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<October 2022>
box scoreATL 136@ DET 1126:00 pm
ATL by 6.0 o/u 229.5ATL 118 @ DET 112
box scoreCHA 93@ ORL 1136:00 pm
CHA by 1.5 o/u 220.5CHA 111 @ ORL 110Blowout
box scoreIND 127@ WAS 1176:30 pm
WAS by 5.0 o/u 228.5IND 112 @ WAS 117
box scoreCLE 132@ BOS 1236:30 pm
BOS by 7.0 o/u 218.5CLE 106 @ BOS 113
box scorePHI 112@ TOR 906:30 pm
TOR by 2.5 o/u 214.5PHI 106 @ TOR 108Blowout
box scoreNYK 108@ MIL 1197:00 pm
MIL by 6.0 o/u 223.5NYK 109 @ MIL 115
box scoreLAL 102@ MIN 1117:00 pm
MIN by 8.0 o/u 231.5LAL 112 @ MIN 120
box scoreCHI 124@ SAS 1297:30 pm
CHI by 4.0 o/u 230.5CHI 117 @ SAS 113
box scoreUTA 101@ DEN 1178:00 pm
DEN by 7.5 o/u 232.0UTA 112 @ DEN 120Blowout
box scoreNOR 111@ PHO 1249:00 pm
PHO by 8.0 o/u 225.5NOR 109 @ PHO 117
box scoreHOU 111@ POR 1259:00 pm
POR by 4.0 o/u 222.5HOU 109 @ POR 113

Central Standard Time

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ATL 136 @ DET 112

 130.79Trae YoungPG  ATLPG30:0736421200.60020.800101.6676.57114136.4+122.932.20-1.593.60-2.75-1.272.94-0.011.09
 190.69Aaron HolidayPG  ATL 27:521412321.83361.000311.0001.8005412.9+17-0.45-0.57-1.59-0.382.940.702.821.631.09
 240.56Onyeka OkongwuC  ATL 21:311607211.700101.00020.0000.70010221.8+10-0.14-1.500.48-0.830.100.702.851.092.31
 410.22Dejounte MurrayPG/SG  ATLSG32:232624500.57121.00000.3336.66715028.0+211.390.35-0.760.50-2.75-
 450.18John CollinsPF/C  ATLPF25:114010113.5004.00002.0001.6673310.3+9-1.98-1.501.73-
 85-0.25Jalen JohnsonPF/C  ATL 21:09715201.6005.000001.0001.5004110.2+15-1.52-0.57-0.35-0.83-2.750.700.720.002.31
 129-0.57A.J. GriffinSG/SF  ATL 5:431020000.6676.00000.6673.6673245.3-2-1.060.35-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.271.430.002.31
 141-0.68Tyrese MartinSG/SF  ATL 2:542000101.0001.00000.00001.0001014.9+2-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.710.10-1.270.690.002.31
 144-0.68De'Andre HunterSF/PF  ATLSF17:321222100.50010.00001.4005.6005427.1+8-0.750.35-1.59-1.27-2.75-
 154-0.73Clint CapelaC  ATLC23:265011102.3336.33331.0000.3336215.3+14-1.83-1.502.14-1.27-2.752.67-1.35-3.821.09
 183-0.96Frank KaminskyC  ATL 3:03002100.0000.00000.0000.00001 0-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 214-1.11Trent ForrestSG  ATL 1:40000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 209-1.11Vit KrejciPG/SG/SF/PF  ATL 1:40000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 231-1.19Justin HolidaySG/SF  ATL 25:49400300.2508.00000.00061.0002517.8+14-1.98-1.50-2.42-0.38-2.75-1.27-2.720.002.31
   Bogdan Bogdanovic   ATL                            
   Jarrett Culver   ATL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0013612453158.56797.778186.41429.6326826240.0+1200.
 81.07Cade CunninghamPG/SG  DETSG33:093509810.60923.87581.0003.70020534.3-132.78-1.501.311.830.10-1.273.661.631.09
 300.35Bojan BogdanovicSF/PF  DETPF30:232234010.417121.00091.5006.3336223.1-210.781.28-0.76-1.710.10-1.27-1.304.911.09
 78-0.19Isaiah StewartPF/C  DETC29:241728101.54511.60050.4005.6676218.5-110.010.350.90-1.27-2.750.700.78-2.732.31
 112-0.45Hamidou DialloSG/SF  DET 14:34805300.75041.00021.00011.0003116.7-3-1.37-1.50-0.35-0.38-2.75-1.271.411.091.09
 146-0.70Jaden IveyPG/SG  DETPG23:231222000.364111.00020.3336.4005221.0-12-0.750.35-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 200-1.04Jalen DurenPF/C  DET 23:16803002.5004.66763.0000.5004417.1-19-1.37-1.50-1.18-1.71-2.752.670.02-2.19-1.33
 206-1.11Rodney McGruderSG/SF  DET 3:03000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 229-1.18Kevin KnoxSF/PF  DET 3:03000000.0001.00000.0001.0000013.70-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 235-1.22Killian HayesPG/SG  DET 18:36205400.1676.00002.0001.2005217.8-10-2.29-1.50-0.350.06-2.75-1.27-2.740.00-0.12
 238-1.24Isaiah LiversSG/SF  DET 15:11002000.0003.00000.0003.000028.2-5-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 242-1.30Saddiq BeySF/PF  DETSF29:53704000.2508.75041.0004.5004215.5-21-1.52-1.50-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.72-0.551.09
 243-1.32Cory JosephPG/SG  DET 16:05100201.0003.50021.0002.0001012.5-5-2.44-1.50-2.42-0.83-2.750.70-2.07-1.641.09
   Marvin Bagley III   DET                            
   Alec Burks   DET                            
   Nerlens Noel   DET                            
   Braxton Key   DET                            
   Buddy Boeheim   DET                            
  0.00Totals   240:001127421824.43086.8163810.21932.5565422198.4-1200.
Josh: Yeah, he is actually good and did it while playing with Ivey. He's now a top 50 player for the season
Kyle: Cade stayed on the offensive even with Ivey back in the lineup, which is a great sign for Cade's ceiling going forward. It's a little surprising these 35 points were a career high, but he's sure to surpass this soon. -- Highlights:
Josh: He is climbing the rankings and settling in. Dejounte isn't impacting him at all really.
Kyle: Young's FG% has been better the last two games, and he could be in line for a rise. It may not seem like it, but Young is worth considering as a potential buy-low target of sorts.
Josh: Big minutes with Hunter in foul trouble, but I wouldn't react to this performance
Kyle: Holiday earned extra run with Hunter in foul trouble
Josh: He looked solid in this game and remains a hold, but still fewer minutes than Capela.
Kyle: Okongwu is going to have full lines like this regularly but will also put up thinner lines a lot of nights as long as he's in a modest-to-middling bench role behind Capela.
Josh: Another 50% three point shooting day and it will cool off, undoubtedly.
Sell High Kyle: Bojan is shooting unsustainably well, so I'd at least be entertaining sell-high options if available in standards. Bojan should maintain useable value most the season, but his ceiling could drop on a better roster if traded at some point.
Josh: Assists are well down at the moment, but the scoring is solid
Kyle: Murray has had a couple short assists games, which is a concern in regard to his ceiling in that category, but he continues command huge minutes and will be fine even if his assists are a bit lower than his hot start may have pumped up hope to.
Josh: Weird bad game, but still brought the defense.
Kyle: Short minutes with the game in hand, but the low touches are concern. Luckily, Collins did well on the boards and blocks at least. It's hard to peg whether Collins is truly having a resurrection in fantasy this season or if he's best treated as a sell-high, as there are several avenues to him faltering as we go (injury risk, production inconsistency, minutes volatility).
Josh: Better game, but he is really only a backend guy with limited upside.
Kyle: Stewart's poor percentages have made him best used in H2H and Points leagues over Rotisserie this season. He has a little upside going forward if he continues to improve in his hybrid role, but it's also possible Stewart flounders some if his minutes get reduced around Duren's improvement down the stretch.
Kyle: Johnson got a few extra minutes with the game being in hand. He hasn't played enough yet to make an impression in fantasy, but an injury to Hunter or Collins could lead to a surprise big role
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Had some foul trouble, but I don't think there is much rationale for him being a 12 team guy
Kyle: Low minutes due to foul trouble. Hunter is OK to treat as a streamer, adding and dropping as needed in standards, though I'd be holding through Saturday's game at least.
Josh: He has fallen outside the top 100 and these last few games are what I thought was going to be the reality for Ivey to begin the season. Hold for now
Buy Low Kyle: Ivey was back from his illness and right back starting as well. It was a poor game, but he'll be better going forward, and this is certainly a time to try buying low.
Josh: It's a tough hold. There are a plethora of backup centres you can hold and Duren is one, but he may find himself in the G League when Bagley returns.
Josh: Really disappointed to see him play so little. Poor coaching, but it also wasn't a good game from Livers
Kyle: Inconsistent production, partially due to having too modest of a role. Livers has the talent to produce well for fantasy, but a good role may not be there for standard leagues unless injuries or a trade open the door.
Josh: Not a drop, but he could be. Wildly inconsitent and is rightfully not getting as many shots as Bogdanovic.
Kyle: Bey's minutes were short with this being another bad loss for the Pistons, and he's a streaky scorer, so the poor offense usually irons out. However, Bey's reduced touches so far may be hard to reclaim with Ivey added to the mix and Stewart trying to be a threat. Ultimately, he's been efficient and is getting to the line. He just needs to take more shots, which will likely find him, so this could be a buy-low stretch to consider.
Kyle: Joseph was back in a modest bench role after starting the previous game in Ivey's absence.

