.85777.1676.58312332.0-31.00-0.710.82-0.903.06-1.33-1.111.27-6.49
 116-0.54Caleb HoustanSG/SF  ORL 14:08821100.7504.00000.66731.0001112.4-2-1.500.28-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.331.54-0.012.37
 117-0.55Gary HarrisSG/SF  ORLSG23:33812010.50061.00011.3333.6673213.8-10-1.50-0.71-1.53-1.820.06-1.330.120.651.10
 136-0.68Moritz WagnerC  ORL 18:161209210.60010.00021.0000.60010028.5+3-0.83-1.711.22-0.900.06-1.331.65-5.381.10
 139-0.71Cole AnthonyPG  ORL 18:34823002.30010.00001.4005.2005125.90-1.500.28-1.14-1.82-2.932.38-2.71-0.011.10
 148-0.79Joe InglesSF/PF  ORL 18:41511400.4005.00000.5002.3333111.7+6-2.00-0.71-1.930.02-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 156-0.83Wendell Carter Jr.C  ORLC23:35205201.3333.00001.0001.500207.4-3-2.50-1.71-0.35-0.90-2.930.53-0.66-0.011.10
   Markelle Fultz   ORL                            
   Goga Bitadze   ORL                            
   Jett Howard   ORL                            
   Anthony Black   ORL                            
   Kevon Harris   ORL                            
   Trevelin Queen   ORL                            
   Chuma Okeke   ORL                            
   Admiral Schofield   ORL                            
  0.00Totals   239:5897103820108.44286.7331514.34529.4915711181.1-
Josh: Dreadful last game and then we get this gem. Definite hold or grab for tomorrow.
Maybe Add Kyle: Someone should at least be streaming Suggs in for Satursday's b2b.
Josh: Now he's playing huge minutes? It's been all over the place, but with these minutes, we roster him
Stream Kyle: Zubac was great here, and he's fine to stream in most leagues. Use as needed, as there is more volatility against teams that that go smaller, which could happen Sunday against the Hornets.
Maybe Add Josh: Love what he has done. Maybe his minutes were lower so he can play tomorrow?
Maybe Add Kyle: Hopefully the short minutes here allow Isaac to play on the b2b.
Kyle: There's conditional streaming value IF Harris plays on the b2b Saturday, but the uncertainty there makes him hard to chase.
Kyle: Use and drop as needed, especially when the Clippers are healthy.
Josh: He had some nice games and then back to nothing here, even without Fultz. Disappointing.
Maybe Add Kyle: Cole was light here, but with the b2b on short-schedule Saturday, Cole should be getting streamed by someone.
Josh: After a huge run, this game stunk.
Josh: Hold only because of tomorrow's game.
Hold Kyle: Hold for Saturday's game at least.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Still no.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Continues to offer basically nothing for fantasy

LAL 90 @ IND 109Blowout

 74-0.08Anthony DavisPF/C  LALC37:3024015300.52917.85773.0001.56316026.9-121.17-1.713.57-0.44-2.93-1.331.061.27-1.43
 92-0.32Austin ReavesPG/SG/SF  LALSG36:1116113610.438161.00015.1437.6679225.9-15-0.16-0.712.790.940.06-1.33-1.140.65-3.96
 98-0.42LeBron JamesSF/PF  LALPF34:4116010800.500121.00045.0003.6679123.6-13-0.16-1.711.611.87-2.93-1.330.242.63-3.96
 112-0.53Rui HachimuraSF/PF  LALSF31:171420000.500101.00020.5004.5006215.2-15-0.500.28-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.201.312.37
 144-0.75Cam ReddishSG/SF/PFQ  LAL 13:19004002.0002.00000.0000.000216.6-6-2.83-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.932.38-1.40-0.012.37
 146-0.75D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  LALPG35:03603511.21414.00000.0006.3758317.4-17-1.83-1.71-1.140.480.060.53-5.54-0.012.37
 158-0.87Jaxson HayesPF/C  LAL 10:302022001.0001.00000.00001.000114.2-7-2.50-1.71-1.53-0.90-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 208-1.13Max ChristieSG/SF  LAL 2:08200000.5002.00000.0000.5002040.90-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 220-1.18Colin CastletonPFX  LAL 2:08000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 226-1.18Taurean PrinceSF/PF  LAL 14:35510000.4005.00001.3333.5002018.0-4-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.011.10
 235-1.25Maxwell LewisSF  LAL 2:08000000.0001.00000.0001.0000020.50-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 253-1.64Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  LAL 20:30511010.1676.50042.2005.0001420.8-6-2.00-0.71-1.93-1.820.06-1.33-2.78-4.05-0.16
   Jarred Vanderbilt   LAL                            
   Christian Wood   LAL                            
   Harry Giles X  LAL                            
   Gabe Vincent   LAL                            
   Skylar Mays X  LAL                            
   Jalen Hood-Schifino X  LAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:00905482433.40786.8331816.16730.5365614219.9-950.
 110.93Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SGOUT  INDPG33:002138820.467151.00042.3758.5717225.9+270.671.270.821.873.06-1.33-0.432.63-0.16
 210.59Pascal SiakamPF/C  INDPF31:1022011611.50016.85771.0000.50016029.4+230.84-1.712.000.940.060.530.311.271.10
 650.01Jalen SmithPF/C  IND 17:29407021.4005.00000.0001.5004313.1+5-2.17-1.710.43-1.823.060.53-0.62-0.012.37
 77-0.11Aaron NesmithSF/PF  INDSF39:201224211.45511.00001.2867.7504113.9+15-0.830.28-0.75-0.900.060.53-0.51-0.011.10
 79-0.16Myles TurnerC  INDC28:231005312.333121.00021.0005.5717422.3+14-1.17-1.71-0.35-0.440.062.38-2.671.311.10
 91-0.31Andrew NembhardPG/SG  INDSG29:381022210.4449.00000.4005.5004113.9+17-1.170.28-1.53-0.900.06-1.33-0.55-0.012.37
 99-0.43T.J. McConnellPG  IND 18:511613300.636111.000121.0001.60010032.50-0.16-0.71-1.14-0.44-2.93-1.332.400.65-0.16
 115-0.53Obi ToppinPF  IND 16:507120011.0003.000011.00011.0002110.8-4-1.67-0.71-1.53-1.82-2.930.532.25-0.011.10
 147-0.76Ben SheppardSG/SFS  IND 19:39712300.4297.00000.3333.5004216.3-2-1.67-0.71-1.53-0.44-2.93-1.33-0.58-0.012.37
 197-1.09Isaiah JacksonPF/C  IND 2:08002000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 221-1.18Doug McDermottSF/PF  IND 1:24000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 224-1.18Jarace WalkerPF  IND 2:08000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Bennedict Mathurin X  IND                            
   James Johnson   IND                            
   Kendall Brown   IND                            
   Quenton Jackson   IND                            
   Isaiah Wong GLG IND                            
   Oscar Tshiebwe GLG IND                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010910462786.48389.929148.32331.5695814178.2+950.
Kyle: IF your redraft league is done this week, the Pacers don't play again until Monday, so all Pacers are droppable in the right situation.
Josh: Massive minutes but underwhelming numbers. Nice defense, but he seems more a schedule type of guy
Droppable Kyle: No more games this weekend. If you need to stream in games, Nesmith is OK to drop.
Josh: He was solid last game, but this is back to Nembhard of old. Not a 12 team guy
Droppable Kyle: All Pacers are drop candidates if you're fighting to win this weekend.
Droppable Kyle: The Pacers are done until Monday, so drop any guys you have to keep competing.
Josh: Last game was great and then he is back to being Rui with LeBron returning. Next week, they have 2 b2bs, so he could have some decent opportunities, but I remain unconvinced.
Droppable Kyle: There are probably better stream options available on the wire, unless the Lakers decide to rest LeBron against the Nets.
Hold Kyle: Ugly shooting, but Russell is a clear hold for Sunday.
Josh: Out of the rotation?
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Maybe stream if LeBron is out, but that's it.
Droppable Kyle: Dinwiddie is just someone to be aware of for conditional streaming if any starters get rested Sunday.