CHA 93 @ ORL 113Blowout

 93-0.31Gordon HaywardSF/PF  CHASF26:271836300.54511.75042.5006.6005022.5-
 98-0.35Nick RichardsC  CHA 20:221406000.7147.80050.0000.7147318.2-13-0.45-1.500.07-1.71-2.75-
 109-0.44Theo MaledonPG/SG  CHA 20:35825300.6005.00001.6673.5002011.8-6-1.370.35-0.35-0.38-2.75-1.270.720.001.09
 124-0.54Jalen McDanielsSF/PF  CHA 22:05607210.14371.00041.0002.2005320.1-8-1.67-1.500.48-0.830.10-1.27-3.432.181.09
 137-0.66Bryce McGowensSG/SF  CHA 5:19201110.5002.00000.0000.5002015.2+9-2.29-1.50-2.01-1.270.10-
 138-0.66Mark WilliamsC  CHA 7:06704000.60051.00010.0000.6005030.9+12-1.52-1.50-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.270.720.542.31
 150-0.73PJ WashingtonPF/C  CHAPF22:29511003.2229.00001.1676.3333318.0-19-1.83-0.57-2.01-1.71-2.754.64-3.410.001.09
 163-0.83Dennis Smith Jr.PG  CHAPG27:25404410.2867.00002.0001.3336213.3-14-1.98-1.50-0.760.060.10-1.27-2.040.00-0.12
 182-0.96Mason PlumleeC  CHAC20:32204400.5002.00002.0000.500236.2-19-2.29-1.50-0.760.06-2.75-
 193-1.01Kai JonesPF/C  CHA 5:314002011.0001.50040.00001.0001020.2+9-1.98-1.50-2.42-0.83-2.750.700.69-3.282.31
 244-1.33J.T. ThorSF/PF  CHA 14:09002100.0003.00001.0003.0000111.4-13-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 250-1.56Kelly OubreSG/SF  CHASG21:511224100.25016.50041.20010.3336134.7-13-0.750.35-0.76-1.27-2.75-1.27-5.44-3.281.09
 251-1.58James BouknightPG/SG  CHA 26:091133000.36411.00023.4297.2504223.0-7-0.911.28-1.18-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.00-4.37-1.33
   Terry Rozier   CHA                            
   LaMelo Ball   CHA                            
   Cody Martin   CHA                            
  0.00Totals   240:009311472134.38486.6672414.28938.4584818245.4-1000.
 200.65Mo BambaC  ORL 16:531926103.667121.00011.4005.8577532.1+90.320.350.07-1.27-2.754.642.870.541.09
 550.01Chuma OkekePF  ORL 28:571026210.42971.00020.4005.5002412.30-1.060.350.07-0.830.10-1.27-0.651.092.31
 570.00R.J. HamptonPG/SG  ORL 24:37904420.28671.00051.0001.3336117.3-3-1.21-1.50-0.760.062.94-1.27-2.042.721.09
 63-0.05Wendell Carter Jr.PF/C  ORLC25:361505420.46213.75041.0003.60010127.8+20-0.29-1.50-0.350.062.94-1.27-0.60-0.551.09
 76-0.18Bol BolPF/C  ORLPF26:331107111.6676.75042.00021.0004116.6+18-0.91-1.500.48-
 82-0.21Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF  ORLPG23:231311410.62581.00022.3333.8005021.0+23-0.60-0.57-
 123-0.54Paolo BancheroSF/PF  ORLSF27:1121212700.57114.42972.5004.60010031.8+270.630.352.561.39-2.75-1.271.50-7.10-0.12
 147-0.71Terrence RossSG/SF  ORLSG23:58512111.2867.00010.2005.5002313.5+18-1.83-0.57-1.59-
 157-0.75Admiral SchofieldSF/PF  ORL 13:19512000.6673.00000.50021.0001310.2-5-1.83-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.270.710.002.31
 215-1.11Kevon HarrisSG/SF  ORL 5:31200200.5002.00001.00011.0001024.6-9-2.29-1.50-2.42-0.83-2.75-
 240-1.29Caleb HoustanSF  ORL 24:02313200.1676.00002.1676.0000415.1+2-2.13-0.57-1.18-0.83-2.75-1.27-2.740.00-0.12
   Jalen Suggs   ORL                            
   Jonathan Isaac   ORL                            
   Cole Anthony   ORL                            
   Markelle Fultz   ORL                            
   Moritz Wagner   ORL                            
   Gary Harris   ORL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011310482885.49485.7312612.27037.6674822222.2+1000.
Watch Josh: Most of this damage was done in 4Q, which was all garbage time. I would not overreact to this, although if Bol is going to start, there are more minutes for Bamba available.
Sell High Kyle: Bamba got extra run with Anthony being out, Bol starting, and the game being a blowout. This was a great line. It's something to watch, but it's also a sell-high moment before the Magic get healthier and Bamba's falls to the back of the rotation again.
Kyle: Okeke was given more minutes with the game being a blowout and because of Cole's injury. These minutes won't stick, so this is just something for very deep streaming.
Josh: Minutes look nice, but all of 4Q was garbage time. He is only a deep league guy
Kyle: Hampton got good run with Cole out and it being a blowout, and Hampton was decent, but this is nothing to chase beyond the deepest of leagues.
Must Add Josh: Minutes up, but production down. Still, for now, he remains a must roster
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Bol was given the start with Anthony out and should be on someone's roster as a streamer or flier in most leagues to see where this role goes.
Kyle: The lower minutes in the blowout might be a blessing in disguise if Hayward is allowed to play on the b2b as a result.
Hold Josh: Still only 20 minutes, but solid enough productrion. You can hold him, but I don't think old mate Steve Clifford is make a centre change soon
Kyle: Richards had a good showing with efficient scoring and nice rebounds, but his contributions are limited to being a specialist and streamer for standards unless he starts offering consistent blocks.
Kyle: Maledon is an emergency fill-in player with LaMelo and Rozier out. As the team gets healthy, Maledon will either be on the bench or in the G League. This is nothing to chase beyond very deep leagues, and mostly just for streaming.
Josh: The domination continues, ecept we got the free throw hit we were worried about.
Josh: He had forced his way into the top 100 on the back of 75% three point shooting. It cooled off. Expectedly. He is totally fine to hold, but I really doubt he is going to be able to be a 12 team guy in 22 minutes considering Martin/Rozier/Ball all need to return
Kyle: Jalen is fine to hold through Saturday's game on the b2b, but he's also OK to drop as needed for another streamer or flier. His ceiling is low as long as the Hornets are healthy at forward.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Had that one big game and not much else. He will be a viable stream for threes, but when the guards return, I can't see him being someone we care about.
Droppable Kyle: Even with Cole out, Ross failed to offer reliable production.
Hold Josh: Rough game, but he is a clear hold despite this performance
Kyle: Washington's shooting has been inefficient so far, but he's produced well overall and is a bit of a buy-low after this game, though the 3 blocks helped make up for an otherwise empty line.
Josh: First dud, but just keep rolling with him until Rozier is back
Stream Kyle: A poor game, but Smith remains worth streaming until Rozier or LaMelo get back. Smith should bounce back well Saturday.
Josh: Dreadful. High usage, but he's been murdering percentages a lot. I don't think he will be a 12 team guy for much longer, if he even is now. Still a soft hold.
Kyle: Oubre's poor shooting tanked his value here, and he's fine to let go of as needed, but I'd be holding through Saturday's game at least.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: If you don't have an IL spot to put Cole in for standard leagues, I'd be OK dropping him given the injury.

IND 127 @ WAS 117

 41.67Myles TurnerC  INDC32:2127310205.500141.000102.7504.40010427.4+201.551.281.73-0.83-2.758.580.115.45-0.12
 110.90Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SG  INDPG36:0025321210.563161.00041.5006.60010122.7+121.241.28-1.593.600.10-1.271.512.181.09
 340.28Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSG33:222555200.58817.00001.5569.6258123.5+101.243.12-0.35-0.83-2.75-
 60-0.02Aaron NesmithSG/SF  INDSF29:441527310.6676.71471.50041.0002214.7+9-0.290.350.48-0.380.10-1.271.43-1.641.09
 94-0.32Jalen SmithPF/C  INDPF31:051507000.6676.87581.0000.6676214.7+14-0.29-1.500.48-1.71-2.75-1.271.431.631.09
 134-0.59T.J. McConnellPG  IND 12:00201320.3333.00002.0000.3333018.1-2-2.29-1.50-2.01-0.382.94-1.27-0.680.00-0.12
 166-0.86Bennedict MathurinSG/SF  IND 23:041112200.364111.00021.2504.4297124.3+5-0.91-0.57-1.59-0.83-2.75-1.27-
 172-0.90Goga BitadzeC  IND 2:26200100.00001.00020.0000.0000116.2-1-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 179-0.94Andrew NembhardPG/SG  IND 16:02311200.5002.000011.0001.000128.1-12-2.13-0.57-2.01-0.83-2.75-
 192-1.00Chris DuarteSG/SF  IND 11:37202100.3333.00000.0001.5002111.2-1-2.29-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.680.002.31
 196-1.02Isaiah JacksonPF/C  IND 12:19004202.0003.00003.0000.0003421.2-4-2.59-1.50-0.76-0.83-2.752.67-2.070.00-1.33
   James Johnson   IND                            
   Daniel Theis   IND                            
   Oshae Brissett   IND                            
   Trevelin Queen   IND                            
   Terry Taylor   IND                            
   Kendall Brown   IND                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012715413047.50681.9093313.51729.5005219202.1+500.
 31.80Bradley BealSG  WASSG37:133127431.611181.00072.4005.69213324.6-102.160.350.480.065.790.702.923.82-0.12
 530.06Kristaps PorzingisPF/C  WASC30:562226110.53813.85772.5004.5569423.2-130.780.350.07-1.270.10-1.270.791.09-0.12
 95-0.32Kyle KuzmaSF/PF  WASPF37:181839310.368191.00013.4297.33312423.9+
 122-0.53Will BartonSG/SF  WAS 29:04932300.5006.00001.6005.0001210.7-7-1.211.28-1.59-0.38-2.75-
 151-0.73Daniel GaffordC  WAS 14:561004000.7504.80051.0000.7504219.1+1-1.06-1.50-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.271.410.001.09
 155-0.74Monte MorrisPG  WASPG31:095021201.2508.50021.0003.4005112.6+6-1.83-1.50-1.593.60-2.750.70-2.72-1.641.09
 160-0.78Anthony GillPF/C  WAS 4:073111001.0001.000001.0001.000019.6+3-2.13-0.57-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.270.690.002.31
 178-0.93Rui HachimuraSF/PF  WAS 24:591005001.4297.66761.0001.5006217.2-19-1.06-1.50-0.35-1.71-2.750.70-0.65-2.191.09
 197-1.02Johnny DavisSG/SF  WAS 7:17200100.5002.00000.0000.5002210.9-13-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-
 211-1.11Vernon Carey Jr.C  WAS 1:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 208-1.11Jordan SchakelSG  WAS 1:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +2-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 219-1.13Deni AvdijaSF/PF  WASSF19:58712000.4297.00002.3333.5004217.9-6-1.52-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.650.00-0.12
 227-1.18Isaiah ToddPF/C  WAS 1:01000000.0001.00000.0001.0000042.7+2-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
   Corey Kispert   WAS                            
   Jordan Goodwin   WAS                            
   Delon Wright   WAS                            
   Taj Gibson   WAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011712382553.47786.8212813.40030.5185623212.4-500.
Josh: The back issue wasn't a problem here
Kyle: Good to see Beal actually claim big shots and post a full line.
Josh: Ok, fair to say he is back and rolling
Kyle: Turner showed off his upper ceiling with this huge game, and while it's perfectly fine to treat this as a sell-high moment, it's also possible Turner shines on this roster going forward, so don't sell cheap if you are moving.
Josh: It looks like Carlisle settled into a reasonable rotation the last couple of games which is going to benefit Hield a lot.
Watch Kyle: Nesmith continues to start for his defense but finally showed off some offense here. He's someone to watch in case his role solidifies and grows going forward, but I wouldn't be chasing beyond deeper formats and conditional streaming yet.
Josh: Strong minutes and solid production. I think he is going to pay off his draft spot
Josh: Minutes have been solid and stable, but he isn't someone I think is a must roster player.
Josh: Minutes solid without Wright, but he's only really giving assists, which has it's value.
Maybe Add Kyle: Morris stepped up his facilitation with Wright out, dishing a career-high 12 dimes. If you need assists and he's available, it's worth the add.
Josh: He was always going to level off , but I didn't expect this much. Shot isn't falling, volume well down as well. Hold, but it's one to watch
Buy Low Kyle: Low minutes and touches, but I'd be viewing this as a buy-low opportunity in most places.
Josh: It's hard to hold with his current level of playing time and production. Holding is really waiting for a Turner trade and that's it.
Buy Low Kyle: The low minutes and short production might not being hold-able for some rosters, but with Jackson's production in blocks and upside going forward, he should at least be rostered consistently as a specialist or streamer. With that in mind, I'd be buying low in most category leagues if possible.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I hoped he would plauy more, not less without Wright. Disappointing and he can be dropped in 12 team leagues and used as a streamer
Kyle: Bit of a disappointment to see Avdija so poor even with Wright out.

CLE 132 @ BOS 123

 12.09Caris LeVertSG/SF  CLESG42:484164730.57121.917122.7508.46213429.6+213.704.05-0.761.395.79-
 230.58Donovan MitchellPG/SG  CLEPG45:424154310.600251.00067.5569.62516433.9+183.703.12-0.76-0.380.10-1.273.673.27-6.19
 320.34Evan MobleyPF/C  CLEPF41:5919110312.58312.66762.3333.6679417.7+20.32-0.571.73-0.380.102.671.48-2.19-0.12
 130-0.57Jarrett AllenC  CLEC39:3912011200.5569.50040.0001.6258212.1+25-0.75-1.502.14-0.83-2.75-1.270.76-3.282.31
 173-0.90Kevin LovePF/C  CLE 20:53925000.4297.50021.5004.3333218.0-10-1.210.35-0.35-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.65-1.641.09
 189-1.00Dean WadeSF/PF  CLESF38:55416100.3333.50021.5002.000145.6+20-1.98-0.570.07-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.68-1.641.09
 220-1.13Raul NetoPG  CLE 7:18000100.0001.00000.0001.000016.1-9-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 239-1.28Isaac OkoroSG/SF  CLE 5:22200000.3333.00001.00021.0001333.4-12-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.680.001.09
 247-1.41Cedi OsmanSG/SF  CLE 22:24412100.1676.50021.2005.0001415.7-10-1.98-0.57-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-2.74-1.641.09
   Darius Garland   CLE                            
   Lamar Stevens   CLE                            
   Robin Lopez   CLE                            
   Ricky Rubio   CLE                            
   Dylan Windler   CLE                            
   Mamadi Diakite   CLE                            
   Isaiah Mobley   CLE                            
  0.00Totals   265:0013216421852.51787.7653415.45735.5585228172.2+450.
 180.69Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSPF42:113237411.57919.87584.4297.66712428.8-102.311.280.480.060.100.702.231.63-2.55
 67-0.08Al HorfordPF/C  BOSC41:251222401.7147.00001.50041.000338.8-20-0.750.35-1.590.06-2.750.702.130.001.09
 70-0.13Malcolm BrogdonPG/SG  BOS 22:16912510.60051.000211.0001.5004314.1-1-1.21-0.57-1.590.500.10-1.270.721.091.09
 77-0.19Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOSSG22:12911120.60051.00022.5002.6673416.2-1-1.21-0.57-2.01-1.272.94-1.270.721.09-0.12
 106-0.42Blake GriffinPF/C  BOS 11:427120101.00011.000421.0001.0000418.6-1-1.52-0.57-1.59-1.710.10-1.270.692.18-0.12
 108-0.43Jaylen BrownSG/SF  BOSSF42:483228420.50022.667126.2867.60015335.6-212.310.350.900.062.94-1.270.17-4.37-4.97
 119-0.52Marcus SmartPG/SG  BOSPG37:501125720.20015.75042.2229.1676422.7-26-0.910.35-0.351.392.94-1.27-6.14-0.55-0.12
 132-0.58Luke KornetC  BOS 25:34405300.6673.00000.0000.667315.4+7-1.98-1.50-0.35-0.38-2.75-1.270.710.002.31
 176-0.93Sam HauserSF/PF  BOS 11:43511000.6673.00001.50021.0001115.6+23-1.83-0.57-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.270.710.001.09
 198-1.02Noah VonlehPF/C  BOS 7:19201000.5002.00000.0000.5002014.4+5-2.29-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-
   Grant Williams   BOS                            
   Payton Pritchard   BOS                            
   Robert Williams   BOS                            
   Danilo Gallinari   BOS                            
   Justin Jackson   BOS                            
   Mfiondu Kabengele   BOS                            
   J.D. Davison   BOS                            
  0.00Totals   265:0012313342892.51282.8133219.39433.5924927180.2-450.
Josh: He had been very poor prior to this and exploded here with high efficiency which he never brings. Keep rolling with him until at least Garland returns.
Sell High Kyle: LeVert showed out with a season-high 41 points and full line. He's fine to add anywhere he's available to see if he can hold value when the team is healthy, but this is also a sell-high moment before Garland is back.
Sell High Josh: Garland is going to have some impact on him when he returns, surely.
Sell High Kyle: There's no reason to push to move Mitchell, but he is a bit of a sell-high before Garland returns.
Josh: A strong performance. Not blowing us away, but solid
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Much better. Remains a 12 team guy and an add if dropped.
Maybe Add Kyle: Horford is available in quite a few leagues, so it's worth checking to see if he was dropped recently.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Basically splitting minutes with White. I would rather hold Brogdon over WHite, but he also isn't looking like aq must roster guy
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I have no issue with him being rostered, but the general outut isn't the level of someone I would considered a 12 team must
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: White is fine to treat as a specialist and streamer in standards with his inconsistent production.
Buy Low Josh: Struggling to put up good numbers, but minutes are there and people usually have a general distaste for his fantasy game, so a buy low is possible.
Josh: Started the 2H, but there isn't much here
Kyle: Big minutes in another spot start, but the production was poor, and Wade should be on the bench again soon.
Stream Josh: His hot run ended here. I still think he can be a 12 team streamer
Droppable Kyle: The magic was bound to fade. Osman had a nice stretch as a streamer, but he's inconsistent, and his role will get marginalized when Garland is healthy. It's OK to drop Osman as needed most places.
Kyle: Out due to suspension. He'll be back next game.