GSW 115 @ CHA 97Blowout

 91.27Trayce Jackson-DavisPF/C  GSWC30:481808123.69213.00000.0000.69213219.1+110.17-1.710.82-1.363.064.233.89-0.012.37
 260.55Andrew WigginsSF/PF  GSWSF34:322028821.41217.80052.3336.45511127.8+90.500.280.821.873.060.53-1.85-0.05-0.16
 360.38Stephen CurryPG/SG  GSWPG32:082341410.500181.00010.36411.7147126.0+131.002.26-1.930.020.06-1.330.350.652.37
 410.32Moses MoodySG/SF  GSW 24:521544310.62581.00011.8005.3333217.2+12-0.332.26-0.75-0.440.06-1.331.610.651.10
 93-0.32Chris PaulPG  GSWSG32:531117900.8336.00004.50021.0004213.8+11-1.00-0.710.432.33-2.93-1.333.03-0.01-2.69
 102-0.47Draymond GreenPF/C  GSWPF28:02808410.5717.00003.0002.8005416.2+6-1.50-1.710.820.020.06-1.330.87-0.01-1.43
 111-0.49Kevon LooneyPF/C  GSW 10:29807100.75041.00021.0000.7504125.4+8-1.50-1.710.43-1.36-2.93-1.331.541.311.10
 135-0.67Gary Payton IIPG/SG/SFINJ   GSW 13:00601101.6005.00000.0001.7504317.4+8-1.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.930.530.83-0.012.37
 150-0.80Brandin PodziemskiSG  GSW 25:43405300.4005.00000.0002.667338.8+11-2.17-1.71-0.35-0.44-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 232-1.24Lester QuinonesSG  GSW 5:16001100.0002.00000.0002.0000017.2+1-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 247-1.43Jerome RobinsonSGX  GSW 2:17200000.2504.00001.0001.3333099.20-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.011.10
   Klay Thompson   GSW                            
   Jonathan Kuminga   GSW                            
   Dario Saric   GSW                            
   Usman Garuba   GSW                            
   Gui Santos   GSW                            
   Pat Spencer X  GSW                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011511503575.53989.889912.34432.6495719288.1+900.
 500.20Davis BertansPF/CQ  CHA 19:191443110.50081.00020.5717.0001120.9-1-0.502.26-1.14-1.360.06-1.330.161.312.37
 78-0.14Vasilije MicicPG  CHAPG32:451012820.4297.75042.2504.6673214.9-16-1.17-0.71-1.531.873.06-1.33-0.58-0.71-0.16
 107-0.48Nick RichardsCQ  CHAC31:251208000.8577.00010.0000.8577010.8-11-0.83-1.710.82-1.82-2.93-1.333.78-2.702.37
 132-0.67Miles BridgesSF/PFQ  CHAPF37:372219300.47117.71472.1437.70010226.7-200.84-0.711.22-0.44-2.93-1.33-0.40-2.07-0.16
 145-0.75Brandon MillerSG/SF RETCHASF32:561223301.33315.00001.2508.4297222.1-18-0.830.28-1.14-0.44-2.930.53-3.34-0.011.10
 171-0.92Grant WilliamsPF/CQ  CHA 25:351228400.30010.66761.2867.3333324.2-4-0.830.280.820.02-2.93-1.33-2.71-2.731.10
 185-1.03Bryce McGowensSG/SF  CHA 2:17201000.00011.00020.0001.0000037.40-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.691.312.37
 207-1.13J.T. ThorPF  CHA 2:17001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 213-1.16Aleksej PokusevskiPF/C  CHA 18:36613010.2508.50021.1676.5002024.2-5-1.83-0.71-1.14-1.820.06-1.33-2.74-2.031.10
 225-1.18Tre MannPG/SG  CHASG32:38713401.3339.00004.1676.6673018.1-15-1.67-0.71-1.140.02-2.930.53-2.00-0.01-2.69
 234-1.25Nick Smith Jr.PG/SG  CHA 2:17000000.0001.00000.0000.0001019.90-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 236-1.25Amari BaileyPG  CHA 2:17000000.0001.00000.0000.0001019.90-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
   LaMelo Ball X  CHA                            
   Mark Williams X  CHA                            
   Cody Martin X  CHA                            
   Seth Curry X  CHA                            
   Marques Bolden   CHA                            
   Leaky Black   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   239:599712412342.40584.7082411.26146.5793810239.2-900.
Must Add Josh: Value dips a bit when Kuminga is back, but to me it doesn't really matter. He should be rostered.
Maybe Add Kyle: TJD was in the starting lineup again with Kuminga out, and in most leagues, Jackson-Davis should be on someone's roster for Sunday.
Maybe Add Kyle: Wiggins was amazing here, and he is fine to grab for Sunday, but this also came with Klay and Kuminga out, so we shouldn't expect a huge game this again.
Josh: Big bump without Klay. I am keeping my eye on him next season
Watch Kyle: Deeper leagues should be aware of Moody as an option if the Warriors continue to be shorthanded, but this is nothing to chase, just watch.
Josh: Projection legend Davis Bertans delivered a big game here. He is only a threes stream guy
Kyle: Bert was good here, but he's been too modest of late to be looking at chasing him beyond very deep leagues with any earnest.
Must Add Josh: Remains a 12 team optin for cat leagues
Maybe Add Kyle: If you need assist for Sunday or play into next week, Micic could be a good add with the Sun/Mon b2b.
Josh: Got the spot start for Klay and was solid. But, he had been almost uselss prior to this. More a fringe add/drop guy.
Stream Kyle: Paul made a spot start and was good, but this is something to watch for more streaming use if Klay and Kuminga are out again Sunday, not anything to run after.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I say droppable, but it's more for points leagues, but also in cat leagues, consider what your team needs at this point in the season.
Hold Kyle: I'd hold most places for Sunday, but if you need more scoring than Green will offer, there might be a better option on the wire if your league ends this week.
Josh: After some better games, his fg% remains a real issue. Should still roster him.
Droppable Josh: This was a chance without Klay for him to put up nice numbers, but he did nothing. A drop.
Droppable Kyle: Even as more opportunities have opened recently, Podz has failed to step up.
Stream Josh: I remain on the fence with Williams as a 12 team option. He is a stream type of guy
Josh: Not a good game, but at least we know he is going to be a starter here unless shenaigans ensue.
Kyle: I'd likely be holding to stream Sunday in most places, but Mann is droppable for the right option off the wire.