PHI 112 @ TOR 90Blowout

 22.03Tyrese MaxeyPG/SG  PHISG39:494498410.75020.83362.75012.7508328.2+294.166.820.900.060.10-
 100.97De'Anthony MeltonPG/SG  PHISF30:451315650.40015.00001.2005.50010123.7+9-0.60-0.57-0.350.9411.48-1.27-1.970.001.09
 500.09Matisse ThybulleSG/SF  PHI 21:48623312.3336.00000.4005.0001011.5+1-1.670.35-1.18-0.380.102.67-1.350.002.31
 61-0.04Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF28:001325320.357141.00011.2508.5006225.1+12-0.600.35-0.35-0.382.94-1.27-2.670.541.09
 84-0.24P.J. TuckerPF/C  PHIC22:33515110.6673.000001.0001.500246.1+15-1.83-0.57-0.35-1.270.10-1.270.710.002.31
 110-0.44Montrezl HarrellPF/C  PHI 17:229022011.00041.00012.00001.0004116.9+12-1.21-1.50-1.59-0.83-2.750.702.800.54-0.12
 139-0.66James HardenPG/SG  PHIPG33:431104402.44491.00035.0003.6676220.7+3-0.91-1.50-0.760.06-2.752.67-0.631.63-3.76
 153-0.73Georges NiangSF/PF  PHI 19:55515001.5004.00002.33331.0001413.7+10-1.83-0.57-0.35-1.71-2.750.700.020.00-0.12
 156-0.74Paul ReedPF/C  PHI 2:15001010.0000.00000.0000.00000 +3-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.710.10-1.27-
 169-0.88Jaden SpringerSG/SF  PHI 2:154000001.0002.00000.00001.0002140.5+3-1.98-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.271.390.002.31
 195-1.01Furkan KorkmazSG/SF  PHI 2:15001100.0000.00000.0000.00000 +3-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 226-1.17Shake MiltonPG/SG  PHI 8:50200100.2504.00000.0000.2504120.6+7-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.370.002.31
 237-1.22Danuel HouseSF  PHI 10:30002000.0001.00001.0001.000018.7+3-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.001.09
   Joel Embiid   PHI                            
   Julian Champagnie   PHI                            
   Michael Foster   PHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:00112164125116.52482.9091114.42138.6144420215.5+1100.
 520.08O.G. AnunobySG/SF  TORSF35:491929221.43816.60052.2867.5569225.1-120.320.351.31-0.832.940.70-1.27-2.73-0.12
 580.00Scottie BarnesSF/PF  TORPF28:541336110.57171.00022.7504.3333115.2-21-0.601.280.07-1.270.10-1.270.741.09-0.12
 86-0.26Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 22:06813113.5006.33331.5002.5004316.8-8-1.37-0.57-1.18-
 91-0.29Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORC35:4726110600.60015.77895.3333.66712329.8-71.39-0.571.730.94-2.75-1.272.20-0.55-3.76
 101-0.38Christian KolokoC  TOR 10:023021201.0001.50020.00001.000118.3+3-2.13-1.50-1.59-1.272.94-1.270.69-1.642.31
 117-0.50Gary TrentPG/SG  TORSG32:571424310.40015.00002.2867.5008023.0-25-0.450.35-0.76-0.380.10-1.27-1.970.00-0.12
 164-0.84Dalano BantonPG/SG  TOR 8:45402010.4005.00001.0002.6673030.5-1-1.98-1.50-1.59-1.710.10-1.27-0.670.001.09
 181-0.95Justin ChampagnieSG/SF  TOR 3:142010001.0001.00000.00001.0001014.1-1-2.29-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.002.31
 204-1.09Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 4:55002000.0001.00000.0001.000009.1-3-2.59-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 207-1.11Malachi FlynnPG  TOR 5:07000000.0000.00000.0000.00001 -5-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 246-1.39Juan HernangomezPF/C  TOR 3:14000000.0002.00001.0002.0000048.7-1-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.390.001.09
 248-1.43Precious AchiuwaPF/C  TOR 14:57003101.0006.00002.0003.0003123.8-10-2.59-1.50-1.18-1.27-2.750.70-4.130.00-0.12
 253-1.79Fred VanVleetPG  TORPG34:13103510.00011.33331.0008.0003317.3-19-2.44-1.50-1.180.500.10-1.27-7.56-3.821.09
   Otto Porter Jr.   TOR                            
   Khem Birch   TOR                            
   Jeff Dowtin Jr   TOR                            
   Ron Harper Jr.   TOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00909452095.38486.6252417.23139.5114715262.0-1100.
Josh: An absolutely insane game, making it two big ones in a row against Toronto. The shooting is going to drop away, but this was awesome
Kyle: Maxey carried the torch for the Sixers with Embiid out, posting a career-high 44 points and 9 three-pointers. This is a sell-high moment but only for the right return.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: We know he can do this. The 31 minutes is due to Embiid being out. But, given how the small unit looks, there is likely more backup minutes available now. It's hard to do, but maybe we buy back in
Sell High Kyle: Melton was given a spot start with Embiid out and the team matching small with Toronto at center. Melton was amazing and is worth streaming or grabbing as a flier to see if this sticks at all, but this is also a sell-high moment.
Josh: More minutes with Embiid out and he brought the defense as he does. Not someone we need to add.
Watch Kyle: Thybulle was in the mix with Embiid out and the team going small. This is something to be aware of, but I wouldn't be chasing hard unless Embiid misses more time. But this seemed like a rest on the b2b.
Josh: Apart from shooting, it was a great game and the concerns should've been eased
Josh: He is regressing back to wear I thought he would be.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He will have nights when he looks like a 12 team guy, but I am not convinced he is worth having on a roster
Stream Kyle: Boucher has streaming value for his ability to post good lines in short time, but I wouldn't be chasing as much as using as needed.
Kyle: Poor minutes and production even with Embiid out.
Kyle: A buy-low moment as Harden let Maxey carry the wheel in this game.
Kyle: Even with Embiid out, Reed didn't see the court beyond garbage time.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Absolutrly no justification for holding him in a 12 team league.
Droppable Kyle: Precious is just a conditional streamer, OK to drop as needed in most leagues.
Buy Low Josh: If FVV is on the reactionary manager in your league's roster, now you try to trade. This is as bad as it gets.
Buy Low Kyle: Awful shooting, going 0-for-11 from the field. He's a punt-FG% guy, but this is a bit overkill. FVV is a buy-low in this moment as a game like this can scare some managers off.
Kyle: This seems like a rest on the b2b, and Embiid should play Saturday.