CHI 108 @ BKN 125

 270.53DeMar DeRozanSG/SF/PF  CHISF36:483108211.55020.900103.0002.61118235.3-22.34-1.710.82-0.900.060.531.843.25-1.43
 71-0.04Ayo DosunmuSG/SF  CHISG31:461603300.66791.00040.0002.8577216.1-27-0.16-1.71-1.14-0.44-2.93-1.332.362.632.37
 72-0.06Javonte GreenSG  CHI 15:59711020.7504.00000.50021.0002111.9+2-1.67-0.71-1.93-1.823.06-1.331.54-0.012.37
 84-0.21Nikola VucevicC  CHIC29:3413210401.50010.50021.4005.6005219.1-21-0.670.281.610.02-2.930.530.20-2.031.10
 123-0.59Torrey CraigSF/PF  CHI 12:19711001.66731.00021.50021.0001018.80-1.67-0.71-1.93-1.82-2.930.530.801.311.10
 125-0.61Andre DrummondC  CHI 17:216011002.5002.66761.0000.5002115.4+7-1.83-1.712.00-1.82-2.932.380.05-2.731.10
 163-0.88Alex CarusoPG/SG RETCHIPF32:43623501.4005.00004.5004.0001213.0-26-1.830.28-1.140.48-2.930.53-0.62-0.01-2.69
 166-0.91Coby WhitePG/SG  CHIPG39:281832900.37516.60052.3339.4297524.3-180.171.27-1.532.33-2.93-1.33-2.60-3.39-0.16
 168-0.92Dalen TerrySG/SF  CHI 19:08404000.5004.00000.00021.000229.9+12-2.17-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.330.09-0.012.37
 219-1.18Terry TaylorPF  CHI 1:05000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 231-1.24Onuralp BitimSGX  CHI 3:49001100.0002.00000.0002.0000124.9-9-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
   Zach LaVine X  CHI                            
   Patrick Williams X  CHI                            
   Lonzo Ball X  CHI                            
   Jevon Carter   CHI                            
   Adama Sanogo X  CHI                            
   Henri Drell X  CHI                            
   Julian Phillips INJ   CHI                            
   Andrew Funk X  CHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:001089442436.50775.7932912.30030.6444518188.6-850.
 51.93Mikal BridgesSG/SF/PF  BKNSF37:562573340.533151.00020.63611.2504218.7+161.345.24-1.14-0.449.05-1.331.021.312.37
 140.75Cam ThomasSG/SF  BKNSG40:232858410.455221.00031.5569.38513426.8+161.843.250.820.020.06-1.33-1.031.971.10
 170.69Dennis SchroderPGINJ   BKNPG34:212775710.47621.00002.63611.30010229.8+211.675.24-0.351.410.06-1.33-0.32-0.01-0.16
 510.19Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF/CINJ   BKNPF30:101223311.57171.00021.40051.0002213.1+12-0.830.28-1.14-0.440.060.530.871.311.10
 530.16Trendon WatfordPF  BKN 23:351115420.4297.80050.3333.5004217.4-3-1.00-0.71-0.350.023.06-1.33-0.58-0.052.37
 149-0.80Jalen WilsonPF  BKN 8:593130001.0001.000001.0001.000015.0+9-2.33-0.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 174-0.95Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  BKN 6:40310100.5002.00000.5002.0000113.4-2-2.33-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 191-1.06Day'Ron SharpeCQ  BKN 5:502030001.0001.00001.00001.0001415.3+8-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.011.10
 195-1.08Noah ClowneyPF  BKN 15:20310000.3333.00000.5002.000138.7-6-2.33-0.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.66-0.012.37
 257-2.09Nicolas ClaxtonC  BKNC36:4611013402.33312.300101.0000.33312121.1+14-1.00-1.712.790.02-2.932.38-2.67-16.801.10
   Cam Johnson Q  BKN                            
   Ben Simmons X  BKN                            
   Dennis Smith Jr. INJ   BKN                            
   Jacob Gilyard   BKN                            
   Keita Bates-Diop X  BKN                            
   Keon Johnson   BKN                            
   Dariq Whitehead X  BKN                            
   Jaylen Martin Q  BKN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012525432693.47391.636226.56844.3834722169.3+850.
Kyle: Bridges has stepped up in recent games, a welcome sign for those still in the fight with him.
Josh: Another much better game from Thomas. Strong run here.
Josh: Great numbers on very high usage, helped by Smith being out.
Must Add Kyle: Schroder continues to command a great roll and should be getting used in most situations.
Kyle: DFS had a useful line, but he's not someone to chase, just use as needed on short-schedule days.
Watch Josh: Stepped up with Johnson out and he has a shot at some stream value here.
Josh: Just signed, but playing a solid role. He is only a deep league option.
Josh: Minutes low again. I wonder if that foot/ankle issue is causing a problem here.
Stream Josh: Rebounds and blocks are solid and keep an eye on the minutes of Vucevic. They also play the Wolves, so could they go back to the Drummond/Vucevic combo?
Stream Kyle: Drummond has use as a streamer Sunday and is worth even more of a look if you play into next week with the Bulls having a Sun/Mon b2b.
Josh: This guy continues to really hurt the fg% category, but you can't move on.
Josh: The minutes remain completely unpredictable
Kyle: Rough shooting, but the rest of the line was nice.

PHI 114 @ CLE 117

 190.63Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF34:492147211.471171.00010.4449.5008021.8-100.672.260.43-0.900.060.53-0.400.652.37
 340.40Kyle LowryPG  PHISG31:442343600.583121.00052.5008.7504522.2-41.002.26-1.140.94-2.93-1.331.693.29-0.16
 430.29Paul ReedPF/C  PHI 25:561217013.42971.000531.0001.3336220.4-2-0.83-0.710.43-1.820.064.23-0.583.29-1.43
 540.16Mo BambaC  PHIC21:421417102.8577.50020.50021.0005215.8+1-0.50-0.710.43-1.36-2.932.383.78-2.032.37
 69-0.02Buddy HieldSG/SF  PHI 18:081014210.66761.00010.5002.7504315.4-3-1.17-0.71-0.75-0.900.06-1.331.580.652.37
 86-0.21Nicolas BatumSF/PF  PHI 30:50828300.6005.00000.6673.500227.0+6-1.500.280.82-0.44-2.93-1.330.83-0.012.37
 129-0.62Cam PaynePG  PHI 4:322002101.0001.00000.00001.000109.6-1-2.50-1.71-2.32-0.900.06-1.330.76-0.012.37
 177-0.98Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHIPG42:3416221120.26926.00013.16712.35714030.0+3-0.160.28-1.533.253.06-1.33-8.22-2.70-1.43
 212-1.16Ricky Council IVSG  PHI 8:59410100.5002.500201.0001.0001113.9+6-2.17-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-2.032.37
 244-1.40Kelly OubreSG/SF  PHISF20:44404001.18211.00001.0002.2229525.1-11-2.17-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.930.53-4.87-0.011.10
   Joel Embiid   PHI                            
   De'Anthony Melton   PHI                            
   Robert Covington X  PHI                            
   D.J. Wilson   PHI                            
   KJ Martin   PHI                            
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   PHI                            
   Terquavion Smith X  PHI                            
  0.00Totals   239:5811416422867.44794.824179.40040.4815420181.3-
 230.56Georges NiangPF  CLE 30:352550001.71414.00000.6258.8336121.6+91.343.25-2.32-1.82-2.930.534.63-0.012.37
 250.56Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF30:3620211312.70010.667621.0002.6258422.6+50.500.282.00-0.440.062.383.10-2.73-0.16
 590.07Donovan MitchellPG/SGQ  CLESG32:171213820.308131.00031.1437.5006122.4-7-0.83-0.71-1.141.873.06-1.33-3.381.971.10
 75-0.09Max StrusSG/SF  CLESF27:221521310.66791.00012.5004.8005319.7-4-0.330.28-1.93-0.440.06-1.332.360.65-0.16
 89-0.30Jarrett AllenCQ  CLEC26:1013011200.66791.00012.0000.6679120.6-6-0.67-1.712.00-0.90-2.93-1.332.360.65-0.16
 90-0.30Sam MerrillSG  CLE 20:451342300.50081.00011.5008.0000321.5+7-0.672.26-1.53-0.44-2.93-1.330.160.651.10
 95-0.38Darius GarlandPG  CLEPG35:1314131200.500121.00013.2504.6258020.7+14-0.50-0.71-1.143.71-2.93-1.330.240.65-1.43
 162-0.88Marcus MorrisPF/C  CLE 16:34315100.5002.00001.5002.000008.5+4-2.33-0.71-0.35-1.36-2.93-1.330.05-0.011.10
 202-1.11Tristan ThompsonPF  CLE 5:38001200.0001.00000.0000.000108.4+3-2.83-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 246-1.43Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLE 14:47200000.2504.00001.0002.5002416.0-10-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.37-0.011.10
   Caris LeVert Q  CLE                            
   Craig Porter Jr. Q  CLE                            
   Damian Jones   CLE                            
   Dean Wade   CLE                            
   Ty Jerome X  CLE                            
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE                            
   Emoni Bates   CLE                            
   Pete Nance   CLE                            
  0.00Totals   239:5711716373443.54982.8461313.43237.6444517181.9+
Josh: Great game with LeVert out. But, I don't think we can trust that level of production
Kyle: Credit to Niang for continuing to command minutes and to produce, but this is not something I'd be chasing. He's a conditional streamer, especially with the Cavs being healthy.
Josh: A classic Reed game. Continues to have value most of the time, but there is always a risk.
Stream Kyle: Understated quality from Reed. Keep streaming him as needed.
Stream Josh: Solid enough, but the low minutes make him hard to commit to outside of streaming
Stream Kyle: Bamba might be finding his groove enough with the Sixers to trust him a little more as a conditional streamer until Embiid is back.
Josh: Good that he is back, but this was bad. He was also bad before going out dfor the last week or so.
Kyle: Mitchell was back from injury and was good enough to hope for a better game Sunday.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Back to the old Buddy and that makes him a drop
Stream Kyle: Strus is OK to stream Sunday and OK to drop if there's a better fit on the wire.
Josh: You a bitch legend got into foul trouble and shot like trash - which is not uncommon. Still need to roster him because he inexplicably plays minutes, but you will get these ones.
Stream Kyle: Oubre was limited by poor shooting and foul trouble. In most places, I'd still be streaming and holding, but he's OK to drop for the right add, too.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Surely no one still has him and is still alive in the playoffs.
Kyle: Back in a shorter bench role with Mitchell healthy.

PHO 103 @ OKC 128Blowout

 420.30Kevin DurantSF/PF  PHOPF30:532646111.58817.66733.5717.60010230.8-151.502.260.04-1.360.060.532.51-1.37-1.43
 640.01Bradley BealPG/SG  PHOSG30:301533211.46213.00001.6005.3758120.5-18-0.331.27-1.14-0.900.060.53-0.47-0.011.10
 97-0.41Grayson AllenSG/SFQ  PHOSF28:241319510.37516.00002.1119.7147028.3-14-0.67-0.711.220.480.06-1.33-2.60-0.01-0.16
 103-0.47Royce O'NealeSG/SF  PHO 21:44512310.4005.00000.3333.5002010.3-16-2.00-0.71-1.53-0.440.06-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 127-0.62Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHO 13:32512101.50021.00021.5002.0000212.8-1-2.00-0.71-1.53-1.36-2.930.530.051.311.10
 130-0.63Eric GordonSG/SF  PHO 21:35612220.200101.00011.1258.5002123.6-12-1.83-0.71-1.53-0.903.06-1.33-4.160.651.10
 134-0.67Nassir LittleSF/PF  PHO 7:34711100.7504.00000.50021.0002023.6+1-1.67-0.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.331.54-0.012.37
 141-0.73Drew EubanksC  PHO 7:08004002.0000.00001.0000.000016.3-7-2.83-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.932.380.01-0.011.10
 160-0.87Devin BookerPG/SG/SF  PHOPG27:121403500.4449.85773.0002.5717524.7-17-0.50-1.71-1.140.48-2.93-1.33-0.551.27-1.43
 167-0.91Isaiah ThomasPG  PHO 7:34510100.5004.00000.5002.5002023.6+1-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.09-0.012.37
 186-1.03David RoddySF/PF  PHO 7:34203100.3333.00000.0001.5002017.7+1-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.66-0.012.37
 194-1.08Bol BolPF/C  PHO 13:19001100.0000.00000.0000.00001 -6-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 199-1.09Jusuf NurkicC  PHOC23:00503301.5004.50022.0000.5004213.3-22-2.00-1.71-1.14-0.44-2.930.530.09-2.03-0.16
   Thaddeus Young   PHO                            
   Damion Lee INJ   PHO                            
   Udoka Azubuike   PHO                            
   Saben Lee   PHO                            
   Ish Wainright   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   239:5910313392666.44887.8001514.31741.5654615235.4-1250.
 280.49Josh GiddeySG/SF/PF  OKCPG24:002317901.667151.00023.3333.75012036.2+221.00-0.710.432.33-2.930.533.921.31-1.43
 330.43Luguentz DortSG/SF  OKCSF27:041131330.5008.00001.5006.5002015.3+7-1.001.27-1.93-0.446.05-1.330.16-0.011.10
 350.39Chet HolmgrenPF/C  OKCC27:412006201.600101.00081.0000.60010124.2+160.50-1.710.04-0.90-2.930.531.655.271.10
 370.36Jalen WilliamsSG/SF/PF  OKCPF29:471604321.500121.00042.0001.54511124.4+7-0.16-1.71-0.75-0.443.060.530.242.63-0.16
 470.24Aaron WigginsSG/SF  OKCSG26:111534210.7508.00001.7504.7504115.8+16-0.331.27-0.75-0.900.06-1.333.07-0.011.10
 490.22Cason WallaceSG  OKC 31:291644301.6679.000011.0004.4005214.6+23-0.162.26-0.75-0.44-2.930.532.36-0.011.10
 570.13Jaylin WilliamsPF/C  OKC 14:203136031.0001.000001.0001.000023.2+7-2.33-0.71-1.140.94-2.934.230.76-0.012.37
 110-0.49Isaiah JoePG/SG  OKC 21:521443100.45511.00001.5717.2504225.3+10-0.502.26-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.51-0.011.10
 155-0.83Mike MuscalaPF/C  OKC 5:59001110.0001.00000.0001.000017.7+2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.360.06-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 165-0.90Kenrich WilliamsSF/PF  OKC 18:41604100.4297.00000.0002.6005317.3+12-1.83-1.71-0.75-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.58-0.012.37
 184-1.03Gordon HaywardSF  OKC 10:42401200.4005.00000.0001.5004021.5+6-2.17-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 222-1.18Bismack BiyomboC  OKC 2:11000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Shai Gilgeous-Alexander   OKC                            
   Olivier Sarr INJ   OKC                            
   Lindy Waters III   OKC                            
   Ousmane Dieng   OKC                            
   Keyontae Johnson   OKC                            
   Adam Flagler   OKC                            
  0.00Totals   239:5712816383377.563871.0001410.53330.5795713205.6+1250.
Josh: How is he turning into this guy now? What a massive change
Kyle: Giddey has shined with SGA out the last two games, and dynasty managers have to be feeling great if they bought low on Giddey this season.
Josh: Spot start instead of Shai and was efficient again. Not an add, but he does provide very good shooting.
Kyle: Wiggins made the spot start over Cason with SGA still out, and Wiggins was solid, but this is just something to be aware of for conditional use in deeper leagues IF SGA is out again Sunday.
Josh: Despite the benching, he was great here. I wouldn't have confidence to add him in 12 teams
Kyle: Wallace had a nice game despite pushing to the bench with Wiggins getting a spot start in SGA's absence. This is barely worth tracking beyond conditional use and mostly deeper leagues.
Josh: Slightly better game and he shot well so hopefully the finger isn't an issue.
Kyle: The Suns don't play again until Monday, so if your league ends this week, all Suns could be OK to eclipse to the wire for a streamer.
Josh: I would be holding him even with no more games this week unless this is the last week
Droppable Kyle: Allen doesn't have anymore games until Monday, so if you need more bodies this weekend, he's OK to drop as needed.
Josh: A drop from last game, but still scored well and is a threes streamer if Shai is out.
Josh: Back, which is good, but the production was bad again. He is moving toward a drop.
Droppable Kyle: Nurkic is a hold most places if you play into next week, but with no more games this weekend, he's going to be OK to drop as needed in many leagues, too.