NYK 108 @ MIL 119

 360.27Immanuel QuickleyPG/SG  NYK 27:541424331.45511.50041.5004.4297120.6+11-0.450.35-0.76-0.385.790.70-0.61-3.281.09
 64-0.06Isaiah HartensteinC  NYK 27:35608212.3758.00001.0001.4297313.6-5-1.67-1.500.90-0.830.102.67-1.330.001.09
 89-0.29Derrick RosePG  NYK 14:521224400.6258.00001.6673.6005025.3+8-0.750.35-0.760.06-2.75-1.271.440.001.09
 90-0.29Obi ToppinPF  NYK 16:461133200.5717.00000.6005.5002017.4+3-0.911.28-1.18-0.83-2.75-1.270.740.002.31
 99-0.36Julius RandlePF  NYKPF31:1414012210.30010.88993.0002.3758422.6-14-0.45-1.502.56-0.830.10-1.27-2.712.18-1.33
 100-0.37Mitchell RobinsonC  NYKC20:24509102.4005.50020.0000.4005512.0-7-1.83-1.501.31-1.27-2.752.67-0.67-1.642.31
 186-0.99Evan FournierSG/SF  NYKSG20:051134000.33312.00002.4297.2005129.1-22-0.911.28-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-2.690.00-0.12
 212-1.11Jericho SimsC  NYK 0:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +1-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 210-1.11Miles McBridePG  NYK 0:01000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 0-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 216-1.11R.J. BarrettSG/SF  NYKSF36:272015200.41217.62581.1437.60010224.6-80.47-0.57-0.35-0.83-2.75-1.27-1.95-3.821.09
 224-1.16Cam ReddishSF/PF  NYK 11:33202100.2005.00000.0002.3333018.1-3-2.29-1.50-1.59-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 241-1.30Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  NYKPG33:081313210.30010.66793.2504.3336321.4-19-0.60-0.57-1.18-0.830.10-1.27-2.71-3.28-1.33
   Ryan Arcidiacono   NYK                            
   Svi Mykhailiuk   NYK                            
   Quentin Grimes   NYK                            
   Feron Hunt   NYK                            
   Trevor Keels   NYK                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010812541965.39893.6883212.34335.4315819204.7-550.
 160.73Brook LopezC  MILC33:2514011213.385131.00040.0006.7147416.4+1-0.45-1.502.14-0.830.104.64-1.992.182.31
 310.34Giannis AntetokounmpoPF/C  MILPF38:5530114911.50022.636112.1676.62516027.5+272.01-0.573.392.270.100.700.17-4.92-0.12
 330.28Grayson AllenSG/SF  MILSF28:471744210.600101.00011.6676.5004214.7+230.012.20-0.76-0.830.10-1.271.460.541.09
 380.27Jevon CarterPG/SG  MILSG33:281443112.38513.00000.36411.5002314.4-2-0.452.20-1.18-
 430.21Jrue HolidayPG/SG  MILPG31:581625621.316191.00021.3336.30813324.2+17-0.140.35-0.350.942.940.70-4.721.091.09
 96-0.35Wesley MatthewsSG/SF  MIL 4:14201020.00011.00020.0000.0001016.5-1-2.29-1.50-2.01-1.712.94-1.27-0.701.092.31
 107-0.43Bobby PortisPF/C  MIL 25:1512012100.308131.00040.0002.36411421.7-4-0.75-1.502.56-1.27-2.75-1.27-3.382.182.31
 142-0.68George HillPG/SG  MIL 26:371224200.40010.66730.3336.5004218.5+6-0.750.35-0.76-0.83-2.75-1.27-1.32-1.092.31
 170-0.89Serge IbakaPF/C  MIL 5:29202001.5002.00001.0000.5002227.0+2-2.29-1.50-1.59-1.71-2.750.700.000.001.09
 249-1.51Jordan NworaSF/PF  MIL 11:52004000.0006.00001.0002.0004325.7-14-2.59-1.50-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.27-
   Khris Middleton   MIL                            
   Sandro Mamukelashvili   MIL                            
   Pat Connaughton   MIL                            
   Joe Ingles   MIL                            
   Thanasis Antetokounmpo   MIL                            
   MarJon Beauchamp   MIL                            
   AJ Green   MIL                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011913602388.385109.815276.28945.4536423206.6+550.
Sell High Josh: Once again, big blocks and low fg%. Got the blocks late in this and he is still a sell high
Sell High Kyle: Lopez continues to impress with his blocks, and he's a bit of a sell-high at the moment, though I'd only be moving him if the trade makes sense.
Kyle: Allen had a nice night, but he's just a streamer for most leagues, nothing to chase.
Josh: More minutes with Fournier struggling. I doubt Thibs ever promotes him full time and he is likely to remain a 12 team stream guy
Stream Kyle: Quickley put together another good line, showing his ability to produce when given the opportunity, but we can't trust his minutes and stats to be consistent, so this is just a reminder to consider him for streaming.
Josh: Best game of the season, but he is only a deep league option.
Kyle: Carter continues to start with Middleton out, and he put up a good line, but this isn't anything to chase. Carter is a very conditional streamer and mostly for deeper leagues.
Buy Low Josh: Productive while shooting terribly, again. You can buy low.
Josh: The minutes remain unpredictable. Nice numbers here and it's why it is hard to drop him, because we know what he can do. Due to Robinson's foul trouble though
Josh: Foul trouble kept the minutes down
Kyle: Minutes were limited by foul trouble, but he still produced, so no concern.
Josh: Solid minutes, playing in some big lineups, but he couldn't get shots to fall.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He is a pretty clear drop in 12 team leagues.
Josh: Just rbutal shooting again.
Josh: Massive drop from last game. Usage has not gone up from last season, but the reality of his production is between this game and last game.

LAL 102 @ MIN 111

 120.80LeBron JamesSF/PF  LALPF37:272817540.41724.87583.1676.50018232.8-131.70-0.570.480.508.64-1.27-2.591.63-1.33
 150.73Wenyen GabrielPF/C  LAL 21:29806132.50061.00021.0001.6005214.8+10-1.37-1.500.07-1.275.792.670.041.091.09
 71-0.14Austin ReavesSG/SF  LAL 26:351227300.80051.00022.66731.0002011.9+8-0.750.350.48-0.38-2.75-
 125-0.54Patrick BeverleyPG/SG  LALPG29:41606400.50041.00021.0001.667338.4-23-1.67-1.500.070.06-2.75-
 161-0.81Troy Brown JrSF/PF  LALSF32:011248000.40010.00004.6676.0004417.6-9-0.752.200.90-1.71-2.75-1.27-1.320.00-2.55
 202-1.07Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  LALSG24:09603301.30010.00002.0004.5006320.0-3-1.67-1.50-1.18-0.38-2.750.70-2.710.00-0.12
 223-1.15Damian JonesC  LALC23:33308101.2504.50023.0000.2504313.7-19-2.13-1.500.90-1.27-2.750.70-1.37-1.64-1.33
 232-1.20Kendrick NunnPG/SG  LAL 12:26912000.4449.00011.2504.6005033.3+4-1.21-0.57-1.59-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.63-2.191.09
 252-1.60Russell WestbrookPG  LAL 32:391818311.35317.500105.2504.38513426.300.17-0.570.90-0.380.100.70-3.34-8.19-3.76
   Anthony Davis   LAL                            
   Dennis Schroder   LAL                            
   Scotty Pippen Jr.   LAL                            
   Thomas Bryant   LAL                            
   Juan Toscano-Anderson   LAL                            
   Matt Ryan   LAL                            
   Max Christie   LAL                            
   Cole Swider   LAL                            
  0.00Totals   240:001029552085.41689.7042722.31029.4676021178.9-450.
 71.27D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINPG30:481124771.26715.50022.2867.2508123.4+12-0.910.35-0.761.3917.180.70-4.75-1.64-0.12
 270.40Rudy GobertC  MINC37:1022021202.63611.667121.0000.63611319.2+80.78-1.506.29-0.83-2.752.672.16-4.371.09
 290.38Karl-Anthony TownsPF/C  MINPF36:542138710.471171.00022.4297.50010122.3+110.631.280.901.390.10-1.27-0.561.09-0.12
 440.19Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 25:561325030.50010.50021.3336.7504218.9-1-0.600.35-0.35-1.715.79-1.270.07-1.641.09
 80-0.20Anthony EdwardsSG/SF  MINSG38:112934210.50022.66762.3758.57114428.8+41.851.28-0.76-0.830.10-1.270.17-2.19-0.12
 88-0.27Jaden McDanielsSF/PF  MINSF29:05621204.2867.00002.3336.0001612.8+17-1.670.35-2.01-0.83-2.756.61-2.040.00-0.12
 111-0.44Jaylen NowellPG/SG  MIN 19:54605511.25012.00000.0003.3339224.9-3-1.67-1.50-0.350.500.100.70-
 177-0.93Bryn ForbesPG/SG  MIN 8:42311100.3333.00000.5002.0001218.1+2-2.13-0.57-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.680.002.31
 234-1.21Austin RiversSG/SF  MIN 13:20000100.0002.00000.0001.000106.2-5-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.390.002.31
   Naz Reid   MIN                            
   Kyle Anderson   MIN                            
   Jordan McLaughlin   MIN                            
   Nathan Knight   MIN                            
   Luka Garza   MIN                            
   Wendell Moore   MIN                            
   Josh Minott   MIN                            
  0.00Totals   240:00111134927138.41499.6672410.32540.4755921174.7+450.
Kyle: Russell doesn't shine on defense often but was impressive with a career-high 6 steals Friday.
Josh: Minutes up with AD out, so I wouldn't overreact here
Kyle: Gabriel earned run with Davis and Toscano-Anderson being out, and he had a good night, but Gabe isn't in the rotation regularly when the team is healthy.
Josh: He had struggled a little, but absolutely dominated here.
Josh: Very serviceable numbers, but the first round doesn't seem like an achievable target this season
Kyle: Prince's role is too modest most games to bother chasing, but he has conditional streaming value, especially when others are out with injury.
Josh: Solid numbers as he moved back to the bench, but he is only a deep league guy
Kyle: Reaves moved to the bench with the team playing a little bigger. He played well with Davis out, but even in decent minutes, Reaves seldom produces for more than deeper leagues.
Josh: The blocks were great again, but the other stuff is so wildly variable.
Kyle: Inconsistent overall, but the 4 blocks kept this line respectable.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Due a bad game and here it is. He is a very good 14 team guy, who can be a 12 teamer, but the minutes upside just isn't likely there yet
Stream Kyle: Nowell's scoring came down to earth a bit, but he still provided a nice line. Keep streaming him while Anderson is out at least.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Struggling a lot. If you drop him, I don't think anyone scurries to add him which is the sign that perhaps he is only a streamer.
Josh: Started over Russ and numbers are nothing to get me worked up over.
Watch Kyle: Brown was given a spot start with Davis out and played well with 4 threes, but we can't count on the shooting or minutes to be consistent, so this is just something to be aware of for conditional streaming, nothing to chase.
Josh: This is the Walker I saw so many times in San Antonio. Despite the buzz, he isn't a top 150 player this season and is not a must roster player.
Kyle: I'm not a believer in Walker's talent winning out in the long run, so he's fine to treat as a streamer, dropping as needed, though I'd likely be holding through this poor showing.
Stream Josh: Started for Davis, but it was Gabriel who outperformed. He is only a deeper league streamer
Watch Kyle: Jones may have started at center even if Davis was available, so this is something to watch in case the Lakers start matching up with bigger teams going forward.
Josh: Played starters minutes, but is that due to AD being out? Still murdered percentages making him a hard category league hold, knowing AD and Schroder have to enter the lineup.
Kyle: Westbrook moved to the bench even with Davis out, and while the counting stats and minutes were good, this is not a positive. I would be trying to move Westbrook most places as his spot on the Lakers is wearing thin.

CHI 124 @ SAS 129

 210.64Andre DrummondC  CHI 22:3017014230.66712.33331.0000.66712326.6+130.01-1.503.39-0.835.79-1.272.87-3.821.09
 260.47DeMar DeRozanSF/PF  CHISF35:333301110.55020.917120.0001.57919129.8-152.47-1.50-2.01-1.270.10-1.271.553.812.31
 370.27Patrick WilliamsPF  CHIPF20:111012130.57171.00011.5002.6005217.5-7-1.06-0.57-1.59-1.275.79-1.270.740.541.09
 560.01Javonte GreenSG/SF  CHI 24:21604031.4297.00002.0002.6005215.5+7-1.67-1.50-0.76-1.715.790.70-0.650.00-0.12
 74-0.16Derrick JonesSF/PF  CHI 16:24603011.33331.00040.0000.3333012.1+1-1.67-1.50-1.18-1.710.100.70-0.682.182.31
 87-0.26Coby WhitePG/SG  CHI 30:511934410.50014.50041.4297.5717522.7+180.321.28-0.760.060.10-1.270.11-3.281.09
 140-0.66Alex CarusoPG/SG  CHIPG23:32313410.2005.00001.3333.0002110.7-11-2.13-0.57-
 158-0.76Goran DragicPG/SG  CHI 21:49913500.37581.00022.3333.4005118.5+6-1.21-0.57-1.180.50-2.75-1.27-1.331.09-0.12
 159-0.77Ayo DosunmuPG/SG RETCHISG20:181223100.50010.00002.5004.5006124.7-22-0.750.35-1.18-1.27-2.75-
 180-0.95Nikola VucevicC  CHIC24:31915201.30813.00002.2005.3758325.6-15-1.21-0.57-0.35-0.83-2.750.70-3.380.00-0.12
   Zach LaVine   CHI                            
   Lonzo Ball   CHI                            
   Tony Bradley   CHI                            
   Malcolm Hill   CHI                            
   Kostas Antetokounmpo   CHI                            
   Marko Simonovic   CHI                            
   Dalen Terry   CHI                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012494220133.47599.8082612.33327.5287219203.8-
 140.76Jakob PoeltlC  SASC30:1121013411.83312.50022.0000.83312121.8+90.63-1.502.970.060.100.705.65-1.64-0.12
 170.71Keldon JohnsonSF/PF  SASSF34:403363420.42119.917124.50012.2867233.3+102.474.05-
 62-0.05Jeremy SochanPF  SASPF31:161326511.6258.50023.5004.7504315.5+4-0.600.350.070.500.100.701.44-1.64-1.33
 68-0.10Zach CollinsPF/C  SAS 17:491626301.7789.00012.6673.8336326.2-4-0.140.350.07-0.38-2.750.703.54-2.19-0.12
 72-0.15Josh RichardsonSG/SF  SASSG30:311225610.400101.00022.3336.5004218.0-1-0.750.35-0.350.940.10-1.27-1.321.09-0.12
 116-0.50Tre JonesPG  SASPG32:451114810.37581.00045.5002.3336018.4+23-0.91-0.57-0.761.830.10-1.27-1.332.18-3.76
 118-0.51Blake WesleySG  SAS 15:151020400.6676.00001.6673.6673318.8-18-1.060.35-2.420.06-2.75-1.271.430.001.09
 162-0.82Isaiah RobyPF/C  SAS 5:59001010.0001.00000.0001.000007.0-5-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.710.10-1.27-0.700.002.31
 174-0.91Doug McDermottPF  SAS 26:44914200.3339.66730.1676.6673315.8+5-1.21-0.57-0.76-0.83-2.75-1.27-2.02-1.092.31
 217-1.12Keita Bates-DiopPF  SAS 14:50400100.5004.00001.0001.6673013.8+2-1.98-1.50-2.42-1.27-2.75-
   Devin Vassell   SAS                            
   Malaki Branham   SAS                            
   Gorgui Dieng   SAS                            
   Romeo Langford   SAS                            
   Josh Primo   SAS                            
   Charles Bassey   SAS                            
   Dominick Barlow   SAS                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012916423773.53586.8082620.42138.6254817188.6+
Josh: Finally a block and a huge game to boot.
Josh: We knew he was in for a big boost this season and he is delivering on that promise.
Stream Josh: He has been a an elite rebound option and got more minutes with Vucevic really struggling.
Sell High Kyle: Drummond is on a nice stretch, and he forced a timeshare with Vucevic here, but he also won't have so many minutes or touches most games, so this is mostly a sell-high time. He's fine to grab as a flier or stream if you need rebounds, but I wouldn't be expecting consistency anywhere else.
Josh: A very empty line, but nice to get the scoring going again.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: The steals are good, but I can't see a justification for him in even 14 team leagues
Watch Kyle: Pat is showing some life, though his minutes have been extremely short, so it's hard to get excited. Just keep tabs in case he puts together things as we go.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Minutes up and he is sneaking his way into at least 14 team discussion and I don't think a 12 team spec add is wrong either.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Sochan has picked up his production and is worth considering as a flier in standards to see if Primo's exile leads to more touches and run going forward.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: The role is going to be bgger than expected with Vassell hurt and Primo gone. Not a bad add.
Stream Kyle: Richardson started at SG with Vassell still out, and he was great. Even when Vassell is back, Richardson could have an expanded bench role and is worth considering as a streamer in most leagues.
Josh: Got hot off the bench, but this is without LaVine.
Kyle: White stepped up with LaVine out and had a nice game, but this isn't anything to chase as LaVine will be back Saturday after resting.
Josh: Minutes should remain high for ROS with Primo's release.
Watch Josh: He could fill the Primo role as a hybrid guard. Deep leagues will want to add.
Watch Kyle: With Primo waived, someone will need to be the backup PG, and Wesley is getting the first look there. Very deep leagues will want to take notice and consider a flier.
Kyle: Caruso was given a spot start with LaVine resting. Caruso remains best viewed as a specialist and streamer.
Josh: Had an injury but was able to return. Minutes low as a result. Hold him, but I still (I know, I'm a hater) am not convinced he can be a consistent top 120 player.
Kyle: Dosunmu took a hit to the head and left to get checked put before getting cleared to return. Keep him at least through Saturday's b2b.
Josh: Just got outplayed by Poeltl and Drummond. FG% feels like it is going to be much lower than expectations again, after a down year last year. I fear he may be cooked from a sub All Star level of performance perspective.
Kyle: It's a little scary to see Drummond stealing minutes like this, but I'd treat it mostly as a buy-low moment for Vucevic.
Kyle: Very deep leagues should be aware of Branham given the lack of depth at guard for the Spurs after waiving Primo.
Kyle: Wow. Even with Primo waived and Vassell out, Langford couldn't get a look. That's an indictment of sorts.
Kyle: If you could sell Primo in dynasty for anything, the air around this situation feels like he might not play in the NBA again. That's gross speculation, but it's hard to reason why the Spurs would cut ties so definitively.