POR 82 @ MIA 142Blowout

 620.02Deandre AytonCQ  PORC24:431808110.60015.00001.0001.64314126.8-320.17-1.710.82-1.360.06-1.332.47-0.011.10
 143-0.74Scoot HendersonPGQ  PORPG41:072016621.44418.60057.2005.53813127.4-580.50-0.710.040.943.060.53-1.11-3.39-6.49
 152-0.81Rayan RupertSG  PORSG26:25604310.5006.00003.0001.6005514.1-38-1.83-1.71-0.75-0.440.06-1.330.12-0.01-1.43
 169-0.92Kris MurraySF/PF  PORSF42:111135400.40010.00004.3758.5002213.8-49-1.001.27-0.350.02-2.93-1.33-1.25-0.01-2.69
 178-0.98Justin MinayaSF OUTPOR 10:33202001.5002.00001.0000.5002311.8-5-2.50-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.930.530.05-0.011.10
 205-1.13Ibou BadjiC  POR 9:113030001.0001.50020.00001.000128.5-16-2.33-1.71-1.14-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-2.032.37
 227-1.19Matisse ThybulleSG/SFX OUTPOR 7:04001200.0002.00000.0002.0000111.7-8-2.83-1.71-1.93-0.90-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 238-1.26Duop ReathC  POR 14:06602000.3758.00001.0004.7504026.4-12-1.83-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.29-0.011.10
 249-1.47Jabari WalkerSF/PFQ  PORPF34:30403200.1676.66731.0002.2504210.0-38-2.17-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.33-2.78-1.371.10
 254-1.66Dalano BantonPG/SG  POR 30:101219200.263191.00015.1437.33312233.6-44-0.83-0.711.22-0.90-2.93-1.33-6.170.65-3.96
   Anfernee Simons X  POR                            
   Jerami Grant Q  POR                            
   Malcolm Brogdon X  POR                            
   Shaedon Sharpe X  POR                            
   Robert Williams X  POR                            
   Toumani Camara X  POR                            
   Moses Brown   POR                            
   Ashton Hagans   POR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00825432042.40287.6361123.16730.5265719184.1-3000.
 81.43Thomas BryantC  MIA 21:4726112122.64717.75040.3333.71414038.0+311.50-0.712.40-1.363.062.383.96-0.712.37
 130.81Patty MillsPG  MIASG27:301720130.62581.00051.40051.0003017.9+330.000.28-2.32-1.366.05-1.331.613.291.10
 150.72Bam AdebayoC  MIAC26:1321212921.75012.33334.6673.7789329.1+290.670.282.402.333.060.534.59-4.71-2.69
 300.48Terry RozierPG/SGQ  MIAPG27:182263610.47117.00001.60010.2867029.1+290.844.25-1.140.940.06-1.33-0.40-0.011.10
 390.35Nikola JovicPF/C OUTMIAPF17:17512330.6673.00000.50021.000117.6+17-2.00-0.71-1.53-0.446.05-1.330.80-0.012.37
 480.23Jimmy ButlerSF/PFINJ   MIASF24:50814810.50041.00030.33331.000119.4+42-1.50-0.71-0.751.870.06-1.330.091.972.37
 550.15Haywood HighsmithSF/PF  MIA 27:412056110.7789.33331.8336.6673118.0+400.503.250.04-1.360.06-1.333.81-4.711.10
 610.03Jaime Jaquez Jr.SG/SFQ  MIA 25:261203510.6679.00000.0001.7508315.6+28-0.83-1.71-1.140.480.06-1.332.36-0.012.37
 100-0.43Caleb MartinSG/SF  MIA 9:24312310.5002.00000.5002.000009.4+14-2.33-0.71-1.53-0.440.06-1.330.05-0.012.37
 106-0.48Delon WrightPG/SG  MIA 20:34510120.2867.00000.5002.2005115.0+21-2.00-0.71-2.32-1.363.06-1.33-2.04-0.012.37
 172-0.94Jamal CainSF/PFX  MIA 12:00310301.2504.00001.5002.0002318.4+16-2.33-0.71-2.32-0.44-2.930.53-1.37-0.011.10
   Tyler Herro   MIA                            
   Duncan Robinson   MIA                            
   Kevin Love   MIA                            
   Josh Richardson X  MIA                            
   Alondes Williams X  MIA                            
   Orlando Robinson   MIA                            
   Cole Swider X  MIA                            
  0.00Totals   240:00142214441174.58792.722188.53839.6235313207.5+3000.
Josh: Took full advantage of the score and posted big numbers. Ignore.
Kyle: Bryant had an amazing game with extended run in the blowout win. This is nothing to chase beyond the deepest of leagues, and Bryant could even be out of the rotation next game if Love actually plays.
Josh: Scored well, but we cannot get excited and add him
Kyle: Mills wad decent in another spot start but is just a conditional option for deeper leagues. This is nothing to chase.
Josh: Love the assists, but they rightfully kept minutes down. March MVP.
Kyle: Butler was back in action and is an obvious hold, but he's really crapped the bed of late for fantasy.
Kyle: Highsmith stuck in the rotation over Love for this game and had a nice line, but this is only worth watching for conditional use and deeper leagues if Jovic is out next game.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Another mid game and his November performances seem to be very sticky.
Josh: Couldn't believe he played, but even then he saw his minutes get limited. The on/off makes our decisions harder,.
Maybe Add Kyle: Ayton returned to action and started but played short minutes due to the blowout loss. The Blazers don't play again until Monday, so Ayton isn't worth a look unless your league runs through next week.
Josh: 41 minutes in a 60 point loss. One of his better games for fantasy and I think he needs to be rostered.
Droppable Kyle: The Blazers don't have anymore games this weekend, so if your league finishes Sunday, Henderson and Co. are droppable.
Kyle: Thybulle was back in action and then left due to injury. It's a wonder why the Blazers are both tanking hard yet dragging injured players through meaningless games at the end of the season.
Droppable Kyle: Reath was knocked back to a modest bench role with Ayton back and starting.
Josh: Started for Camara, but did nothing. Not someone we need to prioritise.
Kyle: Jeez. Tons of run in a spot start with Camara out, but Walker couldn't do much of anything. He's really spilled the piss when given bigger opportunities this season.
Josh: I knew there was going to be a disgusting percentage game coming, but the rest makes him a hold.
Droppable Kyle: No more games this weekend, so Banton is droppable as needed.
Kyle: Love was available but out of the rotation for the night.

NYK 126 @ SAS 130

 41.96Jalen BrunsonPGQ  NYKSG43:196154610.532471.00061.38513.58834248.7+207.343.25-0.750.940.06-1.333.073.951.10
 100.99Donte DiVincenzoSG/SF  NYKSF49:002066220.53813.00000.500121.0001211.0-100.504.250.04-0.903.06-1.330.98-0.012.37
 440.27Miles McBridePG  NYKPG45:52712340.3339.00001.2504.400539.1-5-1.67-0.71-1.53-0.449.05-1.33-2.00-0.011.10
 630.02Josh HartSG/SF  NYKPF41:5112212810.308131.00022.4005.2508315.8+20-0.830.282.401.870.06-1.33-3.381.31-0.16
 114-0.53Precious AchiuwaPF/C  NYK 15:416050011.0003.00001.00001.0003410.6-30-1.83-1.71-0.35-1.82-2.930.532.25-0.011.10
 128-0.62Shake MiltonPG/SG  NYK 6:01203110.5002.00000.0000.5002113.8+1-2.50-1.71-1.14-1.360.06-1.330.05-0.012.37
 187-1.05Isaiah HartensteinC  NYKC28:17704410.4297.50023.0000.4297616.0+10-1.67-1.71-0.750.020.06-1.33-0.58-2.03-1.43
 203-1.11Mitchell RobinsonCINJ   NYK 19:387012000.3339.50021.0000.3339123.1-10-1.67-1.712.40-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.00-2.031.10
 251-1.52Bojan BogdanovicSG/SF/PFX  NYK 15:20402000.2867.00002.0003.5004224.4-16-2.17-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.04-0.01-0.16
   O.G. Anunoby Q  NYK                            
   Julius Randle X  NYK                            
   Alec Burks   NYK                            
   DaQuan Jeffries   NYK                            
   Charlie Brown   NYK                            
   Mamadi Diakite   NYK                            
   Jericho Sims   NYK                            
   Duane Washington   NYK                            
   Jacob Toppin   NYK                            
  0.00Totals   264:59126145024101.464110.8331211.37837.5077324172.6-
 22.06Victor WembanyamaPF/C RETSASC37:4240420721.59122.833124.4449.69213239.6+13.842.265.541.413.060.533.331.23-2.69
 70-0.04Devin VassellSG/SFX  SASSG44:412332710.45522.00002.30010.58312025.6-91.001.27-1.531.410.06-1.33-1.03-0.01-0.16
 82-0.18Tre JonesPG  SASPG35:291334400.66761.00022.60051.0001211.9+13-0.671.27-0.750.02-2.93-1.331.581.31-0.16
 88-0.26Keldon JohnsonSG/SF/PFINJ   SAS 34:501725400.5008.87582.33361.0002218.5+230.000.28-0.350.02-2.93-1.330.161.93-0.16
 113-0.53Julian ChampagnieSF/PF  SASSF28:231225200.50081.00022.5004.5004118.3-6-0.830.28-0.35-0.90-2.93-1.330.161.31-0.16
 131-0.64Blake WesleyPG/SG  SAS 12:504053001.00011.00021.00001.0001410.70-2.17-1.71-0.35-0.44-2.93-1.330.761.311.10
 175-0.96Jeremy SochanPG/PFX OUTSASPF16:45400100.6673.00000.0000.667318.5-3-2.17-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.80-0.012.37
 180-0.99Cedi OsmanSF/PFINJ   SAS 20:27400200.5004.00000.0001.667329.3-9-2.17-1.71-2.32-0.90-2.93-1.330.09-0.012.37
 181-1.00Malaki BranhamPG/SG/SFX  SAS 18:431022200.7504.500411.0002.5002017.2+5-1.170.28-1.53-0.90-2.93-1.331.54-4.051.10
 228-1.20Zach CollinsPF/CINJ   SAS 15:09303201.2504.50021.00031.0001218.5+5-2.33-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.930.53-1.37-2.031.10
   Sandro Mamukelashvili   SAS                            
   Charles Bassey X  SAS                            
   Sidy Cissoko   SAS                            
   RaiQuan Gray   SAS                            
   David Duke   SAS                            
   Dominick Barlow Q  SAS                            
   Jamaree Bouyea   SAS                            
   Devonte' Graham   SAS                            
  0.00Totals   264:5913016463432.53782.8133215.40040.6674216178.3+
Josh: Jesus Christ. We are all cooked.
Kyle: Webanyama banged knees with Sochan and briefly went to the locker room before returning. He played through it, so will hopefully be fine, as his production was historic with 40-20 line. --
Josh: 43 minutes, 61 minutes and they still lost.
Kyle: Brunson was unreal with a career-high 61 points, falling just one point shy of Carmelo Anthony's franchise mark of 62 points. What's truly insane about this performance is that it's the 7th 60-point game in the NBA this season. Kind of dulls the achievement to have so many people doing it. -- The funniest part of this was Wemby throwing the game ball into the stands, which was probably his right as the winner of the game. --
Josh: Rough shooting, but the steals were there and there doesn't seem to be a Randle or OG return coming soon.
Stream Kyle: McBride took a backseat on offense here but remains a great stream option for Sunday with his huge role as long as Anunoby is out
Josh: Great minutes and solid enough numbers to be rostered.
Josh: Solid enough minutes but of course, he isn't very reliable.
Kyle: Keldon had a decent game and is OK to stream Sunday, though I'd be looking at all my options and making sure I have an open active slot before settling on Keldon.
Watch Josh: Could be useful if Sochan has to miss time. Keep an eye before adding
Watch Kyle: If Sochan is out Sunday, Champagnie could find more touches as at least a conditional streamer to watch for/consider in deeper formats.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Back to very low minutes and that makes him not a hold.
Droppable Kyle: I'd be looking at other stream options to close the weekend if you have the moves and good players are on the wire.
Josh: After putting together some good minutes in the last few games, so of course it ended here.
Kyle: Sochan left with a tweaked ankle, and coach Popovich didn't have anymore of an update after the game, so if you have a good option on the wire, Sochan can be dropped for the right add this weekend. If you want to hold and see his status for Sunday, that's OK too.
Josh: 28 minutes with Robinson back, so that's a great sign.
Hold Kyle: A light game, but Hartenstein continues to start with Robinson back and should be held most places for Sunday.
Josh: Still not thinking he is a must add.
Stream Kyle: Robinson has specialist streaming value even in modest bench run.