UTA 101 @ DEN 117Blowout

 510.09Mike ConleyPG  UTAPG23:281442500.57171.00020.8005.0002213.8-4-0.452.20-1.590.50-2.75-1.270.741.092.31
 69-0.10Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG/SF  UTA 8:29710411.40051.00020.3333.5002028.4+9-1.52-0.57-2.420.060.100.70-0.671.092.31
 73-0.15Udoka AzubuikeC  UTA 8:29402021.6673.00001.0000.6673019.1+9-1.98-1.50-1.59-1.712.940.700.710.001.09
 79-0.19Kelly OlynykPF/C  UTAPF20:28713311.5006.00001.3333.6673413.9-5-1.52-0.57-1.18-0.380.100.700.040.001.09
 102-0.39Lauri MarkkanenSF/PF  UTASF25:5617310100.50014.00003.5006.5008326.6-
 127-0.56Talen Horton-TuckerSG/SF  UTA 21:05604211.27311.00000.0005.5006421.2-15-1.67-1.50-0.76-0.830.100.70-3.390.002.31
 133-0.59Collin SextonPG/SG  UTA 16:301310110.5569.66731.2504.8005527.8-32-0.60-0.57-2.42-1.270.10-1.270.76-1.091.09
 135-0.61Jordan ClarksonPG/SG  UTASG22:24605312.10010.80051.0007.3333323.9-3-1.67-1.50-0.35-0.380.102.67-5.490.001.09
 145-0.69Micah PotterSF  UTA 8:294031001.0002.00000.00001.000219.6+9-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.27-2.75-1.271.390.002.31
 152-0.73Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  UTAC28:19707201.4297.50021.0000.4297212.5-16-1.52-1.500.48-0.83-2.750.70-0.65-1.641.09
 175-0.92Leandro BolmaroSG/SF  UTA 15:18201201.3333.00001.0001.5002312.9+16-2.29-1.50-2.01-0.83-2.750.70-0.680.001.09
 191-1.00Ochai AgbajiSG/SF  UTA 19:00901000.5717.50020.00031.0004216.8-6-1.21-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.270.74-1.642.31
 236-1.22Malik BeasleySG/SF  UTA 22:05500000.14371.00030.0002.2005115.1-32-1.83-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-3.431.632.31
   Walker Kessler   UTA                            
   Simone Fontecchio   UTA                            
   Rudy Gay   UTA                            
   Johnny Juzang   UTA                            
  0.00Totals   240:0010110382478.41891.789199.25639.5385230241.6-800.
 390.27Michael Porter Jr.SF/PF  DENSF30:0322413100.46715.80050.8005.30010227.4+220.782.202.97-1.27-2.75-1.27-0.580.002.31
 490.10Bones HylandPG/SG  DEN 24:022671310.44418.75042.58312.1676329.4+181.394.97-2.01-0.380.10-1.27-1.25-0.55-0.12
 75-0.17Nikola JokicC  DENC25:2812010611.30010.75081.0004.5006127.3+8-0.75-1.501.730.940.100.70-2.71-1.101.09
 114-0.48Jeff GreenPF/C  DEN 24:411006200.6005.80050.0001.7504214.0+19-1.06-1.500.07-0.83-2.75-1.270.720.002.31
 120-0.52Christian BraunSG/SF  DEN 32:251016101.5717.50021.3333.7504113.1+16-1.06-0.570.07-1.27-2.750.700.74-1.641.09
 143-0.68Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG20:331321100.5569.50020.5004.6005023.00-0.600.35-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.270.76-1.642.31
 148-0.71Bruce BrownSG/SF/PF  DENSG30:23715300.4297.00001.3333.5004212.6-3-1.52-0.57-0.35-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.650.001.09
 201-1.06Jack WhitePF  DEN 1:20001000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -2-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 203-1.08DeAndre JordanC  DEN 20:3212113100.6676.500641.0001.6005529.5+11-0.75-0.572.97-1.27-2.75-1.271.43-4.92-2.55
 205-1.11Vlatko CancarPF/C  DEN 2:00000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -3-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 221-1.14Peyton WatsonSF  DEN 1:49001000.0001.00000.0000.0001026.4-1-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 228-1.18Zeke NnajiPF/C  DEN 2:00000000.0001.00000.0001.0000123.9-3-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
 233-1.20Ish SmithPG  DEN 3:25200000.5002.00001.0000.5002142.0-2-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-
 245-1.37Aaron GordonSF/PF  DENPF21:19311002.2504.00022.3333.0001015.50-2.13-0.57-2.01-1.71-2.752.67-1.37-4.37-0.12
   Kentavious Caldwell-Pope   DEN                            
   Davon Reed   DEN                            
   Collin Gillespie   DEN                            
  0.00Totals   240:0011717581824.45985.6473412.45937.4584818284.1+800.
Josh: I guess the back is okay for now which is a sigh of relief.
Josh: Ahh, here it is. I am not reacting to this with an immediate add, but he was cooking. Helped that KCP was out as well
Sell High Kyle: Bones broke out with a big game, and he's fine to grab as a streamer, but this is also a sell-high moment given his modest minutes most nights.
Hold Kyle: Low minutes in a blowout. Olynyk is a firm hold.
Josh: Low minutes as starters were pulled due to the blowout.
Josh: Malone loves him and it's reflected in the minutes. A nice deep league add, but minutes inflated here without KCP.
Watch Kyle: Braun is a part of the bench rotation and continues to earn good run for his defense. Deeper leagues should be aware of Braun, and if big minutes start coming, he could have more standard value at some point.
Watch Josh: He had been playing well, but struggled here. He is at least a watch list player
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Can't crack 20 minutes and I don't believe it's 'ramp up' related. Very hard to hold, you need a Conley trade for him to be worth it at this point.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Sexton's modest role is going to make him droppable many places, but keep tabs in case his role grows as we go. He's hard to hold in H2H with daily lineups, but in weekly leagues and Rotisserie, I'd probably just be stashing on my bench.
Buy Low Josh: With Bones going off, Murray' minutes were reduced. The buy low is massively open
Buy Low Kyle: Low minutes in the blowout win. Murray remains a buy-low target in standards.
Josh: Underwhelming, but he remians a back end 12 team player who always seems to get more minutes no matter who is hurt.
Kyle: Brown was given a spot start with KCP out. He failed to impress here, and even in good minutes, Brown's production can be inconsistent, so don't hang onto him for hope if he does have unproductive stretches.
Josh: Starting to drop off a little, but remains must roster
Droppable 12 teams Josh: A great stream for threes, but absolutely not a 12 team must roster player
Droppable Kyle: Beasley is just a streamer for most leagues, OK to let go as needed.
Josh: He is settling back into being fringe 12 team Aaron Gordon. This is disasterously bad.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Don't lose sight of Kessler, but with his low minutes and this absence, he's hard to hold in standards consistently.

NOR 111 @ PHO 124

 220.59Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC31:1725010210.688161.00032.0000.68816326.301.24-1.501.73-0.830.10-
 400.25Trey MurphySF/PF  NORPF32:361335120.44491.00021.4297.5002314.2+3-0.601.28-0.35-1.272.94-1.27-0.631.091.09
 420.22Naji MarshallSG/SF  NORSF35:002136510.53813.80052.4297.6676221.0+20.631.280.070.500.10-1.270.790.00-0.12
 460.17Devonte' GrahamPG/SG  NOR 28:031133220.42971.00021.5006.0001212.9-21-0.911.28-1.18-0.832.94-1.27-0.651.091.09
 92-0.31Garrett TempleSG/SF  NOR 17:04621110.6673.00000.6673.000017.5-17-1.670.35-2.01-1.270.10-1.270.710.002.31
 121-0.53Jose AlvaradoPG  NORPG29:191441310.333121.00023.5717.0005423.1-7-0.452.20-2.01-0.380.10-1.27-2.691.09-1.33
 128-0.56C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORSG34:311702910.31619.83361.0005.42914228.000.01-1.50-1.592.270.10-1.27-4.720.541.09
 190-1.00Willy HernangomezC  NOR 8:05204100.00021.00021.0001.0001120.5-2-2.29-1.50-0.76-1.27-2.75-1.27-1.391.091.09
 194-1.01Jaxson HayesPF/C  NOR 7:56001100.0000.00000.0000.00000 -5-2.59-1.50-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.27-
 199-1.03Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  NOR 14:11200011.2005.00002.0001.2504321.1-19-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.710.100.70-2.050.00-0.12
 213-1.11Dereon SeabronSG  NOR 1:58000000.0000.00000.0000.00000 +1-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-
   Zion Williamson   NOR                            
   Herb Jones   NOR                            
   Brandon Ingram   NOR                            
   Dyson Daniels   NOR                            
   Kira Lewis   NOR                            
   E.J. Liddell   NOR                            
  0.00Totals   240:00111153325101.44286.9092213.40537.4694921174.6-650.
 51.58Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF31:082732413.769131.00041.6005.8758121.3-11.551.28-1.590.060.104.644.962.181.09
 250.50Cam JohnsonSF/PF  PHOPF26:541622320.500101.00040.3336.7504218.4-2-0.140.35-1.59-0.382.94-
 350.27Bismack BiyomboC  PHO 23:1811013202.7147.50020.0000.7147514.70-0.91-1.502.97-0.83-2.752.672.13-1.642.31
 540.05Cam PaynePG/SG  PHO 17:221222511.50010.00001.6673.4297027.5+16-0.750.35-1.590.500.100.700.070.001.09
 66-0.07Torrey CraigSF/PF RETPHO 17:1813162001.0006.000011.00011.0005117.5+7-0.60-0.570.07-0.83-2.75-
 113-0.45Landry ShametSG  PHO 17:17511210.5004.00000.33331.000149.2+13-1.83-0.57-2.01-0.830.10-
 136-0.63Jock LandaleC  PHO 17:00802201.4449.00000.0004.8005223.0+18-1.37-1.50-1.59-0.83-2.750.70-0.630.002.31
 149-0.72Chris PaulPG  PHOPG30:38705910.1437.83363.0001.1676117.9-3-1.52-1.50-0.352.270.10-1.27-3.430.54-1.33
 165-0.86Damion LeeSG/SF  PHO 15:31313010.2005.00001.2504.0001116.8+20-2.13-0.57-1.18-1.710.10-1.27-
 171-0.90Deandre AytonC OUTPHOC7:42403000.5004.00000.0000.5004022.5-5-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.71-2.75-
 184-0.97Josh OkogieSG/SF  PHO 1:38003000.0000.00000.0000.00000 -1-2.59-1.50-1.18-1.71-2.75-1.27-
 185-0.98Devin BookerSG/SF  PHOSG32:361605400.429141.00045.0004.60010127.6+4-0.14-1.50-0.350.06-2.75-1.27-1.282.18-3.76
 222-1.15Duane WashingtonPG  PHO 1:38200000.3333.00000.00021.0001077.2-1-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.680.002.31
   Dario Saric   PHO                            
   Jae Crowder   PHO                            
   Ish Wainright   PHO                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012410473377.52292.9002012.30333.6445918293.6+650.
Josh: The shooting - no chance to stick, but I love the defense and the fact the usage spiked.
Josh: After two bad games, this was encouraging, but with everyone out, it's hard to read too much into it.
Kyle: Jonas took advantage of all the injuries to play big minutes and post a nice line.
Must Add Josh: Here we go. Much better scoring and shooting. Must be rostered.
Maybe Add Kyle: Johnson played well despite middling minutes. He should be on someone's roster in most leagues, so if he was recently dropped, I'd be giving Johnson a look.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Started 2H with Ayton out and produced the goods, like he did last season. If Ayton misses time, he has value
Stream Kyle: Bismack started the second half with Ayton out, and if Ayton misses anymore games, Biz is worth streaming for the interim.
Must Add Josh: Just keep rolling with him and we'll drop later if we need to
Maybe Add Kyle: Murphy should be on someone's roster in most leagues as at least a streamer or flier until the team gets healthy and we see where his role sits.
Josh: Career high night from Naji, but I don't think there is any real reason to add him short term
Kyle: Marshall scored a career-high 21 points with a full line. He has some conditional streaming value but only when several players are sidelined.
Stream Josh: The steals have stream value, but he could play 20 minutes as soon as next game
Kyle: Injuries have cleared more minutes and touches recently, but this is mostly a sell-high stretch for Alvarado.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: I thought he would play more than Biyombo, but he is still an add option with Ayton hurt.
Kyle: Ayton sprained his left ankle and left the game. -- -- It's possible he misses a couple more games but shouldn't be out too long.
Josh: Disappointing minutes after how well he had played. He is only a short term guy I think