MIN 111 @ DEN 98

 180.64Anthony EdwardsSG/SF  MINSG39:202505530.42119.900102.0008.72711231.2+111.34-1.71-0.350.486.05-1.33-1.813.25-0.16
 240.56Mike ConleyPGQ  MINPG31:552353800.667121.00022.8336.5006322.5+61.003.25-1.141.87-2.93-1.333.141.31-0.16
 380.36Jaden McDanielsSF/PF  MINSF30:571713310.700101.00020.3333.8577217.0+90.00-0.71-1.14-0.440.06-1.333.101.312.37
 104-0.47Kyle AndersonSF/PF  MIN 26:31503702.3333.75041.0000.3333310.5+15-2.00-1.71-1.141.41-2.932.38-0.66-0.711.10
 122-0.58Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 12:585141001.0002.000001.00011.000117.5+6-2.00-0.71-0.75-1.36-2.93-1.331.50-0.012.37
 157-0.85Naz ReidPF/C  MINPF33:09706220.16712.75041.0005.2867321.5+14-1.67-1.710.04-0.903.06-1.33-5.58-0.711.10
 164-0.88Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG/SF  MIN 16:42621001.3336.00001.5004.0002120.3+6-1.830.28-1.93-1.82-2.930.53-1.33-0.011.10
 173-0.95Rudy GobertC  MINC34:4821011203.8758.467150.0000.8758520.3+10.67-1.712.00-0.90-2.934.234.52-16.832.37
 188-1.05Monte MorrisPG  MIN 10:36202000.5002.00000.00011.000109.1+5-2.50-1.71-1.53-1.82-2.93-1.330.05-0.012.37
 206-1.13Wendell MooreSG/SF  MIN 0:46001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 217-1.18Josh MinottSF/PF  MIN 0:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 218-1.18Luka GarzaC  MIN 0:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 223-1.18Leonard MillerSF  MIN 0:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
   Karl-Anthony Towns   MIN                            
   T.J. Warren   MIN                            
   Daishen Nix   MIN                            
   Jaylen Clark   MIN                            
  0.00Totals   240:001119392866.51474.703377.32128.6304620159.9+650.
 450.27Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF35:441426410.500101.00020.4005.6005212.9-7-0.500.
 560.15Nikola JokicC  DENC36:5832010521.45824.769134.0003.52421238.8-92.50-1.711.610.483.060.53-0.99-1.45-2.69
 83-0.19Reggie JacksonPG  DENPG36:3012241020.267151.00023.4005.20010622.0-2-0.830.28-0.752.793.06-1.33-4.791.31-1.43
 105-0.48DeAndre JordanC  DEN 10:161107000.71471.00011.0000.7147135.0-6-1.00-1.710.43-1.82-2.93-1.332.320.651.10
 133-0.67Justin HolidaySG/SF  DEN 15:52511010.4005.00000.25041.0001213.4-3-2.00-0.71-1.93-1.820.06-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 190-1.06Hunter TysonPF  DEN 0:462000001.0001.00000.00001.0001055.5+2-2.50-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.76-0.012.37
 200-1.10Aaron GordonPF  DENPF30:591427400.5569.50044.5004.6005420.3-5-0.500.280.430.02-2.93-1.330.91-4.05-2.69
 204-1.12Jalen PickettSG  DEN 0:46000100.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 209-1.14Christian BraunSG  DEN 26:22815200.20010.75040.3333.1437519.0-6-1.50-0.71-0.35-0.90-2.93-1.33-4.16-0.712.37
 210-1.15Peyton WatsonSG/SF/PF  DEN 11:13003100.0002.00000.0001.000107.6-14-2.83-1.71-1.14-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 215-1.18Jay HuffC  DEN 0:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 216-1.18Braxton KeySF  DEN 0:46000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-0.012.37
 233-1.25Collin GillespiePG  DEN 4:43000000.0001.00000.0001.000019.0-8-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 237-1.25Julian StrawtherSF  DEN 0:46000000.0001.00000.0000.0001055.5+2-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 250-1.48Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG/SF  DENSG27:31003200.0003.00010.0002.000115.3-15-2.83-1.71-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.33-2.11-2.702.37
   Jamal Murray   DEN                            
   Vlatko Cancar X  DEN                            
   Zeke Nnaji   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   239:58988462961.39888.7412712.28628.4506024294.1-650.
Josh: This explosion is surprising but welcomes. His best run of the season
Maybe Add Kyle: With Conley's great play of late, he should at least be getting streamed Sunday.
Josh: Scoring well the last couple of games, but he is only a stream elvel guy
Stream Kyle: Jaden has been putting up enough useful lines of late to at least consider streaming Sunday if you have an open active slot. He's OK to drop for a different option, though, too.
Kyle: Jokic's wrist is giving him some hiccups, but he said he trusts the medical staff, so it sounds like he'll play through it unless the training staff decides he needs a rest.
Josh: Lots of minutes, but the shooting is bad. Love the assists, but he is only a stream guy and even then I don't feel good about it
Watch Kyle: Even with spot starts, we generally cant trust Jackson to be consistent, so while he's OK to watch for conditional use if Murray is out and the wire is bare, I wouldn't be chasing this decent game.
Josh: Scoring was off, but the rest is solid and he remains a backend 12 team guy
Stream Kyle: Anderson is fine to use or drop as needed depending who is on the wire.
Josh: Brutal night from Reid, but the minutes are great.
Kyle: Reid was off here, and he's OK to drop for the right option Sunday, but in most cases, I'd likely be holding.
Josh: A KCP masterclass. Remains a threes and steals streamer.
Kyle: The other side of the coin showed for KCP, after his big line in the previous game, streamers were gifted this dud.

HOU 101 @ UTA 100

 71.58Fred VanVleetPGQ  HOUPG42:062242643.37524.00000.28614.50010424.1+140.842.26-1.530.949.054.23-3.90-0.012.37
 400.35Amen ThompsonPG/SG/SF  HOUPF40:2318014521.50012.75083.0000.50012119.4+110.17-1.713.180.483.060.530.24-1.41-1.43
 520.18Jabari Smith JrPF/C  HOUC32:411435121.33312.75040.3758.2504217.8+10-0.501.27-0.35-1.363.060.53-2.67-0.712.37
 126-0.61Jalen GreenPG/SG  HOUSG38:353449620.45824.571144.36411.53813237.502.842.261.220.943.06-1.33-0.99-10.81-2.69
 159-0.87Jeff GreenPF/C  HOU 20:22514000.4005.00000.3333.5002010.4-3-2.00-0.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.62-0.012.37
 182-1.01Jock LandaleC  HOU 25:59205001.2504.00001.0001.333348.2-8-2.50-1.71-0.35-1.82-2.930.53-1.37-0.011.10
 214-1.17Dillon BrooksSG/SFQ  HOUSF21:25514000.2867.00001.5002.2005415.8+1-2.00-0.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.04-0.011.10
 230-1.21Reggie Bullock JrSF/PF  HOU 5:08001000.0001.00000.0001.000008.3+2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 241-1.34Jae'Sean TateSF/PFX  HOU 3:00101000.0000.50020.0000.0000012.4-8-2.67-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.01-2.032.37
 245-1.42Aaron HolidayPG/SG  HOU 10:21000100.0002.00001.0002.0000112.3-14-2.83-1.71-2.32-1.36-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.011.10
   Alperen Sengun X  HOU                            
   Cam Whitmore   HOU                            
   Tari Eason X  HOU                            
   Jeenathan Williams Jr.   HOU                            
   Nate Hinton   HOU                            
   Jermaine Samuels   HOU                            
   Boban Marjanovic   HOU                            
   Steven Adams X  HOU                            
  0.00Totals   240:00101134519106.38591.6432810.31042.4494918166.2+
 32.00John CollinsPF/CINJ   UTAC30:1530411012.714141.00060.8005.6679324.1-
 310.47Kris DunnPG/SGINJ   UTA 21:391118113.7147.00002.5002.8005618.2+16-1.00-0.710.82-1.360.064.232.32-0.01-0.16
 600.06Collin SextonPG/SGQ  UTASG44:072906502.47621.900104.0004.58817329.3+52.00-1.710.040.48-2.932.38-0.323.25-2.69
 76-0.11Taylor HendricksPF  UTAPF34:40829202.4297.00001.4005.5002210.1-6-1.500.281.22-0.90-2.932.38-0.58-0.011.10
 118-0.55Johnny JuzangSG/SF  UTA 24:221212300.71471.00012.33331.0004217.0+4-0.83-0.71-1.53-0.44-2.93-1.332.320.65-0.16
 140-0.73Walker KesslerCQ  UTA 17:45406110.50021.00023.0000.5002214.5+7-2.17-1.710.04-1.360.06-1.330.051.31-1.43
 211-1.16Micah PotterPF/C  UTA 13:20004000.0002.00000.0001.000116.6+5-2.83-1.71-0.75-1.82-2.93-1.33-1.40-0.012.37
 240-1.32Brice SensabaughSF  UTASF24:44004510.0008.00002.0007.0001117.7-16-2.83-1.71-0.750.480.06-1.33-5.65-0.01-0.16
 256-2.02Keyonte GeorgePG/SG  UTAPG29:08601600.25012.00006.0004.3758327.1-12-1.83-1.71-1.930.94-2.93-1.33-4.12-0.01-5.22
   Jordan Clarkson INJ   UTA                            
   Lauri Markkanen X  UTA                            
   Omer Yurtseven   UTA                            
   Kenneth Lofton Jr.   UTA                            
   Luka Samanic   UTA                            
   Darius Bazley   UTA                            
   Talen Horton-Tucker   UTA                            
   Kira Lewis   UTA                            
   Jason Preston   UTA                            
  0.00Totals   240:001008512349.46380.9471920.25831.5924923164.8-
Kyle: Collins was efficient and got a boost with Markkanen being out.
Kyle: It's always fun to see the smallest guys in the league posting more blocks than players who have a better frame but not the same desire or guile.
Stream Josh: If he plays over 20 minutes, there is at worst stream value for cat leagues
Kyle: Dunn put up a useful line, but this is nothing to chase beyond the deepest leagues and conditional use.
Josh: Udoka is finally lwtting him roll into big minutes,
Must Add Kyle: Amen is getting huge minutes in recent games, and though that could sputter, he's in a great role and should be on someone's roster in most situations.
Kyle: A better game from Smith than he's been offering, and I'd be rostering Sunday if he's available and I have an open slot.
Josh: 44 minutes? Ok. Sure.
Josh: More minutes with Markkanen out. We still cannot trust him because we cannot trust when Lauri plays.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Hendricks isn't posting gaudy numbers, but he's putting up useful lines for at least category leagues and is worth a look for use Sunday if you have a spot open and need his blocks/threes/rebounds.
Josh: The perfect tank player,
Josh: Horrid ft%, but the rest is crazy again.
Kyle: It's a little funny/weird that there are reports out there about the Rockets being willing to move Jalen and/or Sengun this summer to get a veteran. We aren't in trade season, but it's almost like the Rockets are signaling to the league to take notice of how good Jalen is if you want to trade for him this offseason.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Drop him if you need. Minutes are nowhere where they need to be
Droppable Kyle: Kessler is losing a lot of gas in his production and perceived value.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Not someone we need to roster in 12 teamers.
Droppable Kyle: Landale can shine in middling bench minutes, but he's an easy drop as needed most places if there are better stream options on the wire to close the weekend.
Josh: Had some foul issues and is not a 12 team guy
Droppable Kyle: Brooks is too unreliable from game to game, so I'd be looking at the wire for a better option this weekend.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: When he is cold, it hurts a lot, excatly like this, so you just move on at this point in the year.
Kyle: Poor, and George is OK to drop as needed for a potentially better stream option, but he's also fine to hold for Sunday if the wire is bare.

DAL 107 @ SAC 103

 460.25Kyrie IrvingPG/SG  DALSG37:563033200.68816.83362.6005.72711126.5+82.171.27-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.334.670.61-0.16
 580.13Luka DoncicPGQ RETDALPG40:5226491220.42914.714145.5008.3336230.0+61.502.261.223.713.06-1.33-1.18-4.13-3.96
 96-0.40PJ WashingtonPF/C  DALPF33:23726212.20010.50020.2508.0002215.9-3-1.670.280.04-0.900.062.38-4.16-2.032.37
 101-0.44Dereck Lively IIC  DAL 23:461209201.7147.50040.0000.7147118.0-1-0.83-1.711.22-0.90-2.930.532.32-4.052.37
 109-0.49Maxi KleberPF/CINJ   DAL 15:046222001.0002.000001.0002.000006.5+8-1.830.28-1.53-0.90-2.93-1.331.50-0.012.37
 120-0.58Dante ExumPG/SG  DAL 22:41823200.33361.00020.4005.0001414.8-3-1.500.28-1.14-0.90-2.93-1.33-1.331.312.37
 124-0.59Daniel GaffordPF/C  DALC23:46607013.6005.00022.0000.6005116.2+4-1.83-1.710.43-1.820.064.230.83-5.38-0.16
 192-1.08Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DAL 20:27512100.14371.00020.2504.0003018.8-3-2.00-0.71-1.53-1.36-2.93-1.33-3.491.312.37
 242-1.34Derrick JonesSF/PF  DALSF22:03711100.4297.00011.3333.5004118.6+4-1.67-0.71-1.93-1.36-2.93-1.33-0.58-2.701.10
   Jaden Hardy   DAL                            
   Josh Green   DAL                            
   Olivier-Maxence Prosper INJ   DAL                            
   Brandon Williams   DAL                            
   A.J. Lawson   DAL                            
   Dwight Powell   DAL                            
   Markieff Morris   DAL                            
   Greg Brown   DAL                            
   Alex Fudge   DAL                            
  0.00Totals   239:5810715422446.47374.6673310.42935.5133912165.1+
 120.83De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG40:152336530.409221.00021.4297.40015326.3-
 200.60Keon EllisSG/SF  SACSG38:051646130.417121.00022.4449.3333417.30-
 67-0.01Kessler EdwardsSG/SF  SAC 11:019320101.0003.000001.0003.0000212.1-8-1.331.27-1.53-1.820.06-1.332.25-0.012.37
 80-0.17Keegan MurraySF/PF  SACPF35:261247101.36411.00000.5717.0004513.8-3-0.832.260.43-1.36-2.930.53-1.96-0.012.37
 94-0.37Davion MitchellPG/SG  SAC 18:39801210.6676.00000.0000.6676114.3+1-1.50-1.71-1.93-0.900.06-1.331.58-0.012.37
 142-0.73Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF39:442016200.421191.00033.2504.46715126.0-40.50-0.710.04-0.90-2.93-1.33-1.811.97-1.43
 170-0.92Domantas SabonisPF/C  SACC36:21130121010.50012.25044.0000.50012421.7-3-0.67-1.712.402.790.06-1.330.24-7.40-2.69
 176-0.97Alex LenC  SAC 11:33003300.0001.00000.0000.000113.80-2.83-1.71-1.14-0.44-2.93-1.33-0.69-0.012.37
 243-1.39Malik MonkSG/SFINJ  OUTSAC 1:26201000.5002.00010.00011.0001175.4+2-2.50-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.330.05-2.702.37
 248-1.45Chris DuarteSF  SAC 7:27001000.0004.00000.0001.0003023.8-2-2.83-1.71-1.93-1.82-2.93-1.33-2.82-0.012.37
   Kevin Huerter X  SAC                            
   Trey Lyles   SAC                            
   JaVale McGee   SAC                            
   Colby Jones   SAC                            
   Jordan Ford X  SAC                            
   Jalen Slawson X  SAC                            
   Mason Jones X  SAC                            
   Sasha Vezenkov   SAC                            
  0.00Totals   239:5710315452491.43592.6671210.46932.4176022234.4-
Josh: Is he Brown's new yo-yo? Minutes are all over the place and he finally got the steals here. At least we know he is going to start. He probably should be rostered, but given the player he is there will be a lot of inconsistency. Minutes boosted by Monk going down.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Ellis had a good game, but we also know his production can't be trusted to be consistent, so while he's worth considering as a streamer Sunday if you have an open spot, I wouldn't be chasing unless you need his defensive upside. The absence of Monk could open more touches to close the season, so this is a time to consider a flier.
Josh: Kidd lied postgame and said he didn't notice him limping. But he was clearly limping and gets labeled questionable before each game.
Josh: Thanks for being who you are PJ. Can't consider him a must roster.
Kyle: Washington is fine to hold for Sunday, but if you don't have an open spot for him with 10 games on the schedule, I'd be considering my streaming options for Saturday.
Josh: Minutes back up equal to Gafford and the production was solid I am not adding yet.
Kyle: Lively was nice here, but he's fine to treat as a streamer/specialist in most leagues if you need to stream in different stats to close the week.
Josh: Blocks still there, but it was a minutes split with Lively. If after all these ups and downs, he goes back to a fringe guy, I'm going to be angry.
Josh: A better Barnes game with tons of minutes, but he is not an every night guy
Kyle: A rare good game from Barnes, and maybe the absence of Monk forces more run to him, but I wouldn't be chasing this as much as watching for conditional use.
Josh: Seemed to hurt his ankle in the game. Rough time of the year to slump.
Droppable Kyle: Hardaway's recent fire was put out in this game, and he's droppable as needed for another streamer with a clearer path to big minutes and production this weekend.
Josh: Maybe wait to see if we hear anything tomorrow, butr could easily be dropped.
Droppable Kyle: Monk is feared to have sprained his MCL, which would put him out the rest of the season. He's a drop in redrafts. --