HOU 111 @ POR 125

 280.39Alperen SengunC  HOUC25:3114111103.500121.000111.0001.45511420.4-8-0.45-0.572.14-1.27-2.754.640.090.541.09
 470.14Eric GordonSG/SF  HOUSF33:161843511.600101.00025.5717.6673115.1+10.172.20-1.180.500.100.701.461.09-3.76
 65-0.07Daishen NixSG  HOU 13:28930210.7504.00000.7504.0000011.5-4-1.211.28-2.42-0.830.10-1.271.410.002.31
 81-0.21Kevin Porter Jr.PG  HOUPG34:321616431.42914.60055.2005.5569023.8-10-0.14-0.570.070.065.790.70-1.28-2.73-3.76
 83-0.23Jae'Sean TateSF/PF  HOU 17:47903620.3758.75041.0003.6005623.5-4-1.21-1.50-1.180.942.94-1.27-1.33-0.551.09
 97-0.35KJ MartinSF/PF  HOU 16:371114000.66761.000201.0001.6005016.1-11-0.91-0.57-0.76-1.71-2.75-1.271.431.092.31
 105-0.41Jabari Smith JrPF/C  HOUPF32:131222111.308131.00021.4005.2508417.9-10-0.750.35-1.59-
 131-0.58Tari EasonSF/PF  HOU 15:18403010.5004.00000.0000.5004110.1-1-1.98-1.50-1.18-1.710.10-
 168-0.88Garrison MathewsSG/SF  HOU 13:44301200.00021.00030.0002.0000110.4-4-2.13-1.50-2.01-0.83-2.75-1.27-1.391.632.31
 187-0.99Usman GarubaPF/C  HOU 5:052000001.0001.00000.00001.000107.60-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.002.31
 218-1.13Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 0:582000001.0001.00001.00001.0001080.30-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.001.09
 225-1.17Jalen GreenSG  HOUSG31:311126210.21119.50021.20010.2229125.7-19-0.910.350.07-0.830.10-1.27-7.49-1.641.09
   Bruno Fernando   HOU                            
   Boban Marjanovic   HOU                            
   TyTy Washington   HOU                            
   Trevor Hudgins   HOU                            
   Darius Days   HOU                            
  0.00Totals   240:00111143923106.42694.8102115.36838.4645618262.4-700.
 61.31Jusuf NurkicC  PORC32:1227115113.706171.000241.0001.68816328.4+101.55-0.573.80-
 91.03Anfernee SimonsPG/SG  PORPG37:513075711.500201.00033.46715.6005326.9+182.014.97-0.351.390.100.700.161.63-1.33
 480.10Jerami GrantPF  PORPF35:011525421.45511.75043.3336.6005218.8+22-0.290.35-0.350.062.940.70-0.61-0.55-1.33
 59-0.01Justise WinslowSF/PF  POR 24:11716731.3336.50043.5002.2504018.6+13-1.52-0.570.071.395.790.70-1.35-3.28-1.33
 103-0.39Keon JohnsonSG/SF  POR 16:48811120.4297.50020.2504.6673119.6-5-1.37-0.57-2.01-1.272.94-1.27-0.65-1.642.31
 104-0.41Drew EubanksPF/C  POR 13:3810011001.00041.00020.00001.0004415.0+4-1.06-1.50-2.01-1.27-2.75-1.272.801.092.31
 115-0.49Josh HartSG/SF  PORSF33:48908400.37581.00031.0002.5006112.7+10-1.21-1.500.900.06-2.75-1.27-1.331.631.09
 126-0.56Shaedon SharpeSG/SF/PF  PORSG29:261401200.58312.00000.0002.70010417.1-1-0.45-1.50-2.01-0.83-2.75-1.271.480.002.31
 167-0.88Nassir LittleSF/PF  POR 15:09313300.3333.00001.5002.0001111.0-1-2.13-0.57-1.18-0.38-2.75-1.27-0.680.001.09
 188-0.99Greg BrownPF  POR 0:582000001.0001.00000.00001.0001051.10-2.29-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.270.690.002.31
 230-1.18Jabari WalkerPF  POR 0:58000000.0001.00000.0001.0000043.30-2.59-1.50-2.42-1.71-2.75-1.27-0.700.002.31
   Damian Lillard   POR                            
   Trendon Watford   POR                            
   Gary Payton II   POR                            
   Olivier Sarr   POR                            
   John Butler Jr   POR                            
  0.00Totals   240:0012513453096.53390.8002015.37135.6365519262.7+700.
Josh: Is Nurkic finally being realised? There will be ups and downs, but the minutes are awesome and he actually blocked shots.
Sell High Kyle: Nurkic picked up his production with Lillard out, posting a huge line, including blocks. This was a fantastic showing, but when Lillard is back, the stats will be weaker. This is mostly a sell-high moment.
Sell High Josh: People love when he goes nuclear and there will be a lot of chances comgin up. See if you can squeeze a top 50 option.
Sell High Kyle: Simons shined with Lillard out, and while it's fine to just enjoy, this is also a sell-high stretch for the right return.
Josh: Started, but ran into some foul trouble. But, Im glad he started and production is solid enough. Maybe the early season crisis has been averted
Kyle: Sengun was given the start to matchup against Nurkic, and he was good, even though the minutes were still lacking. This could be seen as a bit of a sell-high moment if you think Sengun's ceiling will continue to be muted by coach Silas this season.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Playing a ton of minutes and he has 14 team value, but I wouldn't do anything in 12 team leagues, apart from streaming.
Stream Kyle: Gordon is putting up enough value to consider streaming him, but I wouldn't be chasing. It's possible Gordon is rested in one of the upcoming b2bs, so chose wisely if taking the squeeze.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Can be used in 12 teams as well for his defensive abilty, but a strong 14 team guy
Stream Kyle: Winslow has a bit more upside as a streamer with Lillard out.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I don't see the talent of role for him to be held in 12 team leagues
Josh: Minutes will be uyp so he can be a deep league stream while Dame is out.
Buy Low Josh: Shot isn't falling, but the role is there and people may panic a little.
Kyle: Hart disappointed a bit by failing to produce more in Lillard's absence.
Josh: Started for Dame, but next game isn't until Wednesday and then Friday and they are both huge volume days. I wouldn't burn a roster spot on Sharpe.
Watch Kyle: Sharpe started with Lillard out and is someone to watch for at least conditional streaming value if Lillard misses more games.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I preface this drop comment by saying you can absolutely hold. You may just be waiting for months for it to come to fruition, and in most leagues, you can't do that
Droppable Kyle: Eason is just someone to watch and stream conditionally until a bigger role is opened by injury or trade.
Josh: A very bad night shooting, but it isn't a big worry